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Full text of "A dictionary of the Otchipwe language, explained in English. This language is spoken by the Chippewa Indians, as also by the Otawas, Potawatamis and Algonquins, with little difference. For the use of missionaries, and other persons living among the above mentioned Indians"

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^L^-^ejm^f/ 1^ 

mil, M^i^. it..^Mi^ 

^y^mi^ *^^^%M^^fk^ 


r '"^JTARY 







rV wi ».^- 




2Sf M22I3ID aSI B2IlSSi!!@S!. 







Bj the Key. Frederic fian^) 

Roman Catholic Missionakt among the Otchipws Indians. 




Publishes of thb^^Wahrheitsfreund". 

^y 1913 

mil ^-^i^^inf^...^^^ 




H ' 






The pronunciation of the Indian words in this Dictionary is 
the same as explained in the First Part of the Otchipwe Gram- 
mar. Here is a short extract of those explanations. 

a is always pyonounoed Jik©^ v^futher. 

e " " - <i -jike e in net. 

i " " like i in live. 

*' ** like in hone, 

g " " like ^ in ^e^ 

... \\.j ha^s, t^Jia.Prench sound^ as p jouryjoli, ei(^. 
,. . ,^T^leJr9tJlej: consonants have t^e English sound^ 

NECESSARY Remarks for "rirfE 'proper ui^E of V&rs Diei^ojJA^V 

1 ; The TCibs in thiB Dictionary, iar© giv-ewl in the ftjrsitiiP^erscfn sip^* 
gular present, (as in CrxeekDictiQliarJies,) ;bj^cav8ei;the;:c,;ia 
'' ' properly) n© ^>i^«ii<p fAoori jin Gte^ipwe;.' » ' ^ . , . i 7 . 

2. In the significations of active verbs animt^^e^ 9jr^i,n8^rily tffp 
'^ma»cu1m& g-ender, onljy is ,€ixpi&?ssiE|4,! g,nd tl^ jfcmawine i? un- 

. .deiwtoftcl. A84 fNinmc^ama^ I see him. — Ijt jpeans^lso^ I s^e 
heij but this is understood. . j, ., .; 

3. Verbs ending in endan, endamawa, endagos, etc., may also 
end . lit eiiindan, ((](iindamawfii.: e;»f ?i«?flf^<?5, etc. ; , which ifi not 
always expressed iff this Dictionary » ,F. i. ^in jawendqgoSf, 
or, nin jato^nindagQ^,i i am happy., , j^ok^endagwjadi or, n<?- 

, kenindagwadi it is ^(^fti,/i ,, . 

4. The unipersonai yerbs ^pdipgin ?fc ^owel, haye ordinarily. t^o 
terminations, but the same signification }ji both of them. Tb^^ 
ead in a vowel^ a« e, u ^'t ox ^hey 'a4(l the teirmination,, magad, 
F. i. S&gipo^, ox sQgiponi(^gf^^t itsaoiws. KisMna^ ov kis^ina- 
magady it Is oold.r-In thi& Dictionaxy ypu will.^nd tl^ secon<]^ 
teniiination'.eKpreBsed by a dash w^^ magad; as; SogipOy pr 
-magad J which m^ans, jot segipomagad^ And in the participle 
you will fkid a dash and mfl^Ar;. as: ^magipog, oi-fntigak, 
which means, or swagipomagak. 

5.> The imperative mood is not always expressed^ beoatuie it ckta 
be easily constructed according to the -Paradigms of the 
Conjugations in the Grammar. But where the imperative is 
difficult or irregular, it is ordinarily^ exptessed in- this Dic- 
tionary. ' * 

6. Many verbs that are passive in their 6igfnficatioii,j«ire neuter 
in their formation and cof)jugation^ and'th^'refbreinarked down 
as neuter verbs. F. i. Nind inendagps, I am destined. 
Nin nondagos, I am heard, etc,, , .. 

7. To indicate the plural of substantives, only the letter or letters 
are expressed that are added to the sxpgujaur^n ordfer to form 
the plural; and the dash before then^ letters represents the 
substantive. As: Tchiss, turnip; "pl.^afi; which means, tchis- 
san. /mm, man; pl.-M?«^J that is, tntritM;a^. 

8. There are some consonants whijch the Indians don't pronounce 
distinctly and uniformally. They very often confound the 
letters B and P, D and i^, G and K, \i \p oTiteri impossible 
to aaqert^i^i^by the. pronunciatiop of an Indi^, wjbether the 
word begins with a jB or ^,<witb a D orT, with a G or Kl 
For this reason please mind the short Note you Will find at 
the beginning of each of these letters in this Dictionary. 
See likewise the Note -M f^he beginning of tl^e fetters O 
and W. ('•■'-.•.. .i. 

9. In regard to the $econd Part,Th^ye to refpark that whatever 
relates to a substantive, is to be found under that substantive. 

> As: I have largei feetv I have small feet^ I have opid feet, etc. 
Look for all that under thcisubstantivB " Foot.** 

10. Mind the same in regard to verbs. Thel adjectives relating to 
a veA and modifying it, are to b6 found under that verb. As: 
I look angry; I look strange, 6tc. This all occill-s under the 
verb "Look." 



"^"'»" J'nSj.Hee Otchipwe. Graounar. 



a. V. an* " active Y^ih anithatt, 

a. V. in. " active verb tnanimate, 

adj. " adjective. 

adr. " adverb. 

cow. v. ** ooinmunicative verb. 

dim. " diminutive 8ul)staQtive. 

f. i. " for instance. 

fig- " figuratively. ^ 

fireq. " frequentative verb. 

imp. " imperative. 

(in s. in.) ^* in some instances. 

inter). " interjection. 

n.or num. " numbNer. 

num. V. " numeral verb. 

n. V. " neuter verb. 

p. " participle. 

pi. ", pli^ral. 

pers. V. " personifying verb, 

p. s. " participle and substantive. 

p. s. a. " participle, substantive and adjective/ 

r. V, - " reciprocal verb. 

S. " See. . . . 

s, " substantive. 

s» th. ** something. 

11. V. ' " unipersonal verb. 

3. ind. p. " third indefinite person. 

3. p. 1, " the third person like the first. 

3. p. -I ; " the letter i to be added to the first person, 
to form the third. 

3. p* -to; '^ the letter o to be added to the ikf st person, 

,>form the third. 

To indicate the third person sing. pres. of active verbs animate. 

the beginning of the verb is given, and then the termination, 

wh^hisn; a,s : Nm wabama; 3. p. o which means, 

o wabaman. 


To show the third person sing. pres. of active verbs inanitnate, 
the beginning of the verb is marked, and three periods ; as : 
Ntn wahandan; 3. p. o wab,„ ; which means, o wabandan. 

To indicate the participle^ only the beginning and the end of it is 
marked down ; as : Mashkawadin; p. fnesKAng; whioh means, 

F. signifies, in French. 

C. ^< in the Canadian dialect of the Freneh 


G. " in German. 
L. " in Latin. 
111. «* inlllyrian. 

OU " in Ottowa or Otawa. 

Alg, '* in Algonquin. 

For the Second Part see notice on page 423. 

F. B. 

t ' ■■ 7.f ;r 

-.. t 

'. 'X 






3? ASS So 

» • r' * -^^ <^'^ 

'>T V 


A— Thii first letter of the alphabet 
has only one sound in the Otchip- 
we lanjpiage, that is, the open clear 
sound of a in the English word 
father » 1 know it is difficult for an 
English Jongue to believe that the 
letter a has but one sound, because 
in English it has no less than eight 
different sounds.* But still it is 
so ; the letter a has only one sound 
in the Otchipwe language. Some 
writers of Otchipwe works have 
even invented a particular type to 
express this letter when it is to be 
pronounced, (as they say,) like u 
in tuHy but, etc. But this is entire- 
ly incorrect. Once morel The 
letter a has invariably one and the 
same sound in all the Otchipwe 
words that contain it ; that is, the 
sound of a in/ather^ ladder^ etc. 

A, — This letter is sometimes inserted 
in verbs which signify repetition 
or changing of place ; as : Saba- 
uiia, he goes from one place to an- 
other ; instead of baha-ija, — Anotch 
ainapinewagt they have different 
and frequent diseases ; instead of 
anotch inapineioag. — Anotch ainas- 
sin nabikwan; anendang sa wed^k/td 
od ainUtmean; the vessel goes in 
different directions ; wherever the 
steersman pleases he steers it. — 
When tho verb to which a is pre- 
fixed, begins with an a, the letter i 
is inserted between the twQ a ; as : 

• Q. How many sonnds has A 1 
A. Eight; a long sound, as iii nanu ; a 
flat aoand, as in par ; a lon«r broad sonnd, as 
in walt^ a short sovnd, as in glas* ; a ahoit 
brottJ soand. as in wtd ; ike sound of e short, 
as in any ; the sound of t short in the unac- 
esnted terminatirai age. Renerallf, as in cab- 
frofc ; and sometimos tnt sound of u skovt 
when unaccfntsd, as in iMir.-«-C«M> S^ei- 
Hug Book, 


Jgwindtt it is on the surlace ot 

the watet; aiagwin^, it iloata 

about.— u^teioan, they are there, 

(lit ohj\) fi ititetpan, they are scat- 
tered Touml 
Aawe, a. piseon-tail, (a kind of wild 

dpckO \>l^g 
Ah, inind) n. v. I am: I am in, at 

home J 3. ti. aW; p. eiid. . 
AbawMowa^ (nind) a. v. an. I untie t . 

th. for him or to hiip; 3. jf.odah.. 

loan; p. aia..wad. 
Ahaan^ (nind) a. v. in. I untie it ; 3. 

p. od dO...; p. atahaang. 
Ahednkaan, {nind) a. v. in. it 

with a key, I unlock it; 3. p. od 

a6...; p. aiab..ang. 
Ababikaiaade, ox-magad, U. v. it is 

opened, unlocked ; p. aiab^deg, or 

Ahabimigan,K.)Lej\ impr<^rly a lock; 

pl.-an. — S. KagkkoMkaigan, 
Ababikaiganike, (nirtd) n. v. t mak^ 

a key or lock, (keys or locks ;) 3. 

LI.; p. aiab..ke4. 
ikaiganikewin^ s. locksmith's 

trade or business. 
Ahabikaiganikewininit m. locksmith, 

(key or lock maker,) pl.-tpa^. 
Abahtkafnatoa^ (nind) a. v. an. 1 open 

or unlock it to him or for him ; 3. 

p, ed ab..wan ; p. aiab.,wad. 
Ababikaway (m'njf) a. v. an. I o^f n 

with a key some an. obj.; 3. p.^od 

ab..van; T^.aiab,.wai. 
Abadad, u. V. it is useful, serriceable, 

beneficial ; p. aia.Jak. . \ 

Ahadiiy {nind) n. v. I am useful ; 3: 
t ; p. aia,aid 
ijia, {nind) a. v. an. 1 make use 

of some an. obj.; he does me ser- 
vices, is useful to me; 3 p. m2 

ab.Mn ; p. aiabadjiad. 
Abadjitchtgan, s. an. any an. object 

that is useful ; pl.-a(. 




Abadjitchigan, s. any useful in. ob- 
ject, anything useful, serviceable ; 

AbadjiUm^ (nind) a. t. in. I make us/. 

of it, I proht by it, it is useful t6 aia..mad. 

I ABl 

Abanab, (nind) n. v. I look behind ; 

3. p. •». ; p. aiabatiabid. 
Abanabama, (nin<i) a. v. an. I look at 

him behind me ; 3. p. od a6..n ; p. 

me ; 3. p. od t»^^p. aia..tod. 
Jhadjitftv^n , j9. thp tise of s. tb., tlie 
^ act of usm^, s, th. 
Jhigomsaji, {nin^ a. v. iV I warm 

it 4 li^tiflj CHquia *) 3, p. od oft... ; 

Ahaigade, ot-jtiA^ad, Uh v. ft is untied, 
]oo«ene4 ; p iikth..dfg, Qr-magak. 

Jhfiigas, inind) n. v. T siiiv laoaetied, 
untied; 3. p,-f?; p. aii^.tod. 

J^hAJt j^V lodge-pole i pL ahiijin.. 

Jhajti^t a. an. rafter ^ pi. -pg. 

Jhftkatndns, {nind) il v, f takf* a warm 
foot-bath (nftpnhft Irifdian fftshion;) 
'X p.-o ; p. fi.-^W. 

itAa^p7ut^«uu, {nind) Hl.v. an. I g\\e 
him a worm foat-haih ; 3. p. ifd 
fib.^wan; p. eb,.wadi imp. dkr^T- 

^^i^flfi^ffj inttid) ti. V 1 warm my I 

breast ; 3. ^.-t? ; pn eb^.^od. 
A^akinindjtwat, {nind) n.vA quicken 

j»r warm my hands ; [F, je ro^ dft- 

^ourdis le* inaine ^J "5, f^.-^; p, 

AhakUidet, {nijid} n* v, I quicken or 

wami my fcRt; 3. p.-o,- p. f|i.,.j04i. 
Jkmtl^. ^^/j»d) IL V, I turn round, 

running ; .1. p. i; ; p, ^hih.^lod. 
Ahamxs^aui, {nind) n. v, I turn, 

Htarstrini* ; 3. p. -i. ; p. aiaL.wid: 
A^f^mi^al^mf4in, {ntnd) a, y. in. I 

lunAoward** it, Mandfcig; 3, p. £n^ 
p. {liiib.iang. 
-*■"■■■* Sujt^ia.v.qw 
6 landing ■ 3 

, Ibsvardi him, eland" 
' ub.Man; p. aiab.,wad. 

p. w? 

^^^tflfc^p ttiiftd) n. V. (turn round, 
'flying; 3. p, 1.; p. aiaj8ed.Jj; 

mlikofl a EUhi ; p. aiabJiag. ' ' ' 
j15(?»norJ/iW"»re* u. T, the Wjitfir ttirna 

rttundt (at ihe foot of ;i rapid ;) p. 

^^a mif (aniTnitdi u . v . th (^ wind fl i fi a 

^(anoiarkian. {nind) a. v. tn. I look 

■..i r. ■ l-iiid mp ^ 3. p, nui ah .. ; p. 

^ft«rjijh«r, s. female slave i maid , 
Abdninij s* m^le slave ; servant i pi. 
Abaodjigan, a. reel ; [P. dovidclr;] 

Abaodji^e, inijitf) n. t. I unwind from 
a re^jti 3. p* K; p, ahib.rged^ 

Ahaodofij {itind) a. v. m. Tunwittd it 
trom a reel ; 3. p. od ai.„ ; p. aia- 

AhusMfibijiEant (ninti) ^.^.tn. f warm 
it aiittiE, I makeittepuj, (liquid;) 
3. p, odab...i p. ahoMk^.isting^ 

Ahnshkdtife, QX-mngad, ii, v, it ia a 
lit Lie warm, tepid, (liquid;) p. 
fftajfA, .t€^i or-magak. 

Abatoj iiii/id] n. V. 1 run there, to 
scime placf? J ^^ p. 1. ; p. ^miod. 

Ahijm, iniiid) a. v. na. I untie or 
loosen liim, I uns waddle fa <;^hild ;) 
I unharness (a benst ;) 3, p. ok 
abiivmi ] p. ntaimwijd ; imp. aba. 

Abawa., or~magad, «- y it is wann 
mild weathfrr, *fOft weather, thaw- 
wenthPr ; p. aiabiiwa^. ot-rna^ak. 

Abawas, {n%nd) n. v. f begin to feel 
warti , J am no more cold ; 3, p. -o; 
n, aifi..Aod. 

Abia, inind^ a. v. an. 1 give him the 
lie^ f convineD bim ; [P. je le de- 
mentis;] 3, p &d abe&n; p. aiabfad. 

AhHdnmn, s. convjetion. 

Abibidav, {nind) a. t, in, I draw out 
the thresidH of it, (atulT;) 3. p. od 
^ <7&-, 1 p. nifi..dfld. 
Abidikamig, adv. aurely, certainly 

tJTidoubtedly^ ' 
Ahiding^ num. adv. onf:e. 

Abigina, {mnd) a. v^ an. J unfold 
some an. object; 3. p. 6d ab-.Tian ,- 
j3. aia.iuid ; imp. atigm. '' 

^inan^ imnd'^ a, v. m* 1 unfold it'; 

3^ p. *rf «*. 

; p. Bm.^mifif . 


ABt « 

Ahfjdn, {nifuA a. v; t«. I rip it,^un- 

stitch it ; 3. p, od a^an ; p. atoit-, 

Abijica, {nind) a. v, an. T rip or un-, 

stitch sdme an. object; od a^ijwan; 

p. aicwad^ iti\p. abijwi. 
Abiminikwait 9. an. beaver-ftkin",. pi. 

AMiuisSi 8. the place in a lodge or 
hotifee allotted to a family; pi. -an. 

Abifidamay (^twi) a. v. an. I devour 
him, hite hita much, cruelly ; 3. p. 
cd ab..rA^nj p. a'uA..mad,^Anvm-, 
oshag ogi-aoindamawan pijikin- 
san ; the dogs h^vp cruelly bitten 
thfe caU 

Abindis, (nind) n. t. S. Abindjine, 

Abindgia, {nind) a- v. an. I treat him 
ill, i Abuse him; 3. p. od} p. 

Abindjine., (nind) n. v. I am getting 
worse (in my sickness;) 3. p. 1. ; 

AMnd)'Uon, (nind) a. v. in. 1 abuse 

; itj treat \\ ill; 3. p. od ai...; p. 

Abinindjisoais, {nind) n. v. I warm 
my hands ; 3. p. -o: p atab..sod. 

Ahinodji, 8. child ; pi. -iag. 

Abinodji-ifitD'ebisiwin, s. childish- 
ness, childis):! behavior 

Abino^iif^as, (jiind) n. v. I pli^y the 
child,. 1 feign to be a child ; 3. p. 
-o; p. cb.Jsod. ; 

Abin^Jiing^ lik^ a clpld, or like chiU 
dren; aoinodjiing nind .ijitt>ebiSf 
I behave like a child, (I am child- 
ish j) dbtTwdjiing iji gi^we^ he 
speaks like a cbiki ; abinodjiing iji 
maumoagy t^ey weep, or cry » like 
children. , 

AbinodjiixD^ {nind) n. v. I am a child , 
3, p. -i; p. dft..t(?iif. 

AbinddHimn, i. infancy, childhodd. 

Ahinvucd, 6r-pioLgadi.xi. v. it is ruined, 
spoiled ; p. aia:.kag* or-magak. 

AbinsonuL (nind) a. y. an. 1 abuse 
him witqbad words, I despise him; 
3! pp od ^..TTian ; p. avi..mad. , 

Atnniondan, {^ind) n. v. in. I abivBe 
i^, desj^id^ it, (wj^th evil words ;) 3. 
p. bd ab,'., ; p. ata.^dang. 

Ahinsongt. {ninid) n. V. ] abiij^e with 
bad, woras, 1 use bad., abusive l^p- 
guage, 1 despise ; 3. p- L ; j^ aia.. 

Abipihcanett {nina) n. v, I warm 
my back ; 3. p. -b; p. aiab.^od^ 

Ahis, imnd) n. v. I warm loiye^lf j 3. 

Aiimn^ (mild) a* v. t;» I wmrxa it ; 

^. fj. i>d af^j^afi ; p. ata..Mh^. 
AJfhkkiiihl^iiii^yljiMk'm, iMittd) Jt^ v. 

1 hove a bJieter on my nandf from 

workinif ; 3. p, I. : p. Vi .|W, 
Mhfhhrtlfigif. {nind) n, v. f have a 

blister ; 3 p. -i ; p. 
M4ehht(hiiri*ideffi^, {nmd:^ n* v* I 

have a tlister oii my foot, from 
' walking on »iJow-#hoef ; 3. p*-i: 

ji. £hMd. 
Ahhhhr*hi^iin'd*?^kin, i^4/uJ) n, v. I 

have a bltKtRr uu my foot, irom 

^sttlkitiif ; 3. p. L ; p. th.^ia^. 
AhiMde»,{it4nir^j\, v. I warm my feet; 

^. p. -ti ; ji. aia..»iKL 
AN^ififtgii'a^h, {nM) n. v. 1 (iwalif^ 

from a profound sleep j I awake 

perfectly ; 3, p. ^ ; p, am.M. 
AM^'4ikifi, (nim) ti, v. I revive, 1 re- 

<;over my senseH, (after fainuag ,) 

3. p. h ; p. £i?fl..K"wj/. 
Ahii>i*i'atli*^ (futid) n* v. I recover. 

UVoai a (iickne^a :) 3, p. -i ; p> 

aia.,sid. y . . , 

AbiMvema^ad, u. v. ^t quickem* it 

revives ; p. aif^.gi^k* 
Ahimoendivnj (nim) ». v. | recover 

my, senses;, Caller jfaintiitgj) 3. p. 

l.;p aia.dcmQ, , , 

Ahimoiniay (nind) a. v. oi^ I console 

hiin, solace hup, encourieige him ; 

3. p. od ab.,man>i j>, aia.tnad. . 
AlUnmndtwm, s. consoUUon, ,cpn- 

soling, . . 
Abitiumgsy {nind) pi vv I console^^o- 

lace, encourage ; 3. p. 1. ; p.. om.. 

Abisinnt^^nMyOiVf 8. ^bi^endam, 
Abitihdbtd^f or-^t^^a^^ u. v. it ii un- 
tied, loosened. , pVatk».^44SU oiHtio- 

ASiskobidJujfdde, ar-ma^adf u. v^ it in 
untied ; p. aia..degt OT-^magdk, 

Ahideobidont {nM) 8. v. in, I loosen it, 
untie it ; 3. p. otf ab,p. ; p. atab.. dod. 

Ahuskoka, OT-ma^adf u. v. ' it gets 
loose, untied, it loosens ; p. aia., 

AMskonai {wind) a. v. cm. 1 untie bim, 

deliver hiih \Z,p.od ah..n ; p. aia- 

nad ; imp. aMsi&n. 
AMskoste^ oj-magad, u. v. it loosens 

or unties ; being thrown, or falling^ 

p. aia„$9ea, or-magak. 
Abitikotaj (ntrid) n. v. I get loose, un- 
tied ; 3. p. 1. ; p. aia..tad. 
Abiswa^ inind) a. t. on. I warm him; 

3. p. od dbistDon ; p. ebiswad; imp. 

Ahitai adr. half ; aiaMiOt half each. 
AlHtant tnind) inhabit it, I 

dwell or lite in it, (house, lodge, 

etc.;) 3. p. od db... ; p. ebUcmg. 
AbUa-fOnnaa/iy half a bottle, a pint. 
AbkaijQnkad^ u. t, it is midnight ; p. 

Abitawaf {fi4nd) a. v. an. I dwell in 

him ',3.^.od ab..n; p. eh. .ad. 
'^AfMwaaam, adv. halfway across a 

river, lake, etc. 
Ahit^mamadjiw, adv. halfway, (g<ang 

up a mountain or hill.) 
Amawihanaf adv. halfway, (going 

from poe place to another.) 
AhitcBmst (nind) n. v. I am a half 
' breed, (half white man and half 

Indian ; 3. p. -^'; p. aiab..8i4'^ 
• Abitawifsagt adv. half a barrel. 
Abitekibay {nind) n. v. I rise firom 
' the dead ; 3. p. 1. ; p. aia..had. 
Abitckibaaf {nrnd) a. v. an. I raise 

him from the dead ; 3. p. od^ db..n ; 

jSmMmditf {nind) r. v. I raise my- 
selif from the dead; 3. p. -<?i; p. 

Abitckibaaoin, a. resurrection. 

AMtiMbaiwini-gijigadf s. day of resur- 

Abit&nana, (wind) a. v. on. I kill him 
almost, (I kill him half;) 2,^.od 
<z^..n: p. ada.,nad; imp. abU^naj, 

JbitoMinet ot-^magad, u. v. it is half 
full, (a bag or sack ;) p. aia^Jh^, 



AbitQ99eAntind) n. v. I arrive &^ half- 
way ; 3. p. 1. ; p. aid^sed. 

Abikisset ot^magady u. v. it comes or 
arrives to the middle ; p. aia..Hg, 
or-7»ayaife.— This word is also used 
for Wednesday, which is the mid- 
dle of the week. Dossing aiabi- 
tossegmt every Wednesday. 

Abitotchipidon, {nind) a. v. in. 1 tie 
or birtd it in the middle ; 3, p. cd 
ah... ; p. aia..dod. 

Ahit(ftchipinMy{nind) a. v. an. I tie or 

, bind some an. object in the mid- 
dle; 3. p. od db.,n; p. aia.,nad ; 
imp. dh..piu 

Abimny s. habitation, mansion, room; 
\.-aflfh. , 

9, in compositions, signifies liquid. 
It is used when the first part of the 
composed word ends m a conso- 
nant ; as : MandanwnahOy corn- 
soup; {mandaminy Indian corn.) 
Tbtoshabo, milk; {totoshy female 
breast.) — But when the first part 
of the composed word terminates 
in a vowely the word wdbo is used 
instead of a5<?.—S. Wabo. 

Abodagwajey {nind) n. v. I put a blan- 
ket or coat over me in the wrong 
way, inside out; 3. p, 1. ; p. aia^. 

Abodina, {nind) a. v. an. I turn it 
over, inside out, (a marten-skin, 
etc.;) 3. p. od ab..n; p. aia..nad. 

Abodinany {ndfid) a. v. in. I turn it 
over, (a coat, etc.;) 3. p. od ab... ; 
p. aia..ang. 

AbodisMmay {nind) a. v. an. I put it 
in the wrong way, (some a». obj. 
as moahwey a handkerchief; 3. p. 
od ab..n;p. 

Abodjidony (nind) n. v. I have down- 
hanging lips ;,3. p. 1. ; p. aia.,dong. 

Abodjigwanissei (nind) n. v. 1 tum- 
ble over head : [G. icn mache einen 
Burzelbaum ;] 3. p. 1. ; p. aia..8ed. 

Ab&iaifiey 8. young beaver between 
two and three years ; pK-^. 

Abdiaweia^y s. young otterbetween 
two and three years old ; pl.-«^. 

Aboeihmy {nind) a. v. in. I put it on 
in the wrong way, inside out„ (a 


Coat, sliirt/etd.;) 3. p. oti .a5'... ; p. 

Abw&miney (nind) n. t. Alffi. I roast 

Indian corn ; 3. p. 1. ; p. ebw„n^, 
Abwdnakt 9, spit, a stick with a piece 

of meat on one end, put near the 
• fire to roast ; pl.-<»i. ^ 

Jiwdtohigmf s. grate to dry venison 

or fish on ft ; pl.-d». 
Ahwaiokiganabihf s. gridiron ; ^L-cn, , 
Alwatigwcmf s. an, roasted ear of In- 
dian corn ; pl.-o^. 
Abwatigwe^ {nmd) n. v. I roast an 

ear (or ears) of Indian com ; 3. p. 

l.;^. df^,Med. 
AbwHaboy>€t (mnd) n. v. I sweat eat- 
ing ; 3. p. 1. ; p. ebuf..iced. 
AbiHfhy {nmd) 9L.\,m. I roast it ; 3. 

p. od cibiwen; p. d)ioed, 
Aminany {nind) a. v. an, I roast 

some an, obi. (a fish, etc.;) 3. p. 

od ab,., ; p. eowed. (V. Conj.) 
Ahwenmdji, (nind) n. v. my nandt 

are sweating; 3. p. 1. ; p. ^b.-ifpd. 
JMves, (nmd) n,v, I syveKt J \yein^iTCt 
• I am warm ; 3. p. -<> ; p, fhwettxi. 
Abwende^ {nind) n. v. my feet me 

sweating; 31 p. 1.; p. ^.Jal. 
Abwesowiut s. sweat, perspiration. 
Jbwetaf (nind) n. t. I swfsat (wi>rk' 

ing ;) 3. p. 1. ; p. elAvetad^ 
Ahwewin, s. frying-pan; pl.-a^- 
AbwewinenSy s. dim. a frying-|ian with 

a short handle ; ^X.-an. 
Jbwiy s. paddle ; pl.-«. 
Adabikaanj (nindf) a. v. in. I fasten 

it, hook it, (a chain, etc.;} 3. p. ^j<i 

ad,.. ; p. ed..ang, 
Adabikimdjigany s.^uckli? (of m*- 

tal ;) lol. -an. 
Adabubusidon, (wind)'ti.y.i/i. [ hook 
. it ; 3. p. ad.., ; p. ed..dod. 
Addbikissi^hj u. v. it hooks, catches^ 

f metal ;) p. ed,.»mg, 
Aaa^&niamshinsfbi, (nind) n. v, r ain 

stoppea by a river in my voyagt?, 

hindered to continue my jourtiey; 

3. p. od ad,.. ; p. aia..i}fg. 
Adawawn(M, {nmd) a. v, an. I em- 

li^afk''' wifli him, I go somewhere 

wit!i hita in a cauoe or bo^l i 3. p^ 

od ad^.nf p. aia„mad. 


AdoMoawi, {fidmd) xu\w. I embark 
(withsomebodfj;)?. p. I. j.|>i«i«.. 

Addkmom, (mtd) m t. I hoUlthe 
rudder, I steer; 3. p. 1.; p. ttia,. 
aii$>. ' 


Adidweige, (j»mm2) n. v. I am steer- 
ing ; 3. p. 1. ; p. aia,*g^ 

Adimdf (nind) a. v^ on- I overtake 
him ; Jig, I ec^ual him ; ^, j^ od 
adimatj^i p. edmnad. 

Adimofh 8, snow-shoe string ; pl.-a». 

Adindint (nind) a. v« «i». I overtake 
it ',3.^,od adi„ ; p. edindamgm . 

Adisdhflfh 8' 0^ tale, fable ; pU-o^. 

Adiediet (nind) u. v. I tell a tik ; 3. 
D. 1. ; p. ed,.tid. 

Aaitohewint s. tale-telling. 

AdieohiiffimU, s.-tale^ellec, pL-teo^. 

AdissdwaiisKif s. a kind of large 
gi„o:: Lc.- 1 r» locust, jT, cig»lu:] 

A/luman, n. ilye -stuff, anything u^ed 
for dyeing ; pL-an, 

AJi^sige, (nind) n, v, I dje^ oelor ; 
3. p. h; p. tdimg^. 

Mh»iiffmgaimg, s* dyer'* shop, 4y«- 
housg ; pL»-v?t* 

AdU»i^emn, «, dyeiog* busitifiss and 
occupation of a dyer, 

Ailinttifjeisifdri^ h. dyer ; pl.-«f«j- 

Adieso, 3, p. ha, it la rip€ ; p, ^itKjd. 
Some berries are aTHmat^ in Oi- 
chijiwe, flft ' Mt^irm4nwi, rwpberry; 
^^UiftMa^ mi^hicitiiiiiitgt the rasp- 
berries are ripe, { are colored. ) 

Aduaot 3. p. «fi, it b dyed, i game an. 
obj4 p. ediiiiid.— J\ auvni wlkm am 
fp^fshmt thU handkerchief is well 

Adit^, or-iJvwuJt u» V, it is ri|>e, (an 
in(miniat€ neriyT etc.) |j, tdUeg^ or 
-magah. — OSetmitii adiU, odiimi- 
fiiift ddUewmi^ thff' sirawberr}; is 
rip*^, the strawberries ife jipet 

Mit^^ ox-magad, u* v, il ii dyed, 
( some in. obj, ) p. $d4iigt or-m^wJt. 
M^jidan wdbo^m idik% 1^ MJipket 
is dyed. 




Adjd&st4, (nifhd) c. V. i am lama; 3* 
rf p. l^;TJ-lW>Wfli^. 
A^^^ak, jt. a imall hook; [F. 
igrafejpl. -a^. 

.1 *ftwiair liMt; a. p. 1.; p. ^j..ggdu 

MWndim^, ifuind) a, v. in. I fasten it 

By means df q f mall iioofc ; 3. p. 

ji^^f^rt*,*, cranej [F.gme;] pl.^ji^mfi^, 
-^/yit^VjiwpMi/a. ff/i. crane pointo* (a 
'' ft (J ^tabl© roott growing in tli«? 

watfirhpl '%^ 
Ad ji^ijtd aril (mnd) a. -v. i>j. 1 take ii 
up or catcB it witli a hook, 1 haok 
Hj r accroach it; 3. p. o^ffrf...; ^{d.. 

Adji^adjigam, s. heok to catch or 
grapryle with, commonly uied by 
the Indian a in catching atiHrgeon ; 
pi -tm. 

Adjigwadjigmnahth, iroi? hook, grapp- 
ling hook ; pi. HWi. 

Adji^ndjkf«, (mnd) n. t, 1 take or 
catch with a hook, I accroach ; 3. 

Jijtpifan^^ (itmd) R. t. an. 1 take or 
catch him with a hook, I hook him, 
1 accroach him ; 3. p. od ad..u; p. 
' «»d..*fHErf ; imp. aijt^aj. Nami 
fdn gt^-adjMtm^^ Icinght aatur- 
geoa with a hodk. 

A^ma,{nirtd)ti.^. m. 1 speak of 
him ;3. p. od W..;?t; p. atMnmad. 

Adjitchikag^, s. a kihd of tish ^ [C. 
IwoUh;] pL-ii'rair- 

Adapmfiih. n. table ; pL -on. 

Ad&pmcimgiti, jt, tabfe^clothipl. -(Mi, 

A^^mtTi^, i,dy. tin the other eir^e of a 
meFi lake, ptc, on the oppositR 

';. flhere, — A^mifi^ HUhigami^ on 
l!ic other aide of the jjreat sea, 
that is, jn Europe. S, Kitihiagd- 

Aamiirtg, adv. mi ihe bftach, on the 

lake shore. 
Agash-i, {nwrtd) n. v, I am small, lit^ 

tl&; 9. p. atraithU,* p. e^a^hiM- 
.igoifkiidi'i, (nind)ti. v, I make my- 

■elf amalU little; 3. Pp-fl/p. «T..joi, 
A^it^m, {niftd) n. v. 1 am baahfut m 

•peaking ; 3, p. J^ p, (^.;wi^. 

A|^d«ifnd, {nmd} a. V, an, I cauae 
tiim ahame, I mnki* him ashamed 
by jny v^ords ; 1 diahoiidr him } 2, 
p, od a4]f..a; p. ^y.^fflftfl, 

^^f^-Kfj in composition, sjjgjii^es stm^l, 
fine, namm. 

A^Aisa^ or ^magad, u, v* ^ is^mall, 
oarrow p. #*^r..*af?, or-^»(^ijjt\ 

Agasmhigad, u. v. it ia fmf , (threjid, 
stdng, etcip, f^.^^di. , 

Apoj^tmgidi 3- p- a/*, it is fine, (saw- 
ing silk;) ji.^,.9id. 

Atja^fiaMkfjif, n. >. it is smalt, (ffome 
ohj. of metal;! p. ^^.J-ah, -0,mm 
iignisaMkad mffdbikaigaftf the key 
La too jsrrtall. . 

Ag^suMhm, 3, p, a?^. it ia 8maU,'(a 
stone or a piece of ailTerO P' *?- 
^. -Affa^aMkist jomim^t a shil- 
ling is small. 

A^MAodta, (n^) a. v. an. I mak* 
some Oft. ohj. narrow or narrower, 
I straiten it ; p, *tg.,ad. 

AgtTusdd^it, or-7fUigad^ u, v. it ia nar- 
row ; p. £g..a(f, or -^magaJr. ^Pm- 
digci<jg gga/tnQdeof/ tnkhcaiid^n^nfy 
g i 11 lb ron ^}\ t he narrow g ate . 

Afjo^siid^iah^adi ir» v, it is narroTP, 
[raetalOP' e^y^al- 

Ag<midei<jMdmy 3* p, an. it is nar- 
row, (bbj. of etone or aOver;) p. 

A^iM^odtmo tmlcana, the path or tmil 

ie narrow; p, ^^^ 
A^amadmfimf {nM') n, v. t hATe a 

aipall face ■ 3. p. ].; p. eg.,Wfd: 
Agmt^^hd n<shagmti^^ s^tihii^ etc. n, 
^ " V* 3. p., the board, ihe ribbon, etc., 
^ i^n,arrpw J p, f^..«if. 
%j(ti/tadJiot^ {m'ndr) a. v, tti^. I make 

it niirrow, or .narrower^ 1 atraiten 

it ; S. p. fid ag...y p. tg.dpd, 
J^ajfmh^aiaw/sst (Ww?) n, v. S. (^f- 

Agatsate, or -mo^^, u. t. it ia smalt, 

( hdn se , mom ; )p . tf^. . £^, or -m^w^eiSj. 
J^«M(ito?v, (mVw) a. T. ««,/ J make it 

email, or I make it amaUer ^3. ^. 

od,ag*.\: p. eg. .tod, ' 

Agat^mdagm^^yji^ivd^ n, v. I am con- 

aidered inaiBjii^c^p^ I ^m ji^»igni- 

ficant, little^ |i p. 




_2 —z.£*^ A. iA • _ '_- „• la _^ L t •*. 

in8lgi4icax4, it in vafhgt^wmal, lit^ 
tie; p. eg., wok. ■ 
^'J^ctsaMm^^iiitid) i\ V. in. 1 confttd* 
^ ered itinsignificdnt ; ^. p. (xf a<^...: 

►», (hIIpkI) n.* y. I birre 
i -^KuiriM^ttiooghts of myself; I am 

humble; 3. p. -o; p. ^..mei. ^Aih 

inodjiina aoAumimOf he ie^hiuable 
H. Jiliet««hiU[(<U fai>aii\tttee eioiit 

^Jiqatmtimc^ {nM), a, v. m. 1 think 

little 01 him, I consider him insig* 
, nifican^ ; 3. p. od, ag-n: p. ^..n»«rf. 
' Aoiueetiimpwm, s. humble thoughts, 
.. hviimliation. humility. 
Agasndeey {nind) it. t. I have a small 
, iieartj ?.p.,J.; p.,<iy,,««^, 
>1^<M^»<<;!<M^, (^W) n..,v, I have a 
^ amalt i^ose ; .3» p. 1.; n..^,Med. 
'^g9S99dfii,(ndnd) n. v. I h^ye a small 

nioatn ; 3. p. 1.; p. eg..drMg. 
. ^^ftmidei^dh or -^tofforfril has a small 
, , mo«athA%9maUo|)et>ing.(a bottle, 

etc.^ p., or -ma^ak. 

4^ggf^8^(^^jai V. It is smalU or nar* 

.' , ;)Qwt, ( cotton. Unen, etc. ) p, 4g,^gah 

' --Agai^ad ad(^c><pHnigi^ the tabie- 

. cloth is small. 

..f^^miaadd,'' ( $wnd) n. v. 1 have n 

small le^; 3-P- K; p. eg»^dfd. 
,j^a/i&aiHxwfiMaet 3. p. w». the han* 
J kercal^fks^nall; ^^^fg^^id, 
^ ^/ aw t flow^^yg^ (nimj.) d. ^. I have 

. a fl^ol^ yoic'e^ Xprpp<Wfb't 1 b«^e a 

vm^ll throat,;;^ p. 1,; p, eg..(ftma. 
,Jga»Qp<m, '{Mind).u.. \.^, BMumh- 

^oo/m- . V- ;.. ''- -. 
A^assikcdcmt (mnd) a. v>^ I naake 

U.«ma^ler,V¥ cutting it; 3. pfijd 
. . tf^.„:. p. eg.Jmg, 
Agasnlcdna^ {nmd) a..v, «». i uftake 

,eQD9^*a».,c^^-jM)AaUer byeutiing; 
. . X.p. od a^.m p. ^-Md'^ . 
Jgastioim^lt^^ {nind) n^ v. J hwre a 
. MBbU o^ ; 3. p. l.ijp,fg.Mfe«L ' 
Ag q if fi md n B pei d^ . u. Vh <it>v small, 

*K6Tf J-^4p(M^'f in woYds -where part^' or 
liMlt W^&S%aOfr 'vtp tetoticmei allhdet 
ialb0rio0S0|tti«orlbifrittlr-? sMflMtm, 
sltedM to 6o«&. t^u v 

, vRikhi Mf i i^ n a magadimemcw an- 

K^ these BuidiLetAiftUs aie very 

AgoiBsimmt^gui mo opi^ n. v. 3. p. this 

pdtato is small ji p, €0^,90. 
Agiimny u. v. it is small; p. egemin^. 
Agi^esinadj u.v.there ^s little of it, it is 
' smaW*, J. «^..nalr.' ' 

AgoiHndwe, (nmd) n. v. I have a 

small head; 3. p. 1.; p. eg.. had. 
Agm^iinike, {nina) n. v. I haTe -a, 

smAlIaf m ; 3. p. I . ; p. eg.Jced. 
Ag<usinimi% {nwf) or nhid mgas- 

siTurniifif n. v. pi. we lire a few in 

number, our number is smtfU* p. 

i^ussiftichig,. OT egnft^im^fig* 
Agasaininaji, (mnd) n. v. I hate a 
/ small hand ; X p. 1 . ; p< • 
AgoMiskkiwitn. v, 3. p. he (she, it) 

has a small snout, (animal ;) 

Agasiishkiv^igwef (m?Hl) u. ». I l^ive 

a small e«ei 3. p. 1. ; p- tg-.toeii. 
Agassiskkwandeia, OT-fnagadt ^. v. 

there is a small door, ot narrew 

door ; p. eg^M^ or-magok, 
AgassisuUj (mnd) n. ▼• I have a 

small foot ; 3. p. 1. ; p. eg..d€d. • 
4-gctssilawage, {nind) n. v. I have a 

small ear; 3. p. 1.; p.itg^.geiL 
Agassiton, {nina) a. v. in. S. Agas- 

Agaasoni (nind) n. v^ I have a amal) 

canoe ; 3. p..-<? ; p. eg€LS*<mod. 
Asu^*9nagady u. v. it issmaUfCcaofe, 

boat, etc.) p, €g..gak. 
Agatck,{nini) n. \.\ ^m ashamed ; 

Z.\i.-^\\^. egatchid. 
Ag(U4hi€, {nin4\ a« v. oiL^^lKuae him 

shame., I mal^e him ashamed, I 

dishonor him ;. 3. p. od ««^^{ p. .. 

Agatckiiwe, {nind) n. v, I cau^eshsme 

<tD «om*b(pdy i) 3. p, \, i p. cg»^€d- 
AgaUJmu>m^4^^' ▼.it (s^uaes or 

brings sname; p,6g^gAk. 
Agatekim, iyiind) n. v. S. AgoMm- 
Agatchishk. {nind) n. v. I, am hash- 
./Ml,i#iY,.timid ;^, p. •»» p. eg^id- 
,Ag*tcJiimkucin^ «. bashKi)oe«s». tun- 

j4i»y, shjineiia*. ^. : 




AgaishUMgoSi {ivlmt) n; v^ I aiQ 
ashftmed of sjpeakmg, anwiHing 
to «peak before people ; a. p. -t ; p. 

Agatckitm^ {rwnd) a. v. in. I am 
ashamed pf it ; 3. p. od ag... ; p. eg., 
' Agatchitawaj {nind) a. y. cm. X am 
ashamed before him ; 3. p. od ag..n; 
p. eg..wad. 

AgaichUonf (nind) a. v. in, I bring it 
to shame, I dishonor it ; 3. p. od 
<V— ; P* tg..tod, 

Agulckiwadis, {nind) n. t. s. Agatchr 

AgaUhiufodiHvfin, s. 8. Agatehi^h- 

Agatehiwinj s. shame. 

Agatchiwis, {ftind) n. V. S. Agatch- 

AgfatendagoSt (nind) n. v. my conduct 
18 shamefol, considered shameful, 
dishonorable, despisable ; 3. p.— ' 

' p. eg..sid. 

Agat&ndtigwadf u. v. it is shameful^ 
it is considered shameful, despisa^ 
ble ; p. eg..'wak. 

Agatendagibakamigt adv. shamefully. 

Agatendany {nind) a. v. in. I am 
ashamed of it ; 3. p. o<2 ag... ; p. eg., 

Agatenima, (nind) a. v. an. I am 
Mhamed of him (in my thoughts ;) 
3. p. od ag..n ; p. eg..mad. 

Aiatemndis, {7nnd)r.y. I am ashamed 
before myself; 3. p. -o ; p. eg..9od. 

Agdtoa, adt. hardly, scarcely ; very 

AgOfUjdhawast (nind) r. y. \ put my- 
self under a shelter, in rainy 
leather ; 3. p. -o ; p. eg..8t>d. 

Agawabawasowini s. shelter against 
rain ; umbrella. 

Aga/Wddamawa, (nind)z. v. an. I can- 
not obtain it from him, although I 
endeavoif, I cannot prevail upon 
him to give it to me id.'^.od ag..n ; 
p. eg..wad. 

Aiavfddani {nind) a. v. in. I cannot 
have it, although I wish and en- 
deavor ; 3. p. od ag... *, p. eg..dang. 

Agd^di$i$/^if^n: f.Fatti c^tti^ 
fobttah-; 9.^. 4 ; p. tM..^. / 

Agawd^jiat {nind) a. v. an. 1 cause or 
make him damage ; 3; p> od ag..n ; 

Agatmdjiidi^, {nini} r. v. 1 iaai(d 
damage ^o myaelt by drinking ; -3. p. 

Agmenii, adv. behind, 

Agiiwanapiy adv. 84>ob^ footi-a* pos- 
sible. ' 

Agawa ntn pangaogy my pulse bekta 
slowly. S, Pangaog. 

AgawHtey OT-magady u. v. there, it 
shadow ; p. eg..teg, or-fnagak. 

Agawateon, s. parasol ; umbrella ; 
pl.^n. ' .' 

Agawateshim&ny {7iind^ li. v. lam in 
the shadow ; 3. p. -o ; p: eg..nod, ' 

Agawateshiny {nvnd) n. v. 1 make 
shado\ir with my body*; 3.p. 1. ; p. 

Agawateshkagony (nind) p. v. it cov- 
ers me with its shadbw -yB.-p.od 
ag... ; . 

Agaijbateshkamy (nind) n. v. I nofiiAe 
shadow (wish my oody,) F bver- 
shadow ; 3. p. 1. ; p. eg.. hang. 

Agawateshkany {nijid) a. v. in. I cover 
it with my shadow, I overshadow 
it ; 3. p. od ag... ; p. tg..kang. 

Agawateshktnoa, {ntnd) Of nind tf^a- 
wateshkantav^ay a. v. an. I cover njm 
with my shadow, I ovei shadow 
him ; I am in his tight, I cover hia 
light J 3. p. od ae..n ; p. eg.. wad. 

Ageewatesst bineMy n. v. 3. p. the 
bird throws its shadow, (flying by ;) 
p. egi.sed. 

Agatoatease ox-maeady u. v. it makes 
shadow, (a cloud, etc. ;) pif^r..*^, 
ox-magak. . 

Agawatessin anahcady n. v. the dpud 
throws its shadow j p. eg..sin£.- 
B. Agawdtessey or-^magad. . ' * 

Agawigamigy adv. behind the island, 
under the cover of the island. 

Agawinagosy {nind) n, v, I iQok .bet- 
ter, or appear better, than I am, 1 
am fallacioud) .deceiving ; .3. p. *4 ; 
^.eg..nd. ' * - ' 




^AMtymmgwadf «»▼. it if dMe^ligt 

lallaciim*, it looks better than it is; 

p. eg. .took. 
AkdioiSf {nind) n. v. I gain nothing, 
' 1 make nothing by what I am do- 

ing ; 3. p, -t ; p, cgaiwisid, • 
Agatotshkat (nind) n. v. $. Agawita. 
Agatoita, (nind) n. v. I work mi, v;ain, 

gaining nothing ; 3. p. 1, ; p. eg^Jt^l. 
-^Ul* b- A'*' ^^ ^^^^i catarrh ; 

Agtgoka, inind) u.v. I have a bad 

cold ; [F. j'ai lie rhume ;] 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Afttgoka aw bebejigogavjit this horse 

nas glanders; [F. ce cheval a la 

Agigokmoin, a. bad coM, indisposi- 

tion from catching cold, 
yl^imf 8. an. snow-shoe ; p\.-ag. 
Agimdj (nind) a. v. an. I count him, 

1 put him in the number ; 3, p. od 
. ag,.n ; p. egimad. 
Agxmdky 8. an. ash-tree ; pi. -loag. 
AgimikCf (nind) n. v. I make snow- 
shoes ; 3. p. 1. ; p. aia..ked. 
Agimikewin, a. the art of making 

Agim ni^d ashkvma^ a. v. an. I lace 

or !ill a snow-shoe ; p. eshkimad. 
Agimosse^ (nind) n. v, I walk with 

snow-shoes ; 3. p. 1. ; p. aia..ged. 
Agindan, (nind) a. v. tn.l count it ; 

3, p. od ag .. ; p. eg..ang. 
AgindMSf {nind) n. v. 1 cipher, I 

number, I count ; 3. p. -o ; p. eg.. 

Aginddssobngan, s. cipher, figure; 

pi, -an. y 

jAgindatsobi'^e, (nind) n. v. I cipher, 

I number, I write figures ; 3. p. 1. ; 

AgindasaQbiigewin , s. ciphering , 

^Agindassounnf s. cipher; numbering. 
AgindassowtTian nind ojibianan, a. v. 

in, S, Agindassobiige. 
Agindjigade^ ox-mag ad, u.v it is 

counted ; p. eg..deg, or-magak. 
'Agindji^adewiny s. counting, census. 
'^^'U&HT'f >^^^) n. V. I am counted; 

3. p. -o; p. ^..sod, , 

Agobid^mnt «. curtain ; pL ^^m, 
Agobidjigtm,igm^.C9MQO fbr curtains. 
Agobvnay inind) a. v. on. I tie some 

remedy or a plaster on his wound ; 

3. P; «i ag..n; p. eg..nnd ; imp. 

Agobisy (nind) n. v. I have a plaster 

on ray wound ; 3. p. -o ; p. egohisod. 
AgobisenyOT a^ohisoniny (or agwa- 

ttimmy agwaJbt&fminy) s. remedy tied 

on a wound, piaster ; p). -on. 
Agodakikwany s. kettle-hook, kettle- 
hanger ; pL-a«. 
Agodty or-magaxU u. v, it is hung up, 

It hangs ; it is up somewhere; p^ 

egodegy OT-magak- 
Agddjmy {nind) n. v. I am hanging ; 

I am up spmewhere ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Agodjiwandny s, scaffold, to put some- 
thing on it ; pi.-a«-. 
Agi^dj'iwandnahy s. pi. •<?». S. Afodji- 

Agodjiwcmdndkokcy (nind) a. v. I make 

a scaffold ; 3. p. 1. ; p. eg..hed. 
Agodon^ {nind) a. v. m. I hang it up ; 

I put u up somewhere ; 3. p. cdag-.; 

p, egodod. 
Agogiriy u. v. it sticks or cleaves to...; 

Agogwadauy {nind) z.' sew it 

to s. th. ; p. €g..da/ng. 
Agogwadjigany s. a kind of narrow 

lace; [F. tavelle.] 
Agogwanay {nind) a. v. an, I sew some 

am. object to s. th. ; 3. p.od ag..n ; 

p. eg..nad ; imp. agcgwaj. 
AgogwanSy {nind) n. v. I am sewing 

one object to another; 3. p.-o;p. 

Agojiwey {nind) n. v.Iam hanging up , 

persons ;3. p. 1. 
Ag€gifoeioin,a.S. Agonidunn. 
Agojwfetvininiy s. S. Agonidiwinini, 
Agdkey {nind) n. v. I stick or cleave 

'to s. th. ; 3. p^ 1 . ; p. egoked, 
Agokey or -magad^ u. v. it sticks or 

cleaves to s. th. p. egokeg, ox^magak. 
AatddwastOf i^ind) i^. v. an. I seal 

nim ; I stick some an, obj. to s. 

th. ; 3. p^ o<? fi^.^n ; p. ^.,*a^. 




Apokiwamuh (fiinS) a. v. 4n: 1 b«al 
. it'} I atiok it to g* th.; a^ p. ad 

. (Lg.„\ p. -^AgohkooMtm tw 
nKmnaigajit seal this letter. . 

49oiiwatsigany s. any thing that 
cleaves or sticks to, sealing-wax, 
wafer ; paste. 

4ffohiwamgas, (nind) ». v. 1 am 
sealed ; 3. p. ifl; p. eg.,9Qd* 

J^ohiwaedUkigade^ or-magad^ ci. v. 
it i8«ealed ; pasted ; p. eg.Je^, or- 

Affohiwqssitchigan, or a^fohtwamtcfii' 
ga^uihtkl s. seal, a plain seal with- 
oirt any eflgraving of figures or let- 
ters ; , pi.-rt#t, 6X'cn. S. Masiniki- 

JfohiwassHchigcy [mnd] n. v. I seal ; 
I paste ; 3. p. 1. ; p. eg..ged. 

Agokiwamoay [mm'} a. v. an. I seal 

hirn, I seal some, an. obj. 3. p. od 

•> ff^.'w; p. e^..v)ad; imp. ag..wi. — 

Aadnin o gi-agokiwaaswawan, th^y 

sealed the stone. 

Ag6m, [nind] n, v. I am on the sur- 
face of the water, [in a canoe or 
boat ;] I float ; 3. p. -o; p. egwnod. 

AgomowewebanaMy {nind) n. t. I am 
tishing with a line and hook in a 
canoe or boat j 3. p. 1. ; i^. eg..hid^ 

A^clnuAtin, s. harbor, port, haven ; 

Ag&n, Agohiha. Ot. S. Gon, Oonika. 

Agd'na^ {nind) a. v. an, 1 hang him 
up, 1 hjing up some an. obj.; I p\jt 
it up somewhere, or on s. th. ; 3. p. 
od aq..n ; p.ego-nad ; imp. a{f6j. 

AgtmaJcwe, s. a virgin whom the pa- 
gan Indians jiilace on an elevated 
scaffold and present to the Great 
Spirit, in order to obtain a prosper- 
oun Piiff t^Pis m war. 

Agihummica, (fiiod} a. v. an. I hang 
or lay it upon htm; 3. p. od ag..n ; 

- p. ftp*..y^ad. 

Aganaxsah, (niiid) n. v. f hang or 
^prend b n^t cJn a pole to dry ; 3. p. 
-4^ p. «^..hid* 

Jmfftrwdt, (i\ind)t. V. I hang myself ;* 

Jr>mid{ii^niiiitg, s. allows ;' pi .-<)». '. 

work, eitectitron of a criminal. 

Agonidiwininif s. hangman. ezc<;u- 
tioner ; pl.-trd^. ■' 

Amnvtie/Mlomy (nind) n. r.'l don't 
beli6ve what Is said, I contradict in 
th'oughfs, I am incredulous ; 3. p. 
1. tV-oia-'dang. . * 

AgotHPeiendamcivin, s. unbelief, 
thought or thoCights cohtrar^ to 
what is said, contradnitioTi ia 
thoughts, increduHty- 

Agomeetadiftidn, (nmd) c. v. we con- 
tradict each other, we dispute, ^r- 
gue ; p. aiag».didjig. - ' 

Agomoetadimn, s. dispute, contradic- 
tion. ^ 

Agantcetadis, ^nind) r. t. I contr^dtet 
myself; 3. p.-o ; p. aia..duod, , 

Agomcetn^e^ {ninvd^ n. v. S. Agofttpe- 

Agometage&hkf {nind) n. v. I use to 
contradict, to gainsay, to disdbey ; 
3. p.-4; p. dia..Hrf. ' , 

Agonweiagcfikkiteiiny fi. bad hkWfe'of 
gainsaying, of disobeying. 

Agontcetagewinj s. 9. AgdmeefamO' 

Aqomottam^ (nind)n. v. I cotityadict, 
1 gainsay ; I disobey ; I deny ; I am 
incredulous : 3. p. 1.; p. aia..tcmg. 

Af/arnpetainowm^ s. contradiction, 
gainsaying; disobedience. 

Agomvetdn,Xnind) a. v. in. I Contra- 
dict it, I dont believe it ; 3. p. od 
ag...;p. aia..ang.-Nind agowvetdn 
iw bvlddjinuywiny I contradict tl^at 
news, I don't believe it. 

Agimwetaway (nind) a. v. an. T con- 
tradict him. I gainsay him ; I d»io- 
bey him; 3. p. od ag..n; p, m<t,. 
wad. \ 

AgoshkxnjoewdsKkj s. "herb of Venus; 

AgoghJi^^u'ii/icita, s* helmet ; pl.-ak. 

Aynsi Si^Mihi, n. V. 3: p. the WM lis 
resting un**. ^ p. r^o*^. . ^ *' 

Aoo^^kcuia^ t, mm > ft. v. an. I aixi afraid 
'iind amriouii about him, (he i^ n\a 
dntiirerouit ^utttalion j) 3. p. qd ag*, 
n i p. «g..n^d. ^. • : 

AgosJtaniifiX { nliid) r." v. 1 am afVnM, 
ain^oiiSf (about some misfortune 




. ocaciH4#iiihiH^pe«iogt(>{iifi$)i3kKp. 

^;^,«g,.9od. .V . .. 

Jif9fkir C<I«W) P» yv^Jfearj I am afraith 

a, p. 1.; p. ^o4^ 
Agotikwadw^ \k, v. it sticks toil by 
. fr^ez^ng.; {G, wgefrpreay]. p. ^♦. 

^Ag^fn^ModCti or^^magadt u. v. therf 
18 s. th. nid^e2i,behiad §qa\e<xh}(^Qt; 

A^utton^ (mnd) a. v. in* I pat it be- 
fore 8. th. to hide it ; 3. p. «i ap^J, ; 

♦ j>. mim^.tad. ^ ' . 

^jHc^otfo^i (iMn4) n. 'v. I «pe&k in a 
hidden, mysteiious maoner ; I use 
abatable; 3. p--«; p. aia,^. 

Agotagosimfmy a. hidden, mysterious 
speaking, parable ; pi -am 

A$*oaadon, l^mnd) a. v* '^' 1 draw it 
out of the water ; ^,p»od m^.. ; p. 
t eg,d6d. ./ .. 

Jy^a77H.(oilrM2) n. t. I oomecioseto 

. the shore, (in a canoe or boat, not 

lauding ;> 3. p. 1. ; p. 9gioBtm^ ^ 

AffUHlfOnj (mni) a. ▼. «^. I ftew* it on ; 

' 3. p. id a§*.. ; p. eg.,ang. , . 

4^oki(m^ {nvnd) or Him^ apwahi- 
gacM, a. v. in. 1 draw it (liquia) out 
hof a kettle orother vessel ; 3. p. otf 
..<i^»M^p.«y.v«n^.': • 

Aawdbthidey or-^magad, u. v. 4t is 
iMfrat^ (s6niethiBgsthat -wiis cookad 
in a kettle,) p. eg^AsgyOP-magah 

Agi9vi^hidMoapo^atiy.. n. .t*\8» p. somd 
lOftu.' obj. .baa th4 utaateiof being 
, burnt; .n. tg,.9id, . ' 

it^MMiMiNti;m9^?'O^A2» u . T.. it has the 
taste 4»f hsing bucQLt p. j^«.i»aib. 

AgmabiktBi, (mmd)^» v. i burn myaollf 

■ taking in my hand a betfob^ot bf 
'.metal ox stona; 3. v^^i p. egi*sdd. 

AffwdhtkisehbP^t '(niha) n. .t. i bwm 
/ «4kat > I am' cooking ,$^3* p. 1 ; p. «^t 

tv^d, '• ^ , ,;, ' 

J^ab^Bfmpahio^ig^j, d. Vi 3. p: the 
oread is burnt ; p. eg. .sod, . 

AgufaMhigipOf^iiimdi^ a« >V« ^i^w^ ^ I bviiTd. 

^^oi' witb ilome hot lobfu of' metat or 
st0AQ4 9i^ Pi (Ni^.«^..«i ; pJ^Afoal^, 

.40r«Mq««J^«»M^. ^ <9»« L dsaw. him 

m2 d^.n r p. eg.,nad. 
AgmfMnidgim^ s. <m. dtvg-net; [I^. 
seine ;] ^. ^. 

Agwahita. (mnd) n. v. I come oiit. 9f 

the watfer; 3. p. 1. ; p. tg..tad. 
Agwahnoay {nind) a. v« an.. I draw 
, aomf Wk* obj. out a veaael ; 3v'^. 
od ag^.n;. p.jag^wad. 

(^*R<I) a..v. «;»/! accme him(h6r) 
of an unlawful intercourse with a 
. person of the bther sex ; 3. p. otf 
4Bg..n;iD, eg.. wad-. 

Agwad<uhii s^ kind of fish, bull-pOPt; 
[O* petit crapet ;] pi. -wtuf. ^ 

Agwdgohaga^ ox-^magad, n^ ▼. dtis 
mouldy, (a leaf, of something that 
is in leaves ;) p*eg..g»igym-inagaM. 

Agwaaobagiei mo (Uiima^n. v. 3. -p. 
that tobacco is mouldy ; p. fg..84d. 

Agwagopogio&i, n. v. 3. p. it has a 
mouldy taste, taste of monldiness, 
(some an. obj.) p. eff..M. "' 

Agwagopogwady u. v. it taftea mouldy, 
(w*. obj.) p. eg..w(tk. * 

AgwaMoahtkady u.r. (pr. Mgwagobi- 
hm^) it is rusty, (metal, *».)p. eg., 
hakk ..»;"' 

Agyyagitfdbikitihin. (fnron. ogiifagobQDii' 

! hir^ ) n. T. 3. p. it ia nisty ; (fl». obj[. 
metal,)p. cf.%j 

Agwagwdoikik, (pron. agipa^fehMfi^ 
n. V. 3. p. it is rusty , a«. obj., mot^ 
al,).p»€tf..*»^. • ^ 

AgwagwalikisHfht (pr. agwtt^tib^fit- 
sin,). o. i. it i» rtisty, (meiat }) pV 
egastmg: i .> - • \ 

Agiwagmkagfi^ ot^^fMgad, (j^on, ag* 
wagossaga,) u. v. the floor is tMoH- 
\dyrCor.other objects of wood ;) pA 
j^gofMjmttfgak. -^"'>< ' 

AgiPtpgtoMi, XpTOt^.4gtoagMkiy^nrr. 
3. p. It is mouldy, (some an^'M.) 
p^>«g.f.4d.i^4i3^fw^i^n agvm^iami!^ 
agwagv^tikkD^g- }g&4e- Mnig; tito 
hreai is mouldy, and tlie potintMi^ 
are mouldy also. ' .'^ 

Agiaagmiehu^i^onj Ofoagotitim) ov vA 
it is mouldf;-«lfto^ it-ivmatf ;^. 




Jpmiimittffttf ii$M) n. ▼. I '«^ihi to 

the shore ; 3. p. Iv ; p. e^.^gtt^ 
Jgwaiai(igfJ$y {nmd) n. v. 1 ftrriT« tx) 

the shore, walking on the ice ; 3. p. 

-0/ p. eff..kod. 
Agttatada^as, iniad) n. v. I come to 

the shore out of the water ; 3. p. 

Agviaiahgt»heodUy {mnd) r. v. I coYer 

my breast ; 3. p. -o; p. ef.isod. 
Agwaiatikt {nittd) ru -v. Imftke for the 

shore, I mliI to the shore ; 3. p.~»/ 

p. eg.Md, 
dfi^uueim^ u. V. it comes to the 

shore, it is driven towards the 

shore by the wind ; p. eg^.m/ng. 
Agwaigaae* ox^tnagady u. v. it is 
- sewed to s. th. ; p. eg.deg, or - 

JgwAigaso^ n. v. 3« p. it is sewed to 

«. th., (<vi. obj.) p. tg..mi., 
AgfUHiigty ininid) n. t. I ai|i sewing s. 

th. to s. th. ; 3. p 1. ; p. eg^.qed, 
Agwaisehoe, (mnd) n. v. I take frcrni 

the fire wiia^ I have cooked ; 3. p. 

I. ; p. eg.. wed. 
Agwajej (nind) n. v. I cover myself, 
. (with a blanket, etc.) 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Agwajiwaj {nmd) a. v. cm. I cover 

him* (with a blanket, etc.) 3. p. od 

ag..n ; p. e^,.wd ; imp. agwaji. 
Agufokamigtsginf u. v. it sticks to the 

gioond ; p. €g..8ing. 
Agtoakidaan, (nind) a. v. in, I lift it 

up with a lever ; 3. p. oi o^... ; p. 

AgwakitUUjfMn, s. lever ; •p\.-mn. 
Agwakidatge, (mnd) n. v. I am lifting 

t. th. with a lever ; 3. p. 1.; p. eg. 

KgwakkdwDO, {ftiM\ a. v, on. I lift 

UD some an. obj. with a lever; 3. p. 

i)c^.ap..n: p. eg. Mad; imp. agww- 

Agneikominy n. v. it sticks to some 
^ wooden <H^ect ; p. eg. •ting, 

J^ttmho«tw€, (nind) a. v. an. S. Stu* 

AfWontUmt {nM) a. v. »i». I cover it; 
J. p.«tf ^..,; p.^.a»f. 

Agwdnabawoit {nmd) n. v. I pttt Ky* 

Mlf mftfer a rt W Hor, ih fkfh ; 3. p. 

-o ; p. eg.,9od. 
AgwdnmbtMe, (nMi) H. v. I am under 

a shelter, in rain ; 3. p. 1. ; p. eg.. 

wed. . . 

Ajjftoanaiaade^ or-Magadj u. v. it is 

covered ; p. eg.deg^ OT-^magak. ' 
AgtPdnatgaSt (nind) n. v. I am cov- 
ered ; 3. p. -o; p. eg..»od. 
AgtDandkobwiigan, s. corer of tfa# 

powder-pan of a g«n; [P. Batt^ 

rie ;] pl.-on. 
AgioanapakiDiUt (nind) r. ▼. I pnt 

myself under abark-skeiter, in rftiO) 

3. p. ~o ; p. eg.aod. 
Agwanapakwctsowin, s. bark-shelter, 

in rainy weather ; pi. -an. 
Agtcdndsst (nind) n. v. i unh)ad a ea- 

noe, boat, etc. ; 3. p. -o; p. eg..9oi0. 
AgwanatMUfintM. unloading. 
Agtoanawoy {nind) a. v. an. I cover 

him ; I clothe ur dress him ; 3. p. 

od ag.jn ; p. eg..wmd ; imp. agvmnd. 
Agwa^^ema^ {nind) a. v. an. I put in 

my mouth some an. obj. ; 3. p. qA 

ag..ii; p. ea^.mad^ — Astema nind 

ogwane^ntLt i take tobacco in my 

Agwanetidan, {nind) a. v. in. I put it 

in my mouth ;3.p.odt^..4 ; p. eg,. 

Agwanendjieant s. an. quid of tobac- 
co ; [F. chique*} 
Agwanmdjigej (nmd) n. v. I put or 

take in my mouth; 3. p. 1.; p. eg..gtd. 
AgtoanihceodiSf {mnd) t, v. I cover 

m)r head, (with abUnket, handktfl^ 

chief, &c.) 3. p^*o; p. eg..9od. 
A^wanikwhbay {nind) a. v. cm. I cover 

his head with a handkerchief, Ic6.; 

3. p. od {ig..n ; p. eg..wad; imp. sg- 

vfonihwi. * ^ 

AgwaMon, {nind) a. v. m. I coa'fvy 

It to the shore from the lake, {k 

canoe% a log, fto.) 3. p. ed ag...; pt 

Agwa&ma^ {nind) a. v. an. I bring hial 

ashwe from a canoe or boat, on my 

back; 3. p. 9d ag.jn; p. eg.. mad. - 
Agwadna, {mnd) a. v* an. I conver 

8otoeaft.obj. totheahoie^rooitM 

JM9f < 

Agwcbondaa^i^^ini) lu y* «i|. I brmg it 
a«liQfa fFon a caaoe or boat, oft my 
back; 3. p. od ag.^ p, ^^. 

Amodp, (fmd) b« t. 1 tak* out »f n 
Kettle or pot somethioy lo eat ; 3. 

J^fteaMuiony {mntl\ a« t. «»< X tie or 
oina it oii«« th.; 3. p. e<{ o^...; p. tg,. 

Amfdmnot <n»n4) a, v. «a« I tie or 

oind some a;». obj. on 8. th. ; 3. p. 

AmoMxvMy («t«Mi) a«^ V. «m. I take 
nim from the fire; (a person, or«By 
other an. ob^ ); alao^ I take him oit 
of a canoe, ocr ; 3. ]». od a^..» ; f, 


AgtU^hinge, {mod) n. t. I take from 
tjiie ^e; 3. p. 1.; p. eg^^gti, 

Jppdisidor^ tchunan {mmd) a. v. m. 
I liaul on the beech a canoe or boat; 
3. p. od o^...; p. e0i.M, 

AgwdssUckigwy or — magad^ n. vv it 
is taken otit of a canoe, boat, &c., 
it is put ashore, landed ; p. tg^^deg, 

Jgwasd^etit (nmd) a. t. *». I take it 
(Moftk oaooe, veaeel, d(C*» I land 
It ; 3. p. oi ag*.„; p. eg.,tod. The 
mme Serbia iQso used for : *'I take 
it from the fire," (w. obj.) 

Agwaia, (rUnd) n. ▼. I come out of 
Uie water; 3, p, 1.; p. tgwtOad. 

JJ(fmaUhtmt adv. outwardlj* on the 
outside, externally. 

ApfftUhinffi adT,out«ida, out of do<»s, 
vfitbout, out. 

AgvHitchind nakakeici, adv. from witk- 
9Ut, on the outside. 

AgwOching nmd m€k^ or, offtfoUking 
mm hodiwe^ (a maw eptekinif,) 
I am in my monthly fiowings. 

AgukE$tilmDMig<u^ eut of the fort. S. 

AgvKHUHh {nind) a. v. an. I draw him 
fliHl of a teasel, kaMk, ^. 3. p* M 
ag.,n; p* ^gwiwikdfiJBK^* agnsa* 

Aptmfiif^akt s. «•. beam» (under tfa» 
upper Amt o£ a kojoee); pl.—o 

Agt»{fwebinat (fiM) »« Y» on. 1 1] 

aiao, I tkroHT him ariiera out il a 
caaoe* d&c. ; . 3. p. od «^r»ai^f F« >#^.. 
fuki; imp. ofwoii'tfMfk. 
Agumoehinan^ {nind) a. v. m. I^lkrow 
it out of the water, or out of a eaiMt 
or boat, ashore ; 3. p. o<{ o^., ; p. 

Agwidy (nind) a. ▼. oik I clothe him, 
I give him clothes already made, 
or clothing materials ; 3. p^ oi o^ 
wian; p. egtciad, 

Agwida4m, Agwigaiatftk. Agwidmge* 
Agundawa, ^ 8. Af wMiMW . ig^ 
tDoJUdaigan, Agufohidadge* Agwa- 

Agwidab, (nind) n. v. I sit upon; 3. p. 

Agmdkgan, s. the upper part o« top 

of an Indian naoeftasw; pl.^— (m. 
AgwUdwUn, (nmd) com. v. we dothe 

each other; p. eg^Mdjig^ 
Agtotidmg, 3. ind. p. receiving doth- 

ee,( present or paysuuit ia dolhee^ 

received by many together.) 
AgwUdis, (niTid) r. v. I clothe myself, 

I provide for mf own ^lotking; 3. 

p.—o; p. eg.^od, 
Agwiidiwin^ a. the giving or reeein^ 

mg of clothes or clothing material, 

as a present or pagrvMnt. 
Agwin, (nind) a« v. i>i. I have it on, 

I wear it, (a veatmentO 3. p.. erf 

agwim p, Mid, 
Agwinant (mnd) a. v. «*. I wear it, 

(m. obj.) 3. p* qd ag^.: p 

V. Conj.— utfv UfW mcM 

od agwinany that womaa 
large shawl. 

Agioinde, or^-mo^oi, u. v. it soake. 
it is in the water, u floatinc oq the 
^^^^^'> P* ^-Afift or-«*iiMi^dv. 

Aawind^inm, (mini) a. t, «f». I put 
nim (hecit)iB the water, (any «a. 
obj.)Iputaome«#>. el^. in tfaa wa- 
ter to soak ; 3. p. od agt.% f p. 4^. 

Agwindji^t {nind) n. v. I am in the 
water, (sittinjf or lying in the ipa- 
terj) also, I fiaat, beiof partly i» 
the wat#f 4 3. p. 1.; p. ^*.»^ 

J^oindidnagak, s; Joat for a net; pi. 
MftHhffoBB, H, a Itiiid df small sqtiilrrbl; 

Ag%HnmDef>wuLy {nind) a. y. ok. Iblind- 
fbldfiim^ 3. p. 0(? a^..n; p. eff..naa. 

A^x>ingtoM»,.^^mdyjx, v. I ^m W^d- 

' folded; 3. p. — (?; p. e0,^sod^ 

Agumunoegr^ a. bow over the Indian 

• 'cracBe; pl.-^^^ow. ^ 

A^uingwM/^oxagwikgwddfim, s, veil; 
pXA^an. ■ ^ 

AfiyoinoU ammosh, n. v. 3. p. tlxe dog 
lapiUfiM; . \ .. .' 

A^wtta/wishima^ {ntnd) a^ v. o^. S. 

AgvfUcDttfigsidmif^wind) a. v. 4n. l put 

'it «iiBpileyXpiIe^itup ; 3. p. ok 

o^.../ p. (tkit,JthtU^ 

J^ic4Uhdhijififfai^9,Bn6iroti^ pi. ai». 

J^ /u H k hieU^kimgitt (mrkl) n. v. I put 

my feet on a. th«, aittidg ; 9. p.-^/ 

Ip»4!^UII»/. • 

Jfutitehiiid^kinmnatnti, t. fbbt stedl ; 

Agto^^tHuOibukdh n.^. 3. p. it iapile<!l 
^afk,.^iihier or atone;) p. ^..4m. 

AgwitoiabikUtgimt n. vi. • it is pifed up, 
'(iiiatml/«»i)i>:^..#%. • • 

Jigtottoii, {tuind}^. t. in. I dottle it; 
3. p. od cug..,; p. egwUodr^^^-Ihhind- 
,yjiftdm]iitM ^eiew^d od ti0&ofim 
mmgonut-Msddmii^gt tb^* Lord 
'Sptondidky biiotfaeik tkeflowei^ of 
*tft0i«rld.--'! ■■' ^. IJ '■ 

AgwUwMmagy (nind) a« ▼. Aft. ^1.' I 
••pUe t]|i 80m« (ub^ ^0bjectB] 3. p. od 

igwttom«MI';n.y..94i^^\ph tbej^te 
t^lidiipt /WobJ.)]^. egusUn^^ 

<mM»o^ 1 oii«b ,^ gnwC' maiiiy boards 
V«pile4ui^ttweH .; 
Jmoitoagidonctn, (nind) a. v. t^* pi. 
«lbile4faem op, (^ objeda;) 3. {1. 

^otfwham ai v^pt^ 4h«f tte pil^d 
op, (<w.'otii»o(»;Vpji^^i*i9^^ '^ 


more to ^what, I carry Jtti^'tty 
J ljW5k^l^'l.';^.W..fMrf. • •!' '^ 
j|SFuii(i»Mi« aj ^nfy <v««ttiiefit, ekms^y 

clotM»t j pl.4<*». . , ^ •' ■ . 
JlfiA^ <#itfn«^}'ti. V. 1 alb, I Miat ; 9. ^l - 

^toa, a. on. beings vtrf ^^^, object : 

Urge^ l^g being, (tia^ft««^w:| 
aons and animals.) £itcki^ 
mwa peraobv^ aM, gr^M 1 

M aim^ yVMkg bektg\ (htfmfth 'o^ 
' otke^ being,' ev an: obj.)^l «i««^ 

Aiaaiuiehi bad wicked keing" ; pl'^^> 

Jifld. Thfe yfsori iaafaoneefl'wl^en 
one endeavors to recoJbct fbfe 
» name of 1apei«e«)^^ (or any otli^r - 
<w». object,) '"Wheh yow ^kafa 
(ndian: Atomm'ffaHik'Uiid iwTVTh}^ 
said .that<T— If kedoee not remem- 
ber immediably the name of the^ 
* person, who said it, he wil^ say .-^ - 
Aiaa9afi-4kit&, tfuMt..... (fn^d^r 
to gain.t»me to racollectth^ natteiv) 

Aidb4, s. the male of animata; (^[inl^ 
Tii{ied^)-B6t 6f%irdaVpl»-^«' ' * '^ 

J4M^aiMk s. im;' the'8kii«»of * nitk 
qiiadruped; p]»-^.' • *- 

jMiwegin^, el akin of a m«i!)e q«Mi- 
ruped of the largest kindj aa^mooall, 

, bafialov^ic.jpl.-ofi. ^- 

AidbU'Mimd^'p^ e. a. emriacytatm^, 
conaeUvgV <«<imforting< petaooVyk^ 
-jig. ■ • -'-'••'• -J'!'- 

A4dibttay hall mth.^AioM^H^mt^^ 
-adaminiwj nidH; myfribttdj^we 
•batl'have each half of tbatv- ^ 

AuMtatoisidf p^ a. n. a hatl^brb^ 
ni^ or woman,;*^> > - 

^ftdi^t0i^(m^<«RtfPk^)n. v: 6^ Wmr^ 

AHg0rM4MiMf,f^9.'^* faitiaaytBrr^ lus^ 
credulous person, dnQbecmiU>f>c^ 
eotiMri^H^ ♦^ ' •' ' ' • >' '.' ^ 

Aiidj4fgme8B$^ {ifM^ il. 'r.^I itag^aiH 
in waikiog ;,a«[p. 1. ;'p^4M(ji.:^V'' 

my mind oft«»,« I <m 'iM0katii|lt{ 
^ p* ;]1 j.p. W ( ^^ >.(»n|»i^ . I* ' • » ■ ^ ^1' i'^; ^ 



mind, of thoughts, inconstoncy. 

Aiajeumdamy {mod) n. v. I regret ; 
3. p. L ; p. ei0A„<m9. 

Aiaj%hw€y (nindjii. v. I cry loud ; 3. 
pr. 1. ; p. aMafilxoed» 

Ateyigidaamij (utmj) a. t. S. ibfo- 

%Aiapndendiimni (fUnd) c. v. we de- 
bate, dispute, quarrel with each 
other ; p. eiaj..dtdji^. 

Ait^mdetiditMiny s. dispute, conten- 

MakoHd, p. 8. a. sick peisoo, patient; 

Mdmagadf^^ u. v. there is, it is ; p. 

Mm^ (mnd) a. v. «;». I have it ; 3. p. 
odatdn; p. eiad. 

Aiaru^, the change of Andj, 

AMtngwimmdamt (mnd) n. v. I en- 
deavor ; I pay attention ; 3. p. 1. ; 
p. eian^.ang. 

AumgtpameTidan, {nind) a. v. ^ I 
direct my care and attention to it ; 
3. p. od ad... ; p. 4ian..aing. 

Aicmgwamenima, {nmd) a. v. •)». I 
recommend him s. th. m thoughts ; 
3. p. od ia:.n ; p. eicm..inad. 

Aum(^ameMndtSf (nind) r. v. I re- 
commend it to myself; 3. p. h>; p. 

Aia/ngwamige, {ft4nd) n. v. I exhort, 
recommend ; 3. p. 1. ; p. eian..ged. 

Aumgwatmmoi (nmds a. v. «». I re- 
commend him to do s. th^ or to 
behave in a certain manner ; 3. p. 
od (U..n; p. «M..mad 

Aianawamman^ {nind) a. v. 4n, I take 
' well care of it, I pay attention to 
it ; 3. p. m2 aiaat...; p. «ian,.anff, 

AMMi/vHumst imnd) a. v. I take care, 
I cndearor ; 3. p. -»; p. 4t9n.,tid. 

Aia/ngwamUagoa, (nind) n. v. I am 
heard reoonmiending s. tk., I re- 
commend, exhort; 3. p. ^'/ p. 

AUBngpwoumtoff o&Mi ^t a. recommen- 
da&xit exhortation. 

Aiaryibessey (nind) h. v. 1 lean now 
4)11 ^aa «ide and then on the other ; 
3.p. 1. ;p, ' 

jS'ww^ewBPSi w^^Mv^se* u « ▼• w le ■ ^__ 

ing or roIUng from one side to tk« 
other, ( a canoe, boat, etc. ) p. #iti».. 

Aumik4Mwta^d^ p* », «u one who re- 
peats thiB speaking of anothes, 9^ 
mterpreter, (man or womaa;) pL 


Aiamke, S. Amke, 

A*<'niI^-anam4e'dib(Mmou>in, s. tn* 
cient religious tramtion, traditiMi 
of the Christian Church ; pl.-a». 

Aiafuke-dibadjimowint s. tradition, 
(ancient and repeated saying ;) pi; 

Aianiiniiago9y (nin) n. t. I make ^ 
speech or harangue of some Itagth} 
3. p.-H; p. aiad.^tid* 

Aianimiiajfotitifm, a. epeech or ktt^ 
rangne of some length ; pl.-«iSk 

Aiano; the change otAtio^. 

Adamomimditod, ]^. s. a. a re^ntiit 
person, a pemtent { pl.r^. 

A^almpemndt»o»sigt p. s. a. an mM- 
penting person, mopenitent, hii^ 
dened sinner ; pL-<y. 

Aiajtif adv. from time to time ; fiMi 
distance to distance. 

AiasswiUfidonj. (nind) a. v. in. fn^. 
I gird it often ; 3. p. otf a«... ^ j^. 

Aiaamoamna^ (nind) a. v. a«». fi#f. 
I gird him often ; 3. p. oi oft.4» { 
p« eia»..nad ; imp. aia^hiu 

Atdwaf (nind) a. v. an, I nave him, 
I have or got some an. obj. ; «!•#» 
I scold hun, reprimand hini, up- 
braid him ; 3. p. <M< aiawan ; p, 

Aiatoitagot, (nind) n. v. I make aqr- 
self understood a little, eeiM 
words; I am understood only alMr 
words ; 3. p^ : p. eittw^tofOiid, 

Aiaiweta/wa, (nind) a. v. ai». I undttr 
stand him a little, some wesde, 
(he speaks a strange language |) 
3. p. od «*'..!» ; p. oia*4ffad. 

Aiwufigon, (nina) p. v. it eeolds ■!•, 
upbraids me : 3. p. oti a*c... ) p. 

' nofUfiifod.'-lHn h^i adofmi^^mm 
meuinadgmh ; thy lettear scout bm 





MUtoiiAwUn, (kind) com. v. we^ 
^*4co!d one another, we reprimand 

• •««eh other; p. eia..didjig. ' 
Aiawiidiwm, s. scolding, reprimand- 

itig, (of several persoM.) 
JNdioin, s. existence ; 9i»/m> ^«a?9ft«, 
• 'Comfortable existence, welfare ; 

hagige mino aiawin^ eternal wel- 

fiire. Matchi aimoin, miserable 
■Wtistence, misery ; Icagige mwtcM 
' #«w»w», eternal misery. 
At&win, 8. scolding, reprimand. 
Mdwiwet {nind) n. v. 1 aia scolding, 

"reprimanding; 3. p. 1.; p. 
.^MwMn, (mnd) com. y. S. Mimm, 
M4kc7ad$rimnd) n. v. I am tired in 

my legs ; 3. p. 1. ; p. eiek..deg. 
Mkaidwt (fit^) r. v. I tire myself, 

I«8use to myself fatigue ; 3. p.-<? ; 

p. eie..sod^ 
Mkonik&i (nmd) n. v. I feel tired in 

my arm or arms ; 3. p. 1. ; p. eie.. 

M^konikewinA, {ni4Ul) a. v. an. I tire 
his arm or arms ; 3. p. od ai..ii ; p. 

Atekonikewinigon^ {nini^ pers. v. it 
i-tires my arm or arms ; 3. p. od ai...; 

■ -^. eis..god. 

Aiehmindji, (nind) n. v. I feel fa- 
"j'tigije in my hana or hands ; 3. p. 
t 1. ; p. eie.. id. 
Aielcos^ {nind) n. v. I am tired, fa- 

• tigued J 3. p.-^ ; p. eiekosid. 
AMkosidf (niTid) a. v. an. I tire him ; 

"I molest him ; 3 p. od aie..n ; p. 

AiekosUon, {nind) a. v. in. I tire it ; 
vS*. p. od ai... , p. eie..tod.--Mndme' 

* koeiton niiavo afwhUitn ; { tire my 
body, (myself,) working. 

Aiekosiwiny s. fatit^oe, weariness. 
JtHehwanam, (nind) n. v. I breathe 

■ -with difficulty; 3. p.-o; p. eiek.. 
- mod. 

Aiikwia, (nind) a. v. an. I molest 
.• him, fatigue him; 3.ip. od aia. n;'^ 

^4^Mmt {nmd) n. v. I am tired of 
■ • carrying or packing on my back ; 
3. p. 1.; p. €w..iiid. 

Mi, 9. thitif,' any in. object; pi. af/rt* 
"Anoteh aUn, sundry things. 
Aiine, litHe thing ; pl.-a». 

Aiivdsht bad contemptible thing; p|. 

Ail. This word is also employed as 
a help to retfoUoct the name of some 
inanvmate object. So when you 
ask : Wegonm iw T What is tmit ? ' 
-*he pferson asked (if he does not 
immediately recollect the name of 
the thing,) will s«y: ^^^^....(This 
gives him some seconds of time to 
recollect the narare of the object.) 
-When one wants to gain time to 
recollect the name of ti place, he 
will say : Aiing sa... 

Ainahingwam, {nind) n. v. I sleep 
with open eyes; 3. p. 1.; p. ein.. 

AinadjinMsy ( nind ) r .v . S . Inadjindis. 

Ainawa, {nind) a. v. an. I ape or im- 
itate him ; [F. je le contrefais ;] 
3.10. od ain..n; p. einawad. 

Ainaapidon, {nind) a, v. *n. I bind 
it well ; 3. p. od ai..,; p. ein..dod' 

Aindapina, {nind) a. v. an. I bind 
him well ; 3. p. od ai..n; p. ein.^ 

Aindina, {nind) a. v. an. I hold him 
well ; 3. p. oa; p. eindinad. 

Aindinan, {nind) a. v. in. I hold it 
well , 3; p. od at.,.; p. ein..ang. 

Aindjissitchigade, or -^magadf It is 
put tirmly; level; it is established ; 
p. em,.degy or "magak. 

Aindjissiton, {nind) a. v. in, I settle 
Ut 1 etftablisn it, I coniirm it, con- 
clude it, consolidate it, I put it Lev- 
9I, right; 3. p. od (tin.,; p. ein,.tod, 

Aininamawa, {nind) a. v,an, I bedtdn 
him, wink him ; 3. p. od a»R..o; p. 
ein.. wad, 

Aininike, (nind) n. v. I beckon with 
my hand, (arm;) I wink/ 3. p. 1.; 
p. ein..ked, 

Ai^djigade, OT~*magadt n. v. it i» 
used, made us of; p. €io„deg,^oi — 
Avodjfige, {fdnd) n< v. 1 ndLe use} 
3. p. 1 ; p. eio.,ged. 


Aion, (nind-J a. v. in. i make use of 
it, I use it ; 3/p. oddicm ; p. eiei. 
^ Alotmn, 3. the 'USB of s. th., using. 

Aiowin., s. any thiug used or employ- 
ed; pi.— ^i. ' - ^ 

Atawtitt s. an. anf an. 6bj.- used or 
employed; pi.— o^. 

^^ganucHn, u. v. it spdiis, tor- 
f upts, it is corrupted, (liquid ;) J). 
eja..smcf. * 

J^afejfhly'9* crab, cfMviiaii 4 pl--^-«iif^. 

AM,gid4^toen, {rdnd)tL* y. I tbrowmy 
nead backwards ; 3. p. — i;. ^.^im.. 

AjaQhtsudr. back and forwrards, from 
one side to the othei-, ftropa one 
to tb^ other. — Ajofik^awa^y tbey 
Sp Dack and forward, from one 
side to the other ; they come and 
^0. . 

Aj&nsin, \x.\. S, Ajiwassin. Ajiia- 

Ajaw^ajawij in compositions^ signi- 
fies crossina or traversing to the 
oppoaite side or shore of a jiver, 
bay, lake. It alludes also to the 
other side or opposite si'de of any- 
thing. (Examples in some of the 
following words,) 

Ajawa, (nijid) n. v. I cross a river, 
bay, &c., in' a canoe, boat &;c. ; 3. 

.'p. ajawaoj p. (dajawaod. 

AjcDwaa, {nind) a. v. an. 1 cross him 
or convey him in a canoe or boat 
over a river, &c. ; 3. p. od aj..n; p. 


Aj^awaam, (nind) n. v. S. Ajawa. 
uQmvaan, {nind)z. v, in. I cross or 
convey it in a canoe, &c. (over a 

, liver &c» ;) 3. p. odaj..; p. aia., 

Ajmottdagay {nind) n. v. I cross a 
river <fcc., swimming, I swim to 

■ the opposiie shore; 3. p. 1. ;p. adaj.. 

^ AJA ' 

through a river to the opposite 
shore; 3. p. l\^. ai4..std, 
AjmvaxXy idv. behmd. 
Ajawakanng, ady. on tht opposite 

side of the earth. 
Aja/tvandawe, (nind) n.-T. I cross « 
pass over a river on a tree or log ; 
3. p. 1 ; p. aiaj..w&d. 
Ajawaodjtgade, Ot^-magad, U. r. iti^ 
caxried or conveyed across a river 
occ. in a canoe or boat ; p. aiaj.l 
de^i or — magak. 

Bt—ajawdodjigade, it is brought 
over from the opposite shore in a 
canoe or boat. 
Ajawaodjigan, s. flat-bottomed ferry- 
boa^ ;m.—an. . '^ 

Ajaiwaodjigas,{nind) n. v. I am ca/- 
ried or conveyed across a river, 
&c., in a canoe or boat ; 3. p.—c; 
p. aiaJ..8od. 
Ajawaodjige, {nind) n. v.. I cross or 
convey people ove^ a river, &c. in 
a boat, &c. ; 3. p. 1. ; p. aiaj..ged. 
Ajawaodjigewinini, s. ferryman ; f F. 

traversier ;] pi. — tffcfg. ^' 

Ajawaodon, (nM) 4. v. 4h, I convey 
or carry it across a river, fake&c, 
m 1 canoe, boat, 4tc. ; ^ ai,.^ p. 

Mn M-^jaVModonr I bring it to this 
shore, to this side of a river, lake, 
&iG., ih at canoe &c. 
Ajmvaona, inind} a. 5?. an, S. Aja- 

Ajmoddagah, {nind) Or, nfM ajatOa- 
gakt n.'V» I cross oii the ice a lake, 
a river, &c. ; 3 p.— <?; p. aiaJ..Jtod. 

Ajawagam, &dv.. on the other side of 
a rivi^r, lake,'&c. ; on the opposite 

Ajawaganuusse, {nind) n. v. I wade 

Ajawaondg«*, {nind) t. v. I get my- 
self crossed over a river, bay, &c., 
I employ sooiebodv to t**fce me o- 
ver; 3. p.— t. ; p. oi3j..sid. 

Aja/ufocmvagm, «. A^aodji^an. 

Ajawa8?h{fmd)n. v. I crost sailing, 
I sail across a river, '^boy, &c.-; 3. 
h — * * Ji' oMjawMshiiL . 

Ajawdimjj 8. an. beech-tree ; pi.— «<7. 

Mm)6fi»n, «,^e^— out ; pl.r-<w». 

Ajaweshkt a. . rv^wd ; pi.-— ojb. 

Ajaweihkci^ a, din. dagger ; ^l,-^-«». 

A^mtmSf adv. an. th«r om&ti did^.ftf a 
pomt^or.bthMia ffojHBtiiXw^teke. 

AjOf^mnig, ^^\%Jm 8j)^ce or intex- 
val oe^wAejUwo^pus^s or lodges. 

AjixcigiLd, r. the ofher'leg, (the leg 



on the other«ide.) — Tbere 18 al- 
ways a posfessive pronoun before 
thwword; ks : Ntnd ajatoigad, mj 
other leg ; hid ajawigad, thy other 

Jiat/Qi-g^ashkwan, (nmd) n. ▼• A 
jump or leap to the opposite side 

' of 8. th. ; 3. p.— t J p. ataj.Mtd, 

J^wumatsmn'obihwm. n. v. the ves- 
sel tocjfcs about ; p., 

Ajawinik, a, the other arm. -- This 
and the two following words are 
always preceded by a possessive 

'Amffmindjy s. the other hand. 

Mawisid, s. the other foot, (the oppo- 
site foot.) 

A^awi^gipmm, {nrnd) a. v. «». 1 pour 
it in another vesseU 3. p. od aj..*; 
p. atqa.,(mg. ^ , ^ ^ 

Aiam-v}<sb<mg, adv. the day after to- 
morrow. — The same as aiwaeewar 

JLk, or waje, at the end of verbs, al- 
ludes to the human skin;9s: Nm 
ffiakatewaje, I have a black skin. 
Nin gijib*je, I feel itchings on my 
skiii; etc. 

AH, in composition, signifies goimg 
^ack or backwards; [F. k recu- 
lont.] (Exanmles in some of the 

following worc&O , ^ 

^Ajih, (mtid)in, v. I move back- 

warda,! fitting; 3. p.— t ; p.«e6ui. 
Ajibato, (nind) n. v, I run back- 
wards; 3. p. 1.; p. ejOtOod* 
AjOfidim, inind) a. v. in. I move 

it backwards ; 3 p. od «;...; p. ej... 

4/6&Mf«,(mi^>A.v.a». I move him 

backwards, (any an, obj.) 3. p. ed 

«/..»; p.^*.«a<i; imp. o/eW;. 
' Ajebinan, {nind) m, v. m, S. Ajdn- 

Ajdwian, s. oar ;[F. mne;] pi,--* 
Ajdxnawik. s. pi — on. H.AjeboiAn 
AMoianeiab, s. oanr — strap; pi' — tn. 
AjikoU, {n/ind) n. V. I row in a canoe 

or boat ; 3. e. 1. ;]^. efekoied' 
JUidOaamatoa, (mi«i)a. v. on. I pay 

Tiim back ; also, I avenge on him a 

99 AJs 

bad doing, I render hi|n evil for 
evil ; 3. p. <x2 aj..n; p. aUj..wad, 
Jjf^ibaan, (nind) a. v. m. I j^y it 
back; I avenge it; 3. p. od aj^. p. 
A^igabau>,{nind) n, v. I step back; 
" 3. p. 1. ; p. ej..wid. 
Ajigandina^ (wind) a. v. an. I thrust 
or pnsn him back ; 3. p. od a;..n; 
p. ej..nad ; imp. ajegandin. 
Ajigandinan^ (niwi^^ r, in. I thrust 
or push it back ; 3. p. od aj...; p. 
Ajigiwey {nind) n. v. I go back again, 
I return; [F. je retoume ear ne» 
paa;] 3. p. 1. ; p. ejegiwed, 
Ajiiadjim, {nind) n. y. I repeat old 
sayings, old hews^ etc. ; 3. p.— ^; 
p. ^,.nu)d. 
Ajiiadjimowin. s. repeating old sajt- 

ings, old traditions ; pl.^nojt. 
Ajiiasky {nind) n. v. I am driven 
backwards or back again by the 
win^d: 3.p.— i; p.«; 
Ajiiasnn, u. v., it la driven back- 
wards or back again by the wind ; 
p. ej..8ing. 
Ajina, {nind) a. v. an. I give back 
again some an. obj. I return it ; 3. 
p. od aj. .« ; p. ejenad. 
Jjinamawa^ {nind) a. v. an. I ^ive 
him back s. th. I return it to him ; 
3. p. od aj..n ; p. ^...wad. 
Ajinant {nind) a. v. tn* I give it 
back again, I return it ; 3. p. od 
aj..,; p. ejenang. 
Aiioasey\{nind) n. v. I walk back^ 
wards ; [F. je marche irecuUms (] 
3* p> 1> ; p.ejeossed. 
Jjisse, {f{ind) n. v. I slide back ; 1 
relax ; I relapse ; 3. p. 1. ; p. «;«- 
Jjesse. OT-^magady u. v. it slides or 
goes back or backwards ; p. ejeaseg, 

AjesaevDvi, 8. bac&sliding ; relaxar 

tion : relapse. 
uijetay(nind)n. v. I move backwards, 

draw back j 3. p. 1. ; p. ejetad. 
j^(tah)ki,{nind) n. v. i make a step 

backwards ; 9. p. 1. ; p. €j..kid. 




Jjjitan^ (nimd) a. ▼. tn. 1 draw back 

from it : 3. p. od a;... ; p. ejetang. 
Jljttawarinifid) a. v. ait. I withdraw 

ft'om him, I draw back from him ; 

S. p. od aj.»n; p. ^„voad. 
Jgewidon^ (nind) a. t. m. I lead or 

conyey it bacK ; 3. p. od q;... ; p. 

JjemruL, {nind) a. v. dm. I- lead 9r 

convey him back; 3. p. oJ aj..n; p. 


JJjt^ adv. CW. ^. /at^wa. 
iJiA,rock, cliff; pl.-on. 
ibikoka, u. v. it is rocky, there a;re 
rocks : p. aiaj..hag. 

JAida, adv. of new ; in revenge. 

'Ajida-4nmadi$^ (nind} n. v. I live of 
n^w, I five another life ; 8. p.-t; p. 

Jjida-bimadi§Mnt s. another life (in 
another world. ) 

JLjida-dodainowint s. revenge, ven- 

Mdaioaa, (nind) a. v. an. I repay 
him (evil for evil,) I revenge my- 
self on him ; 3. p. od aj..n; p.> 

Ajidmifaatbint a. vengeance, revenge. 

^jidawaige, {nind) n. v. I take re- 
venge ; 3. p. 1. ; p. aiaj...ged. 

Jjidawamay (fUnd) a. v. an, I re- 
venge myself on him in u>ords ; 3. 
p. od aj..n ; p. aiM..mad, 

Ajidavoiwini s. S. Ajidawaaiwin. 

AjideMdamt (mnd) or lumd ajideen- 
indam, a. v. <m. I contradict or g;ain- 
•ay in thoughts ; 3. p. 1. ; p. aiag.. 

Ajidda, (ninS) a. v. en, S. Ajideh- 

Aj^dHtUigt a. an. cross ; pl.-<y. 

-AjiMawa, {wind) a. v. oa. I miss him 
(in the road,) 1 don't meet him, he 
comes one way and I go another ; 
3. ^. odaj..n; p. diaj..wad, 

t^td^konethi, s. cross-billi cross-beak, 
(bird ;) pl.--w^. ' 

Ajidema, Inind) a. v. an, I gainsay 
him, I give him cross disrespectful 
.answers; 3. p. od aj„n; p. om^'.. 

Ajidma, {mnd) a. v. «-». I withstand 

him ; I take bun around the body, 
in wrestling ; 3. p. od aQ..n; p« 

Ajidenae, {nind) n. v. X gainsay, 1 
give Dfid answers ; 3. p. 1. ; p. a«u 

Ajidengethk^ {nind) n. v. I use to giv^ 
bad answers, to gainsay ; 3. p.-«; ^ 

Ajideniiebt {nind) n. v. I am sittilif 
with crossed arms; 3. p.-»; p. 

.4jidenima,{nind) %y. an. 1 contra* 
diet him in thoughts ; I don't cart 
for him ; 3, p. od aj..n; p aiaj..madL 

4jidee8€t or-moJod, a. v. it crosses or 
intersects, (a line or road intersect- 
ing another ;) p. aiai..Hg, or-m*> 
Qok. ■ . 

Apdewa. {nind) a. an. I miss hiim 
(traveling by water, in a canoe, 
boat, etc. ) he comes one way ana 
I go another; 3. ^. od aj..n; f. 
aiaj..wadf imp. afid^. 

AMdewe^ (ntnd) n. v. X gainsay, givt 
Dad answers ; 3. p. .1 ; p. 

Ajideundam, {nifid) n. v. I gainsay* 
contradict, dispute ; I give disre- 
spectful ansvrers ; 3. p. 1. ; p. aiaj*. 

Ajiciewidam^wmi s. gainsaying, dis- 
respectful i^swer ; pl.-^om. 
^igan, s. foot-rag, nippe ; so^ 

stocking ; pl.-aw. 
A}v/d:H^, ot-ms^adt n* v. (here U lifilf 

or pan of something ; p, y^.tk^g, 

Ajijfanemi, adv, half or part of,.. 
Ajtgantkiefitiif aki^ one half or part of 

the earth. 
Ajiffanih, {mtid} n. v. I knit socks 

or stockings ; 3. p* I. ; p. cj..htd. 
4ji^aUkmun pojuhH^figtmi {nind} 

a. v» ift. 1 cock a gun ; 3. ^.^Jdaj.^i 

p. aiaj..ang: 
Ajigidinan^Xnind) a. v. in. I. turn It 

oyer, (a di»n, a plate, etc.) 3. p. od 

au.. ; p. aia,.ang, 
Ajigidji^angisJdi$, {nind) n. t. 8. 

Ij^-^angifHa, \u v. S, 4iMf^ 




tf«e, {tiM) n. V. I ftll back 
wards, 1 fkll on my back ; 3. p. 1. ^^ 
p. aiaj.,8ed. 
J^igidjuse^ .px^magadt u. v. it falls 

* backwards ; p.^ oi^ma^ak. 
u^tjifwtt, adv. S. Jaigica. 
AjviahilcisHfii u. v. it is dull, blurit, it 
•"^docs n6t' clit well, (steel-tool ;) p. 

'i ej..smg. 

Amhki^ s. fnud, mire, dirt. 
^^sKkiwah'i^a, or-^ma^ad^ n. y. it is 
'.miry at the bottom, (a river, etc.) 

'i^ghkiwtka^ xii^mc^ad, u. v. it is 

* muddy, miry : p. tg.Jeag, or^ma^ah. 
A^iwa, or-mdgaaj u. v. it i* dull, blunt, 
■ if does not ciit ; p. tjUjoag^ ox-ma- 
.^ aah. 

"trnwassKn^ u. v. S. K^xicMkhw/^' 
■djfwi^ adv. O^. S. Iwidi. 
'iljfOdenimai (ninS) a. ■^. <m. I unibe 
with him; 3. p. orf aj..n ; p. <7.. 
*^ ma<f . 

AjpgcaVi s. bridge ; warf ; pl.-an. 
J^wnikadet ox-magadf u. v. there is 

* a4)ridge m^de ;'a.warf : p. aiaj.Mg, 
'j xnY-^mmak. ■ ■ ^ 
JJogamkei {nfhd) 1i. v." I make a 
'•' bridge ; ,a warf; 3. p. 1.; p. aiaj.. 

4}oge, {nmd) n. v. I cross a river 
* WalKiiig on a bridge, I walk over a 

bridge ; 3. p. 1. ;''p. atajoged. 
-MiogitaMdaMCy {nind) "n. v.S. Aja- 

'Mmda, ridv. 'Of. ^. Oma. ' 
Jw, as eilid-syTlable of substantives, 

signifies kandUi or a piece of wood 
^ for ■ certain ose ; as : Tchigatai- 

aatiaki broom-stick, (ti^igatai^afij^t^tiaA;,handIe of a spear, 

* Uimtf spear.) Wd^aigcmak^ a 16g 
, ror a house, wcumgdn, house.) — 

' * Instead of ak^ they sometimes use 

* atio. S. Ai^. 
Jl^f adv. where? 
^mkimakidet (a-^-^mdgad, ti. v. it 

bttms to coal, it fs buknt to coal, it 
^is carboi^ize^ ; p. eL.d^y or-fna- 

Msfihf/nakis^ (nind) n.v. I burn to 
■*^l, entirety ; 3. jS. -o; p. <5it..«*f. 

JkakanakiianAnifid) a. v^^. I httfn 

It to coal ; 3..p. od tff.,. ; p. ^. 

Akakanakistpa^ (nind) a. '^. an.l burh 

some cm. ohj. to coal i^.-^^bd nk,, 

n; p. ek.Maa ; imp. afcm-i, \ 
Akakanate, ox-nUt^aa, u. v, itis cpti- 

verted irilo coat; p. ek..teg, or-t/Mi- 
, . gsk. , . 

AKakanjt, s. coal, charcoal ; also, rei- 
• hot coals; [G. Gluth.] 
Akakanjebipet {nind) ». v* lam roaft- 

ing 8. th.oh red-not cuals ; 3, p. J".; 
,^^.ek..wcd, , ^ 
AkakahjcWch, {nind) a. v, in. I roast 

it on red-hot coals ; 3. p. (xf ak*^- ; 

p. ^ 
Ak^aniehicenan, {nind) a. v. an.' I 

roast some an. obj. on red-hot 

coals,; 3. l^*od ak^.j o«, {Y. 

Conj.) * - - •' 

AJpakanjekat ox-^ma^ad, u. v. there a^ « 

coals ; there are red-hot coals ; p. 

ek.Jcfg, ox-magah, 
Ahaicanjek^n^ s. place where tWy 

burn (or make) charcoal j pl.-a«. 
Ak^an^eke, (nmd) n. v., I mak» 

(burn) charcoal; 3. ,p.,l.; p. c^.. 

Akakanjekewiti, s. charcoal-man^ 

trade and business. v 

AkdkanjeJceipmindy s. charcoal-man ; 

AkcJca^jewarh, u» v. S. Akakanjekn, 
Akahmjiwtissm, or nkaktUhj^Mr «. 

coal, pit^oal ; [F. chwboa4« t«ri-«, 
. hwiiiie.] 
Akahanjewagsmikay ox-magadf u» v. 

there is pitrcoal, iherd is a pit-ea»l 

mine ; p. ek..kagt ox-magak. . 
AJtakimjHffaas^tnkdny s. pit^coaj mirie. 
AJhahinjStff{mmikit»irmi, s. a miner 

in a pit-coal mine' ; ^.Mjoag. 
Akahanjewigarmg, S- coal-l\ovlse ;*pl' 

-on. ' \ '■ 

Aikahcidjiehy s. fisher, (animal ;) pl- 

Ahihffitdshimag, (nind) a.v, m, plv 

S. Agwitoehiniag. 
Akdhmoihinagf n. v. 3. p.' pi. S. A 

wito^ljiinog,^ , ^^ 

AkahwUvmnon, u. v. pi. S. ApiMoS' 

AMam&mCi {rdred) a. v. om. I kirk, I 

' ^ m wait for him, in ambuah ; 3. 

' b; &i.ak,.n-; p. ek.Jwad. 

Afcamawewiny s. hiikin^. 

tAharmfis, {nmd) n. v. Alg.B. On- 
donUf, or OndmiUa. 

AJcandamo, 8. an. a kind of big root 
growing in* fee water ; pi .-^. 

Aiando, {tdnd) a. v. I Watch ; I lurk, 
I lie in ambush ,* 3. p. 1. ; p- ^cm^ 

' dcd. ' 

Jkaaridmigftmigy s, wj^h^iouse, 

gard -house ; *pl*-o». 
nAhmSaiMTh, 6. Watching ; lytn^ in am- 
.Jdc(PHd(wmird^ watelanan, sfeiitinel ; 

.Mmdh,iidnd)n. v. I look out, I 
wait for... ; 3. p.-t; p. «fc..Jirf. 

Jktmt^amaj ^»iM) a. v. cm. I look 
oitt ftnr hiih, I expe<!thim ; 3. p. o<« 

Akawdbandatit (nind) a. v. I lookf out 
for it, J expert it ; 3. p. m2 ok... ; p. 
4k.. a/kg. 

Akd^car^ J sjim. low thkk Hiiderbush 
of the fir-kind ; [0. du blmis ;] pi. 

Ahdwmmka^ ot-nutgodi u. t. there is 
underbuah of the fir-kind, (some- 
where in the woods ;)p. ek..kag, or 

AhitPtskh(twa,{wind) a: v..<m. I am 
■tlie^rdt iiller him ; 3, p. «i 4ftfe«« ; 

AHj s. earth, the globe, the World ; 
*^ ^eouBtry ; £srm : soil, ground. 

AkiAffiOn earth. AUkang, i» the 

Barth, in the gromid. 
Aki gi-moahkaangy deluge. 
. AMk, s. an. kmtle ; pl.-^» Probibly 

derived from a*», as th« ancientAb- 
'>^ oHgk«6'mBde their kettles of esheth^ 

-^jUjifeMW, a small kettle. Jh&iosX 

a bad old kettle. • . : . • 

Alsike^^mii^.^. there is a'vioiftnt 

aud daftgewnis whirlpool: p. ^.: 

AUtBke, (ftind) n. v. I make ih^ : 
S.^.l.;j^,^,.k€d. ' 

'Ak^kewin, s. brazier's trad« anct fe- 
CQpation, kettle-manu&ctory. ' 

Akikokemnini, s. brazier, kettle-mam- 
u^cturer ; pl.Hi'a^. 

Akinihcan, s: white dust on the 

AUtt, (nCnd) n. v. I am earth; 3. p. 
-i ; p ekiwid. - 

Akiwan, u. v. it is earth, therp is 
earth ; p. ekiwang. 

Akiw€8i,8. old man,; pi.-iag. 

Akiwesiiw^ {nind) n. v. I am an old 
man ; 3. p.-i; p. ek..wid. 

Ahiwigamig^ s. earth-house, habita- 
tion under ground ; also; root- 
house ; pl.-o«. 

j17c<7, (in the change **».) This word 
is never used alone; it is aJWays 
prefixed to a verb, and sigirffie$, 
as lon^ as; sinoe, ago. — Oedr-akfh- 
hunadMfutln, as long as I shall Kve. 
J^ko-dagUHshiftegy since yottr Ani- 

Akob^MocM, 8. 6. Wahaigan. 

Ak6giby the name of a lake in Uimer 
Michigan. Akdgibing, at, hi, film 
or to that lake. './ 

Akdkobinagauy e. (H. a platted testel, 
basket ; pl.-an. '■ 

Ak6kobt7utgtkn4k€, (nind) n. v. I plat 
or make a basket or b«$kets ; i. p. 
1. ;p. ^^.:**mI. 

AkfokomiddsBy n, stocking; pl.-«hr— 
Akdka alludes to platting ; miiasi 
signifies a tegging. 

Akdkomddassike, (nind) n. ▼. t'km 
stockings ; 3. p. 1. ; p. «fe..jfc«f. 

AkokonrnoMikewin, s. knitting : [F. 
tricotagej ' 

AkdSf (nind) n. v. I am of a celtaiu 
bei^t, so 4«il ; S. p. akdH; p/ ^ 
sid. — £ko»iian nind «jbd#, I am 
tall as thou. iJkosiiAn ak&9%y lie 
% as tall as I. 

') n. V. I am sick, infi 


3. p. - 

AkssKkade^ imni) n. v. Ika^#<pain 
• in the b«W«le^eoiic; 3. p* h ; p, 
aiak..ded. . .< * 


JJbo^hJuideun^, s, pnin in the bowels^ 
colic ; I'G. Bmjch^rimmen. ) 

JJkotMn^ifn, {niThd.) p. v- it ctrnies 
hard upoti me, it h Heavy t<j tup, 
it tires mOf mol^fiU me ; 3, p* w2 
6k..* , p* €h..ppd* 

JMshhawOj (nind) a. v. an. T tire 
him, (he carrying mei'l t molest 
him ; 3. ]p, w^ ak.M , p. rjt..v^arf. 

:4JfeMAJtf5*, (ftind) D. V. I am ttred, 
(carryiDg a loatl or puck ;] 3. p.^; 
p* eh*,t<>d. 

JhmsM, (nind) n, v, 1 am aickly, 

always sigk ^ 3* p.-i; p. aia.-h'd^ 
■ Ahosiias^ {nind) n, v. f, I feign to lie 
dck, I dLsscmble sickness ; 3- p. 
W7; p. aia.^sod, 

.AS^mn, (nifid) a. v* in. 1 bav*; pftiii 
(in some «nantmA£(f piirt of my 
bodv ;) 3. p.fd afaysm ; p. aimkmi^, 
^ishti^Viiii nifid nkfmn^ I hava 
beatj ache . ( pain in my h ead . ) i\>- 
bid^n. nind aJ^trnwin, J have tooth - 
acbSf { prvin in my teeth.) 

Mmin^igm, (« n^J) n. t, I look *ick, 
J have a uicltlv itppe&raiice j 3. p. 

I -7»; p* <»^jt..*»fi^ 
,uSm^d^(fsiuim, aickiy appearance. 

^jb^iotit {fliwZ) ZL. T. i^n. 1 Ha ve pain 

fb mm0 mSmait part of my body;) 
p. od akot^irum ; p* mahm*L [v. 
J Conj .] Am totonhiiti nmd ^li^mn fit 
I have pain in my breast* (on one 
sidft.^s [a female Bpeaking^l Mn 
ict^ishimag idtid abas mag, 1 have 
paip in my hreaBt, (on both aides,) 
Jk^^iwigamig^ fi. hospital, infirmary; 

Ahifdwm, b. the height of a pexBon, 
his atature. — Mi mmidan niftd 
aJixmwuii thia Is my heigbtt my 

Al^^^i^i *' aicknesB, infirmity^ di- 
ftewe t pl--*ivi. 

fti-mi^«t 1 ififect a place, I briny 
■ aicknesa to a place, 
JJ^dA«rMi, u, V. it 15 of a certain lenjglh; 
p, ekfi^tnp.^—Pa^v-mna ftin Hkffif 
d&n- fw n^gatJWfL thtmnfft 1 know 
. , by heart tSat whole hymn, (as long 
as it is.) 

armed and dangefoilii; 3. p^-t/ p. 

Jhwd, OT-magad, u. t. it is of Mich. 

a kngth; p. ekwag, oi^^mm^ak. — 

Mitibumg nin tmkaigan ; namtdeh 

na aikwa endaian ? My houae is so 

long ; is thine longer ? 
Jiwt^y (mnd) n, ▼. I can see fros^ 

such a distance; 3. p.-^'; p. ektea- 


Befihc mnd €tkwahy 1 can see < only). 

from a short distance, I am shbrt- 

sighted, rayops, 

Wassa nmd ahwabs I can see from 

a great distance, from far, 1 am 

far-sighted, long>sighted^ 
AhofiUhomn^ {fvind) n. . v. I br«ath# • 

with fatigue, I can hardly breathe, 

(a sick person;) X p.-o; p; «lu 

M)imndatvAg(my s. ladder; stairs, 

staircase ; pl.-nz^. 
Msuoomdm/oey {mnd") n« y. I aeeend a 

ladder or staircase, I go up stairs, 

I climb up, (on a tree, etc.) 3. p.- 

1.; p. «ib;.9ev^. 
AhvoimdsM^baiOy (mnd) n. t. I as*^ 

cend a ladder or stircase running, 

I riin up stairs ; 3. p. 1. ; p. «b*Jo3^ 
Akwawa^ (nmd) (prw. nind akcwa.} 

n. V. I am fishing with a spear, (on 

the ice ;) I am spearing fish ; 3. p. 

1. ; p. ^weawad, (pron. tiseufod.) 
Ahwe, Ahwmo. Jhoesem* Ahtmem' 

mo; (Ot.) S. Ihwe. IJkmtP, /i- 

AJhwer^demaganama^ inmd) a ^* oa. 
I hurt him by strikiag; 3, p. od 
ak.M; p. oitk^jwid. 

JJcwenaatmat (mnd) a. v. an, I hurt 
him, I cause him pain in some 
part of the body ; 3. p. orf ak»,n; p. 

Abw0iiamowf0t {nmd) n. t. I hurt; 
3. p« 1. ; p. tmt.ACed, 

jSemwi, {nind) n. v. I am tired» {t^mt 
workUg;) lam exhausted i 3. pi 
1. ; p. ehwiwid, 

Amidcdimj {nmd)xi.y.l weep awa- 
king ; 3. p.-<? ; p. em-Jnod* 

Amadma, {wind) a. v. ofi. I 9m9km 




himy I %ike him »p; I reu^it him 

from sleep ; 3* p. 491I am..» ; p. em.. 

Amadjia, {nind) a. ▼. an. S. Ama- 
*■ dina. 
Amadfibina^ {mnd) a. V. dn. I wake 

bhn up by pulling or puehingr him; 
* 3. p. odam.,fir; p. em.^nad. 
Amadjisse, {nmd) n, v. I awake ; 3. 
* p. l.;p. w»..««?. 
Anhodjiwej (^nind) n. v. I ascend a 

moim^aiBt I go up on ti mountain ; 

3. p. 1. ; p. 
AmadfiKffibetOr (nind) n. ▼. I run up 

on a mountain ; 3. p. 1. ; p. niafn.. 

Amadjiwebina, (ndnd) a. v. an. I 

^wake him bidskty, I rouse hikn. 

up : 3. p. ^ am..n; p. aiam.:fuul. 
AmaSfitPmigef {nind) n» v. I go up 

on a mounttfin/ or hili, carrying s. 

th. on my shoulder ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

^m(M^fmtmtf<mei (ndnd) n. v. I go up 
* on' a hill or mountain^ carrying a 

pack on my back ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Amadweweway (nind) a. 7. an. I 

awake hiih by making noise ; 3. 
■-' p. od Am.j^i p. m».MHtd ; imp. 

AmandmiafU) Whimosh, n< v. 3. p. the 

dog is rutting ; p. aia..nod* 
^JanamUs^ (nika) n. ▼. I am alarmed, 

frightened, by «. th. I heard ; 3. p. 
* -^/ p. emantrnxd* 
Amanissoufint 8. aUurm^ fright* 
Afftcbudso awesstf n. v. 3. p. the ani- 
- mal is ruttittg; p* aMm..ttdd. 
Amasika, (nmd) n. v. 1 awake; 3. p. 

l.j p. emasikad. 
Ampw&i (nindy a.v. an. I frighten 

him, or I frighten an animal, [I*, je 

reflfarouche ;] 3. p. od am.,nj p. m- 

Ambi ! atnbef^a ! tmb^aanot amhe^- 

sino! inteij. well ! come \ come on! 
Mmdegamide^ or — magadp u. y. ife 

overflows bOiJteg; p. gdtm^deg'y or 

* ^ i^ Mdig 4mii^ «KI, Ik V. 3. p. the 

k««!e overflows, (i^Hiat is ^offlUf 

in it overflows;) p. niam..sod, 
Aini g%g6, n. v. 8. p. the fish is sptvr- 

ning ; d. emid. 
Amik, s. beaver; ^\.--wag. AfnikditM, 

young beaver; pl.-a^. 
Am^kd^jiwai, s. an. bcaver-fbr; pl.-^ 

Amikogwn^ s. beaver's bone ; pl.-ofi. 
Amikogendof Beaver-Island, in Lake 

Amikoshtbt s. beaver-duck^ (a kind 

of wild duck;) pl.-«^. 
Amikosow, 9. beaver's taft; ttlso ami' 

AmCkwagiiy (nind) n. v. 1 live like a 

beaver; 3. p.-»; p. em..sid. 
Amihffajj s. hole (not lodge) of « 

beaver; pi.-an. 
Amihumndagf s. wn. small white pine- 
tree; [C. epinette blanche;] pl.-o^- 
Amikwishj s. beaver's lodge; pl.-aia* 
Amoy s. bee ; wasp ; humble-bee ; plv 

Amd-wnide, a. wax. 
Amo-himtds^wassakwanendHf^an , 9 . 

wax-candle, wax-taper; pl.-an. 
Ama-hi/mide-ttassakwanendji^anSy s. 

thin wax-taper i; fF. bougie fiUe; 

G. Wachsstock.] 
Aindg, (nind) n. v. I am feancerous, 

I have a cancer ; 3. p. antogo ;. p« 

Amd-si^akwady s. honey. 

Ammay {nind) a. -v. on. I eat some 
oa^. objM 3. p. ffdomwan; p. emwad; 
imp. amipi. 

Andy (nind) n. v: 1 have stick- 

' iftg m my throat, (a bone, a fisli- 
bone, &c.)3. p. ahdr>; p. endod. 

Andganashkn s, fiearii ; [III, praprot;,J 
pl.-on. ' ■ , 

Anaky s. a ^mall gray bii*d; pl.-dg, 

Andky adv. at all events, however it 
tSiArns out ; t^^" on toot cits.] 

Andkafiiy s. mat, floor-«Aat; [F. tifttte;J 

Ai^hanaehky s. iMi for ntats, (floor- 
mats;) [G. Binse;] pl.-^w. 

At^dkiamiabi «. a little cord ttmd in 
platting mats) pi .'-«»• 




a mat; 3. p. I.; p. mJced. 

4.mhma, s. 4V. ' sQa-bread, biscuit; 

JindJfooaru, s. an, cracker ; pl.-o^., 

AnaJcwadt s. cloud; pl.-<?». 

Andhoad,^ u. v, it 13 cloudy ; p. 4»- 

At^Am, anami, in compositions, sig- 
nifies under^ underneath^ leneaih. 
( Examples in some of the follow- 
ing, words.) 

Andmadrtpowiai, adv. under the table. 

Andmaiif^dy. under, beneath, under- 

Anamdjibiki adv. under the rock, or 
under a rock. 

Af^pi^^f^'O^^igi s. hell, abode of the 

Andimhiwngy adv. under ground, 

Andmaling, adv. under the surface 
of the earth, under ground. 

Andmendant (nind) a. v. in. I have 
suspicious thougnts towards s. th., 
I suspect or accuse it in my thotLght« 
of some fault or defect ; 3. p- od 
aft...; TV. en..ang. 

Aadmenim-at (nind) a. v. an. I sus- 
pect or accuse him in my thoughts 
of some faulty 1 have suspicious 
thoughts against him; 3. p. od am,.. 
«; p. en.. mad* 

Anam^ssikage, {nind) n. v. I say mass 
lor somebody: 3. p. 1.; p. en..ged, 

Anameseikan, w. S. AnamessiJce-ad- 

Anamessikas, {nfnd) r. v. I say mass 
for myself; 3. p.-o; p. en.. sod. 

A^messikaioa, {nind) a. v. an. I say 
mass for him; 3. p. od an..n; p. en., 

Anami'8Hk^j{nind)n. v. I say mass ; 
3. p. en..ked. 

Anamemke-adopomn, s. altar ; pi.- 

Anamesdhe-'AdojHnoinigm t s. altar- 

ciothj ^l-m^ 
Anamessike-agmwin y %. mass-vest- 

m&iit especially the chasuble ; pl.- 

AH«tB^i»*ke-mamimigan f s. misai^l, 

mass-book; pl.-im. 

AnamestH-emnagad, u. v. mast w 

being said, the time of mate { p.. 

Anamta^ {nind) n. v. I pray; I am« 

Christian; 3, p. 1.; p.enafmai. 
Andtm^gem, adv. under the bed. 
Anumibmg, adv. in the water, under 

th<e sm;fet-e of the water* 
Andw/lde^ adv. in the Iwttom of the 

heart, ^ 

AnamUMmQ$»imi7^ {svM) «, v» pU 

we walk in pr oceatfion; p.. en.jie^%g, 
Anami4'hmo8siwi»f s. religiotis p#Q- 

Anamii-gagikwewin, s. religious aer- 
. mon, preaching.. 
Anamigijigadf «« Sunday, sabbath; 

Anmndgijigadf u« v. it is Sunday; p. 

en..gak. J)a$8mg en»amiegijigaktni 

every Sunday., 
Anarmikasy {nmd) n. v, f. I am An 

hypocrite, feigmng or dissetnUiAg 

religion ^mI piety ; 3» p.-o ; p. er^, 

wd. . 
Anamiikaaowin, s. hypocrisyi. 
.Aa^mi^kikinawad^ion^ s. churiAi- 

banner; pL'^7^. 
Anamii^masmaigant ». prayer-bjooki 

Anamii^ninaff, s. ««. pi. roasif:, 

AnamUminag mnd agimagt I say tM 
. rosary. 
Anamiiminike^ {fUnd) n, v. . I em 

mafciAg a rosary ; 3. p. 1. ; \^,.e^ 

ked, > 

Anamii'Tndmkioadjigiia, s. chalice; 

Anamii-nagamon, (or n(igamawin\) 

s, religious song, hymn ; pl.-a». 
Anamde-nana^atawendam&winf s. re- 
ligious meditation ; p\.-an. 
An^mii-mbatciwin, s. Christian mai- 

riage, Sacrament of Matrimony. 
AnanUi'normrtiidimifi^ s. Extreme^ 

AnamU'pagiidmi^tMi s. FeUgM^ie-ftfT- 

eri&g; ohurchrtiU^oe; ^.--ea^ 
AnamUpagidinige, {nind) n. t. 

perfoBna leli^ioas ofierla^^4te> 




,lpaymjircJiurch.dutyjOr ti|tca,4v» 
to the church and tne clergy; 3. 
.^ p. lf;\).m^ged. 

Jfiamte-jpagiainigewm , s. religious 
offering, the act of offering or giv- 
ing in religfious respect; the paying 
of qhurch-tithea. , > , 

Anamii-sigaandodlitotn. Anamie-si- 
gaandarfe, &c. S. Sigaandadiifiin. 

. , S,igfandagey &c. / 

Anamiitamawa, {nind) K.yf^.atp. 1 
pray for him ; I bless him ; 3. p. 
od an..7i; p. en... wad. 

4^anmWi, (jnind) a. v. in. I bloss 
it ; 3. p. od an... ;. p. m..tang. 

AnamUtaiva, {nvid) a. v, an. I p;ray 
.lor him, Iblesa him, (any a/i.obj.) ; 
also, I adore him; 3, p. od an..n; 
jj. en.. wad. 

Anamitwabo, s. holy water, blessed 
water. ' 

.AmtnU^watig^ s. an. cross; pi. o(j. 
Anamiewutigons^ ^ small cross ; pi. 

' Anamii-'widtge^ (^nitid) n. v. I am 
married accor(Jmg to the rules of 
the Church ; 3.' p. 1. ; p. en.-ged. 

JLthamU-wuH^iendimny. s. Christian 
marriage, according to the -rules 
and rites of the Church .^ 

Anamii-ividolawa^ (nind) i.y. an. 

* I Keep society or compahy with 
him in religious lespect ; 3. p» (wi 
an..n; p. en..Jrad. 

^'^AiKwrniS-itfidcikodadirMn, (nind) com. 

▼., wjp are in company together in 

■ #ega*rd tti relifrion, we are in the 

" Gotomutfionbf Saints ; p. en.Jid- 

^ jihomi^^-vndol'odadiwinj 

• nion of Saints. 
Asn^mie-iHgamig,' 9. house of prayer, 

church, chapel, temple ; pi. — nn. 
*AnamiifbigAmin^(ingt s- dim. smsU 

i:hurch, chapel; pi.— «;*. 
^-JHamiiwin, i.n'tayer ; religion; pi. 


Jnfomfiiwinwatdjin^ind, p. p. -a. a 

, thAt is, a Martyr ; pl-T-l*^ . 
JtMmif:<ig^ intm) n, v. I saliUe ; I 

^ mak^ iny fare well-visits^ [F* jo 

Jaianaea adieu X ;] 3; p. L; p. 4fk*sfd. 
^ I^dkawe nm oi^rati^rmhafe, thi 
hwa madj'itdn^i I come to makt 
my fareweU-visit, Uefoiie I siaiU 

Anamikageu^in, s. compfixQeniis gree- 

^ ting, salutation, made, 

Ana7n4J^agaii'm,9. compliment*, gree- 
ting, galutition, rf^^eived. 

. JR^nyirh. In tne aotiunciation of the 
^ B, Virgin w^e see these Iwo salu* 
tations, one made (by the Angel,) 
and the other received (by the i« 
Virgin.) Consequently we have to 
say : Anjeni od anamikagetcin^Mx^ 
salutation of the Angel ; and : Kii^ 
chUwa Marie od amundkaapwi/^ the 
salutation of S.Mary. — ^Thesania 

, is the case with great nuny other 
words of this description ; as ', 1)%- 
haamagemny and dibaojnag&wint 
nayment. JOilaJccmigewifi^ad di^d- 
Konigowin-y judgment; 4u:.. (S. 
Otchip. Gramm?ir. Formation of 
Siibstantiv^. ) 

Anamil'on, {nind}n*v. in. I salute 
it ; 3. p. odan...; p. cn..ang,—A^ind 
euujunika^ anamiewigamig W09m 
on^ahwndamiln; I salute the ehfurch 
when I see it from far, 

Anairdkawa^ {nind) a. v. (»». I salut* 

. him, I greet him ; 1 give or sey^d 
him my compliments, my gree- 
ting ; 3. p. od <m^»n ; p. 0f^..wiM. 

AnamMcdadiminy {nina) com. ¥». wa 
salute each other ; d, ^tL.didjifi.'^ 

Anamihcdadi^j 3. ind. p. when thf y 
salute eachothei, New-vaar'»day. 

Anamikodadiwin, s. mutual saluta- 
tion, salutation of several to 6#Te- 

, ral persons. 

Antiminho, {nind^ a.x. an. I cxwresi' 
in words my suspicion against nim ; 
I accuse him of a. th. j 3. p. ed 
ci?)-..^ ; p. tnajnimad*. 

JjiiiinUinahak, adv. under a barrel, 
box, chest, &c, 

AnHftrnta, adv. anderiiflath, inward- 
ly, in ^he.body* — KeiaManamina 

pex^on killed for r?ligiAn'a.s«ke, aiaban, ningwi^^ api nelonid osfi- 

.^ . •_ »r_ . 1 •• hckniu^ My son was yet inwardly, 

( i<i my 'body,,) when his father died. 
An^iifnimanf (nind) a. v. *», ^ex« 




prem intfiordsmf snsjrfdon agfttinst 

It : I a<^ii8e it of some firalf ; 3. p. 

ffd ctfh... f p. en..(9ng. 
AniMiindim, adv. in the water, in 

the depth. 
Jfhtiimndimn^ or andnvmgewinf ». 

JnHming^ adv. tinder, beneath. 
And.fmmge^ (ndnd) n. v. I have stispi- 

eion, 1 snspect or accuse, 3. p. 1. ; 

p. en.,ffed. 
Andmitsagy adv. under i board or 

under boards ; under the floor. 
Aihrnmiseag^wlinikim, a. cellar under 

the floor of a house. 
Aniimdnagi adv. under a canoe or 

Aniin, 8. ring or bracelet worn by 

Indians round the wrist ; pL — an. 
AnAnffy 8. an. star ; pi. — og. 
Antmgog endaji — ganatoabatnindway 

observatory, (place where they 

gaze on the stars. ) • 

AnHi'Hgoha, or — mugad, u. v. there 

are stars, it is starry ; p. en. Icag, 

6x — magak. 
Aiumgong ijinagtoadf u. v. it is star- 
Anaiigon kekenimadj p. s. a. astrono- 

* iner ; p}i^ig. 

Anarlgons, s. dim. little star, aste* 
• risk ; pl.*--^. 

Ana^igpcmgismn, (a «ar falls,) star- 
Ananidjif s. an. pearl ; pi. — g. 
Anaosm, [ndnd) n. v» I bring nothing 
omidg from hunting ; 3. p. 1 ; p. 

* adotiaoseed. 
AsiOpi i adv. when ? 
Anawahamay (ndnd) a. v. cm* I de- 

"^ sp&ir of him, by his appearance, 
(of a sick person, &c.,) 3. p. od 
an..n; p. a4an..mad. 

Ana/wdbaanin«go8y {nmd) n. v. I am 
despaired of by ray appearance ; 
3. p. — i ; p. aian..$id. ' 

Anawahaminagtoadf u. v. it is de- 
spaired of by it appearance ; p. 

Anawdbandany {nmd) a. v. in. I des- 
pair of it as I see it ; 3. p. od <wj... ; 
p. aian.iang. 

Anawdbami^^^get (niiM^ n. v. 3. Ans^ 

Anawmaagoty {ntnd) n. r. I am of 
little profit, I am considered unabl« 
to do this or that ; 3. p. — t ; p. aia,.^ 

Anawmdagieadf u. v. it is rejected* 
not considered usefVil or servicea- 
ble ; p. aia..ufak. 

Anaiuhendan, (nind) a. v. in. I objeet 
against it, 1 think it is unfit, I mid 
fault with it ; 3. p. 0^ an.,. ; p. 

Anatomdj^zgey (fiind) n. v. I abandon, 
quite, give up; despair; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Anawendjiffewiny n, giving up, dis- 
continuance ; despair. 

Ana/ivmim, (nind) n. v. I doubt whet- 
her I am able to do it or not ; 3. p; 
— 0; p. adan..mod. 

Anawenimay {nind) a. v. an.l object 
against him, I think he is not abU 
to do this or that ; 3. p. od dn.4>; 
p. aia..mad. • 

Anawenindi^. Anwu)enindis(Min* — 
S. An/wmindii* AnwerUndiwwin^ 

Anawewisy {nind) n. v. 1 can effisct 
nothing, I work or endeavor in 
vain ; 3^. p.-i ; p. aia.Md, 

AnawewUimagady n. v. it does not 
profit, it yields no profit, no fruit. 
It fails ; p. aia..gak. 

Anawi, adv. yet, indeed, however, for 
all that. , ^ 

AnamiginkUigany u. v. the field pro- 
duces no fruit; p. aia$i^.ingr^. 

AnawmamawOyinind) a. v. an, I jBnd 
he does not give me enough, not my 
full share ; 3. p. <x^ an.*n ; p. (Ua,. 

Anwissey (.nind) n. v. I am getting 
weaker, worse, (in a sickiieaa or 
starvati[oD, ) 3. p. 1. ; p. aianawmed. 

Anawissey or-magady u. v. it ^caya, 
it perishes*; p. aia..$eg, o r w ay «it. 

Anateiiagoty {nind) n. v. my Totee is 
low, weak, (fiom hunger, fatigue, 
sickness j) 3. p.-i; p. aia.tid. 

AMAtokaway {nmd) a. v. w>. I find* hir. 


*vmce w««k, low ; 3, p. od 01^.9 ; p. 

AftewifOf {nind) n. v. I am anable to 

walk, (from atarvation, etc. ;) 3. p. 

1. ; p. Aia..tod. 
And, €M^» in compoaitioDs, signifiea 

change, alteration, reiteration, ( Ex- 

ampiea in some of the following 
Andab, {ndnd) n. v. I change seats, I 

git down elsewhere ; 3. p.-i; p. 

Andabide^ {nind) n. ▼. I am getting 

other teeth ; 3. p. 1. ; p. a>ta..dea. 
AndaHf (nind) n. v. I go to live in 

anothet country or place, I move to 

another country or place ; 3. p. 1. ; 

p. atandakid. 
Andakieine, (mnd) n. v. I put other 

alioea on, 1 change shoes, or I put 

them on in another way; 3. p. 1. ; 

p. dia..ned. 
Andanam, (nind) n. v. I breathe oth- 
erwise, my respiration changed, (a 

sick person ;) 3. p.-o; p. aia..mod. 
Afidajindon (nind) a. v. in. I bind or 

tie it again, or otherwise; 3. od 

oat... ; p. aian..dcd, 
Andapina, {nind) a. v. an. I tie again, 

or otherwise, some an. object ; 3. 

p. odan..n; to. aian.,nad. 
Andapis^ {nind) r. v. 1 girdle myself 

otherwise ; I take another girdle or 

belt; 3. p.-^; p. aian..sod. 
Andauxy n. v. 3. p. it is changing fur, 

getting new fur, new hair, (an ani- 
mal;) p, aiandawed. 
Andekf t. crow ; pl.-twi^. JndekonSf 

young crow, vl.-ag. 
Andi ? tdy. S.Tandit 
Andjy or minawa anc^, adv. of new, 

again, once more, otnerwise. 
Anajioy {nind) a. v. an. I change 

hnn, I change lomean. obj. I make 

it otherwise ; 3. p. od wruyian ; p. 

Jndfia*dy {nin^ n. v. I am changed, 

I am otherwise than before ; 3. p. 

1. ; p. aid.. tad, 
An4JiMan, {nind) a. v. m. I write it 

once more, I transcribe it, I copy 
' it; also, I write it otherwisa, 1 

m '■ ANP 

change ij( ; 8. p. mI a«... / p. cMk- 

Andfipiigan, s. copy, duplicate, tran- 
script ; altered writing ; pl.-oA. 

Andjthiige, {nind) n. v. I copy, I trafl- 
scribe ; I write otherwise ; 3. p. 1. { 
p. aia.,ged. 

Ancfji-bimadie, {nind) n. t. I live or 
behave Otherwise, I changed my 
life, mjr conduct, I turned ; 3. p.- 
i; p. aio/rh'.sid. 

Andji-bimadinvoiny a. changed life or 
coi^duct, conversion. 

Andjigade, or-magadjiVL, v. or and* 
jitc^igade^ Qr-magad, u. v. it ia 
changed, altered, made otherwise 
p. aia..deg, OT-m€igdk. 

Andjigasy {nind) n, v., or nind and' 
jitckigatt, n. V. I am changed, alter- 
ed : 3. p.-«; p. aia/n..9od. 

Andjige, {nind) n. v. I change a lodge, 
I make it otherwise or elsewhere ; 
3. p. 1.; i^.aian.,g€d. 

Andji^iw^siwinj 8. changed be' 

Andjiiy {nind) n. v. lam with child, 
I am pregnant ; 3. Oi-o; p. endjiho^ 

Andjikwanaie^ {nind) n. v. 1 change 
* clothes ; 8. p. 1. ; p. aian..ied. 

Andjikwanaiewi^anug* s. ohangf- 
house, or changing- house; pl.HMi. 

Andjimikj s. she-bearer, bearing 
young ones J ^l.-wag. 

Andfinagos, {nind") n. v. I appear 

. different, changed, 3. p.-i; p. aia*. 

Andjinagosia, {ndnd) a. v. an. I give 
him another appearance, I ma^ 
him look otherwise ; 3. p. od an.. 
ft: p. 

Andjinagosivnn, a. changed appear- 

Andjinagwady u. v. it appears diffinr- 
ent, changed ; p. aian-.tooA. 

Andjfinagwi {nind) n. v. I appear 
changed, I take another appear* 
ance ; 3. p.-o ; p. man..wiod. 

Andftnagtoiat {nind) a. v. an. I make 
him appear changed, (a person, or 
any an obj.) 3. p. mI an..n ; p. aitf.. 

An4finagmiditt {nind) r. v. I gfive ^ 




tnyself- another * appearance ; I 
transfigure myself ; 3. p.-o ; p. ma.. 

Andjinagwiidisowin, s. Transfigura- 

Ajndjinagwiton, (nind) a. v. in. I give 
to 8. th. another appearance, I 
make it look otherwise ; 3. p.ocT... 
p. aian..lcd. 

Andjine, {nind)n. v. I relapse in a 
deadly sickness ; 3. p. I. ; p. aiand- 

AfidJinewiSj {nind) n. v. Alg. S.Biit)4' 

Jndjinigy (nind) n. v. I am born 
again, I am reborn, regenerated ; 
3. p. dndjmigi; ^.aianjinigid. 

Andjinigiwin, s. regeneration. 

Anajintkadany {nind) a. t. in. I gire 
another name to it, I change its 
name ; 3. p. od an... ; p. atan.. 
/ an^. 

Jindjinikanot {nind) a. v. an. I 
change his name, I give him an- 
other name, (to a person or any an. 
obj.) 3. p. od an..n; p. aian..nad. 

Anc^inikanidify (niTid) r. v. I change 
my name, I take another name ; 3. 
p.-o,* p. aian..sod. 

Andjinikast {nind) n. v. 1 have an- 
other name, 1 am called otherwise ; 
3. p.-o/ p. aian..9od, 

And^inikasowi7iy s. changed name. 

Andfiahimay (nind) a. v. an. I lay 
him down elsewhere, or otherwise, 
(a person or some other an. obj.) 
3.p. cd an..n ; V. aian.jnad. 

Anmiihin, {nind) n. v. I lie down 
elsewhere, or otherwise, I change 
position inlying; 3. p. 1. ; p. aia.. 

Jh^isopijiHy n. V. 3. p. the cow is to 
nave a calf; endjisod. 

Andjissiino animoshy n. v. 3. p. the 
bitch is to have young ones ; p. 

Jndj'itsm, u. v. it is lying elsewhere, 

, or otherwise; p. 

Aafydjusiiony {mnd^ a. v. m. I lay it 
elsewhere, or otherwise ; p.' aia/n.. 

.. *^<^- 

"Andjitaway {nind) or, nmd a/ndjUa- 

matra, a. v." an, t alter or change 
8. th. for him pr to him ; 3. p. ofij 
an..n'y p. aia..ttad. 

Andjitchtgadey ox-magaiy u. v. S. 

AndjUofiy (^nind) a. v. in. I change 
it, alter it, I make it otherwise, I 
reform it; 3. p. od an...; p. aiandjd^ 

Andjiwinsoicin, s. S. Andjinika^o- 

Aniakokwariy s. a. stick to stir with; 
[C. brassofr;] ol.-aw. 

Aniahokwe, {rtina) n. v. I stir what 
is in the kettle; 3. jj. 1.; p.en..U'€d. 

Anidny {nind) a. v. in. 1 stir it, (a. 
th. in a vessel ;) 3. p. od an..,; p, 

Aniigany s. stick to stir with ; pot- 
ladle; pi. -aw. 

Aniige, {ndnd) n. v. I stir s. th. in a 
vessel; 3. p. 1.; p. m..ed. 

Aniiikwcy {nind) n. v. I stir blood, 
boiling in a kettle; 3. p. 1. ; p. en.. 

AngOy OT-mqgad, u. v. it comes to 
nothing, it finishes, it breaks down, 
it decays; it becomes desolate ; it 
passes away, vanishes; p. atan^cy, 

Angoay {nind) a. v. an. I destroy hink 
bring him to nothing, (a person, or 
some other an. obj.) 3. p. od dm- 
goan; p. aia.. ad. 

Ang6gane,{nind) n. v. I am weak in 
my bones; 3. p. 1.; p. en..ned. 

Angoshka, {nina)n. v. I break dowi^ 
I am brought to nothing, I perish; 
3. p. 1.; p. aia..kad. 

AngoMa, ox-magad, u. v. it pa8se«[ 
away, it finishes, perishes; it breaks 
down; it is worn out; it is abolish- 
ed; it is brought to nothing;'p. aia. . 
kagy ox-magak. 

Angoshkany {nind) a. v. in. I destroy 
it, I bring it to nothing ; 3. p. mI 
ang...; p. aian,.ang. , 

AngosJikaway {nind) a, v. an. Idestjfoy 
or bring to nothing some am>, obj. ; 

^ 3. p. ci5 an..n; p. ai<i..vmd» 

Angoso gon, n. v. 3, p. the snow ia 
melting; p. aia..$ta. 




jlfi^iJtoMMNM, {nikd) a. ▼. an. I take 
off or away 8. tli. from him, I bring 

' to nothing or abolish 8. th. belong- 
ing to him; 3. pi od an..n ; p. aia.. 
waa. -Dehmimiian, angotamawis- 
h^ gar-bi--ai7tdu<i% Lord, take a- 
wfij from me (pardon me) what I 
have done. 

Angotehigadst or-magady n. v. it is 

■ taken down, taken off; it is abolish- 
ed; p. ma..d-eg, or-^ agak. 

Anf^nton, {nind) a. v. in. I bring it 
to nothing; 1 abolish it; 3. od aru,.; 

M^wabama^ {nirtd) a. v. an. I lose 
sight of him, he disappears to me ; 
3. p. od an..n; p. en..inad. 

Af^gwadaitdan, (mnd) a. v. ih. Hose 
gight of it, it aisappears to me; 3. 
p. od <m...; p. en..ang. 

.^ngwabandjige, {nind)n. v. I am los- 
ing sight ot some object ; 3. p. 1.; 
p. m..0€d. 

Jnqf»dmas9y adv. certainlf, to be 
mire, sorely. 

Jngwdrnendam.Angwdmenddn. Ang- 
^ammima. Jn^wafMnind4s. Ang- 
mwnwrna. Angw<wwn»n. Angwa- 
fm$a(ro0. Angtoamitaga^iunn. — 
S. AiiM^iaAmmdam, Aiangwamm- 
dktn. Atangwam&mTnaf &c. 

Angwamikmy (nind) a. t. in. I am 
devoted to it, zealous for it; 3. p. 
orf *?>...; p. aia..ang. 

Jttgwdtnikawat {nind) a. v. an. I am 
devoted to him, I am zealous in l^is 

' service; 3. p. odan..n; p. aian.. 

Aij0oanago8i{rvind)nr. v. I disappear; 
afi p.-»Vp- «n..8id. 

Angwanagwad, u. v. it disappears ; 
* p. gn..'W(ik. 

Angwdssagy s* an. a piece of alluvi- 
ons woc« on the beach of a lake, 
flood wood; pl.-^. 

Angwdmagoka, or-^magad, u. v. there 
is floodwood on the beach; p. aian 
..kag, OT^-maaak. 

A!id;9.m. ' 

Am-, in compositions, signifies in 

* /Mfttr*, henceforth. It marks g^owia 
m, offTowMivg Ummrds.*. Nin gaa- 

ofti-litimagify henceforth I will be 
poor and miserable. Ki gad ani- 
Idkademy-^oUi shall starve. (P. eni-) 

Anihy 8. an. etm-tree; ^y.-4g. 

Anihtdintty ox-maaady u. v. there is a 
steep descent c^ a hill or mountain; 
p. en..nag, ox-maaaih* 

Anibigdbmo, (fUnd) n. v. I lean on 
one side,- standing; 3. p.-»; p. en*, 

AnibHa, ot-magad, u. v. it is lean- 
ing: p. enihsiagt oi-magak* 

Anwelcami^a, ox-magady u. v. there 
is a rising ground, (inclined ground, 
leaning ground;) p. en..gag, ox-nuk- 

Anihehven,(nind) n.v. I incline my 
head on one side; 3. p.-<V p- en..nia. 

Anib^sMa, ox^magad, u. v. it is lean- 
ing on one side; p. en-.Tcagy or-wia- 
gak.- Tchiman anibeshka, the cano« 
IS leaning. 

Anibdssey (nind) n.v. 1 am leaning on 
one side; 3. p. 1.; p. enibessed. 

Anibisee, oi-^magad, u. v. it ie lean- 
ing; p. enibesseOy or-magak. 

An^adn^xx. v. S. Anibeese. 

Anibetay {nind) n. v. S. Ambeadbau. 

AnibiMf a. elm-grove, elm-foreet; 

Aaubint^ s. dim, young or amall elm- 
tree; pl-o^ 

Anibinnwi-sibit & £lm-Rivert LaiM 
. Supetior. 

Anibimin, s. barberry ; [F. vinette* 
epine-vinette,peBabina;l pl.-sin, 

Anibish, a. leaf of a tree or j^amt y 
also, tea in leaves ; pl.-a». 

AnibishdbOf s. tea. 

Anibishabo-aHkonsy a. an, tea-kettle, 
tee-pot; pl.-ag* 

Anibii>habo^iikwanen»t s. teft*epoon» 

AnOnskfihorOTyagAMMt 8* enp or sau«er; 

Anibighikoy ox-magad, «* v. there aie 
leaves; p. en..kag, ox-magak. 

Anibiehikoftg, in the shfubd, in tbe 
bushes, among leaves. 

Antbitoaiiageky s. am. batk of the elm- 
* treerelm-bark; pl,-«w^. 

^ -Mil 

4mid^iom^ 8* apea^ pL on rf j ^fiw s 

Am-gigida, {nind) t. a. oa. I take 

him along with me ; 3. p. <xi an..n; 

Ani-gigiem^ (nmd) a. v. in. I take it 
along with me ; 3. p. oi cm.,,; p. 
m.*ing. , 

Ani-gwehabf (ntfid) n. v. I turn to 
another sidet sittmg; 3. p.-4; p. en., 

Am-gwekigabawy (nind) n. v. I turn 
to another side, standing ; 3. p. — 
**; p. en..wid. 

An^itam^ {nind) n. v. I abandon, I 

^ give up, I discontinue; 3. p. 1; p. 

Anijitamoaj (nind) a. v. an* I make 
him give up. s. tn., I dissuade him 
from 8. th.; 3. p. od an*.n; p. iUa.. 

^ ad. 

Anyitamowin, s. discontinuance, gi- 
ving up. 

ArUhamdn^ s. suspenders, (for 
aquaws;) pi.><w». S. Dajousw^daon. 

AfUkanotaoitu^ {ndfid) a. y. «^ I 
translate it, writing, ( a letter, a 
book;) 3. p. cd «»...; p. aM..ang. 

Ai^&MmotabUgadet ot-^-magadj u. v. 
it is translated, in writing. 

Aivikaa%otabUgai^ s. translation, ver- 
sion, (written;) j)!. — on. 

AmikathUdHigey (nmd) n. v. I trans- 
late, writing; 3. p. 1.; p. a4a..ged* 

jttUkanotabiigmDininij s. a man that 
makes a written translation or ver- 
■tOB, Uanslator; pi. — tpog. 

AfUkanotage^ {nind) n. ▼. I repeat 
what another says, I interpret; 3. 
p. 1.; p. aia.^g«d* 

Anihanotagekwe^ s. a female inter- 
preter; pi.— ^. 

Anikanotageunnj s. interpretation, 
work or oceopation of an inter- 

AMbanotagewin4niy s. interpreter; pi. 

Amhd/nokm^ (nind) a. v. in. I inter- 
pret it, ( a sermon , a letter, Ue, ) 3. 
i4odan...; ^,a4a..kmg. 

AnHanotacffigude, oT^-fnagqSdt n* v. 

it is in^pretsd, transiaUd* <»nUfi 
p. ma.Mg, W'-^mwflh, 

Amkanotdw^ (mnd) sl v, an, 1 re* 
peat his word^, I interpret him»* 3, 
p. od an,.n; p. aia^Mod, 

Amke, or a4dnik«* This word signi* 
fies futurity in auceesion ; also» a 
continued succesion from ancient 
times ; some object, an* or in,, ^- 
lowing in soccession. — Oe-nir-a4a- 
nihe-bimad4ii4^; those who shall 
live in future succession, the future 
generations. Od aianike-qji^ktian, 
nis grand-<ihildren of future gene- 
rations. Jfind a0^ike-nimisho»n^, 
my great grand-father. 

Antkimauva, (nind) a. v. an* I let s. 
th. come to hii^ from hand to ba^j^; 
3. p. od an**n; p. aian..v}ad. 

Aniki^ogima, s. second chief, un,der- 
chief; pU — g. 

AnikeMige, (nind) n. v. I succaed, 
I follow in succession, I am 4he 
ne3(i following} 3. p. I.; p. a* flw i i f i ^ ^ 

Anikeshkageufin, s. suoceedinj* iiac- 

AnikeMaiufih (nind) a. v. an* I fol- 
low him in suocession, I suct^ned 
him; 3. p. od ain.,n; p. ada.*W€id* 

Amkeuin, u. v. it follows^ it is next 
after this; p. ada**»ing,^-Ai(mdc4t^ 
ting odena, the next town or village. 

Anihetehigadsy or — magad* n. v. it is 
lengthened out, there is an addi- 
tion made* an eking piece; p. aiam** 
d^y or — magah* 

An^betchigan, s. additioa, eking 
piece; pi. — an* 

Amk^on, {nind) a. v. m». I loifftbtn 
it, add to it; 3.p.<K2 an***; p. 4sa.. 

Anikdhidjigan^ s. a string tied to ano 
ther, in .order to lenghten it; pL— 

Anihdhidjigany s. an. great grandson, 
or great grand-daughter, graat 
grand-child; pi. flwwSfcdW^a^a^, 
the children ot^grand-chddren^ The 
grand-children of grand.-chil4Mn» 
and their nreat grand-children, are 
likewise all called amh^bii^igimag 
by their great grand-pareptf . ^ 




Jm i Mid mh (mind) «. t.^ I Hm mm 
string to another, to have a rreater 
length; 3. p. ••i aii.*v P* Ma,Jod. 

Amkcminodey or — ma^ad, xx. t. there 
is a comptiny, a society; p. man,, 
deg, ot—magak. — This word has 
been formed after the French word 
y^en communavU.** 

AwQsominodetpimm, inmd) n. v. pi* 
we associate, we form a society, 
a company; p. OMi/n.Acidjig. 

AmhominodeiPMoin^ s. society, com* 
pany, association. 

Anihoioih {nimd) a. ▼. tia^ S. Andk^- 

Anim, s. abbriated from ammoth, 
dog: pi. og, — This word is also 
used as a bad name given to a 
person, calling him „dog.** 

AnkiMy s. a German: pi. — iag, — This 
word comes from the French t,JUe' 

-The Indians also call a 
Oerman Detchnany which comes 
from Dviohnuuk, as the Germans 
are improperly called in some parts 
of this country. — I say, improperly ^ 
because the Duick and the Ger- 
mans are two different nations. 

dy -Q. V. it blows, the wind 
blows, in a certain manner, or in 
snch a direction; p. aianimMk, 

Animady u. v. it is painful, unhappy, 
horrible; p. cdtumnak, 

Am^m&dagaky {nind) n. v. I go along 
on the ice; 3. p.— e; p. en-Jood. 

Animdkamigadt u. v. there is trouble, 
difficulty; p. aiian,,gak. 

Animakcmigis, (mnd) n.v. I have 
some difficult business; 3. p. 1.: p. 
a4a.,9idy (Animady painfUl, diffi- 
cult; nindf dkamigit, I am busy, 

Ammakamigisvmny s. difficult or 

troublesome business. 
Animctlbwe. s- a German womau; pi* 

Afiinwmy {mind) n. v. I speak Ger- 
man; 3. p.^-o; p. m^^mod. 

Afi4ma mo w iny a. Oermaft laOfuag*. 

AfUmendamy (ndnd) n. v. I sot^ in 
my tottghts, in my nu»d; 3. p. L; 
p. aiia..anf, 

Afdmkh (wind) a. v. tm, Imakt Uii 
suffer, I torment him; 8. p. mI 
an.,n; p. a4a.,ud. 

AfUmidaHy (nihd) n. ▼. I drag (■. 
th.) with great difficulty; 3. p. 1.; 

Atwrnddahioy (ntmi) a. v. mi. I malm 
him drag or draw s. th. with great 
difficulty; 3. p. odan.M; p.* 

Animiidisy (n4nd) r, v. I make my- 
self suffer; 3. p.-o/ p. aia^^sod. 

Animki, s. OA. thunder, thunderbolt; 

AnimikUHigy t, flea-herb.; [C. heibe 

AfUimbihiy or-ma^acl, u. v. it thun- 
ders. KUchi OMnyikikay there is t 
thunderstorm; p. «i.Jba^, or "mch 

Amnnkwfdmy u. t. S. ArUmibika. 

Afdrmhiwmtikwidy B, thundercloud, 
black heavy cloud; pl,-«fi. 

Animihogabaw^ (nifid) n. t. I turn, 
standing; 3. p. i--; p. 0n,Ad4d» 

Animitogahawitany (nind) tur, 4n, 
I turn my back towards it. stan- 
ding; 3. p. od an...; p. en,.ang. 

AnifMhogahamtmoOy {nmi) a. v. m^ 
I turn my back towards him, stan- 
ding; 3. p. od a«i..«i; p. m*.vad. 

Animikonany {nind) a. v. in, I turn 
it over, upside down; 3. p. od 
an,,,; p. on..amg. 

Andmikoniaadey or -fnaaady u. v. it 
is turned over, upside down; p. 
€n,Aegy or -magak, 

Afdmikooeey {mnd) n. v. I fiiU to the 
ground on the face; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Anknikowebina, (nind) a. t. an. I 
overthrow some on. obj., uptide 
down; 3. p. od an.j^; p.en.syid. 






Animikmo^intm, (nhuP) a. ▼. in, 1 
overthrow it upside down ; 3. p. «i 

Animikwishin, (nind) (pron. nind 
t^mih09hin4 n. v. 1 am lying on 
imy.belj^r ; 3?, p. 1. ; p. en^.ing. 

Animikwissidon, (nind) a. v. irt. 
.(proQi nififi mifnikofsidon ;) S. 

AnvrnkwissiUfVL. ▼. (pron. onimt^M- 
.*4»^ it ,UftB ,uj?8ide down ; p» e».. 
'9ing. . ..'.., 

4»miwtf, (jHn<i) a. v, a«, I trouble 
or annoy bira with my words ; I 
>epriinand him','with hard words ; 
3, ^.'od'O/ii.M ; p. dia.'inad. 

Animisy (nind) n.T. I su^ffer, I am in 
distress, in misery ; 3. p. -t ; p, 

Animishka, (nind) n. t. I go along 
in a canoe, boat, etc. ; 3. p. 1. ; p 

Animisiwin^ q. aufferii^ misery, dis 

Anhmtagosj (^mdl) n. v. I make a 
speech, a harangue | also, I am 
troublesome with my words, I ann 
noy with my reproaches ; 8. p.~i ; 
p. aia..8id. 

AnimiUtgosaiwint s. speech, har- 
angue ; also, troublesome speak- 
ing,' liftrd reproach. 

Animita/way (nind) a. v. an, it an- 
noys me to hear him, (speaking to 
•me or some othei* person ;) 3. p. od 
an-'ti] p. aia.Aoad. 

AnimiUm^ (nind) n. v. in. I make it 
Buffi^r ; 3..p- od an,., ; la, cUa..tod,^ 
Nind (mimton niiaw, I make suf- 
fer my body, (myself. ) Kid animi- 
ton ninde^ thou makest suffer my 
heart. , 

Animoka IJiy s. Ot dog ; pl.-ia^. 

Animcshy s. dog ; pl.-aj/. 

Animosh^y (mTid) n. v. I am a ddg ; 
3. p.-»v p. mijmd, 

Animweweshiny (nind) n. v. I. am 
heard |^oing on, or away ; 3. p. 1.,; 
p. m,.mg. 

Animweiteto, (nind) n^ v; I go away 
l3]king,3.p. I; ; p. c^i.tckf. ' 

Animwm&idtm, (nini) n. ▼. B, Ankti- 

Anin ? avd. what ? how ? what i» the 
i mattejr?. 

Anind pron. some, m- and u». 
Anin Scumng t adv. how Qften ? 
Aniniii adv. wher^t 
Anin endassobinajan ? how many 

fishes hast thou caught in thy nett 

^-Nin bejigohindt nin nijdhina^ nin ' 

mida^soSina ashi bejig; I caught 

one, two, eleven fishes. ' 

Anin endasso-dibaiganeg ? what time 

is it 1 what o'clock is it ? 
Anin epiUtWnkak t what time it it ? 

(in the night.) 
Anin epitch-gi^^akt what time is it ? 

(in the day.) ; 
Aninffwana, aiv. certainly, to, be 

sure. . 
Anini, s. Ot. man, male ; pl.-zrag. 
Anin iw ? adv. which ? what? 
Anvniwajpi ? adv. when ? 
Aninminik? adv. how much? how 

many ? 
Ani-onagoshi, ox-ma^ad^vt, v. evening 

is approaching, it is getting late ; p. 

eni-onagoshig, or — magak. 
Anishj inteij. why, well. 
Anish^ adv. Ot. S. Antshd. 
Anishdt adv. for nothing ; vwMly, 

without reason, without necastity, 

only for the purpose of. .. 
Anitha dashf coiy. but. 
Anisha-ikitoioin, s. lie. 
Anisha-inendamowint s. imagination. 
Anisha nind' ikit, I tell lies. ^ 

AniAha nin widigerria ikwe,I keep a 

Aniska nin widigetna inini, I am a 

Aniska nin windigetidimin, com. v. 

we live together in concubinage. 

P. anitha wddt^endidjig. 
Anishd-widigendiwin, a. concubin- 
Anishima, (nind)d.. v. an. I discour. 

age^him, dissuade him to do s. th 

or t'd' go somewhere, \ make him 

give up; 3. P; <xf an..n\ p. aia.. 

^Aniskindbe, ^.'-mAn,- (^tuftan ; being, 




man, woman or child ;) (L. homo ;) 
also, Indian ; pi. — g. 

AnisMnabe-bimadist {nind) or anish- 
indbeng nind iji bimadis. n. v. I 
live like an Indian, (pagan Indian,) 
according to the Indian mode of 
living; 3. p. — t; p. en..sid^ or 
Unishinabeng eji-bimadiaid. 

Anishinabebimadisiwin, s. Indian 

, life, (pagan life,) Indian fashion or 
mode of living. 

Anishinabe-iJiUvawinf s. Indian pa- 
gan religion. 

Anishinahekus^ {nind) n. v. I play 
the Indian; 3. p.'-o; p. en..8od.^ 

Anishinaieki, {nind) n. v. I live in 
the Indian country, among In- 
dians; 3. p. 1.; p. en.. kid. 

Anishinabekwe^ s. Indian woman, 
squaw : pi.— 5". 

Jniskin(H>ekweWf(nind) n. v. I am an 
Indian woman, a squaw ; 3. p. — i ; 

Anishinabem^ {nind) n. v. I speak 
Indian ; 3. p. — ; p. en.. mod. 

Anishinabemomagadj u. v. it speaks 
Indian, it is written in the Indian 
language ; p. en..ffak. 

Ajtishinabemomn, s. Indian lan- 

Anishinahe-ndgam^ {nind) n. v. I 
sing an Indian song, or Indian 
songs ; 3. p. — o ; p. en.. mod. 

Anishinabe-naganiofiy s. Indian song ; 

pi. Ufl. 

Anishinabeogim^ay s, Indian Agent; 

Anithinabew, {nind)h, v. I am a hu- 
man being, (man, woman or child;) 
also, I am an Indian ; 3. p. — i ; p. 

Anishinabewadis, {nind) n. v. I have 
the Indian character, I am like an 
Indian, I have feelings, principles, 
notions and dispositions like those 
of an Indian ; 3". p.— i ; p. en..sid. 

Antshinabewadisiwint s. Indian char- 

Anithindbe^oakit s. Indian country. 

AnishinabetDapine, {nina) n. v. I 
have a sickness which somebody 
caused me, by magical influence, 

(according to Indian notions and 
superftitiontj) 3. p. 1. ;p. e»..M<^* 

Anishindbewaptnewin, s. sickness 
caused by somebody, (according tc 
Indian saperstitions.) 

Anishinahewia^ {nind) a. ▼« a»* I 
make him man, I make him become 
a human being ; S.^.od (mi*m ; p. 

AniskindbewibHgan^ B. Indian wri- 
ting, a writing in the Indian lan- 

Anisfiina^ewibiiget {nind) n. v. I 
write in Indian ; 3* p. 1. j p. en., 

Aniskindbewibiiaemn^ $. tlie act or 
knowledge of Vritmg the Indiah 
language, writing in Indian. 

Anishinahewidjige, {nifid) n. v. I 4c 
or act Hk« an Indian* after the In- 
dian fashion ; 3. p. 1. ; p. en..ged. 

Anishindbewidjigemny s. Indian fash- 
ion, Indian mode of living or act- 

Anishindbewiidis, {nind) r. v. I make 
myself man ; 3*— ;© ; ». en,.9od, — 
Debcnimina/ng KiJe—jManito gi-^ 
bi — ani8hinai!emiais9 tcM nodji* 
moinang ; the Lord God made him- 
self man to save us. 

Andsbinabemiidisovnni s. Incarnation; 
[G. Menschwerdung,] 

Anishinahewintkadanj {nind) a. v. m. 
I give an Indian name to s. th.; I 
name it in Indian; 3. p. <x2<i7»...;.p. 
en. .done. 

Anishinwewimkadf, or-f?ia^ad, it ha^ 
an Indian name; 3, p. 1»; p. «».. 
degy OT-magak. 

AnisMndbemr^ikana, {nind) a. v. an. 
I ffive him an Indian name ; 3. p. 
odan..n ; p. en..na4f , . : . 

Amshmdbewinikas, (nind) n. v. I 
have an In(^a;n name ; 3.p.-o ; p. 
en.. sod. 

Anishindbemnihasowirij ' s. Indian 
name ;pl.'-fl». • . 

Anishinuoeioish, s. bad wicked In- 
dian; pi. ^i)'' : ^ 

Anuhdndbeurishimy {nind) n. v. I 
dknce after the Indian fasMon ; 3. 

p. -0',}^. en.>mod'. 





Andtkinabetci^dmoumt •. Indian 

j^MdMAmffimn, n. t. it is in Indian, 
in the Indian language, (a letter, a 
hoekf etc . ) p. «i. .dng, 
AfUshmdlmntsitont (nind) a. v. in. I 
make it in Indian, I write it in the 
Indian language ;3.^.od an... ; p. 
Anishinabeumoith 8« humanity, hu- 
man nature. — Ddtemmwnang Jems 
ai-odapinm o Kije-MaiwUwwri' 
nlng hidam8kin(U>«nwimna'tt; the 
Lord Jesus took into his divinity 
OUT humanity. 
Anukwm? adv. why? what? what 
is that ? what is Ae reason ?— This 
word always implies a reproach. — 
Aniehwm Ji4kend(mmD<m W) ? — 
What? you don't know that? 
JnUhfoiai hir4ja88iwan hihtnoamad' 
ima? Why don't you come to 
Ani99ah^ {nind\ n. v. I have no fire in 
my house or lodge ; 3. p.-« ; p. en.. 
Ani89<ibot s. any kind of soup not seor 

Anisioboke, (nind) n. v. I make poor 
thin soup without any seasoning ; 
3. p. 1.; p. m..hed. 
Awissadia, (nind) n. v. I am sober, 
(not drunk now ;) 3. p.-^' ; p. en., 
Anietadieiufin, s. sobriety, the state 
of a person after having been 
Andeeate, oi-ma^ady u. v. there is no 
&re in the house or room; p. en.,tegj 
Anismtdamy {nind) n. v. I cabn my- 
self, I am appeased, I don't care ; 
3.p. l.;^. 
Anmienn, or dniisasnn, u. v. it eva- 
porates, it exhales ; p, 
Anit, spear ; pi. anitm. 
An44iHkadt u. v. night is approach- 
ing ; p. em-Ubikdk. 
AnUUaky s. the handle or stick of a 

spear ; pL-on. 
Awkoy emiwi, pron. S. /nli0. 

Aniwiot (n^nd) a. v, an. I precede 
him ; I surpass him, beat him ; 3« 
p. da p. enknad. 

Aniwigimoy {nind) a. v. 4m. I over- 
grow him ; I grow faster than he ; 
3. p. ad an..n ; p. en..mad. 

Amwigmdany {rlmd) a. v. w. I over- 
grow it ; 3. p. 0(2 an... ; p. en-ang, 
— Nin gi-amwigindan nin Idbut- 
ikawagafif I have overgrown my 
coat, (it ts now to small for me.) 

Amwiehinuu {mnd) a. v. an. I put too 
much of it, (an. obj. jjoniiot silver; 
sembdt silk, etc.) 3. p. od an..n ; p. 
en.. mad. 

Aniwiahkan, {nind) I pre- 
cede it ; I overcome, surpass, beat 
it^ 3. p. od an... ; p. en..ang, 

AMwiehkawa, (mnd) a. v. an. S. 

AmufishkMOy (mnd) a. v. "in. S. Biso- 

Amwissakhigef (nind) n. v. I put too 
much of s. th. 3. p. 1.; p» en..g€d. 

Aniwisdet (nind) n. v. I am supernu- 
merary ; 3. p. 1. ; p. en..sed. 

Aniwiaecy Oi--maga4t u. v. there is too 
much of it, it is superabundant, 
supernumerary ; p. en..8eg, ox-ma- 

Aniwiesitonf (nind) a. v. in. I put too 
much of it ; S.Tp.od an... ; p. en,, 

AnitcHoni (nind) a. v. in. I precede 
it, I surpass it ; Z. -p.od am,... ; p. 

Anjem^ s. Angel; pi. — g, or -wa^^ 
Kitchi Anjeni, Archangel. 

Anjenia^igadt s. S. N^ogijjigad. 

Anjenwff(nmd) n. v. 1 am an Angel; 
3. p. — i ; p. aid..tDid. 

knoi conj. though, although ; aiam>. 

Anogamamai (nwk?) a. v. in,. I wound 
him, striking ; I stab him ; 3. p. od 
an..n ; p. a4an..mad. 

Anohddan*(nind)A. v. in. I make use 
of it ; 3. p. od an.*. ; p. en..ahg, 

Anokddjigany s. merchandise, goods, 


Anokdna, (mnd) a, v. an. I make use 
ojf some an. ooj, ; 3. p. od an..n ; p* 
enokanad ; imp, anohaj. 


Anohuowini s. tool, instnunent ; pi. 

AnokU (fdnd) n. t. I work, I labor, I 
act : 3. p. 1. : p. inokid. 

kn6hh (riind) n. v. I order some 
work, I cause s. th. to be done ; 3. 
p. l.;p. c«.dHrf. 

Anohia, (mnd) a. v. an. I make him 
work, I put him to work ; 3. p. «i 
Wi..n ; p. 

Anohig^wadj s. working-day, week- 
day ; pI.~(Wi. 

Knokigijigad, u. v. it is a working- 
day ; p. en„gak. 

Anohimagadf u. v. p. it is working, 
it is doing work ; p. en..gak.-^De' 
henimmcmg od ihitauoin JtitcM ano- 
Jcmiagad <ma ; the word ot our 
Lord is doing great work here. 

Andhm, (nind) a. v. in. I order it to 
be made ;3.jt,od an.., ; p. endhid. 
— Ogi-anohmo habi8ihawaaan,he 
ordered a coat to be made for him. 
Nifid anohman ntitigwoMmban, I 
order boots. ^ ' 

AndHnarhf (mnd) a. v. an, 1 order 
some an. obj. to be made ; 3. p. oc^ 
«»...: p. endhid. — Nmd anoJknan 
diba%gi8i88iwan^ I order a watch to 
be made. 

Kid amUnag aUhog, you order 

An6hUagan^ s. hireling, male or fe- 
male servant ;pl. — ag. 

Jnokitagcy (nind) n. v. I serve, I am 
in service, I work for somebody ; 

k.7uihitagehJDe, or anohUagewihwet s. 
female' servant or waiter, servant- 

• girl, chamber-maid ; pl.—^. 

Anokitageum>t s. service, state, occu- 
pation, condition, of servants. 

AnohUageajinmi, s. male servant or 
waiter, valet, fbotman ; pi. — wag. 

AnMtan, {nmd) a. v. in. I serve it, 
I work for it, take care of it ; 3. p. 
od an...; p. en..ang. — Weweni od 
anokitan anatnieurigafm^, he serves 
well the church. 

Anokitas, (nind) r. t. I serve myself, 
work for myself; 3. p.-o; p. m,.8od. 

Anokitttwa, {fidnd) a. v. an, I serve 



him, I work fbr him ;3.'p.od a^..n; 
p. m..wad. 

Jbtohwigamig, s. working house ; 

Jnokiwin, s. work, labor; trade, 
business; -pl.-an. 

Anohwoinagadt u. v. there is work ; 
p. en..gak. 

Jnoi^wininif s. workman, laborer; 
tradesman; pl.-zfa^. 

Anomaia^ adv. S. Nomaia. 

AndnOf {nind) a. v. an. I hire or em- 
ploy him, to do me some service 
or work ;3.y, od an..n ; p. enonad; 
imp. anoj, 

Andnagany s. person employed or 
hired for some work or service ; 

An&nam; nind anonamy my hired 
person, (man or woman;) nind 
anonamag, my hired persons; od 
anonamany his hired person or per- 
sons ; etc. 

JnonawOf {nind) K.y, an. I wound 
him (shooting;) 3. p. od dnona- 
wan; p. aid,. wad. 

An&nigty (nmd) n. v. I hire people ; 
3. p. 1. ; p. en..g«d. 

Andnigos^ {nind) n. v. I engage in a 
service, I take an employment or 
service ; 3. p. — *; p. en..8td. 

Anonigosiunny s. employment, ser- 

Jnonindiwih^y s. S. Jnonigoaiwin, 

Anoshkay OT--magady u. v. it fades, 
changes color ; p. aidn.Jtagy or 
— magdk. 

AndMioin, s. Oi, 8. Mnikasowin. 

Andtagany s. S. Anomtagan. 

An&icUy adv. of diffbrent kinds, of all 
kinds, several, divers, sundry. 

Jnotck gego ddidwetang, p. s. a. 
credulous superstitious person; 

Anotch ijiwdimwiny s. mieeonduc^ 
misdemeanor, bad habits. 

AaHeanem, {nind) n. v. I sifh ; 3k p. 

Ansa^naddnOHy ifidnd) a. v. in, ^1. 
I tie or bind them together, (m. 
obj^) 3. Pi oi ofM...; p. m,.doa. 




Ansapinagy {mnd) a. t. an, »1. 1 land 

tiem together, {an. obj.) 3. p, od 

cm8.,(m ; p. en..nad, 
Ansian, a. oreech -cloth worn by In- 
dians ; [F. brayer ;] pi. — an. 
Anmgt s: a kind of wild duck, aaw- 

bilT ; [C. betsie ;] pi. — wag. 
AnsiswVy 8. herb on the bottom 9i 

river?, etc.; pl.—of*. 
Answ^aiiy {nind) a. v. in. I omit it, 

I pass it over, (by mistake ;) 3. p. 

od ttn...\'^. aia..ang. 
An9weJsa/wa, inind) &. v. an. I pass 

him over, I miss him in the road ; 

3. p. od an..n ; p. dia..wad. 
Annoetagman, inind) a. v. an. I 

leave it out, (a thread in weaving;) 

3. p. od fm...; p. aia..a/ng. 
Anmetagmigadet or — magad^ «. v. it 

is woven with holes in* it ; p. aia.. 

deg^ or — magah 
Anw^etagim'gs^ (nind) n. v. I leave 

threads out in weaving ; 3. p. 1. ; 

p. aia..aed. 
Answewidon^ (mnd) a. v. in. I «arry 

or convey it further than I ought ; 

3. p, ^ (in,..; p. aia.'dod. 
Anitii'etvinij; {mnd) 1,1. a/n, 1 carry 

or convey him further than I ought; 

3. p. od an..n] p. ai^i.-nad; imp. 

Anwdlttinisicisj i-tiind) n. v. S. Mand- 

Arimt^iJiiifsin paM^Wjiony u. v. the 
ftin mJBses fite ; p* iuaoh'-i/ng* 

^m^akamt adv, oftet^ 

Ampdt^j (nifid) n. v. I riniah, I cease; 
3. p. 1. ; p. tmy4iiiid. 

AfittfQta^K, B. thp ending or finish- 
ing of a work or of an action. 

AnwdHa^ li. v. it is calm, the wind 
doe« not blow ; p» ^ 

J}rfPaU'ffiid(uhka, m-umgad u. v. the 
high sea m over, the waves are ap- 
peased ; p. m..hfigi or-md^ah. 

At«^, {mnd) n* V. J rest, I repose ; 
3* p.^; p, ai^nn^tkttl. • 

AfW^driaf ( miid) a^ v. tmA make him 
reat ; 3. p, Off art.M ; p.' ai^.Mdi 

Jm^^'it'iJtt s. rest, repose.. 

dfvti^iifijmiHgadj »* slay of rest, 
5ihhath-day , Su ndt>y ; pl.-twi. 

^J$gad, a. v. it is Sab- 
bath, Sun'Say, resting-day ; p. e».. 

Anwendagosy (nind} n. v. I am wor- 
thy of reproach, my behavioi is 
reproachable ; 3. p. « ; p. aia..6id. 

Anwendaniy (nind) n. v. I despair, I 
give up ; 3. p. 1. ; p. aia..ang. 

Anwendun^ (jiind) &.\, in. S. Ana- 

Anwenima, {nind) a. v. an. I find 
fault with him, I reprimand him, 
I blame and reprove his conduct, 
his behavior ; 3. p. od an,.n ; p. 
aia... mad. 

Anwmindie, (nind) r. v. I find fault 
with myself, I reprove my con- 
duct, my doings, I reproach to my- 
self; I repent, I am contrite; I 
convert myself; 3. p. — <?; p. aia.. 

Anwenindisawiny s. reproach made 
to one's self; repentance, contri- 
tion; conversion. 

Anweshimy {nind) n. v. I rest or re- 
pose lying down ; 3. p.— ; p. c».. 

Arnvij 8. musket-ball, bullet ; pi. — n. 

Anuiikadjiganf s. bn^Uet-mouid ; pi. 
— an. 

Amoike, {nind) n. v. I am making or 
moulding balls or bullets; 3. p. 1.; 
p. en..i€a. 

Anwins, s. dim. $hot ; [G. Schrot ;] 
pl. anmnsany shot. 

Ajfdby {nind) n. v. I am sitting on s. 
th.; 3. p. — ^ ; p. epabid. 

Apamny {nind) a. v. in. I am sit- 
ting on it; 3. "p. od ap...; p. epa- 

ApctJ^umty s. any thing to sit on it, 
chair, stool, bench, pew'; pL — an. 

Apdbowddany {nind) ti. v. in. I sea- 
son it, (something to eat ;) 3. p. 
od ap...: p. ep..ang. 

Apahowadey oi—magady'u. v. it is 
seasoned ; p. ep..aegy or — magdk. 

Apahawany s. any object to season 
victuals with. 

A^aiowanay {nind) a. v. an. 1 season 
It, (some an. eatable object ;) 3. p. 
od ap..n ; p. ep..nad. 


«8 4RA 

J^ m k enq aao^ n, .y^ 3^ f . it is feaw&ed» 
(a/^. obj.) p. fp.^od^ 

jipahcnce, {mnd) n. v. I season vic- 
tuals ; 3. p. 1. ; p. €p,.w€d. 

Afiibmveivh.y-n. reasoning "victuals. 

ApoffodasJikay or-^majgadf Kt. v. the 
sea beats the wavea beat, against 
s. th. : p. ep.Jcagy or — ma^ah 

Apagadojeikfoawag tigawaa:, the waves 
are beating against s. th. 

ApvLgad^e^ ot—rnKi^ad^ it is beating 
against s . th. ; p. ep,.8eg^ or — magak. 

Apagadjitaitamawai (nmd) a. v. an. 
I iktoW it upon him, I lay it to his 
fault, I impute it to him; I accuse 
him of iti a p. iMi ap. .n; p. ep, Mad. 

ApebgadjigsUmoa, (nind) a, v.a». S. 

Apagimjiweb€U)g, {nmd) n. v. the wa- 

'. ves beat against my canoe and 
carry me away; 3. p.-o; p. ep..god. 

Ap<igAndaigan, or (j^a^fdndadganakt 
s. flail; pi. — on, Or-s-Wi. 

'Apagdfhduig€y {nmd) n. v. I thrash J 
3. p. 1.; p. ep..ged. 

Apa^tmdadgmvey s. thrashing wo- 
man; pl.-—^. . . 

Apu^akaa^gewigamig , s. thrashing- 
floor, bam ;'pL— o». 

Apagandaigewmy s. thrashing. 

Apagdndmigemmni, s. thrasher; pl.> 

ApagaMha^fOfit (rdnd) p. v, it comes 
upon me ; it throws me down ; 3. 

f p. od ap... ; p. €p..g<d. — Naningtm 
ish^tefwabo- od ttpagadhagon, ar- 

. . dent ltqtwr<lire water) throws him 
often oown. 

Apagasikaava, {nindy a. v. oti. I come 
down upon hira ; I fell upon htm 
and make him fall, I throw him 
down; 3. p. od ap,»n; p. ^..wod. 

Afagtattirdmeidy u. v. th& wind blows 
in a certain direction ; p. &p.M<ilk. 

Apagijiwcy (nind) n. v. I throw, I 
cast; 3. p. 1.; p. ^ 

Apagma, {nind) a. v. an. I thrbW or 
cast him somewhere ; 3. p. od ap.. 
n; p* epaginad; imp. apagij. 

Apagig, inmd} r. v. I thifow or preci- 
pitate myself asojntwlMtfe j, J tftke 

ireifiji«0 lo pfixm fktM ; 3. ^.--^-o- ^. 
sod . .< . 

Apagitadmm, {nind) c. v. we throw 
s. th. to each other ; p. ep.^didjig. 

Apagitamawaj {nind) or nind apagi- 
tawa, %, \. cm. I throw *. th. be- 
longing or relating to him ; I thjrow 
it tp him; 3. p. odap..n; p. €p.,tp0d. 

Apagitan, (mnd) a. v. *». S. Apagi- 

Apagitchigade, oi-^magad, u. v. it is 
thrown or cast somewhere ; p.*^.. 

, deg.or-magak* 

Apa^itchigaa, (nind) n. v. I am thrown 
some\yhere; 3. p.-e; p. ep..Bod. 
' .a)n.\.li 

Aj)agitchig€, {ndnd 

[ am throw- 

ing; 3. p. I.; p. ep..ged. 

Apagiton, {nind) a. v. in, or nind apa- 
gitan, I throw it somewhere ; 3. p. 
od af...; p. ep..tody or ep..tang. 

Apdidimint {nind) c. v. we throw 
ourselves together somewhere, 
that is, we rush to some place; 
also, we take refuge somewhere ; 
p. ep.didjig. 

Apukdde, ot-magad^ u. v. it is cover- 
ed, it is roofed, (house, lodge &c.) 
p..6p.,degj ox-magalc, 

ApaJoodjigade, ox-magady u, v. there 
is a roof to it, it is roofed ; p. ep.. 
degy OTymagah. 

Apakodji^an, s. an. shingle ; pl.-o^. 

Apakodjzgany roof , the covering of 
a lodge or house; pl.-««, 

Apakodjige, iniivd) v. n. I am cover- 
ing, making a roof; 3. p. 1.; p. ep.. 

Apakodont {nind) a. v. m. I am cov- 
ering it, putting a roof to it ; 3. p. 
od ap,..\ p. ep.^od* 

^pakasigath s. (m. weed or bark 
smoked with tobacco. 

Apdhmg^ {ni(i4) n. v. I smboke weed 
(or bark) with tobacoo ; 3. p. 1. ; 

JpabwishkwadjB. rush for mats; pi. 

Apdkweiy'L wn. mat, lodge-mat; pl.- 

*^' .. • 
Apdndjigany s. by-meat, aiiy thing 
eat«n with 8^»n^ other thii^. 




4p4gidf!lig4j (fiM) B. ▼. I «U fr. th. 

with B. th.; 3. p. l.;p. M..ged. 
Jpand^jigtnt {nmct) a. t. «». I eat it 
with 8. th.; 3. p. td ap...; p. ^..&ed, 
-Nmd amwawabost twits dash 
nind apandfifen; I eat a rabbit, 
and turnips with it. 
Apandyigewmt {n4nSj a. t. tm, I eat 
tome (m, object with s. th. ; 3. p. 
ed ap..,; p. ep..ged.-Wim8€ nm 
midfm, or, kokoah rUnd amwa, puik- 
w^j^^mdaah wind apcmdjigenant 
or, opimg nmd apwnd^igenaq. I eat 
meat, or, I eat pork, and I eat 
bread with it, or, I eat potatoes 
with it. 
Apdngitthmy {nmd) n. v. I fall some- 
where; 3. p. 1.; p. 
Apdngissin, Q. v.rt falls somewhere; 

p. ep..inf. 
Apassagff^lzdjan, s. tobacco-juice in 

^the pipe or pipe-stem. 

Ap<me, {nmd) n. v. Ihave a bad 

ominous dream, (dreaming of 

death, &c.) 3. p. 1. ; p. aidpawed. 

Apawewi/n^ s. bad dream, ominous 

unlucky dream; pl.-a». 
Apigish, or apidaahy adv. These two 
adverbs express a wish, desire or 
request, and correspond exactly to 
the Latin uUnam. — AptgUk waiba 
U'-dofwithmowad \ 1 wish they 
would soon come here; [L. utinam 
prssto advenirent.] 
ApHngit Ot. be it so, I wish it would 

oe so. 

Apinimon, {fvmd) a. v. in. I rely on 

it, I put my confidence in it, I trust 

to it, or in it; 3. p. od ap...; p. ^^ 

nimod.-Wm igo o wibwc^wm od 

apmimoThi he relies on his own 


Apimnwnanf {nind) a. v. an. I rely 

on him, I place my hope ana 

confidence in him, 1 trust m him ; 

. 3. p. ^ «/.../ p. speniimod. (V. 

Conj.) Debendjtged nmd apitehi 

^peMmmath I put i^y whole con- 

nd'ence in the Lord. 

Apenimowin^ s. reliance, confidence, 

trust, hope. 
Apitrndk^ (f»^ r. T. I rdy on tty- 

80l^ I put fsofifideuee fnniyiQlf; 
3. p.-o.; p. ep..9od^ 
Api^ ad>w when. 

Apido/imj (amu£) n. V. I sojourn, I 
stay in some place; 3. p.-»; p. ep.. 
M. ~ Gorfpidamsiii^ Wtwdiata- 
nong mbinong^ ai^mbo aw mini; 
that man died during my stay in 
Detroit last summer. 

ApigmUgitjaswon, s. the upper part 
of a moccasin ; [C. haussede Sou- 
lier;) pL-^oo. 

Api Jem% gijigong tjfad, Ascension- 

j^Hkan, s. portafe^rap, packing- 
strap; jH.'-an. 

Apika/nt s* an. a kind of snake ; pl.~ 


Apt htickUuMk Maris gijigong ^ad^ 
Assumption of the B. V. Mary. 

ApikfweiawegwasMn , s. c(^ar of a 
coat, &c.; ^X.-o/n. 

j^ikweshinn, {nind) n. v. I have my 
nead resting on s. th. lying down, 
I lay my head on s. th. £L. reclino 
caput;] 3. p. — o; p. ep..modi 

Apikwe^Umoni s. cushion, any thing 
put under the head in lying down ; 

Aaihweskimon, (fmid) a, v. in- I lay 
my head on it, or I put it under my 
head, in Iving down; 3. p. cd op...; 
p. ep...tnM. 

ApiktessMmonant {nind) a. v. an. 1 
lay my head on some an. object, 
in lying down ; 3. p. <n2 ap., ; p. 
e^ , .mod. (V. Conj ). 

ApmSf adv. always, ever since, in- 
cessantly, always the same, with- 
out interruption ; done, gone. 

Apingweigan, s. the middle oraa- 
mebtedi part of a moccasin; ^.-on. 

Apishim^^nM) n. v. I am lying on 
s. th.; 3. p.~o/p. 4p..tnod. 

Apishimon, s. any thing to lie down 
upon, bed; pl.~a». 

Afiismnon, (nirid) a. v. in. I am ly- 
ing on it; 3. p- od ap...; p. ep^mod.^ 
8. an. pi. th ' 

the boards of 
a floor ; t^ little' cedw^brmnchet 
en the floor (tf a lodge . 




j^HsktmorMt s. an. board for a floor; 

Apiehimonant {nind) a. y. an, I am 
lyiog on some an. obi.; 3. p. od Ojp.,.; 
p. ep..Miod. (V. Coi\).) 

Jjpishimon4gin, «. carpet for a floor; 


ApUMnhcm^cadaiiy (nind) n.v.m. I 
am making a floor (in a house or 
lodge); 3. p. od ap...; p. ep..ang, 

Apishimonihade , or '^magady u. v. 
there is a floor made, (in a hoiise 
or lodge): p. ep..d€g, or-magak. 

ApUkvnwntkatoat (mnd) a. ▼. an. I 
prepare him a place to lie down 
upon; (branches, mats, &c.) ; 3. p. 
oa a^..n;p. ep.,v3ad. 

Apuifvtmonikey (nmd) n. v. I am pre- 
paring a place to lie down upon ; 3. 
p. 1.; p. ep..ied. 

ApteMnumikodadis i (nind) r. v. I 
prepare to myself a place to lie 
down upon, (branches, mats, a 
bed, &c.) 

ApisMcAgoigii «. mag-pie; [G. Elster;] 
pi.-- wo^. 

Apishkamonan mageh (nmd) a. v. 
an. I put a piece of bark under 
my knees in a canoe ; 3. p. oci ap..,\ 
p. ep-mod. 

AMimdebiwiny s. footstool ; pl.-cm. 

ApieUcdy (nind) n. t. I am on the way, 
I am coming; 3. p. 1. ; p. ep,.kad. 

Apisikdy (ntnd) n. y. I walk as quick 
as I can; 3. p. 1.; p. ep-kad. 

AjjBtisikdy oi-niagad, u. v. it is com- 

• ing on; p. ep.Jeaa, or^-ma^ak, 

ApissOf or-mdaadt n. v. it is of^a 
daiic, Hvid, bfack-blue color; p. ep,. 
tofjft or-magak. 

Apisimb, (nind) n. f. I have a livid 
or darit-blue eye, (or eyes,) (from 
a fall or blow ;) 3. p.-j; p. epitsa- 

Apishohawej {nind) n. r. I am dark- 
nine, I have a livid dark-blue spot, 
( or spots, ) from a blow- or foil ; 3. 
p. 1.; p. 

Apifsdbiky 8. black-lead, for polish- 
i*g stoves^ [0. de la mine.] 

ApiBMUkiehhiy ar-'^nagadt n. v. it is 

df adark-bhie color, (ohj. of metal 
or stone:) p. ; ep.-higj or—magai. 

Apissaje^ (nvnd) n. v, my skin is 
dark-blue, (fiom a blow or fall ;) 
3. p. 1.; p. ep..jied. 

Apissi, 8. Alff. violet; pl.-n. 

ApisHnj u. V. it is of a violet or dark- 
blue color; p. epissing. 

Apistmmoe, (nmd) n. v. 1 have a 
dark-blue face, from a fall or blow; 
3. p. 1.; p. 

Apims, (nmd) n. v. I am of a dark- 
olue or livid color; 3. p. -*; p. 

Aptssitdgany s. an. thin broad long 
slice of cedar in the bottom of a 
canoe ; pl.-^o^. 

Apikty or -magady u. v. it is of a cer- 
tain thickness or height, it is so 
high; p. epUagy ot -^magah.^Aiwn 
€pUag hi wakaigan ? — Ow sa apUa. 
How high is your house ? — It is to 

Apttagima, (nind) a. v. an. I esti- 
mate or value him at..., I put his 
ptfico at..., (an, obj.) 3. p. od ap..n; 
p. ep..mad. 

ApiUtgindan, (nind) a. v. in. I esti- 
mate or value it at..., I put its price 
at..., (in. obj.) 3. p. od ap...; p. 

Apitakamigy adv. at a certain depth 
under ground, so deep under 

Apiiandfige, (nittd) n. v. I spend to 
much tnne in eating; I eat as long 
as...; 3. p. 1.; p. €p..ged.'^Epit<m' 
dji^ed niifiMnty nind a^fksndjigt 
gate nin; I spend as much time m 
eating asf my brother does; (I eat 
as long as mj brother.) 

Apitdodont (nmd) a. v. in, 1 tie it 
down, with a knot; [F. je I'attaeh* 
av^c un noend;] 3. p. od ap.,,; p. 

Apttchj adv. during, as long as, aB 
the time: As much a»; (in tha 
Change, Mikk^.)0€drHipU€JMaiAn 
ontay as long as I shall remaki 
b^e. Oa-ap^eh-akotidy during hia 
sickness, or, all the time he was 




4g^<;^,, or-^maffodf u. v. itii of such 
& distance, as far as..., it is dis- 
tant; p. epUcha^t ot -"magak.-^Ama 
^dichag^ wahatgan 1 odma ? &c. — 
^iadmidmia sa dasso dibaigan a- 
pitcha. How far is the house? the 
village? &c.-It is thirty miles dis- 
tant. Moniang epUchama^ak, mi 
^Uchag wenajibaidn; the place 
, where I come from, is as lar as 
from here to Montreal. 

J^ntchii {nimd) n. v. I am. preparing, 
I contemplate or intend to do s. th. ; 
3. p. 1.; p. epitohid. 

ApHcAiy adv. much, very much, very, 
perfectly, entirely, eminently, ex- 
ceedingly, ejicessiyely, extremely, 
absolutely; for ever. 

J./ritchi hafiodjia, (nrnd) s^ I 
destroy or annihilate some an. obj.; 
3. p. m ap..n; p. 

4p^chi Jmr^adjUorb^ {nind) a. v. m. 
I destroy or annihilate it, {m. otg , 
3. p. od ap«.; p. adap„tod, 

Apitchi yiwef {nind) n. v. I come 
back again entirely, (to remain 
here;) 3. p. 1.; p. 

Apitchi higij^ht adv. v«ry early in the 

Xpitchi rmdjay {nind) n. v. I move 
away all together, I quit or leave 
the place entirely; 3. p. 1.; p. aiai. 

Apitchmana^ {nind) a. v. am,. I kill 
him entirely; 3. p. od ap..n; p. 
(Ua,..nadyVaiV- apUchinqj. 

ApUchiniJceby (nrnd) n. v. my arm is 
so tired thai* I cannot stretch it 
out; 3. p. -4; p. aia..hd. 

Apitchi onagochig, adv. late, at the 
close of the day, in the beginning 
of the evening, 

ApitcMii1iima.t (nmd) a. v. an. I let 
nim jEall , to the ground; 3. p. od 
a^..n; p. aia..mad 

J^chishiok, {nind) n. v^ I fall to the 
, ground stumbling, I fall hard; 3. 
p. l,;p. a^a..8hmg.^ 

ApiU^Uat (mnd) n. v. I am occupied 
in doing s. th., I am abo^t; 3. p. 1.; 
p. en.. tad- 

Apitmi-widigey {mnd) n. v. I ^m 

mi^rM liftwfvdLy, for Wtfim»y (not 
auer the Indian fashion;) 3. p. 1.; 
p. aiap..g€d. 

Apitchi-tcidigema, {nind) si. v. an. I 
am married to her, (or to him,) in 
a lawful manner, permanently; 3. 
p- ed ap..n; p. aiap..mad. 

Apitchi-widigendaOy {wind) a. v. an. 
1 join him in marriage lawfully, 
for lifetime; 3. p. od ap.jn; p. aia>p.. 

pitchi^tcidigmdifmn, {nind) c. v. 
we are married together lawfully, 
for lifetime; p. aia..didjig. 

Apitchi-widi^endvumhy s. lawful mmc- 
riage for lifetii^e. 

Apitchiwm. s. preparation. 

ApitendagoSy {nind) n. v. I am worth, 
I am worthy; nin iitchi apiten^a- 
gos, I am, })recious, valuable; S. p. 
-4; p. ep..iid. 

ApUmdamoad, u, v. it is worth; Jnt- 
chi amtmdagwady it is precious, 

, valuable; p. tp..W9k. 

Apitendatn, {nind) n. v. I value or 
esteem; 3. p, 1.; p. ep..dang. 

Apitenddny\nind) ^. I^ esteem 
it, value it, 1 appi-eciate it; 3« p. 
od ap...j p.,ep..amg. 

Apitenimj {mm) n. v. S. Apitmindis. 

Apitenima, {nind) a. v. an, I esteem 
or respect him; I appreciate him; 
3. p. od ap.M; p, ep..mad. 

Apitknimonaiiy {nind) or, nind dd- 
apUen^nonan, a. v. a». I esteem 
myself as high as him;. I put my- 
self equal to him in miy estmaatioR; 
3. p. od ap,..y p. epiienimod. (V. 

Apitenindisj {nind) r. v» I esteem 
myself; 3. p. -o; p. ep..0Qd. 

Apitinigoa^y (nind)^,n. v. 1 weigh so 
much; 3. p. -4; p. ep..8i^. — Gega 
n^wak dasso dihahi$Mcodjiga/n api- 
tinigosi; he weighs almost two 
hundred ppunds,' 

ApUvnigwady m. v. it weighs so 
much; p. ep..wdk. — Amn minih 
epitinigwak hi htcki habidlawa- 
ga^l—Midaego dihatykhkodpga/n^ «« 
apitinigw<f4' How much we^hs 
ypuf cioak ?-It weighs teA poundi. 




.^UiSf (f»MKi) n. V. I a(A of i^e; I 
am of such an age; 3. p. -«; p. epi- 
tisid. - Epitmidn ap-Uisif be is of 
my age. 

Apitosset (nmd) n. v. I walk as quick 
. as I caft; 3. p. 1.; p. ep..9ea. — S. 

Ap'Uawe, (nmd) n. v. I speak as loud 
as..., or I speak as loud as I can; 
3. p. 1.; p. na- 
gamoda, let us sing loud, or as loud 
as we can. EpUaweian nindapi- 
towe; I speak as loud as you. 

Jipitwewedjiwan, u. v. it sounds in 
such a manner, or so loud> (run. 
ning water, or a waterfall;) vt. ep.. 
wang.'-TifyisMco siH ga-wahanda- 
mtln, pitckina^o apitwewedjiwaHi 
ow epittdcwedjiwang-f the river I saw 
yesterday has the same sound (in 
its course,) as this here. 

Asddiy s. an. poplar, aspen-tree ; pi.. 

AsddiJcd, OT-magadj u. v. there are 
poplar-trees • p. e8..Tca^yOx-magdk. 

Asaaikaauj^ s. Poplar Pomt. 

^hy or icuihy end-syllable in verbs, 
si^nifi^s sailing^ coming with the 

. unnd^ or agitated by it ; as : Nvn 
hijiiask, 1 sail fast. Bahdntashiy he 
is sailing about. Nm webask, I am 
thrown or driven by the wind. 

Ashamdy inind) a. v. an. I give him 
t(5 eat, I feed hun ; I give him pro- 
▼isioDs; 3. p. (4 ush..n; p. esh.. 

Ashdaiddfi, (nind) a. v, in. I feed it ; 
3. p. od..aslf;...,i p. e€k..a>n^.-NM 
(Xshandari fiiidw, 1 feed my body. 

Ajuhandist {nmd) r. v. I feed myself; 
3. p.^ ; p.; etiL.sod. 

AshangCf {nind) ri. v. \ ^ve to eat ; I 
keep hoarder* ; 3. p. 1.; p. eah., 

'Ashangihwey ,s. a woman that gives to 
eat, that k^eps bonders ; boarding- 
mistress, hostess, landlady ; pl.-^. 

AshangHoigimigi s. bdarding-house ; 

"liotel; iim;ipl.^^». ' .>4 ' 

Athangewini s. ginng tocfat^ feedng, 
boardiDgi, the keeping of u board- 
ing-house or hotel. 

A9ha$iff4wmm$, t. » man tbat gii«» 
to eat, that keeps boardiog-house 
or hotel; boardmg-master; land- 
lord ; pl.-«ra^. 

Ashiy conj. and, (in numbers only;)- 
Midastwi asJ^ »v; nijtana [ashi 
nanan; twelve, (ten and two;) 
twenty and five. 

Aakioy inind) a. v. an. I incite him, 
I stir him up ; I encourage him to 
do evil ; I seduce him by my bad 
example ; 3. p, od dshian ; p. a^d- 

Ashidaan^ (nind) a. v. in. I stick it 
tos. th.; 3. p. od a$h... ; p. esk.. 

Ashuiiihwaan, (nind) a. v. in. I hold 
up or support s. th., not to Ut it 
fall, 3. p. od ash... ; p. esh..a/ng. 

Ashiddkwawat {nind) a. v. a«». 1 hold 
him or support him ; d.p. ^d ash . 
n; '^. esh.. wad. 

Ashidjikiwagaiganj s. anything that 
sticks to s. th. ; also, a seal , pi.- 

Ashidjikiwagaigey inind )n. v, J stick 
s. th. to some other thing ; I seal ; 
3. p. 1. ; p. e8h..ged, 

Ashi{}any s. a kind of fish, bassfish ; 
[C. bossu ;] pl.-oiT. 

Ashimang^ s. bastardnloon ; pL-tro^. 

4shinangw(MM. I strange ! curious ! I 
don't know what to think of it. 

Aeihi wegwagif adv. although, even if. 

Ashiwiwiy inmd) a* v. an. S. Askia. 

Ashh ox ashMy in compositions, vigtii' 
iie9 rawjjreshy new. (Exampleaia 
some of the following words. ) 

Ashkdt at the end of a u. v., alludes 
to the waves on a lake or sea; as : 
MamdngasJca, the sea is high, 
AnvJivwewei&shka, the waves are ap- 
peased. K^iweweiaMay there is 
a loud roarmg of the 8«a, of the 

Askkdifwaym-magad, u. v. there it 
green, wood, or standing wood ; p. 
esk.svagy or-r^wa^. 

Ashkakwa-ondgifr s.. « gut of tke 

Ashk^aiddthdnitkd) a. ▼. *». I eat it 
raw ; 3. p. ^ mA... ; p. ssk^.ang^ 




have sore eyes, (red and full of 
matter;) 3. p. 1. ; p. 
Ashkatdij a. an., green skin of an ani- 
mal; pl,Hl^.' 

AshkdUg, 8. a piece of green wood ; 

Ashhdtigohe, (nimd) n. v. I chop green 

• wood ; 3. p. 1: ; p. e$h..ked. 

^thkendagtpod, Ashlxndam. AMen' 
damia. Ashhendcmuntdti ; O/.-S. 
Kaakkenddigujad. Kashkendam, 
Kashhendaima. Kaahkendamawin.' 

kshkiby (wmd) n. v. I eat taw ; 3. p. 
-0 ; p. eshkihod. 

tBkhihagadf u. v. the leaves (of trees 
and buiBhes) are budding ; p. esh.. 

^shkiginy s. green skin of a large 
quadruped; (moose, bufialo, etc.) 

AsKkiTcoman, s. lead. 

4.$hknkomafi^kan^ lead-inine ; ^\-an. 

AsKkikomamkey inind) n. v: I make 
lead, I produce lead, I work in a 
lead-mine ; 3. p. 1. ; 'p,esk..Jsed. 

AalMhmumthemrhy s. work, business, 
occupation, of a miner in a lead- 

AshkiTcomanikewMni, s. miner in a 

lead-mine ; yi.-wag, 
i Ashkima, (nind) a. v. an, S. Agim 
nind aahkimai 

AshhimanMdbf s. strings of leather for 
lacing snowshoes ; [C. de la ba- 
biche ;] pl.-Mi. 

Ashkime, (nind) n. v. I lace or fill 
snowshoes ; 3. p. 1. ; p. eshhimed. 

AMimewiny s. art, workj occupa- 
tion, of a person lacing or fillihg 

Ashkin, u. v. it is raw ; p. eshMng.-^ 
Adkkm mandan toiiasi, this^meat 
here is raw. Askkinon tchjiaaan^ the 
turnips are raw. 

AsHkin, n. v. 3. p. it is raW, (<w». obj.) 
p. ethJang^'^AshMn mo gigd, this 
fish is raw. AtWemog ogow cmimgy 
these potatoes- are raw. (III. Conj.) 

Ashkipidan, {nind) a. v. in. it tastes 

: raw to me, I fold it tastes raw ; 3. 
p. oi ath.,.; p. 4ih„<mg, 

Ashhipiwdy (ndnd) a. v, an. it taatet 

raw to me, {cm. obj.) 3. p. o<2 as&.. 

n; p. esh..wad; im^..(uhkifnoi^- 

Nind athMjpwa wo gigo, I find this 

fish tastes raw, it tastes raw to nde. 
AshhimiasSf asAkigigSy - etc. raw 

meat or fresh meat, raw fish or 

fresh fish (not salted,) etc. 
Ashkonaioisy {nindj n. v. Mg. S. 

AsKkote. Ashkotekan* Ashkoteke. Ash- 

kotewdbo. Ashkwatch ; Ot. — S. J&A- 

kote. hHkoteka/n. hfikoteke. hkkoU- 

wdbo. Ishhwatch. 
AshdHka/way inind) a. v. an, I fall 

upon him ; I throw myself upon 

him ; 3. p. odash..n ; p. eth..waA. 
Askotabihissitchigan, s. S. Ashotdk" 

Ashotagandmay {nind) v. a. an. I 

strike some an. obj. putting it on s. 

th. ; ip. esh., mad. 
Askotagananddny {nind) v. a. in. I 

strike it, putting it on s. th. ; 3. p. 

od ash... ; p. esh,.anff. 
Ashotakdmtgina, {nina) a. v. an. I 

keep him on the ground ; S.i^.od 

a8h.M; p. €8h..nad' 
Ashotdkarndgman, {nind) a. v. in. I 

keep it down on the ground ; 3. p. 

od ash...; p. esh..ang. 
Ashdta^armgishima, {nind) a. v. a/n. 

I put him down on the ground ; 3. 

p. od ash..n; p. esh..mad. 
Askotdkamigisgidony (ndnd) a. v. in. 

I put it down on the ground ; 3, p. 

ed ash.,.; p. et9i..dod. 
Ashdtataigany s. anvil, or anything to 

strike s. th. on it ; pl.-ffl». 
Ashdtataigey {nM) n. v. I put some 

object io strike s. th. on it ; 3. p. 1.; 

p. esh..ged, 
AshtOchishway {nind) a. v. an. I put 

him underneath, under s. th.; 3. p. 

od ash..n ; p. etih.,wad. 
Ashotchiskinf {nind) n. v. I am an- 

demeath ; 3. p. 1.; p. € 
Ashotehissiny u. v. it is vndernfiaith* 

under s. th.; p. s^..eing* 
AshoUki8titchigaiv,9. foundation, ba- 
sis ; pl.-(m. 




stone : ph-'on. 
Ashotcht88itorbt{fdnd) a. v. i«». I put 

it undeimea^, under some object; 

3. p. od a«A...; p. esh.*tod, 
Ashdwinat {nim) a. v. an, Ichaene 

him» I mistrust nim; 3. p. od <uh,» 

n ; ^< €8h.Mad. 
AshwdmanieSj {nind) n. ▼. I am in 

fear of the enemy; 3. p. ~o ; p. esh** 

A8hwit(nind)n.v, I am armed».I 

guard myself ; 3, p. athwio ; p. eth- 

Mlmihandani (nind) a. v. tn. I guard 

myself against it ; Z.ip.od ash,.,; 

p. esh.-cmg, 
Aehwikawai ^mnd) a. v. an, I guard 

myself against him ; 3. p, <x2 ash,, 

n ; p. esh.,wad. 
AskanMint s. arms or weapon of a 

warrior; pi. — amt, 
Mikama^ {nmd) a. v. an, I go to 

meet hiAi ; 3. p. od as„n ; p. es„ 

j^tmgwamy {nind) n. t. I slumber^ I 

am half asleep, I doze ; 3* p. 1. ; p. 

Athigj 8. seal ; [F. loup-marin ;] pi.- 

AsJcigvfaian% s. an, seal's skin ; pi 

og, • 

AshoamSy {rnnd) n. y. I am ambiti- 
ous : 3. p.-^ ; p. a4a„sid, 
Assa, (lUnd) a. v. an, I put or place 

him somewhere ; 3. p. od assdn ; 

p. essad ; imp. ashi* 
Assdb, 8, an, net, fish-net ; pl.«^« 
Assabdb, s. thread ; twine ; yam. 
Assahdbihe, (mnd) n. *▼. I make 

thread ; I spin ; 3. p. 1.; p. «6s„hed, 
Assababmegmi s. linen. 
AMsdbike, {nind)xi, v. I am netting, 

making a net ; 3. p. 1. ; p. ess,. 

AssabihHab, s. twine for making 

AssaHieshit s. spider, (net-maker ;) 

AisabikeshUjBassdbj $, an, spider's 

wc^, cob- web ; pl.-^. 
AssMhewtny s. netting, making nets. 

Assabmst ■.«».« iOMU net, wifely 

small meshes ; pi. -o^. 
Assabish, s. an, an old bad net ; pi.-* 

Asedganashk, s. reed ; [F. roeean ; 6. 

Scnilfrohr ;] pi. — on. 
Assdhamigt a. moss, on the grounds 

S. Atafib, 
Assamdbandimn, (nind) c. v, we are 
together face to face, we are con^ 
fronted ; p. aia,Aidjig, 
Mscma, OT^-magad, u. v. it is settled 

down, pressed down; [F. c'est 

foule ;] p. essanag, ox-magdk, 
Assdnago, s. gray squirrel ; pl.-^. 
Assandgonagaj ot -maaad, u. t. the 

snow is hard, settled down ; p. «m.. 

gagt ox-magak. 
Assanamg, B.Ot, S. Jninaiig. 
Aesdnashtinadont {nind) a. v. «n. I 

press it down, in a vessel ; 3. p. od 

ass... ; p. ess„dod, 
Assdnashkms, oi-magadf u. v. it is 

prf ssed down, in a vessel ; p. est.. 

neOi Qj-magaJc, 
Affwndjig, {nind)Ti. v. 1 put s. th.. 

somewhere in order to keep and 

conserve it, or to hide it ; 3. p.-o ; 

p. ess.. god, 
Assdnd^igon, p, a place where s. th. 

is kept and ccmserved, or hidden ; 

AssdMyigo7%,{mnd)su y,in, I put it 

somewhere to keep or hide it ; 3. 

p. od ass,,,; V' e^"9<^^' 
Assdndjigonan, (nind) a. v. an, I put 

some an. obj. somewhere to keep 

or hide it ; 3. p. od ass,,, ; p. ess*, 

god. (V. ConJ.) 
Assaw^nt s. an, arrow with an iron 

point or head : pl.-cw'.~S. Piiwak. 
Ass&pe, s. goldfish; [C. perchande ;] 

Assiiadron, {mnd] a. v. in, I dress it, 

1 tan it, an in,, skin ; 3. p. ^ ass,,,; 
' p. ess..ang.-'Pyikiiweginnmd ast$' 

Kodant I am tannins an oz-hide. 
Ass6kade, or-fnagad, u. v. it ia 

dressed or tanned, (4n. skin ;) p* 

ess.Aegj or-magak, 
Assihana, {mnd) a. v. an, I dress ox 

tan it, an on* skin ; 3* p^od ««i«A ; 




p.' €88..nad. — W&ioashheshfwaian 
nind assekana, I am tanning' a deer- 

Assihaso, n. v. 3. p. it is dressed or 
tanned/(a». skin ;) p. ess.. sod. 

AssehCf {nind) n. t. 1 am dressing a 
skin, tanning; 3. p. 1.; p. esse- 

Assekemgramiffy s. tan-house, leath- 
er-manufactory ; pi. — (m. 

A^dkeivin, s. tannery, tanner's trade, 
occupation, business. 

Aisikimmm,^. tanner, leather-man- 
ufacturer ; pi. — wag. 

As86ma, 8. an. tobacco ; snuff. 

Assemahe, {nind) n. v. I manutac- 
ture tobacco or snuff; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Assemakiwigamig, s. tobacco-manu- 
factory ; pl.-<w. 

A&eemahimnini, s. tobacco-manu- 
facturer ; ^\.-wag. 

Assima-makiPby s.tobacco-box; snuff- 
box ; pL-<»i. 
^tourneau ; ;] pl.-iro^. 

Assigmd% s. starling, (bird;) [P. 

Assigdbanimod, s. a sack made of the 
inner bark of the linden -tree ; pl.- 

Aasigdbi, {nind) n. v. I soften the 
bark of the linden-trefe, by boiling 
it ; 3. p. 1, ; p. ess. .bid. 

Assin, s. an. stone, pebble ; pi.— ^. 

Assinj at the end of verbs, signifies 
coming loUh theioind {in. obj.) or 
being driven or agitated by the 
wind; as : Biddssin, it comes with 
the wind, it is driven this way by 
the wind. Webassin, it is thrown 
or driven away by the wind. — 
GoshholcCgdssinj the leaves (of a 
tree) are agitated by the wind. 

Assinab, s. stpne tied to a net to sink 
it ; pl.-»^j. 

Assintbwan, s. Stone-Siou ; a kind 
of Siou -Indian ; pi. ag. 

Assvnik<i, pT-^magaat u. v. there are 
■"stones, it is stony, full of stones ; 
•p. es8..kag, or-magak. 

Assinikade, or-magad, u. v. it is 
made of stone ; it is paved with 
stones ; p.^t or-^magah. 

I Assmikande (ft-rndgad^M. v. there is 
a stone-foundation, (a wall under 
a wooden building ;)p. c««,.ic^, ©r 

Assining ijinagwadt it looks like 
stone, it resembles stone. 

AssininSfS: an. small little stone; es- 
pecially a little stone on the beach 
of a laite ; p\.~ag. 

As^siriinsika, OT-ma^ad, u. v. there 
are little stones, it is full of little 
stones, (especially on the beach 
of takes ;) p. ess^^kagi OT—ma- 

AjsimiPj {nind) n. y. 1 am stone, 1 
become stone, I am petrified ; 3. p. 
-4; iD.ress..iikd.-Beji^ ikwe ga- 
ndboa Moniaha gi-^asstniwi ; a wo- 
man who died m Canada, became 
stone, (petrified.) 

Assiniwan, u. v. it is petrified, it be- 
came stone ; p. ess..ang. 

Assini-wadJiiPi s. Rocky .Moun- 
tains. ' 

Assini-wttkaigant s. stone-building; 
stphe-built fortress, pi. — a/n. 

Assini-wakdigemnj s. masonry, worK, 
trade or occupation of a mason. 

Assim-wakaigetDinirUt s. mason; pl.- 

Assiponigan,, s. 0^. scissors ; pl.-a^i. 

Asstssaioeminy s. sand-cherry ; fC. 
cerisse i ^rappe ;] pl.-an. 

Assissawimmaguwanjf s. aii. sand- 
cherry shrub \']i\.-ig. 

AssokwesMn, {nind) n. v. I am lean- 
ing with my head on s. th.,' I lay 
myheadons. th.;3. p. l.;p. aiW*.. 

Assotohihidjigqfn, s. girth : or a ribbon 
around a hat : [F. sangle ;] p\.-an. 

Asswaddb, {nina) n. v. I lean sitting; 
3. p.-^ ; p. aza..hid. 

Asswadjishifhon, {nind) a. atn 
leaning on s. th.; 3. p.-o ; p. aiass.. 

* nod. 

Asswakwaan, {nind) a. v. in. I sup- 
port it, putting a prop, I prop it ; 
3. p. od ass... ; p. aia..ang. 

Asswakwaigade, OT~magad, u . v. it is • 
propped, supported ; p. aiass, .deg^, 




prop, 8u|)port, (nAftde ofwood ;) pi. 

Ksauntkwkige, {wind) n. v. I am prop- 
ping, supportiug ; 3. p. 1.; p. aiaas.. 

A8fwana,{nind) a. v. an. {pTon. mnd 
i^ssana^) I support him with my 
hands ; 3. p. oc^ ass-.n ; p. aiass- 

Asswapidon^ {nind) a. v. in. I gird it; 
3. p. od ass... ; p. es8..dod. 

A88wapin,{t, (nin4) a. v. an. I gird 
him ; 3. p. orf as^.ji ; p. eis..nad ; 
im^. ad8wa]9jj: 

Asswashin, ( wtm^ ) or, w »/i<? ossiviBkiny 
tx.Y. I am leaning oa some object ; 
3. p. 1.; p. aia.Jking. 

Aaewmoa, tnind) a. v. an. I support 
him, I hold him upright J 3. p. od 
089.. n ; p. aia..waa. 

Atddihaka, (nind) a. t. an. I cast 
lots for some an. obj.; 3. p. od at., 
n ; p. eL.nad ; imp. atadwaj. 

AtiMi-maninaignny s. dn. playing- 
card ; -pl.-ag. 

AtHdimny inmd),c. v. we put in to- 
gether ; we are gambling, playing 
at cards or at some other interest- 
ed ^ame ; we ^ast lots ; we are 
bettiT>g ; p. etmidjig. 

Atadiwigamdgj s. play-house, play- 
ing-house. . , . 

Atudiwiny s. interested game ; card- 
playing ; i)et, wager. 

Atotge^ (nifid) n. v. I put it ; I play 
an interested' game, as card play- 
ing for money ; I bet ; 3. p. i.; p.^ 
eta^fed. • , * 

Ataghiy {nind^ a. v. in. I put it in, I 
put it at stake, I pi'ayfdfr it ; 1 bet 
It, (in. obj.) 3. p. od a^...; p: et- 
agea. ^ - 

At'i^man^ {nind) a. v. an. I put at 
jStake some an. obi. ; I play tor it, 
(hini, her ;) I bet it, (him, her Q 3. 
p. od at.,. ;.p. etaged. (V. Conj.) ' 

Ata^cn mainakidmn^ {nind) I in- 
oculate with thte cow-pox. S. 

AUgewinj s. card-playing. Or the 
playing of any interested game j 

' (conMd^red in itself, or in rfegar^' * 
to one {person only ; in Regard to 
several persons playing together, * 

Atdgib, 8. green moss on stones on 
the bottom of a lake, etc. 

AtaiH ! interj. aha ! ha ! ah! — ^used 
by men or boys only, to express "^ 
joy, surprise ; impatience, fear ; 
anger, indignation. 

Atitmay {nind) a. v. an. I sell him s. 
th. j3. p. od at..n ; p. et..inad. 

AtamadisAnind) r. v. I lay or store 
it up tor me, 1 am laying up a - 
treasure ; [L. thesaurizo mihi ;] 
3. p.-o ; p. et..8od. 

Atat^dihanaan, {nind) a. v. in. I cast 
lot^ for it; 3. p. od at.*.', p. c^'. 

Atdndiwin, s. commerce, trade, traf- 
fic, buying and selling. 

Atdssj {nind) n. v. I put things up, I 
store up ; 3. p.-o ; p. etassod. 

Atdsson, {nind) a. v. in. I J>Ut it up 
somewnere to keep and conserve 
it, I store it up ; 3. p. od at.:. ; p. 

Atdssonan, {nind) a. v. an. I store up 
some an. obj.; 3. p. pd at... ; p. etas- 
sod. (V. Conj.) — Kihiwa pahtoeji- 
ganan od atdssonan, he stores up 
iftuch flour. 

Atassowigamig, s. store-house, ware- 
house ; pl.-on. 

Atdsso^vin, s. place where to put or 
keep 8. th., larder, pantry, etc.; pi. 

Atassowinini, s. storer; pl.-^ag. '' 

Marm, {nind) a. v. an. I put or set '- 
him s. th.; I bet him; 3. p. od at..n; 
•p. etawad. 

A^aw'dgan, s. in. or an. any thing 
given to a trader in exchange for 
•his goods", especially fur or skirls-, 
of wild animals ; pl.-a/i, pr-o^. ~ , 

Atdwama, {nind) a. v. an. I borrow 
of Mm ; 1 tride with liim, buying . 
». th..of:him, or selling him s. th.; 

' 3. p. od at..n ; p. et..'m^idi 

AtatffA mamaJds'itvin, {nind) linocu*' 
late him with the eow-pok. ■ • - 




JMmHimge^ (rnkid) n. y, I bcntiov ; 3« 

p. 1. ; p. etmocmqed. 
Aimocmgen, (mna) a. y. in, I borrow 

it ; 3. p. od ai.,.; p. etcmimged. 
AtaMxmgmaaht (n^^ a. y. on. I bor- 
row some an. object ; 3. p. a2 <U.,^ 

p. Oawmged. 
AU^angeMf (nind) n. y. I mm in a 

habit of borrowing ; 3. p.-^; p. eL. 

AtamjtngeMMn^ s. bad habit of bor- 
rowing always 
JiawangiwMh^ a. borrowing. 
Mcuwasae, (lUnd) n. y. I ndl back- 

wards, I fall on my back ; 3. p* 1.; 

p. adatawasaed. 
Atqwe, (mind) n. y. I sell, I trade, I 

traffic, I deal ; 3. p. 1. ; p. etmoed, 
Atawe, {nind) n. y. I haye no fuel, 

my fire goes out ; 3. p. 1. ; p. add' 

AioMi-madnadgant s. trading-license; 

Aidwrn, (nind) a. y. m. I sell it, I 

dispose of it ; 3. p. <?d o^... ; p. etor 

Aidwenan,^ (nmd) a. y. on. I sell 
him, (her, it,) some an. obj., I dis- 
pose of him, (her, it ;) 3. p. ^ 
oi,..; ^, etoMed, 

AioMimgandg, s. house of com- 
merce, of trade, trading-house, 
•tore ; pl.~or». 

Aidwewin^ s. market, commerce, tra- 
der's business or occupation,.trade, 

Ata/wiwindni, s. trader, merchant, 
•tore-keeper ; ^\,-ioa^, 

Ataiioi$8dn, s. cord of wood ; pl.~a«. 

Atehdbt s. bow-string ; p\.-4n, 

AJtchigadei> or-^magad, u. y. it is put, 
placed : p. etch..deg, ox-magaJc. 

AiohMe^ (nMyd) n. y. I put s. th. at 
stake as a prize ; 3. p. 1. ; eb^.ged. 

AUkdgewint 9, putting at stake s. th.; 
also, the prize put at stake; pi. 

Ai€h4g%BamaiM^ (nind) n. y. I am 
uncter a shelter, (in rain ;) 3. p.-^* 
V. etck..skid. 

M^dkinOt {nind) a. y. an. I make 
an endoa^re or a park around him. 

I fSm^e biio.iit; 3.p. Wat.ii; p. 
aMt..nad.^^Pi^ nin tHnUck^ 
hina, I will fence the cow in. 

At<^iihinain, {mind) a. y. t». I sepa- 
rate it, putting a partition in ; I 
make an enclosure ; 3.p.od at.. ;, 
p. ada..ang, 

AtcMkiniffade, or-maffod, u. y. ther^ 
is a partition; an enclosure, a park; 
p. atat.Aegt oi-magdk. 

AicMhinigwn, s. partition or separa- 
tion of rooms in a house ; also, en- 
closure, park ; p\.-an. 

Aicfuna^ ady. a short time, a mo- 

Atckinie, (nind) n. y. I am shy, I 
fear ; 3. p.-i ; p. eUMniHd. 

Atohisidibisonf a. the foot-board of 
the Indian cradle ; pl.-an. 

Atckisidihison himibaigang, or, tessa*, 
hingy stirrup. 

Atchitdhissef {nind) n. y. I fall down 
headlong ; 3. p. 1. ; p. d.Md. 

Atchktamo, s. squirrel ; pl.-^. 

AtchOchabf {nmd) n. y. S. Awaseaib. 

AtcMtohaUf ady. aside, away. 

AUMtchihana, ady. Ot. suddenly, aU 
at once. 

Atekitckin^rwesse, {nind) n. y. I fall 
on my face ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 0tch..9ed. 

Ate* OT-magady n. y. the fire or can- 
dle goes out ; p. aiateg, or-^magah*^ 

AU, OT-magadj n. y. it is, there is ; ' 
p. eteg, ot-^magak. 

Ateanj {nind) a. y. in. I quench it, 
extinguish it, put it out, (fire or a 
candle, etc.) 3. p. od dtean; p. «m- 

At^f {nind) n. y. I am sober again, 
rafter hayinj^ been drunk ;) 3. p. 
1. : p. aidtehtd. 

Atehmny s. soberness, the state of 
not being drunk. 

Aieiganp s. extinguisher ; pl.-<m. 

Atetge, (nind) n. y. I quench or ex- 
tinguish, (fire, etc.;) 3. p. 1. ; p. 

AteM^j {nind) n. y. S. Atebi, 

AWA i 

Aiif^ tt the end of some coinpeftind 

Btead — ^When the first part of the 
composition ends in a vowel, iatig^ 
or watig^ is annexed ; as : Ajide- 
iatigy cross ; (manniewatig^ cross.' 
AUh, 8. raindcer ; [F. canbou ;] pi. 

^y 8. young raindeer; pl.-iif . 
Atihameg^ s. white fish; pl.-«?«^. 
Mm, 8. sinew, nerve, ; pl.-*^. 
AUmwag, s. <m. nerve or sinew with 

the flesh on it ; pl.-o^. 
Atohcm^ 8. trough ; [F. auge ;] pl.-twi. 
At&banihe, {nmeL). n. v. I am making 

a trough ; 3. p. 1,. ; p. €t..Jced. 
jkdiiy (mnd) a. v. m. t put it, I place 

or lay it ; I bet it ; 3. p. «i aton; 

p. etod, 
Ahvab, (nmd) n. v. I put up or con- 
serve provisions, victuals ; 3. p. 

-o; p. etwahod, 
Atwahogabaw, (mnd) n. v. I lean 

against s. th., standing; 3. p.-i; 

p. a4at..tfnd. 
Atwashvma, (nind) a. v. an. I put 

him, ( her, it, ) there to lean agamst 

8. th.j 3, ]p. od at..n; p. aiat..mad, 
Atwashvtnon. (nind) n. v.; 3. p.-o. S. 

Atwassidm, {mnd) a. v. in. I put it 

there to lean against s. th.; 3. p. od 

at...] p. aia..dod. 
AWf (nmd) n.v, lam ; 3. p. awi ; p. 

Aw^ pron. that, this. 
Awa, (nind) 2i.v. an. I make use of 

some an. obj.; 3. p. od atvan; p. 

aioiwad. — Nm wi-awa hi jdjihim^ 

I want to make use of your ox. 
Awadagdodasst {nmd) n. v. I make 

several trips in a canoe or boat, 

fetching or carrying s. th.; 3. p.-o ; 

p. aiaiv..8od. 

Awadaast {nind) n. v. I am fetching 
or carrying s. th. in a carriage ; 3. 
p.-o; p. aia..»od. 

AMadatwniy {nind) n. v. I am carry- 
ing jStonea ; 3. p. 1.; p. 

^ AWA 

Awad>ifiUt9e, (nind) n. ▼. I cm fetcl^ 
ing or carrying wood for ftiel ; 3. p. 
1.; p. «ta..«M;. « 

Awadjidabi, (nind) n. v. I am carry- 
ing, on a carriage or sleigh; 3. p. 1.; 
p. ai<t..hid. 

AvHidjidabia, {nmd) a. v. an. I make 
him draw a load ; 3. p. od aw..n; 

AwadjidaHmoiny s. conveyance in a 

Awadjiwanadiet {nind) r.v. I am car- 
rying 8. th. in a carriage for my- 
self ; 3. p.-o ; p. aia..8od. 

Awadjiwakaaan, s. a Ching to carry 
8. th. init, back-basket ; [G. Butte, 
Tragkorb ;] pl.-^wt. 

Awadjiwanagey {nind)n. v. I am car* 
rying for somebody; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Awad^iwatia, (nind) a. v. an, I am 
carrying for him; 3. p. od at...; 
p. aia..wad. 

Awadjiwaney (nind) n. v. I am carry- 
ing 8. th. in a basket, etc.; 3. p. 1.; 
p. aia..ned. 

Awadony (mnd) a. v. in. I carry it or 
convey it on a carriage or sleigh; 3. 
p. od aw...; p. aidwadod. 

Awakdny s. slave, enslaved prisoner 
of war ; also, domestic or tamed 
animal or bird ; ^\,-ag. 

Awdkdnay (nind) a. v. an. I enslave 
him ; I treat him like a slave ; I 
tame an animal or bird, or I keep a 
tamed animal or bird ; 3. p. o<2 aw,, 
n; •p.ew..nad. 

Awakdnigony (nind) p. v. it makes 
me a slave, it enslaves me : 3. p. 
odaw...\^.god.-Batadowinoa awa-- 
hanigon. sin enslaves him,,(he is » 
slave of sin.) 

Awakdnmdis, (nind) r. v. I enslave 
myself, I make m3rself the slave of 
somebody, or something ; 3. p.-^ ; 

p. €W..80d. 

Awdkdniwy (nind) n. v. lam a slave, 
. a prisoner (rf war, a captive ; 3. p.* 

i; p. €W..wid. 
Awdhanvwiny or atO(ikanidiwm, s« 

slavery', captivity, state and eendi- 

tion of a slave. 





MD0iiin(mi {nmd) a. v, an- 1 time it, 
(ftnimal or bird,) or keep it ; 3. p. 
od aw...; p. ew..7iad, 

Awiomy^' fog, mist. 

Jiffaohy u. V, it is foggy ; p. iwo/ng, 

Awan^ u. V. it is ; p. cddwaaig, 

Afoanq^ imnd) 9. v. an. I carry some 
an. ODJ. on a carriage or sleigh ; 3. 
p. od awanaoh ; p. aidwanad ; imp. 

( dwc^. 

Awdnajishj adv. purposely, stubborn- 
ly, contrary to a prohibition. 

Jwambissaf ar-^maaadj u. v. it is 
misty, it rains a little ; p. ew..8ag^ 

AwoA, (nwd) n. v, I warm myself, 3. 
p. awaso ; p. ^wasod. 

A»q>9ibif^ {jMmd) n. v. I collect or 
gather the sap of maple trees in 
sugar-making ; 3. p. 1.; p. aia. 

Awaegf at the the e^ of some neuter 
verbs, iUudes to a child or to chil- 
dren: as : Mfh kiidddwaee, 1 guard 
a. child or children. NmnigUwass, 
I give birth to a child. Nondwassoy 
she gives suck to a child. Omomd- 
%oas80y he (she) scolds in regard to 
his (her) children, because they 
were ill used, etc. 

Awdts, J^dv. further, away, go away. 

Awaesaby {nmd) n. v. I am squint- 
eyed, I squint ; [F. je louche ;] 3. 
p.-e ; p. 

Atoatsaadkif adv. far beyond the 

Awdsaagamy adv. on the other side of 
a river, lake, etc. The same as 

. agdnnrng. 

^tAW«a»i, adv. further. 

AwatSQJciyOtawdsaadAiw y9i6.y. beyond 
the mountain, on the other side of 
a mountflfin or hill. — Awassdld At- 
$ini-wadyyu) nmqi-ijandbany I have 
beein beyond the ilocky Mountains. 

Awatsdiiaw awessi, this animal is 
ahy^ wild ; p. ewc^dsid. 

AvMMJ^^nof^y adv. the wMer be- 
fore last. 

Awa^tevHiamy {nindy n, v. I go 
aroiMid a point in a oanoe or boat ; 
3. p. 1.; ip.ew..anff. , - I 

Afffdmmmig, adv. belund tha boate 
or loo^, on the other side of it. 

AwdsMftsif 8. burbot (fish;) pl.-^. 
{Al»0^ <Wfd§ti-^ ^Iv^wag. 

Awaat-nibin&nffy adv. Uie summer 
before last. 

Awasfonoffy adv. on the other side of 
a canoe, vessel, etc. 

Awdfsonagoy adv. the day befbie 

Awaes'siffwmoMg, adv. the spring be- 
fore last. 

Awaas-tagwdgongy adv. the fall before 

Awasswdhang., adv. the day after to- 

Awdse widdy adv. further there, yoa- 
der, beyond. 

Aweay (mnd)9.. v. a/n. I liken him to 
somebody, or to s. th.; 3. p. od 
dwecm ; p. widwcad. 

Aufigweny proa* whoever, whosoev- 
er; I don't know who; AwenmiM 
l^mossed wedi f-Awigwen, Who is 
that who walks there?— I doii*t 
know who. 

AwiJccdaffhy {nind) a. v. m» S. Am- 

AsffilcwMky (nM) a. v. an, 8. Awia.. 

Awemay s. This word is never used 
without a possessive pronoun. 
Nmd a/wimay my brother, or my 
sister — A male will say, nmd aw4- 
ma, my sistbb, (whether younger 
or older than he;) but a female 
says, nmd a/wemay my BROTHaa, 
(whether younger or older than 

Awinen f pron. who ? 

Aivenimay\mnd) a. v. an. I suppose 
to be him ; 3. ^. od dw..n ; p. aid- 

Awin'khiy s. a young beaver under 
two years old ; [C. avolat ,] pl.- 

Awissiy 8. animal, beast ; pl.-ta^. 

Awiasi-amendamowiny s. instinct, 

sagacity of an animal. 
Awissiwaidny s. a/n* animal's skin, 

hide ; pl.-fl^. 
Aipetckigany s. comparison ; reprfr. 
sentation; parable. 


51 AWI 

Awetchige,{nind) n. v. 1 make a rep- 
resentation of 8. th.; I make a 
comparison, a parable ; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Awetchigen^ {mnd) a. v. in. I make 
it reeemble s. th., represent e. th.; 
3. p. od aw...: ^. aia..ged. 

A*oetchigm<m^0Mnd)2i. v. Wh. I make 
him resemble s. th. or somebody, 
or represent s. th. or somebody ; 3. 
p. oa(m...;p. aia.,ged. (V. Conj.) 

Aweton, (nma) a. v. in. I liken it to 
s. th.; 3. p. od atp...;p. a4a/wetod. 

Aivi^t Article signifying to go on^ or 
$0 go to..., to go to same place with 
the inten^on to do s. th. there ; 
as : Nind ija ogidaki awi-mama- 
Hiiinf I go on the Mil to chop wood 
there. Mmcma madja (hm-minik- 
wed; he goes again to some place 
to drink there. 

jLwiy pron. Ot. S. Aw. 

AwiHy {fvmd) a. t. a/n. I lend it to 
him; 3. p. od moidn; p. ewiad. 

Awia, {nind) a. t. (m. I make him be 
this or that; 8. p. od dwian; p. ai^- 

AwOa, pron. somebody, some person 
or some other animals bemg or 

AwMis, (nind) r. v. I make myself 
this or that, I say of myself to be 
such a one, I pretend to be this or 
that; I transform myselfj 3. p. -o; 
p^ ada..8od.-'AwsnenatatD$idi»oian? 

What do you say of yonrself, who 
are you ? Who do you pretend to 

Amigovnny a. in. or an. any thing 
lent to somebody, borrowed by 
somebody; pl.-<an, or -ag. — Nin bi- 
giwewidon nmd amigowin; 1 bring 
back again the thing 1 borrowed. 
M binag nagaie kid amigowinag t 
{joniiag ?) Do you bring also the 
things lent to you? (money? sil- 
ver-pieces ?) 

Awiiwe^ {nind) n. ▼. I lend u> soBke. 
body; 3. p. 1.; p. twiimed. 

Awmomy {nind) a. ▼. in. I lend it; 
3. p. odaw...; p. ewiiwed, 

AwHtoenan, {nind) a. t. an. obj.; 3. 
p. od ato...; p. ewUwtd. (V. Conj.) 

AwHvMwin, s. lending, the act of 
lending s. th. to somebody. 

Awishtoia, s. bbcksmith, smith; pi. 

AwiaMoiaWy (mnd) n. y. I am a black- 
smith; 3. p. -•; p. ew..wid. 
Awtshtoiavngamig, s. blacksmith's 

shop, forge, smithy; pi. -on. 
Atoightoiawiwiny s. blacksmith's 

trade, occupation or business iff a 

Awissa, or-^magad, u. y. it is a little 

damp; p. etcsag, or -magak. 
Aunlon, {nind) a. y. in. I make it be 

this or that; 3. p. od aw...; p. aidwi- 



Same words which are not f<nmd under B, nuiy he looked for under P. 


Bdr-t particle, (The Chcmge of JBir-.) 

Buba, s. papa, fether. 

£€b<S^j in compositions, signifies go- 
in^or f~r-'-'^- ^^-}f.. jfrom one place 
to anot^^Li, J'.-U8 mes6 oibdn 

gi-baba-ffOfjiJcwf/ Jt^sns preached 
thrae years in different places, 
(went from place to place preach- 
ing.) Mahd-diijingc^ he (or she) 
ffoeaka iU of people in different 
pkces, (he (she) pes from place 
la place backbiting people.) P. 

JBdb<jt-<Mnditi (nin) n. v. I live or stay 
in different places, changing often; 
3. p. 1.. p. 

JBabit'Okoshka, (nm) n. v. I tire or fa- 
tigue myself traveling about; 3. p. 
1.; p. 

JBabH-danie, {nin) n. v. 1 move about, 
I rove, 1 change often my place of 
residence; 3. p. i; p. h^..8ia. 

£aba>gwaajiawe^ (m«) n. v. I take off 
the bark from a tree which I cut 
down ; 3. p. 1.; p. behMed. 

Babiiijibi^ {win) n. v. I am drinking 
liquor in several places; 3. p. 1.; 
p. heb.Md, 

£abiltijttat {nin) n. v, I bustle about, 
(F. je traca8se;)3.p. 1; p. leb^tod. 

£abiitk(tufin, s. godfather; sponsor 
at baptism; also, my adopted father; 
pi. -Aig. There is always a pos- 
sessive pronoun prefixed to this 
word; ntn habaikawint ki labaika- 
win, ohdbaikamnan, &c.; my, thy, 
his godfather, &c. 

Babttinode, {nin) n. v. S. Bab^mode. 

JSabcJcedibwanagid aw miiig, this 
tree has many branches. 


£abilmadaga{nin) n. v. I am swim- 
ming about; 3. p. 1.; p. beb.»gad, 
JBaHmadagas, {nin) n. v. 1 walk 

about in the water; 3. n. -i; p. hA*. 

eid. • 

JSabUmadiey {nin) n. v. I travel about; 

3. p. -^; p. beb..sid. 
Mabdmadisi^Dog&kwad, s. traveling 

axe; pi. -on, 
JBabUmadieiwin, s. voyage, travel; 

JBabHrnadjim, {mn) n. v. I tell s. th. 

in different places, I go from place 

to place to tell it.; 3. p. -o; p. beb.. 

Babamadjimo^masinaigan, s. news. 

paper; pi. -a«.. 
JBabafnadjimovDin, s. the telling of a 

story or news in different places; 

news, story, report, run^or that is 

going round. 
BabvLmaddd^igade, or -magad, u. v. 

it is noised out, rumored about ; p. 

beb,.de^i or -magah. 
Babilmajaamy (nin) n. v. lam going 

about in a canoe, near the shore; 

3. p. l.:p. b^..ang. 
JBabdmash, {nin) n. v. I am sailing 

about; 3. p. -4; p. beb.^shid, 
JBabUmassi/ih u. v. it is driven about 

by the wind; p. beb..8ing* 
JBdhamassitchigan, s. a] kite made of 

paper; pl.-an. 
JBabamatawet {nin) n. v. I pedle, I 

carry goods about for sale; 3. p. 1; 

p. bebamatawedf 
JBabamatawewin, s. pedling, pedler's 

trade or occupation. 
Bc^matawewinirhi, s. pedler ; [F, 

colporteur;] pl.-«?a^. 




BabcmhendagoSi {nin) n. v. they ^ay \£ahdimbis8af u. v. showerf of rfon 
attention to me ; 3. p. — i; p. oeb./ ^ are passing by; p. h^^sag. 


£abamenda{j^ady u. v, attention or 
care is fiTen to it: p. b€b..wah. 

Mabdmendam^ {nin) n. v. I pay at- 
tention, I care; 3. p. 1.; p. heb..ang. 

BehamifidamaMmin^ {nin) c. v. we 
turn our attention to each other's 
actions or words, or to some thing 
belon^in^ to one or the other ; p. 

Mabamendamawai {nin) a. v. an. I 
pay attention to s. th. belonging to 
nim, or relating to him ; 3. p. o 
bab..n; p. beb..mLd. — I^in babamen- 
dama/wa nimisse od ijiw^nmoin^ 
od agwiwiny &c. ; I pay attention 
to the conduct, the dress, &c., of 
my sister. 

Babamende^niowmt s. attention, care. 

Bc^mendan, {nin) a. v. in. I pay 
attention to it, I mind it, I care 
for it ; 3. p. bob... ; p. beb..<mg. 

Babametidfigadej OT^magadj u. v. it 
is minded, considered, taken care 
of, it is not neglected ; p. beb.^deg, 
or — magdk. 

JBdbatnmdjigaSj {nim,) n. v. I am tak- 
en care off attention is paid to me; 
3. p. — o; p. beb..8od. 

Bahdmemrnay {nin) a. v. an, I pay 
attention to some person, or to aiiy 
other an. being or object ; I care 
for him, (her, it ;) I take notice of 
him, rher, it;) 3. p. o bab..n; p. beb 

BcibdmemmMa, {nin^ r. v. I turn my 
attention to myself, I care for my- 
self; 3. p.-{?; p. b€b..6od. 

Bdbamibaaj {nin) a. v. an. I make 
him run after me ; 3. p. o bdb..n. ; 

Babtmibaigo, {nin) pass. v. I am 
umde to run about; I ride in a car- 
riage^ sleigh, dec. 3. p. bdbdmibaa\ 
p. h^amibaind. 
Bahamiba4go4itibidaban, s. an. ca- 
lash; pi. — ag. 
Babdmibato, (nin) n. v. I run about, 
to and fro; 3. p. 1.; p. beb.,tod. 

Babdmima, {nin) a. y. an. S. Babd- 

Babdmindam, {nin) n. t. S. Ba- 

Babdmindan^ {nin) a, v. in. S. Ba- 

BdbdmisAka, (nin) n. v. I am going 
from one place to another, in a 
canoe, boat, &c. ; 3. p. 1. ; p. beb.. 

Bdbdmissey n. v. 3. p. i^ is flying 
about, (a bird, &c.) 3. p. 1.; p. 

Babdfndtam^ {nm) n. v. I obey, I am 
obedient, I listen; 3. p. 1. ; p. b^.. 

Babdmitamowiny s. obedience. 

Babdmitas. {nin) r. v. I obey my- 
self, I do according to my own 
will; 3. p.-o; p. beb..8od. 

BdbdmUawa^ {nin) a. v. an. I obey 
him, I listen to him^ I do what he 
asks, I grant his petition, his pray- 
er; 3. p. o bab..n; p. beb.. wad. 

Babamiwebaan. u. v. it is driven by 
the waves, (in a high sea ;) p. 
beb.. ang. 

Bdbamiwebaogj {nin) n. v. I am driv- 
en by the waves, (in a high sea ;) 
3. p.-o; p. b«b..god. 

Bahamoaej {nin) n. v. I creep about, 
I drag myself about ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Babdmosse, {nin) n. v. I walk from 
one place to another, I walk about; 
3. p. l.;p. 

Babanadie* {mn) n. v. I am losing 
myself, losin|f property ; I am in 
danger of perishing ; I am dying ; 
3. ^.■'i:jp.M>..sid. 

Babanaaj, adv. danffe«)usly; losing. 
-Babanadj hid inaimm. we are in 
danger oi perishing ; also, we are 
losing things. 

Bdbd-nanandoshhitej {nin) n. v. I go 
about to hear what is said, what 
they say ; I am spying them out ; 
3. p. l.;p. ^..^. 

Baiba^»(Uiando8^itegabaw, {hin) n. 
y. I am standingnere and therei 




to hear what they are ifejing ; 3. 
p.-i; p. heb..tmd. ^ ^ 

£(ib4-nmdotamage, (^nm) n. v. I beg, 
itiendicate, ask alms ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

B<£barnamdofwmagewin\ s. beggary, 

Bdbanddtagoe, (nmd) n. v. I am des- 
paireJ of. by ttiy upeokin^f (for in- 
stance tt (»it'k person by liis i^f-hle 
dying rciec ;) 3, p.-* ^ p. h^h.yid. 

pair of him, of hi« recovery, by bis 
t«?Ktj 3. p. ; p. heh.jwad. 
3<^dpwma^ {nin) a. v* an. 1 laugh 
with him ^ 3. p. c hah..n ; f. &^^.. 

Bc^p^i^se^ (nm) n. v, I walk or 
run last; 3* p- 1.; p. Mf^.n^d^ 

Sabd-pmdi^, (niji) n. \. I go frL)m 
house to* house ; 3, p, 1. j p. heb.. 

Smcfingv^j {mn) n. v, 1 have a gay 
nmUiug countenance j 3. p. 1 . ; p. 

BaMpinis, {nin) n. v, 1 am joking, 
d rol img [ 3 , p.-t ; p* Mk .sid. 

Bishdmnomqe. JJahtipifwIa^eicm, 
B^wdpinoddn. Bahdpmodawa . - S . 
Bdpmoda^^. Bdpinodagemn. Ba- 
^tmoddn. Bapinodawa.- 

JVTj^. The duplication of the 
first syllable in the above fonr 
words, and in many others, does 
not change their signification ; it 
merely denotes a repetition or re- 
iteration of the same act. So, nin 
hdpwoddn, signifiea, 1 ridicule it ; 
and, mn habdpinodanj I ridicule it 
often; &c. 

BabdptMpet (nin) n. v. I am telling 
drolleries, little jokes and tricks, 
to make people laugh ; 3. p. 1, ; p. 

Babapmwewint s. drollery, jokery, 

B9h4w9im^ oT-magadf u. ▼. a clear 
piece ol land, a clearing or a lal^e^ 
IS seen through the woods; [C. on 
voit un eclwrcjb ;] p, tfib^eg^ oi— 

Babaiuficyi^niMnin, (tUn} e* v. we 

» accompany each otner going ab<Mit, 

we go about together ; p. oe^.jdid' 

Babaipidjiendiiom, e, going about to- 
gether, mutual accompanimeni. 

Babdtoidjiwat [nin) a. v. €ui». I go 
about with him, I a<;com^p«»y him 

^ to several places ; 3- p. o hdt.M ; 
p. heb^wad* 

Bdbedjmawi^, {nin) n. v. S. BcSbi- 

BMgikadcmdjig^i {mn) n. v. I eat 
slowly ; 3. p. 1. ; p. beb.*g0d. 

BahipkiiMsy {nin) n. v. 1 am slow, 
dull, in doing s. th. ; 3. p,-4' ; p. 

BaJbigikadiehimiy s. dulness, slow- 
ness, in doing s. th. 

Babenagf a little better, a little more. 

BaJdaodee^ i/mi) n. v. I am peevish, 
sulky; passionate ; 3. p. 1. ; p. ^ 

Babigodeemn^ peevishness ; passion- 
ate temper. % 

Bdbigomakah'y s. a kind of big toad; 

Babigtoatagadt u. v. it is spotted or 
dotted; also, it is coarse, (stuff;) 
^.b^..gah . * . 

Buihijaginddny {nvn) a. v. in, I notice 
it, I see it, in going by; 3. p. o W...; 
p. b€b..ang, 

Babijdgenima^ {ni/n) a. v. an, I noti- 
ce fft see him in going by ; ?. p. 
bab.,n; p> beb..mei4, 

Bdbikomi^enSy s. <m. small pearl; 
pi. bttbtkofmgensag, small pearid 
woi^ round the neck. 

Bdbihominagadj u. v. it is globulous 
or globular; p. b€b..gdk,-Md87ikiJn 
beUhcminagcbk, pills. 

Bd^hmhinagieij n. v. 3. p.-S. Bijso- 

BaMimwidadfininy {nin) c. r. we 
carry the load or pack of one an- 
ther; Jkf. we forbear with each 
other; [L. alter alterius oner* pior- 
tamus ;] p. M. .ididjig. 

Babimitoidrnpa^ (nin) a, v. an* I car- 
ry s. th. for him ; also, fig.j I for- 
bear with him, I have patience 




#itl&lii»;- 3. p. tfM.J»; p. M" 


Sabimodahwe^ (<tm) n. v. I am ^oot- 
ingr witfe bow ana arrows; 3. p. .1. ; 
p. beb.Med. 

JBabimumsiin, (nm) n. v. I am throw- 
ing stones ; 3. p.l; p. heb.Mn^. 

£mb%name, (nm) n. v. I stagger ; 3. 
p. l.:p. hebmasaed, 

MtAMaudffan, s. an. raft ; pK-o^. 

BahindoMdganikey {nm) n. t. I make 
a raft to cross a river on it ; 3. p. 

^dbishagi, {nin) n, v. I move about 
on «arth; 8. p. 1. ; p. hetK.qid.-^e-' 
huhagi^ig iMng, people living on 

JB€Amkmgi8kkwufa, {wm) a. v. an, I 
move about with him ; 3. p. o hah*, 
n; p. ltb..wad, 

BMthkota^wa^ (nin) a. v. <m. I list- 
en to him vnth distraction, (sleep- 
ing, dr otherwise distracted ;) 3. 
p. 0bab*.n; p. lfeb..wad. 

jBMekkuendamy {nin) n. v. I lose 
my senses (my recollecti(m) from 
time to time, fainting ; also, I am 
nbt attentive in listening to a ser- 
mon or discourse, I am distracted; 
3. p. I.; p. beb..a/ng, i 

Babmbit (nin) n. v. 1 belch, winds 
come up from my stomac ; 3. p. }.; 
p. baia..hid. 

Smbisigahwaa/n, {nin) a. v. in, S. 

Babingindikg, {nin) n. v. I have car- 
led hair; 3. p. 1.; p. heb.,b«d. 

JMisiHnin^inadjj {nin) n. v. my 
hands are oenumbed by. cold ; 3. 
p.-«; p. leb^djid. 

Babisiatsidewaajy {nin) n. v. my feet 
are benumbed by cold ; 3. p.-t ; 
p. M..djid. 

Jhbidka/waga/ni s. coat, jacket, frock 
for men; a kind of waistcoat worn 
by squaws and halfbreed womyen^ 
[O. xBantetot;}pl.-afi. 

jB*birin4, adv. aiter it was done or 
said, toolatet'-^iiftwifM nin gi^mik- 
wtmda/r^ I remembered too late, 
(when s. th. was already done or 

MiLt^iidtkin^'{nin^ n. v. I am wHnk- 

^ led;3. p. l.;p. 6«J..*ii^. 

Bebi$h%snn, u. v. it is wrinkled or 
shriveled; p. heb..ina. 

BabiUhiy inin) n, v. I put on stock- 
ings and shoes, &c. , [F. je me 
chaosse;] 3. p. 1. ; p. 

JBMtehiaj {nin) a. v. an. I put him 
stockings and shoes on; 3. p. o ha., 
n; p. hd>, 

Babiwatoanj n. v. pi. they are small, 
{in. objects; J p. bebiwagin. 

Babiwig^ (nin) n. v. I have small 
limbe, (hands, feet, Ate.) 8. p.-t; 
p. h^wigid. 

Babiwigadey* (ndn) n. v. I have small 
legs; 3. p. 1.; p. heb..ded. 

Bdbiwigaigeyi,nin)n. v. I make small 
notches or incisions in maple-trees, 
(in sugar-making ;) 3. p. 1. ; p. 

JBdbimjiniminy (ftif»)n. v. pi. we are 
small, (an. objects ;) p. h^iw^i. 

Bdbiwmihe, (nin) n. v. I have small 
arms; 8. p. 1. ; p. h^..]ted. 

JSabiwinin^, (nin) n. v. I have 
small hands: 3. p. 1. ; p. h^„id, 

JBahifwitihkamy (nin) n. ▼. I leave 
smalt footsteps or traces behind 
me, in walking ; 3. p. I. ; p. M„ 

Bdbiwishkinfigwe, [nin) n. v. I hare 
small eyes; 3. p. 1. ; p., 

BahitDindet (nin) n. V. I have small 
feet ; 3. p. 1. ; p. Uh..dtd. 

Babiwitawag^t (nin) n. v. I have 
small ears; 3. p. 1.; p. heb..ged, 

Bdbwedana, (nin) ^,y, an. I blow 
a sick person, after the Indian fash- 
ion; 9. p. o hab,M ; p» heb..nad, 

Badagonigy (nin) pass. v. I am op- 
tyressed by the night-mare ; 3. p. 
hadagona; p. hedagonind, 

Badagoehian, (nin) a. v. in, t op- 
press it, or crusn it, putting my- 
self upon it f 3. p. iad*„ ; p. Ud., 

* See Note at AfMUgiOn 




£adago$Up<fW(t, (nin) a. v. an. I opr 
press him, I crust) him, putting 
myself upon him ; 3. p. o tad^^n; 
p. "bed,. wad. 

Badagosides^ {nin) n. v. I bum my 
foot putting it on some hat object; 
3. p.-o. p. oed,.8od. 

£adakdkwaany{nm) Ot, S. 

JBadakdJcwdwat (nin) a. v. im. Ot. 
S. SassagcJdtJDawa. 

Bag^ baga, in compositions, as end- 
syllables or in the middle of the 
word, signify leaves of trees or of 
plants; or some reference to leav- 
es ; as : MegwUbag^ among leaves. 
Sagtbaga, the leaves on the trees 
are coming forth. Ooghkdbagassin, 
. the leaves tremble or shake by the 

Bagdkddis, (nin) n. v. I ani not 
drunk, I am sober; 3. p.-^'; p. beg,, 
sid. S. Anissadis. 

Bagakadiaiwirhy s. soberness; [111. 

JSdganoioe, (nin) n. v, my cheek is 
swollen, (or, my cheeks are swoll- 
en;) 3. p. 1.; p. baiag.,ioed. 

£dga*hk(miae, (nin) n. v. my jaw is 
swollen, (my jaws are swollen;) 
3. p. l;p. bada.-ged- 

MUgidinaniwe, (mn) n. v. my tongue 
is swollen; 3, p. 1; p. baia„wed. 

jBUgidjdne, {nin) n, v. my nose is 
swollen; 3. p. 1.; p. baia..ned. 

£dgid(m, {nin) n. v, my mouth is 
swoHfln; 3, p, 1-; p. haia..dong. 

M&gitjadc^ l^ni^n ii. v. my leg is 
Bwolleii, (or» my legs are swoll- 
en;) 3. p. l-i p^ buia..ded, 

Mtig%^ondagant {nin} n, v. my throat 
is swollen; 3. p. i, ; p. haia..gang. 

MilgigasJikmjig^i^ (?*m) n. v, my eye 
ifl swoUerij (my eyes are swollen;) 
3. |i^ L; p. Wraj^i^i'^. 

M^g^iuUbe^ {nin) ti* v* my head is 
swtillcTi; 3. p. 1*; p. baia..bed. 

M&gi^^j^if {nm} n. v. my face is 
swollen; 3- p- I-t p- 

BA^inike^ {nin) ii,;v, my arm is 
twollen, (my arms are swo^en;) 
3, p»l»;p+ Wif.'W- 

Mgiam^ <fM») n. v. my bind is 

swollen, (my hands are swollen;) 

3. p. l.;p., 
Bdg^shf {nun) n. v. I mm swollen; 3. 

p. -*; p. baidgishid. 
£agi8hvwin, s. swelling^ tumor. 
Bdgiside^ {nin) n. v. my foot is 

swollen, (my feet are swollen;) 3. 

p. l.;]^,baia..ded. 
Bagistin, u. v. It is swollen; p. laH' 

BagUawage^ inin) n. v. my ear is 

swollen, (my ears are swollen^) 3. 

p. l.;p. baia..ged, 
Bagway or -vnagady u. v. it is shal- 
low, not deep, (a nver, lake &c..) 

p. haidgwag^ or -magdk. 
Bagwadny {mn) a. v. in. I insnd it 

by sewing a piece to it, I patch it ; 

3. p. o bag...; p. begwamg, 
JSamoadsa, {nm) n. v. I mend 

snoes by sewing a piece on, I patch 

them; 3. p. -o; p. beg.,sod. * 
Bagwdastabiy (mn) n. v. I mend a 

net; 3. p. 1.; p. beg, Mi. (The saxj^ 

as, nmooigwmDa asadh. ) 
£agwadjinaj{nin) a. v. an. 1 rip him, 

I take his entrails out; 3,p.o 

bag„n; p. beg..nad. 
JSagwadddsae, {nin) n. v. I mend^ or 

patch leggings; (miio**,. legging;) 

JSagwdiga/nf s. patch, piece; pi. -<w. 
£agwdig€y {nin) n. v. I am patching 

or mending clothes, &c.; 3. p. 1.; 

p. beg,.ged. 
£agwdig0winy s. mending, patching. 
JSagwaony {mn) n. v. I mend or patch 

a canoe oy sewing and pitching a 

piece of bark to it; 3. p. -o\ p. beg- 

MaqwaUgtMia aibi, u. v. the river it 

shallow; p. baiag„iag. 
JBagwdwa, {nin) a. v. an. I mend or 

patch some an. object; 3. p. o 

%CM..n-t p. beg..wad; imp. bagwa, — 

2mi mothwem bigoshka, nin tDiJHi- 

foa/wai my handkerchief i8toni» 
will mend it, (by sewing a piee« 
to it). 




J M^ aMm, or iiiay uJ , u* t. ihe 
waves brack on a shallow place, 
the surf is beating on a shallow 
place; p. baia..kagf or -mageik, 

JBa^oisstn, u. v. it touches the bot- 
tom; p. Jxii&gioiasinp.'-Osam hegho 
Uhigibifi hid dm-^amm, ta-bag- 
wistin tcMman; we go toe near the 
shore, the canoe will touch the 

BedaUlt-ijiwMsidy p. s. a. sinner, 
transgressor; pi. -jig. 

BmiiOarkgu^hlady p. s. a. habitual ac- 
cttser; pi. -jig, 

JStUiiUg jomirty s. raisin. 

Maiatmogadedf p. s. a. wood-louse, 
milliped, (millepedes;) pi. jtg. S. 

J^Miiioj, adv. at the same time, just 
at that time. 

J^afibaigas, (nin) n. v. I am stabbed j 
1 am speared; 3. p. -^; p. h6J..sod. 

JBcpibiHtea, (nin) a. t. an* I stab him; 
1 spear him; 3. p. o baj.^n; p. b^f.. 
torn; imp. haHba. 

jdcmdibadont (n»n) a. v. in. I make 
n so foil that is flows oyer, I fill it 
to overflow; 3. p. o6ay...;p. bej,. 

JSajidibij or -^magad^ u. v. it is under 
water, (a piece of ground, a point 
dec*,) it is overflowed; p. bej..bigt 
or -^magak. 

JBajididfiwan sibi^ u. v. the river is 
mgh, it flows at full banks; it 
overflows; p. bej..ang. 

Bajidindcm^ {nin) a. v. t». I prefer 
it; 3. p. 6at;...; p. bej..dang. 

B<ijfiddninMt {nin) a. v. on. I prefer 
him; 3. p. o baj..n; p. l^j.^mad. 

JSttjinanat (nin) a. v* an. I put him 
in danger of being killed, of pe- 
rishing in some manner; 3. p. o 
baj..n; p. hej..nad; imp. bajimtj. 
jSajinij (nin) n. v. I come near being 
idled, I am in danger of perishing, 
of bein|f lost, drowned, of dying of 
a eertam sickness, &c.; 3. p. 1; p. 
Baji»Hoagendatnj (nin) n. v. I am 
glad to oe taved, to have 68<»ped 

the <langer of b^g ktfied, or of 

I>erishingj 3. p. 1.; p. bej.Jang. 
Baiiton, (ntn) a. v. in, I miss it, I 

foil in the endeavor to have it; 3. 

p. baj...] p. h^itod. 
Bakadi^ (nm) n. v. I am hon^, I 

starve, I fast, I have nothing to 

eat; 3. p. 1.; p. hekad^. 
BahaddOf (nin) a. v. an. I ma^Le him 

hungry, I make him fast, I make 

him sufifer hunger; 3. p. o bak..n; 

p. b« 
BrnkadeidiSf (nin) r. v. I make m3rself 

suffer hunger, I make myself fast; 

3. p.-o; p. bek..»od. 
Bakadihamigad, u. r. 8. Bakadewi- 

Bakad4m, (nin)n. v. I weep or cry 

being hungry, I weep of hunger? 

3. p. -o; p. hehadamod. 
Betkadinoaan, (nin) a. v. in. I hung- 
er after it, I long after it, I desire 

it ardently; 3. p. ohak...: n. Wk.. 

dang. — JavMndaaomoag Mhadeno- 

dangig gtoaidko-btmhdisimn; bles- 
sed are they that hunger after 

Bakadimn^ s. hunger, famine, star- 
vation, want of provisions. 
Bakadiwinagadt u. v. there is fis- 

mine, hunger, starvation; p. Wfe.. 

Bakadetoiniwanj u. v. S. Bakadewi- 

nagad. P. beh-wang. 
Biikamch (nin) a. v. on. I cut 

through with my teeth some 4m. 

obj.; 3. p. bak..n; p. b4s..fnad. 
Bdkiin, adv. otherwise, difierently; 

another thing. 
Bakiinad, u. v. it is another thing, it 

is different; p. bskanak. 
Bakandan, (nin) a. v. in. I cut it 

through with my teeth; 3. p. o^ 

Jot...; p. bek..ang. 
Bakandiigadey or -^magad^ u. v. it is 

cut ihrough with the teeth; p. 

Bdkiinenim, (n^) n. v. I am divided 

in my thoughts, in my mind; 3. p. 

-^;p. b€k..mod, ' 




MMn m it^it , («•») r. v. iModi- 
vided against- jnytelf ; 3. p. -o^ p. 

B(Mnmindieomaffadt u. T. it U di- 
vided against itself p. heh^f^. 

BakthtUt (ntn) n. v. 1 am violet' ^Bahdi^eiatSbi, u. t.- the . river di- 

rrsonj (or some other on. objeet;) 
p. -*; p, lek^M. 

£akan-iMot<Hffet (nin) n. v. I am in 
my monthly flowings, (a woman.) 
Properly, I make my fire else- 
where, not in the lodge; (as the 
pagan squaws use to do at the time 
<tf their monthly flowings*) 

Baht^nwaia^ady u- v. it is of another 
sort or kind; p. hek..gah 

Bah&fmaiagisy (nin) n. v. I am of 
another nation; 3. p. -•; p. helcsid. 

Baki, {mn) n. v. I take another 
route, another direction, I take 
another branch of the road or trail; 
[C. je fourche;J 3. p. 1.; p. beked. 

Mah^auy adv. aside. 

Bakigahawy (m») n. v. I step aside, 
out of the road or trail; 3. p.-v p. 

Bakigabamtaiway (mn) a. v. an. I 
step out of the road or trail, to give 
him room to pass hy ; 3. p. o hak,Jhy 
p. beJs..toad. 

Bakigwmay s. separation of a lake, 
where a lake is divided in two 
branches by a projecting point. 
Bakigammgy in a place where 
there is a separation of a lake. 

B<%kiidiminy {fwn) c. v. we separate 
from each other, we leave each 
other: p. beh.didjig. 

B^kiiiminy s. separation of per- 

BaJUkaruh &dv. on the way-side. 

Bakimilcy s. young beaver of three 
years ; pi. -wag, 

Bakimo tnikana, u. v< the road 
splits, separates, divides; p. htki- 

BahiiikaMa, (nin) a« v. a». I leave 
him, quit him, I separate from him; 
I repudiate her, (bim;) 3. p. o 
hak..n'y p. hek.Mod, 

Bakiehkodadiminy (.nin) c. v. we| 

fttpvate ftmn each dtSb/Uj s i ^t 
eiatiy married people, we waakm a 
divorce; p. beLuiid^, 
BakisikodiuUwtny sv. Mf»aratioI^ di- 
vorce, repudiation. 

vides, it spUteout in two branches; 

p. bdk,.iag. 
Bakiweltma^ {nin) a. v. ai». I throw 

him aside, (any an. obj.) 3. p. o 

haJc.n; p. huc.Mod, 
Bdkiteekinany {nin) a. v. tn. I throw 

it aside; 3. p. o hak,.^ p. hek.,amf^ 
BakiwidoHy {nin) a. v. OA. I e^^- 

rate from su th., I leave it^ I qtfft 

it, give it up; I carry it eUwheiie; 

3. p. o hak...; p. htL^aod. 
Bakitoinay {nin) a. v. <m. I withdraw 

from him, depart from him» I take 

another road; 3. p. e bak..n, p. 

Bakiwina/n^ {nin) a. v. tA. I depart 

from it, withdraw from it, I put ii 

away; 3. p. o &aI^..; p. leh^jtmg. 
Bcbkiwity {nin) n. v. S. Baki, 
BakdU, {nin) n. v. I go into the 

water, (to bathe or to Meh a. th., 

&c.)3.p. l.;/p, behobid* 
Bakobtbato, (nin) n. v. I run into the 

water; 3. p. 1.; p. bek^.tod^ 
Bakobigwashkwany {nin) n. v. I j«imp 

or leap in the water; 3. p. -^ p. 

Bafcobina, (nin) a. v. <m. I launch or 

put him in the water xligh^y, 

(a person or any an. obj.) 3. p. o 

hak..n; p. hek..naa. 
Bakdbinany {iiin) a. v. m. I launch or 

put it in the water slightly; 3. 'p. 

bak...; p. b^k.ang.—NiAiktDanntn 

gi-baidbinaimin pit4ihinag9% we 

launched a vesselyesterday. 
BakobininajmoOy {nin) a. v. an, I bid 

him go in the water, I make him 

go in the water; 3. p. o bak.jik{y, 

bek..wad'y imp. bMbvninajd. — Nm- 

dai nin wi-hakdbininajawai, I will 

bid my dog go in tb^ water, (to 

fetch 8. th. out.) 
B(idt6bi9se, (fiM) n. v. I fall or slide 

in tht' water; 8. p. L; p. b€k.,tt4. 




BtUMistf or -^jMgMdt u. y. it fUdes' 
or faHs in the water; p. hek..8egj or 

ScMwitbinay (nt«) a. ▼. on. I throw 
him in the water; S. p. e kub..ii; p. 

3akobMbinanj (mn)a. t. tn. I throw 
it in the water; 3, p. ohak.,.; p. 

.SakfibiiceUnidiSi (nin) r. ▼. I throw 
myself in the water; 3. p. -o; p. 

Makufoindebina^ {nin) a. v. an, 1 pull 
^ him a tooth out; 3. p. o'bdL.n'y p. 

BdbwdlncUbidjiganf s. tooth-pincers; 
[F. davier;] pi. -a». 

3akwdhobidonAnin) a.T. an. I pull 
it out; 3. p. o Dal;..>; p. beh.doa. 

J^hwaidhina^ (win) a. y. an. I pull 
some an. obj. out; 3. p. o h(uc.,n; 
p. 5eib..nai; mip. -hy, — Jingwa- 
Moiu nin hahwakohina, I puH a 
young pine-tree out. 

JSakwt^lMtcTUbiJtebidonf (nin) or, nin 
hahwdhoicJubikaginani a. v. in. I 
pull it out with the root, I root it 
out; 3. p. oba^...; ^.heh-dod, or, 

Bahu/iiiMchibih^bina, (nin) or, nin 
hdkwakotchihihaginay a. '^. ail* I 
Xpull some an. obj. out with the 
root; 3. p. hak..n; p. hek.nod. 

Makteanf s. fruit of the vinegaMree; 
pi. -an. 

JBakwonatig, or, hakwanimy^ s. vin- 
egar-tree; [C. vinaigrier;] pi. -on, 
or, -in- 

^amind amadiminy (^nin) c. v. S. 
Babqm endamadiamn. 

J^amendamawa, (nm) a. v. an. S. 

Batnendan. ^amerdma. — S. ^a5a- 

mendan. JBdbamcnima. 
JSamidf (nin) a. v. an. I take care of 

Irim, I support him, I clothe and 

fe€Kl him ; 3. p. * batnian; p. be- 

Btmi%4kt (nin) r. y. I take care of 

iByselii I support myself ; 3. p.-o; 

JSa/mi4di8owin^^ iieli^pport. 

Bmm dii H ns s. 8iip|>oft, care of— e. 
body, sustenance. 

BaimiiMe, (ndn) n. v. I take care (of 
a person or persojts,) I giye sup- 
port, sustenance; 3. p. ].; p. &«> 

Bomdkan, (nin) a. v. in. I have it ia 
charge, I take care of it ; 3. p. <? 
ham...; p. hemihang. 

Bamiiawa, (nin) a. v. on. I have 
some on. obj. in charge, I take 
care of him, (her, it ;) 3. p. o bam.. 
n; p. hem.Mad. 

Bamikodadi8t (nin) r. v. S. Bamii- 

Bamiskwtdgadeg tagdigant a. screw; 
[that is, a turned or twisted nail.J 

Bamitagan^ s. servant, waiter; pi. 

Bamitdgey (nin) n. v. 1 serve, I am 

in service ; 3. p. 1. ; p. bem..ged. 
jBamiidgehwe, s. female servant, 

maid-servant, servant-girl ; pl.-j'. 
Bamitdgewiny s. service, state and 

condition of a servant. 
Bamitdgewininit a. male-s«rvant, 

servant ; ipl.-wag. 
Bamitan, (nin) a, v. in. I serve it, 

I labor in it or for it ; 3. p. o bami- 

tan; p, bemttang. 
Bamitasikan, (nin) a. v. in. S. B^ 

Bamitasihawa, (nin) a. v. an. S. 

Bamitawa^ inin) a. v. an. I serve 

him, I am nis servant; 3. p. o ba*f¥.. 

n; p. btm.Mod. 
Bamit^tij (nin) a. v. in. I take care 

of it, I support it ;'3. p. o bam... ; 

p. b&mitfjd. — Wewmi hi bamiton 

niiaWf you take well care of my 

body, (of me.) 
BatMdn^ (nin) a. v. in. I miss it, I 

don't hit it, (shooting or throwing 

at it ; ) 3. p. o ban... ; p. bmamg. 
BandbamOi {nin) a. v. an. I loees^i 

of him; 3. p. o ban..n; p. bm..mad<. 
Bandbandan, (nin) a. v. in. I lose 

sight oi it ; 3. p. o ban... \ p. Un.* 





BtmAdady* u. v. it is spoited, lost ; 
p. henadak. 

BwiAdendagos, (hm) n. v. I am con- 
sidered lost ; 3. p.-4 ; p. hen..8id. 

Boffhodendagwadj u .v. it is considered 
lost, despaired of; p. hen..toah. 

JSanddendamy (nin) n. v. I despair 
(6(b. th. or somebody;) 3. p. 1.; p. 
hen.. dang » 

Banadenddn, {nin) a. v. w,. I des- 
pair of it, I think it lost ; 3. p. o 
Salt... ; p. hm^dang. 
'£anademmaj (nin) a. v. an. I despair 
of him, I consider him lost ; 3. p. 

han..n;p. ben..mad. 
BanadenwMs, (nin) r. v. I despair 

of myself, I think myself lost ; 3. 
p.-Op- p, heK*,90fJ. 

Batiikfi^, {nitt) n. v I am losing 
prvjpfljty, Joeing rny soul, I am 
runnidg into perdition and ruin; 3. 
p.-^'/ p. Jmimwd. 

Bafiddidtffin, s. lows, ruin ; perdi- 
tion ; damnation. 

Bimddjt^t, {mn) a. v. iin. I spoil him, 

1 seduce, r tiin, lose, destroy him ; 
I condemn him, (a person or any 
other an. obj.) I waste some an. 
obj., I dissipate it ; 3. p. <? han..n; 
p. hen.. ad. 

Banddjiidis, {nin) r. v. I lose, ruin, 
destroy myself, I condemn myself, 
I cause my own damnation ; 3. p. 
~o; ID. hen..8od. 

BwnddjUwe^ {nin) n. v. I spoil, lose, 
destroy, ruin ; 3. p. 1. ; p. he^ 

Banadjiiwemagadj u. v. it is causing 
loss, destruction, ruin, damnation; 
p. hen,.gah. — Minikweshhimn me- 
mindcbge hanadjiiwemagad; the bad 
habit of drinking (ardent liquor) is 
especially causing loss, destruc 
tion, etc. 

Ban(Mdjiiweunny s. the causing of 
los9, damage, ruin; damnation* 

Banadjitage, {nin) n. v. I make 

•Note.— The frtqueiavtive of thic and the 
foUowing MTen verbs is formed by merelT 
donblisf the first syllable : as : Babanadad, 

damage to people ; 3. p. 1. ; p. l>eH.. 

BandtchUasa. {nin) n. v. I lose prop- 
erty, I sufiEer loss, damage ; 3. p. 
-(?; p. hen..8od. 

Banat<Mtas80win, s. loss of proper- 
ty, damage. 

Bcmadjitawa^ {win) or, nin hanadji- 
tamhaway a. v. am,. I spoil, lose or 
ruin something belonging to him, 
or any way relating to him ; 3. p. 

han..n; p. hen..wad. 
Banadjitchtaadef ox-magad, n. v. it 

is spoiled, damaged, destroyed, 
lost ; ^. hen..deg, or-magaJc. 

Banadntchigas, {rnn) pass. v. I am 
spoiled, destroyed, lost; 3. p.-o; 
p. hen..8od. 

Banadjitchwe, {mn) n. v. I cause 
damage, 1 am wasting, spoiling or 
destroying s. th.; I dissipate ; 3. p. 
1.; hen..g0d. 

Banadjitc%igewiny s. waste, devasta- 
tion, damage,^ desolation, ruin. 

BamdjUon^ {nm) a. v. in. I spoil it, 

1 ruin, destroy, lose it, I dissipate 
it, waste it; 3. p. o Jan...; p. wn.. 

Banaaanjishha^ {nin) n. v. I lose a 
nail, (on a finger or toe ;) 3. p. 1. ; 
p. hen.. had. 

Banagwdnaf {nin) a. v. an>. I miss 
him in my snare, he avoids my 
snare, or escapes out of it ; [C. je 
le manque au collet ;] 3. p. o han.. 
n ; p. hen..nad ; imp. hanagwaj. 

Banagwde, {mn) n. v. I avoid or es- 
cape a snare ; 3. p.-o; p. hen..sed. 

Bandig9f {nin)n, v. I miss, (shoot- 
ing, throwing, spearing ;) 3. p. 1. ; 
p. henaiged. 

Banasikan^ {nin) a. v. in. I bruise 
it, crush it; 3. p. ohan...; p. hen,* 

Banaaikmoat {nin) a. v. an. I bruise 
or crush him; 3. p. ohan.M; p. 

Bandwa, {nvn) a. v. an. I miss him, 
I don't hit him, (shooting, throw- 
ing, spearing;) 3. p. oban.^n; p. 
henawad ; imp. ha/nd. 




B<iflfi^<ik mannaifan, clean paper^ 
(that is, white, not written paper. 

^anijdivani s. slice of dried smoked 
venison ; pl.-<v». 

^amkonat (nin) a. v. an, I miss him 
in my trap, he avoids my trap, or 
escapes out of it ; 3. p. o oaah.,n; p. 
'ben..nad; imp. hanihoj. 

ManikoBt (fit*) n. v. 1 avoid or es- 
cape a trap, I was almost caught 
in a trap ; 3. p.-o; p. henikosod. 

Bcmna^ (nin) a. v. an. I let son^e 
an. obj. fall to the ground, I drop 
it, it escapes my hands ;3.p,oh<i- 
ninan ; p. heninad ; imp. hanin, 

Mnuiinan, fnin) a. v. in. I let it fall, 
I drop it ; 3. p. <? ban... ; p. heni- 

SamMkwatagant s. Mg. mask; pi. 

Banuhkwataqe^ (nin) v. n. Mg. I 
take a mask, I mask myself ; 3. p. 
1. j p. ben,.ged. 

Mt^mtamt (nin) n. v. I don't under- 
stand well what I hear; 3. p. 1. ; 
p. benitang. 

JSdnitdnf (nin) a. v. in. I don't un- 
derstand it, (although I hear a 
confused sound ;) 3. p. o Ian... ; p. 
henitang. ' 

JBamtawa, (nin) a. v. an. I don't un- 
derstand him well, (although I hear 
him talking;) 3. p. oJ>an..n; p. 

JBanBcint (nin) a. v. in. I broil or 
grill it ; 3. p. o hansan; p. hensang. 

JSangway {nin) a. v. o/n. I broil or 
grill AOme an. obj.; 3. p. o 'ban..n; 
p. hengwad ; imp. langwi. 

Bapy (nrn) n. v. I laugh, 1 smile ; 3. 
p. hiapi; v.haiapid. 

Bapia^ (nm) a. v. an. Uaugh at 
him> 1 smile at him friendly, kind- 
ly ; 3. p. o hdpian ; p. haidpiad. 

JBaptfima, (nin) a. v. an. I revile 
him ; 3. p. hap..n; p. haia..mad. 

Bapijimay {nin) a. v. wn. I speak to 
mm urgently, commanding him ; 
3. p. hap..n\ p. hep..mad. 

Bap^inddnj (nin) a. v. in. I coomiand 
it urgently ; 3. p. o hap...; p. he 

B^Hnmdam, (nin) n. v. I icjoiee ia 
tnoughts ; 8. p. 1. ; p. haia..ang. 

Bapinendamona, (nm) a. v. an. I 
make him rejoice in thoughts; 3. 
p. hap..n ; p. haia..nad. 

Bapinendamowinf s. rejoicing, joyful 
thoughts, joy. 

Bdpinenim. (nin) n. v. I rejoice, I 
am joyful, gay, glad; 3. p.-o; p. 

Bdpinenimoa^ (nin) a. v. an. I make 
him rejoice, I make him ga^T) glad, 
joyful ; 3. p. o hap..n ; p. haia,Md ; 
imp. hapinenimd. 

BapiTiemmowiny s. joy, rejoicings 
pleasure, gayness, merriment. 

Bapinisiwagani s. an. eminent dan- 
^ety peril, dangerous thing; pl.-a^. 

Bapmodage, {nin) n. v. I scorn; I 
waste ; 3. p. 1. ; p. haia..ged. 

Bapinodagewiny or haf^inodwnowin, 
8. scorning, derision, mockery, 
scoffing ; wasting, spoiling. « 

Bdpinodant (nm) a. v. «i». I laugh at 
It, I ridicule it, mock it, deride it ; 
I waste it ; 3. p. o hap... ; p. haia., 

Bdpinodawa, {nm) a. v. an. I laugh 
at him, I deride or ridicule him, I 
mock him ; I waste some an. obj.; 
3. p. hap..n ; p. haia..wad. , 

BdpuK or babdptehy adv. This word 
always occurs connected with an 
adverb of negation, ibo, hswiny hego; 
and is employed to give an addi- 
tional torce to the negation or pro- 
hibition. — Kantfin hapifii ; no, not 
at all. Kego hapiek ijaken wedi ; 
don't go there at all. 

Bapishk, {nin) n. v. I like too much 
to laugh, 1 am in a habit of laugh- 
ing always ; 3. p.-t ; p. haia.. hid. 

Bapitamowimken, {nin) a. v. in. I 
expose it to laughter, I make it 
dmculed : 3. p. o haja... ; p. haiap.. 
Teed. — Ki oapUamowvniken hid ano- 
hiwiny you make people laugh at 
your work. 

Bapitamowinih^naiiy (^nin) a. v. an. 
I make some an. obi. riaiculed ; 3. 
p. hap... ; p. haia,.is€d, (V. Co^.) 




Mpttm. {nin) a. v. »ft. Ilaugfa at it, 

Imock, dendcJ, ridicttle it ; 3. p. <? 

^ojP... ; p< ba4apitod, 
Si^minn^'B. laughing^, laughter. 
Batthar^eigim, a. whip ; scourge ; 

lash ; pl.-an, 
Baahcmjiiaa^j (nin) pass. v. I am 

whippedf, scourged ; 3. p.-© ; p. 

' Baahanjiige^ {nin) n. v. I wMp, I 

ehastise ; 3. p. 1. ; p. hesh..ged, 
Bmthanjiigewin,, s. chastisement, 

whipping, scourging, flagellation, 

Boiham^hjoa^ {nin) a. v. wn. I whip 

him, scourge hmi, chastise him ; 

I lash him: 3. p. o ba8h,.n; p. besh.. 

wad; imp. bashaaiAi, 
BofMgwaais^ {nin) n. v. I am ca- 
pricious, I am self-willed ; 3. p.-t; 

p. besh..eid, 
Bashhcinstan, (nin) or, nin Jmkwdbo- 
< waaswn, a. v. m. I scald it, I pour 

boiling water on it ; 3. p. o has.,. ; 

p. be3..ang. 
BasAisobissodiSi (nin) or, nin hasfowa- 

bowaas, r. v. i scald myself with 

boiling water ; 3. p.-o ; j). be8.,8od. 
Betahkobtsawat {mn) or, ninbaakwa' 

boioaaawa, a. v. an. I scald him, 

pouring boiling water on him, (a 

person or any other an, object ; 3. 

p. baa..n; p. bea..toad; imp. baah.. 

Baahihufiigan, s. lancet for bleeding; 

BaakihwUga, {nin) n. v. I let blood, 

I bleed somebody; 3. p. I. ; p. 

Bdakihoeigewin^ s. blood-letting, 

BdahUcwkoa^ {nin) a. v, an, I bleed 

him ; 3. p. ba8.,n ; p. lata.. wad ; 

imp. baakihwi, 
Baaa, {nin) n. v. I dry, I become 

dry ; 3. p. hdaao ; p. baidaaod.—Ha- 

bagissaaog gi-hassowag^ the boards 

dned, (became dry.) 
Bdaaaawagami, or-magady u. v. it is 

thick, (some liquid ;) p. beaa^img^ 

oT^magak. (The same as Paaag- 


BaadidtotUntffint {nin) n. t. I have 

sticky hailds, (from pitch, etc.) 

3. p -♦ ; p. beaa,.md, 
Bdaaama, (nin) n. v. I am drying 

meat, or other objects ; 3. p. 1. ; 

p. baidaaamad, 
Baaaafinawiny s. the act of drying s. 

Bdasan, {nin) a. ▼. in. I dry it; 3. 

p. dbaaaan ; p. baidaaad, 
Bdaaaaadbanakf s. pole to hang a net 

pn to dry, net-drying pole : pl.-<wi. 
Bdaaikfjdan^ {nin) a. v. in. I match 

it (with a matcning plane ;) 3. p. <? 

baaa,..: p. baia..ang. 
Baaaikodjtgant s. matching plme ; 

Bdaaihona^ {nin) a. v. an. I match it, 

{an, obj.) 3. p. o b€a..n ; "p, baia,, 

nad ; imp. oaaaikoj.-Nabagiaaagog 

nin baaaiksonagy I am matching 

Baaaihwibinaf (nin) a. v. an, I tie or 

bind s. th. round his head ; 3. p. o 

baaa..n : p. bea8..nad. 
Baaaihwebiay (^nin) r. v» I put or tie 

8. th. round my head ; 3. p.-o ; p. 

Baaaikwibiaon, s. any thing tied 

round the head ; [G. Koptbinde ;] 

Basaingwewa^ {nin) a. v. I strike him 

in the face; 3. p. o baaa..n; p. 

heaa..wad; imp. baaamgwi, 
Bdaeiaid pakwejigany s. an. flour. 
Baaaitdganj a. an, sunflower; [F. 

tournesol ;] pl.-a^. 
Bdaawa^ {nin) a. v. an. I dry some 

an. obj.; 3. p. o baaawan ; p. baiaaa- 

Bdtor-. This particle, prefixed to 

verbs OS substantives, gives them 

a signification which implies the 

idea of ain, wrongs damage, { Ex- 
amples in some of the following 

words. ) 
Bata-dodagey {inH) n. v. I do wrong 

to people, I sin against somebody ; 

3. p. 1.; p. baia.ged, 
Bata-dodagemagady u. v. it is doing 

or causing evil, wrong, damage, it 
I occasions sins; p. baiat,.fak,- 


•8 Bi^ 

fad ; firewater causes mtich btII, 
wrrone, damag^e, sin. ) 

JSaia-dodamj (mn) n. t. I do wrong, 
I sm, (in action ;)3. p. 1.; p. 6a»a.. 

JS&tcHiodamoa^ {nin) a. v. an. I make 
him sin, I seduce him into sin ; 3. 
p. o hat..n ; p. 

Mtadowin^^ s. sin, bad action, fault, 
vice, transgression, crime ; pl.-< 

JBatadowinensy s. dim. small sin, 
renial sin, slight fault or trans- 
gression ; ipl.-an* 

£ata-gijwef Inin) n. ▼. I speak sin- 
fill wicked words ; I blaspheme ; 
3. p. 1.; p. ba4a..wte>d. 

JBcUa-gijwewiny s. sinful speaking; 

BataidUy (nin) r. ▼. I hurt, damage, 
or wrong myself ; I sin ; 3. p.-o ; 
p. baia..9od, \ 

JBata-mtoebady u. y. it is sinful, it is 
wicked, wrong; p. baia.JkJt. 

^ata-ijnoebiit (nin) n. v. I sin, I am a 
sinner, I am wicked ; 3. p.-»; p. 

£ata-ijiwebi8vu>my s. sin, sinfulness, 
wickedness, bad sinful behavior or 

£atainadf u. v. there is much of it ; 
p. baia..nak. 

Bata-indmd^ {nAn) n. v. def. I sin ; p. 

JBata-inenaamt (nin) n. v. 1 have a 
sinful thought, or sinful thoughts, 
I sin in thoughts ; a p. 1.; p. data.. 

Bata-inendamowinj s. sinful thoughts, 
sinful thinking ; pl.-^^. 

3aiainit n. v. 3. p. there is mneh of 
it, (<m. obi;) they are numerous; 
also, he has a large family. P. 
haddtamid,-Batdini Jonia oTna, 
there is much money here. Matai- 
ni Jagcmttshy th^Knglish are nu- 
merous. Bataini aw anUhinabe, 
this Indian has a numerous fam- 

Batainimiu, (nin) or, nin bataimh 
mmj n. v. pi., we are in great num- 

ber, we are nuraerootf. 3. p. pi. 
hatainiwagt or bataiiMt^ag. V.bina- 

JSatainonikaSi (nin) n, v. S. Mitki" 
nonikfu. * 

Batajitwa^ (m»> n. v. I commit a 

^ wicked action, a misdeed ; 3. p. 1.; 
p. baia, .wad. 

JSatajitwawmj s. misdeed, crime, bad 
action ; pl.-an. 

BAtamdy (nin) a. v. an. I accuse 
him, 1 give testimony against him, 
I condemn him by my testimony ; 
3. p. o bat..n ; p. oaddiamad. 

Bataohgej (nin) n. v. I accuse, I give 
testimony to conviction, to con- 
demnation ; 3. p. 1.; p. baidi4mg0d, 

Batan^hk, (mn) n. v. I am in a 
habit of accusing ; 3. p.-t ; ip.haia.. 

Batang0winy s. accusation, testirao- 
ny to conviction, to condemnation. 

Bdtas, (mn) r. v. I hurt myself, I 
damage or wrong myself, I lame 
myself ; I sin ; 3. p. bata§o ; ^haia- 

Bataahinj n. v. 3. p. some an. 
obj. i^ m a difficult position or sit- 
uation, it cannot well be taken out 
or away ; p. baia..%ng. 

Batasiwiny s. infirmity, the hurting, 
injuring or laming of one's self ; 
also, sin. 

Baiasstny u. v. it is in a wrong or 
difficult position or situation, it 
cannot well be taken away ; p., 

Batawe, (nin) n. v. I sin in wjrds ; 3. 
p. 1.; p. baiatawed. 

Bate, or-magady u. v. it is dry ; p. 
baiategy ox-magdk. 

BaUgiqoy s. dried fish ; pL'-iaJ^. 

Batimtny s. a dry whortleberry ; i^.- 

Batimishimint s. dry apple ; pl.-o^. 

BativoiiatSy dried meat. 

Bdtinady u. v. S. Batainad. 

Batiniy u. v. 3. p. S. Bataini, 

Batinogadiy n. v. 3. p. it has many 
feet, (an msect, called millepedes, 
or, milliped ; [F. cloporte ; G. Kel- 
teiwurm ;] p^ baiatinogmd4fd. 




Mautf^ <««») a. v. «f». I knock Uoff 

witk a stick, (wild rice;) also, I 

thrash it ; 3. p. Jxi/waan ; p. be- 

£wwddjigani s. dream; pl.-on. 
£(Uoddjiget (nin) n. T. I dream ; 3. 

p. 1.; p. belonged, 
£awdigan, or hawatgwnaij a. a stick 

to knocK out wild rica, etc.; flail ; 

•pl-anj or an. 
£awdiminan, s. a kind of wild cher- 
ry ; pl.-<w». 
Bawdiminana^a/toanjt s. a wild cher- 
ry-tree ; pl.-i«. 
JBawdna, (nin) a. v. an. I dream of 

him ; 3. p. o Jxnwdnan ; p. lewd- 

JBawigina^ {nin) a. ▼. an. I strike off 

the dust from it, (an. obj.;) 8. p. o 

5aw..«/p. hew..nad.-Ninmo8hv}em 

nin bawegma^ I shake off the dust 

from my nandkerchief. 
Matciginant (nin) a. v. in. I shake off 

the dust from it ; 3. -p. o haiff...; p. 

£awinitkvn\ (nin) n. v. I fall and 

hurt myself; 3. p. 1.; p. 
MoAvinigade'i OT-magad, u. v. it is 

shaken off; p. bew..d€gy or-mor 

Bawiaideskimony (nin) n. v. I shake 

off the dust or snow from my feet ; 

3. T^.-o ; p. bew..nod. 
Ba^jDuideshimonawin^ s. |my thing to 

wipe the feet on ; pl.-a«. 
BAvntideta/uoa^ {nin) a. v. afi. I shake 

off the dust of my feet against him ; 

3. p. batc.n ; p. bew..wad. 
Bdvntigt (pron. baotig^) rapids in a 

river ; [F. rapide, saut.] 
Bdteitingf (pron. Baoting,) Saut 

de Samte Marie; (Saint Mary's 


Bamwebinaf (nin) or, nin hawiwebish- 
iawa, a. v. an. I shake him off, 
(any an. obj.) 8. p. obaw..n; p. 

Bawiwebinan^ (nin) or, nin batoiwe- 
bishJkanf a. v. in. I shake it off; 8. 
p. o baw...; p. hew..ang, 

B4baka»^ ady. separately, different- 

ly»in dsflG«r«Bt diiectmi, in differ- 
ent places. 

Bebamadisidf p. a. a. traveler, pas- 
senger ; pl.-^y. 

Bd)dfnibaigod bebejigoganjint p. a. a. 
one who is carried in a carriage ; 
p\.-godji4f b^... s 

Bebamomigod bebejtiy $ganjin, p. a. a. 
one that is carried about on the 
back o{ a horse, a rider, a horse- 
man ; pl.-^odjig bek ... 

Bebdnanaotama^ed, p . s. a. one that 
goes about begging, beggar, men- 
dicant; pl.-;;«^. 

Bebdpinmdy or, bebiipimDed, p. s. a. 
one who jokes, joker, jester, wag; 
[G. Spassvogel ;J pl.-;^. 

Bebijig^ num. some, a few ; one by 

Bebijiaogaffhjiy s. horse, 7 animal with 
one hoof, that is, uncloven hoof;) 
pL-p.-S. Kanj. 

B^ejtgoganji-btnaktoiigant or bebeji- 
aoganji'bimkwanf s. curry-coinb> 
horse-comb ; pl.-a». 

Bebejigoganji-manomm, a. oats, (prop- 
erly, horse-rice. ) 

Bebejigoganji nin bimomdg, the horse 
carries rae on his back, I ride on 

B^)ejtgoganjin8, s. dim. colt, filly; pi. 

Bebejigoganji-dnapisowinj a. harness 
of a horse; pl.-on. 

BebijigoganJi.-ceoiDf a. hor8e-tail.-S. 

Beb^igoganjiwigamig^ a. stable for 
horses, (horse-house;) pl.-o». 

BebijigoganjiwimOf a. horse-dung. 

Bebpigogaf^i-toinisissafk, a. the mane 
of a horse, (horse-hair.) 

BeUshOf adv. near together, near one 
another, thickly .-]&«66»Ao nin da- 
min, we live near together. Be- 
besho ani-atewan odentmam, ; there 
are villages all long at short dis- 
tances from each other. 

BebiUnong, adv. differently .-£piM» 
bebikinong nind inenimasngy I 
don't think them different, (1 doni 
esteem them differently, but aliks, 
without respect of persons.) 



JMiteH^ s. an. the &nt Btonuieh of 

niminating anknals. 
Btbiwifimdjigy p. s. a. pL the little 
ones, the amali oaes, (persons or 
other an. objects.) Bebiunjimd^ 
abMwdjiiagy little children. £eH- 
wijimdjig (ypinig^ small potatoes. 
S. £(wiwij'immin. 
B^lcwedagiminq-gisisst s. an. the 
month oi April ; (the snowshoe- 
breaking moon.) 
Bidf bedjf in compositions, signifies 
akw^ dock. (Examples in some of 
the following words.) 
Bidendwm, (nin) n. v. I am slow, (in 
mythougnts and resolutions;) 3. 
p. 1 . ; p . hadidendang. 
Bddendamawin, s. slowliness of 

mind, thought, resolution. 
Bidjihato, (m»] n. v. I run slowly ; 

3. p. 1.; p. haictod. 
Bidji^^ (»m) n. v. I grow slowly ; 3. 

p,-^; p. haie..gid, 
Bidjigmy u. v. it grows slowly; p. 

Bidjissin, {nin) n. v. I eat slowly ; 3. 

p.-i; p.haie.^nid. 
B^djiw, Inin) n. v. I am slow in my 
doings, works, etc.; 3. p.~t; p.^w.. 
Bidomey {nin) n. v. I walk slowly ; 

3. p. 1.; p. hdie..sed. 
Bijig, num. one ; a certain ; the oth- 
er .-54;i^ hwiwisensy a certain boy. 
Bejig kiniky thy other arm. 
Bejigy {nin) n. v. I am one ; I am 

alone ; 3. p* hejigo : p. baiejigod, 
Bejig nijiwady one oi the two, {cm. 

Bejtgoenimay inin) a. v. I think only 
on him, I think constantly on him ; 
3. p. hej..n; p. haie.,mad. 
Bijig6kam, {nin) n. t. I am alone in 
a canoe or boat ; 3. p. 1.; p. baie,. 
Bejigetnina^, a, an, one.— This word 
alludes to a globulous object ; as: 
BejigominagtchieSy bejigominag mi- 
ihtmin ; one turnip, one apple. 
B^onjany s. an only child. 
Bi^^mjCy (nin) n. v. I have only one 
child; 3. p. 1.; ^.bai4..jed. 

Jf^figot^!, emt bieadth of elotb, if 

eotton, linen, etc. 
Bijigvfabiky a, an, one ; alluding to 
metal, »toney glass ; as : Bmg- 
webikjcniia ki-mmin, I give tboe 
a dollar. 

WasseUhigandbik nin gi^bigwaan 
b^igwabiky I broke a window* 
B^igwakwoagam^. S. Ningotwak- 

BijigwaUy u. v. it is one, one thing, 

the same thing. 
Bijigwanongy adv. always in the 
same place ; always the same 

Btjigwatig, a, an, one ; alluding to 
woody as : Biji^aiig nahagissagy 
hejigwatig dbwt ; a board, or one 
board, one paddle. 

Bijigwegy a, an, one; alluding to 
stuff, a blanket, a handkerchief, 
etc. I as : Bejigweg waboian nin gi- 
mimgOy win dash bejigweg mosh- 
wen; a blanket was given to me, 
and to him a handkerchief. 

B^i^wendagwady u. v. it is consid- 
ered all one and the same thing ; 
p. baii..wak. 

B^tgtoetidagosvminy {nin) n.v. pi. we 
are considered all one and the 
same person ; p. baie,.sidjig. 

Bijigwtndamy {nin) n. v. I have al- 
ways the same thought, I am eon- 
stant ; 3. p. 1. ; p. baie..ang. 

BejigwendamiUy {nin) n. v. pi. we 
think all the same thing, we are 
united in our thoughts and senti- 
ments, we agree together ; p. baie,. 

Bejigwendamowiny s. the same 
thought, unity and conformity of 
thoughts and sentiments, concord; 

Bikay adv. slowly, quietly, gently. 

Beka ! interj. stop ! hold on ! not so 
ouick ! 

Bekadendagosy {nin) n. v. I am long* 
suffering, patient ; 3. p.-«; p. baie.. 

Bekadendagosiwin, s. long-sutfering, 




mild) meeK, forbearing ; patient in 
ootttnidictionB, (wttKouisuffering't) 
9w p.-« ; p. bai€..eid. 

JMkadiswfm, h. tranquillity, stili and 
quiet behavior, mildnesa, meek> 
-ness ; patience. 

Jkk ado we, {nm) n. v. I speak low, 
(not loud ;) 3. p. 1.; p. haie.Med. 

3Aa nin Tcotagendam^ n. v. 1 am pa- 
tient in sufferings^ in sickness, la- 
bor, persecution. 

Belcanin kotagis. JBeha nin Jeota- 
gito,-S. JBeka nifi IcotagenAam. 

Sikanisidf p. s. a. another one. 

£6hishi sidv. at the same time. 

Slikomdnagakhashhdbikaigaifii s. pad- 
lock, (round lock.) 

Mimdaagadf p. s. a. one that smms, 
a swimmer; pl.-;;*^. 

SimAdawaindy p. s. a. one that 
squints, a squmter ; ph—^jig. 

Bim&distdy p. s. a. one that lives, 
somebody; p\.-bemaiimd^, peo- 
ple, folks, the world. 

JBinmatod^ p. s. a. one that runs, a 
runner; p\.--jig. 

Btfmdekadeg pdshkisigany s. cara- 
bine. S. Mmddekade.'-Tlm sig- 
nifies properly : "Greased gun." — 
They call it so, because they al- 
ways grease the stuff in which the 
ball is wrapped up, before they 
ram it into the barrel of the car- 

Bimigedj p, s. a, one living in a 
house or lodge, an inhabitant ; pi, 

BiTMgiididjig, pi. neighbors in a vil- 
lage, etc. 

^igoganjtn^ p. s. Si. one 
that is' carried by a horse, a rider j 
'bem..djig leb... 

Bemoeaeesig^ p. s. a. one that does 
not walk, a lame person, unable to 
walk, a cripple ; pl.-o^. 

Benadjitod od aiiman^ p. s. a. one 
that wastes his things, a spend- 
thrift, squanderer, j^roaigal per- 
son ; pi. henadjitodjig od aiimi- 

Mhtgmi (««b>ii. ▼. I am dr^r not wee; 

3. p.~t ; p. urimgcM, 
BSnjrw^Aamifat u. v. the gfound «r 

soul is dry ; p. h€Ue..fii^, 
Bingwan, n. v. it is dry; p. hoMmg- 

Bdngwanamj {nin) n. v. my throat 

is dry, I am thirsty ; 3. p.-o ; p. 

Biakibia^ {nin) a. v. on. I marK it, , 

{an, obj.) I maKe marks or figures 

on it ; 3. p. obej.^nj p. bai€.*ad. 
B^skibioHf {nin) a. v. in. 1 make 

marks or figures on it; 3. p. o ^*...; 

p. baie..ang. 
Beshibiiget {nin) n. v. X marK, I 

make marKs, on s. th.; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Beshigaigan, s. a thing to mark with^ 

a scratch-awl, a graver, etc ; pl.- 

an, ^ 

Bisho, adv. near ,nigh, close by, 
Bishodjia^ {nin) a. v. dm. I draw nigh 

him, I approach him, I come to 

him ; 3. p. o besh^.n ; p. baie.,ad, 
Bishodpion^ {nin) a. v. iti, I draw 

nigh it, I approach it, come to it ; 

3. p. o be»k.,» ; p. baii.,tod, 
BisKo nin taiokif I make a short 

step ; bebisho nin takokij or, besko 

nin tatakokiy I make short steps 

in walking. — S. Wassa nin takdki, 
Beshosikagon, {nin) p. v. it comes 

near me ; 3. p. o besh..* ; p. baie., 

Beshosikany {win) a. v. in. I cmne 

near it ; 3. p, o besh...; p. bate.. 

Beshosikawa, {nin) a. v. an. I come 

near him, I approach him ; 3. p. o 

besh.M ; p. ba4i..wad. 
Bishmoady u. v, it is near, close by ; 

p. bai^howak. 
Beshdwendagwadf u. v, it is consid- 
ered near ; p. baicwak. 
Bethowenddnt (nm) a. v. tn, I think 

it is near, I hnd it near, (walking 

from one place to another)^ 3. p. 

Bisika {nin) n. v. I walk, navigate 

or travel slowiy ; 3. p. 1.; p. bau* 





JMfarnif^W/ti. ¥. it ms or mmes 
slowly ; p. haM*.gaL 

Besikawin, s. slow Walking^ slow 

Bitohi^, (wv»)b. v. I grow ^ery slow- 
ly : 3. p.-»' ; p. haiUckigid. 

JSStchigifn, u. v. it grows very slowly ; 
p. hmcAng. 

£ewendago8t (wf») n. v. I am worth 
little ; 3. p.>f ; p. haicdd. 

Bewendagwadj u. v. it is worth little; 
p. haie^.toak. 

Bew^anf {nin) a. v. if*. I think lit- 
tle of it, I esteem or value it little; 
3. p. o beW;. ; p. iMietoendarig. 

Bewenima, {nin) a. v. tnu I think lit- 
tle of him, I esteem him little ; 3. 
p. J>ew..n; p. baiie..tnad, 

BiwitagoSi (»«*) n. v. they mistrust 
my speakmg, they don't believe 
what they hear me say ; 3. p-^ ; 
p. bate,. aid. 

Biwitanj {nin) a. v. in. I hear it with 
mistrust, I make nought of the 
speaking I hear ; 3. p. <? bcw... ; p. 

Biwitawa, {nin) a. v. an. I listen to 
him with mistrust, I mistrust his 
speaking, I don't believe what I 
hear him say, I doubt of it ; 3. p. 

hew..n; p. baie..wad. 

£i-. This particle is prefixed to 
verbs or substantives, to give them 
the signification, of approacM^^ 
coming on\ as : Qi-nmoahwitoissi- 
nin^ come to dinner. Bi^naga- 
mMog^ come here to sing. 

Bit as end-syllable in some neuter 
verbs, signifies, filled with liquor ^ 
or otherwise relating to liquor jas: 
Dibibiy he drank enough. Oawi- 
U,he falls being drunk. ModAi- 
gtbij he is gay and joyful in his 
intoxication ; etc. 

Bi, {nin) n. v. I wait ; 3. p. ^ ; p. 

Bia, inin) a. v. an. I wait for him, I 
await him ; 3. p. o biaoi, ; p. bHad. 

Bibdg, {nin^ n. v. I cry out, I shout, 

1 call loud ; 3. p.-» ; p. bebaaid. 
Bibagd, oi-miumy u. v. it is thin ; p. 

bebagag, OT^magdk, 

BAmMikMd,^. it tbiii, (a«W1;) 
p. beb.JBah.—0»mi UbagMlMd ow 
akweiwiiiy this fryihg-paii it tob 


BibagiibilU0,y {iUn)^.v.etn.l mftke 
it thin or thinner, I thin it, (relat- 
ing tojoniiai silver, or dmn, stone, 
which are «a. ) 

Bibagdbikisi awjoniia^ aw aseuhy this 
piece of silver, this stooe, is thin. 

BMgatandiwmy s. auction, (crying 

Bib^atawe^ (nin) n. v. I am selling 
at auction, ( I cry selling ;) 3. p. 1.; 
p. beb..U)ed. 

Btbagigady u. v. it is thin, (wood;) p. 
beb..gak. — Kitchi bibagigad h%ti- 
kinaganj thy cradle is very thin. 

Bibagigadt u. v. it is thin, (cloth, 
cotton, etc.) ip.beib..gak.-0$am bi- 
bagigad mandan adopowimginfthi» 
table cloth is too thin. 
Note. The difference between this 
and the preceding word consists 
only in the pronunciation, which 
must be beard. 

Bibagigitd,n. v. 3. p. it is thin, <a 
board : or some silk-stuff;) p.beb.. 

Bibagikodant (nin) a. v. in. I make 
it thin, (or thinner,) by cutting ; 
8. p. oftiJ...;p.*cft..aMg. 

Bibajikona, (nin) a. v an. I makf 
some an. obj. thin, (or thinner,) by 
cutting ; 3. p. obib..n ; p. beb..nad; 
imp. bibagikof. — Bibagikqf anjd na- 
bagissagona, cut that shingle thin- 

Bibdgimaf (nin) a. v. an. I call him 
with a loud voice. Nin bibf^gima 
anamievfigafnigong^ I nublish his 
bans of marriage m the church. 
3. p. obib..n: p. beb..inad. 

Bibitgimigon^ (nin) p. v. it calls aae; 
3. p. obib..*; p. bto..god. — Ninwi- 
mad/ay nin bibagimigon sa nind 
anoHwin; I must go, my work 
calls me. 

Bibiigindan, (»*») a. v. in. I call it ; 
3. p. aHB...; p. beb..ang. — O bib- 
agmddn nibowwif he calls death. 

Bibagingine^ (nin) n. v. I have tern- 




Dies, (on both ndes of the he«d ;) 
3f p. 1.; p. h^„ned. 

Bibdgislu^ {nit^) n. v. it tingles in 
my ears ; 3. p. 1. ; p. beb..ed. 

Mb^isi, D. V. 3. p. it is thin, (some 
an, ol^.)p. M,*nd. 

Miba>gism§a^ ox-fnagad, u. v. the 
floor IS tnin ; p. beh.^ga^^ ox-^ma- 

B^agistagiai. n. v. 8. p. it is thin, 
(a board ;) p. beb..nd. 

£tbagiwtn^ s. cry, loud calling, 
voice ; publication of the bans of 
marriage in the church. 

Bibagotam, (nin) n. v. I raise the 
death-whoop, indicating the num- 
ber of the enemies killed. 

Jiihagotamotom, s. Indian death- 

Btbi, kiss me, or, kiss him ; (in the 
language of children. ) 

Bibinehamatej ox-magaa^ u. v. the 
ground is dry, there is a drought, 
want of rain ; p. beb^.teg^ or-wia- 

Bibi?ieshHne^ ox-magad^ u. v. it is 
not pressed down, (111. tahlo ;) p. 
b€b..neg, ot-magak. 

Bihon, 8. winter ; year. Bthonongj 
last winter ; minawa tchi biborug, 
next winter ; bibdn^f or bebongin, 
in winter. I<fisso bibony nano bi- 
bofh, midasso bibon ; three years, 
five years, ten years. 

Bibonagadj u. v. year; p. bebonagak. 
— This word is always preceded 
by a number or adverb ; as : Anin 
efidasso-hihonagak eko-aiaian omal 
How many years hast thou been 
here ? — Jaigwa nishwasso hibona- 
gad eJco-aiaidn Wikwedong; I have 
now been eight years at L'Anse. 

Bihonagii, (nin) n. v. — This verb is 
only used in connexion with a 
number or adverb, to denote the 
age of a person ; as : Anin endas- 
to-bibonaguiianl How many years 
art thou old ? — N^tana nin dasso 
hibonctgist nishime dash midasso 
\>ibonagisi; I am twenty years 
old, and my brother ten years. 

Bib6n44hy (nin) n. v. I winter, I am 

in Bj winter-quarter ; I wpmd the 
winter-season in a certain place ; 
3. p.-t : p. beb.,id, 

Bibonishtinagad, u. v. it winters, it 
remains or lies somewhere over 
winter ; p. beb.ffai. — Mi oma at- 
biboniihtmagai ow nabikwan; this 
vessel will lie here over winter, 
(it will winter here.) 

Btbdnishiwin, s. wintering ; winter- 

BtD67iiwai(mf a. an. winter-skin, 
winter-fur ; pl.-fl^. 

Bibdn-mikana, s. winter-path, 
(wheie they use to walk only in 
the winter-season ;) pi. n. 

Bidy bidj, bufji^ in compositions, sig- 
nifies coming this way^ approaeh' 
ing. (Examples in some of the 
followmg words.) 

Bidabama, (nin) a. v. an. 1 see him 
coming this way ; 3. p. o \)id..n ; p, 
bad.. mad. 

Bidabany u. v. it begins to dawn, 
the break of day ; p. badabang. 

Bidadagak, (nin) n. v. I am coming, 
on the ice ; 3. p.-o ; p. bad..(,d. 

Bidademy {nin) n. v. 1 come weep- 
ing ; 3. p.-o ; p. bad.. mod. 

Bidadjim, {nin) n. v. I come to tell 
s. tn., 1 bring a news or story ; 3, 
p.-o ; p. 

Btdadjimofngey {nin) n. v. I come to 
tell people s. th.; 3. p. 1.; p. bad., 

Bidadjimotan, {nin) a. v. in. I come 
to tell it ; 3. p. bid...; p. bad., 

Bidadjimofatpa, {nin) a. v. an. 1 
come to tell him s. th. I bring him 
news ; 3. p. o bid..n ; p. bad..ttHid, 

Bidadjimowiny s. report, news 
brought in ; pl.-on. 

Bidagimosse^ {nin) n. v. I am com- 
ing on snOwehoes ; 3. p. 1.; p. bad., 

Bidaginan, {nin) a. v. in, I bend it 
towards me, (wood;) 3. p. o bid...; 
p. had.. ang. 

Bidamattaj {riin) a. v. an. I bring 
him a. th. ; 3. p. o bid,.n; p. bad., 




Biddntmad. u. ▼. the wind is com- 
ing; p. had.,inak. 
Biddahy {nin) n. v. I am coming 
> with the wind, (sailing this way 

before the wind;) 3. p.-i ; p. hada- 

Middsif inin) n. v. I bring ; 3. p. hi- 

dasso', p. hadoMod, 
JBiddsgamishka, (nin) n. v. I am 

coming this way in a canoe, boat, 

&c. 3. p. 1.; p. oad..had. 
Biddssamosae^ {nin) n. v. I come this 

way, 3. p. 1.; p. had..8ed, 
JBxddasin^ u. v. it is coming here by 

the wind; p. hadassing.r-Ndbikwan 

bidasnn, a vessel is coming. 
JSidawat inin) a. v. aw. S. Bidama- 

Bidibissat u. v. a shower of rain is 

coming; p. ha.. sag. 
Bidihwdkonei or-^magad, u. v. the 

fire makes noise ; p. hed...ned. 
Bidina, inin) a. v. an. I give him or 

it, (some an. obj.) 3. p. o hidtnan ; 

p. hddinadj imp. oidvn. 
Bidlnamawa, (nm) a. v. an. I give 

him or ittonim, into his hands ; 

3. p. hid..n; p. had.. wad. 
Bidinauy (nin) a. v. in. I give it, {in 

obi.) 3. p. bid...; p. hddinang. 
BidipOjOx-magadyM. v. a snow-storm 

is coming; p. hadipogf ox-^magak. 
Bidisamaj {nin) a. v. a/t. S. Bid- 

Bidjanohiy {nin) or, hi-anoki, n. v. 

I come here to work ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

BidjibatOy {nin) n. v. 1 come here 

running; 3. p. 1.; p. ha.. tod. 
Bidjibiamago^ {nin) pass, v. I re- 
ceive a letter ; 3. p. oidjibiamawa', 

p. hadiihiamawind. 
Bidjihiae, ox-magadt u. v. it comes, 

sliding or flying, it slides ; p. had,. 

dea^ ox-magak. 
Bidjibiigan, s. letter received, pl.- 

BidAibieo hineehi n. v. 3. p., the bird 

stkles through the air: p. had.*eod. 
Bidfidabi {nin) n. v* I come here, 

dragging fl. th. after me ; 3. p. L ; 


Bidjidjiwan^ u. v. it runs this way, 

(water, &c.) p. bad..ang. 
Bidjigadey ox-magady u. v. it is 

brought hither; p. haa..deg, ox-^ma- 

BtdjigSwa, {nin) a. v. an. I supplant 

him with my /oo< ; 3. p. o htd..n; 

p. had.. wad; imp. Udj%gi. S. Bieo- 

Btdjigidas, {nin) n. v. I come hert 

an^ry : 3. p.-«; p. had.. sod. 
Bidjija, {nin) or, nin hi-ija, n. v. I 

come here ; 3. p. 1. ; p. ha..jad. 
Bidjimagoe {nin) n. v. I am smelled, 

my odor comes; 3. p.-t; p. had..sid. 
Bidjimagwady u. v. it is smelled, its 

odor comes ; p. had..wah. 
Bidjimassiae^ {nin) a. v. I spread 

the smell or odor of s. th. ; 3. p. 

l.;p. had..ged. 
Bidjinikawa, {nin) a. v. an. I push 

or shove him on with my arm or 

arms; 3. p. o hid..n ; p. had.Mod. 
Bidjinissiton^ {nin) a. v. in. 1 push 

or shove it somewhere; 3. p. o 

hid ..;p. had.. tod. 
Bidjisse hineshU n. v. 3. p., the bird 

flies hither, to this place ; p. had- 

Bidjisse, ox-^nagady u. v. it flies hi- 
ther, this way ; p. hadjissegy or- 

Bidjttass, {nin) n. v. I carry a load 

before hand to a place whither 1 

intend to move ; 3. p.-o ; p. hadji- 

Bidjiwakwane, {nin) n. v. I put on 

my hat; 3. p. 1.; p. hadj..ned. 
Bidomay {nin) a. v. an. I bring him 

on my back; 3. p. o bid..n ; p. had- 

Bidon, {nin) a. v. in. I bring it ; 3. 
p. hvdon-y p. hddod. 

Bidondany {win) a. v. in» I bring it 
on mv back, on my carrying^trap 
or portago-strap ; 3. p. o Ud.,. ; p. 

. haa,.ang. 

Bidwewey in compositions, alludes t» 
the hearing cf an approachinf 

' eowtd. (Examples in some of tb» 
fi^owing words.) 




3idtoewebato^ {nui) n. t. I am heafd 
coining hither nuining ; 3. p. 1. ; 
p, lad. Sod. 
'Bmotwedjiwan^ u. t. the ranning of 
a stream is heard, or the rapids of 
a stream are heard ; p. 

Mdwewe$hin, (nin) n. v. I am heard 
coming on; 3. p. 1. ; p. ' 

Bidwewetagoty {rUn) n. v. I am heard 
coming hither speaking ; 3. p.-i ; 
* p. had.Md. 

Btdtpewetauxh (nm) a. v. an. I hear 
him coming hither speaking; 3. p. 
6 hid..n'y p. had..tDad. 

Bidwewidam, {nin) n. v. I come here 

speaking; 3. p. 1.: p. had..ana. 
'BiHDOgemmat (nin) a. v. an. I wait 
for him, in my thoughts, I am 
thinking on his arrival; 3. p. o hi.. 
n; p. haew..mad. 

Bi-gtqist {nin) n. v. I have or bring 
with me, (^somebody or s. th. ) 3. 
p. H-^iain ; ]). ha-^igisid,- ^ Ka^ 
wino^uhig nin li-^jam, nin li- 
gigisso ; I don't come alone, (or 
with nothing,) I bring with me, 
(some person, or some other obj.) 

Bi-gigiHa, {nin) a. v. an. I cause 

' him to bring som^ kn. obj. along 
with him ; 3. p. o U-g^n ; p. ha-., 

Bi-gigiwmdgadjW. v. it comes with..., 
it brings along with it.. ; p. hor-g.. 
gak.-Kiiimimn hi-gigisifnagad It- 
timagiiiiwin, hotagttowin gaie ; la- 
ziness brin^ along with it poverty 
and suffering. 

tH-gigisiny {nin) a. v. in. I bring it 
along witn me, 1 come with it ; 
3. p, hi-g..'l p. ha-gigitid. 

Bi-gigisinoMy {ntn) a. v. an. I have 
him along with me, I com6 along 
with him, (anytf». obj.) S. p. o 
hi...; p. ha..gigieid (V. Gonj.) 

BigU0»9^t(nin) n.v. Icawnot see 

. vfeW, I have weak eyes, dim eyes; 

. 3. pyH] p. haS'Md^ 

Bigiaatunnamy {nin) n. v.. S. rBitiita- 

Jsigisaunnoihy {nin) i, V. i^i, I cati- 
not see it w6U f 3. p. J^... ; p. 

Bigtsaufimmffo, {nin) a. r. ^ms. I ctt- 
not see him well ; 3. p. • hig..n] p. 

Bi-gnee, (nin) n. ▼. I come h«ck« 

again ; 3. p. 1.; p. h^-fmt^d. 
Bigobidjigade, or-magad, u. v. it Is 

torn ; it is taken obwn, (a build- 
ing, &c. ) it is broken, ( acon^aand* 
ment;) p. hag..degf or-magai. 

Bigdbid^igat^ or lioohodjigany s. any 
thing to tear with; also, a plough; 
a harrow; pl.-a«». 

Bir6bidjiga$0j n. v. 3. p. it is torn, 
^an. obi.) p. hag..sod. 

B%g6bidj%gey (nw) n. v» I tear ; I 
plough; 3. p. 1.; p. hag.-ged. 

Bigc^idony (nin) a. v. in. I tear il ; 
I take it down, I break it down, 
(a building, &c.) I break or trans- 
gress it, (a commandment ;) 3. p. 
hig...; p. hag.Acd. 

Bigobina, {nin) a. v. «». I tear some 
an. obj.; 3. p. o hig.M; p. hag.,ntift; 
imp. higohij. 

Bigcdasse, {nin) n. v. 1 have torn 
legffings; 3. p. 1. ; p. hag..9ed.* 

Bigodty OT^magady u. v. {Ugwadty) 
It breaks in two, burning, it bums 
through in the middle; p. hagodeg, 

Bigogandmay {nin) a. v. an. (or, mA» 
hii^agandmay) 1 break it by strik- 
ing it, (on. obj.) 3. p. o hig.Ji ; p. 
hag.. mad. 

Bigogandndany {nin) a. v. in, (or, 
nin higwagamandan, ) I break it by 
striking it, I shatter it to pieces ; 
3. p. ooig.. ; p. hag.,ang. 

BigohoanaiCy (nm) n. v. I wear torn 
clothes; 3. p. I.; p. hag-.ied. 

Bigonoy (fi^O a. V. an. I break some 
an, ob^« into pieces ; 3. p. o hig.,n; 
p. bagofiad.-Pakw^igmnninhigomaf 
ashatnagwa ahincdjiia^ ; I break 
bread into pieces to give it to t)|e 

• ift4e. In tome of tke fbHowin; #ordf» 
XMttt ottgiit tqb« i0tf oY»i, itast«md of o, i» 
tb« 9kxM tflkblc; bot u • kpViMf hsiortl 
m (frwQVncincj W4 vn( H slso m wntftir- 
Very Oftvn im ana in are pronotwoea Mkt •. 


Bigman^ ^tn) a. v. tn. 1 break H to 

picoes; a. p. o iisy... ; p. iagoittmg. 
JBigoneshin^ (nin) n. v. I break my 

canoe ; I shipwreck; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

iBigtrneshkai {nin) n. ▼. S. Bigone" 

Bigmhin^ (or higwuhin) n. v. 3. p. it 

breaks, failiog to the ground, {an. 

obj.) p. lagging. 
BigoshJea, (nin) n. ▼. I break down, 

f am broken, mined ; I am put oat 

ot power, I am removed from o^ 

fice: 3. p. 1.; p. bageekkcd. 
Bigoshka^ oi-^magad, a. v. it breaks, 

it is broken, rained; torn; p. hag.. 

higt Qt-magak. 
Bigoekjtan, (nin) a. v. irt. I break it; 

I tear it; 3. p. o big.,, ; p. baa..ang. 
Bigoahkawa, (nin) a. v. an. 1 break 

him down; I break some an, obj. ; 

I tear it ; 3. p. o big.,n ; p. bag.. 

wcd.-Mn giMgotihlmoa modioli- 

gisisgwan, nin gi-bigoakkawa gaie 

nin moshwem ; I broKe this "watch, 

and I tore my handkerchief. 
Biaosdn^ (or, bigwisain,) u. v. it 

breaks falling down to tne grouid; 

p. bag,.ing. 
Bigwadny (nin) a. v. in. I break it ; 

3. p. big.,.; p. bagwaang. 
Bigwejiwa^ (m») a. v. an. I tear his 

skin, scratching him; 3. p. o big..n; 

p. baM..wad\ imp. bigwi^e. 
Bijfwtuedmigaan kiUaan^ (^*^) &• ^• 

•». i breaK a field or garaen, I 

plough or hoe it ; 3. p. o big... ; p. 

Bi^wahunigaigade^ oi-magod, u. v. 

tne soil or ground it brocen up, it 

is plougb!ed or hoed ; p. hag..deg, 

Bigwakamigaigei {nin) n. v. I breaK 

up the ground or soil, I plough, 1 

hoe; 3. p. Ijp. bag^ged. 
BigwakamigibMjigant a. a thing to 

breat up the gfrontid with, a 

plough; pl.-o**. 
Bk»<uii'tmiigibiaiigamaM^ (n^) a. ^. 

imake « plough, or I rasKe 

plduglu, I am a. pwucfamaKer, a 

ploaghwrighi{ & pi M bmg^Mt^ 

B ip H t hamig ibidjig a nik iw ^iit i , •. 
plougfamaEer, pfoughwright ; ]^.> 


Bigwaiktmigihid^^^ {nin) n. v. I 

plough; 3- p. ).; p. bag..g«d. 
Bmvmkamiatbidjigeicinini, s. plough^ 

er, ploughman; pl^waft. 
Bigwakdhjoeaweshiy s. a Kind of wood- 

pecKer; pl.-fff^. 
Bigwama, {nin) a. v. an. I tear him 

With the teeth, ( any an. obj.) 3. p. 

hig.jn:, p. ba^am^. 
Bigwanddn, {ntn) a. v. in I tear it 

with the teeth ; 3. p. o big... ; p. 

Btgwawa^ {ntn) a. v. an. I breaK 

some an. obj. ; o big..n; p. hotig.. 

icrok£;imp. biowd. 
Bigtommaaadf u. v. there are bran- 
ches; p. ba^..gak. 
BigiMbimag%gi miUgy the tree has 

Bi-gtoikdbt («♦*) n. v. 1 turn this 

way, sitting; 3. p.-» ; p., 

-S. Ard'OiDikab. 
Bi-gwehigahaWf {nin.) n. v. I turn 

this way, standing; 3. p.^; p. bOfg.. 

toid.^^. Ani-gwikiadooM. 
Bigweniakin, n. t. 3. p. it bresKS 

rolling, {an, obj.) p., 
Bigmahima, {nm) a. v. an, (or, nin 

bigoakima,) I break it to pieces, 

by letting It f&ll down, {an.ohj.) 

p. bag.. mad. 
Bigvnaaidon, {nin) a. t. in, (or, nA^ 

oigoasidony) I break it to pieces, 

by letting it fall down, (i». obj.) 

a p. ohig,„\ p. bag..dod, 
Bi-ijd^ {n^) n. v. I come ; 3. p. 1.^ 

p. ha^ifatd, 
Bi4H-gika\}y {win) n. v. I put m^ 

self nearer here, sitting ; 3. p. i; 

p. ^ia..\iid, 
Bi-inikth {fUn)fi, v. I come here fo^ 

some reason ; 3. p. 1. ; p. biHWii-' 

kad,-Wegonan\ia'imkaMnt Why 

doeat thou come here ? (What is 

the reason of thy coming?) 
i?^'«ba. in compositions, riff 

Ttmnm^ tLiitmnd, < Szamples in 

Bf ike Ibltoinng wtids,) 




J^fibihtth, inin) n, t. I ran roond, 
around s. th. ; 3. p. 1. ; f.httf..tod* 

Mijibdhiwant u. v. there is a whirl- 
wind driving round the anow ; p. 

JByihdeeset (nin) n. ▼. I walk round, 

I describe a circle in walking ; 3. 

p. l.;p. b^'..«M2. 
MtjihdMehineehit the bird flies round. 

describes a circle. 
Mijibinddnj (»»») a. ▼. in, I think 

always on it; 3. p. o hij,„ ; p. b^*.. 

JBi/ibinima, (nin) a. v. an. I think 
always on him ; 3. p, o hij.,nj p. 

£'Mumde€j {nin) n. v. 0^. I feel an 
inclination to vomit ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

£ijiu>, s. lynx; pl.-o^. 

JSt^iioaianf s. an. lynx-skin ; pl.-a^. 

JBijiwe^ (nin) n. v. 1 bring a Siou 

scalp, or scalps ; 3. p. 1. ; p. bdji- 

BihomigenSi s. an, a kind of small 

pearl; pl.-a^. 
BUeaminagad, u. v. it is round, of a 

fflobulous form; p. \>ek..^aik. 
JBSkominasish n. v. 3. p. it is round 

or globulous, {an. obj.) p. hek..sid. 
Mihpahwa, or -nuigad^ u. v. there is 

a number of treesstanding together; 

[G. une talle de bois;] p. \ieg..wa'k^ 

£ihwahw4wany s. Old Village Point, 

iL'Anse, Lake Superior.) At that 
^oint, to or from that Point, £1- 
JSimaadon mihafMy (nin) a. v. in. I 
follow* a road, path, trail; 3. p. o 
him...; p. hem..€U)d. 
JBimaamas,{nin) n. v. I pass by in 
a canoe singing; 8. p. -o; p. qcwi.. 


JSimaamog yyinissiwag^ n. v. pi. th* 

birds are together by troops, by 

gangs; p. hemaamodji^. 
JSifnaaftj (nin'S a. v. in. I take off the 

cream, the roam; 3. p. o him...; p* 

Bimamutt {nin) ai v. am. I follow his 

track; 3. p. o btfi».».n; p. hein.,nad. 

Bimdkma, (mm) n. v. I fkMit down 
with the current of a river; 3. P.-o; 
p. hem.. god. * 

JBtmtihonj (nm) n. v. I go down- 
stream in a canoe or boat; 3. p. -o; 
p. hem.. nod. 

BtmUdadf u. v. it, is living, it is alive; 
p. hemadak. — Bemadaik ntbt HgO' 
minam^ I will give thee livmg 
water to drink. 

JSimtidaga, {nin) n. v. I swim; 8. p. 

Bimadagaht (nin) n. v. I walk on the 
ice; 3. p. -o; ip.bem..hod. 

Bimadagaai, {nin) n. v. I walk in 
the water, I wade; 8. p. l.;p. hem., 

Bimadaivdht (nin) n. v. I look obli- 
quely or aside, I squint; 3. p. -t; p.^. 

Bimiidie^ {nin) n. v. I live. I am 
alive; 3. p. -i; p. hem..8id. 

Bimadisimagad u. v. it lives; p. hem., 

Bimadimoiny s. life. Kagigi himadi' 
siwin, life everlasting, eterinty. 

Bimad^i (nin) r. v. I make him live. 
I give him life, I save him, I vivifi; 
cate or vivify him; 3. p. oMm..n, 

Bimadjiiaisj {nin) r. v. I make my- 
self live, I conserve or safe my 
life; 3. p. -o; p. 'bem..8od. 

Bimadjiiwe, (mn) n. v. I give life, 
I save life; 3. p. 

BimadjOamadiey {nin) r. v. I make 
live to me or for me s. th., that is, 
I conserve or save it to me; 3. p. 
-o; p. hem., sod. 

Bimadjitamadisont {nin)- a. v. in. I 
make it live to me or for me, I con- 
serve or save it to me; 3. p. o him..-, 
p. 'bem..»od. 

Bimadjitam>adisonanf {nin) a. v. an. 
1 conserve or save to me some an, 
obj.; 3. p. obim,..; p. hem..9od. (V. 

BimadfikunawOt (nin) a. v. an. I 
make it live to bira, I conserve or 
save it to him or for him; 3. p» o 
bM2>..ii> p. h€m,.wid. 




.Bima4jit<mt (n^) n. v. I nndit it 
live, that ia, I conserfe or save it 
from destruction; 3. p. o bm...; p. 
hem.. tod. 

Mwndaimoise, (mn) n, v. 1 pass by 
walking with snowshoes; 3. p. 1.; 
T^.hem..sed. ^ 

JBvnc^aamJl^nm) n. v. S. Jtjodeioaam. 

^imUjagame^ {nin) n. v. S. Jijod&we. 

BimUho^i muigh n. v. 3. p. S. £4- 

^imakway or -magady there is a for- 
est, woods; p. \, 'or -magak. 

— Wassa wedi hiffioxwa, the forest 
is far oflf there. 

£imdJewaa7i, '(^ni/i) a. v. in. I twist 
or squeeze it with a stick; 3. p. o 
btm...; p. ham..anrf. 

-Bf?/wi<fcwtf i, s. twisted wood; [C. du 
boistors;] pi. -<w. 

BimvLhwaiyaihy s. stick used for twist- 
ing or squeezing; pi. -an. 

JBimdhoatgey (nin) a. v. 1 twist with 
a stick, I squeeze; 3. p. 1.; p. bam.. 

£tmiihwajiu)€y {nm) n. v. I pass by 
in a canoe, or boat; 3. p. 1.; p. hem., 

Bimdhwamoj or r-magady u. v. a piece 
of wood hBB(m highy (not on the 
ground; p. bem.,mog, or -^magak. 

3imdhwa7notony {nin) a. v. in. I put 
a piece of wood somewhere elevated 
from the ground; 3. p. o haw,..; p. 
hem.. tod. 

Mimahw&wa^ {ivin) a. v. an. I twist 
or squeeze some an. obj. with a 
stick; 3. p. him..n'y p. hem..wad'^ 
imp. himahjoit. — BimakwH aw wa- 
fcaahkeshiwaian; squeeze this deer- 

.Bimahwiskimay (nin) a. v. an. (pr. 
ninhimakoshimay) I put or lay it 
somewhere, (a piece of wood, an. ); 
3. p. ohim..n\ p. hem.. mad. — Na- 
\mgi8sa§ nin himakwishima wedi, 
1 lay a board there. 

BimtUBwUhiny n. t. 3. p. pr. himako- 
Mm,iti8 lying there; p. 

— Nabmpi^ag w$di bimakwithin, 
« a board is lying there. 
Bimahnsiint vt. v. (pr. hinrnkoesin,) 

H H thoftf, (piece of wood;) p« 
hem. .sing. 

BimmkwiMsitony (nin) a. v. in. (pr. 
himahmaOon,) I put or lay it there, 
(a piece of wood «»;) 3. p.ohim...; 
p. hem..ttfd. 

Btmamadjiwey {fUn) n. v. I walk on 
the summit or on the ridge of a 
mountain; [C. je marche sur le dos 
d'une montagne;] 3. p. 1.; p. hem., 

Bimamo mikanay u. v. the road pas- 
ses...; p. hemamog. — Mi ima hema- 
mog mtkanay the road passes there. 

Bimfmdawe,(nin) n. v. I walk over 
a log elevated from the ground; 3. 
p. 1.; p. 

Bimdsk, {nin) n. ▼. I am sailing; 3. 
p. ♦; p. hemashid. 

Bimashimn, s. sailing. 

Bimdiany u. v< it floats down-stream 
by the cuirent; p. hematang. 

Bimatiigan. Bimaiiige. Bim>a/Uige- 
Tnagad. Bim>ateigewin. — S. Oash- 
hatiigan. Gashkatiige. Octshkatdi- 
qem^ad. Gaskkatitgemn. 

Btmawanidiwag awesaiiag, n. v. pi. 
the beasts (or animals) are together 
by troops, by gangs; p. bemaufani- 
didjig. S. Bimaamog.., 

Bimi'y prefix giving to verbs the ac- 
cessory idea oi going 6y, oxpaeeing 
trough a place or places. (Ex- 
amples in some of the following 

Bimibagina astemay (n^n) a. v. on. 
I twist tobacco; p. ham..nad. 

Bimibdginigany b. an. twisted toba</- 


Bimibadgo, (nin) pass. v. I am made 

to pass by running; ( pass by nding 

on horseback or on a carria^; 3. 

p. himtbaa; p hemibaind. 
BtmihatOy {nin) n. v. I pass by, run- 

ning;.3. p. l.;,p, hem.4od^ 
Bimibatomny s. run. 
Bimibiginay {nin) a, v. an. I squeeze v 

it, {an. stuii;) 3. p. o bim,.n'y p. 

ham.. ad. 
Bimihigina^y (nin) a. v. in. I squeeae 

it, (linen, &c.) 3. p. o him».', p. 


t4 BBf 

3. p. l.|P> bam.,ged» 
Mtnidiod^tgan, s. plougfa; pi. an, 
.Stmibodjwe, (nm) n. t. I plough: 3. 

p. I.; p,\)em.*ged* 
JBfmiboSt (nin) n. v. I«Ude on the 

teo for amusement; 3. p. -o; p. 

BimidaagtMt e. pi. -an, S. AgwtMO- 

Bimidalb^ {nin) n. ▼. I am sitting ob- 
liquely; [F« je suis assis de tra- 
vers;] 3. p. -»; p. \)«m.Ad. 

£4midahdddn, (nin) a. v. in, I draw 
or drag it along; I pass by carrying 
it <m a sleigh; 3. p. o him...; p. 

JBimidabdnd, {ni4>) a. v. an. I draw 
or drag him along; I pass by car- 
rying him on a sleigh; 3. p. o 
him..n; p. h»m..nad; imp. himido' 

£iimdahifim0ani^ade, or -^magady 
u. V. it 18 woven; p. bem..d4gt or 

Mimidabigimff(mikani », any woven 
work; ijl. -an. 

Mfnidahigmigamks^ (nin) n. ▼. I 
weave; 3. p. 1.; p. b^m.-hed, 

MimidahiginigamJsmDinim; a. wea- 
ver; pi. -wag. 

JBinU-dagufithin, (nin) n. v. I arrive 
here in passing by, (going to some 

other place;) 3. p. 1.; p. 

JBimiddJdaandn, s. clavicule, collar- 
bone; pf. -an. 

Bimidakoniaan, s* sail-yard; pi .-on. 

JSinndahontgan, cr btTnidiihmegany 
8. pattern for the meshes in mak- 
ing fish-nets; pi. -an; (mesh-patt- 

£imiddsh, (nin) n. v. I am driven 
aside by the wind, (in a canoe or 
boatO 3. p. -i; p., 

BimidaMd, s. an. bar of a canoe or 
boat; pi. -g. 

BimidduUiy n. v. it is driven aside 
by the wind; p. bemusing. 

Bimddi, s. grease, fat, oil. 

£imid«e, (nin) or^ nin himideeMay 
n. V. 1 feel weak and tick, (pro- 

. fmhr^ my heart tinnis;^ a. p« t.;p. 

hamk.ed, or hom^hud. 
£imid*0»mey {nin) n. v. I feel weak 

in walking, I become unable to 

walk, by weakness: 3. p. 1.; p. 

£ifnidi'jdbo8iaan^ s. castor-oil, as a 

purging medicine. 

Mimidekade, or -nutgad, u. v. it is ^ 
greased ; p. bem. .deg, or -magak. 

JBimidiwad^iw, s. Mount Olivet. 

Bimidiwany a. v. it is greasy, ftill of 
grease; p. bem..ang. 

Bimidimnay (nin) a. v. on. I vnt 

fease on him, (or on any an. ooj.) 
grease him; 3. p. o bim...n; p. 

bem.. nod; imp. bimidemn. 
Bimddiwmdny (nin) a. v. in. 1 grease 

it, put grease on it ; 3. p. o Sim...; 

p. bem..aing. 
Bimidiwinigad€y ot-fnagad, u. v. it 

is greased; p. bem.Mg^ or-mofak, 
Bimidiwmigasy (m») n. v. 1 am 

greased; 3. ^.-o\ bem.M)d, 
Bimidiwimge^ (nin) n. v. i grease; 

3. p. 1.; p. bem..ged. 
Binudiwisy (ntn) n. ▼. I am greaty, 

I am dirthy with grease; 3. p. -t; 

p. bem..sid. 
Btmidtnoy inm) a. v. an. I hold some 

an. obj. obliquely; 3. p. ohim,.n; 

p. bem.. nod. 
Bimidinany (nin) a. v. in. I hM it 

obliouely; 3. p. obim...; p. Imnl. 

B4fiudjishima>y (nin)^ a. v. an, I put it 

obliquely, (an. obj,) 3. p. o h9m,.n'y 

p. bem..nU^. 
Btmidjishiny u. v. 3. p. it his obli- 

9iVLelyj (an. obi.) p. Utn.,ing, 
Bimic^eiidony (fttn) a. v. tii. I put 

it across, I put it obliquely; (F. je 

le mets de travers;) 8. p. ohim,,.; 

p. hem.ided. 
Birnddjitsm^ u. v. it is or lies oblique- 
ly; (F.c^st de travers;) ^MmJ^, 
Bimmiwdgakwady s. hoe. axe With 

ail oblique or turned edge; pI.*iM». 
Bimidjiwan, «. ▼. it i 

(wdlarO P- hfnk>,ang. 




it obliqaely, awry; 3. p. 4>him...; 
p. hem-^difd. 

Jitmig, (mn) n. v. I work or embroid- 
er with poroupfee ^wiUe, 3. p. -f ; 
p. hamifu^, 

JStmigiabammmy {mn^ n. v. pi* we 
are standing round, (around aone- 
body or s. th.) p. Ufnigabawi^iff, 
bystanders; (L. circumstantes.) 

JSimige, {nin) n. v. I live with others 
in a village or town.; 3. p. 1.; p. 
hendged,. PI. hemigedj4g, ihoee liv- 
ing in a village or town. 

Mjmigeidimm, {nin) com. y. we live 
tdgether in a village pr town, we 
are neighbors; p. hifmgeidid^ig^ 

J^wUgemmy {nm) n. v. pi., we Hve 
in a village, (not in the woods, in 
the wilderness;) p. h&mgedjig. 

MinU^, (nm) n. v. I pass by, or I 
come through, a place, in going to 
apother place; 3. p. 1.^ p. hemi- 

JBtmihawade, or -^m<igad, u. p. there 

are tracks or vestiges, footsteps, 

(of a person or animal;) p. &e0».. 

d^j or -magt^, 
JSifmimQ«i (nin) n. v. there are my 

trac]E8, my footsteps, they show, 

( on the snow, in mud, %tc. ) 3. p. 1.; 

p. hem^.toed. 
JSimik(jM»win, s. vestige, track, foot- 
step; pi. -an. 
MimtmdManwuHi'Anin) A.v,aa^l am 

jeak>us towards liim; 3. p. o ltm,.n; 

p. ha/m..wad. 
MimimMiigeiinin) n. v, I am jealous^; 

3. p, h; p. }mm..ged. 
Mmmat (nm) a. v. an, I. twist him; 

9» f. hi»n; ^..]>dimnad. 
^im»mjihawa, {nm) a. v. on. I run 

.$^r him, I pursue hi^t; 3* p. o 

Um**n; p. 1>em,.wad. 
BmiMhwam,, 8k rope, eord; line; pi. 

BimkMmamn*^ 9. dim. small cord, 

line^ tftnng; ph --afi> 
Jiiminabufanihe, (nm) n. v. I make 
; tQiri»i ropes. «c^ I mm a r<^ 

maker; 3. p. !«; y« Mm^M* , 

Biminaikwa niht m im , •. trnde^ wcnrfe, 
occupation, of a ropemaker. 

£iminakwan(hewminij s. ropemaker; 
-pi. ^a^. 

Biminany (mn) a. v. in. I twist it; 3. 
p. him...; p. h^knyikano. 

3imi''ni6iteMemani (jiin) a. t. in, 
pi. I go from one thmg to another; 
3. p. oUm..,; p. iem..haog,-^Kih 
Una wakaiganan o Umi^ibiUtk' 
hancM'i he passes from one home 
to another. 

Bimi-niihiteshkawagy {nin) a. v. an, 
pi. I pass from one person to ano- 
ther, (or from any an. oW. to ano- 
ther;) 3. p. obim..wan; p. iein..wad. 

Bimrnigadamoay {nin) a. y. ««. I 
make him carry s. th. on his shoul- 
der; 3. p. o Um..n; p., 

Biminigaddny {nm) a. v. in. I carry 
it on my shoulder; 3. p. « him,,,; p. 

BtTninipan, s. auger; pi. -an, 

Bimintgdnd, {nin) a. y. an, I carry 
on my shoulder some an. object; 
3. p. o him..n; p. hem„nad. 

Bimmiamndk, s. barrow carried on 
the snoulder; (F. brancard;) pi. 

Birmnigans. s. dim. gimblet; pi. -on. 

Biminige, {nin) n. v. I carry on my 
shoulder; 3. p. 1.; p. hem..ged. 

Biminih, cubit, elbow. This vTord is 
always preceded by a number; as;: 
Msso himiniky three cubits; nij- 
tana dasso himiniky twenty cuMts. 

Bimiokwinamm, (nin) or, nin himi' 
ohwinifniny n. v. pi. we are nany 
together; p. hem„nodiigt or-ftw».. 

Bimt^Ot ot-magady u. v. the anow 
storm passes by ; p. hemipegy or 

BitmtkkAy («mi) n. v. I go to some 
place in a canoe, boat, etc., I 
travel in a canoe, etc.; 3. p. 1.; p. 

BMii^MBowin, s. traveling by wator» 
navigation, (not sailing.) 

Bimiihkaitvinagad, u. v. there i» 
navigation (on a river,) ilia navi- 
gable ; p. hem.,gai. 




J Bimu i, 8. eel ; p}.-4i«^. 
BimiskodM^ 8. snail ; pl.-^. 
Mmishogabmif, (m«) n. t. S. Gwehi- 

Bimiskoaadetkin, (mn) n. v. I distort 
or dislocate my leg ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Mmishokwen, ^nin) n. v. I turn my 
head ; 3. p.-»; p. ham..nid. 

Mmiskonaf {nin) a. v. an. I turn it 
round, or twist it, (some an. obj.) 
3. p. hiin..n; p. ham..nad. 

Bimiihonany (mn) a. v. in. I turn it 
round, twist it ; 3. p. o Mm... ; p. 

Bimiskontkeshinj (mn) n. v. I distort 

or dislocate my arm ; 3. p. 1. ; p.^. 
BimUJconind^ishin, {nin) n. v. I dis- 
tort or dislocate my hand; 3. p. 1.; 

BimiahostdesMny (nin) n. v. I distort 

or dislocate my foot ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 
Bimishota^ (nm) n. v. I turn round ; 

(or any an. obj. that turns round 

or revolves ;) 3. p. 1. ; p. bam..tad. 
Weweni Iwnishota jimea/nabih, the 

grindstone turns wefl. 
Bimishota^ or-^magad^ u. v. it turns 

round, it revolves ; p. "bam^tagt or 

Birmakoton^ {nin) a. v. in. I twist or 

turn it round ; 3. p. o him... ; p. 

ham.. tod. 
Bimiekowehinaj {nin) a. v. an. I turn 

round briskly some an. obj.; 3. p. 

ohim..n; ^. ham.. nod. 
Bimishoweinnan, {nin) a. v. in. I turn 

it round briskly ; 3. p. o him... ; p. 

Bimiskwat or-magady u. v. it turns 

a little ; p. bam..toagj ot-magak. 
Bimiehwatgade, or-magad^ u. v. it is 

turned, made in the shape of a 

screw ; p. ham..deg^ or^m^agak. 
Bimiskwtttganf s. screw-driver; pi. 

Bimt^kwaige, {nin) n. v. I am 

driving screws ; 3. p. 1. ; p. ham.. 

BiifMit$hsidoH, (nin) a. v. in. S. 

BinUssiy {nin) n. v. I fly ; 3. p. 1. ; 

p. hemisaed. 
BtnUtaiwvn^ 8.;ffight. flying. 
Bimitajagamej {nin) b. v. I come 

here walking on the lake-sht/re; 

3. p. 1. ; p. 
Bimtwanif (nin) n. v. I carry a load 

or pack on my back, I pack with a 

portage-strap, or carrying-strap; 

3. p. 1. ; p. bem..ned. 
Bimtwaniat {nin) a. v. an. I sive 

him a pack to carry, I make him 

carry s. th. on his back ; 3. p. « 

him..n; p. 
Bimiwanan^ 8. the load or pack Car- 
ried on a portage-strap, pack, bur- 
den ; pl.-an. 
BimmDihaun, u. v. it is driven away 

by the waves ; p. bem..a/ng. 
Bimiwehaog, {nin) n. v. I am driven 

away by the waves, in a canoe, 

boat, etc.; 3. p.-o; p. \)em..god. 
Bimiwihashy (nin) n. v. I am driven 

away by the wind ; 3. p.-*/ p. 

hem.. id. 
Bimiwihaesiny u. v. it is driven away 

by the wind ; p. 
Bimvwehidjiwan eibiy u. v. the ice 

of a river goes off entirely; p. hem,, 

Viang, • 
Binmoidaahimay {nin) a. v. an, I 

sail with him ; 3. p. o him..n; p. 

hem.. mad. 
Bimiwidaway {nin) a. v. an. I carry 

s. th. for him ; 3. p. <? him..n; p. 

hem,. wad, 
Bimiwidony {nin) a. v. in, I carry it, 

I carry it away ; 3. p. o him.,. ; p. 

Bimimnay {nin) a. v. an. I carry 

him away, I conduct or convey 

him ; 3. p. him.,n; p. hem..nad, 
Bimday' {nin) a. v. an, I shoot itt 

him with an arrow { 3. p. o himoan; 

p. hemoad ; imp. himo. 
Bimddany {nin) a. v. in. I i^bot at 

it with an arrow; 8. p. o him.,, ; p. 

Bimddty (^i^^n. v. 1 creep, I crawl; 

3. p. 1. ; p. o0ncded* 




MimMig m^ (am; d. v. I can^ from 
distance to distance , (going tbrou gb 
the woods in winter from one place 
to another ;) 3. p.-H ; p. \mn*Md, 

JSimodigotimn^ s. the traveling of 
an-Indian family from camp to 
camp throu gh the woods in win- 

Bim6djigan, s. aim, mark or target 
\ of an archer j pl.-a/t. 

JBimodjigey (nin) n. v. I shoot with 
an arrow ; 3. p. 1.; p. hem,^.ged. 

Bimomay (nin) a. v. an. I carry him 
on my back ; 3. p. o bim..n ; p. ^• 

Mifnomdwasst (nin) n. y. I carry 
somebody on my back, a child ; 
3. p.-o ; p. hem., sod. 

Bimomigo^ (nin) pass. v. 1 am car- 
ried on the back of somebody ; I 
tide on horseback j 3. p. himdma ; 
p. bemomind. — iV*» btnumiia, he 
carries me on his back. JBebeji^o- 
ganji nin himomig. a horse carries 
me on his back, I ride on horse- 
back. JSebeJigqganJin o himoml- 
gouy be rides on horseback. 

JBimondaay (nin) a. give him 
s. th. to carry on his back, I make 
him carry s. th.; Jig. I lay it to his 
charge, I impute it to him, I lay 
the fault of it upon him ; 3. p. o 
bim..n ; p. 

Bim&ndamj (mn) n. v. I carry s. th. 
on my back ; 3. p. 1. ; p. bem..ang. 

Bimonddnf (nin) a. I carry it 
on my back ; 3. p. oUm,.. ; p. bem.. 

Bimoehkddawany a. bomb ; pl.-a». 

iimoekogisi aw mifigy n. v. 3. p. this 
tree is twisted, it cannot be split ; 

BtmoBsiy (mn) n. v. I walk, I pass 
by ; 3. p. 1. ; p. bemossed. 

Bimosaiwiny s. walk, march, gait. 

Bimossiwinagadj u. v. there is walk- 
ing j p. bem..gak. — Kitchi blmos- 
$ewtnagadnong(nrhy mino bimossem- 
nagad dath ; there is much walk- 
ing to day, but there is good walk- 

JHmwdgami s. m fnmnded pertoti ; 

BmnwIganeSi ^nin) n. v. I am woun- 
ded ; 3. p.-» ; i>. bem,.nd. 

Bimwdgania, {nin) a. v. an. I wound 
him ; 3. p. o him..n ; p. 

Blnvwdganiigc, (nm) n. v. I wound, 
I inflict a wound or wounds ; 3. p. 
1. ; p. \}em..ged. 

Bimwdganiigewifi, s. wounding, in- 
iUcting wounds. 

Jiimwdganiigowiiiy s. wound ; pl.-a/». 

Bimwdgamwj (nin) n. v. I am a 
wouimed person, I am wounded ; 
3. p.-t ; p. bem..tnd. 

Bimwdsnn, (nin) n. v. I throw a 
stone ; 3. p.-t ; p.— Freq, 

Bimwasginaa, (nin) a. v. an. (pr. 
bimossinaa,) I stone him, I throw 
stones at him ; 3. p. o him..n ; p. 

Bimiraftsinaigey (nin) n. v. (pr. bi- 
inosainaigcy Ithrow stones at some- 
body, I stone people ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 
hem .ged. 

BiniboaHgwey (nin) n. v. I shoot at 
a mark with bow and arrows ; 3. 
p. 1. ; p. bem.-ioed. — S. (hidaa.kwn. 

Bimmiioe, (nin) n. v. £ am heard 
making noise, in passing by ; 3. p. 
1. ; p. hem.. wed. 

Bim^oeweghifh, (nin) n. v. 1 am heard 
passing by ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Bimw&iDtdam, (nin) n. y. I am heard 
talking, in passing by ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 
hem.. ang. 

Bind! inten. lo ! behold ! now ! 

Binay (nin) a. v. an. I bring him 
with me ; 3. p. o hinan ; p. bdnad. 

Bind. This word signifies nothing 
by itself, and is never used alone, 
but always in connexion with a 
number, where it signifies how 
many fiishes have been caught in 
a net or several nets ; as : Jnin 
endaeaohinaian? How many fishes 
hast thou caught in thy net (or 
nets ? ) — Nin hejia6hindy nin n^o- 
hina, nin mid<uw\mui» nin mHas- 
eohina aahi hejia^ aeki n^y etc., 
ni/UmA nin doMwina aehiiu 




•tc.ll cMii^Otte, two,ten»etov€lft, 
twelve, etc., twenty -five, etc. fish- 
e8.-^TheBe verbs are n. v., and b^ 
long to the L Co^j. 

Bim&hide^ {nin) n. v. I lose my teeth; 
3. p. 1. ; p. hen..d€d, 

Bmady u. v. it it is clean, neat, pure; 
p. hdnah 

JSi-fukiin, (nm) a, y. in, 1 come tor 
it, I come to fetch it ; 3. p. o hi,..; 
p. ba..nadid.. 

^nadis,{nm) n. v. I behave de- 
cently, purely, chastely; 3. p.-i; 
p. han..sid. 

Btnaddmoin, s. decent chaste con- 
duct or behavior, purity, chas- 

jBinddjimj (nm) n. v. I am tellings, 
th. decently; 3. p.-o; p. ban., 

JSinadjimowinj s. modest decent 
narration or tale ; pL-on. 

Bindgami u. v. it is clean, (water or 
other liquid ;) p. ban.,mig. 

Binagidoneahkay {nin) n. v. the skin 
of my lips comes off; 3. p. 1.; p. 
hen.. had, 

.Binagi$igwe8kka^ {nin) n. v. the skin 
of my face comes off ; 3. p. 1.; p. 

MinagishkOj or-^magad, u. v. the skin 
comes off, falls off; p. hen..kagt or 

JSinaiadit^ (nin) n. v. I am always 
going about, from house to house, 
or traveling ; 3. p.-* ; p. hen..nd. 

Bindidtihomim, s. fine comb, dan- 
druff comb : ()l.-an. 

Bindimdam, (nin) n. v. I change 
my thoughts or my mind often ; 3. 
p. 1.; 

Btnaigej (m») n. v. I destroy the 
dam of a beaver in order to catch 
him ; 3. p. 1.; p. hen..ged. 

BinakarmgMcay or-fnagadf u. v. the 
dust falls in s. tb., or upon s. th.; 
p. heH..lca/g, or-fnagak. 

Btnaktunigis^kany {nin) a. v. in. I 
make it dusty, I make the dust fly 
and fall on it ; p. J}en..ang, 

Bindbimnf {nm) a. v. ff». I purify it 

by ite, by burning it; 3. p. oMi... ; 

Btndkimcth {nin) a. v. an. I porify 

some^m^ ofag. by-fire ; 3. p. ohin.. 

n ; p. hen..w^ ; imp* hinakmH. 
Binakdbidjige, (m») n. v. I take 

down a sail ; 3. p. 1.; p. "ben^.gied. 
JSindhonan nifigassimonon, (ni») a. 

V. in, 1 take down the sau ; 8. p. 

o hin...\ p. hen..ang,.. 
Bmdkamget {ndn) n. v. S. BinaiO' 

Binahwaiganj s. rake, harrow ; pi. 

Bindhvaige, {nin) n. v. I rake ; I 

harrow; 3. p. 1.; p.hen..gtd. 
Btnahutan, s. comb ; rake ; hairow ; 

Bindkwaninindji s. finger ; pl.-m. — 

Jfin Unaheanimndjy my finger; 

hi hindJwaninind^n, thy fingers, 

Binahwanisid s. toe ; pi .-on. — Nin 

Innahutamsidt hi hinakwanitndt 

etc.; my toe, thy toe, etc. 
Bindhuny or-magadyM. v. the leaves 

of the trees fall off, autumn, fall ; 

p. benaktoig, ot-magah. 
BinHhwigidss, s. an. the moon of 

the falling of the leaves, the month 

of October. 
Bi-nuntty (^nin) a. v. an. I come for 

him, I come to fetch him, to take 

him away, (a person or any other 

an. obj.) 3. p. o bi-nanan ; p. ^• 

nanad; imp. bi-naj. 
Binaatmodbiginant {7iin) a. v. in, S. 

Bindnikioet {nin) n. v. I lose my 

hair : 3. p. l.:p. 
Binawinan iinkote^ {nin) a. v. #». I 

let fall fire ; 3. p. obfn...\ p. bm.. 

Bi-namjitB6y {fyin) n. v. I come down 

flying; 3. p.l.; ^ba..itd, 
Bindnohit oj-magady u. v. the snow 

is falling from the trees ; p. ben.. 

Hg^ or-magak. 
Bindsy (nin) n, v. 1 am always g*- 

ing about, 1 don't remain long in 

the same place ; 3. p.~t ; p. bind- 





M i uMu t (fUft) n. t. 8. Bittdg. 
JSinamiwag€ndam, (nin) n. ▼. I often 

9knM99 my plans, my tbonghts, 

mj mind ; 3. p.l.; p. hm»^afhg. 8. 

.BinaUf ox^magady n. t. it is clean, 

neat, (a house, a room, etc.) p. 

banafegf or-magak. ''nJ 
Biuawdnt u. ▼. tne fog is ta 

Sinawian, (nin) a. v. in. I wipe the 

dust off; 3. p. <7 bin,.,; p. hen,, 


Binawiiqe^ (nin) n. v. I brash ; 3. p. 

1.; p. Jdn..^. 
Bini. s. partridge : p\.-wag, 
BirUbag^ s. partridge- \ 

leaf; pl.-o»; (a kind of In- 

BtnirMThf s. partridge- [ dian tea. 

berry ; pl.-a» ; ) 
BiniaM, s. a tmaU bird ; pl.-^. S. 

BttUdtitaanashhid, s. tail of a small 

bird ; pl.-»»4 
BtfUshimgwan^ s. an. feather of a 

small bird ; pl.T-o^. 
Birhiwi, 8. a large bird ; pl.-toa^. 
Biniuiwab, {nin) n. t. I am sitting 

like a bird ; 3. p.-i ; p. ben.Md. 
Binisswfanashkiay s. tail of a large 

bird J pl.-»;». 
Bmdsnwijgwan, s. cm, feathers of a 

large bird ; pl.-o^. 
Bimged^y {nin) n. v. I am cold, I feel 

cold ; 3. p ~» ; p. bangsdjtd. 
Bingefigwam, {nin) n. y. 1 sleep too 

much ; 3. p. 1.; p. ban.uing. 
Bindy in compositions, signifies eZeo^, 

pure, chaste. ( Examples in some of 

the following words.) 
Binda, (,nin) a. ▼. an. I clean him, 

cleans^ him, purify him; (a person 

or any other an. oqj. ) 3. p. o bini- 

mn; p. baniad. 
Bmideet (wn) n, v. I have a clean 

heart, I am chaste, pure ; 3, 

p. ban.*ed. 
Btmideeioin, s. 

cleanness of heart, 


Binigad, u. v. it is clean, (cloth« 
stuff, paper ;) p. bdnigak. 

n. V. 3. p. it is clean, (««». 
obj. of tilkt etc. ) p. han..tid. 

BinUgade. or-^magad, u. y. it is 
cleansed ; p. ban..d€gt ot-^magak, 

Biniigos, {nin) n. y. I am cleansed ; 
3. p.-t; p. ban..8id. 

Bininagoi, {nin) n. v. I haye^^vr^an 
appearance ; 3. p.-tr,p-'C3»?l*id. 

'_ ' ftCtn appearance. 
ininagwady \x. y. it has a clean ap- 
pearance ; p. ban..wak. 

Biningwey {nin) n. y. I have a clean 
face ; 3. p. 1.; p. ban.. wed. 

Bininindji, {nin) n. y. 1 have clean 
hands ; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Binisy {nin) n. y. 1 am clean, neat ; 

. ^ure, chaste ; innocent ; 3. p. bin- 
m ; p. b<mi9fd, 

Binishj ady. till, until, as for as, up 
*0j to. 

Biniskif in compositions, signifies, 
an my own iaccounty myself t eniirdy. 
( Examples in some of the follow- 
ing words.) 

Bintshi-angoshka, {nin) n. y. I break 
down entirely, 1 come to nothing ; 
3. p. 1.; p. ban..kad. 

Binishi-anaoshkamagad, u. y. it 
breaks down entirely, it comes to 
nothing at all ; p. ban..gak. 

Bindskt-aagwiskin, (nin) n. v. I coma 
here on my own account ; 3. p. 1.; 
p. banking. 

Binishigimagady u. y. it comes (pro- 
duces) by itself, spontaneonsly, 
without being sown or planted by 
anybody ; p. ban..^ah. 

Binishi'ijitchigey {nin) n.y. I act by 
myself, on my own account, (with- 
out being ordered or Otherwise in- 
fluenced by anybody ;) 3. p. 1.; p. 

Binishn-hikendany {nin) a. y. «»» I 
know it myself, without being t<^; 
3. p. obin...\ p. ban..ang. 

Binishima, (nin) a. y. an, I accuse 
him falsely^ 1 calumniate him ; 3. 
p. o bin..m ; p. ban., mad. 

B^nishkany (nin) a. y. in. I make it 
fall from its place ; 8. ohin,„'y p. 



,, («•»> a» ▼. 4M. I 
lUl someo*. obj. from its plmco ; 3. 
p. o Mfk^ ; p. ban..tead. 
Bmmde, (»«») n. ▼. I haTe clean 

feet ; 3. p. 1.; p. han^Jtd. 
Binisikn, adv. without reason, nn- 
•"-^^ovoked ; spontaneously, on one*i 
ovnn£i:ouBt.-Bini&iAd gi-nitkia- 
disi; begot angry (flew into a 
passion) witfiobi FCC^SjCn'^:^'"^ 
▼oked.) Kawin wila biniidld nin 
rmniaoin gego ; he never gives me 
anything spontaneously, (on his 
own account, without being ask- 

BiiuMU^iftM s. cleanness, cleanliness; 
purity, chastity. 
, Bintshoabigina, {nin) a. ▼. an. I un- 
fold some an. obj.; 3. p.obm...n; 
p ben.. nod ; imp. bin..grn. 

Bfniskteabiginany (^nin) a. v. in. I un- 
fold it ; 3. p. o bin...; p. ben..ang. 

BmiBMoga, or-magad, it is clean, (a 
floor ;; p. ban. .gag., or-magak. 

Binista^gia nabagisMgy (nin) a. v. an. 
J clean a board ; p. ban..aa. 

Bimssagui nabagitsaot n. ▼. 3. p. the 
board is clean ; p. ban..9id. 

Bims^Mgitont (nin) a. v. in. I clean it, 
(a floor;) 3. p. o bin...; p. ban..tod. 

Bin40»ipogn$i, n. v. 3. p. an. obj. ii is 
insipid, it has no taste, (of victu- 
ats ;) p. ban..sid. 

MimsiipoguHidj u. t. in. obj. it is in- 
sipid, without taste, (of victuals;) 
p. ban.,wak. 

Binitawa^ {nin) or, nin bmitamawa, 
a. an. I clean or purify it for him, 
I make clean s. th. belonging to 
him ; 3. p. obin..n ; p. ban..toad.- 
DAenimiiany bmitamshin ninde; 
Lord, mske clean my heart. 

Biniiont {nin) a. v. in. I clean, 
deanse or purify it ; 3. p. obin...; 
p. banilod. 

B mim ne, n. ▼. 3. p. he throws offhis 
boms, (a deer, a stag, etc. ) p. ben., 

Bhmn (nin) n. v. I have s. th. in my 
«ye, a mote, s. th. fell in my eye; 3. 
p.-e ; p. haneined. 

BmsmmNa, fw any little tUa^r tlMt 

fiiUls in the eye, mote ; pL-mn- 
B t - smtlw , {nin) m. w. S. Bi4tUim,^ 

Bi-emgaam, {nin) n. ▼. I come out of 
someplace ; 3. p. 1.; p. lkP~..aMg. 
BifttA, adv. n Jiet, still. 
Bimntfb., \nin) n. v. I mm still, quiet; 
;^op,Icea8e; 3.p.-t; p. Ue mn a - 
Bisdnabiwiarad, a. ▼. it ismiiet; it 
stops, it ceases ; p. be*..gak.-'hnpe- 
winan U-bieomMmagadon, the 
tongues shall cease. 
BisdnabuHHi s. silence, tranqatUity, 

Bisandgamiy u. v. it is still, quiet, 
(liquid;) p. hes..ia.-Bisanagami 
nbij the river is stui, (it does not 
flow rapidly. ) 
BiednaU, u. v. it is still and quiet (in 

a place ;) p. beeanaieg. 
Bieanendam, {nin) n. v. I am quiet 
in my thoughts, in my mind; 3. p. 
1.; p. bc9..anp. 
Bieaniiwet {mn) n. v. I pacify, I 

make peace; 3. p. l.;p. bet. .wed, 
Bisaniiwewiny s. peace, tranquillitr. 
Bimnis, {nin) n. v. ( am quiet, stiU, 

peaceable ; 3. p.-»; p. be*..»id. 
Bisdniskin, (nin) n. v. I am Ijring 
still and quiet ; 3. p. 1.; p. bee., 
Bitdmsitoiny s. tranquillity, still 
quiet behavior, peaceful disposi- 
tion of mind. 
Bishdgandbt s. little narrow string of 
of leather ; [C. de la^abiohe ;] pi. 
Bisha^ibidon, {nin) or, nin biehagi- 
bidjibidonj a. v. in. I peel it, I pare 
it, 1 shell it; 3. p. o bisk...; p. besj. . 
Bishagibina, {nin) or, nin biehagi- 
bidfibinoj 9i.y. tin. I peel, pare or 
shell some an. obj.; also, I flay or 
skin him, (her, it;) 3. p. o bisk..n; p. 
beak.jnad\ im.-4y. — Opinig n«a 
bisha^ibinag ; 1 pare potatoes. 
Bzehagtgijwa, (nin) a. v. an. S. P#n 




^hagiHia, (k^)!i. v^ my skin com^s 
Q% (from, the face or other par^s 
of the body, in sickness ;) 3. p. 1.; 
p. hesk-kad. 

Btshig^f^ag.dHi (wm)n.v. lam ftux, 
beautiful ; 1 am glorious^ splendid; 
3. p.-*; p. besh..8id. 

Bitkigendagosiwiny a. beauty, fair- 
ness; glory, splendor. 

^ishigendagtbadyVL. v. it is beantifnl, 
lair ; glbrions, splendid ; p. hesk.. 

"Bishigendagwi, (nm) n. v. I dress 
splendidly, gloriously ; 3. p.-o ; p. 

Btshigendagwidy (nin) a. v. an. I glo- 
rify him, 1 make him glorious ; 3. 
p. obish-.n ; p- \)€ 

"^iskigendan, (nin) a. v. m. I honor 
it, glorify it J 3. p.ohish...; p. besh.. 

Bishigenimay (nin) a. v. an. I honor 
him, glorify him ; 3. p. o 'bish..n ; 
p. hem.. ad. 

"Buhigwddy in compositions, alludes 
to impwrityy y,7ichastity. (Exam- 
ples m some of tlie following 

Bishigwddady u. v. it is impure, un- 
chaste, licentious, indecent; p. 
besh.. dak. 

Bishigwadadjimy {nin)x\. v. I tell an 
impure unchaste story; 3. p.-o; p. 

Bishigwadadjirrwumky s. impure story 
or report ; pl.-aTi. 

Bishigwadenddm, (nin) n. 7. I have 
impuie unchaste thoughts ; 3. p. 
1.; p. be8h..ang. 

Bish%gwad€nda'mowiny s. unchaste 
thought, impure thinking. 

B^higwddisy (nm) n. v. I am un- 
chaste, impure, licentious; 3. p.- 

, i; p. he9h..8id. 

Bishigtoadisiwiiiy s. unchastity, im-. 
pujity, licentiousness; fornication; 

BUhigwddjy in compositions, alludes 
to unchastity. (Examples in some 
of the following words. ) 

Bi*\igwadjifiy{n'm)d,. "v: an. I make 

liihft (herycen^it iniptftley, iM' 

tery ; 3. p; ohisk..^; p.bah..tiS, 
Bithtgwddj'dodamy (mn) n. ▼. 8. 

Bishiawad^-dodam&Unny s. S. BuA^- 

Bishigwadj-gijwey {nin) n. v. I openjs 

unchastely or impurely ; 3. p. i.; 

p. hesh..^wed. 
Btshi^cdj^gijwewiiiy a. uncbtttt 

talMng, unchaste impure wc^d ; 

Buhigwadj ijinotbisy {nin) 1 beliaye 

unchastely, I am unchaste, im- 

pnre] 3. p.-4'y p,he8h..84d. 
Btskigwadj-ijiwebigiwiny s. impure 

behatior or conduct, HDchastiiy, 

impurity i 
Bi8h7fwa^ihfiey%. S. Gtsgibiiijihm, 
BishwDod^'inendamy {nm) n. t. 8, 

Bishigwadj-inendamawmy s. S. Bii- 

Bifhigwadjininii s. &. Gagtbadji- 

BUhigwadodamy {nin) nt v. 1 com- 
mit unchaste impure actions; 9. p. 

1.; p. heth..ang. 
Bishigwddodmnowmy s. impure un- 

chaste action ; pl.-ow. 
Bisktgwdsabwndamy (nin) n. ▼. 1 

have an impure dream ; 8. p. 1.; 

p. besh*.ang, 
Bishigiodeomay (nin) a. v. an* I 

speail to or of him (her) unchaste- 
ly ; 3. p. bish..n ; p. b^h..mad. 
BisfikoThdny (nin) a. v. ^ I miss it (in 

shooting at ;) 3. p. bisk...; p. betk' 

BiahkOnaway {nin) a. v. an* I miss 

him, (in shooting at ;) 3. p% o bith.. 

n;^. besh.. wad. 
Biihhongvmshy {nin) n» v. I get 

asleep, 1 fail asleep , 3. p.-* ; p. 

besk..shid. (Frequent, babithkong- 

wash. ) 
B^ishkfwdbaminagoSy {nm) n. v. 1 am 

lost sight of, they caa see me no 

more ; 3. p.-»; p. besh..sid. 
BishkwabamiTiagwady u. v. itistOit 

sight of, it is out of sight, 4t san 

be seen no more ; p> biesh..tiMk, 




Bi ki f pw ^, «< clol^uQg. matena^, any 
Vticle^f clothing J pl.-<m. 

MifUMMf (nm) n. v. I put on, (cloth- 
ing;) 3. p. 1.; p.Bag..ged, 

.^i#NMln,^m!a) a. v. in. I put it on, 
(clothing;) 3. p. o 3m...; p. basi- 

^£i»ikatvaga»f8. S. Babmka/wagan. 
Misikona, (nin) a. v. an. I clothe 
> him, I dr«8s him ; 3. p. o &i>..n ; p. 

bof. nad ; imp. likkqj. 
JSisikonan^ {nin) a. v. in. I clothe or 

dreas it : 3. p. o his...; p. has..ang. 
JBisikcnidUy {nin) r. v. I put clothes 

on, I dress myself; 3. p.-o ; las.. 


JBitiiwanaiet {nin) n. t. or nin hi- 
sikonaisy I put on my elothes, I 

. dress myaelT; 3. p. 1.; p. bae., 

, . ted. 

Bieikwandjigant s. wig ; pl.-a^. 
JKtinddie, {nin) Ur v. I am frivolous^ 
thoughtless, imprudent, foolish, 
MfUd; 3. p,W; p, he8..8id. 
Bisinddisvunn^ s. frivolous and im- 
. prudent behavior, foolish conduct, 
fiivolousness, foolishness. 

Miffinddjy in compositions, alludes to 
frivohiuneM, foolishness^ impru- 

JSieinadj-gigitomn, or, hisinadj-g^- 

; wetviuy s. frivolous, imprudent, in- 
decent speaking ; pl.^om. 

'Bisiniidjiaf (nin) a. v. cm. I make 
him frivolous and foolish, I seduce 
him to an imprudent and indecent 
behavior ; 3. p. o his,.u ; p. bes.. 

Bisiskadendanhf {nin) n. v. I have 
my senses again, (after fainting ;) 
3. p. 1.; p. b€s..dang. 

Bisiskadisj {nin) n. v. I recover my 
senses, (after fainting ;)also, I am 
at the age of discretion ; 3. p.-t ; 
p. bes..s%d. 

Btsisiendwn, {nin) a. v. in. I re- 
member it well, I know it plainly, 
I have knowledge of it; 3. p. o 
bis...; p. bes..ana. 

Bisiskendjige, {ntn) n. v. I i>os8ess 
knowledge, science, I am learned ; 
3. p. l.;p.b€s..ged. \ 

£tstsken4jig€Win, «. knowledge^ scJU 

ence, laming. 
Bisiskentma^ {nin) a. v. tm. I re- 
member him well, I know him 
well ; 3. p. bis..n ; p. bee.. mad. 
JBiska, OT-mwgad; u. v. it is bent; 
[F. c*est plie ;] p. heslcagt ctt-ma- 
Biskdbf adv. again, returning, back 

Biskdhaio, {nin) n. v. I return runm- 
ing, I run back again j 3. p. 1. ; p. 
Biskdhiy {nin)n. v. I start and come 
back again the same day; 3. p. 1.; 
p. beshabid. 
Mtsidbikikomant s. jack-knife, a kni- 
fe that shuts up, (not a table- 
knife;) pl.-a». 
Biskdbikinan mokomani (nin) a. v, 

in. I shut the knife; p. bes..ang. 
Biekadddn, {nin) a. v. in. I rivet it, 
bend it ; 3. p. o bis... ; p. b€^, 
Bi^addigadey or-wo^otf, u. v. it is 

riveted; p. bes..degf OT-magdk. 
Biskaddigany s. rivet-hammer, rivet- 
ing harnmer; p\.-an. 
Biskaddige, 4jiin) n. n. I am rivet- 
ing; 3. p. l.\i^.bes..g€dy 
Biskadawa^ (nin) a. v. an. I rivet 
some an. orn.; 3. p. o bis.n; p. bes 
..wad ; im^^. biskadd. 
Biskakone ishkoie, oi-magadj u. v. 
the fire blazes, it flames up: p. 
bes..neg, or-ma^gak. 
Biskakonendjiganf s. Kindle-wood, 

to mate the fire flame ; pl.-aTi. 
Biskakonendjigcy {nin) n. v. I ma- 
ke a fire flame up; 3. p. 1. ; p. be*.. 
Btskakoneton isJikote^ {nin) a. v. in. 
I ma^e the fire blaze, name up ; 
3. p. bis...; p. b€s..tod... 
Biskanty Qx-^m^gady u. v. S^ Biska* 

BiskaneanishkoUy {nin) a. v. tn. S. 

Biskaneiassin isKkote, u. v. the fire 
blazes up by ,the wind ; p. bee,, 
Biskanendany {nin) or, nin biskane- 
nindauj I enkindle it, I inflame it; 


81 BIS 

3. p. his,.. ; p. bes..ang.-Miska- 
nenindan ninde^ waceiH tchi sagii* 
ndn, D4befi4miian ! Lord, inflame 
my heart, that I may love thee as 
I ought ! 

Biskcmepwa, (mn) n. v. I light mv 
pipe or cigar; 3. p. 1. ; p. h€8..wad. 

Btshaodon, (mn) a. v. in. I tie a bow, 
(in. obj.)3. p. his... ; p. bas..dod. 

S%ifkamia/{nin) a. v. cm. Itie a bow, 
{an. obj. , a ribbon &c.) 3. p. h 
hi»..n ; p. hes..nad ; imp. hishaoj. 

Biskibagtshka mitig, the tree bends 
and breajfes ; p. be8..kad.. 

JSiskigishhii ox-magady u. v. its is 
bent; p. he8..kagy or-magak. 

£iskina, {nin) a. v. an. I oend some 
an. obj. ; 3. p. hi8..n; p. ies..nad. 

Biskinan^ (^nin) a. v, in. 1 bend it ; 
3. p. o his...; p. hes,.ang. 

Bishtnigade, or-magad^ it is bent, 
folded; p. hes..deg. or-^magak. 

Biskiniken, (nin) n. v. I bead my 
arm; 3. p.-*; p. bes..nid. 

Biskinikenowin^ elbow, cubH ; [F. 
coud«e.]. - Ningo biskinikenawin, 
nisso hiskinikemwin^ niitana dasso 
hiskinikenowm^ one elbow, three 
elbows, twenty elbows (long or 
high.) S. Biminik. 

Bishissin, u. v. it is folded ; p. hes- 

Biskit^nagan, s. vessel or dish of 
birch-bark, folded together, to re- 
ceive the sap running out of map- 
le-trees in sugar making, a small 
birch-bark trough ; [C. casseau ;] 

Bukitenauy (nin) a. v. in. I fold it ; 
[F. j*y fais un pli ;] 3. p. o his... ; 
p. hes.-ang. 

Blshitemge, {iwn) n. v. I am folding ; 
3. p. 1.; p. hes..ged. 

BisogesTimy (nin) n. v. I fall, stumb- 
ling over s. th. ; 3. p. 1. ; p. hes.. 

BisogStDa, (nt»)a. v. an. I supplant 
him ; I make him fall, (with any 
thing,) 3. p. his..n ; p. has..wad; 
imp. bisogi. 
Bisony orp^ft3». This termination of 
some substantives alludes to Und- 

ing, stringing, ha/ngt^from, &c. ; 
as: Nagasideoisonj stimip; giHetet- 
h-ls&n, waist-coat, vest; kitcnipiaon^ 
girdle, belt; &c. 

BisosidesMn, {nin) h v. I stumble ; 
3. p. 1.; p. hes.. ing. 

Bisosideshimni s. stumbling. 

Bismdeshiwini-assin, s. cm. stumb- 

Bissa, at the end of some u. v., sig- 
nifies the manner of raining j as : 
Awanibissa, it rains a little yjawa- 
nihissa, the rain comes from the 
south ; ishkwabissa, the rain ceas- 
ed; &c. 

Bissa, in compositions, signifies 
small, fine, in small little pieces. 
{ Examples tn some of the follow- 
ing words.) 

Bissa, oT-magad, u. t. it is ground, 
reduced to fine particles ; p. has- 
sag, QX^magcik. 

Bissctan, {nin) a. v. in. I break it 
into small pieces, I crush it to 
small pieces, to powder ; 3. p. o 
haesaan'^ p. hassaang. 

Bissdbide, (nin) n. v. I have fine 
small teeth ; 3. p. 1. ; p. has8..ded. 

Bissagdndma, (^nin) a. v. an. 1 break 
some an. obj. to pieces, by strik- 
ing it; 3. p. biss..n; p. bass. .mad. 

Bissagandndan, {nin) a. v. ifi. i 
break it to pieces with a blow or 
different blows; 3. p. o hiss... ; p. 

Bissa^idianeshin, {nin) I break my 
nose, falling on it; 3. p. 1.; p. bass 

Bissagona, {nin) n.v, an. I make a 
goocl and profitable use of it, I lose 
or waste nothing of it, {an. obj.) 
3. p. biss..n ; p. ; imp. 

Bissdgonan, {nin) a. v. in, I make a 
profitable use of it, I waste it not, 
(in. obj.) 3. p. hiss... ; p. bass., 

Bissdgonge, {nin) n. v. I use things 
profitably : 3. p. 1. ; p. bass..ged. 

Bissagon4e, (nin) n. v. I have plenty 
of children; 3. p. 1 . ; p. bass. .jed. ^ 




Jtittigosi iith, n. y. 3. p* the ketUe 
i» profitable, it holds much ; p. 

Jittdawany u. y. it is profitable ; it 

holds much, (a bag, a vessel;) 

p. h(U8..ang. 
JSiseagt^mvMy n. y. 3. p. it has a thick 

and profitable fur, (animal ;) p. 
Biuaigadsy or-magad, u. v. it is brok- 
en to shivers, to small pieces ; p. 

ha88,.degi or-magak. 
B%89€dga8y (nin) u. v. I am broX^n to 

pieces, (a person or any other an. 

obj.)3. ^.-o; p.hass..8od. 
MissehmMaan ahi, inin) or nm bw- 

takamigwidan aki, a. v. *». I breaib 

the ground into small pieces, 

I till, noe, plough it; harrow it ; 3. 

p. biw... ; p. h<u8..ang... 
Susakamigihodiigan, or hissakamiai- 

hidjigan, s. plough ; harrow ; pl.- 

fff». S. Bmakwan^ kitchihindkwan. 
BUsaJcamig^odjige , {nin) or nm 

hissakarmgibtdjigey n. v. I breaife 

the ground to small pieces, that is, 

1 plough, I harrow ; 3, p. 1,; p. 

Bissdssinins, s, an. a small little 

stone, especially on the beach of 

a laifee; \i\.-ag. 
Missassminsika t or -magadi u. v. 

there are little stones, (especially 

on the beach of a laifee ;) p. hoes.. 

kag^ or-nnigak. 
Biesatca, {nin) a, v, an. I crush or 

break to small pieces some an. 

obj.; 3. p. ohi€€awan;ip. hassawad; 

imp. hissd. 
Bisxatagadt u. v. it is fine, (stuff, 

clothing material ;) p.ha88..g(ik. 
Bissatagisi, n. v. 3. p. it is fine, (^an. 

stuff, silZ;;)p. h(U8..sid. 
Misiit in compositions. S. Bissa^ in 

JSissibidjigadei or-magadt u. v. it is 

torn to small pieces ; p. \)a88..degt 

SUsiMaon^ {nin) a. v. in. I brea)fe it 

into small pieces in my hands, I 

crumble it; 3- p. o bw«...; p. ha$9.. 

Sod.' V 

Mtesibiigttd^ OT-maaad, u. v. ifc ia 
written with smallletters, or print- 
ed in small type ; p. base..deg, cr 

Bissibiigan, a. small writing, or 

Bt8sibiiaei {nm) n. v. I write with 

small letters; 3. p. 1.; p. ha8s..ged. 
Bissihinay {nin) a. v. an. I crumble 

some an.' obj., I brea£ it into small 

pieces with my hands ; 3. p. o 

ms8. .n ; p. ba88. .nad.-Nin hissMna 

fdhwejigoflriy I crumble bread. 
Bisailmifaie, n. v. 3. p. it has a fine 

fur ; p. ha88..ied. 
Bi88tbcdet or- magad, u. v. it is 

ground; p. has8..degf or^magdk. 
Bi8sibvdjigan . a. an. grind-mill, 

flour-mill; pl.-a^; also, corn-meal, 

[C. gamine;] 
Busibodjiganahiky s. an. mill-stone ; 

Btesibodjigans 1 s. dim. an. coffee- 
mill ; pl.-o^. 
Bis8ibc^iga8y{nin)u. v. X am ground 

or crushed to powder ; 3. p.-o ; p. 

1)088., 8od. 
Bissibodjigey {nin) n. v. 1 am grind- 
ing, I ifceep a flour-mill a going ; 3. 

p. 1.; p. ha88..g€d. 
Binsiboajigewmmi, s, miller, I-eeper 

or propriftor of a flour-mill ; pi.- 

Bisstbodon, {nin) a. v. in, I grind it; 

3. p. biss.. ; p. ba88..Aod. 
Btssibonay a. v. an. 1 grind some an. 

obj. ; 3. p. o bi88..n; pf bass..nad ; 

imp. bfsmyqj. 
Bt88tbo80i n. V. 3. p, it is ground, (a». 

ob;[.) p. bfff/f.W. 
Bisstgaan, (nin) a. v. in. I split it 

into fine small pieces, (wood) ; 3. 

p. o\;ds8...; p.£. 
Bts8igaigej (mn) li. v. I chop wood 

into small sticks, (for a small 

stove;) 3. p. 1.; p. bass..aed. 
Bis8igdi88an, s. split wood for fuel ; 

Bi8sigdii8ey (^nm) n. v. I split wood 

into fine pieces ;,3. p* 1* ; P* ba^tW 





B^tngmoof inin) a. t. an. I split H 
into small pdeees, {an. obj., gijiJi, 
cedar; )^ 3. p. o b*M..?i; p. \ia8..wad\ 
imp. \yiBS%ga. 

Biesikodey or-^magad, u. v. it is crush- 
ed or bro2:en to pieces by s. th. 
that fell on it ; p. bass..deg or-wwt- 

Biasihoao, n. v. 3. p. it is broken to 
pieces by s. th. that fell on it, {an. 
oh^.) "p. bass.. 8od. 

Biseipoy OT^magady u. v. it snows in 
small flakes ; p. hassipog, or-ma- 

BUsisi, n. v. 3. p. it is ground, (an. 


obj.) p. lassisid.-BdadHd paJcwe- 

^igauj flour. 

HuUdgos^ {nin) n. v. I insult, I use 

insulting or abusive language ; 3. 

V'-i'i P' 0e8s..8id. 
Btuitaniy {nin) n. v. I hear insulting 

or abusive language ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

BissUawa, (nin) a. v. an. I am in- 
sulted by his words, I feel insult- 
ed in hearing his talking ; 3. p. 

hiss. .fi;p. hm..wad. 
Bisaomdy {nin) a. v. a/n. I insult 

tadin; 3. p. o Ut8..n\^. hessomad. 
Biasangey {nin) n. v. 1 am insulting; 

3. p. 1.; p. be8S..ged. 
Biaaangewin, s. insult, injury, affront. 
BitiDaSf {nin) n. v. I have weak 

eyes, I cannot see well ; 3, p.-^ ; 

p. heinoabid. 
Bwwdbigithiny {nin) n. v. I am ent- 
angled in a cord ; 3. p. 1. ; p. lea.. 

Bitiwaodey or-magady u. v. it is tied 

with a loop; p. hes..deay or-magak. 
BUwaodony {nin) a. v. %n. I bind or 

tie it, making a loop, a bow; 3. p. 

oM8...;p. has..dod. 
Btnoaonay {nin) A. v. <ni. I tie some 

4m. obj. with a loojp; 3. p. o hi8s..n ; 

]p. he3..nad'y im^. mtoaoj. 
Bh&kogidigweshtny {nifid) n. ▼. I 

"knock or dash my kiiee against s. 

th.; 3. p. 1.; p. 
Btwe0ht(aigwminy {riin) n. v. I 

knock my forehead against •. ^h. ; 

3. p. 1.; p. ^..tiy. 

Bitahondtbeskmy (nm) n. ▼. 1 knock 
or dash my head against t. th.; 8. 
p. I.; p. let.. ing. 
Bitahonindjishin, {nin) n. ▼. I knock 
my hand (or finger) against s. th.; 
3. p. 1.;^. betting. 
Bitakoihiny n. v. 3. p. it tooches or 
strikes s. th. {am. obj.) p., 
BUahosThkagony {win) p. v. it touches 
me, it comes to me^ it knocks 
against me ; 3. p. btt...'^ p. bet., 
BitahosKkany {nin) a. v. in. I knock 
or strike against s. th. ; 3. p. Mt„.\ 
p. bet..ang. 
BUdkoahkawa, {win) a. v. an. I strike 
or knock agamst him ; 3. p. bit., 
n-y p. bet.. wad. 
Bitakoaaideshiny {nin) n. v. I knock 
or da^h my foot against s. th. ; 3. 
p. I.; p. bet.. ing. 
Bttdkoaain, u. v. it touches, strikes ; 
p. bet..aing. - Tchiman bitdkoaainy 
the canoe strikes (touches) the 
|[round, a rock, &c. 
BttawigibodeieguHuaony s. drawers ; 

[F. calepons ;] pl.-on. 
Bttchinaweay {nin) a. ▼. an. lofiend 
him ; I make him angry ; 3. p. 
bit..n; p. bet.jod. 
Bitchinawemay {nin) a. v. an. 1. make 
him uigry, or offend him, wiJUi 
my worda-y 3. p. bit..n;p. bet..mad. 
Bitchinanoaa, {mn) n. -y. i am angry, 
I keep anger or rancor ; I am ms- 
sionate, i;npatient;3.p.-4'; f.M$.. 
BUckinaweaiwiny s. anger, rancor, 
bad passionate temper, impatience. 
Bitey s. foam. 

BUewanamy {nin) n. ▼. \ foam at mn 
mouth, running ; 3, p.-e ; p. &«A.« 
Bitetpidon, {n^) n* v. in; nnrnth ift 
full of foam; 3. p. 1. : p. kU^dmtg' 
BOeufidonigidofi, {win) n. V. flk)t 
mouth is full of foam from, uign ; 
3. p, o; p. M-.m4> 
BiUhwahwna^ {n4n)xi. ▼* I am thick 
and short; 3, p.^ Mf«ni-«. 3Uh 




3ito, in compositions, signifies double. 
( Examples in some of the follow- 
ing words.) 

BUobig^ 8. pond ; pl.-(?». 

JN$0gwad(mt (nin) a. v. in. I line it, 
double it, some article of clothing^;) 
3. p. ohi^..; p. bisU..ang. 

.^tiogwced^ or-^imigadi u. v, it is lin- 

^ ed, (doubled ;) p. b<U..degt or*»»a- 

mtoawadjiaafh P- lining, doubling ; 
■ [F. doublure.] 
Bttogrotidjige, (nm) n. v. I am lining 

(some article of clothing;) 3. p. L; 

p. J>at..ged. 
Bitogwwna, {nin) a. v. cm. I line some 
*{m. obj. (silk-stuflf;) 3. p. o hit.M; 

p. hat..ndd ; imp. hitogwaj. 
BUoqwasson^ s. S. Bitogwadjigcm, 
Bitohmne, ' (nin) n. v. I have two 

pair of shoes on ; 3. p. 1.; p. hat. 

BitohuHnnaie^ (nin) n. v. I have a 

double suit of clothes on ; 3. p. 1.; 

p. hat..ied. 
Biton, {nin) a. v. in. I wait for it, I 

await it ; 3. p. o hiton ; n. hatod. 
BitodiiJn, iron ; metal ; pi. tdwabikm^ 

pieces of iron, or iron tools or im- 
Biwdbiko-Umbodjigani s. filings, file- 

Biwdbikohan) s, iron-mine, or mine; 

pi .-Of*. 

BwHjhilMike, {nin) n. v. I work iron, 
or other metal ; I am mining-, work- 
ing in a mine; 3. p. l.-, p. hew.. 

Biwdbikohewini s. trade, T^ork, oc- 
cupation, of a mmer, mining busi- 

Bfwdbikdk0i»inini, a. miner ; p}.-wag. 

£imiibik(Hmgf$<m^ s. em. steel-pen ; 

BtMel!b3»'4mkcmit, si taii'toad, (iron- 
toad j) pl.-^^B«..' • ' ' 
BmaHhchnaJbihamh, s. iron vessel; 

Bfwdbihonst e. dkft. wirfe, (smraU 
iron ;) ^li - bk»dbihonMny small' 
pkceH of 'irb(l,;iimall' iron imple 

Bitodbtko-sapabiginigant ori hiwdbi- 
ko-sagibicQigmj or, ViwcMko-iaJcQ- 
bidjigan^ s. iron chain; iron fetters; 

BiwaMko-sibit s. Iron-River, (Lake 

BiwaMho-tchiman, s. iron boat ; pl.- 

, 8. Iron-Hountain, 

(Lake Superior.) 
Bvwdbikwdkik, s. an. iron pot ; [C. 

marmite \\v\.-og. 
Biwai. S. Oliwai. 
Biwan, u. v. the snow is driven by 

the wind, suow-storin, snow-drift ; 

p. hdtuang. 
Biwdnag, s. cm. flint ; pl.-o^. 
Biwdndiigan, s. crumb ; pl.-ofi. 
BiweTcodamagant s, shaving, wood 

shaving, (thin slice of wood pared 

oflf from a board in planing- it ^) pi. 

Biwibdc^igcm, s. saw-dust. 
Bi/wid6, s. a stranger who arrives to 

a place, visitor, comer ; pl.-^. 
Bi-widjiwa^ {nin) I come here with 

him, I accompany him hither ; I 

bring him along with me ; 3. p. o 

Biwidm^ {nm] a. v. in. I crumble it; 

3. p. obi...; p. bawidod. 
Biw^aan^ {nin) a. v. in. I cut or chop 

it into small pieces, into chips ; 3. 

p. J^...; 
Biwigadej {nin) n. v. I have a small 

ieg; 3.. p. L; p. baw..ded. — Freq. 

nin babimgade, I have small legs. 
Biwigaigam,y s. small pieqe of wood, 

chip ; pl.-a«.. 
Biioigaigi^ {nin) n. v. I make chips; 

3. p. 1.; '^.'baw.:g€d. 
Biivigaisse, {nm) n. v. I am chop- 

?ing wood into small pieces ; 3. p. 
.; p.baw..8ed» 
Biwigane^ {mn) n, v. freq. nin ba^- 
wiganey Ihave small bones (in ^ 
'body ;) 8. p.l.; p. b(Kw..nod'yQXy 
J^kofjigcm^ s.. a little piece retpajiiaiDj^ 
. after cutting a coat or any other 
t article of clothing^. r^tniiii4er, 
• shred ; [F. retaifte ;] pl.^H. ^ ' 




T^wikodmi, (nin) a. v. in. I cat it, I 

take off pieces j 3. p. o liw...; p. 

JHtbikbdjtgcnh s. shaving, wood-shav- 
ing ; pl.-««. 
^noikona, (nin) a. v. cm. I cut some 

<m. obj.; 3. p. o hiiv...n ; p. haw.. 

^-kpina, {nin) a. v. an. I crumble 

some an. obj.; 3. p. o Uwinan; p. 
' hatoinad. • 
.Biwfpo, u. V. the snow begins to 

cover the ground; p. hawipog. 
3iiouhima^{nm) a. v. an. I disperse 

it, put it in disorder, {an. obj.) 3. 

p. &hito..n ; p. haw.. mad. 
^twishka pahoefigany n. v. 3. p. the 

bread breaks or crumbles ; p. haw.. 

loag. — S. Biwig^e. 
BiwiMt pahvejigan, n. v. the bread 

crumbles into small pieces and 

falls to the ground ; p.dawissed... 
Bimsddjigan, s. a gun-cap, powder 

in the pan of a gun ; [F. amorce;] 

B^wiBtidofhy (ntn) a. v. m. I disperse 

it. I put it in disorder ; 3. p. o 

hm... : p. haw..dod. 
JSiwimdon ptiehTemgan^ {nm) a. v. 

m. I put powder in the pan of a 

C[, or a cap, I prime a gun ; p. 
JBitDimnj u. v. it is dispersed, it is in 

dHflorder; amongst one another ; p. 

hoMuHng. — Kakina nirid aiiman 

hiwisskyon^ all my things are in 
' disorder. 
JSi/uHwefmiAy {nin) a. v. on. I throw 

or strew it about, I scatter it, dis- 
perse it, {an. obj.) 3. p. o hiw..n ; 

Tp. liew^-nm ; imp. hiw.Mn. 
BfUdiuMnan, (£iin) a. v. in. I strew 

it, I throw it about, scatter it ; 3. 

pb o hm...y p. hew..a>ng. 
JSttmc^nniaade^ or-magad, u. v. it is 

dispersea, strewed, scattered ; p. 

Jngw-deg. OT-fnagak. 
BiwiMebinige^ {nm) n. t. I disperse, 

strew, Scatter ; 3. p. 1. ; p. hew.. 

M€^y litUe pain, little wdund, <in the 

language of children.) 

Iftt!* syring^ 

Mohogic^^aigan, s. Iftt!* syri 

made of wood*or tin ; pl.-<wi'. 
JBoddddn, {nin) a. v. in. I blow it ; 

3. p. o Jfod... • p. hwa..ang. 
Bodd€(Jigany s. a thing to blow in, 

trumpet, horn, bugle ; pl.-ii;^. 
ModaSjige, {nin) n. v. 1 am blowing; 

3. p. 1.; p. hwa..ged. 
BodadjisKka, {nin) n. v. my belly is 

swollen up ; 3. p. 1.; p. hra..l'ad. 
Bodadji^hkolatoan^ 8. bellows ; pi., 

Bodadjishkotuwe, (nin) n. v. I blow 

the fire, with bellows ; 3. p. 1 • p» 
Bodahrt, {nin) n. v. I let fall in a 

hole or vessel ; 1 put in a holo; 3, 

p. 1.; p. hwa..w€d. 
Boddhven, {nin) a. v. in. I put it in 

a hole or vessel, I let it go in ; 3. p. 

hod. . ; p. hwa. Wed. 
Boddhioenan. (nin) a. v. an. 1 put it. 

or let it fall, in a hole or vessel, 

(<m. obj.) 3. p. ohod...; p. hwa.. 

Boddhwesse, {nin) n. v. I fall or slide 

in a hole ; 3. p. 1. ; p. hWa-.sed. 
Bodahwesse^ OT-magaa, u. v. it fall;* 

or slides in a hofe ; p. hwa..6€g^ or-; 

Boddndy {nin) a. v. an. I blow him ; 

3. 6. o hoddmin; p.hwadanad ; imp, 

BoddshJca^ {nin) n. v. J am swollen, 

all my body is swdllen up ; 3. p. 

Bodatoanf s. chhnney, jRrc-placc ; pl.-^' 

Bodawe, {nin) n. v. I make fire. 1 

build a fh-e ; 8. p. 1. ; p. hwaaa- 

Bodawen, {nin)z. v m. fbum it a« 

fuel, I make lire with; 3. p. oW...^ 

p. Iwadmeed. 
Bddawenany (nin) a. v. an. I bum 

some an. obj. I p<|t it in the fire as 

fue! ; 3.ip. hod...; p. hwadawed.—^ 

B^figtoattg nabagissag nin gi-bod«h 

iffman ; 1. burnt up a board. 
B6aid, {nin) n. v: I fart ; 3. p.-< ; p} 

Bdgidvufiny s. fart, farting. 

Iday ! [F. bpnjoiir.] 
(nin) a. t. an, I bid him "good 
ay r [F- je lui souhaite le "bon 
jour ;**] 3. p. o hajoan ; p. hoajoad. 

JScik or ioik), in compositions, alludes 
to a half 01 part of s. th. T Exam- 
ple in some of the following 
words. ) 

J^dkakamigisse, inm) n. t. I break 
through, or sink in the ground with 
mj foot ; 3. p. 1.; p. hwa..sed. 

£6huMy (nm) n. v. I break through 
s. th. with my foot ; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Mohdbidohj (nm) a. v. in. I break it 
in two ; 3. p. o hoi..* ; p. hwa.. 

JBohUnna, inm) a. v. an. I break 
some an. obj. in two ; 3. p. o l>oh. 

Bekaatna^ s. one half or part of the 
viUiige or town. 

BoV^jishkaj iyt-magady u. v. some- 
thing in my body m broken; p. Iwa'. 

Bokoffude^ {nm) n. v. I have a broken 

kg ; 3. p, 1.; p. hwa..ded. 
Bf^o^adE^ijij (mti) n. V. /br^ak my 

leg ; 3. p* 1 . ; p> hwa,Ang. 
Mokogadewaj (nin) n. v. 7 break his 

leg ; 3. p. o lok..n ; p. hwa.. wad ; 
-- imp. hol^ajfUw. ^ , i 

Bdkokqjenan, (nin) a. v. in. I break 

the point ox s, th. (of a needle, 

knife, etc.) 3. p» o bok...\ p. hwi;^,. 

Bohmigaohy s. a broken branch to, in- 
dicate tne road in the woods ; pL- 

JSokonige, {nm)n. v. I break branches 

to mark the road in the wood« ; 3. 

p. l.i p. hwa,.g«d. 
Bokotiihc^ (nm) n. v. I have a brol^en 

arm ; 3* p. I. ; p. &wn.»JE;cit 
Boh&fitkeskm^imn) ri> v. /break my 

Attp. J a. p- L; p. hwak.^iftg, 
B^^tmkW^ 7uth(u;um^, [idn ) a. v. <tn. 

/ break a board in two i 3. p. o Jfl^.. 

ft ; u. hwai..9iiad. 
Boh&ehwt nm Uhiman^ { nm) a. v. ti^i. 

/break ray caooe ; 3. p. p boh.,.; p. 


BokoMoHi inin) a. v. «». / breal^ if, 

<a long obj.fn.,) 3. p. o5ol;...;p. 5va.. 

BolosKkawa, {nm) a. y. on. / break 

some l<mg obj. an. ; 3. p. o 6oi. j» ; 

p. hwa..wad. 
BohoMibina, (nin) a. v. an. /break 

it off, an. obj.^ o hok..n ; p. iwa.. 

nad' — Misakoet nin hdkoMibina, I 

break off an ear of Indian com. 
Bohoshhilyinanj {nin) a. v. «if». Ibreak 

it off(*».obj.)3.p. i> Jfl*...;p.6«;a,. 

Bohossidon^ {nin) a. v. in. I break it 

in two ; 3. p. lok...; p. bwa.uiod, 
BokotcMshka assab. n. v. 3. p. the net 

is breaking ; p. lwak..had. 
Bokotelmhka, or-magad, u. ▼. it 

breaks; p. hwak.Jkag^ ox-^magak. 
Bokwabiky s. a piece or fragment of 

Bohwaiganey {nin) n. y. I break a 

bone ; 3. p. 1.; p. hwa..ned. 
Bohwaiiy a piece, a fragment. 
Bohwanwiihimay {nm) a. y* af». I 

break it off, {m. obj.) 3. p. o Jfok., 

n; p. 'bwa..mad. 
Bokwamvimdony {nin) a. t. to* I 

break it off, f notch it ; S. p. o 

Bohoadkay ox-magady (pr. lokoaihay) 

u. V. It breaks, (wood;) p. hook.. 

kagt ox-magak. 
Bokwatig, s. a piece of wood, a frag- 
ment of wood. 
BokwdwUfaok, {nm) or, nm hokwwti- 

ganeshka. n. v. I am humpbacked, 

or hunchbacked ; [F. je suis boa- 

su ;] 3. p.-,^, or, 3. p. 1.; p. iuxO:.. 

nedy or, bwak.-kad, 
Bokwdwiganetay (nm) n. v. I am 

lame in the back ; 3. p. l.;p. ttoi^,: 

Bohwidagimvng. S. B^H>kUf^dagim- 

BoJcwegiy a piece of cloth, or erf aoy 

other clotl^ngmate]:ial. 
•Bokwemaaady u. v. branches .or< lit- 
tle s^cks on the ground hteeky 

when a person or animal goes 

through, the woods; p. (^.. 





£6me, (nin) n. t. I recover from xoj 
few or fnght ; 3. p. 1.; p. twamed, 

Bon or hondy in compositions, signi- 
fies finishingy ceawn^g, stopping ^ Or 
the end of s. th. (Examples in 
some of the following words.) 

JSonabigina, (nin) a. v. in. I let him 
down on a rope ; 3. p. o hon..n ; p. 

JBonabiginany {nin) a. v. in. I let it 
down on a rq)e ; 3. p. o &(?n... ; p. 

JSonakadJigiany s. the line of a net 
with a heavy stone, to keep steady 
the net, to anchor it ; anchor ; pl.- 

JBonakudjigey {nin) n. v. I <jast an- 
chor ,•'3. p. 1.; p. 'bwa..ged. 

Bonakctdon, {nin) a. v. in. I anchor 
it, (^- vessel, ooat, etc.) 3. p. o 
hon.:.; p. hvan..dod. 

Bondhana, {nin) a. v. a?». I anchor 
it, (a net, assah'j) 3. p. o lon..n ; p. 
dtaa..n<xd. imp. oonakaj. 

Bdnam, n. v. 3. p. she lays eggs, (a 
hen, or any other female bird;) p. 
hvdnmg. (II. Com. ) 

Bdndnimadf u. v. the wind goes, 
down, dies away, ceases blowing; 
p. bwa..mah. 

BdndMay or-^magad, u. v. the sea 
runs down, the waves cease to rise, 
ifbecomes calm ; p. hwanashkagt 

Bdni'ndam^ {rdn) n. v. I cease to 
think on s. th.; I fo'get ; 3. p. I.; 
p. Yytoanendting. 

Bonindamaway {nin) a. v. a/n. I for- 
get 8. th. relating to him, I forget 
how he behaved, what he did, what 
he said, etc., I forgive him; 3. p. o 
how. .» ; p. hwan. wad. 

BdrUndamowiny s, forgetting, for- 
giveness, pardon. 

Bonindan^ {nin) su 1 forget it, 
forgive it, 1 <iease to think on it ; 3. 
p. o hon...; p. Skoanendang. 

B6ninima (m'») a. v. an. I forget him, 
I cease to think on him, (a person 
«' any other an. dbj.) 3. p. b hon,. 
; p. hw(m.4nad. 
4nAndMin, <M^) c: v. wq fbr- 


five or {i^rdon each other, we for- 
et our mutual 9iletoce8 ; p. bv<m. . 

BdniktmMwiitf i. nrntoal pardon, 

Boni. $. Bon, 
Bonia,^ i,n4n) a. v. oa. 1 1^ him aione, 

/ desist from him ; 3. p. o bo#iM«^; 

p. bwaniad. 
Bdni-ahiwani li. v. it is the end of 

the world ; p. hwam-ahiicang. 
Boni hineshit n. v. 3. p. the bird 

alights on a branch, (or somewhere 

else ;^ p. bwanid. ( 1. Conj. ) 
BonigtadtaddrMny {nin) com. v. w« 

forgive each other ; p. Ifwan..did'' 

Bonigidetadiwiny s. mutual forgett- 
ing of offences, forgiveness. 

Bdnigidetagcy (»i») n. v. I forget 
offences, I torgive ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Bonigidetagewin, s. pardon or for- 
giveness gramded. 

BonigidetagoSi {nin) n. v. I am for- 
given; 3. p.-^j p. 'bwan..6id. 

Bonigidetagowtny s. pardon or for- 
giveness received. 

Bdnigiditcmay {nin) a. v. an. I for- 
give him ; 3. p. bon..n ; p. Iimm.. 

Bof^may (nin) a. v. an. I let him 
alone, I don't speak anymore to 
him; 3. p. o honiman'yP. Uoanimad. 

Boninagps, {nin) n. v. I cease to ap- 
pear, to be seen, I disappear; 3. p. 
-*; p. hwa..fid. 

Boninagwadf u. v. it ceases to 
be seen, it disappears ; p. hwan..- 

Bdnindagi {mn) pass. v. he a^ghtt 
upon nie, he descends upon me, 
(a bird, &c.) 3. p. honindiawi; p. 

Bdnindaway {nin) a. v. an. I aliffht 
upon hin^i, I descend i^n l^iiti, 
C0md ubon him ; 3. p. o Im..^ : p. 
bwa.:wad. — Wen^ttkit^Jfmm o 
gi^hpnindawanjesusai^ MHga-sij^ 
andawim^nd ; the Ifoly Ghost def- 
cetided l(ali|(hted, caihe,) upon J^ 
suf , kift^ his baptism. 

BOS 90 

Boni-mbagwe^ (»*») n. v. I cease to 
be thirsty ; 3. p. 1. ; p., 

JB&tUta, {nin) n. v.I cease working; 
3. p. 1.; p. hwdnitad, 

JBonitchigtide, oj-magady u. v. it is 
let alohe, it is given up ; p. hva... 
deg^ ot--mageLk. 

MdnUoThy {nin) a. v. »». I cease, I 
let it alone, I let it be, I desist from 
it; I give it up, I abandon a babit, 
&c; 3. p. &<w...; p. hwanitod. 

JSonwiwidam^ (nin) n. v. I cease 
speaking; 3. p. 1. ; p. hwan..<mg. 

JBo&y {rUn) n. v. I embark ; I go on 
board ; 3. p. hosi ; | . hwastd. 

JBeSi hoea, in compositions, signifies 
penetrating into s. th.^Jilling. (Ex- 
amples in some of the following 

Bosahawej {nin) n. v. I am drenched 
with rain, (penetrated to the skin;) 
3. p. 1.; p.}ed. 

Bo&ahkgon, {nin) p. v. it penetrates 
me, it fills me; 3. p. o6<w...; p. Iwa 
,.god. - Ahmwin nin hmahagony I 
am filled with sickness, (penetrat- 

£(mngwam, (nin) n, v. I sleep pro- 
foundly, (I am filled with sleep;) 
3. p. 1.: p. hwa^ang. 

Bosasacy OT-magadf u. v. it penetrat- 
es, it goes into s- th.; p. Iwasassegj 

Bosia, {nin) a v. an. I make him em- 
bark, I embark or ship some cm. 
obj,; 3. p. obosian; p. hwcutiad. 

Bosthimtgad, u. v. it is greased, pe- 
netrated with grease; p. hwas^gak. 

B^sikot ox-^magady u. v. it is deep ; 
p, Jmmkag or^magak.-Bwasikag 
fm.frrffr'n , a deep dish. Bwaeikag tea- 
ititiaijaUi tlst^]! [flntB, ^oup-plate. 

Bo^ikadd, e., a kind of large turtle ; 

Btfsihit<^igadef or^wwff a<i, u. v. it is 

tUAde deept it is ciet'p; p. btoa.uiegf 

BiittiHiijn^ {tLift) a. y. in. I make it 

deep ; 3. p. W„ ; p. hoa..tod. 
BAaitvijftwa, {mti) a, ?. an. I send 

him DD board a vegeoI, a boat, <kc., 


I bid him embark ; 3. p. o loi.,n ; 
p. hwa4t,wad, 

BoeitdsSj (nin) n. v. I am loading a 
canoe, ooat, vessel, &c. ; I am 
shipping; 3. p.-o ; p.btt>a..»)d. 

Bositdssowinf s. loading, shipping. 

Bositchigadej Qx-fnagad^ u. v. it is 
shipped, it is on board ; p. hc(u,» 
deg, or-magak. 

BoeUchigasOy n. v. 3. p- it is shipp- 
ed, it is on board, {an. obj.) p. 

Bosituny (nin) a. v. in. I ship it ; 3. 
p. hoi... ; p. hwasiUd. 

Bosimuy s. embarkation, going on 

Bosmakatewawe, n. v. 3. p. it has a 
black fur, (an animal ;) p. Iwaa.. 

Bosmakaieweginy s. black cloth. 

Boswehina, {nin) a. y. an. I throw 
him in a canoe, boat, &c., (a per- 
son, or some other a;i. obj.) I em- 
bark him by force ; 3. p. o ho8.,n ; 
p. hwa8..nad. 

Boswehinan, {nin) a. y. in. I throw 
it in a canoe, boat, &;c. ; 3. p. o 

Bdswibinigadey ox-magady u. v, it is 
thrown on board a canoe, boat, &c. 
p. hwa8..deg. ox-^magak. 

B6wibinigas-y(nin) n. v. I ^m thrown 
in a canoe, boat, vessel, &c., I am 
embarked by force ; 3. p.-o; p. 

Botdgadan, {nin)ti. v. in. I stamp it; 
3. p. hot... ; p. bwe..ang. 

Botdgaohy s. an* mortar, stamper; 

Botdganay {nin) a. v. an. I stamp 
some a/n. obj. 3. p. o l>ot..n; p. hioc' 
taganad: imp. hotdgaj. 

Botdgandk, s. pestle ; ^A.-on. 

Botdge, {nin) n. v. I stamp, (corn, 
&c.^ 3. p. 1.; ip. hwetaged. 

Botashkwanaky B. Ot. S. Botdga- 

Botoy 8. an. hvitioxi; -pl.-tag. 

Bway tchi htfia ; prefixes signifyinjg, 

Blicaiamsy {nin) n. v. I am slow at 
work; 3. p.-^; p. bwaiamsid. 




3%Ddmat {nin) a. v. ai». 1 cannot pre- 
vail upon him, I cannot make nim 
come, or go, or do s. th. ; 3. p. o 
bwdman ; p. hoaidmad. 

Bwcmf s. Siou Indian ; pl.-o^. « 

Bwdnawi, {nin) n. v. I cannot, (go 
aomewhere, or do s. th.) 3. p,-<? ; 
p. tfWaidnawiod. 

JBwdnawia^ {nin) a. v. an. I can do 
nothing with |iim, or with it, {an 
obj.) he does not listen to me, not 
obey me ; 3. p. o hwa..n ; p. bwaia,. 

JBwdnawitOf {nin) n. v. I cannot, I 
am feeble, weak; 3. v. 1.; p. hwaid- 

JSwdnmoUonj {nin) a. v, in* I can do 
nothing with it, I cannot make it, 
I cannot do it ; I cannot get it ; 3. 

- yt. obioa...;ip.hwaia..tod. 

JBwanaioitowin, s. weakness, inca- 

3wda^ikwe, a. a squaw of the Siou 
tribe; pi ,-f7. 

Bwdnim, ( nin) n . v. I speak the Siou 
language ; 3. p.-o ; p. bwaddnimod. 

Bwdnimo'wirhj s. Siou language. 

JSwdnishiigwany s. scalp of a Siou 
Indian; pi .-aw. 

Bwadma, {nin) a. v. an. I can hardly 

carry him on my back, or it, ( an. 

obj.) 3. p. Iwadman; p. dwada- 

\BtDa6nddn, {nin) a. v. in. I can 

hardly carry it on my back ; 3. p. 

0bwa...; p. hweUaondan^. 
Bwdwaney {nin) n. v. I carry a heavy 

load, a heavy burden on my back; 

3. p. 1.; p. bwaiawaned. 
Bwdtoibidony {nin) a. v. in. I cannot 

draw it; I cannot tear ir, (it is too 

strong ;) 3. p. <? Iwa... ; p. Iwaia., 

Bwdtoibina^ {nin) a. v. an. I cannot 

draw him, (a person, or some other 

an. obj.) 3. p. o bwa..n; p. Iwaia.. 

Bu&iHdonj {nin) a. v. in. I cannot 

carry it away ; 3. p. o hwa... ; p. 

JBwdwina, {nin) a. v. an. I cannot 

lift him up, (a person, or some 

other an. obj.) 3. p. o bwa..n; p. 

Bwdwinarit {nin) a. v. t». I cannot 

lift it up; 3. p. obwa.., ; p. hcdia.. 


Some wordw iMck are natf<mnd under D, may he lof^for finder. T. 


p. This third letter in the Otchipwe 
alphabet, is the euphonical letter 
of the Otchipwe language, to avoid 
ft diaavreeable crowd of vowels ; 
as : Oi aian, he has it ; instead of, 

aian.-EidiJat thou goest; instead 
of, hi ija. 

D(h-t a partiqle that denotes the 
eonditional mode in a verb. (See 
the Conjug. in the Grammar.) 

JDat {nin) n. ▼. I lodge, dwell, stop ; 
3. p. l.| p. endad.-Kamn bin oma 
hi daeet, nin nin, da oma; thou dost 
not stop here, I stop here, (this is 
my habitation.) 

Da, in compositions, denotes the 

* plaoe wbere some work is doing, 

or has been done ; as : 16' ima ga- 

dagwasaoi&n niseo^am; it is here 

1 have been sewing three days. 
(More commonly daji is used in 
these cases.) 

Ddbandadf u. y. it is respectable ; 
p. dehandah. 

Ddbafidendago»f (nin) n. y. I am 
respectable, I am thought (con- 
sidered) respectable ; 3. p. t ; p. 

Ddbandendagwadf u. v. it is consid- 
ered respectable, it is respectable; 
p. deh.wdk. 

Dabandendamowin , s. respect, es- 

Dabandendani (nin) a. v. in. 1 respect 
it, esteem it; 3. p. o <iah.., ; p. d^.. 

Dabmndenimay (nin) a. v. an. I re- 
spect or esteem mm ; 3. p. o dab., 
n; p. d^.,mad. 


Dabdndtet (nin)n. v. I am respecta- 
ble, worthy, I am deserving of re- 
spect and esteem ; 3. p--^ ; p* dib» • 

Daddiabawtgidont (nin) n. v. 1 speak 
fast, quick ; 3. p. 1. ; p. ded**d<mg» 

DffddtcAanam, {nin) n. v. I have a 
quick respiration ; 8. p.-o; p. M*. 

Daddtdbij {nin) n. y. I hasten, I do 
s. th. ^uick, I am speedy, expedit- 
ious, in doing s. th. ; 3. p. 1. ; p., 

Daddtabimagadt u. v. it hastens, it 
goes on quick, runs fast, it works 
fast; p. ded..gak: 

DabdtdMunny s. haste, expedition, 
speed, activitjr. 

Daddtaoowe^ (ntn) n. v. S. Dadatar- 

Dctdthabama, (nin) ft. v. am. I ob- 
serve him, watch him, I look upon 
him, to see what he is going to do 
or to say ; 3. ]p.odad..n ; p. ded.. 

Dadibabandan, (nin) ft. v. in. I ob- 
serve it. watch it, I look upon it ; 
3. p. dad... ; p. ded..ang. 

Dddodemagady u. v. it opens, splits, 
(in boiling ;) p. daiaa..gai. 

Bddoeowag m>anaammagt n. v. 3. p. 
pi. corn is splitting or bursting 
open, (in boilmg;) p. daiddotodrig , 

Dag6^ in compositions, signifies, 
amongst oiher$y or amongst other 
things. (Examples in some of the 
following words.) 

Dagd^ oi-magai^ u. v. there it, there 
is some; p. endagog. 



DagdaiA, (nt») n, v. I am, amongst 
others; 3. p. 1.; p. degoadad, 

Dagdada, or-^pMoad, y. ▼. it is, a- 
mongst other objects; p. degoadagy 

jyagodawa, (nin) A.y. an. I lay him 
a snare to catch him; 3. p. o dag,.. 
n;p. deg..wad. 

DoffogdbaWy (nin) I stand some- 
where among others ; 3. p.-i ; p. 

Dagogabamtawa, (nin) a. y. an. 1 
stand with him, or near him ; 3. 
p. oda..n; p. deg.Mad. 

Dag6g4may{fiin) a. t. an. I put him 
in the number, I count him among 
others ; 3. p. odag..n ; p. deg..maa. 

Dagoamdathr (mn) a. v. in. I put it 
in tne number, I count it among 
other things; 3. -p.'/) dag...; p. deg... 

Dagogonat (nin) a. v. an, I swallow 
some an. obj. among another thing; 
3. p. o dag..n ; p. deg..nad.-Odii 
nin <ji-dagogona gt-minikweuln nibi; 
I swallowed a fly when I drank 

Dagdgondanj (nin) a. v. in. I swal- 
low it among some other thing or 
things ; 3. p. o dag... ; p. deg..ang. 

Dagohonidds* {nin) r, v. I put myself 
in the number, I count myself a- 
mongst others; 3. p. -o\ p. deg.. sod. 

Dagond, (nin) a. v. an, I put some 
an. obj. among another object, and 
mix it with it; 3. p. o dag..n; p. 

Dagondny [Mn) a. v. in. I pot it 
among another object, and mix it 
with it; 3. p. o dag...', p. degonang. 

Dagond, (nin) n. v. 1 die among 
others; 3. p. l.;p. degoned. 

Ihtgonigiday ox.'-magady u. v. there, it is mixed with...; p. dee.. 
deg., or -magdk, — SistbaJcwad dor 
gonigade, there ia sugar in. ITa 

• NOTB.— Iftiereral of this words, dago 
ii •ometiraM promoxnod dagtoaf as : Nin da- 
gwikoikidiat nin dagwaton, mn dagwasaa, 
•tc. It could also be written so; .bat foj- 
vniformity's sake we always write it dagoi 
•ad it is ordinarily pronounced dago. 


na ishkotwDobo dagonigademnmt 
Is there no ardent liquor mixed 
with it ? 

Dagoiy at the end of tome neuter 
verbs, and dagwad, at the end of 
some unipersonal verbs, allude to 
being considered or thought such 
and such; as : Nin jinrendagoey I 
am considered hateful, or, I am 
h&teful,-^ingendagwad, it is con- 
sidered hatefu), or, it is natefiil. 

Dagdsea, (Mn) or, nin dagoswa, a. 
V. an. I put some an. obj. among 
other things, not mixing it; 8. 
p. dag..n; p. degossad. — Nin da* 
gossd oma nin moshioem; I put my 
handkerchiief here among other 

Dagotonj (nin) a. v, in. I put it there 
among other objects, not mixing; it 
with themj 3. p. a dagoton; p. de- 
gotod. — 2f^tn d!agoton oma mn ma- 
sinaigam I put here my book 
among other books. 

Dagovnnay (nin) a. v. an, I name 
him amongst other words I pro- 
nounce, (I swear by him, by his 
name ;) 3. p. o dag..n; p. aea..nad. ^ 

DagowincUmy (nin) a. v. in. I name ' 
it amongst other words, (I swear 
by it;) 3. p. o dag...; p. deg..ang. 

D(igwaby(nan) n. v. I am sitting with 
others or amongst others: 3. p. -4; 
p. degwabid, 

Dagwaddny inin) a. v. in. I sew it in 
such a place; 3. p. o dag...; p. en- 
dagwaaang.-—Endai€iin nin aa-da- 
gwadanan kid aiifnan; I will sew 
thy things (clothes) in thy house. 

Dagwamdy (nin) a. v. an.; p. deg„ad, 
S. Jpain4jigenan. 

Dagtoandy (nin) a. y, an. I sew 
somi- ffn, obj. in. such a place; 3. 
p, ,} t^iith ,n: p. end..nad, 

J)(!^/jrffffddfky(nin) a. v. in. S. Jpan- 

Du^rtrmidji^ey (niti) n. v. S. Apan- 

Dtiitwit^r. iTtin) a. v. I am sewing ii\ 
u cf^j-tiun place; 3. p.-o; f.enda 




Dagunahimaj (nin) a. ▼. an. I make 
him arrive to some place, (a per- 
eon, or some other an. obj.) 3. p. 
odag..n\^. deg..mad. 

Xhftffisftmt inin) n. v. I arrive by 
land; 3. p, 1.; p. degmshing. — S, 

Ikbgtoishinomagad, u. y. it arrives, 
it comes: p. deg..gak. 

J)agwis8Uchigadej or --magad. u. v. it 
is brought to a certain place; p. 
deg.deg^ or -^maadk. 

DagwissttchigaSf (nin) n. v. I am 
brought to a certain place, (a per- 
son, or some other an. ODJ.) 3. p. 
-o; p. deg. tod. 

Dagvnasitont {nin) a. v. in. I bring it 
to some place; 3. p. odag...; p. 
deg.. tod. 

Daiebwetaaosid, p. s. a. hd that tells 
the truth, tmth-teller; ^1. -jig. 

DaUbwetdnsigt p. s. a. mfidei, in- 
credulous person, unbeliever; pi. 

Bajt-. This word, prefixed to a sub- 
stantive or verb, denotes the place 
where some action is performing, 
or where a certain object comes 
from. P. endaji-. — Kego ijahen en- 
daji^imiidingy dont go where 
they dance. Mi oma ga-daji^miga- 
diwad, here is the place where 
they lought. Moniang daji-ihwe, 
a woman from Montreal. 

Dajihij (nin) n. v. I drink in a cer- 
tain place; 3. p. 1.; p. endajibid. 

Da^gijiganamy (ni^) n. v. I spend 
my day in such a place; 3. p. -i; 
p. endaj..mid. — Mi tma ga-di^igi- 
jiganamiicin pitohinago; there is 
the place where I spent my day 

Dajikan, (nin) a. v. in. I am occu- 
pied in making such a thing, I am 
at it; 3. p. o dqj...; p. endajihang. 

Dajikawa, (nin) a. v. an. I am occu- 
pied about some an. object; S. p. 
daj..n; p. end.. wad. — M^ag hi 

^ dajikawa aw bebejigoganji; thou 
art always about that horse. 

Dqjike, {nin) n. v. I am in a certain 
place; 3. p. 1; p. end..hed. 

Dajihodadimdnt (nin) c. v. we are 
about some work together in a cer- 
tain place; we play together in 
such a place ; we are occupied at 
each other somewhere; p. end(^.. 

Dajimdy {n/in) a. v. an. I speak of 
him; I censure liim, 1 speak ill of 
him, I backbite him, calumniate 
him; 3. p. o daj..n; p. dejimad. 

Dajinddny (nin) a. v. m. 1 speak of 
it^ I speak lU of U^ calumniate 
it; 3. p. Q daj...; p. end.,ang. 

Dajindimin^ {nin) com. v. we speak 
of each other; wc speak ill of each 
other, censure one another; p. de' 

Dc^ndiwin^ s. ill speaking, detrac* 
traction, backbitmg, slander, ca- 

Dajindjigade, or -magad^ u. v. it is 
spoken of; also, it is spoken ill of; 
p. dej..degj or -^magak. 

Dajingey {nin) n. v. I speak ill of 

Eeople, I slander, I calumniate, I 
acKbite; 3. p. 1.; p. dejing^d. 
Bajingefhk, n. v. I am slanderous, 
calumnious, I am in the habit dF 
speaking ill of people; 3. p. -»; p. 
Dajttd, {nin) n. v. I am occupied at 
8. th. in a certain place; 3. p. 1.; 

Daiitibikanam, {nin) n. v. I spend 
the night in such a place; 3. p. -»; 
p. endaj..mid. — Jnindi aa-dd^wibi' 
kananviian? Where didtt thou 
stay all night ? Ndpiming nin gi^ 
dafiiibikanamt I spend the night 
in the woods. 

Dc^diawebison^ s. suspenders, braces, 
(for males.) S. Anikcman, 

Dajoniken, (nin) n. v. I stretch 
out my arm; 3. p. -4; p. d^.md. 

Dajonike8hin,{nin) n. v. I have my 
arms stretched out; 3. p. 1.; p. 

(^odbuoinay {nin) a. v. an. I unfold 
or stretch out some an, obj. of me- 
tal; 3. D. odaJ..n; p. d^ 

Da^dbiUnant {nin) a. v. in. I 




stretch it, unfold it, (metal;) 3. p. 
odaj...; p. d^..(mg, 
Dojwegagode^ or -^nagad, u. v. it is 
spread out and hung up; p. dej.. 
deg.^ or -^magdk, 

Dajw^gagodony {nin) a. v. m. I spread 
it out, banging it up; 3. p. o do;...; 
p. dej„dod. 

Uiijwigagonay {nin) a. v. an. I 
spread out some an. obj. hanging 
it up ; 3. p.o daj..n; p. a^..nm. 

Dajwegithima, {nin) a. V. an. I 
spread it out on the floor, on the 
grohnd, &c., {an. obrj.) 3. p.o 
daj..n; p. dp. .mad. 

Dajwigma^ (nin) a. v. an. 1 spread 
it, holding it in my hands, {an. 
obj.) 3. p. daj..n; p. dej. .nod. 

Dajwigijian, {nin) a. v. in. I spread 
it, holding it in my hands; 3. p. o 
daj...;^ p. de;..ang. 

Dajwigissiton^ {nin) a. I spread- 
it oat on the ground, &c.; 3. p. o 
da^...;yt. dej.Xod. 

Dan, {nin) n. v. I possess, I have 
property, I am rich; 3. p. dani; p. 

Dandb,{nin) n. v. I am sitting in a 
certain place; 3. p. -i; p. endana- 
bid. — Mi oma mojag endandbiiiln; 
I am always sitting here. 

Danadem, {nin) n. v. I am weeping 
in a certain place; 3. p. -o; p. en- 
dan.. Tnod. 

Dandkamigis, {nin) n. v. I do s. th. 
in a certain place; 1 play some- 
where; 3. p. -4; p, endan..8id. 

Danaki, {nin) n. v, I live in a cer- 
tain place; or, 1 am a native of a 
certam place or country; 3. p. 1.; 
p. endanalcid. 

Danahide^ or -magad^ u. v. it burns 
in such a place: p. endan..deg, or 
-^naqak. — Anamahamig ta-dandhi- 
de h,xaw hapgehamig, hishpin hi* 
fJUgwadj-ijiwebisHoMj thy body will 
bnrn eternally in hell, ifthoulivest 
in impuritj. 

Dandhis, {mn) n. v. I bum in a cer- 
tain i^lace; 3. p. -o; p. end..8od. 

DanaHwin, s. the state of living in 
a place or country. 

Dandna^idon, {nin) n, v. I talk; 3. 
p. l.',p-'^dan..(mg.. 

Lawnagidonawin, s. talking. 

Banindagos, {nin) n. v. I am thought 
or believed to be in such a place; ^ 
3. p. -t; p. endan..sid. — Chjigona 
danendagosiwag ga-mino-ijiwebt' 
sidjig aking; those that lived a 
good life on earth, are believfed to 
be in heaven. 

Danindagwadj u. v. it is thought or 
believed to be in a certain place; 
p. mdan..wak. 

Daninddny {nin) a. v. m. S. Inda- 

DanSnima, {nin) a. v. an. S. Inda- 

Danis, {nin) n. v. I am in a certain 
place; 3. p. -t; p. endanisid. 

Daniss. S. Nlnaaniss. 

DanisH^awin, s. god -daughter; pi. 
-agr. There is always a possessive 
pronoun prefixed to this word; mn 
daniasika/win, my god-daughter; 
hi danisaihawin, thy god-daughter; 

danissika/winan, nis god-daugh- 
ter, etc. 

Laniwin, s. property, riches, treas- 

ure,all that one has or possesses. 
Daivwiwen^ {nin) n. v. I make noise, 

1 am heard, in a certain place ; 3. 
p. 1.; p. end.. wed. — Pindig dan- 
wewewagt they are heard inside, 
(working or speaking j) heard by 
people that are outside, out of 

Dan/witoidanif {nin) n. v. I speak, I 
make myself heard, in a certain 
place ; 3. p. 1.; p. end..ang. 

Da^inanidimdn, {nin) com. v. we are 
killing one another; p. end.didjig. 

Bapinanidiwiny s. slaughter or mur- 
der of several persons. 

J)apin4t {nin) n. v. I die in a certain 
place ; 3. p. 1.; p. endapined. — 
Mbihang gi-dapine^ he died in the 
water, (he was drowned.) Debeni- 
minang tchibaiatigong gi-dajfirtCf 
our Lord died on a cross. 

Dajtinea, {nin) a. y. an. I makb him 
die in a certain place; 3. p. o dap., 
n ; p. 




Ddth, conj. but, and, too. also. 

DashinUn, {nin) n. v. pi. we are in 
a certain number, in such a num- 
ber, in a certain quantity, so many 
persons, or other an. objects.) — 
Mi ga-dashiwad nind opmimag, 
my potatoes were so many. 

Daskwa, s. wn. shell, shield ; pl.-^. 
—Miskikiwidiuhwat the shield of 
a tortoise. 

Damngt adv. every time, as often 

JDoMd, (or damoi,) This word, I the 
interpolation-word of the Otchip- 
we numbers,) signifies nothing m 
itself ; it is put between numbers 
higher than nineteen, and substan- 
Uvea denoting measure, of time or 
of other objects. So, f. i., they 
will not say ; NijUma hibon, twen- 
ty years, but, mjtana dassQ bibon. 

JDassobaninindjy so many times a 
handfuK (in number over nine- 
teen.) For less than twenty, see 
Hijobaninmdj, NissobanmindJ y 

J)a886bidonanj (nin) a. v. in, pL I 
tie 80 many together, (in num- 
bers over nineteen ;) 3. p. odan...\ 
p. end..ang. Nissimidana nin das* 
4obidanan ashi vij^ I tie thirty-two 
together. For less than twenty, 
see N\j6bidon(m. Niesobidonan, 

Diuedbina, {nin) n. v. 1 catch so 
many fishes in a net, or in several 
nets ; 3. p. 1.; p. endassobinad. 
This word is put after numbers 
higher than nmeteen, to denote 
the number of fishes caught in a 
net, or in several nets ; as : Nijta- 
na nin doMobina; nisdmidana das- 
Mobina; I caught twenty . fishes in 
my net, (nets;) he caught thirty 
fishes in nis net, (nets.) 

Vas86binag^ (nin) a. v. an. nl. I tie 
to many an. objects together, (in 
numbers over nmeteen.) — For less 
than twenty, see JSiJobina^. Nisso- 
hinagy etc. 

J)attoo6nikanf so many times both 

hands full, (in numbers over nine- 
teen.)— For less than twenty, tee 
Nijobdnikan. X^istpbdnikan, etc. 

Dassogamigj so many lodges or 
houses, {m numbers over mm- 
tBen.yl^imidana das8(yamig kitdki 
fvigiwafnan atewan *ma enda^i^ 

• gat^shitpod anttkinabeg; there are 
forty large lodges there where the 
Indians are encamped.— For less 
numbers than twenty, see Nijogt^ 
mig. Nistogamigt etc. 

DoBBogiiiwwagiSt {nin) n. v.^I am to 
many months old, (in numbers 
oyer nineteen ;) 3. p.-*; p. mdan.. 
dd.-Gwaiaik nijtana dtusogiHss- 
toagid aw dbinodji ; this child is 
iust twenty months old -For nuro- 
oers less than twenty, see Nijogi- 
sisstvagis. NisscgiaUswagiSy etc. 

Dassogwany so many days. — This 
word is always preceded either by 
the adverb anin? how? how mucht 
or by a number higher than nine- 
teen.— iVt/Yona daseogwan nin gl- 
aiawediy I stayed there twenty 

Datsogwanagad. u. v. it is so many 
days ; p. enaas8,.gdk. — This verb 
is always preceded either by the 
adverb afiin? ; or by a number 
higher than nineteen. — Jaiauanit- 
simidana dassogwanagad eko-mad- 
Jad noss ; it is already thirty days 
since my father started. 

Dassogwanagis, (nin) n. v. 1 am to 
many days old, (a person or an? 
other an. obj.) 3. p.-» ; p. end..sii. 
— This verb i^ always preceded 
either by the adverb anin? ; or by 
a number higher than nineteen.— 
Anin endassogtvan agist d Icishimef 
how many days is thy little brother 
old ? Nijtana dassogwanagisi, he 
is twenty days old. 

Dassogtoanindi (mn) n. v. I am ab- 
sent so many days, going some- 
where ; 3. j).-t ; p. endas8..did. — 
This verb is put after a num- 
ber higher than nineteen, to 
signify the number of days of ab- 
sence; as: Gir^madjawagjiba^ ni^ 




wag', thef started this moromg, 
Btid they witl be gone (or abseBt) 
thirty days. — When the number of 
the days of absence is umier 

. twenty, they will say, for instance, 
midaasoguMn tamenduoa^ ; midaS' 
sofjfWWi torinendiwag ami nanog- 
iP4^a^ etc. they will be absent ten 
days ; they wiU be absent fitteen 
days, etc— 'S, Inind. 
Da9s6Jbammi dim) n. v* we lu^e so 
many in a canoe or boat, (when 
the number is over nineteen ;) 3. 
p. dassohaTnag ; p. endassoJcofh^ig. 
^—Ni^twtm ninda^sokamm ; n^ia- 
na mn daasolcainin ashi nisswi ; we 

• are twenty in the canoe ; we are 

•twenty-three in the canoe. — For 
less than twenty, see Nijokamin. 

'Ntnokamm,, etc. 
Dumaka, {nin,) or, lUn hi'datsoka^ n. 
V. I coBfte- with my whole family, 

. or with my whole band ; p. endas- 
sokad, — Euigokmmian fM» M'das 
sohOj I oeme with my whole fami- 

- ly, or, with my whole band* 
DassonUnagj 60 many round globu- 
lar objects, (in numbers higher 
than mQeteexi.)-Nissj.midaHa das- 
sominag mishtmiivag ashi niurm, 
thirty-K)ur apples.— For numbers 
under twentjr, see li^ommag. Nis- 
^ominagy etc. 
Dassdt/bOf {mn) a. r* an. 1 catch him 
in a trap, I trap him ; 3. p. o da^so- 

^Mfv^-g^'daiaonad; imp. dasso^. 
Dmsonaa, so many cahoes, boats, 
etc. (in numbers higher than 
nineteen.) iVi^£ai»a (^MiM^ tohi- 

,manain nin wabandancm ^ I see 
twenty caneee.T— For numbers un- 
der twenty, see N%j6nag, Nm6- 

Da8§6na^any a, trap ; snare ; pL- 

Jhuson'^igaihf so many pieces, (of 
meat, foh^ etc.) ^in numbers over 
nineteen. ) — Nuavmddana datsoni- 
JigttH gig6ian gp-askamasvag cddn- 
oofUitg ; thirty pieces of hsh were 
given to <^ obildrQn to eat.— rFor 

iiitiiib«n iin<ler tiMnty, 9bt I^^ 
nigan. NUeondgan^ ^c. 

Dassdnik, so many fathoms, (in 
numbers over nineteen. )*-iV'^Y(357k» 
dassomk aahi nanan^ twenty five 
fathoms.— For numbers tinder 
twenty, see JVi^'owi*. Mssontk. 

JOast^mndJ^ w many inches, (in 
numbers higher than nineteen.)— 
Fo# numbers under twenty, see 
Nijonindj* NkMtiindj^ etc. 

2)as86sj (nin) n. v. I am trapped, I 
am caught under something that 
fell upon nse, (a tree, a rock, etc.) 
*• V''^ > P- de9s6eod. 

I>asit)8hki so many breadths of doth 
or other siuflf, (hi numbers higher 
than nineteen. )~For numbers un- 
der twetaty, see NiJdsXk. Nmdshh] 

^oM^thkin^'Bo m€my bags full, (in 
numbers over nineteen. ) — Nissim- 
idana daeeoshhin opinio nin gi- 
gishpinanag; I bought thirty bags 
full of potatoes. — For numbers 
under twenty, see Nijoshkin. iW»- 
sotiMny etc. 

Dassosidj 90 many feet, (in numbei;f 
over nineteen. )--For numbers vm^ 
der twenty, see Nijoeid. Nissosid, 

Datsosotoin. s, being trapped or 
caught; also, the bruise or bruises 
caused to a person by s. th. that 
fell upon him. 

J)a»80ss^, so atatiy ^ barrels or 
wooden boxes full, (in numbers 
over nineteen. yNijtana daasossag 
pahoejigan nind mawa; I have 
twenty barrels of flour. — ^For 

, numbers leas than twenty, see Ni- 
jesfog, Nitsossag, etc. 

iMustpabikf so naany 4ibjects of metal, 
stone, or glass, (in numbers over 
nineteen. )--iVaraif»i<2afta dasswahm 
jorma/ii o gi-mman ; he gave him 
fifty dollaro.^ — For numbers under 
twenty, see JSijttkibih. NisswaitU'j 

Dasttodiagadf u. v. it is of so many 
>dnds j p. md..gak ; ( in numbem 

, over mneteen.>--For numbers less 

i than twwtyy tee Mjtotddgad, 

DA9 ^ 

IkmwdiM^figui^f{iiiM) or miktkmoi- 
offinmin^ n. t. pi. w« are of so 
many kinds ; p. ^mfoM. .«»;(; v > (in 
numbers . over nineteen. ]h/vi;tena 
das8waiagisiwag igm hinemittgi 
tkose birds are of twenty difierent 
kinds. — For numbers under twen- 
ty, see Nijwai^igisimin. JV^ienrain- 

jp^Ofmdk, so many hundreds, (in 
numbers over nineteen iivhich are 
put before the nupiber hundred.) 

. — Nijtana dasewak, twenty hun- 
dred ; nismndda/na daumak, thirty 
hundred, etc. — For numbers un- 
4er twenty, put before the number 
hundred, see ^ywaJk, Niwwak, 

DauwdkoHminy (ntn) n. ▼. pi. ^e 
are so many hundreds in number ; 
^,,€nd€L8^,.9idjig\ (in numbers over 
nineteen, put hetbre the number 
hundred. )--iVtM*mufait« nia dass- 
wahmmin, we are thirty hundred 
of us, (three thousand.)— For 
BUinbers un^er twenty, put before 
the number hundred, see Ni^toa- 

. Jeosimin. Ni$eu:ako$iimint etc. 

Dasswdkwadon, u. v. pi. there are 
so many hundred in. obj.; p. en- 
dasswahvakiny (in numbers over 
nineteen, put before the number 
hundred. >--For numbers under 
twenty, put before the number 
hundred, see Nijwakwadon. Niss- 

passwahwodlgan^ so many spans, (in 
numbers over nineteen. )--iVi;/ana 
dasswdhooagan amiibmhi mmtn ; 1 
give thee twenty spans of ribbon. 
—For numbers unaer twenty, see 
IS^okwoagan, NUtuMtkwoagta/k^ 

Bdsgwdtig^ so many objects erf* wood, 
(in numbers over nueteen.>-iV4»t- 
midana dasswaUg •abagiteagono 
aigi^pinanan ; he bou^^ht forty 
boards.-For numbers under twen- 
ty* see Nijwatig, Niuwatigj etc. 

Ikutwig^ so many objects of stuff, 
eloth, (in numbers over nineteen. ) 
'"Tiianirmdana dasttHg WBboianan 


merchant has fifty hlanket8.-^ot 
numbers under twenty, see N^ 
%P€g. ifisswtgt etc. 

DosfU^iPim, so many pair, couple; 
yoke f sets ; (in numbtfre higBsr 
than nineteen.) Nijtana dmnw^- 
wan jowkiw€igt twenty yoke of 
oxen. Nusimuiana diugyfeutrnma' 
k%8ina» od aianany he has thirty 
pair of shoes. — For numbers under 
twenty, see Ni^to^wm. Nittwi' 

Dutaadbj (nm) or, nwi ddtaaanaby n. 
V. I lift up my eyes, I look up- 
wards ; 3. p.-i; p, 

Ddtagikwen^ {nin) n. v. I lift up my 
head and incline it backwards ; X 
p.-^; ^. daiat..nid. ' 

J)i — ; a particle which is prefixed to 
verbs or numbers in oraer to sig- 
niiy, efwugh^ sti^icuntly. quite : as : 
Katfinnin d^-htk&mfiduomA dont 
know myself sufilciently. xM-a0>> 
tuif he IB old enough. Kcwin dd' 
nijtamaj not ^uite twenty. Nin id* 
ak^Sy I am tall enough. 

Dibf dibiy in compositions, signifies, 
sufficientli/i enough. ( Examples in 
some of the following words.) 

DabaofJicfgedf pv s. a. payer ; ^.-jig. 

Dibaib, (/iin) n. v. I have room 
enough, (in sitting;) 8.. p.-«*; p. 

Dibdbf {nin) n. v. I see from such a 
distance; 3. p.-«; ft^daubdlrid,'^ 
Wassa nin dibdh^ I see from ^, 
(I am not short-sighted.) 

J)ibdb€ma {nin) a. v. an, I see him, 
or, I can see him, from such a dis- 
tance ; 3. p. odBb.,n; p. 40ii,.nutd, 

Dibabaminagos, inin) n. v. I can bo 
seen from... I amvisiblefrom suck 
a distance ; 3. p.-t ; p. 4dieb,,md, 

Ddbdbttminapteady u. v.^ it can bo 
seen, or, it is visible from such • 
distance; p. dadeb.Mrak. 

Lihdh€tndan^inin) a. v. m. I soo it, 
or can see it, hum suoha dtttaoco; 
3. p. o dA,**\ f..daiS,mii0*, 




l>^agmAnfii»m) a. ▼. I «mratkfied, 
contented, I think I haire •noagb; 
3. p^ ; p. daitb.,inod. 

J)4badged, p. t. a. one wtio meanive*, 
measurer; ^^i.-jig. 

VihdTMgidon, (nin) n. v. I talk 
enough; 3. p. l.;p. daie..tmg. 

J>ibmi,My Ot. right. Nin debmi- 
nihy my right arm : nin bebani- 
nindjj my right hand. 

Dibaohi, {nin) n. v. I give to all, (in 
a distribution;) 3. p. 1.; p. 4me., 

Diba&na, {nin) a. v. on. J give also 
to him, (in a distribution;) 3, p. 
o d€b..n ; p. daie..nad. 

Dibashhinsy or-^ma^ad, u. v. there is 
room enough in U, it holds, it con- 
tains, (dry objects ;) p. daie..nsg, 
or-^magak.—imiwa dibaehkine tw 
moJuaJc; that box contains much, 
(holds much.) 

JMasMinemmy {nin) n. v. pi. we 
can all go in, th6re is room enough 
for us ; pi. daie.,nedjig,'-Niti de- 
oa»hkinenim ima anamiewigami' 
^ong ; there is 30m for us all in 
that church. 

LihewUm, {nin) n. v. S. Debmim. 

IMbendrnig^ p. s. a. proprietor, mas- 
ter, mistress ; pl.-i^. 

Debindjiged, p. s. a. Lord ; master, 
mi8tre:»s ; proprietor ; pl.-^V« 

mi8ire:»s ; proprietor ; pl.-^'^. 

Deb4Him^ {um) or, nin dibendam, n. 
T. I think it is enough, I think I 
have enough; I am contented, 
satisfied ; 3. p.-o, or, 3. p. 1. ; p. 
<jto*e. ,mad, or, dene, .ang, 

^^binifaowin, s. conten^ness. 

MaUnged, p. s. a. S. Deben^ig^d, 

^f>hM^ (nin) a. v. an. I content him, 
I make him hajjpy, satisfy him, I 

Sive him sufficiently; 3. p. ods- 
*a»; p. ddiibad. 

^>fibi, {nin) n. v. I drank enough, 
1 am iiiied with liouor: 3. p. 1.; n. 
daitbibid. ^ > F »P 

*>ibi^ or-^agad, n. v. it holds, con- 
tains, (liquid;) p. daOmig, or 
-»»Mf«fc.— JK^cA^ pangi d&ibl U0 
oinodai; that bottle holds (con. 

i>^««»Mi' (mn) a. V. mn, I «atek 
him^ take how U him, with m 
hand, (or hands;) 3. p. o dtb..J7, 

I>mman, (nin), I catch it 

3. p. o deb... ; p. daie.Mng ' 

l)ebimaj {nin) b. v. ^m. I IaII »k« 

truth of' hiri,what?iellSfWm 
is aU true; 3. p. odeb..n; p.^fl 
bimad.-^Aw inini nin deb^fiUg ffe, 
get ; aw dtuh tkwe kawin nindm- 
fiugom. What that man is touSi 
of me, 18 true indeed; but wh^ 
that woman tells of me. is not 
true. * "^ 

2>eWwj, {nin) a. v. an. I reach him, 
(with my hand or otherwise ;) J. 
l^'Od€b..n;p.dai..nad. ' 

I>^inan,{nin) a. v. in. I reach it : 
3. p. deb... ; p. daie..ang. 

l}eHpo.xi. V. it snowed enough ; i>. 
daitbtpog. ' *^ 

Debis, {nin) n. v. I have enough, I 
am contented, I am happy; 3. p.-tj 

Debigkkanj {nin) a. v. an. I can pot 
It on easily, it fits me well, fan 
article of clothing, or a hat, a shoe, 
a boot ;) also, I read it ; 3, p. i 

- 7 r*' daie..(mg. 
I>ebi»kkodadimin. {nin) c. v. we 

reach one another ; p. daie.did^. 
Debisimn, s. happiness, sufficiency 

abundance, plenty. 
I>ebi8satehige,{9tin)n.v. Iputenongbv 

I pur everywhere ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 


Debissaton, {nin) a. v. in. I pnt 
enough of it, I proctire enough of 
it J 3. p. deb... ; p. daie..tod.-^ 
IfinwirdibiBsatonan mashkosHwem; 
I will procure hay enough, (for 
the whole winter. ) 

Debisse^ {nin) n. v. I am sufficient, 
I can do it, i can afford it ; 3. ». 

D&fisie^ %r~magady u. v. it is anfll. 
cient, enough, it taffices ; p. dmii- 
bistegf ta-'tnagak. 

^-^- "c "_. 




D^iimiaiy (»^) n. v. I ate sufieieot- 
Iv, / am saiturated ; 3. p,-i; p. 

Debissmia, {mn) a. v. an. /make 
hUu eat sufScieQtly, / saturate 
him ; 3. p. o d^..h ; p. daie.Md. 

I>ebissin'kom, s. saturity, the state 
of having eaten enongh. 

DeHtagos, (nin) n. v. /can be heard, 
/speak loud enough to be heard ; 
3. jp.-*; p. daie..&id. 

D^tagwad, u. v. it can be heard, it 
sounds loud enough to be heard j 
p. date.. wok. — Debitagwad oma 
Mtotayan, the bell can be heard 

DekH^iih {nin) a. v. in,, I hea* it 
here ; 3. p. o deb... ; -p. dadebitcmg. 

Debitawa^ {nin) a. v. an, /hear hira 
here, (he speaks loud enough;) 3. 
p.' aeh..n ; p. daicwad. — Tchi- 
gpshhwand nm nibaw amamiewiga- 
mig&ngy anaud dash nin debitawa 
geg'^'hwed ; / stand at the door in 
the church, tut still / hear the 

Dabiiout {nin) a. v. in. I satisfy it, 
/make it contented, happy : 3. p. 
deb... ; p. daiebitod. — Nin aebitmi 
iiinde da&eing meno-dodamk^nin ; 
/make my heart contented as of- 
ten as /act well, (as i do good.) 

Dimwane, {nin) n. v. / carry all at 
once, in one trip; 3. p. 1.; p. daie. 

D4hiwebina, {nin) a. v, an. J throw 
some aw. obj. to such a distance ; 
3* p. 6 deb..n ; p. daie..nad. 

Dehiwebma/n, {nin) a. v. in. /throw 
il to. such a distance, / have 
strength enough to throw it so 
far ^ 3.. p. deb.., ; p. daieb..(mg. 

D^ej {fmi) n. v. / tell the truth ; 
3. p. 1, ; p. daiihwed* 

Debweiendagos, {nin) n. v. / am ve- 
caoious ; / am considered as tel- 
l^g the truth ; 3. p.-i ; p. daie., 

D^fvmMagvHidy a, v. it is true ; it 
ifttj^onsidosedat truth; p. daie.. 

D^tmU^iUmm, {mii)Qit,ii4»4i^kwim- 
dam, n. v. 1 believe, (in m^ 
thoughts, in my mind,) I think it 
is teue ; 3. p. I. ; p. da4e..ang. 

Dihwiiendamowin, or, debweendamo- 
win, 8. belief, faith. 

Debw6ienddn, {nin^ or, nin debmeen- 
dan, a. v. in. I believe in it, I think 
it is true ; 3. p, o deb... \ p. daie.. 

DebwHenimcLt { nan ) or, iwn deikeerui' 
maj a. v. an. I believe in him, I 
betteve in hi» existence ; 8. p. e 
debi.n; p* daie.. mad. 

Debwitagos, {nin) or, nin debwetage, 
n. V. I speak the truth, I am heard 
speaking the truth ; 3. p.-^'; p. 

Debwetagodwin, s. veracious speak- 
ing, truth-telling. 

Debwetademma, {nm) a. v. an. I 
think he is telling the truth ; 3. p. 

deb..n; p. daie..mad. 
Dibwetam, {nin) n. v. I believe what 

1 hear ; (fides per auditum ;} 3. p. 
1. ; p. daiebetaii^. 

Debweidn^ {nm) a. v. in. I believe it, 
(hearing it ;) 3. p. o deb,.. ; p, daie' 

Dehweimva^ {nin) a. v. an. /believe 
him, /believe what he says, /obey 
him ;,3. p. o deb..n; p. dale. .wad. 

Dehwemessinj u. v. its sound is heard 
at this or that place ; p. daie. .sing. 

Debwewidam, {nmi) n. v. /make my- 
self heard from a certain distance; 
3. p. 1. ; p. daie..ang. 

DihDevam, s. truth. 

JJebw0wvHagadyU. v. it is teue, it is 
the truth ; p. daie..gak. 

J[}ibu>iv3inimagad, u. v. S. J)^wewp- 

Dilmiwini-'masmaigan, s. certifi-^ • 
cate, document, deed, (paper of 
truth ;^ pl.-a«. .- . 

Debwivnniwam,, u. v. it i» the truth ,' 
p« dc^imoHg. 

De-dasmninyinin) «. V> pi, w^ Are 
in sufficient ^uinber ; ,3, p.. . ^^ 
; p. dai^rdaMi^l> u. ;, 




^i-da08in^ a. v. there m joft eDdttfli 
of it, it M fufficieot ; p. dadi-^a-s-' 

JDidCi 8. papa, father ; mn dede, my 

Di^, (fi4n) n. v. m heart is... ; 3. p. 
1. ; p. daUed. — Ifm ndno-deey (or, 
nin mmodM^) my heart is good ; 
nin maicJU-dM, (matchddsef) c^y 
heart is wicked. Mi ejir-dedUn^ 
my heart is so. 

DUa^ inin) a. v. /make his heart 
80 ; 3. p. edeemhf p. daUsad. — Mn 
rmnodiia-y nm makMdiia'^ /make 
hi« haart »»od ; / make his heart 
wicked. jSji-deiian iji deiuMUf 
make my heart like thy heart. 

JOii^hka^ {nin) or, m»d ^i dmhka, 
n. V. my heart is aflfected in a cer- 
tain manner, is filled with certain 
sentiments; 3. p. 1. j p. dadmhkad. 
Sesika gin^ntishkadnr-deeshka ; his 
heart was suddenly affected with 
an^er, (filled with anger.) 

J}6-gi^ia^ (/lin) a. v. an. I finish it, 
(a». obj.) /have time enough to 
finish it ; 3. p. o c^..7i; p. <^^V..a^. 

J)i"fmiU»i, {mn) a, v, w*. I finish it, 

I nave time enough to finish it; 3. 

. p. o de-,..; p. daii-:tod, Nin ffo- 

ai-^iton nongnm wmtouin; I will 

., ^nish t(vday what I am making, 

(T have time enough to finish it.) 

Dering^hkid, p, s. a. habitual slan- 
derer, detractor, calumniator ; pi. 

'D^ingedy p. s. a. one who speaks ill 
of somebody, (without a habit of 
- doing 80y) slanderer ; pl'-tr*^- 

JHtHmiw, f. tongue. There if al- 
ways a possessive pronoaa pse- 
fized to this word ; as ; Si^ dina- 

, yidwr my tongpe ; jb' dinaniw^ Uiy 
tongue, etc. 

jUndimiganj (nin) par. v. the water 
comas under me, (in a can^) after 
a rain ; 3. p. o dfn.„; p. dais .god. 

Dftohmsn, s. S. Ammd, 

J>4^^ div^i duAwiy in cqnmoeitions, 
signifies mi, ack$,pain. infirmity, 

^ (e^^amples in some wf tha foUaw- 
ing words.) . - 

J>ifpdbide, (nin) n. v. X^ave t09^- 
ache ; 3. p. 1. ; p. dade-did. 

Diwabvdewtn^ s. tooth-ache. 

Diwahigan, (nin) n. v. I have pain 
in the breast; 3. p. 1.; p. daUwa- 

Diwidei, {nin) n. v. I feel pain in 
my heart, my heart is oppressed, 
cramped : 3. p. 1. ; p. if lUwideed, 

Diwigadst (nin) n. v. I have paiu in 
my leg ; 3. ^. 1. ; p. daie.Md. 

Divnganey {mn) n. v. I have pain in 
my bonea ; 3. p. 1. ; p. daie..neip 

Diwihwty {nin) n. v. I have head- 
ache ; 3. p. 1. ; p. daie.^toed, 

Diwihweiati, {nin) n. v. I have head- 
ache from too much heat; 3. p.-o; 
p. daie.^sod, 

D&wihwewin, s. head-ache. 

Ditoinikef (mn) n. v. J have pain in 
my arm ; 3. p. 1. ; p. daie..ked» 

Ddwinindji, (nin) n. v. 1 have vfj^ 
in my hand : 3. p. 1, ; p. daie.^ojid, 

Dewipthoan, (nin) n. v, I have pain 
in my back ; 3. p. 1. ; p. daie.Mng. 

JMiffiaidey (nin) n. v. 1 have pain w 
my foot ; 3* p. U ; p. daie,.d«d» 

DihaaJci, {nin) n. v. 1 survey, (I mea- 
sure the earth;) 3. p. 1.; p. debaa- 

Dibaahwiny s. survey, surveying, 

ikiwininif s, surveyor, geome- 
ter ; p\.-^ag. ' 

JDibaofbddim, 3. ind* p. they pay Ao- 
^ether, a paynient j 

JMaamadingf when they pay to- 
gether, t(ie time of i| payment. , 

DuMamadvwif^ s. p^rment madsy or 
received^ "by several together. 

JHbctamagSf {nm) n. v. Ipay pe«f^; 
I recompense ; I return, repay ; B. 
p. 1. ; p. deb.^ged. 

J>ibaamaff0U>in^ s. payment or ren^ifd 
qiven io soinebo^. 

Jhbacm^gc$!^ {v4n) n. v. I reo^e 
payment, I am paid; X p.-^; p. 

f^qamagowin^ •.• payment or re. 
ward reeeivei by aQmebody. , 

•8m Kmark, ia urtid* Anami^m¥mm- 



f MB 

him, I reward or recompense him; 

I return him or repay him what he 

did to me or for me ; 3. p. o d%b..n\ 

p. d^.Acad. 
IHbaan, (nin) a. v. in. I pay it, or 

for it ; 3. p. ^ dibaan ; p. dihaang. 
tHbaUModjigtm, s. balance, scale, 

steelyard ; also, a pound; pi .-an. 
DibdhUhhodjiqe, {nin) n. v. I weigh 

in a balance, I am weighing ; 3. p. 

1.; p. dsb.j.ged. 
Dibabiehkodon, {nin) n. v. 4n, I weigh 

it ; 3. p. o dib...; n. deb..dod. 
I>%babish'kona,{nin) a. y. an. I weigh 

him, {a person, or any other an* 

obj.) 3. p. dib.M ; p. M..nad. 
Dtbabcweiganj s. coyer of a kettle ; 

Smddjim, (nin) n. v. I tell, I nar- 
rate, f relate j 3. p.-o; p. d<^..mod. 
ZHbd^fiina^ {ntn) a. y. an. I speak 

of him, I tell 8. th. of him, (how 

he is, or what he did, etc.) 3. p. o 

dib..n;i^. deb..mad. 
DibdcyimoUi^e, {nin) n. v. I am td- 

linjsr, relating; 3: p^ 1. ; p. deb..gcd. 
JHbadjimotaiwa.^ (nin) a. y. an. I tell 

him ; 3. p. odib,.n ; p. deb.. wad, 
Dfbdd^imowin^ s. narration, story, 

report ; pi.— on. 
Dib&dodamawa^ {nin) 9. r. an. I tell 

him 8. th. ; 3. p. o dib.n ; p. deb.. 

BUddoddn, (win) a. V. 4n: I tell it, 

I relate it ; S. p. o dib... J p. deb.4 

a, (ndi) a. V. tif. I conduct 

or oyerse^ him ; I judge him ; 3. 

p. dib.41 ; p. deb,.ad. 
pibdigan, s. any kind of meamre, «•, 

yard, bushel, acre, hour, league, 

mile, etc.j pl.-<w. 
JHBUge, (nw) n. y. I measure; 3. p, 

IHbatgmif: {nifl) n:'f.,4n. I measure 

it ; a. pf. d tfU... ; p. dtbaiaed. 
Dtbaigman^ (n/n) a. y. an: i mea«are 

■bme an. obJ.: 3. p.' cfdib..»; p. tfli- 

baig^. (V.Xloni) ^ 

IHkaigHDin^ •. measurement, rant' 

D9b^g^H9s^i^an, s. an. watrh, eleek, 
suTNdiAl ; pl**;^- *- D^aigtgimoan 
tnddjishxay kipka, biHka. nagdsh- 
Im; the watch goes, goes fast, goes 
slow, stops. 

Diftaigisisswanikej (nin) n. y. I ma- 
ke watches, clockis ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Diba4gisi88wcm*k£win, s. work, oc- 
cupation or business of a watch- 
maker, clock or watch manufac- 

Dibaigieisswanitew^ini, s. watch- 
maker; pl.-^ra^. 

Dibaimindn, s. bushel, (measuring 
' yessel containing a oushel ;) jd.- 

Pibdhonoy (nin) a. y. aw,. I judge 
him ; 3. p. dib..n ; p. deb..nad. 

Dibakonidtwignmig , s. ]Udgment- 
house, common-hall ; pi. on. 

DibakoniHwin. s. judgment, court. 

Dibahmtgade, or-magad, u. r. it is 
judged; p. deb.-deg, or-magat. 

Jjtbtrhmigasj {nin) n. y. I undergo 
judgment, I am judged : 3. p.-o; 
p d^..9od. 

Dibahmige^ (nin) n. y. I judge ; S. 
p. l.;p. debi.ged. 

Dtbakonigi-gijigadj s. day of judg- 

Xhhakonigiitigamlg, s. S. Dibahmi' 

Dibahmigitoin^ s. judgment,, nod* 
6ri>rouounced ; law, justice^ Oaidt 
dioakonigtmnt the joid l^w^ (Old 

DibaMonigiw imM in. jud^e, iastice 
. 9i the pe^ce, magiftrate ; ^i.-'wrnj. 
IHbakonigmHn, s. judgment mkder- 

mme Or receiyed. 
lKbdkmiufe,{nin)ti. y*. &c?.S. IHba- 

bonige^ etc. 
IHbafcMiiwewin; s. S. Dihakon^^et^ 
Pihdkoniufeu^i-t^mbiwin ^ s.' jtldg- 

ment-seikt,' tribunal ; pf. -<in. 
Dibamenim, (nt») n. y. I roodefiile 

myself,' I put myself on a certun 

rule; 3. p.-^; p. deb..mrid. 
Dibandot (ninVn. vt ImjakO n tow ; 

3. p. l.;p. itodMMJMi.^ -^ 




Oibtmdm, <ti^) a.T.4i». IfoUil a 
vow; 3. p. dib.,* ; p. deb^dod. 

Dibandowtn, ■. vow f sacrifice, offerr 
iiig} pl.-a«. 

DibMomm, a. raeaanre of a canoe ; 
p\.-<m» \ 

Dibawa, (nin) a. v* a». I pay for : 
•ome an, ofa^. ; 3. p. o dw.M ; p. » 
M.MQd; imp. di6«. I 

IHbendiigoej {ntn) n. v. I have a mas- 
ter; [L. auhpotestatacoaelitutos 
■uitif) 3. p.-*'; p. i)^^»*id. 

JMenainnga, {nin) or» nindibemin' 
damoa, a. v. an, I malra him mas- 
lar of a. th. ; 3. p. dib.M ; p. M , 

^ib€miamontiy (*<«) ». v. an. imp. 
dSktmdamrj, S. Dihendamoa* 

D&mtdamoMdist {win) t. v. I make 
myself master of s. th. ; f usurp s. 
th.; I appropriate s. th. to me ; 3. 
p.-o: p. deb. tod, 

JDibgnadni {nin) a. v. tn. I am the 

froprietor of it, the master of it, 
possess it ; 3. p. o Ub,., ; p. d^- 

Dibendasty inin)n. v. I have proper- 
ty, I possess, I am proprietor ; 3; 
p.-o: p. d€h..8od, 

D^mtdoisowinj s. property, posses- 
sion: treasure. 

Dibimjife, {nin)n.y, I am master, 
lord; 3. p. 1. ; p. deb..gsd, 

Dibemdjiffimnt s. domination, mas- 

IHbinimaj {nin) a. v. an, I am his 
master, his proprietor ; I possess 
him, (a person, or any otner an, 
th),) 3. p. <K6..f»; p. dib..mad. 

JHbinindiBJnin) r. v. I am my own 
master, I am free and independ- 
ent; 3. p.-^; p. deb.acd, 

iXhin4nd$s&winf s. liberty, freedom, 

J>ib€mng4, {ndn) n. v. S. Dibendjige, 

J>ib§t9agettdam, {nin) n. v. I reflect, 
consiaer : 3. p. 1. ; p. deb,.ang. 

DA mt ag enaoM^ {nin) a. v. in. 1 con- 
iddar it, I reflect upon it ; 3. p. o 
M...; p. dA.,cmg, 

D&mtag^uun, (nin) n. ▼. I reflect 
ii])Qii myetlf ; 3. p«^; p. d«b„mod. 

Dib mmpBtnmm t, (nim) ^v,mn. I w^ 
fleet upcm him, I consider him ; ^ 
p. d{b„n ; p. d€b..mad 

DibewagenindUy {nin) r. v. S. Dibpr 

PtUnihamat {nin) a. v. an. I meas- 
ure some an. obj. by the faihom ; 
3. p. d%b..n; p. deb.. mad. 

Dibimhandany (Am) a. v. in. 1 meas^ 
ure it by the fathom; 3. p. o M...; 
p. deK.ang, 

JHbinikandjige, {nin) n. v. I meas- 
ure by the fathom, ( with my armaH 
3. p. 1.; p. deb^Med. 

Dibowddan, {nin) 9^, v. in. 1 sistUi 
it, arcange it; 3* p. o dih,..; p. dib,. 

JHboipanay{ttin) a. v. an. I arraaft 
or settle him; 3. p. odib„n; p. 
deb,.nad.l ikai^diiamaj, 

Dibowi, {utn) n. v. I arrange, I sett- 
le; I serve on the jury; 3. p. 1. 1 p. 

Dibotoiwiny s. jur^r* 

Dibowimninij s. juryman ; pI.-«MM. 

Ditniy ot-magadf u. v. it is oeep, (a 
river, a lake, dtc. ;) p. demig, or- 
ma^h. \ 

Diimianikey {nin) n. v. I dig deep-; 
8. p. 1.; p. dem..ked. 

Dimdnangan, s. shoulder. There is 
always a possessive pronoun pre 
fixed to this word ; as : Nin dimi- 
nangany my shoulder ; o dimimim' 
^an, his shoulder, dec. 

Dtmdiigweia iibit or, dtmitiaweimmo'^ 
gady u. V. the river is deep ; p. 
defn„iag, or, detn.,gdk, 

JDindy dinotvan, like, equal, in, obj* 
Otodinot or, owdincway one like 
this here. Ow dinowan, several 
like this one. Onow dinowan, se- 
veral objects like these here. 

JHndng, in the same thing ; wflital 
dinong^ alwavs in the same thing. 

Dodddimin, {nun) com. v. we do to 
each other, we treat each other ^ 
p. dwadadidjig.-Mqjag tnino dedd- 
diwagt they treat each other al- 
ways well. Xego wOa maUki do- 
didikegon^ never do evil to one 




ISiodags, (nin) n. v. I do s. th. to so- 
mebody; 3. p. 1.; p. endodaged. 

Dodagemagad i pers. v. it does; p. 
, pid,.aah-Kttchi matchidodagema- 

. *gad ishJsotewabo; ardent liquor does 
mucli evil. 

DudS^m, {rnn) p. v. it does me, it 
censes me; 3. p. a dod.,. ; p. emo- 
dagod.-Batadotom nm mt^chi do- 
••dag&ni sin does me evil. 

D&iam, {jrdn) n. v. I do, I commit ; 
3. p. l.;p. endoda^. 

B6dmb6a, {mn) a. v. an. I make hkn 
do s. th., or commit some action ; 
3. p. dod».n; p. 

i^fdimoivmf e. aet, action, deed, 
doing; pl.-af>. 

JDoddn, (nin) a. v. t». I door cause 
Si th. to some m. obj. 3. ^.ododdn; 
p.efidod(mg,-0 tnatehi dodan m- 

' itm, heroes enril to his bodf, (to 

JHdas, {nin) or, win dodadi$, r. v. I 
do it to myself, I caose it to my- 
self, I bnngitfipoD me ; 3. p.-o; 
p. end..dod. 

Dddami, (mn) a. v. an. I do it to 
him, 1 treat him; I oanse it to him, 
I bring it upon him ; 3. p>» dod.jn ; 
p. ei%d..wtd. 

Dogisein^ u. v. Ot. S. Jntoatm. 

Dawa^ likfe, equal, cm. obj.-JVwi do- 
«eo> hmd&iJDay win daiomn^ one Ws% 
myself, thyself, himself. Ji^do- 
waOf hm dowaafWindowan; sever- 
al like myself, thyself, himsotf.- 
Ninawmddowa^ kinau/adMDUj vd^ 
nawa domm ; one -like oi^rselves, 
yoarselrea, themselves. Ifinmtrind 
dfiwofff kmawa dowa^^ winwwa do- 
wan^ several like oiurselves, your« 
selves, themselves. 



J6i Tiii8'< vowel has only om aound 

in the Otchipwe languages, which 

. in th9 soulMi oC the same vowel 

'< in i^e English vfordmei. 

Sr >adv* yes, (See Otch. Grammar. 
Adverbs deaooting affirmatiori.) 

JB^sKk^teg nibij tepid water, a litt- 
le W^rm. 
fidismefLj p. s. a. one v(ho dyes, dy- 
, er; (F. teinturierj] i^.-Jig. 

JEdiUgitit P- pl- things that are ripe, 
f CaU .lunde of bewies. ) 
JSgatchiasig^ p. s; a. neg. one who is 
! not ashamed, a shameless, impnd> 
ent persoh; fi.-og, 

JfrnthaAsehigind^ aMetna^ tobacco in 
square pieces ; [G. du tabac qnar- 

^m] '■ / ' 

^es»sdy p. s. a. he that slides back, 
backshder; ft^., who gives np re- 
Hgion, or some other good prac- 
tice; pl.-^/^. 

J^iaiamiwn, at my feeti ^ieid^ian, 
^ at tlrf £set ; ^^fitiidndj at his feet, 
&c. fl. Conj.) 

Jlg^id4;mtfel(nfnd)n.r. the tracks 
' of both4ny feet appear ; 3. p. 1. ; 
n. a4^ 

Jffiimktmg, or ^takummoffok, p. as 
it is short, the abridgm^iit of 

9lt(h- j'the ChaBge of Ah). 

XkthcMmdMm osHh, a stone's 
throw far; [G. eineo Stelnwurf 


Jl^b^-imitwtm4npi the length d an el- 
;»%>w, aen^, (a 'foot- and a ha^.)- 

Jko • doshwaning , ni^ta/Mk dast&Cg 
^^fhhiiM^min& '^ tw<^ciAAiBi ten 


ETco-jangatching^ num. ninthly ; the 

Wko-nananing, num. fifthly; the ftRh. 

—(For the rest see Otch. Gram. 

Chap. V. No. 5. Ordinai Num- 
Siosid^ p. as he is long, his l^igth. 
Mossing, p. a. as it is long, its length; 

£hwa^, p. a. as it is large, its extent; 

pl .-*/». 
mmkwdn , s. lar^e wooden spoou, 

spoon; ^X.-an. 
Mnikwdnem, s. dim. tea-spoon ; pl.- 

Mtdbandang, p. s. a. one who dreams, 

dreamer; pl.-»^. 
JShdhada»8inog, p. a. nog, *». uselest* 

being good for nothing; pl.-i». 
JSndbMinssw, p. a. neg. an. useless 

unprofitable person, cr othevan. 

being ; pl.-^. 
BnaHgisj adv. ^.Nindawaibeih. 3£amo. 
JShamiad, p. s.'a. one who prays,, a 

Christian ; pl.-ja^. 
JSnwmiassig, p. s. a. neg. one' who 

does not pray, a pagan, heathen ; 

Miamiehatffd, p. s. a. one who fslgia 

religion, an hypocrite ; ^L^ig^ 
MuimieUtwad JOg^Mcmitont ««»* 

of God; J^*-iig' 
BMmMftmttd masinimny aderer of 

idols; ^\.-^ig. 
JSn<mgi ha, adv 

. yeseertanly^ donbt- 

lese, undoubtedly. 
MhSp^MdmhJnM) A. y> im. ldft» 

mage-' or injure it; B* ^*od ^ik*. ; 

p. ai4n.*€k>d. 
JSkdsmma^tii^, p. b^wpe mt, (01m 

9ng ;) inisMinmidn, before thM » 

«fiajMMMiM,befbf»ta*Bi/ete. - 




Mkdt$am4gaifawi0n t p. before me, 

(standing;) enissamigabawiian^ be- 
fore thee; endMamtgabmoid, before 
him, etc. 

M^AMonnuifi, p. before me, in my 
presence ; endgsamidf before him, 

Sndssamimagaktp, before something. 

Endnamiahindn^ p. before me, {ly- 
ing,) end^amishinan, before thee, 

JSkdssaaniskkinjigweiiin , p. before 
my eves, enduamiahkin^igwed, be- 

.. fore bis eyes, etc. 

EnasBamissingf p. before something, 
(lying on the ground, or standing 

Sndgd, p. s. he who stays; or, where 
he stays, his habitation, his dwel- 
ling, his lodge, his house, his home. 

Sndagog-^ p. what there is. 

Sniaiiknt p. s. my home, my dwell- 
ing, my habiiatioh, my loajing. — 
Mdman, thy home, etc. 

Jgndaji^, (The Change of D<^.) 

JSadaji*bMkt§mn£t£ed meka£no&cu>a^ 
naut .where the priest puts on -his 
ebuivh-Testments , or sacerdotal 
garments, sacristy, vestry. 

Skdashidi p. himself and all his fa- 
mily ;<or> ftli what there is of sooOe 
an, ciM^^Mi^ndashidjeniia tnddir 
dn ; that is all. the money there is 
tt BUT houec. 

JBKfoftteih n. myself and all ray fa- 
mily, all those who belong to me. 

m^almmf, p. aU what tlMre isof it, 
the whole of it. 

Mkdaui^. (The Change oi Da$tte;) 

JRid€U86-gijfqak, evety day, daily.— 

Mt d tmiidtb M^every night^nightlyk 

JMogtffen^ I don't know. 

J h y o» 8. aat, emaiet; pl.<-^. 

3MJH)ky adv. strongly ; muck ; loud. 

Mm^oboiteidny from ail my hearty 
,mif6b)deeUm from all thy heart ; 
€nigokodeed, from all hia heart, etc. 

MitiaMbioitM^ p.ny whole bow 
atnokl, my whote fiunily i mig^fo- 
dmomd^hm vkdU hwnA nM i .fUc. 

Emg6ko$9ing, or, emgipkmitaimg^ f. 
the whole extent of it, the whme 

Mtigohwadetnng, p. as it is wiia, 
the whole width of it. 

Enigohwag aki^ as wide as the earth 
is, everywhere on earth. 

Enigokwagamiga^ f r -tmgdhogami' 
gag^ adv. in the whole world. 

Ewifohoiniimn, p. & Enig/lptoik^ 

Emadfvigamigj s. ant's hiU; pL -wn, 

Entmdioa, (mad) a. v. om* laarpass 
him, (in a canoe;) 3. p. cd €n,.n^ p. 
aien..w4ut; imp. anma. 

Enimaotpe, (»»nd) n. v. I snrpaai, 
( paddling in a canoe, or sailiog;) 3. 
p. 1.; 

Enimia, {nind) a. v. an, I surpaM 
him. beat bim; 3. p. od 0f»..%- p. 

Enimiiwe, (mnd) n. ▼. I anrpasa; 8. 
p. l*;p. ai^s^ioM^. v 

EnimMhkatDOt {nind) a^ t., 4M^ I 
outgo or outryn him, I arrive be- 
fore him; I surpasa hi«v i^alluQi 
or raomng;3* p. odei^^nt p. atsnt. 

Eninajaondy p. s. a. one who ia aaiit, 
a messenger; pi. -^, 

£, nimd ihit, I amrm. f aay yea. 

Eni-ondgoshigi towafdt ^veoisff 
Eni tudkak, towards High 

Bniwk^ ady. tolerably. OfiiddliM, 
pretty ; < F. pasaablemant S U. mm 
lich ) 

£k^Atai9«s.^. whoerdeTa a,tiii«l9 

; beclonQ, whofiYeawQfltcanifi^- 
enpl. -;;i^. 

JSMid, p. a. a. hs «^e Wjarka, «Ka%- 
, man, laborer; pJ. -iifh 

Enohissig, p. a. a. a^. ht whp doff 
notwoik,. idle laxy paira0«l» alft- 
gard;pl. <y^ . 

En&nind, p. s. a. one that is 0i^p]«y- 
ed tQ4(»a. Ih^' an anpl^)^ p««r 
sao^bkeliiig, merceiMry; pUn^. 

EpanfiMmo§iP. west; ooeideM. /lu- 
ting .of t^aun. 

EpitM^ p^ a* as; it ia (hifilu th^ 
thickoffMiofMiQaiii* AW^plivdb. 





MpiUihamig, p. 90 deep in the ground. 

— Mi epiidkamig iffamk0nt dig so 

deep in the ground. 
&fitch. (The Change of ipiteh.) 
MpUchag^ p. as it is far, the distance 

of a place. 
XpUchiictiii as much as I can; as 

^uick as I can. 
EpUckin^t a^v* strongly^ wijth all 

BpUisaiftgy p. as it is high, its 

Spitowengt 3. ind. p. as we speak, 

Eshanged matcM mashhihi^ p. s. a. 

one who givei poison to eat, a poi- 
soner; pi. -jiO' . 
Mfhhamt adv. more^ and mOre. ( Ex.- 

a'mpies in some of the following 

JSbMbain ntbiwa, more snd more, 

J^^am HiJi pal&akados, l am getting 

lean, poor, more and more. 
jEskk^ini niti wining I am getting fat 

more and more. 
SMampansri, less and les^^ dcicrea- 
, nng, (more and more little.) 
JBw^anj ih an, horn [of cattle, deer, 
. ic] pi. -ag. 
J?*Wai«, s. ice-cutter; t^^'.^tanche;] 

pi. -aTi. , 
J^shk^ndamingy n. what is eaten iFii#, 
; cucumber, n^eion; pi. -4/1. ' 

iSskk(ini<^ari, s: an. S. E$hltah. '" 
J^9i^lMlfody p. s. a. one whoeat^ raw, 
• an Esquimau Ihdifitn; pi. -;^. ' 
JfthJ^ssejf^ or, e4hTcf>8'8einag.a%, p. a. 

remftiiider^ remhatit; pL -in. 
MMu^ning, p. s. the last in, obj. in 

a nMig« or row; pi. -i». 

E^fog, p. a. as it is high, the bei|^t 

Of 8. th.;pl. -w». 
Eehpaio, s. [from the French „£- 

spagnol",] Spaniard; pi, -^g, 
EsApaiohwe, s. Spanish woman; pi. 

EshwdmtmUsangin. S. Askwdma- 

Esiaa, s. tick, tike; [G. Zecke; lU. 

E», or 4n8f shell; oyster; p!. -ag, 
BM^an, 8. wild cat, rackoon; pi. -ag, 
Bi^ibanuffa4an, a. an, skin of the 

wild cat; pi. -o^. 
Estibatm^honj s. coat made of wiM 

cat's skins; pi. an. 
SaHmigt s. an. breast-plate, [Indisn 

ornament;) pl.-o^. Joniidwestimia. 

breast-plate made of silrer; n!^ 

gissHesHmigy made of beads of 

porcelain or china-ware. 
JSta, adv. only. 
Etaged mdmakieiio^, p. s* a. one 

who puts the cow-pox, inoculator; 

pi. etagedjig. 
Matoa, Hatoij iw compositions, tUg. 

nifies hi9th, or hotkH4es. [Examples 

in some of the foUowiaf words.} 
Jkat<ME^m,ad*. onboth sides or 'a 

river, lake, bay, dec. 
Etavoaiiy adv. on botb sides* 
EtawldatMy {nind) n; v. I have bo^ 

ieggiiigs of>, \m betb Akhsa, <m 

both legs;] 3. p. 1.; p. aiet,.$ii, 
EkMigad, a. h6th^\egn. 
EtawiJuoman, s. knife with twttedgef. 
Jhn^tf, s. botlf mdes of the body. 
Mawinik, s. both arms, 
MsMMm^, s; both hands, i 

hands, wiHk both hands. 
i^^i«0ifr^ s. both feet. 
EmharidiwitifB, Eucharist. 

, .<; ; >^.. ■ 

Seme worck that qre tw^ found wider G, may be looked for under K. 


Oor^ or gad-. This particle i« used 
in the first and second persons of 
the future tense, and in the parti- 
ciples of the past tense. [S. the 
Conjug. in Otch. Gram,] 

QmnifwdMageikag, s. Little girl's 
Point, Lake Superior. 

Qahdj (nin) n. y. I land; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Oabdskimay (nm) . a. v. an* I put 
some an. obj. to the fire in. some 
vessel, to cook; 3. p. o gab..n; p. 

jGfahdUnty inm) a, v. in. I.put it to 

: the fire in some vessel, to cook; 3. 
p. gah...:p. gebatod, 

O^batokigadef, or magad, u. v. it is 
put to the fire in a vessel, to cook; 
p* geb.Mg, or -mctg^k. 

Oabdtekigaso^ n. v. 3. p. «ome an. 
obj. is put to the fire in a vessel, to 

cook; p. g^..sod. 

(ninyn, v. 9. Mbatp, 

Qabamot (mti) a. v.4v». S. JVf^ 

Oabawiton, {mn) a. v. in, S. Niba- 

. . witon* 

Odbi^(^nin)n.y, I camp, encamp; 
3. p. -♦; p. gek.Ad. 

Sltiidtkimn^ a. tlM act oC camping; 
camp, eocampm^fit, pi ■^an* 

&ab4tPin, a. landing p«iQe,.landiiif ; 
pi. -on, 

OagabddJ^ adv. much. 

OagaUnis, (win) n. v. I am cunning, 
artful, crafty; 3. p. -*'; p. geg,.«id. 

OagaUmeiwin, u, cunnmg, .artful- 

won. M<Mt of the rertM bagiimiaff frith 
gmo; are /re§uetUative Torbs, denotinir a 
repetitioii or reiteration (tf the fame act, oi^ 
allitdiiu: to more than one ol^ect. They are 
marked here with the ayllabe/reg 

push faim repeatedly; 8. p. o gag..n; 
p. gaiag..wad; imp. gaganda* 
ChtgandeniffMy (ntn) a; v. dm. I havs 
a malicious joy over his grief or 
damage, (in thoughts;) 3. p. e 
gag..n] p. g^..mad. 

^dgandini-odahaTienSj s. an. wheel- 
barrow; [F. brouette; G. Schub- 
karrenj) pi. -0^. 

Gagdndjta^ (nin) a. v. an. freq. S. 

Quugdnijigidea^ (nw) a. v. an. freq. 
S. Ga^andjtnawea. 

Gdgdndjigidema, {nin) 9. v. an.freq, 
I express a malicious joy over hw 
grief or damage, I say, it is right 
that this or that happened tp him; 
[G. ich bin schadenfroh;] 3. p,fi 
gag..njp. geg..i7iad. 

Gagdndjig'^^e, (nin) n. v./r^g. I 
am eipressmff a malicious joy over 
the grief or damage of somebody; 
3. p. ^c^..^ctf. 

Qagan^miaajoea, {nin) a. v. an, I i|- 
ntate him, I provoke or excite Iptai 
to anger purpDsely;'^3. p. o gag.-m', 
p. ^eg..a£ \ 

CfagandjinqMeidiunhy s. maliciotis 
provocation to anger^ 

Gagdndbiwaiey n. v. 3. ^.fteq. its ftir 
or hair is lonj}, (of an animal;) p. 

GaganodamadiSy (nin) t, v.freq, S. 

Gaganddamagef (nin) n. v. freq. I 
pray or speak for somebody repe- 

,. I intercede; 3. pi l.;p. 
Odgdndawot* {nin) a, y, an. freq. iL Seg..g«d, 
~agan6danhag€winj s. intercession. 

Gapanddamawai (nin) a. v. „. 
freq. I prajr or speak for him rep- 
eatedly, I intercede for him ; 3. p. 
ogag.,n; p. geg.,wad. 




(ht/g^dnof/ade, (nin) n, v. freg. I have 

long legs; 3, p. l.;p. geg^t^d.—See 

Ginogad€f ^nd the notb ta it. 
Gugftno^imji, (mn) n. y^freq. I have 

long nails (oa my fingers or toes^) 

3. p. 1.; p. geg..jid, 
QagAiwm&, (nm) a. v. «m. I console 

IniB, I tell hitn to take conrage; 

a. p. o gug.^ii; p« feg..inad. 
Gagandna^ {nin) a. v. an.freg, I 

converse with him, I speak to nim, 

(somewhat longer;) 3, p. agag..n; 

p. geg..nad. 
GagemonidijiUny {nm) com. v. we 

are talking together, conversing; 

p. geg..didjig. 
Oaganonid^c^n, s. conversation. 
Qagdnofiike, {nin) n. y.freq. I have 

long artns; 3. p. 1.; p. geg.Jced.^ 

S. KOTE to Ginogade* 
Gagdnonindji^ {nin) n. y.freq. I have 

long hand? or fingers; Jig. I am a 

thief; 3. p. 1.; p. 
GagdnosidCy (nin) n. y.freq. I have 

long feet; 3. p. 1.; p. ge^..sid. 
Gagdnotawagey [nin) n. v. freq. 1 
-%iave long ears; 3. p. 1.; p. geg..ged. 
Gagdnsita/m, {nin) n. v. I gainsay, 

I give bad answers; p. g€g..ang. 
Ga^drmitant {nin)' ai v. in. I speak 

against it, I gainsay it; 3. p. o 

f^ff'" ? P« geg-'O^' 
Git^4n»itaiioa, {nin) a. v. an. I gain- 
say him, disobey him; 3. p. o 

^(ig:.n;'^. geg..wad. 
G^agdnsoma, {nin) a. v. cm. I exhort 

him, I encourage, incite, persuade, 
urge, animate, instigate, counsel, 

puah him, to do s. th.; 3. p. o 

qag..n\ p. geg..mad. 
O^dnaofMifinj s. encouraging, in- 
citing, instigation. 
Gagdnaonge^ {nin) n. v. I exhort, en- 
courage, incite, animate; 3. p. 1.; 

p. geg..ged. 
Gngdnwabidej {nin) n. y.freq. I have 

long teeth; 3. p. J^; p. geg.ML 
Gagdnwcmikwe^ {nin) n. v. freq. I 

have longhair, acrocome; 3. p. 1.; 
Gagdwendjige, {nin) n. v. freq. I aa 

Jealous frequently; I am ^hvloiit; 
3. p. l.\i^.geg„ged. 

Gagdwenima^ {nin) a. v. an. freq. I 
am frequently jealous in regard to 
him, (her;) I envy him; 3. p. o 
gag..n; p. g€g..mad. 

Gagdkoenindimnj s. jealousy; envy. 

Gagilnwenj, adv. (ihe frequentative 
of ginwenjy) a long while every 
time. — Nanmgim It-ija onta^ ga- 
(ftHnwrnj dash iko aia; he comes 
here frequently, and remains a 
long while every time. 

Gagdweshky {nin) n. y.freq. I am hi 
a habit of being jealous; 3. p. -t; 

Gaginigwaan* s. an* ice-bank on the 
lake-shore; [C. bourdillon;] pl.-o^. 

GaginigwaanoJcay or -fnagad, u , v. 
there are ice-banks on the shore; 
rc. il.y a des bourdiUons;] p. geg.,, 
kag, or -magdk. 

Gagihadadt u. v. it is foolish, stupid, 
imprudent, irrational, absurd; un- 
chaste, impudent, impure^ ^^geg.. 

Gagihadendam^ {nin) n. v. I have 
stupid, foolisn, absurd, imprudent 
thoughts; I have impure nnchaste 
thoughts; 3. p. 1.; p. geg..ang. 

Gagibadendamowin^ s. foolisn, abs- 
urd thought; impure thought; pi. 

GagibadiSf {nin) n. v. I am foolish, 
stupid, irrational, imprudent, imb- 
ecile, ignorant; I am Irivolous, 
lewd, unchaste, impure; 3. p. -t; 

' p. 0eg..8id. 

Gagwadiwwin, s. foolishness, im- 
prudence^ stupidity, absurdity, im- 
oeeility, ignorance; fnvotovtnes*)- 
impurity, impudency, disorder, 

Gaqtbadji-gijwe, {nin) n. v. S. Gtt- 

Gagibadji-gijweufint ^ogibadji-gigtiiQ 
loin, s. S. G<igtb(Ufktg^win. 

GtigiHd^ihjMi s. unchaste impudent 
womany strumpet, v^iwre, prostt- 
tuta^, £ornicatressy admitrcM ; pL -g^ 




man, whore-monger, fornicator, 
adulterer; pi. -wag. 

Gagtbddjitchiget {nia) n. t. I act or 

behave foolishly; 3. p. l,;p. ^«^.. 

QcLgtbanagashwe^ {n4a^) n. v. I 

stammer; 3. p. 1.; p. geg.,wed. 
&agihdnagaskwetago4t {nin) n. y. S. 

QngibddtagoSi (fu;») n. v. I speak 

foolishly, imprudently, absurdly; 

I speak unchastely, indecently; 3. 

p. -i; p. geg..(iid. 
Chtgihatitagoiiwin^ s. imprudent, 

foolish, absurd talking; fiivolous, 

impure, indecent talking. 
Qagwdsitawa, {nin) v. a. an. Ilisten 

to him with the impression that 

he speaks foolishly, absurdly ; 3. p. 

gag..n\ p. geg..wad, 
Qagibatfomaf {nin) a. v. an, I make 

him stupid, fuoJish; I debauch or 

corrupt him, (her) into evil impure 

conduct or lewdness; 3. j^.ogag..n; 

p. ^e^..mad. 
Gagtbtcyanet {nin)n. -7. my noae is 

flopped, obstructed, (catching co^, 

etc.; 3. p. 1.; p. geg-ned. 
0aawi4gunetagu»y {fim) n. v. I speak 

through the nose ; 3. p.-* ; p. geg.. 

Qaailingwi^ (^nin) n, v. my eyes are 

shut, I am blind ; 3. p. 1.; p. geg^. 

Qag^bmgtoetk, {nin) a. v. on. I make 

him blind, 1 blind him ; 3. p. ogag... 

Gagtbin^toebina, {nm) a. v. ai». I 
blindfold him ; 3. p. o gag.»n ; p< 

OugibingtD€U$, imn) n. ▼. I am blind- 
folded ; 3. p.-o ; p. geg..8od* 

QagibingtoeHsofmtif Inin) n. v. pi. 
we play hoodman's blind; [F. nous 
jouons au colin-maillard ; 6. wir 
fpielen blinde Kuh, blinde Mans.] 

Oagibingwebisowinf s. hoodman's 
blind, (a play in which one blind- 
folded seeks to catch another.) 

0agibi»gv€kw€f a small kind of 

mole, a tittle ammal that lm&aii4 

works under ground ; pL^. 
Oagibingw0tain, s. blindness. 
Gagibiihiy (nin) n. ▼. my ears att 

stopped, eihit, I nta ^af ; 3. p. 1.; 

p. geg,.ed, 
GagtHek^dnOt {nim.) a. v. mm. I sto^ 

him both ears, I stop ap botk fais 

ears ; 3. p. o gag-jn ; p. geg.,n<id; 

imp. ga.Mj. 

<xagihi9hebifM%8t {nin) r. ▼. I stop 
both my ears up; 3. p.-«; p. Mf .. 

Oagihishihas^ {nin) n. v. I feign or 
simulate deafness; 3. p.-o; p. geg.. 

G'igibithiwiny s. deafness. 

Gugidlsj {nin) n, v. I am sensible, 
delicate, (weak of conetitution,) 
1 easily feel pain ; 3. p.-« ; p. gmim,» 

Gagidisiioint a. delicacy, bodily sen- 
sibility, weakness of constitu- 

Gdgidjiaj {nin) a. v. an* I appeast 
him ; 3. p. o gag..n ; p., 

Gdgidjigon»de, {nin) n. v. my throat 
is sore ; 3. j^. 1^ p. gaia,.toed, 

Gdgtdowe, {nin) n. t. I mourn, I la- 
ment, I wail; 3. p. 1.; p. gaift,^ 

GagigijtPOt {ndh) a. v. an. I cut off 
what is spoiled, (an., obj..) 3. p. a 
gag..n; p. geg,.wad. 

Gagigikoaany (ntn) a. v. in. I cut off 
what is spoiled, {in. oh^.)Z..^^a 

Gagigikona, {nin) a. v. an. I cut off 
what is spoiled, {in. obj.) 3. p. o 
gag..n ; p. 

Gagiginagt {nm) a. pick 
them out, I select them, \an. oln.) 
3. p. ogag.. n; p. geg..nad. — JW» 
gagigmag nUshwivaagy opinig; I 
pick out apples, potatoes, (the good 
ones, the rotten ones, etc. ) 

Gagiginanany {nin) a. v. in^ pi. I 
pick them out or select them, (in. 
obi.) 3. p. o gag...; p. g€g..ang.'-^ 
N%n gagiginanan anindjtminamt I 
pkk out peas^ 




04^git, (mn) n. t. fro<|. I am speak- 
ing, talking, coaveraing ; 3. p,-^ ; 
p. gaia,,toa, 

Qagijiwish^y {tUn^ n. v. I am lying 
C4>ntracted ; 3. p. 1.; p. geg.Ang. 

Oagihima^ (nin) a. v. an. I preach to 
him, i exhort him ; 3. p. o gag.M; 
p. geg..inad, 

Oagihindan^ {ni/i) a. v. in. 1 preach 
to it ; 3. p. gag... ; p. geg..ang. 
— Nin gdgikindan hiato, I preach 
to thee, (to thy body.) 

Qagikindtmint (.nin) com. v. we ex- 
hort each other; p.^^g.Mcyig. 

Oaffikindis, (nin) r. v. I exhort my- 
•mff I peach to myself ; 3. p.-^; p. 

^ttgihifitdiwin, 8. mutual exhortation , 
or exhortation given to several per- 

Oa^hinget {nin) n. y. I am exhort- 
ing, recommending f 3, p. 1.; p« 

Gagikwe, {nin) n. ▼. I preach ; 3. p. 
1.; p. g« 

Chtgikweihwey s. a female preacher ; 
[F. prficheuse ;] pl.-g. 

Oagikwi-fnasinaigant s. sermon- 
book ; an^ booK containing religi- 
ons instructions ; pl.wm. 

Oagikwenodany^nin) a. v. in. I preach 
it ; 3. p. gag... ; p. geg..ang. 

Oagikwinodawa^ {nin) a. v. an. I 
preach him, (I preach his doc- 
trine ;) 3. p. o gag..n ; p. gsg..wad. 

Qagikwenodjigade^ 9t-^magad^ u. v. 
il is preached ; p. geg.Mcg, or-^fna- 

^^ihweurin^ s. preaching, sermon, 
religious exh9rtation, or instruc- 
tion ; pl.-tf». 

Gag^bioemndai'Awetangt p. s. a. be- 
liever; pl.-*^. * 

Gttgibtffiwini^mf s. preacher, minis- 
ter; pl.-w^ap. 

Oagimddim, ijiin) n. v. freq. I mur- 
mur igainst somebody ; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Oigimidonowin, s. murmur, com- 
plaint^ not heard by the person 
against whom it is made. 

0aij f( n qt9i$hi ^{nin) n. v. ft*^. I aam 
Iyer, I am in a habit of telJMg iiaa; 

GaginawUhHma, {uin)K. v. an. freq^ 
I. tell him lies; 3. p. o gag..n'y p^ 

Qagt7iawiehiiwiny9.h9Mt of telling 

Gagindjidaan, (nin) a. v. in. I press 
it down, (in, obj.) 3. p. o gag... ; p. 

Oagintfftdaioa, («t») a. v. am. 1 press 
down some an. obj.; 3. p. o gag..n\ 
p. geg..wad\ imp. gagindjidd.-— 
Pahwejigannin gagindjidawamaJh 
ahmg, I press down flour in a bar- 

OagipigadSf (nin) n. v. freq.*, my 
legs are cracked, or chapped; [j*ai 
lesjambes gercees;] 3. p. 1,; p. geg., 

Qoffipmindni (nin) n. v. my hands 

are cracked ; 3. p. 1.; p. 
Gagipistdcj (nin) n. v. my feet are 

cracked, chapped ; 3. p. 1.; p. g§g„ 

Ckmpisiwin^ or aipitiwin, s. crack, 

spfit (in the skin,); pL-an. 
Odgisoma, (^nin) a. v. an. 1 appease 

or pacify him, 1 make him mild ; 3. 

p. o gag^.n ; p. gaia..mad. 
GdgitofMaTnawaj (nin) a. v. an. I ap- 
pease him for somebody ; 3. p. o 

ga^.n ; p. gaia..wad. 
Gdgtdonnet (mn) n. v. I appease, I 

console ; 3. p. 1.; p. gaia..ged. 
OdgieondiSf (nin) r. v. i appease Cft 

console myself; 3. p.-o;p. gaia., 

Gdgitaw, (nin) n. v. I am prudent, 

wise ; 3. p-*; p. gaia..wid. 
Gagitaivendam, (mn) n. v. I hava 

wise prudent thougnts ; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Gagiteaoendarma, (nin) a. v. an. I 

make him wise ; 8. p. o gag.M ; p. 


• Note. This ttad Um foUowin^ ^« 
▼6rbt ar« frequentative verbs. The mn- 
ple Terbs are : Gipioade, eto -~The jfirtq. 
Terb idlodes to both liruba cracked, or* w 
seTcral cracks in one limb. 




. wisdixn. 

t. prudence, 

Gagitmoiffijufe, (fiin) n. v. an, I speak 
prudently, wisely ; 3. p. 1. ; p. gada.. 

Gdgitmoii, {mn) a. t. S« Gagkaw* 

Oaottckiy (nm) n. v. I take off my 
.shoes or Doot«, my socks, stock- 
ings or nippes ; 3. p. 1.; p. gegUcikr 
' id. 

Ctm^itckiaf {win) a. v. an. I take off 
his shoes, etc. $ 3. p. o gag^.n ; p. 

Gagnpishkot or-'inaaadj n. v. it goes 
hack and forwards, it shakes ; p. 
geg.Jeag, or^magak. 

Ga-godaaheedj p. s. a. he who shoots 
(ot has shot)- at a mark ; a marks- 
man. S. Godaakwe. 

GagwdnagtoatchishMwessef (nin) n. 
V. I sink in mud, or in a swampy 
or boggy place ; 3» p. I. ; p. geg.. 

Gagwdnissa^f.,. These syllables are 
connected in many instances with 
substantives, verbs or adverbs, and 
imply the idea of terribUj frtght- 
fidy abominable^ hidaiut, etc» (Ex- 
amples in some of the following 

Gagufdnissagad, u. v. it is frightful, 
horrid ; p. gea..gaJs. 

Gagwdnissagadem, (ndn) n. v. I weep 
bitterly, horribly ; 3. p.-oi; p. geg,* 

GttgtuMmieadgakamigy adv. horribly, 
frightfully, Gctawamesagahamig ^' 
iwehakj fiightful news or acci- 

GagwdmssaqendagoSj {nin) n. v. I am 
mghtfiil, formidable, horrid ; hate- 
ful, abominable ; 3. p.-t ; p. geff,. 

Gagtodmesagendagoskinn, b. terror, 
horror, enormity. 

Gagwam,i88age'ndagwad, u. v. it is 
horrible, frightful; abominable, 
hat€fttl ; p. geg.,wak. 

OagwdnisBagenddn, (nin) a. v. in, 
I abhor it, hate it ; 3. p.o ^o^,..; p 

Gaawdii4Mdgmimaj (nin) a. v. an, I 
abhor him, hate mm ; 3. p. ogag.. 
n ; p. geg..mad, 

Gagtodnissaginad. u. y. there is an 

enormous or a mghtful quantity of 

it ; p. geg..ndk. 
GagwdnUsagindgoSj (ntn) n. v. I look 

frightful, /have a horrible appear- 
ance ; 3. p.~j ; p. geg..sid. 
Gagwdniseaoinagwad, u. v. it has a 

frightful, horrible appearance ; p. 

geg. .wok. 
Chigwdnissagimn^is {nm) n. t. I 

have abominable hands; 3. p. l.;p. 

geg.. id. 
Gitgwdniaeaginomm, {mn) or, ami 

gagwaniasaginimin, n. v. pi. there 

IS an enormbus or mghtful number 

of ds ; p. geg..nod^ig. 
Gagwdnissagisj {mn) n. v. I am 

frightful, etc. 3. ^.^t;'p. geg^Md, 
GagwdnissagisUiponidiSf {nin) r. v. I 

strike or hurt myself frightfully ; 3. 

p.-^) ; p. geg..aoa* 
Gagwidy ox-gagwidjy in compositions, 

signifies awmgy examiMng^ pr<m* 

ing. { Examples in some of the fol - 

lowing words.) 
Gagw4ddkadaai, {nm) a. y, in, 1 

sound it with a sounding lead ; 

3. p. o gag...; p. geg^.an^, 
GagwidaJcadjigany s. sounding lead 

or plummet ; pl.-flw. 
Gagwedaladjijge^ {%in) n, v. I am 

sounding with a sounding lead ;3. 

p. 1.; p.feg..ged. 
GagwedahUgey {nin) n. v. I am 

sounding with a pole;3. p.l.; p.^y.. 

GagwidibendagoSf inin) or, nin ga^ 

wedibendjigasy n. v. I am tempted, 

I have temptations ; 3. p.-» ; p. 

GagwMbencyigej {nin) or, tvm gag^ 

wedibeninge, n, v. I tempt, I intice; 

3. p. 1.; p.geg..ged, 
Gagwedibenajtgemn^ or, gagwedUbm- 

ingewiny s. temptation ; pl.~<m. 
Gagwidtbenima^ {mn) a. v. gn, I 
tempt him, intice him ; 3. p. ogag.* 
»/ P- geg.. mad. » 




GagweiMbemndMn, s. temptation of 

several persons. 
<jhgwedina,{mn>) a. v. an. I feel him; 

[F. je le t&te;] 3. p. o gag..n ; p. 

g€g..n<id ; imp. gagwedin. 
Gagwedinafij (nin) a. v. in. I feel itj 

3. p.ogag...;p.ffe^..(mg. 
Gagw^dinige, {nini) n. v^ I feel, I am 

feeling ; 3. p. 1.; p. geg..g€d. 
Gagwidjenimia^ (ntn) a. v. an. I try 

to surpass him; 3. p. o gag..n ; p. 

Gagwedjenimitwe, {nin) n. v. 1 try 
' to surpass ; 3. p. 1.; p. g€a.,W€d. 
Gagwmjia^{nin) a. v. an. 1 try him, 

I tempt him ; 3. p. o gag..n ; p. geg.. 

Gagwidjiiwe, (nin) n. v. I try ; 3. p. 

!•; P' geg.. wed. 
Gagwedjikadaodiminj {nin) com. v. 

we run a race in canoes or boats ; 

p. geg..didjig. 
Gagicedjikmaodiumby s. race in ca- 
noes or boats. 
Ga^edjikadaowe, {nin) n. v. I run a 

race in a canoe or boat ;3. p. 1.; p. 

geg. .wed. 
Gamoidjikanaj {nin) a. v. an. I run 

a race with him on foot ; 3. p. o 

gag,.n; p. gep..nad; imp.— %". 
Gagwedjikamdiminy {nin) com. v. 

we run a race on toot ; p. geg.,did- 


Gagwedjikanidiwin, s. race on foot. 
Gagivedjikajiwcy {nin) n. v. I run a 

race on foot ; 3. p. 1.; p. geg. .wed. 
Gagwidji-kikenima. {mn) a. v. an. 

I prove him, I try him, examine 

him, 3. p. gaa..n ; p. geg..mad. 
Gagwedji-kikenaan. (nin) a. v. in. I 

try it, prove it examine it ; 3. p. o 

G.agttedjt-kota^fia, {nin) a. v. an. I 

inake him suffer for a trial, I try 

him by sufferings ; 3. p. o gag,.n; p. 

geg.. ad. 
Ga^idjima, {nin) a. v. an. I ask 

him a question, I question him ; 

3. p. ojjfag..n ; p. geq..mad. 
Gagwe(^tnaim%nf {mn) com. v. we 

ask each other questions; p. geg., 


Gctgwedjindiwiny s. question, ques- 
tion to several persons ; pl.-a». 

Gagwedjiivdnodany {nin) a. v. in* 1 
wrestle with it, or again*t it, try- 
ing to overcome it ; 3. p. o «w...; 
p. geg..ang. 

Gagwedjiwdnoda^oa, {nin) a. v. an. I 
wrestle with him, endeavoring to 
suipass him; 3. p. ogag.,n; p. geg.. 

Gagwedwe^ {nin) n. v. I ask, I in- 
quire, I inform myself; 3. p. 1.; p. 
geg.. wed. 

Gagwedwewin, s. inquiry, question, 
information ; pl.-a«^. 

Gagwijagoeoma^{nin) a. v. an. I try 
to surpass him in speaking or de- 
bating; 3. p. g(ig..n'j p. geg.. 

Gagiv^aoos(mdiminy (nin) com. v. 
we endeavor to surpass each oth 
er in speaking, in debating; p. geg. 

Gagwejagosondimn, s. trjring to sur- 
pass in speaking or debating. 

Gagwejagosongey {nin) n. v. I try to 
surpass another in a speech ; 3. p. 
I.; p.geg..ged. 

Gagwejagosongewininif a. a man who 
surpasses others in speaking or 
debating ; p\.-wag. 

Gagwisegima, {nin) or, nin gagwise- 
gia, a. V. an. I try to frighten him, 
to intimidate him, I try to make 
him fear, I threaten or menace 
him ; 3. p. gag..n ; p. geg. .ad. 

Gagwesegtndiwin, s. threat, threaten- 
ing, menace ; pl.-an. 

Gagwesegiwct {nin) n. v. 1 try to 
frighten, to intimidate, I threaten; 
3. p. 1.; p. geg. .wed. 

GagioeshiSi {ntn) n. v. I am timid ; 
3. p.-*; p. geg..8id. 

Gagwetadjitchigant s. bug-bear ; [F. 
epouventail ; G. Schreckbild ;] pi. 

Gaidshkf s. gull ; pl.^ioag. 

GaidahJconej s. dirn. a young gull; pi. 

Gaiashkwdwan, s. gull's egg; pl.-(?». 

Gaidtj adv. before, formerly, before 




this time, in olden times; [L. 
G<ddtckininiy s. BlacKfoot Indian ; 

[C. un Piednoir ;] pl.-wofl'. 
0€Uat-4JitwcMffm, s. the Old Testa- 
&aidt--ijitwavymir-inakdht Ark of the 

Graicj conj. and; also.' 
O^djag^i (nin) n. v. I eat much and 

fast ; 3. p. 1.; p. gaidjaaed. 
Gdjagens, s. cat, puss; pl.-a^. 
(rahadina, or-^magad, u. v. it is the 

summit of a hill or mountain ; p. 

gelcnagt Oi-magdk. 
Gdkadjiwebato^ {,nm) n. v. I run 

down-hill; 3. p. 1.; p. gek..tod, 
GdhiMjan, (nin) a. v. in. I rip it up, 

I unstitch it ; 3. p. o gak... ; p. gai- 

Qakikijwa, (mn) a. v. tm, I rip some 

an. obj.; 3. p. o gak..n ; p. gaia.. 

wad ; imp. gdkikijvn. 
GdHJcisKka^ or-^magadj u. v. it is 

ripped up, unstitched; p. gaia,.lcagy 

Gdkma nisdkosi, (nm) a. v. an. I 

shell a corn-ear ; 3. p. o gak^n ; p. 

gaiahinad ; imp. gdkm. 
GaliUtoininii s. Galilean ; '^X.-wa^g. 
Gamddj^ {nin) n. v. I am dancmg 

with a scalp in my hands, in order 

to receive some presents ; 3. p.-*; 

p. gemadjid. 
Gamddjmodawa, {nin) a. v. an. I 

come to him dancing with a scalp, 

to receive s. th. from him ; 3. p. o 

gam..n; p. gem.. wad. 
Gamddjiwiny s. Indian dance with a 

Gamanitigweiag, s. p. Fort William, 
on Lake Superior.— S "" '" 

Gdrmdf p. 8. a*, deserter; ^l.-jig. 
Gamitdwangagamagj s. p. Sandy 

Lake. — S. Mitdwangagama. 
Ganabendany (nin) a. v. tn. I allow 

it, I approve, permit, suffer it ; 3. 

p. gan... ; p. gen..a/ng. 
Gamdhendjigty {nin) n. v. I approve, 

allow, permit; 3. p. 1. ; p. geti..g€d. 
Ganahenima, {nin) a. v. an, I let 

him do, I permit him, allow him ; 

3. p. o gan..n; p. g€n..mad. 
Ganaibita/UHi, {nin) a. v. on. I have 

patience and forbear with him, 

when he offends me with his words; 

3. p. o gaak..n ; p. gen,. wad. 
Ganadenima^ {mn) a. v. an. Alg. S« 

Gdnag^ or, gttnamagakf p. s. a. sharp; 

pointed j the edge of a tool.— S. 

, adv. at least. 

GandndawiSf {nin) n. v. I am in good 
health, I have no infirmity on me; 
3. p.-*; p. gen..eid. 

GandndawikwiUi s. good health. 

Gandpine^ adv; for the last time. 

Gana^onge, {nm) n. v. I make com- 
mandments, regulations ; 3. p. 1. ; 
p. gen-.ged. 

Gands&ngewinf s. commandment, 
regulation, precept, mandate ; pi. 

Ganawdbamaj {nin) a. v. an. I look 
at him; 3. p. ogan.-n; p. gen^.mad. 

Gatiawdhandan, {nin) a. v. in. I 
look at it ; 3. p. <? gan... ; p. gen., 

Ganawdbandis, {nin) r. v. I look at 
myself; 3. p.-<? ; p. gen..8ol. 

Ganaioabimogisissweshi, s. a bird that 
looks at the sun, a bittern; [F. bu- 
tor ; G. Rohrdommel;] pl.-«a^. S. 

Ganawindaa, {nin) a. v. an. I com- 
mit s. th. to his care, I intrust it 
to him ; 3. p. aan..n ; p, 

Ganawendamasj hdn) r. v. 1 con- 
serve to myseli; 3. p.-c; p. gen., 

Ganawendamdson, (nin) a. v. in. I 
keep it for myself, I reserve it to 
me ; 3. p. gan... ; p. q€n..sod. 

Ganawmaamasonan, {mn) a. v. an. 
I conserve some an. obj. to me; 3- 
p. gan... ; p. gen.. sod. (V. Conj.) 

Ganawendamawaj {nin) a. v. an. 1 
keep or conserve it for him ; 3. p. 
gan..n ; p. gen..wad. 

Ganawendanumaj {nin) a. v. an. S- 

GanaWendamowin,i s. conservation- 




4rijmaM€nd(m^ {nin) a. t. tfi. I keep 
or conserve it, I observe it, I take 
care of it^ 3. p^ gan»,. ; p. geru, 

Gamawenima^ (nin) a,v, an.! keep 
him, conserve him, take care of 
him, (person or any other an. obj.) 
9. p. o g(m>*n ; p. gen..mad, 

^and, gamdj^y in compositions, 8i|m- 
fies pushi^ng, thrustmgf preimng. 
( Examples in some of the follow- 
ing words. ) 

GdT^daigcm^ u any thing to push with; 

Oundaiggi {nin^ n. v. I push, shove; 
d. p. 1.,* p. gata^^eU 

GdndaigwasgtM, », thimble ; pl.-oii. 

Ga/ndahiigan^ or gancUbkUgcmak, s. 
a pole to push a canoe or boat^ 
•giLr-an^ or-on. 

GanduhUgey (wm) n. v. I pole (a ca- 
Boe or boat ;) 3. p, 1. ,* p. g<U<k.. 

Ganda/way (mn) a. y. ari, I push him, 
shove him; 3. p. ogan..n; p. gata,, 

Gand^hwenay (nin) a. v. an, 1 push 
his head ; 3. p. <? gan^.n ; p. gaia.. 

Gandikwekuva, (nm) a. v. an. I sa- 
lute him witn an inclination of the 
head ; 3. p« agan-M; p. gada..wad. 

Gdndina^ {nm) a. v. an. I push him; 
I thrust in some o^. obj.; 3. p. 
gan..n ; p. gaAondioiad, ; imp. gam,- 

Gdndman^ (nin) a. v. m. I push it, 
shave it, thrust it in; 3. p. o ga/n^.\ 
p. gaia..ang. 

G6na4mgaahy s. draught-board ; [F. 
damier ;] pl.-flw*. 

Gandmigani-tUibiddbanene^ s. an. 
S. Gaoanditti'-odabanens, 

GAndMtget {nin) n. v. I push ; I 
draw on a draught-boaid ; [F. je 
joue aux dames;] 3. p. 1.; p. gaia.. 
■Gw^d^apia^ (nin) a. v. an. I laugh 
at him, mocMng or despising him; 
3. p- o gan..n ; p. 

Odndjia^ (nm) a. y. ow. I incite 

him, I push him to s. th. ; 3. p. • 
gan..n; p. gaia.. ad. 
Gamdjibatdimin, (nin) n. v. pi. w« 
run greedily after s. th. ; p. gada.^ 

Gan^'tnajttwat (nin) a. v. an* I send 
him somewhere^ pressing or urg- 
ing him to start immediately; 3. p. 
gan..n'j p. gaia..imd ; imp, gcmO' 


Gdndjwebina, (nin) a. v. on. I throw 
him down or away, pushing him ; 
3. p. o gan..n; p. gata..nad; imp. 

Gdn^webinany (nin) a. v. in. I throw 
it down or away, pushing it ; 3. p. 
gan...; p. gaia..ang. ^ 

Ga-nibody p. s. a. the deceased, the 
defunct, the late; ^\.-jig. 

Ga-niganidibadjimody p. s. a. he that 
fj^retold, a prophet; pl.-;;»^. S. iV*- 

Oa-nigani-hikendangt p. s. a. he who 
knew the future, a prophet; pl.-^. 

Ganodamadis, (nin) r. v. I speak for 
myfelf; 3. p.-o; p. gen.. sod. 

Ganodamawat (mn) a. v. an. See 
ihefr^q. verb Oaganddamawa. 

Oan6ddn, (nin) n.y. in. I speak to 
it, I address it ; a p. gan... ; p, 

Ga-n6d^nnoad bi tchitchagonanin^ 
he who saved our soult, our Savior, 
our Redeemer. 

Ganqjiwe^ (nin) n^. I speak to so- 
mebody, I exhort ; 8. p. 1.; p. gen». 

Gandna, (nin) a. v. an. I speak to 
him, 1 address him ; 3. p. gano^ 
nan ; p. genonod ; im. gan6j. 

Gandmaimin, (nin)com. v. we speak 
to each other^ p, genonididfig. 

Gandnidi^, (nin) r. v. I speak to my- 
self; 3. p.-o; p, gen..8oa. 

Ganonidiwin, s. speaking to each 
other, conversation. 

GanwHoema, (f¥in) a. v. an. I keep 
him back from s. th, by what 1 
am telling him ; I prevent him ; 3. 
p. o ^afi..n; p. gen..mad. 

Gdo88Mi p. 8. he that humts, a hunt^ 




, er, hunta-man, sporteHnan ; pl.- 


Chipamat (adn) a. v. an. I scranch 

•ome a^. obj. ; 3. p. ogap..n; p. 


Gapandariy {mn) a. v. in. I scranch 

it; 3. p. gap... ; p. gaia..ang. 
Gdpmay inin) a. v. an. I crush or 
crumb some an. obj. with my fin- 
l^ers; 3. p. o^apmo»; p. gaiapinad; 
imp. gdpin. 
Gdpinan, {nin) a. v. in. 1 crush or 
crumb it with my fingers ; 3. p. o 
gap. . . ; p. gaia..ang. 
Gdpiaan. (nin) a. v. in. I burn it a 
little, I parch it ; 3. p. <? gap... ; p. 
gaia..ang.—Nin gapisan Tnakale- 
mashhihiwdbOf I burn coffee. 
Qajmige^ (nm) n. v. I parch ; 3. p. 

1.; p. ga%a..ged. 
Gdpuwag Tnanddminag, {nin) a. v. 
an. I parch corn; 3. p. <? gapiswan ; 
p. gaia..wad. 
Oapwewema^ {mn) a. v. an. S. Gd- 

ffapwewendam,, {nin) a. v. in. S. Ga- 

Cfasagaskwadjimelkag^ Leech-Lake ; 
[C. Lac de la sangsue.] S. JSagask- 
Gashkaan^ {nin) a. v. in. t cut or 
pierce it witn difficulty ; 3. p. 
gash.f ; p. geMaang. 
Gaahhaanagekwet {nin) n. v. I am 
taking off cedafabark, I decorticate 
cedar-trees ; 3rp. 1. ; p. 
Gashkadint u. v. it freezes over, or, 
it is frozen over, (a lake, a river, 
&c.) p. geahkading. 
GasJikamno-gisisSj s. an. the freez- 
ing moon, the month of November. 
Gashkakohwdigani s. spattle to stir 

sugar in sugar-making ; pl.-a7i. 
Gdehkdkwaige, {nin) n. v. I scrape 

a bark ; 3. p. 1. ; p. gaia..ged, 

Gdshkameowaigej (nin) n. v. I scrape 

a fish, I take away his slime ; 3. 

p. 1.; p. gata..g€d. 

Goihkaode, oi-^nagady u. v. it is tied 

with a knot; p. gesh.,deg, qi-magak. 

Gmhkaodon^ (nin), a. t. in. I tie it 

with a knot; 3. p. goik... ; p^ pesh.. 

Gashkaonay (nin) a, v. an. I tie some 

an. obj. with a knot ; 3. p. gash.. 

n ; p. gesh'.nad ; imp. gaMa>oi. 
GashkaosOj n. v. 3. p. it is tied with 

a knot, {an. obj.) p. gesh..sod. 
GasKkatiigan i s. spinning whjeel; 

GashkatHgej (nin) n. v. I twist, ! 

spin ; 3. p. 1. ; p. ge3h..ged. 
OashkaUigemagad^ n. v. pers. , it 

spins; p. gesh-.gak. 
GashkaUigewinf a. spinmog. 
Gashkawa^ {nin) a. v. an. I take off 

some a». obj. 3. p. oja«A..n; p. 

geshkawad ; imp, goMaw, — Mn 

gashkawa onagekil take off the bark 

of a cedar-tree. 
Gashkia, {nin) a. v. an. I prevail on 

him, I win him, I overcome him, I 

gain him over; 1 earn or gain some 

an. obj. ; 3. p, <? gaahkian ; p. gesk- 

Gn*hkibddan,{mn) a. v. in. I shave 

it; 3. p. ogash... ; p. gesh..a/ng. 
Gashkibddjigan, a. razor; pL-a». 
Gaahkibanay (fdn) a. v. an. I shave 

him ; 3. p. gash.Ji ; p, ge8h..nad ; 

imp. aashkibaj. 
GashJsihdsJnin) n. v. I shave; 3. p.- 

; p. gesh..eod. 
Gashhibdjowigamig^ s. barber-shop; 

GashMbasowini s. shaving, barber's 

trade, occupation, business. 
Gaahkibasawtninit s. barber; -pl.-ioag. 
GaaKkiims^ {mn)n. v. I have power, 

I am powerful, I prevail; 3. p.-»; p. 

Ga8khi4ioisikandant{mn) &.Y,4n. I 

have power over it ; 3. p. o gas^,. ; 

p. geeh..aaig. 
Gashkiewiaikami, (nin) a. v. an. I 

have power over nim; 3. p. o gatk^ 

n ; p. g€sh..wad. 
GasMemeimagad, u. v. it i£ power- 
ful; it prevails; p. ge%h..gak, 
Gashkiiwimoin^a. power, authority. 
Gaahhigont {mn) n. v. I sew a canoe; 

^. y.-o\y. geth..nod. 
GasMcigwddatnawa, (nin) a. v. an* I 




sew 8, tb. for him or belcmgiag to 
him ; 3. p. o ga8h..n ; p. geth^Mod. 

Gashkigwddaffiy {nin)^ a. v. m, 1 adw 
it; 3. p. aash,,. ; p. gesh..ang. 

OoMifftvdae, ot-magad, u. v. it is 
sewed; p. gesh.-degt or-magak. 

Cfmhhigwdna^ (»*») a. v. {wu I sew 
some an. obj. ; 3. p. ogash.^nj p. 
gesh.,nad; imp. gaaKkigwaj.-Mosh' 
we nin gaihUdgwima^ I sew a hand- 
kerchief or shawl. 

Gashhigwqi^e. (nin) n. v. /am sewing: 
3. p.-o ; p. gesh.,sod. 

Gashki^dss&neiabt s. sewing thread. 

Gaehhgwasaoikwe, s. seamstress; pi. 

OashhigtcdMowin, s. sewing, trade 

and occupation of a tailor or a 

Oaahkigwaseowmimy s. tailor; pL- 

Gashhiidis^ (nin)T, v. I overcome or 

vanquish myself; 3. p.-<?; p. gesh.. 

Gashkina, (nin) a. v, an. I can lift 

him up, (a person or any other an. 

obj.) 3. p. a gaeh..n ; p. gishkinad ; 

imp. gashhin. 
GashMnan^ (nm) a. v. tA. I can lift 

it up ; '3. p. o gaeh...; p. gesh..ang. 
Gashhmawi, (nin) n. y. 1 am able to 

work ; 3. p. 1.; p. gesh..wid. 
GashkiOt (mn) p. v. I can go some- 
where, I can pass through or over 

8. th.; I succeed in passing through 

or over s. th.; 3. p. l.;p. geMiod. 
Gachhissagaan maJcuk, (mn) a. v. in. 

I put the bottom or tne head to a 

barrel or bojt ; 3. p. o gash.,.; p. 

Gaskhissdgaigani s. bottom or head 

of a barrel, etc., pl.-a». S. Taho- 

Ga^kissdgatai, {nin) n. y. I put the 

bottom or the head to a barrel, etc. 

3. p.*l.; p. gesh..ged. 
GasMcitamdSi (nm) or, nin gaehhita- 

madit^ r. v. I ea^n or procure s. th. 

to myself; 3. p.-r?; p. gesh..8od.. 
Gashhttamason, (nin) a. v. in. 1 earn 

it, I gain it; 3. p* ogofih.,.; p. gesk.. 


GathhUanmsonan^ {nm) a. v, an. I 
earn or gain it to myself, {an. obj.) 
3. p. gash...] p. gesh..sod. (V. 

Gashkita/mtma,{nin) or nin eashki- 
ta/ioa, a. v. an. I earn or gam it for 
him, I procure it to him or for him; 
3. p. o gash..n ; p. gesK.wad. 

Gasikitas, {niti) r. v. S. GashJtita- 

GashJcitchigade, or-magad,u. v. it is 
gained, acquired,;earned, procured 
by labor , it is overcome ; p. gesh.. 
deg, QY'-magaJc. 

Gashkitchiganj a. in. & an.y any ob- 
ject, inanimate or animate, earned 
or obtained by labor, earnings. PI. 
-an, or-ag.—Mn Udon hahiskawor 
ga% makisina/n gaie; mi sa nin 
gashkitchiganan; 1 bring a coat 
and shoes; they are my earnings. 
Nij kitohi osa/wa-joniiag nind aia- 
wag; mi sa nin ga8Kkitchigan<w\ I 
have two large gold pieces; they 
are my earnings. 

Gashkitchigdy (nin)n. v. I earn, 1 ac- 
quire, I procure by labor; 3. p. 1.; 
p. gesh..ged, 

Gashkilchigemagady u. v. it brings 

profit; \>. gesk..gak, 
Gaskkitchigen, {nin) a. v. in. I earn 

it, I acauire it; 3. p. o gash.,.; p. 

GashkitcMgenanj (nin) a. v. an. I 

earn or acquire some an. obj.; 3. 

p. o gash...;]p. gesh..g€d. (V. Coi\j.) 
Gashkitchigiwin, a. earning, gaining, 

acquisition. . 
GashJeitchigewinini, an industriout 

man who earns much by his work; 

G^hhiton, (nin) a. v. in. I can, I cas 

do or afford it, I am able, capable; 

I win it; J overcome it; I earn, ob^ 

tain, acquire it; 3. . p. o gash...; p. 

GashkiwanCy {nin) n. v. I carry the 

whole .of it; 3. p. 1.; ^.gesh..nsdl^ 
Gas,hkiw^nay (ni^) etc. 8. Kashki- 

wegina^ etc. 




OsMkoina, {nm) a. y. en. I can 

name him; 3. p. x> gtuik^n; p. feah.. 

GaKHHwindanj{nin) a. y. in. I can 

name it; 3. p. o ^luA...; p. geth*. 

Giuhktfmat (nm) a. v. an. I carry 

him on my bacK, (a person or any 

other an. obj.) i. p. o ga^.,n; p. 

GashiondoMf {mn) a. y. in. I am able 

to carry it on my back; 3. p. o 

gash.,.^ p. ge8h..aMg. 
Gd8hau€j>amDej(nin) n. y. I am thirs- 
ty, I am dry; 3. p. 1.; p. gaia^.toed. 

— S. Nibdgwe. 
9a8hmabagwewin^ s. (nibagttmoinf) 

Gaskamuy {nm) n. v. I speak low, 

not loud; 1 whisper; 3. p^-o; p. 

gain. .sod. 
Gfuska/nasotawai {nm) a. y. a#i. I 

whisper to him, 1 speak close to 

his ear; 3» p. o gas..n; p. gaia.^ 

Gdskashaant {nin) a. v. in» I scrape, 

gtate,rubit; 3. p. o gas...; p. gaia..- 

Gdtkashaigei {nm) n. v. I scrape, 

grate; 3. p. 1.; p. ga4a..g€d. 
GasTcasicanidji, s. nightingale; pl.- 

GaihashSMOy {nin) a. y. an. I scrape 

or rub some an. obj.; 3. p. o gas.. 

«; p. ga4a..v)ad; imp. gmkashd. 
Gatkatah s. a dry skin; pl.-o^. 
Gaskiba/gaj or-magaa^ u. v. the 

leayes of a tree make noise b^g 

dry; p. gaia..gagjOY-^ma^ak. 
Gatktbagaasin, u. v. the wind moyes 

the dry leaves of a tree; p. g<na.. 

Giuhdi-gigoy s. dried fish, smoked 

fish; pi.-*a^. 
'GaaUdi-gigdtkey {win) n. v. I dry or 
• smoke fish; 3. p. 1.; p. gaia..hai. 
Gaskidi-wiiasSf s. haif-dried or 

smoked meat. 
t^aikidl4riia98^, (nm) n. y. I dry 

or smoke meat a little; 3. p. 1.; p. 


Gi^eigin, s. dry Hkin of a large quad 

raped; pl.~df». 
Odekigtnj s. bombasin, a kind of 

sligBt woolen stuff. * 

Goilidssigej {nin) n. y. S. Giuihid^' 

(Hskfsanj inm) a. y. in. I dry it in 
smoke; 3. p. o gtte..r, p. gaia^ 

GAmsigey {nin) n. y. I dry in smoke; 
3. p. 1.; p. gaia..ged. 

Gddksun, {nm) a. y. an. I dry some 
an. obj. m smoke; 3. p. o gas.-n; 
p. gaia..tDad; imp. gasktawi. 

Gaskitpog, GashiwiioM. 8. Gaikidi 

GdtJtioej OT-maaad, u. y. it buzzes, 
makes a slight noise; [F. il ga- 
zouille;] p.gaia..toegj or-^inagak. 

GaskwiiP€f ox-nMgojd^ u. y. there is 
glazed frost or rime on the ground; 
[F. 11 y a du verglas;] p. gwia^.wtgy 

Gdmdbawadaiway {nm) a. y. an, S. 

GdsMbawadony {n4n) a. y. in. I 
wash it clean, I clean it by wash- 
ing; 3. p. o gass...; p. gaia^dod^ 

Gdisidbawana, {nin) a. y. wt. I wash 
him clean, I wash away KiiB stains; 
3. p. oga98..n\ p. gaia..nad. 

Gdssiabatoe, {nm) n. y. I wash clekn, 
I wash away filth, stains; I 
cleanse; 3. p. 1.; p. gaia..fosd. 

GdssidbatPSy ot-magadf u. y. it is 
washed away, it is cleansed; p. 
gaia..tvegj or-magah. 

Gdssiabatpenj (nin) n. y. I wash it 
clean, washing away its stainsT 3. 
p. ga88... ; ^. gaia..toed. 

Gds^iamadxminy (nin) com. y. we 
pardon each other; p. gaia..di^^. 

GdssiamaditDtn, s. pardon of seyeral 

G^usiamage, {nin) n» y. I blot out, I 
efface; I pardon; I thsolfe; I re- 
mit: 3. p. 1.; p. gai(!^..ced. 

Gds9iamia;gewiny s. bfiottmg out, >ef- 
facing; pardon; remission; absolu- 

Gds$iavmuwj {nin) a. y. 4n. I blot 
him out 8. tn.; I absolye hsbni 1 




pardon him; remit bhn; 3. p. o 
gii88..n; p. gaia..wad. — Gassiama- 
wishin nm maicki dodamowifMmf 
* Debmimimn! Lord! blot out my 

Gdssiwnf (nin) a. v. in. I blot it out, 
I wipe it off- 3. p. o gdssicm', p 

Gasstbian, (Tim) a. v. in. I blot out 
or strike out something that is 
written; 3. p. o {^.,.; p. gaia.. 

Gdssibiiganf a. India rubber. 

GnssiHwa, (nin) a. v. em. I blot out 
or strike out his name that is writ- 
ten; 3. p. ffas..n; p. gaia..wad. 

OdssiiaMde, or^magad. u. v. it is 
cleansed or purified by fire, p. 
gaia..deg^ or-magah. 

"Gdssiidlds, (rdn) n. v. I am purified 
by fire; 3. p.-o;. p. gaia..8o3,. 

Crdssiiakuowiiij s. purifying by fire; 

Gdssiigade, ox-magad, u. v. it is 
blotted out, effaced; pardoned; re- 
mitted; p. gaia .deg, or-^magah. 

Gdssiigan^ s. dish-clout, or any 
thing to wipe with; pl.-an. 

Gdssixkay or-magadf u. v. it becomes 
blotted out, effaced, it effaces it- 
self; p. gaiasiikagy or-mctgak. 

Gdssinagane, {nin) n. v. I wipe 
dishes or plates; 3. p. 1.; p. gaia*' 

Gdssingweodisj (nm) r. v. I wipe my 
face; 3.p.-^;p. gaia..8od. 

Gdssingwiwaj{fidn)^.Y. an. I wipe 
his tace; 3. p. o ga8.,n\ p. ga4a„ 
v>ad\ imp. gassingwi. 

Gdaamsibingwe, {nin) n. v. I wipe 
my fears; 3. p. 1.; 

Gdasinnbingwiwajini/n) a. v. <wk I 
wijiie his tears; 3. p. o ga8,.n; p. 
igaia..wad', imp. ga8..gtt>i. 

Gdssieidiwa, {nin) a. v. (m. I wipe 
his feet; 3. p. b gas..n\ p, gaia,. 
wadx imp. gaasistdi. 

Gdesiwa, {nin) a. v. an. I wipe him, 
(any an. ohj.;) 3. p. oga8..n; p., 
gaiassiwad; imp. {jfosH. 

Gate/Mat {nin) a. v. an, I tempt)^ 

him, I move him; 3. p. o ga.,n't p. 
gaia.. ad. 
GdtchibUgon, pers. v. it tempts me, 
ntoVes me; 3. p. o ga...j p. gaia,. 

Gdtina, (nin) a. v. an. I take care of 
him in his sickness; 3. p. o ga..n; 
p. gaiaiinad; imp. gatin. 
Gdfiniwe, {nin) n. v. I take care of 
sick persons, (especially of women 
lying in;) 3. p. 1.; ^. gaia.. wed, 
Oatmi^hve^ s. ti woman tasing care 
of sick persons, nurse; also, a 
midwife; [P. accoucheuse, sage- 
femme;] m-g. 
GatiniweKnniniy s. a man taking 
care of sick persons,- also, a man, 
a T)hy8ician, practising midwifery; 
[F. accoucheur;] pl.-ica^. 
Gawadhwandjigaae, or-magad, u. v. 
there are many felled trees, trees 
cut dowM; p. gew.deg^ or-^mogak. 
Gawadhwanajtgan, a. a place where 
many trees are cut down; [F. un 
abattis;] pl.-a». 
GawadhwandJigCi {nin) n. v. I cut 
4^down trees; 3. p. 1.; p. gew..ged. 
Gawddjj (nin) n. v. I freeze to death, 
I starve with cold; 3. p.-i; p. ge- 
Gawdgonaga^ ox-magad^ u. v. the 
snow is frozen, is liard; p. gew.. 
gag^ ox-magak. 

modigaso rniHg, n. t. 3. p. the tr«e 
is cut down; p. gew..soa, 
Gawaijigwe, {nin) n. v. I cut down 
a birch-tree, to take the bark off", 
for a canoe; 3. p. 1.; p. gew. .wed. 
Ganodisszy <ni/n) n. v. 1 am felling 

trees; 3. p. 1.; ^.mw..8ed. 
GawdkadoSf {nin) i am extremely 

lean, poor; 3. p.-oj p. gew.. sod. 
GawULkomijy s. a kmd of ash-tree; 

[C. frfene^quantf] pL-m; 
Gwtvdhnoebtnat {nin) a. v. an. I 
overthrow or overturn some long 
an. obj.; 3. p. o gaw..m, p. g^.. 
GawdkowMiQini (««») «• v. in. I 
overturn some long w. obj.; 3. p. 
gaw,..f p. geio:.ang, ■ 





GaiDdhwaig€t{nin) n, v. I fell trees; 

3. p. l.;p. g€w..ged. 
Qdwama^ (^nin) a. y. an. I am jeal- 
ous of him, (her;) 3. p. Qga.M'^ p. 

Gawafitdy {nin) a. v. an. I throw 

him down bitmghim; 3. p. oga..n\ 

p. gewamad. 
Gawanady u. v. it falls, being rotten, 

(a stick or post that stood up;) it 

decays, (clothing;) p. gmvcbnak. 
Gawanadapinedy p. s. a. he that is 

lunatic, a lunatic; pl.-^'»^. 
Gawanadisidj p. s. a. he that is mad, 

a Cool; pl.-;;*^. 
Gawandmamy (mn) n. v. I starve to 

death, I die from hunger; 3. p. 1.; 

p. gew..dang. 
GawandndamouDtny s. starvation, 

death irom hunger. 
Ga/wdsh, (nm) n. v. I fall by the 

wind, the wind throws me down; 

3. p. -4: p. geivdshid. 
Gawashhoihidi p. s. a. a drunken 

person; "pl.-jia. 
GawashhwibishJcid, p. s. a. habitual 

drunkard, confirmed drunkard; j|J. 


Gawdssidjiwangt Montreal River, 
Lake Superior. 

GoMdsam, n. v. it falls by the wind, 
the wind throws it down; p. gew- 

Gawdwa miUgy {nin) a. v. on. I fell 
or cut down a tree; 3. p. o gaw..n; 
p. gewdwad; imp. gaiod. 

Gdwe, {nin) n. v. I am jealous; 3. p. 
1.; p. gaidwed. 

GawHa^ OT-magad, u. v. it is leap- 
ing, inclined; p. gewHagy oi^ma- 
gcJc. — S. Navoekide. 

Gdwendam, {nm)n. v. I have jealous 
thoug:hts; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Gdwenimay {nm) a. v. I have jealous 
thoughts towards him, (her;) 3. p. 
ga..n\ p. gaia..ma4. 

Gdweshky {rdn)n. v. I am too jeal- 
ous; I am in a habit of being jeal- 
ous; 3. p^-»; p. gaia.Md. 

Gatoetamawaj {nm) or, nin gdwe- 
tawUf a. V. an. I am jealous for 

him, instead of him; 3. p. o gaw.. 

n; p. 
Gdwewiny s. jealousy. 
Gwioiy in compositions, signifies 

tumbling y falling down. ( Examples 

in some of the following words. ) 
Gwwiay {nin) a. v. an. S. Gawi^h- 

Gawibiy{nin) n. v. I fall down, be- 
ing drunk; 3. p. 1.; p. gewibid. 
Ga-widigedy p. s. a. newly married 

person; pl.-^M'. 
Gawigilctty imn) n. v. I lower and 

become bent by old age; 3.k p. 1.; 

p.', gew..lcad. 
Gawindy {nin) a. v. a«. I capsize 

some an. obj.; 3, p. o gawinan; p. 

geuoinad; imp. gawin. 
Gawindny {nin) a. v. in. I capsize 

it, I make it fall; 3. p. o gawtnan; 

p. ^ewina/ng. 
Gawmdiminy (nw») com. v. we are 

jealous towards one another; p. 

Gdwindiwvny s. jealoujsy. 
Gawingwashy {nin) n. v. I fall into 

a profound sleep ; 3. p.-*'; p. gew.. 

Gawishimy {nin) n. v. I lie down, I 
go to bed ; 3. p.-o / p. g€W..od. 

Gawishkay oi-magady u . v. it leans, 
it will fall ; ip.aew..hi^y ox-magak* 

Gatimhkany (nin) a. v. %n. I make it 
fall down ; 3. p. o gaw... ; p. gtw.. 

GawisTihiway {nin) a. v. an. I make 
him fall down ; 3. p. <? qaw..n ; p. 
gew..wad ; imp. gaioitMaw. 

Ga-wissagangy p. s. a. pepper, (a 
thing that is bitter.) 

Gawiesey {nin) n. v. I fell down ; 3. 
p. 1.; p. gewieaed. 

GawissCy ox -malady u. v. it falls 
down ; p. gemsseg , or-TnagaJc. — 
uihcandawagan gt-gamssey wakai- 
gan ta-gamesemagad ; the ladder 
fell down, the house will fall down. 

GawitamoAoay {nin) or, nin gatoita- 
way a. v. an. I prostrate myself 
before him, I fall down before him; 
3, p. o ga^..n ; p. gew.,wa4» 




GoMitoThy (nft») a. v. i^. S. Qawitk- 

Gawiwelaog, (nin) n. v. the waves 

. throw me down, (standing on the 
beach;) 3. p.-o; p. gew..god. 

Ge-y ged-f particle denoting the fu- 
ture tense. , (See the Conjug. in 
Otch. Grammar.) 

Gebakwaigasodt p. s. a. prisoner ; pi. 

Gehiniwebijiwedi p. s. a. S. Gibmi- 

Giga^ adv. almost, nearly ; about. 

Geganodamaged i p. s. a. he that 
speaks for somebody, or in favor 
of somebody, intercessor ; pl.-;;'*^. 

G^gapif adv. finally, ultimately, at 
last, at length ; by little and little. 

Geget, adv. indeed, truly, doubtless, 
undoubtedly, verily, m truth, cer- 

Ge-gir-. S. Gigi-, 

Gegtbadiaidf p. s. a. a stupid foolish 
person ; unchaste inn)ure person ; 

lv\.-jig. KetcM'gagihadisid, a block- 
head ; [F. \in gros b^ta.] 

Gegildngwedy p. s. a. a bhnd person ; 

Gegioishedy p. s. a. a deaf person ; 

Ge^grimoedy p. a. a. a preacher ; pl.- 
Geginaioishkidt p. s. a, a liar ; pl.- 

GegifiawisThhid mashMHwininit a ly- 
ing doctor, quackdoctor ; [F. char- 

GegmatoicKkid niganadjiTJioioimni , 
a lying prophet, lalse prophet. 

QigOj adv. something. 

Gegwedibeningedy or, gegwedtbendji- 
gedy p. s. a. he that tempts, a tem- 
pter, inticer; pl.-jig* 

Cfekddy p. s. a. old person; pi. gekdd- 
jigy ola people. 

Gima, adv. S. Kima. 

Gimi6dishhid,p. s. a. he who uses to 
steal, a thiet, a robber ; p\,-jig. 

Genaivendang iaUkwandem (marme- 
wigaimgongy beadle, sexton ; [F. 

Gmaweiwnad qiakosinic^inj mine of 

a sick person ; [F. infirmier^ infir- 

Genwwenimad Jcebdkwaigasonidjin , 

Ct^enamenimad hokoshany swine-herd. 

Gena/wenimad pijikiwariy herdsman. 

Genadvenimid Anjeniy my guardian 

Gishawab, (mn) n. v. I am sitting 
broadly, I occupy much room in 
sitting; 3. p.-i; p. gaii..hid. 

Geshatoiicmy (jiin) a. v. in, I put it 
on with ease, it is large for me, (a 
coat, boots, etc.) 3. p. o ge... ; p. 

Geshawishkay oi-magady u. v. it is 
loose, untied ; p, gai^.Jtagt or-wa- 

Gedlca^ adv. S. Siaiha. 

Gessikage'y {nin) n. v. I arrive in due 
time, not too late; 3. p. 1.; p. gaie.. 

Gesdlcariy {nin) a. v. in. I come to 
it before it goes away, I find it yet, 
arriving; I arrive at it in due time ; 
3. p. ges... ; p.^-Kin gi- 
gessikan ishhoU-naMkwan', I found 
the steamboat yet there when I 
arrived,' ri arrived there before 
she startea.) 

G^ssikawUy {nin) a. v. an. I come to 
him, or reach nim, before he goes 
away or dies, I find him yet when 
I arrive; I arrive at it in due time; 
3. p. ges-.n ; p. gaii.Mad.- Wewih 
nin madia wi-gessikawag aw aia- 
kosid ; I start immediately, I wish 
to finil vi f alivE* Hiat sick person. 
iSV/i gi-g€riil'>iiihi loss ; I found yet 
thy father there when I arrived. 

GcMlhma, (fiiu) a. v. an. I come to • 
him in gcbd time* (to give him as- 
aistanCB in diatress, in starving, 
etc.") 3. p, fyfjcs,^n ; p. ges.^nad. 

GtHj adj. old, ancient, former. This 
word 13 nhva>jf fot lowed by a sub- 
stantive; afi : (Jdc madnaigany an 
old book. Gete anishinaheg ^ the 
ancient Indians. 

GeU-Kitigm,0\^T\e\^y (OgVieux 
Desert.) Name of an Indian vflP 




Oetd'MfSatmiwUinvit «• nn Indiftii of 

Old Field ; pl.-ecoj. 
Gi-, particle or prefix «xgmfpng the 

past tense. (S. Conjug. of Otchip- 

we Grammar.) 
ffia, (nm) a. v. an. I escape out of 

tis nanas ; 3. p. ogiari',^' gdad, 
Oibaan^ (nin) a. v. in, I stop it ; [F. 

je le bouche ;] 3. p. ogibaan ; p. ge- 

fcaigafiy b. cover of a kettle ; 

pl.-flwj. S. Padagwdboiigcm. 
Owaboiigany s. S. GibQhihdgan. 
Gibadm, u. v: it freezes over, or, is 

frozen over, (lake, river, etc.) p. 

Gibagaaoaigany s. dam, causeway ; 

GwagawaigCf (niii) n. v. I am mak- 
ing a dam ; 3. p. 1. ; p. geh..ged, 
Oibagode^ ot-magady u. v. it hangs, 

spread out, (a vail, a curtain ;) p. 

geb..dM. ox-magak. 
CmagoStgwn, s. a curtain in a house 

or lodge, instead of a partition, 

(especially for sick persons ;) pl.- 

Qibagodjige^ (nm) n. v. I am hang- 
ing up a curtain for a partition; 

3. p. 1.; p. geb..ged. 
GMigan^ s. stopper, in loading a 

gun; pl.-an. 
Cnbdigey {nm) n. v. I put a stopper 

in a gun, loading ; 3. p. 1. ; p. )geb., 

Oibdkfwa^ or-magad, u. v. the wood 

or forest is thick ; p. geb-^wag^ or- 

Oibakwaamawa, (nm) a. v, cm. I shut 

it to him or against him ; 3. p, o 

gib..n ', p. geb:.wad. 
Gibdhwacm, (nin) a. v. m. I shut it, 

I «top it, I obstruct or bar it, 3. p. 

gi... \^. geb..ang. 
Oibdhjoaigwriy s. stopper, cork; coVer 

of a box, etc., pl.-a». . 
Gibdkwaigas, (mn) n. v. 1 am a pri- 
soner, lam shut up, imprisoned; 

3, ^w>; vi.g«b..8od. 
it ^ibamcmMgandgy s. prison, jail ; 

Owdkwawa, (nin) a. v. tm, 1 dhut 

him ixpy I Imprison him ; 8. p, a 

^ib.Mi-p. geb..wad\ imp. gibakwa. 
GtbdmiJeaan tagif u. v. the mouth of 

the river is snut up, is filled with 

pebbles; p.^. 
Gwatdwmgadn sagt, u. v. the morrth 

of the river is filled or shut up 

with sand; p. g^i.ahg. 
€f^d/wa^ («i») a. ^. -an. I shut him 

up in a hole ; I stop the hole of a 

kettle; 3. p. o gih.n ) p. gebmoad ; 

imp. gibd. 
Qibendmh, (mn) n. v. I have much 

sorrow ; ttlso, I have much pain 

from sickness ; 9- p. 1. ; p. gSend- 

Gibendamowi/nt n. sorrow, afBiction,^ 

Gwendcemday (mn) a. v. an. S. Gtb- 

GibendamisHkagony (nm) pers. v. it 

causes me much sorrow, affliction; 

3. p. og^... ; p. geb.Mod. 
Gihendamishkwwoby (mn) a. v. an. I 

cause him much sorrow ; 3. p. <? 

gib..n ; p. geb..wad. 
Cmiddmsony s. waistcoat, vest ; (a 

vestment that stops or presses the 

heart;) pl.-en. k 
GHMdiean mdkaJcy (nm) a. v. in. I 

bottom a* barrel; I put the head or 

the bottom of a barrel in ; 3. p. o 

gtb...'y p. g^:.a/ng. 
Gwidjaney (nin) n. v. my nose is 

stoppedl I caught a cold ; [F. je 

suis enrimm^;] 3. p. 1.; p. geh..ned. 
Gibidonena, (nin) a, .v. <m. I stop 

his month, I muzzle him ; 3. p.o 

^..» ;p. g^..nad. 
GtbipgiwineshhttyCnin) n. v. I have 

the dysury, difficulty in ma^ng 

urme; 8. p. 1.; p.geb..had. 
Gibijiam)in£8%ka^ny s. dysury. 
Gib>tMinga/dany (nm) a. v. in. I make 

a partition in it, (in a house;) 3. p. 
, gtb...t"p. geb..(mg. 
G^mMgade, ot-magady u. v. thiwe 

is a middle-wall, a partition ; p. 

p. gi^..d€gy ot-magdk. . 
Gwudnigan; s. a. middle-waB, par- 
tition; pl.-^d». , , 
'Gibihirii^e, (nin) n. v. l lhak6 a MSd- 




le-wall or j^iftitioivj 3«p. 1. ; p. 

Gibm^webijiibef (m») n. v. I am hang- 
ing persons } 3. p. 1. ; p. geb^ioed. 

Oibmiw^bijiiDewint s. business or oc- 
cupation of a hangman. 

&i^miwebijiwew%^miif s- hangman; 
[G. Scharfrichterf] pl.-tm^. 

Gibinimbina, {nin) a. v. an. I strang- 
le or choke him with a cord ; I 
hang him ; 3. p. ogib..n; p. geh», 

Qihini'webiniM8Xf^in)T. v. I strangle 
myself with a cord; I hang myself j 
3. p.-o; ^. geb..8od. 

QHyiniweUsy (nin) n. v. I am Strang 
led or choked with a cord; 3. p.-o; 
p. geb..8od. 

whin&wena, {nin) a. v. an. I strangle 
him with my tiands, I suffociite 
him ; 3. p. o ^..n ; p. geb..nad ; 
imp. gifnnewej. 

Oibinindjinj {nin^ n. v. I stop s. th. 
with my hand ; 3. p.-t ; p. geh..nid. 

Oihishehtnay (nin) a. v. an. I stop 
one of his ears ; 3. p. o g'^..n ; p. 
gth..nad. imp. gibishihin. 

OiHsMhinidisy (nin) r. v. I stop one 
of my ears: 3. l^.-o; p. geb..8od. 

OtbtsJikage, (nin) n. v. I am in the 
way or passage 6f somebody, I 
encurajer or obstruct the way or 
passage; 3. ^. 1. ; p. aeh..ged. 

GtMshhdn,{nm) a. v. m. I encumber 
it, I obstruct it, (a passage, a door, 
&;c.) 3. p. ogib.., ; p. geh..ang. 

GiSAshhawa^ {nin) a. v. an. I am in 
his way, I obstruct his way or pas- 
sage ; 3. p. ogtb..n; p. 

Crilbishjoet {nin) n. v. I am hoarse, 1 
cannot speak loud ; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Gwiskwemnj s. hoal'seness. 

&pis8agadn, {iiin) a. v. in. I ishut 
it, (a box, etc-) 3. p. ogtb...] p. 

Cmisaagajey {tidti) n. v. I am constip- 
ated, 1 am costive; 3.Jp. 1.; p., geb. 

'&tlfii(my(ni!n) n,r, I ble«l at the 

nose; 3. p. 1.; p. gebitang, 
^OibHaneganama^ {nUn) a. v. an. I 

make him bleed by a blow on the 

nose ; 3. p. gO^.f^ ; p. g^..mad, 
GibttanesMmy {nin) n. V. I bleed at 

the nose by a fall ; 8. p. 1.; p. geb.. 

<aajewvk, s. costiveness, con- 
stipation; [G. Vferstopfung.] 

, ?> inin) n. v. one of my 

ears is stopped, 3. p. 1.; p. geb., 

Gibit&^ageodiSi (mn)r. v. I stop one 

of my ears; 8. p.-o/ p. geh..«oa. 
QibitawaaSwa, {nm) a. v. an. I stop 

one of his ears; 3. p. t>gib,.n ; p. 

geb.Mfad; imp. gihitaufoge. 
GiUtony (^rUn) a. t. in, I stop it, I 

stanch it ; 3. p. o gib.., ; p. gebUod, 
GibodeUgvrason, s. pants, pantaloons, 

breeches; \>\.-an. 
Gtbodonepina^ {nin) a. v. an, I tie 

up his mouth ; 3. p. o gib,.n ; p. 

geb..nad ; imp. giboaon^pij. 
Giboawddany {nin) a. v. w». I sew it 

together; 3. p. ogtb,.. ; p. geb..ang, 
Gibogwdna, {nin) a. v. an. I sew 

some an. obj. together; 3. p. o 

gib..n; p. geh.nad, 
Gibdsan, {nin) a. v. in. I bake it, 

stew it; 3. p. ogib...; p. g^nosang. 
CHMsigant or atbodganikanj s. stew- 
ing xyvexi ; m.-an. 
Gibosigan-akik , s. an, stew-kettle, 

stew-pot; pi. -i)^. 
Giboswa^ {nin) a. v. on. /bake or 

stew some an. obj.^ 3. p. o gib..n ; 

p. gebogwad: imp. giboswt. 
GtbujdgamisMtatOT-^magadyU.v. the 

water shuts up, (as in the Red 

Sea in the days of Moses.) P. geb,, 

"kag^ or-magak. 
GSnvaah&>aU3ana, (nin) a. v. an. I 

drown him, 1 suffocate him in the 

'watfer J 3. p. gib..n ; p. geh,.nad; 

Gibwandlcoth s. a heifer, or any 

young animal between two and 

four years old; pl.-fl^. 
Gibwandm, {nin) n, v. I stop my 

breath, I stifle myself; 3. p. -oj p. 



324 eie 

Oibu<mdmdbam, (nm) d. v. lam 
drowned; 3. p. 1.; p., 

Gibtcandmos, (nin) n. v. I am stifled 
by smoke; 3. p. -o; p. gA..8od. 

GibwandmoMcaicaj (nin) a. v. on. I 
suffocate bim, stifle him, strangle 
him; 3. p. o gib..n; p. ge1>..wad. 

CHbwdnasi, s. kite, hawk; pi. -g. 

GUnDondjaJcwaodis, {nvi) r« v. I 
button myself up, I button my 
coat, &c.; 3. p. -o; p. geb..sod, 

GiddmawOf {nin) a. v* an, I eat up 
s. th. belonging to him; 3. p. o 
gtd.Mj p. ged..wad. 

Gvdamogofiy {nin) pers. v. it eats me 
up; 3. p. ogid..,\ p. ged,,god. 

Gidamwa, (nm) a. v. an. 1 eat some 
an. obj. all up; 3. p. o gid..n; p. ge- 
damwadj imp. giaaimDi. 

Oiddn, (nm) a. v. in. I eat [or drink] 
it all up; I consume it; 3. p. o g%- 
dan; p. gedam. 

Giddnawe, inm) n. v. I consume all; 
3. p. l.;p. ged..tDed, 

GtdaSf as end-syllabe in composi- 
tions, signifies anaery angry; as: 
2iin mddjigidds, 1 begin to be 
angry. Nin edgidjigidds, I go out 
with anger. 

Oidieiakogad^shinf (nin) n. v. my 
leg is dislocated; 3. p. 1.; p. ged.. 

Gidiskakonikeshmy {nin) n. v. mv 
arm is dislocated; 3. p. 1.; p. ged.. 

GidzsJcdkoniketa, (nin) n. v. my arm 

is dislocated j 3. p. 1.; p. ged..tad. 
Gidiskdhmind^ishn^ {mn) n. v. my 

hand [or finger] is dislocated; 3. p. 

GiduhakonoganesTika, {nin) n. v. my 

hip is dislocated, I am lame; 3. p. 

l.j p. ged..kad. 
Gidiskahmdeshin, {nin) n. v. my 

foot is dislocated; 3. p. 1.; p. ged.. 

Gidtskiaf {nin) a. v. an. I escape out 

of is hands; also, I get him out of 

». th., I make him escape, I deliver 

him; 3. p. o gid,.n; p. ged- •ad. 
GidiskncUsj {nin) r, y. I get myself 

cot of 8. th., I e«c^^; 3. p. -o; p. 

Gtdiekiuoe, {nin) n. v. I escape; 3. 

^. 1.; p. gea.MJed. 
GtdisJnnindJtbinay {nin) a. v. an. I 

take with force or briskly fVom 

him some object which he holds 
. in his hand or hands; 3. p. o gid.Ji', 

p. ged.. nod; imp. gidi^amndjibij, 
Gidwkinindjinat {nin) a. v. an. I 

take s. th. out of his hand or 

hands, not briskly; 3. p. o gid..n; 

p. ^ed..nad; imp. gid..djin» 
GHui^dhaodis, {nin) r. v. I pluck my 

eye out; 3. p. -o; p. ged.Jod. 
Gidjdbdwa, {nin) a. v. <w. I pluck 

him an eye out; 3. p. o gid..n; p. 

ged.. wad; imp. gidjaSd. 

■ """ 'int (nin) n. v. I hurt my 

eye, falling to the ground; 3. p. 1.; 

Gidjibinay inin) a. v. a». I hurt him 

touching his wound; 3. p. ogid..n; 

p. ped..nad; imp. gidjiby. 
Guijigdbikady u. v. it is veined or 

veiny, full of veins, [a stone;] p. 


'aseagadf u. v. it is veiny, 

undulated, [wood;] p. ged..gak. 

Gidjikagy {nin) n. v. I don't want to 
go, I refuse to go, I remain; 3. p. 
-o; p. ged.. sod. 

Gidjim, {nin) n. v. my evil, or my 
sore, increases, when I speak or 
cough; 3. p. -o; p. gadjimod. 

Gidiinindjina, (nin) a. v. an. S. 

Gidonagisse^ {nin) n. v. I fall in the 
water out of a canoe, boat, &c.; 
3. p. ged..sed. 

Gidonagissej or -magady u. v. it tails 
in the watej dut of a canoe, &c.; 
^. ged..8egy or -^magdk. 

G^dowey {nin) n. v. S. Gidjim, 

Giqaiawesy (nin) n. v. I am of a 
slim slender size; [G. ich bin 
schlank;] 3. p. -**; p. geg..8id. 

Gigakisiney {mn) n. v. I have stock- 
ings or socks and shoes or boots 
on; [F. ie sHis chauss^;] 3. p. 1.; p. 

Gigangy s. Ot, virgin; pi. -wag. 




CHgdngow;, (nm) n. v. I am a virgin; 

3. p. ^;p. gag..wid. 
Oigdttgwan, s. a splinter in the 

hand or foot; pi. -an. 
Gigatigwcj {nin) n. v. I draw ,out a 

splinter; 3. p. 1.; p., 
€r4^awegamiga, or -magad^ u. ,v. 

tj^ere' is a peninsula; p. g€g..gakt 

or -ma^ak, 
Gigcy {mn) n. v. my wound heals 

up; 3. p. 1>; p. gaged. 
Gigea, (nin) a. v. an. I heal his 

wouna; 3. p. ogigean; p. gagead. 
Gigt-, in compositions, signifies 

withj together with; as : Gigi-agim 

^i-pindtge wahaigaHmg; he came 

in the lH)U6e with his snow-shoes 

on. [More examples in some of the 

following words.] 
GiiJiiMmadis., adv. alive. 
6hoibtn^a8hy (nin) n. v. I am 

sleepy, drowsy^ 3. p. -4: p. 
Gigibinpwashiwinf s. drowsiness, 

Gtgmty {nin) n. v. I die with...; 3. 

p. I.; p. gctgined. 
Gigi/nin^ {nin) a. v. in. I die with it; 

3. p. gip".i p. gcmned. — Kagini^ 

ned; he who dies with a mortal 

sin, will suffer eternally. 
Giginlnan^ {nin) a. v. a9i. I die with 

him; 3. p. o gig...; p. gagined. (V. 

Gi^inib, {nin) n. v. S. Gigine. 
G^ginig, {nin) n. v. 1 am born 

with...; 3. p. -t; p. p<ig..aid.—Ka- 

hina hi gi-M-giginigimtn hatado- 

win; we were all born with a sin. 
Gigishiage^ {nin) n. v. I carry in me 

or on me s. th.; I am in a family 

way; 3. p. l.;ip. geg..ged. 
Gigishhany {nin) a. v. m I carry or 

wear it on me or in me, I have it 

in me, (in my body or soul;) 3. p. 

Giguhkawa^ {mn) a. v. an. I carry 

some an. obj. on me or in me; 3. p. 

gig..n; p. ge^.Mod.—Nm gigi- 

ihkawa ahnod^ij I am in a family 

way, (with child.) 
Gigiiidf {nin) a, v. an, I make him 

have or bring some an. obj. with 

him; 3. p. o gig..n; p. gag. .ad. 
GigieiHngvjai^ adv. with tears. 
Gigisibingwihap^ {nin) n. v. 1 laugh 

with tears m my eyes; 3. p. -t; 

p. -^ 

Gigisimagad, u. v. it comes with..., 

it brings or has along with it..; p. 

gag..gak. — Kitimiwin gigisimagad 

kitimagisimny laziness comes 

with poverty. 
Gigisin, (.nin) a. ▼. in. I come with • 

it, I bring or have it along with me; 

^' V',0 gig...; p. gagi^d. 
Gigisinan, {nin) a. v. an. I bring or 

have some an. obj. with me; 3. p. 

ogig...; p.-gagisid. [V. Conj.] 
Gigit, (»m)n. V. I speak, I talk; I 

make a speech, a harangue; 8. p. 

gigito; p. gagitod. 
Gigitchibikagissin, u. v. it is with the 

root, the root is to it; p. gag..6ing. 
Giai-tchitchagy with the soul, toge- 
ther with the soul, body and soul. 
Gigitoay {nin) a. v. am,. I make him 

speak; 3. p. o gig..n; p. 
Gigttomagadf u. v. pers. it speaks; 

p. gag..gdk. — Kitchi weweni gigito- 

magad mandan masinaigan; this 

book speaks very well. 
Gigitowigamdg, s. a house where 

speeches are delivered . at councils 

held; council-house; pi. -on. 
Gigitmoin, s. speaking; talking, dis- 
course; council; pi. -an. 
Gigi-miaw. together with the body, «^ 

soul and body. 
Gi:jn. s. fish ; pK -ia>g. 
Gi 'himidf^^* fish-oil. 
Gi-}"uifj nitid fiijioahinagi I am fish- 

i'lj; with a rlr^ i^-net. ^ 

Gh'(ff)^kti-j or -m^igadj u. v. there is 

jiltnUy of fish; p. gag..hagy or -ma- 

ChooiU^ (niii) li. V. I am fishing; 3 . 

p. l.;p. gaf^..hd, 
Gifffikji^Hf^, ft* li-shery, fishing. 
, G^'j'nk^mfiinh s. fisherman; pi. 

Gigawigamigy fish-store; pi. -on. 
CHgojffigan, 8. fish-bone; pi. -an. 




OMgwUldmy («cfi) a. v. I fast; 3. p. 

-o; J). ga..tmod» 
Giigmehimo-^yigadf s. fast-day; pi. 

GUgwiahirho-gijigad^ u. v. it is a fast* 

day; p. ga,.gak, 
/^iiawwhimowini s. fast, fasting. 

Kitcki ffiigwishvntomn, lent. 
Gi-ishhwa-aThomiegijigak^ Jifter Sun- 
day, Monday. 
^j/i-tehkwO'nMDdhKegf afternoon, in 

the afternoon. 
Giiwey («en) n, v. I escape^ 3. p. 1.; 

p. gamed, 
O^jakonay (mn) a. v. an, 1 pronounce 

a judgment or sentence over him; 

3. p. gij..ii,'^ jp. paj..nad. 
Gijamac^itoey (nin) Ui v. I arrive at 

the summit of a mountain; 3. p. 

1.; p. gaj^^wed. — S. P^amdmad- 

OijandCf or ^'^magad, u. v. it has the 

color of ripeness, (some «n. berry;) 

p. gajandeg, or -magah. 
OijofuOf n. V. 3. p. it has the color 

of ripeness, (some aai. berry or 

fruit;) p. gajcmsod.'-r Gijaneowag 

ogow nUshdminagy these apples 

have the color of npness, they look 

<^;ashkdbitej or ^^muoMdj u. v. it is 

a little warm, half warm, [liquid;] 

p. g(M.,tegy or -mcLgak. 
Oijenaamy {nin) n. v. I determine 

or decide upon, I resolve, I firmly 

purpose; 3. p. 1.; p. ge^^mdang. 
<3^€^amowmy s. resolution, deter- 
mination, firm purpose. 
'Gijenindis, {nin} r. v. I resolve 

upon, I make up my mind; 3. p, 

-o; p. gaj..86d. 
^ijia, {nin) a. v. an, I make some 

an, obj., I finish it; 3. p. o gijian; 

Gx^y . in compositions, signifies 

%t6ki»kg, [Examples in some of tiie 

following words.] 
Gijibajet (wUi) n. v. I feel itchings 

on my skiUj I am itchy, mangy; 3. 

p. 1.; ^,gei,.j€d. 
Gijibajewin, s. itchm^, itch on the 

8kiu;XF. d^mangeaiton.] 

G^fiUgadef (nin) n. ▼. it iteheiT me 

m my leg; 3. p. 1.; p. fKf^Jkd, 
Gifibindibey (mn) n. v. I fsel itching 

on my heaa; 3. p. 1.; p. gej„bed, 
Cfijtbmind^j {nin) n. v. I have 

Itching in my nand; 3. p. 1.; p. 

G^iUnike, {nin) n. v« I feel itching 

in my arm; 3. p. 1.; p. g€j,.lced, 
GijibiSf {nin) n. v. it itches me^/ 

have itchings; 3. p. r-i; p. g^iUni, 
Gmbishtdgtvane^ {nin) n. v. S. Giji- 

Gfijibisidej {nun) n. v. /have itchmg 

in my foot; 3. p. 1.; p. gej,.ded. 
Gijibisiwin, s. itching. 
Gmd^t or -maqady u. v. it is cooked, 

done ; p. gajidek, or -maa€tk. 
Gyig, s. day; sky, firmament; 

GmQi {nin) n. v. /am adult; ripe; 

3. p. -i; p. gajigid, 
Gijipady ». day ; pi. -on, 
Gtjtgadj u. v. it is day; p. gajigak, 
GiJiuado-moMnaigant a, day-paper, 

calendar; pi. -an, 
Gijigatsigewag {anifmkMy) n. v. 3. 

p. pi. there are uninterrupted 

lightnings, making the night al- 
most as light as the day. 
GijigaU, or -magad, u. v. it is light, 

moo»-light; p. ga^.-teg, ox-magdk* , 
Gijigatestet or -magadj u. v. it shines 

forth suddenly; p. gaj.,segj or 

Gijigiy n. v. 3. p. it is ripe, (an obj.) 

as : Opin gijifiy wtukimmi g^igi; 

the potato is npe, the apple is ripe. 

P. gajigid,S, Gijig. 
Gijiginy u. v. it is ripe, {in, obj.) asj 

MBUiomin gi^ginyichiM gijigin; the 

wild rice is ripe, the turmp is ripe. 
P. gajiging, 

ia, {nin) n. v. / sleep in the 
ly-time; 3. p. 1.; ^,gaj,*ad. 
Gigiky s. an, cedar, cedar-tree; pl.- 

Gia€kdny {nin) a. v. in, S. Gtjiton. 

G\;ikandagf s. an, cedar-branch; pi.- 

og* ^ 

CHjikashkimody s. bag or sack of 

cedar-bark; ^L-an* 




Oijikn^wa, {nin) a. v. <i». I hort him 
falling xupon him; 3. p. o ^'..n; p. 

G^zkens^ s. dim. (m, a small cedar- 
tree; a lath;pl.-a^. 

Gijihengag rdnd agwdhoawag^ I lath, 
(I nail on little cedars.; 

XHjildgade<t or-ma^adt u. v. it is 
made, done; ^. gis^..deg, or-^ma" 

GijikiHy 8. cedar-forest; cedar- 
swamp; pl.-w>a». 

ix^ihosy {fUn) n. V. I get hurt by 
carrying too heavy a load; 3. p.-<?; 

Otjihoct s. grown girl, adult; pi. 

GijihweWf (fdn) n. v. I am a grown 
up girl, I am adult; 3. p.-i; p. gaj.. 

Gijimagady u. v. it is ripe; p. gaj.. 

GijipOy u. V. it snowed enough; p. 

Oijtssin, u. v. it is ripe, {in. fruit;) 
p. gajusing. 

GljiesiicMgadei oi-^magadf u. v. it is 
finished, done, placed there; p. gaj.. 
deg, oi-magak. 

GijissUchig^y (nin) n, v. I finish, 
(doing or placing s. th.) 3. p., 1.; p. 

Gijita, {nin) n. v. X finish, I accom- 
plish; 3. p, 1.; p. gajUad. 

Gtjitaa^ (,mn) a. v. an. I make him 
finish or accomplish s. th.; 3, p. o 
gij.,n;i>. gajitaad. 

Gijitage, {nin) n. v, I am making a. 
th. for people; 3. p. 1.; p. gaj..ged. 

Gijitaidu, {nin) or, nin gijitas^x. v. 
1 make myself finish or accom- 
plish s. th.; 3. p.-^; p. ^aj..8od. 

^jUamatoa^ {ntn) or, mn gijitawa^ 
a. V. an. I make it for him or to 
him; 3. p. o gij..n; p. gaj. .wad. 

•Gijiichigade, oi-^magadt u. v. it is 
made, it is constructed, finished; 
p. gaj..deqy oi-magah 

'Gtjitonj (mn) a, v. in. I make it; I 
finish it; 3. p. o gyiton; p. gajitod. 
''^W€,{nin)n.v.tts\^f I speak; 


p. L; p. 

GH^fimom* «. tpealdag) taUdof ; pL 

Oikdf {nin) n. v, I am very old; 3. 
p, 1.; p. gehad, 

Gfkaamawoy {nin) a. v. on. I mak« 
him marks, (on a trail, etc.;) 3. p^ 
ogzk..n'j p. gak..wad. 

Gikabt B. j$i-iji-gikab. 

Gikddj in compositions, signifies 
grave; reepectaUe. (Examples in 
some of the following words. ) 

Gikddendagos, {nin) n. t. I am con- 
sidered respectable ; grave, serious; 
3. -p.-d] p. geh.eid. 

Gikadendam^ {nin) n. v. I have 
grave serious thoughts; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Gtkddis, (ni»Ui. v. I am grave, se- 
rious; 3. p0t; p. gek..nd. 

Gikadieitpifit s. grave serious com- 

Gikadjy {nin) n. v. I am cold, I feel 
cold ; 3. p.-t; p. ^akadjid. 

Gikadjinindjiwadjy {nin) n. v. my 
hands are cold; 3. p»- . gdk., 

Gikadjisideumdj, {nin) n. v, my feet 
are cold; 3. p.-tj p. gaj6..djid. 

Gikacyitawagevoadjt {nin) n. v. my 
ears are cold; 3- p.-i; p. gak., 

Gikadjiwint s. cold felt in the body 
from cold weather. 

Gikamoy {nin) a. v. an. I scold or 
rebuke him; 3. p. o gik..n; p. 

Gikanamode, or-maaad. it smokes, 

(in a house or lodge;) p. gak..deg, 

Gikunamos, {nin) n. v. it smokes in 

my house, or lodge; 3. p.-o; p. 

Gtkanamoewaj (nin) a. v. an, I make 

smoke around him, I make him be 

in the smoke: 3. p. o gik..n;p. gdk.» 

wad; imp. 
Gikanddnj (nin) a. v. if*. I scold it, 

I speak ill ot it; 3. p. o gik...; p. 

gak. .a/ng. — gikandan wnamiewig' 

amig. he scolds the churchy ( n^^enka 
.Ulofit.) ■ . '. 




Oikandimifiy (nin) com. ▼. we (par- 
rel with each other; p. ffak..dtd/ig. 
Gikandiitmf b, quarrel, dispute, 

Gikange, (nin) n. v. 1 quarrel, braWl, 
I am a brawler; 3. p. 1.; p. gaJb., 
Gikangewiny s. quarreling, brawl- 
Gikawidam^ {nin) n. v. I quarrel, 
dispute, wrangle; 3. p. 1.; p. g<ik,. 
Oikawidamowin, s. altercation, 

quarrel, wrangling, dispute. 
G-ihdmiif 8. very old age. 
Oikibiigey {nin) n. v. I add writing, 
I write some more;^p. 1.; p. gah.. 
ged. ^ 

Cf^thim,{nin) n. v. I weep much; 3. 

p.-(?; p. gakimod. 
ChMmanigade, {nin) n. v. my leg is 
sleeping, benumbed, torpid; 3. p. 
l.;p. gah.ded. 
Q-ihimaniniket {nin) n. v. my arm is^ 

benumbed; 3. p. 1.; p. gak.Jced. 
CHkimamnin^iy {nin) n. v. my hand 

is benumbed.; 3. p. l.;p. 
QikimaniSy^nin) n.v. I am benumb- 
ed; 3. p.-*; p. gak.,8id. 
Qikimaniddey {nin) n. v. my foot is 

benumbed; 3. p. 1.; p. gak..ded. 
Gikimanisiwin, s. numbness; [F. 

en^ourdissement. ) 
Oiktssiton, {nin) a. v. in. I add to 

s. th.; 3. p. ogtk...; p. gah.tod. 
Gimdbj {nin) n. v. I look in a steal- 
thy manner, unperceived; I spy 
out; 3. p.-i; p. gamabid. 
Gimdbama, {nin) a. v. an. I look at 
him unperceived, in a stealthy 
manner; I spy him out; 3. p.o gim.. 
w; p. gam.. mad. 
Gimahandan, {nin) a. v. in. I look 
at it, or see it, in a stealthy man- 
ner; 3. p. ogim...'^ p. gam..anq. 
Gimit intn) n. v. 1 desert, I run 
away, I go somewhere secretly; 3. 
p. 1.; p. gamid. 
€kmia, (nin) a. v. an. I make him 
desert; 3. p. o giman; p. gamiad. 

Oimideny {nin) n. v. (fre^. nin ydgi- 
midony) I murmur against some- 
body, not being heard by him; 3. p* 
1.; p. gamidong. 

Giminidjagan^ s. illegitimate child, 
(got in a stealthy manner,) a child 
out of wedlock, bastard; pl.-o^. 

Giminidjif {nin) n. v. I get a child 
out of wedlock, (in a stealthy 
manner;) I bring ibrth a bastard; 
3. p. I.; p. 

Giminiway {nin) a. v. an. J touch 
him in a stealthy manner without 
his knowing it; 3. p. o gim..n', p. 
gam.. wad. 

Gimitawaj {nin) a. v. an. I hear 
him secretly* in a stealtny manner, 
he does not know that I hear him, 
I overhear him; 3. p. o gim..n\ p. 

Gimdwany u. v. it rains; p. gemi- 

Gimiwanaamj{nin) n. v. 1 travel in a 
canoe or boat in rainy weather; 3. 
p. l.;p. gem..ang. 

Gindwanahoy s. rain-water. 

GimvioaniboSy {nin) n. v. 1 embark or 
start in a canoe or boat in rainy 
weather; 3. p.-*; p. gem..8id. 

Gindvdaniton, {nin) a. v. in. I make 
rain, I cause rain; 3. p. o gim...; p. 

(rimdwa/noase, {nin) or, nin gimiwa- 
nishka, n. v. I walk in rainy- 
weather; 3. p. 1.; p. gem..ed. 

Gimimny s. desertion. 

Gimody {nin)n. v. I steal, I purloin; 
I take away s. th. and make use of 
it without permission, although 
not with the intention of keeping 
it; 3. p.-i; p. gemodid. 

Gimodad, u. v. it is hidden, it is 
a secret, a mystery; p. gam^odak. 

Gimodadjimy {nin) n. v. I teH s. th. 
secretl^r; 3. p.-o; p. gem..mod. 

Gim^ddjimotawa, {nin) a. v. an. I 
tell him s. th. secretly; 3. p. o gim,. 
n\ p. gem..wad. 

Gimodandjige, {nin) n. v. I eat in a 
stealthy manner; 3. p. 1 ; p. gem., 




^QhMditna, {niti) a. v. aft. I steal d. 
th. from him; I take 8> th. without 
his knowledge and permission; 3. 
j^>ogim.*n]p. ffein..ftiad, 

Gzmodin, (nm) a. v. in. I steal it; I 
tftke ft "Svlthout permission and 
make wse of it> 3» p. offim,..\p, 

Gipi6dinan,{nm)B.. v. an. I steal some 
ti»^. obj.; or taKe it and make use 
of it without permission; 3. p'. o 
^m...;^ gemoSid. ^V. Conj,) 

Oimodishkt <«m) li. t. I am m a 
habit of stealing, I am thievish, I 
am a habitual thief; 3. p.-t; p. 

Gimodishhiwin, s. habit of stealing, 

Gimodimomj s* hidden thing, secret, 
mystery; pl.-an. 

Gimodmingamig, e. house, ahode or 
den of thieves; pL-<wi. [L. spe- 
lunca hitroiium.] 

Gimodiwihve, s* stealing t)r thievish 
woman; [G. Diebinn;] pl>'-^. 

Otmodwnnj s. stealing, theft. 

(^H/modimiif s. any in, object stolen; 

GHpiodiwiny s. cm, any an, object 
stolen; pl.-<a^' 

Gimodiwinmii s. thief, pilferer, pur- 
loiner; pl.-^og. 

Gimodj. adv. in a stealthy manner, 
secretly, clandestinely, privately, 
in a hiaaen planner. 

Gimodjjikana, (nin) a* v* an, I leave 
him m a stealthy manner, I go 
away from him without his knowl- 
edge; 3. p. o gim„n\ p^ g€m„ned'^ 
imp. gimodjikaj. 

Oim6dow€, {nif^ il. v. 1 speak se- 
cretly, mysteriously, ia a hidden 
tnanner; also, I use a parable; 3« p. 
1>; y, gem,. wed* 

Gimodowevym, s. secret hidden 
speaking; parablef pL-o^. 

Gimosdbamat (nin) a. v. m. S. Gi- 

Oimosabandant {m'n) a. v.m, S. CH- 

G^impsiiaway {nm) a. t. an, S. Gi- 

Gina, cftHMffod, u« v. it is shirp^ ft 
is pointed,^ ( an iron tool; ) p. gcmag^ 

Ginaamddan^ (mn) a» v. in, I forbid 
it, / rebuke it; 3» p. o gin...] p, 
g€nr,.(ina. — Jesus o gi-ginaamadoai 
nodin hitchigami gaicj mi dash gOr- 
iji^hHchir-o/nwcUininig; Jesus re? 
buked the winds and the sea, ana 
there was a great calm. 

Ginaawiddim^ 3. ind. p. one is for* 
bidden; [F. on est d^fendu.J 

GwKuimmis, {nin) r. v^ /forbid it to 
myself; 3, p.-o; p, gen.^sod, 

Ginaamaget (nin) n, v. 1 forbid, > i 
prohiWt; 5. p.. 1.; p, gen*.ged. 

QinaarMgetnagady u. v. pers. it for- 
bids; ateo, it is ferbiddeo; p. ^«f^. 

Ginaamagewinj a, prohibition, for- 

biddance. ^ 

Ginaamag<mnnj s* any thing forb||l- 

den; pl.-an. 
Gtnaam<!noa, {nin) a. v. an. /forbid 

him, / hinder him to do s, th.; 3. p. 

o gin„n\ p. g0n.Aoajd, 
Ginaamawada/nt imn) a. v. ii^ ^\ 

GinahoMey {nin) n. v. /am hindered 

by rain, (to start, or to do s. th. ) 3. 

p. 1.; p.gen„v>ed, 
Gi^^hide^ {fdtt) n, V. /have sharp^ 

teethi 3. p. 1.: p. ga(b..df:^. 
Gini^diia^ <it-mii(/itdj u. v. it has 

shar^ teeth J p, ^ajh^,ag^ Qt-magaik- 
Giff'Cmkadf}!. Vv it is sharp, (an iron 

tool-) p. f^an^.hik, ^ 
Gi}iapf4ji,{fiiH} Ji- v, i am ticklish, 

easily tickled; [F. j^ suie chatouil- 

leii)t;13. p. ].^^]Ki/ 
Giftagi^maj {nm) a. v. U7£.. / tickle^ 

him; 3. p, o ^.,?t; p. gsn.,nad. ^ 
Gina/jitiat {fhifi) a. v, nn, $. Gina* 

G^jui<^ifi%u^j (nin) G, V. /tickle; 3. 

Gmagis, {nin, ) n, v. S . Ginagidji. 
GinoMshtigwanef (»w)n. v. S. Gyt- 

Ginagimoinj or ginaginitoemn* s. 
. ticMiag,titillation. 




tiOKle his ears; 3. p. fin^.n-, p. 

Ginagiimoagewin, s. Itching of the 

QinaMady xi. v. it cuts, it lias a 

sharp edge, (a plant or herb;) p. 
mnawishkj {nin) n. v. S. Gagina- 

Ginaioishkia, (nm) a. v. an. I make 

- him tell a lie; 3. p. o^n..»;p. 

ffinawisAkiian, (nin) a. t. tn. I con- 
sider as a lie what X bear; 3. p. 

Otnmtda&kwaufay {nin) a. ▼. an. I 
hear him, or listen to him, with 

- the impression that he is telling a 
lie, (or lies;) 3. ^.ogin..n; -p.ffm.. 

Oindabigina, {nin) a. v. an. 1 dip 
tome an. object iti s. th.| 9. p. o 
oin..n; p. gen..nad. 

mndahigman, {nm\ a. v. in. I dip it 

- in 8. th.; 3. p. o gtn...\ p. gen..anf. 
Ginddbiginiffode, or-magadi u. y. it 

is dipped in s. th.; p. gen..deg^ or- 

j&indabigiingafOy n. t. 3. p. it is 

dipped in s. th. (on. oljj.) p. gen.. 

^linddiwwanguaiiy ('»tfi)a. v. in. I 

sink it in the sand; 3. p. gin...; p. 

mnddiatffangaway (nin) a. ▼. an. 1 

sink some an. oly. in the sand; 3. 

^.oain..n; p.gen..tMd. 
Gtndcdawangtmka, or-^magad, u. r. 

it sinks in the sand; p. gen.jbag, or 

GinddkumigiMny (nin) a. r, in. I 

sink it in the ground; 3. p. ogin...; 

1^. aen..dng. 
Ginddhamigaiget (nin) n. ▼. I sink 

s. th. in the ground; 3. p. 1 ; p. gen.. 

Gindaiamigaway (nin) a. v. an. I 

link someofi. object in the ground ; 

3. p. ffin.Jhi p. gen..wad. 
Ginddkamigi8hk4iy(n4h) n.T. Bis&in- 

QuMkampahi^ 01-magMd, p. ▼. it 

sinks in the ground ; p. g^.Jtmgy 
GinddlanUgiMods. or-^na^ady u. t. 

8. GindnkamigisMa. 
Ginddtihka, or-mag0d, a. t. it is load- 
ed mach, it sin^ deep i& the wa- 
ter, (a Teasel, canoe, etc.) p. gen . 
i«a, or-fnagak, 
GimdMag<msuey(nin) n. v. I sink in 

the snow ; 3. p. 1.; p. gen^sed. 
Gindjihaiwey (mn) n. v. I run away 

for safety ; 3t p. U; p. am,.wed. 
Gindjidaan^ (nm) a. v. tn. I thrust 
it in s. th.; I press it down, (some- 
thing contained in a vessel ;) 3. p. 
o gif^*» ; \)' gen,.ang, 
Gindjidadjige. (nin) or, ningintUi- 
daige, n. v. I press 4own ; 3. p. 1.; 
" — -?rf. 

fodey OT-fnagady or gindji' 
— Jigade, or-magad, u. v. it is 
pressed down, (in a vessel ;) p. 
gen.. dag y or-mapak. 
Gtndjiddnamy (nm) n. v. I have a 
heavy oppressed respiration ; 3. p. 
-^ ; p. ge»..mod. 
Ginajtdaehimay (nin) a. v, an. 1 
thrust in^ or press down, some an. 
object, (ma vessel ;) 3. p. gin.. 
n ; ^.gsn..mQd. 
Gindjiaasse, (nin) n. v. I fall in ; 3. 

p. 1./ p. gm..e«d. 
Gindjjidamdony (nin) a. v. in. I 
thrust it in, or press it down 3. p. 
0gin;..; p.^.Jod. 
Gindjiddway (nin) a. r. an. I press 
down, or thrust in, some «». obj.;' 
3. p. 4> gin..n ; p. gen..wad, 
Gindjidatciy {nin) n. v. I press in, I 
strive to get in through the crowd; 
3. p. \.;^.gen..wid. 
GmSigy s» snake* serpent ; pl.^^* 
GineUgojagaaiy s an. tne skip of a 

seipent; pl.^. ^ 
GineUgdniniy s* a Snake Indian ; pi. 

-^00 . . . . ; 
GiniUgwaiany s. an. S. G^Ubigp- 
Ginebigwajy s. hole of a serpent or 

Giniibiy in compositions, MifMy^a 



fd8ty quidb. (ExamplM in Mme of 
the following words; ) 

Oinibiy (nin) n. v. I am quk^ or ex- 
peditious' m working, in doing m. 
th. ; 3. p. 1. ; p.gemhid, 

Gmibig, {mn) n. v. I grow up fast.; 
3. p.-i ; p. genibiaid, 

Ginmgi^ ox^magaa^ u. v, it is grow- 
ing last, (tree, herb, plant;) p. geiu. 
gig. ox-magak. 

Oinihimniks^ (nwt) n. v* I am get- 
ting old fast ; 3. p. 1«; p. gen,.ked, 

Ginikqje, n. t. 3. p. it has a long 
beak, (a bird) ; p. g&n^Aed, 

Qinigiinaog, («*«.) n. v. 1 am wind- 
bound, I cannot travel on the lake 
in a canoe, boat, etc. ; 3. p.HV p. 

Ginodjane, (nin) n. v. I have a long 
nose ; 3. p. 1.; p. ge^i^ud. 

Gino^iwa^ u. v. the rapids are 
long, (in a river ;) p. gen.,ang. 

Ginogade* {tUa) n.* v. I have a long 
leg ; 3. p. 1.; p. gen,..ded» 

&itt9gweiawey {nift) n, v. I have a 
long neck ; 3. p. 1.; p. gen.jwed, 

G4nogweiaiveshibj s. a kind of wild 

" duck with a long heck ; pl.-a^. 

04n6nagad^ u. v. it is long, (canoe, 
boat, vessel, etc.) p. gen.,gah, 

Ginands, or-maaadf u. v. it is long, 
(a house, a loage, etc.) p. genon- 
deg, or-^magak. 

Ginomke, {mn) n. v. I have a long 
arm ^ 3. p. 1.; p. gm.Jced. 

Girwnindjtj {nm)n. v. I have along 
hand ; 3. p. 1.; ^,, 

GindSy (nin) n. v. I am long, I am 
tall ; 3. p. -I ; p. genosid, 

GindHde, (mn) i have a long foot ; 
3. p. 1.; p. gm-Md. 

Gimod, QT-^magady u. v. it is long ; 
p. geMJDogy or-magak. 

GunoaMgad, u. v. it is long,( thread, 
string, rope, etc.) p. gen».gak. 

UikmMigUawey{nin) h. v. I have a 
l(mf alender body ; 3. p. 1. ; p. gm. 

* Mori.— Wken both leg*. wnoB, •te. «ro 
meant, tke freqtuiii^aUv yerb is •mployed ; 
•> : JimJHW*w>qi4e, etc. To sigoiiy only 
«Be Of ^«M )kn>f, the mvir reni i< used. 

Gimpeibigin rniibd, ti. V. 3. p. the 

ribbon is long, {an. otj.) p. ^«».. 

GinwdUkady u. v. it Is long, (some 

object made of some metal, or of 

8toti0 '^)^.gm.Jcak. 
GinwUnkin amn, n^ v. 3. p. th« 

stone is long;, (un, ob^j.) p. ^/^. 

Ginwdiakossifby u. v. it is long, it 

reaches far ; p. 
Gtnwdhm miHgy nnhagigsaOj n. v. 3. 

p. the tree, the board, is Ipng, {an. 

obj.) p. gm..Md. 
Gimpdkwadny (nin) A. v. in. I cut it 

long iB.p.o gin...*, p. gen..Ang. 
Gmwdkwad. u. v. it is long, ( w(K>den 

object tn;) p. genwahetut. 
Ginwdikmmttftf s. a long arrow j pi*- 

Gimwdhw&walnih) a. v. a». I cut it 

long, {an. obj.) 3. p. o mn..n ; p. 

geirh..wad; imp. ainwakuod. 
Ginwanibis, {nin) n. v. /wear a long 

frock, (woman ;) 3. p.-o ; p. gm.. 

GtKwanikade, w-fnagad, u. v. it is 

dug deep, there is a deep ditch, or 

hollow ; p. gen..deg, or-^magak. 
Ginwdntkey {nin) n. v. I dig a deep 

ditch or hole in the ground ; 3. p. 

1.; p. gen.-ked. 
Ginwanihwcy {nin) n. v. 8. Gagdn- 

Ginvjanowey n. v. 3. p. it has a long 

tail, (a beast ;) p. gen.. toed. 
GinwdtchUa, {nin) n. v. /continue 

long, /am a long while in doing 

L th. ; 3. p. 1. ; p. gen..ted. 
{j^itodteny (nin) a. v. in* /make it 

long, /lengthen it ; 3. p. o gin... ; 

p. genwatod. 
G%nwigady u . v. it is long. ( any cloth- 
ing article or material;) p. gtn.. 

D. the 
bj.) p. 

mg 1 

Gimoigiti moshwey n. v. 3. 

handkerchief is long, (on. 

Gtnwinjy adv. long, a long While. 
Gimoindimay u. v. it is ' 

er, etc.) ^,$m*4M^ 

deep, (a riv- 

ms ^ 


Guitpmgwej (nm) n. ▼« Ihtvt along 
face ; 3. p, 1.; p. gen,Aoed. 

GiosBty (mn) n. v. /go a hunting ; 
3. p. \.\^,gaou«d* 

Owsmoin, s. Hunting. 

Qiotseunn^ s. hunting-district ; pl.- 
4m, This word is always preced- 
ed by a possessive pronoun ; as : 
Kin gioamoin, ki aiottewin, ogiot- 
tewin ; my, thy, his hunting-dis- 

, trict* 

Gipidon, (nw) n. v. my lips are 
cracked, or chapped or sore ; 3. p. 
1.; p. papidong. '-The freq. is,n*» 
gdgipidon ; p. gt^^.on^i* 

iJifMi/ftdm^ (n in) II. V. my lips are 
cracked or *ore by too much heat; 

Gipidoneu'ddj, inm) n. v. my lips 

HT6 cracked or sot^ fram cold ; 3. 

p.^^; p- gap^Ajid. 
Otpigada. {mn} tu v. my leg is 

crack^flT chappe*! : 3. p. 1. ; p. 

mp.deg. — S. Ga(fipigadey etc.* 
(r^pinffwe* {Tim} n, v. my face is 

crack pdj Ie chapped \ 3. p. 

(Iip%mfidii^ (fiftft) n. V. my hand is 
cracked ; 3. p. L; p. imp.. id, 

Gifii^ddet {nin ) n. v. my foot is crack- 
ed ; 3. p. 1.; ^, pup.Atd. 

GUWc*^(^gwit, {ntn) n. v. / thirst 
much; 3. p. l.;p. ga8h,.wed. — S. 

(Hshhabagtoewiny s. ardent thirst. 

Crishkahagiufinodms (nm) a. v. in. I 
thirst after it, /desire it ardently ; 
3. p. o gi9h... ; p. g(uih..<mg. 

OisMkakwandjia^pijiki, n. v. 3. p. the 
01 (or cow) browses, it eats little 

• hranches or browses; p. ^flkh.. 

GishhisfU, s. bitch ; pl.-w^. S. No- 

Gishjmiadagimmant u« v. it is a 
thing that is bought; p. gaeh.. 

Gishpinadagwiy s» an, ware, mer- 
chandise, any cm. obj. that may be 
bought ; pl.-^. 

•See Noie to wttUknOoffipigade: 

6fi9kpin0img(mi a. {f». merdiaiMiisey 

ware, any mi. obj. that may b« 

baugBt I pl^-^in. 
€i8hpinad(madiSy r. v. /buy for my 

self; 3. p.-<? ; p. ga8h..tod. 
Gishpinadamadisony (nm) a. v. «»« I 

buy^ it for myself or to myself ; 3. p. 

o guin. .. ; p . gash. .eod. 
Orishpinadamadiaorum, {nin) a. v. <m, 

2 buy some «m- ol^. to myself: 3. p. 

gish. . . ; p. gash . , sod. ( V.Conj.) {tiin) or, nin aiik- 

pinadawa, a. v. an. I buy it for nim; 

/buy it of him ; 3. p. o gUh,^ ; p. 

gash., wad ; imp. gishpifKM. 
Qn^pinadjigade, or^^magadj u. v. it is 

bought, purchased ; p. gaak.^deg^ 

Qishpinai^iooB, {nin) n. v. I am 

bought ; 3.'p,-<j ; p. gash.. tod, 
Qiiahpinadjige, Knin) n. v. / am buy- 
ing ; 3. p. 1.; p.* gash.,g€d. 
Qtishpinaaon, (mw) a. v in. I buy it, 

purchase it ; 3. p. ogiah..,',, p. gask.^ 

Qithpinagey {ndn) n. v. S. Qtiehpfn- 

Qienpinanaj {nin) a. v. an. I buy 
some an. object ; 3. p. o gi8h..n ; p. 
gash..nad ; imp. gishpinej. 

Gt»idebonay(mn) a. v. an. S. G«#m- 

Qiiihan, {nin) a. t. in. I take it ol^ 
(clothing ;) 3. p. « gisikan; p. gan- 

Qisihioanaiet {nin) n. v. 1 strip, I un- 
dress myself; 3r p. 1. ; p. gas..ied. 

Gisikwanaiebinat (nin) a. v. dAw I 
strip or undress nim ; 3. p. o gi§,»n ; 
•p.ga8».nad \ iim^ gia^;>wanaUldj, 

Guikwonaiebtnidta, {nin) r. v. 1 un- 
dress myself ; 3. p.-o ; p. gas„tod, 

Qisikwantnewiny s. undressing, strip- 

Gtintamauxly {nim) a. v. an, I coc^lor 
him ; 3. p. gie,,n ; p. ga$,.wad, 

Qtisisan^ {fdn) a. v.^n.Icook it,bafae 
it ; 3. p. gts... ; p. gasieang. 

Qiiisehwet {nin) n. v.l am cooking ; 
3. p. l.;p. 

Qimekwewin, e. cookings cookery^ 




QituOf a. T. 8. p. k w omik&i or 
baked, (some on. object ;)p. gttsis- 
od.'^^Misod mg6f cooked or baked 
fish, QoMNM poho^igan^ baked 

OistsSf 8. an, sun ; moon, month ; jrt, 

-^. Todistinguish the moon from 

the sun. they call her, tlHkigisisa, 

or ttmrf/isiee, night-sun. 
'Qieiss abUawisi^ n. v. 3. p. the moon 

is in her first ^uarter^ or in her last 

quarter ; p. ambiiawtaid, 
Qisiit anMdhwisi, n. v. 3. p. the 

moon is dedining; p. miidhufe- 

sid. N 

Gisiee am-^nUtchab^ieiy n. v. 3. p. the 
moon is growing, increasing; p. 

Qtsiss iehkwaiasiigey n. t. 3. p. the 
moon does not shine any more, 
(the end of a moon or month ;) p. 

G4siS8 nt1»d,-n. v. 3. p. the sun (or 
moon) <Hes, that is, is eclipsed, 
there is an eclipse ; p. nebod. 

QisisstBOgadi u. v. Tnis word nev- 
er occurs alone ; it is always con- 
nected with a number, and signi- 
fies a certain period or months.-^ 
If'igto gtsiMtoagad Jmawa eko^Utg- 
tDiBhirUin ama, : it is already three 
months since I arrived here. 

€NM«««ra^, (nin)B. y. Thia word 
• is always connected with a num- 
ber, and signifies the age of some 
en. otnect ui months ; 3. p.H?. — Av) 
abinoa^i nano ginemoagiH, ; this 
child 18 five months old. 

i^isise wdmieHy n. v. 3, p. the moon 
is round, that is, it is full moon ; p. 

^4n9waf (nin) a. ▼. an» I cook or 
bake some an. object ; 3. p. o ffii,.n; 
p. ffosmoadt imp. gisiwn. 

^ahcbbag, adv. m the back of a 

^demdekdam^ (nin) n. v. I am sor- 
rowful ; 3. p. 1. ; p. ge9$..img. 

Biatadehdafma, (fi^a. vi an* I give 
or cause him sorrow; 3. ^.ogit9,.n; 
p. ge$i„ad. 

Oi M o d md ammtm i ». aorrow, afWc- 

tion. ' , 

Qti09kMd(i^h {wi%)%. V. in* X p. wu$,. 

dod. ^Qiifihigpbidim. 
QimgtfitiJo$nanf («tft) a. v. in*; p. 

^as8„(mg. S. Qitchigwakonan* 
(hiadiif (w*») a. v. m. 1 draw it otit 

of something ; 3. p. 6 gitaan ; p. 

Gitabidj 8. large tooth, grinder ; [G. 

Stockzahn ;] pl.-«». 
QUoigan\ sw gun-worm, (to draw the 

load out oi a gun ;) cork-screw ; 

Qtttaufa, {nin) a. v. on. I draw some 

an. object out of s. th.; 3. p. o git- 

attan ; p.^etawad ; imp. gitata. 
QitchUniawat (nin) a« v. an. 1 draw 

it out for him; 3. p. o gii.n ; p. ged*. 

Qiickigandhoadt u. v. there are small 

curled clouds. in the sky; TF. le 

ciel est pommele ;] p. g0i.jwax* 
6fit€higans^aai ir*ta«t. (fim) a. v. in. 

1 take off the flesh from the bonet; 

3. p. git...; p. qetch..ang. 
Giickioanejwas (mi») a. v. an, I take 

his flesh off from hif bones; 3. p. 

a gii.n', p. get.wad; imp. --jtoi, 
Gitohigitchiganeshii s. a small bird 

that flies close to the ground; pi. 

Oii^igdbidamawa^ (nin) a. v. an,^ I 

draw it out for him or to him, or 

s. th. belonging to hiD«; 3. p. o 

git'..n} p. get.juad, 
O^Utkigcmdonr tnin) a. v. in. I draw 

it out of 8. th., I pull it out, I pluck 

it out: 3. p. ^..; p* gtt.Aod, 
GUthigcbina^ {nin) h.^.an, I draw 

some an. 0I9. out of s. th., I pull 

it out; 3. p. ogii,.n] p. gti„nad, 
0itckigwakonani (mn) a. v. Wk I 

draw it out, [obj. of wood;] 8, p. 

d git,,.,* p. get,Mng, 
GitchihwanadiHpanagy^, an. pi. hul- 
led eor»; [F. du bU lessiv^.J 
04tiphibwikaUtia4,(nin) n,r, I A» 

huiMng com; 3. p, 1«; p. gtUA^jged. 
Gitchihtanaiimpag mandammagj 

inin) th v. an. fi. I hull com; p. 
: g$t^w4d, ' 




I tread it qpt, instead oi thrashing, 

[in. ubj.] 3. p.o g4$,.,; p. fd^ump, 
GitokiftUno^aifftnf 9, fhAi^ or any 

thing to tkraish oat grain; j^. -mt. 
Gitekhninagaige, {nin) n. v. I am 

thrashing; 3. p. 1.; p. get..ged, 
GitchiminaguKkawa^ (m'n) a. v, an, 

I tread it out, \an, ob>.] 3. p, o 

gxt..n'^ p. get,. wad, 
GfUhwaJBwansy (iWn) n. v. I take 

my hat off; 3. p. 1.; p. gai..ned. 
Gitchiwebifuiy (nin) a. v. on. 1 throw 

eyt some an. obj.: 3. p. o gk..n; p. 

Gitcknoshinant (nin) a. t. en. I throw 

it out; A. p. o git...; ^.get.ang, 
QUina, {nU) a. v. an. S. GvUnea. 
Gitinant {nin) a. v. in. S. GiUum. 
Giwaadigf (mn) n. t. I ramble; I am 

a vagabmid; 3. p. -t; p. gaUfoadi- 

sid, Tagabond. 
Gitoaadi&Hnn, a. nmiblmg; Tagrancj 
Moddendagwadf u. y, it is donfatiiil; 

p. gaw,.vfak. 
Oiwadsndami {nm) n. v, I doubt; 3. 

p. 1.; p. gaw..aaig. 
Giioddendamowin^ s. doubt, doubtful 

thought; pi. -an. 
0iwm4di^me, (nm) n« y. I am 

insane by intervals, I am a lunatic; 

3. p. 1.: p. gAw.M§d, 
Giufonadapinmin, a. istaDeBeaebj 

Giwanddis, (nin) n. y. I am insane, 

mad, I am a fool^ 3. p. *-§; p. gaw.. 

GUcamadisiwin^ a. madneaa. 
Giwanim, (mn) n. t. I tell a lie; 3. 

p. ~o; p. gmtiHikimod. . 
Gwa$Umat (om) a. v* on, I tell him 

a he, I beliehbn;^ p. o giw^n; p, 

wwanimowint s. lying; He/ false- 

iMod; pi. -Oft. 
Giwdik-akinodji^ &. orphan; pL -iag. 
Givfa$kis^ {nin) n. t. I am a poor 

orphan; I am afone^ I have no rel- 
atives, 3. p. -i; p. gam.^nd. 
(9=tiMsiUto,(«»jf»>R..v. &. GiwatikiU. 
GitPa$hJBW€, {nin) h. v. I uft giddy; 

[6.ldrbiB ashwiiiflelig^ 3. p. h; 
p. ga»,.wed.. 
Gimukkwebi^ (nm) n. v. I am giddy 
iroia drinking, I am drunk, intox- 
icated; 3. p. 1.; p. gaw..hid» 

GiwuhhceUa^ {nin) a. v. an. I in- 
toxicate him; 3. p. ofiw..n\ p. 
gaw.. ad. 

Gnoathhjcelniihkt {nin) n. v. 1 am in 
a habit of getting drunk, I am a 
habitual drunkard; 3. p. -t; p. gaw„ 

GiwoMhhcehishhigemagadf or, gi- 
waskhc^magad, u. v. it uses to 
intoxicate; it intoxicates; p. gm»,, 

GiwaMttebi^ikagon, or, om ^ 
washkyHhiigon^ {nin) pers. v. it 
intoxicates me, it makes me drunk; 
3. p. giw...; T^,gaw,^od, 

Giw(ukiwelnthkia* {nin) a, v. an. I 
make a complete drunkard of him; 
3. p. o giw..n; p., 

GifMskhodnshkiwiny s. the bad ha- 
bit of getting drunk, habitual 

GnDOthkwebiwini s. drunkenness, in- 
toxication, the state of being 

GiwaehhP^imnHag(f$^{nin) n. v. I 
sj^ak like a drunken person; 3. p. 
-t; p. ga>w..Hd. 

Giwcuktwidinokti {nin) n. v. /tarn 
round till I get gMdy, (as children 
do in playing;) 3. p. 1.; p. gaw,. 

Giwatihkwigansfna^ {nin) a. v. on. I 
stun him, I make him giddy, bv 
striking; 3. p. o giw*.n\ p. gaw^maa, 

GimuUtweiendtun, {nin) n. v. I have 
confused thonghts, I am bewil- 
dered; 3. p. 1.; p. gaw.,ang. 

Gi«>tuhJcW€t0ndamiaf {mn) a. y. an. 
/bewilder him; 3. p. « ^.4»; p. 
gaw.. ad, 

Gmaskkwik^Si {nin) n. v. / ai» 
made giddy, or dizzy, by some ob- 
ject that £ell upon me; 3^p« -o; p^ 

Giwaskhp^noBy (iuf») n. v. JTbecomt 
giddy by am^ng «• th^ 3^ p. -o; 
p.gaw„sod„ . , 




giddy fvom h«iit> 8. p^-^o; p. ^Ae^.. 

€fiM)aM»etkiu^ <itm) n. v. /am 

made iri<)<iy« w diziy, by falling; 

3. p. 1.; p. 6aw,.ing. 
4Hmtuimfewmy»* giddtneM, vertigo, 

^iwtt (fUu) n. T. I Tetarn, I go back 

USUI) I go home; 3. p. L; p. faw- 

Oit0€, (nin) n. v. I tetum in a canoe 

or boat; 3. p. giwto; p. gaweod* 
Oiwe, S. iSuw. 
^wihatOf {nik) n. ¥. I return run^ 

nins; 3. p. 1.; p* gtm,.tod. 
4^mambm, u. ▼. it isali^er the middle 

of the winter, the winter is on its 

decline, on its return from where 

it came; p. gav^.ong, 
Oiwddin, s. north; northwind. Gi* 

toidinan^ in the ncHrth, Crom the 

north) to the north. 
Oiwedmaaniog (tmimikia), n. v. 

3. p. pi. it thunders in the north. 
04widUui3koad, u* ▼. the clouds 

come frnn the north; p, faw^-wak. 
Oito^tUndbissa, u. v. the rain comes 

from the north; p. gatfi^M^h 
Qiweaom^ (nm) n. v. I turn round 

with a canoe or boat; 3. p. -o't p. 

aaw,.mod, . 
GtwHabowe, (nm) n. t. I retumhome 

with 8. th. to eat, coming from an 

Indian feast; 3. p. 1.; Tp.aaw^vfed. 
0iui&iam^tm ffitim^ n. v. 3. p. JH^. 

the sua is on his decline, it is in 

the afternoon; p. ^atfi^Mfif. 
OiwHtttdami {fUm) iL T. I think to 

return, I think on my going home 

again; 3. p. l^ p. 0tm.^iim§, 
OwftkC, (ttM») n# T. Imove back 

again to my ownoountry^ I return 

to my native place; 3. p« 1.; p. 

Q m «nd gady pera. ^. it goes back 

Again) it returna; p. gaiu)..>gak, 
Oupint^awaf a. v. «», I bid him go 

homa^ I aend.him back a^gAin; 3« 

p. ff$w,.n; p. g4iw..wad; imp. gi- 

IS^MoMi^ a. V. ii ia after the middle 

^•ihftsiHMMr, the auwariaon 

. its decline^ on its return; p.^ow.. 


Oiweodon^ («tii) a* v. in. I take it 

or convey tt baek again in a canoe 

or boat; 3. p. o giw...\ p. gaM..dod, 

Giweond, {nin) a. v. an. I take or 

convey back again some an. object 

in a panoe or boat; 3. p. o giw.,n; 

p. gaw..nad; imp. giweqj. 

GiMeshkamagadt u. v. it returns; p. 

Giw«undon, {tUn) a. v. in, I carry it 

back again, i return it; 3. p. 9 

giw...; p. ganp.dod* 
OiwewinO", (#*f») a. v. an. I carry 

back again some an. object, I lead 

or comluct baek again smne on* 

ofag.; 3. p. giw.,n; p. gaw».nud; 

imp. giwew^. 
GikmUonanf s. Detour, (place.) 
Giwide^g€t{fdn) n. v, I go around a 

point in a canoe or boat; 3. p. -0; 

p. ^moidtwaod* 
Giwine, (ntn) n. v. I am dying; 3. p. 

l.;p. gamned. 
Gimaj (ntn) v, n. I am an orphan; 

3. p, -4;p. gwdnd. 
Giwtta, in comnoeitions, signifiea 

roundf surrowtqdng. [Examples in 

some of the followinff words.] 
Giwit^Mm^ {nin) n. v« 1 go around a 

point or bay in a canoe or boat; 3. 

3. p. 1.; p. gawitaang. 
Oiwdabato, (nm) n. v. I run around 

8. tbw; 3. p. 1.; p. g4t»o.,Ufd. 
GituUoMmm^ {fnin) n. v. pi. we are 

sitting around, m a circle; p. gar 

GiwitabumoaMM, {mn) a. v. an. pi. 

we are sitting around bim in % 

circle^ we surround him sitting; p. 

p. gttw..wa4J*g* 
GtfW9tagabawtag0t (nin) p^mu ▼« 

they stand arovna me, 1 am aur- 

rounded by them; p* gow^^tfind. 
GifoUagab^piUwanan, (am») a. ▼. 

<m. pi. we surround him standing; 

Gwrn trngAamUhigodc^ at -nugadi 
. v< y. it jm suvrounded by person* 




or otlMr HvBig btimrt stukHng 
• «roaiidit;p. ^ai#.uii|^,ov-fiMi^. 
Giuntaidbamag, imn) a. t. om. pi. I 

iook round at tnem. 
f'iwitaiabikMigan, a. wall around a 

fortress; pi. oh* 
Oiwitaiajagamej (nin) n. v. I vnXUf. 

around a bay; 3. p. 1.; p. 
iitwitdianikaaani (nin) a. v. ir^ I 

dig a ditch arouna it; 3. ^.ogiw...; 

p. gaw..<mg. 
h ivfitdiatUkana, <n*f») a. t. an, I dig 

a ditch around him: 3. p. ogiw.M; 

p. gmcnad. imp. -kaj. 
^iwetdiiy adv. round, around, all 

round, in the envir<m8. 
Giwitdhamig^ adv. round in the 

GiwUdhinigcdej or -fna^ad^ u. t. it 

i« enclosed or encircled with 

pickets or palisades, it is compass- 
ed round; p. g(W}\Jeg^ or -magak. 
€fi^ahiniganf s. enclosure, palis-^ 

ades, (of a fort, etc. ) d1. -an. 
Gftoita-mitchikanahdotaonj (n4n) a. 

v. in, I fence it in all round; 3. p. 

o giw...; p. gaM..dod. 
Q4mtaos8e^{iwn) n. v. I walk around 

s. th.; 3. p. 1.; p. gaw„»ed, 
Gimlfuikimy {win) n. v. I dance 

around s. th.; 3. p. -o; p. gau,, 

GittUaMaj (nin) n. v. I go round; 

[F. je fais le tour;] 8. p. 1.; p. 

ChmlaeJdagony {nin) pers. ▼. it 

surrounds me, compasses me; 3. p. 

egiw...: p. gaw..god. 
OiwikuMcan^ {mn) a. v. in, I go 

around it; 3. p. o giw.s,; p. gaM».. 

€Hfvttashhatffat (nin) a. r. an, I go 

- around some an. ol^.; 3. p. o 
giw..n; p. g(f,w.,wad. 

€nmta»9ef n. r. 3. p. it flies around 

8. ^<»w..«wl. 
GiwUatigwma tibi, u.v. the rirer 

- turns round (or back again) in its 

• cOmlie;pi ga/ur.Aag. 

C(o, or igo, {go, after a vowel; ifo^ 

• Mief a consonant;) particle which 

• eolxvctys the idea of affirmation or 

Mr to 9 K ptom mu€; m: 

Nonfom igffjiMmow^ Kmamago 

hi da^ijam, just you ought to go. 
€f0dmahte, (nin) n. v. • I shoot mt a 

mark, at a target; 3. p. 1.; p. 

&6daMy a. frock for women; pet^ 

coat; pi. -win. 
Oidji-, in composittona, aigaifiea 

OMoy, ttial^ ex^serimenH Exaiii|>les 

in some of the following woraa.] 
€Mjia, {nin) a. v. an, I try him, 

I essay or try any an. obj.; 3. p. 

o godjian\ p. gweajiad. 
Oodjimo, {-nm) m. v. I strive, I try; 

3. p. -t; p. gwe^jukd. 
God^;iewinoiMn, («m )a. v. in. I prove 

it, try it; 3. p. o god...\ p. gwe.,ang, 
Qodjiewinodaua, (nw») a. v. am, I 

try him; 3. p. o god.m; ^.gws^toad, 
Godjiewitimn, a. experiment, proof, 

trial; pi. --an. 
Godjt-Jnkendanj (nin) a. v. m. I ex- 
amine it) try it; 3. p. ogod,.*; p. 

Godfi^eikmima, (nin) a, v. an, I ex- 
amine him, try him? 8. p. o gcd..n; 

p. gK>e.,ma4^ 
Godfi-nagam, {nin) n. v. I sing for 

a pro(rf; 3. p. ^; p. gm.jmod. 
Goijinike^ {nin) n. v. I ieel the 

pulse; 3. p. 1.; p. gwcked, 
Ghd^tnikmoy {nin) a. v. am. I feel 

his arm; 3. ^€,.nad. 
Gcdjipidwui (nin\ a. v. tn. I try or 

examine it by the taste, I taate it; 

3. p. god...:; p. gwi,.amg. 
Gedjipwa, {nin) a. v. on. I try some 

an. obj. by the taate; ^. p. itg6d,.n; 

p. fiM.iwad; imp. god^ipwi. 
Gmjiskteeiabigina, (mn) a. v. am. I 

Isel his pvlbe, {oshtoeit^, his vein;) 

8. p. ogad.^x p. gvfi..nad. 
96i^itmy {nin) a, v. in. I try it; 3. 

p. ogod,..; p. gwedjitod. 
G^aam gigo, n. v. 8. p. the fish 

leapaup^ over theetfrniee of the 

water;p. ^o^coM^. 
Gdgif {nin) n. v; Idivef 3. p.. I.; p. 

G6gina, {nin) a. v. an. I dip him in 

the -water; 3. p.t) ^t.i^; p.$««a.uaA 




the w«ler; 8k fr* oyoy.^ p.^a.. 

G6g%9$ey (mn) n. t. I glid«, slip or 
fall in the water; 3. p. 1.; p. gva- 

Gogiwmini^ s. diver; [F. plongeur;] 
pi. -^ag. 

Qohohwa, tT'magadi u. t. it i« roll- 
ing, (canoe, boat, etc.) p. fvbe.. 
wag^ or-magah. 

Gokwadendago^ (win) n. v. I am 
considered worthy , respectable ; 

3. p.-«;p. ^ri^.^Mtf. 

G^olcwadsndagwadt u. v. it is consid- 

, ered respectable ; p. gwc.wak. 

'Gokwademan^ (nm) a. v. in. I esteem 
it, respect it ; 3. p. o gok... ; p. 

Gohwad^n^, (nin) n. v. ; 3. p. — o,- 
S. (rokwaaenindis. 

Oobeadenimay {nin) I res- 

. pect him,, esteem aim ; 3. p. o gok.. 
n; ^,, 

GohwcbCKnineUsy (nin) i, ▼. I esteem 
myself too much, I am haughty, 
proud; 3. p.-o; j). gwe.,90(L 

G/jiowademndieowm, s. pride, haugh- 

Gokwadisy (nin) it. v. I am worthy, 
respectable ; 3. ^.-t ; p. gws..sid. 

Gotndf or, goma TMnik^ adv. middling. 
-'M'ibiwa nou hid edanan tnannai- 
gan(m?-Goma mmih. Hast thou 
many hooka ?-Middling. 

€hmd minik, adv. for a time ; [L. ad 

Gomdpiy adv. some time, by-and-by. 
Chmapi nin gctd-aia oma ; I will 
remain here for some time, (not 
kmg.) Q^m4tpininga-madja\lytT\\ 

. start by-and-by. 

OoHt 9. <m. snow. 

&0H3, (nin) a. v. an. I swallow some 
an. obi. ; 3. p. o gonan ; p< gtoenad. 

Ganahaoc^y {nm)n, v. I capsize-in a 
rapid, (m^ canoe or boat over«ets> 

. in the rapids of a river ;) 3. p.-o ; 
p. gwe..aoa. 

QoMsbUhka^ {win) n. v. I oepsise, my^ 
canoe, boat, etc^, is overturned^ it 
orersett ; 3. p. 1« ; p. fmJtads 

^hntMkaimigi9mmy s. golf, abyss, (ef- 
fected by the sinking down of the 
> gTOQiid ;) p\:*-em, 

Qohddhamigiseej or-magad, u. v. the 
ground sinks down, (and effects 
an abyss, a gulf ;) ^. gwe..seg or- 

' magak. 

Qondauy (nin) a. v. in. I swallow it; 

3. ip.ogondan; \^..gvfend<mg. 
Qondaehkufei^ s. windpipe; [F.gosler.] 
Gondassey or-^magad, u. v. it enters 

or penetrates in the flesh; p. gwm- 

daes^f OT^nMgah. 
Grnidjtqade, or^magady n. v. it is 

swallowed up; p. gwe..degf or-ma- 

Gcndjige, (nin) n. v. I am swallo^w- 

ing;3. p. l.;p. gwe..ged. 
Qdngtcaway (nin) a. v. an. I thrnst 

him away ; 3. p. o gon..n ; p. gwe.. 

wad; imp. gongwa. 
Gonifey aav. S. Qtonima. 
Gontha, or-mcigad, u. v. there is 

snow; p. gwanikagy ot-magak. 
Qonikaainy u. v. S. Mgigwakamu/a* 

Gpnima^ adv^ perhaps, may be ; or. 
Gontcdponj (nin) a. v. in. 1 won*t eat 

it, I abstain from it ; 3. p. o gon .. ; 

p. gwe..od. 
Gomedponan, (nin) a. v. on. I won't 

eat some an. obg., I- abstain from 

it; 3. p. o gan...:p. gwe..od. 
G<mM9^<Mvn^ s. abstinenee. 
Gapaoam^ (f*m) u. v. I ^ into the 

inland, in the woods, m a canoe, 

on a river; 3. p. 1.; p. gvoepatmg. 
Gcpamo mmana, n. v. the road leads 

into the woods ; p. gwepamog. 
Gdpasnma, (nin)- a. v. an. I despise 

him, (with words,) 1 have a low 

idea of him, or of his abilities ; 3. 

p. ogop^nyp. gwat.mad, 
Gojpasonaan, {nin) a» v. mi. I despise 

it, I contemn it ; 3. p. ogop... ; p. 

gwa..a9tg.-^ • 
GdpasondU, (nin) r. v. I despise my- 

ialf; 3f. p.^51 p; gwa..$ML 
QopaMng$y (nin) n.'y. I ^nise, coju- 
j temtv^ 3^ |k i';:p..f^"^«». 



Oopi (mim) H v. iyvinto A* wsods, 

m toe mterioTf mlaad ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

G4ipimdon^(nm)m, I cany or 

convey it up from tbe lake-ebore; 

3. p. o gcP'-l p- iftffe.Jod. 
Ocpivfinai \n4n) a. v. an. I carry or 

eonvev himnp from the lake-shore, 

from the beach; 3. p. o gop..n ; p. 

Got. {nin) n. y. I more to some other 

plftee, I deeaap ; 8. p. goei; p. ^we- 

QomU, (rdn) n. ▼. I sink, I gro to the 

bottom; 3. p. 1.; p. gwetoibid. 
Qombimagad, u. v. it sinks, it goes 

to the bottom; p. gw48.*gaL 
Gotkd. This word cannot he giren in 

English. It signifies that a repe 

tition is made, or that somethug 

which is told, is known. The In* 

dians also will use it sometimes 

in reauesting you for something.- 

Ki gt-mnd<inkminirmffahan goeki ; 

I had told it to you repeatedly.— 

Mmnaigan gothd 't'^l request you 

for a book. 
Goehdma^ (mn) a. v. an. I respect 

him, dread mm ; 3. p. <^ goth..n ; p. 

Goskiwe, (nin) a. ▼. I fear ; 3. p. 1.; 

GctMweMi (nitt) n. v. I am timid, 

timorous, tearful; 3. p.-4; p* owe.. 

Goehkoay (fim) a. ▼. »n, I surprise 

him, I make him shrink or start 

back ; 3. p. & goMoan ; p. gwe.Md. 
GoMotitiajgeuim, J u. y. the leaves 

tremble, are agitated by the wind; 

QomSdo, {nm) n. v. I shrink or start 

back, I am surprised ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Goshhonagos, (nin) n. ▼. I have a 

curious riaicvlous appearance ; 3. 

p-^ ; p. gwe^^M. 
Goikkmawes.^tvUh) n. t. S. GcM- 

Go8hksongwd$k^ i^tdn) n« y. I awake 

starting up ; [F. je me reyeiUe en 

eursaut;] 3» p^ ; p. gw0,.id. \ 

«p ; a. p.-^^ p. n mk k $m i . 

GotUoUa, (fifJi) a. y. on. I make llim 

wake up; I'awake him; 3. p. o 

gMh,jn; p. gtte.'.ad.S. Jmadintk* 
Gothkotst, {nin) n. t. I start up by 

surprise; '3. p. 1. ; p. gwe. .Med. 
G ^ hhrn t^ or-Hmy^ u. v. it treaadb- 

les, riiakea, .^Ukkes; p. gwe..seg, 

GoOSkwakobidon ^ {nin) a. v. ibi. I 

shake it, I make it tremble ; 3. p. 

o gosh... ; p. gwe.*ded. 
Goghhcaiohina, {ntn) a. y. an. 1 

shake him, (any an. obj.) 3. p. 

go8h..n ; p. gfce..nad. 
GoshkwaJroshJtOj or-magady u. y. it 

shakes, it trembles ; p. gwe^Jsagt 

GoahhoakoMant {nin) ^ ^. in, I 

shake it ; 3. p. o goik... ; p. gwe.. 

GoeMcueikoeKkwwa^ {nin) a. v. mi. 7 . 

shake scmie an. obj.; 3. p. o 

p. gwe..wad. 
GoeUBwakoeaef at-mebgad^ n. y« it sha- 
kes ; p.^ ov'-maaak. 
Goekkwawadendam^ («ti»)n. y. Gatk- 

GoekkwawadiBy {nin) n. v. Jam ne> 

lancholic, pensive; 3< p.-e, p. gwe.^ 

Goshhwendofn, (nin) n. v. i am snr* 

prised in my thoughts, in my miiida 

3. p. l.;p. gwe..ang. 
Gotkhweaey {nin) n. v. /stagger ; 3. 
\.;p.gwe.,sed.'^FTtq. ndngmh- 

GoMwitedcdkiy {nin) n. v. /make a 
step out of the trail; 3. p. 1, ; p. 
gwei^..hid.-T\ie freq. veihof it is, 
ntn goMothhcetakoltii /miss oftea 
my trail, stepping aside, (f. i. a 
dninken person.) 

Goeieh (mm) a. v* <mi. / make him 
move to some ether place ; 3. p. 
gosianf p. gwetiad. 

Goiikany {mM\ a. v. ih. I try it whe» 
tber it litsme,< a cant, a shoe, etc. ) 
3. p. o^«i*r.; p; gw£9ikan|^ 




(a gun, etc.) 3k p» opoiw».;p. ^.. 

6htiwin,n* reimmXt declmipiaf , mor- 

ing from Qn« cunp to another. 

Ningo aoHwin, the distance from 

one Indian camp to another. 
OoMd^ (nin) a. v. a». X fear him, I 

am afraid of him ; 8. p. o goua^ ; 

p. gtoessad; imp. gothi. 
Gomdiminj {nin) copa, ▼. we iear 

each other; ^, moe,.didjig, 
Gossidiwtnt a. fear (of several per- 

Gosstgoriy pers. v. it is afraid of me ; 

3. p. o g<kngfm\ p. gtoettigod, 
Go8sitagcme$, {run) n. v. I am fear^ 

ed^ 3. p.-»; p. awe^M* 
Oo8siiaiwa,(mnj or, nin ootsiU^THt- 

wa, a. V. on. I am afraia for him ; 

3. ]). goe.,n ; p. awe,.tvad. 
GosiUawendan, {nm) a. v. in. 1 fear 

it, in thoughts ; 3. p. o gost,., ; p. 

Goesitmoenima, (nin) a. v. an. I fear 

him, in thoughts ; 3. p. o gos..n ; p. 

Gossitont {nm) a* v. in, I dread it, 

I respect it; 3. p. o gos... ; p. gici8- 

O^otdf the same as goshd. The child- 
ren who cannot yet pronounce 
gothdyVfill say gptd; and grown 
persons aay it imitating the child- 
ren. They will not pronounce it 

^ so in serious and grave speaking. 

Offt&^i* iv^n) n. v. Ifear^ I apprehend 
danger, (especially from enemies;) 
3. p.-^; p. gW4taddid. 

uo^oqfMom, (nf«») n> t. I«m feared, 
dreaded* 1 am /ormidable ;. a.,p,^' ; 
p. gwe.M, \ 

GcMjiMriwin) n* v/I am too easi- 
ly frightened, X am too fearful ; 3. 
p^: p. ffm,.kid. 

Q<9^aaimuh\ a. fear, dread, fright, 
alarm^ aj^ehension of danger, 
(especially fr()m enemies.) 
iiMmu^ {fim). 9n ▼,' an. X taste sbo^ra 
on, obj,, X- swdlluw- a Utile of U ; 
3. p. got.^n ; p« g¥)€.AAai. 

ji$m^ ai ▼. «i* I tried H> I know 
it by experience ; 3. p. o fp^«. ; p^ 
gvpk^.m^ or, gwUMd^ 

Oct/mt m di {mm) m.v.oju I fear s. 
th. belonging ot relating to him, 
in regarqi to him; 3. p. o go^.,n ; p. 

GotdmigoBAnii^) n. ▼. I am dread- 
ful, fhghiiul; 3. p^ ; p. gvMi.*$id, 

^MAmigorikfin^ s. dreadful power. 

Chtdnti^ak^ (mn) n. ▼. I gaze or 
look on dreadfully, I have a fright- 
ful look; 3. p.-»; p. gwe.Md. 

Gotamigtcdbamoi (nin) a. v. on. I 
look at him frightfully; 3. p* o got., 
«; p. gwcmad. 

Ootamtgwdbandathy (mn) a. v* t/k I 
look at it frightfully ; 3. p* o got,..; 
p. gw,.<mg. 

Oatdmigicadf u. t. it is frightful, 
dreadful ; there is a gieat storm, 
a gale ; p. awctoak. 

Gotcumgtpmdagost {nin) n. v. I am 
to he feared, I am horrible, right- 
ful, formidable ; 3. p. -•; p. gwe., 

GotamiawMdagtcdd, u. v. it is to be 
feared, it is awfuU horrible ; p. 

Gotdmigwenim,. {nin) n. v. I am ar- 
rogant, I think myself high, power- 
ful, dreadful; 3. p.-o ; P. gw«„m6d, 

Gotdmigtoewe^ or^magadf u. v, it 
makes a frightful noise ; p. gwe,^, 
wegt OT-magak, 

Ootdnj {nin) a. v. in, I fear it, 1 am 
afraid of it ; 3. p. o gotan ; p. gwe- 

Gvttmddny {nin) a. v. in. I taste it| 
IswaiUw a Uttle of it; 3. p. o got.,,; 
p. gv>e..ang, 

Getdittndan^ {win) a. v. in. I dread 
it, in thoughts ; 3. p. o got,,, ; p. 

Gotdnfindag08y {nin) n.T. lam dread- 
ed, I am thouffht dreadful ; 3. p.- 

Gflm^SUi^ipad, u. V. it Im dreaded, 
it i)9 considered dreadful ; p. gwt,. 




him, inthougktsfS. p/o^ro/uft; p. 
Ghtdrm, {nin) n.X 1 am timid, -ti- 
ZBorous, I keep far^off, bj issn;^ 3. 
p.-^ ; p. gwe..mdr, • ■ « . ' 

Gotddnagos, (nin) ti. v. 1 look fright- 
ful, I haTe a dreadf\il appearance, 
(being diiiigared by blows or ac- 
cident;) 3. p.-»^ p. gwe„«id, 

•Shtdtmagwad, u- v. it looks Mght- 
ful, (disfigured) p. gtDe..wak. 

Ootasiniamviay (nin) a. t. an. I ra^e 
him look frig(htful,( disfiguring him 
by ill treatment, by blows ;) 3. p\ 
o got.,n*, p. 

Gotdsinagwiton^ [nin ) a. v. in, \ make 
it look frightfully; 3. -p.ogot... ; p. 

Ootasomay {nin) a. v. tm. I make 
him afraid by what I am telling 
him ; 3. p. o got..n ; p. gwe..mad. 

Ootma, imn) a. v. an. I weigh some 
an. obj. in my hand, not on a bal- 
lance ; [F. je le soup^se ;] 3. p. o 

• gotinah; p. gwe..nad. 

Gotinan, {nin) a. v. in. I weigh it 
in my nand, not on a ballance ; 3. 
p. gotinan ; p. gwe..aiyg. 

Gowi ! gowingish / inter] . strange ! 
lot already! 

Gwahaabowe^ {nin) n. ▼. I draw broth 
or soup out of a kettle; 3. p. 1,; p. 

Giffobadgany s. scoop-net; [C. puisej] 

Chodbaanit {nm) m v. I draw, (wa- 
ter, etc.) [F. je puise ;] 3. p. 1. ; 
p. gwaiabaana, 

Wffobainj {nin) a. v. in. 1 draw it, 
(water, etc., out of s. th.) 8. p. 
gwa... ; p gwaiahaaflig. 

Choaibdwa^o, {nm) a. v. an. I draw 
a fish (or fishes) out of the water 
in a small net ; [0. je puise du 
poissdn ;] 3. p. o'p. gwai.: 
wad; imp. gwdbd. 

Qwabaibi, {nin) n. v. I draw- water 
of a fountain j a river, etc.; 3. p. 1.; 
p, noaii-hid, ^ 

Gwii<»igQ^, s* any vessel to draw 

■ iWtMei ot 4Miyi otli*r liqsii mkk; 
. {F.-puisott^pL-An. 
Gwdbaige/i^nin) n. v. I draw water, 

•etc; 3. p. 1. ; -p,' gwai,.ged. 
Gwabanohikt {nin) a. V. «n. S. OtPO- 


.GwatdJi^ ady. and adi. just, justly, 

straight, tig^t, upright, well, cer- 

tain, certaiij^, precisely, perfect, 

perfectly, exact, exactly. 
^ha>aidh dibddjirrww^, or, gttaiak- 

wddjimotoin, s. true statement or 

report, sincere avowal. 
Gwaiakjoniia, s. an. ready money, 

Gwaiak nin hvmadisj or, mn gtoada^ 
' linuidist n. y. I live upright, I lead 

a just and honest life ; 3. p.-t ; p. 

Gtoaidk nin dtbadjimt or, niti gwai- 

ahtpadjim^ n. v, /make a true re* 

port, /confess or declare openly, 

sincerely; 3. p. -o; p. gwe..mod. 
Gwaiaho-Umaamwiny s. upright ho- 

nest life, christian justice, probity, 

uprightness, honesty. 
Gwaiahohufent{nin) n. v. /hold my 

head straight up; 3. p.-f ; p. gtoe.. 

Gwaiahomotawaj {nin) a. v, an, I 

make a road straight for him ; 3. 

p. ogwa.M; p. awt:.wad. 
Gwaiakoshkat {mn) n. v. /walk on 

the road that is straightest, on the 

short-way; 3. p. 1.; p. gtoii..had. 
Qwaiakoalhkay or-magad, n. v. it goes 

right, straight; p. gtoa».lag, or- 

Gwaiako88€, (nin) n. v. I • walk 

straight ; I live or act Justly and 

honestly ; 3. p: I. ; p. gwe..9ea, 
Gwaiakosset or-mo^oa, u. v. it goes 

right, straight^jit is just and right ; 

p. gwe..8eg\ or-frtograife. 
Oivaiako9s4ny u. v. S. Gwdaiotte, 
ehoaiakoktj (nin) n. v. I straighten 

myself, I stand up straight; 3. p. 

1. ; p. giv«.dad, 
GiffaiakdtdgoSf {ninyn. v.: I am heard 

right, I *peak right, correctly ; 3. 

p.-»'; pV gwf„8ia^ • • 




^hDoiakobOii^ (fiM») «. ▼% tn. I h6«r it 
right, correctly ; 3« p. o gwa,.* \ p. 

Ghaiakota/i^af (tiin) a% V. a». I hear 

hiiiii right, correctly ; 3. p. o gwa.. 

fi ; p. gtoe.xWad, 
GwaiaJujitchigade, or-mbgad, u. v. it 

i» made straight, eren, it is 

straightened ; p, gwe^deg, ot-^mor 

Qwaiakcftchim^ {nm) n. v% I make 

straight, I straighten ; 3.p% 1» ;^. 

'Gwaiahotonf (nin) a. v. «». I make it 

straight and just, I straighten it, I 

fix it right, arrange it,* 3. p. o gioa^r, 

p. gwe..tod. 
^waiak9wey {nin) n. v. I speak right; 

just ; 3. p. 1.; 
ywaiakwendagwady u. v. it is con* 

sidered or known to he riffht and 

just, it is right ; p. gwe..wak. 
(rwaiahwendamt {nm) n. v. I have 

just and right thoughts, I think 

right ; 3. p. 1. ; ^. gw€..ang. 
(rwaiaJcwetidamowifii s. right and 

just thought ; concord. 
(xwaiahcendan, (nin) a. v. in. I think 

it is just and right; 3. p. ogwa...;]^,^, 
irwatakwenima, (»*n) a» v. an» I 

think or consider some an. obj. 

right and just ; 3. p. o gwa^.n ; p. 

gwe..vMd. ^ 
Cfwaiahjoisddon^ {mn) a. v. in. /put 

it right, horizontally ; 3. p. ogwa...\ 

p. gwe.dfod. 
Q^aibwdpiga/n, s. any vessel used in 

throwmg the water out of a canoe 

or boat ; pl.-a». 
CrtodJbwdjnge, (nm) n. v. I throw 

the water out of a canoe or boat ; 

3. p. I.; p. gwaia..aed. 
Gwank, as end-syllable of some neu- 
ter verbs, relates to sleeping ; as : 
< Nin'tawanongwamy /sleep with my 

mouih open. Nin himengwam^ I 

sleep too much. Avnaoingwam^ he 

sleeps with Ills eyes open, or with 

open eves, etcv * 

G^aohy (gon.) This word signi^es 

ddy:;h\M it isnever used i^one i it 

oetnrt i^wafv eomuMm d Wilh ft 
Bomber, or with the iDterpolation* 
word (2(M«o. (S.Otch. OramsCrar* 
dinal nuir4>era, Remark 4») 

Gt»a»€gad, u» v% This verb iM al* 
ways connected with a number) 
or with dasso ; and signifies a cer- 
tain number of days ; as : Nano^ 

. gwanagadJcUgwaeho-dagiinskmdni 
It is five (wys since / arnved. 

Quxmimsi {nin) n. v.; 3. p, gwana^ 
gisi. This verb always occurs with 
a number, or with doMo ; and sig- 
nifies the age of an an, object, ex- 
pressed in days; as: Jangaaso'' 
gicanagiH aw abinodji ; this child is 
nihe days old» 

Qruoano^odjishHwagdy ox-magad, u. v, 
it is muddy, miry; p» gwaia..gagy or 

Gwa/ndtohy adj. fair, fine, beautiful, 
pretty, handsome ; good ; ueefuU 

Chjoandtchiw. {nin) n. v. / am fair, 
beautiful, nandsome; good, useful; 
3. p. i ; p. gioe..tpid, 

Owandtchiwan^ u. v. it is handsome, 
beautiful, fine ; good; useful ; gwe.. 

Qwandtchitoinj s. beauty, fairness ; 

Qwanwadjia, (nin) a. v. an. Ot» S. 

Qwashj as end-syllable in verbs, al- 
ludes to sleep^ sUepingt as : Ni/^ 
gosMiongwash, I awake jumping up 
Nin gigibingwashf I am sleepy, 

QtDdshkawad, adv. much, plentiful, 
plenty of... — Owa^ikawaA anisM' 
naheg^ plenty of /ndians, Qwath^ 
haiead moAtnaiganant plexity of 
books. / 

Qwashkioandaon, a. crutch ; pL-ofi* 

Qw4shkioanj {nin) n. v. /leap, spring, 
jump ; 3. p. -t ; ^. gwaia..ntd. 

Qwaahkwanjman uhkote. (nin) a. 
in. I let fall fire to toe ground 
3. p. gtDo... ; p. gum-umg. 

Qwdshkwanodage, {nin),n. v* / jump 
upon somebody; 3. p. 1.; p. gtoaia* 




Gwatfikioanodawa, (pin) a. y. an. I 
jump on him, (a person or any oth< 
er an. object ;) 8. p. ^ ^a..i» ; p 

Gwaskkwnshhinadan, (nm) a. v. in. I 
fill it with a heap, not overrunning; 
3. p. ogwa...\ p. gwaia,.dod. 

QtimukhwaehMne, ox-^magad, u. ^. it is 
filled with a heap, not overrunning; 
p. ^oaia..neg,OT^magak. 

QwashhwashhwantbilU^ s. the vein of 
the heart. 

Owashkweidbihissej («»») n. v. /re- 
bound, failing on metal or stone; 
3. p. 1.; p. gwaia..8ed. 

Qwashkweiamkisse, or-magad, a. v. 
it rebounds, falhng on metal or 
stone ; p. gwaia..8eg, or-^magc^. 

GwaehkweSj (nin) n. v. /am zealous 
at work, smart at work or walking, 
quick ; 3. p.-». ; p. gwada..eid. 

Qwashhioeshin, {nin) n. v. I rebound 
or spring up, falnng ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Qwashktvestwin, s. zeal ; smart ezpe* 
ditious working. 

O-washhwesein. u. v. it rebounds fall- 
ing ; p. 

Qwawahanowcj (nin) n. v: I have hol- 
low cheeks ; 3. p. 1. ; p. gwe..w«d. 

Qwih, or gwihi^ in compositions, sig- 
nifies turning rounds turning over. 
(Examples m some ofthefollow- 
mg words.) 

Qtoekaby {nin) n. v. I turn round, sit- 
ting: 3. p.^; p. gwaUhdbid. 

QwihaHhimimay {nin) a. v. an. I turn 
it ov«r, ( a stone, or silver ;) 3, p. o 
gwc.n ; p. gwaie..mad. 

Qw^kdbikimaon, (nin) a. v. in, I turn 
it oven (some 4n. obj. of iron or 
glass;) 3. p. o gwe... ; p. gwaie.. 

OidihabUwufa^ (nin) a. v. an. I turn 
round towaras him or from him, 
sitting ; 3. p. o gwe..n\ p. gwaie.. 

, M)0d. 

QiWihiMiMA^yi, t. the wind cooms 

fMtli another Section, it turned, 

it shifted ; p. gwQfit..mdk. 
Owikendam^ (ntn) n. v. /change my 

mind, my thougnts, I turn them in- 
to anothet direction ; 3. p. 1.; p. 

gwaie. ^ang, 
Qwebit (nt»)n. v. /turn ; X p. 1.; p. 

Qwehia, {nin) a. v. an. I turn orer 

some an. obj. ; 3. p. o fwibian ; p. 

QtwikigalfaM^ j[»»») ». ▼. / turn 

round, standing ; 3. p.-t ; p. gwaie.. 

Qtwihigdbamtaw&y {ntn) a. v, on. I 

turn towards him. or frofn him, 

standing ; 3. p. o gwe..n ; p. gwaie.. 

Qwihiginaf {nin) a. v. an. I turn it, 

(object of silk, eenibd, an.) 3. p. 6 

gwe..n ; p. gwa..nad. 
Qwihiginan, {nin) a. v. in. I turn it, 

{in. object of stuff or clothing ;) 3. 

p. o gwe... ; p. gwai..ang. 
Qtwikigwadwn, {nin) a. v. in. I sew 

it on the other side ; 3. p. o gwe.. ; 

QwiiigiDanai ilnin) a. t. an. I sew 

some an. obj. on the other side ; 

3. p« o gwe..n ; p. gwaie.. nad. 
Owembwent {nin) n. v. I turn my 

head round; 3. p.-*; p. gwaie.. 

Qto^hinaj {nin) a. v. an. I turn some 

an. obj. ; 8. p. gwe..n ; p. gwaieki- 

Chodkinamawa, {nin) a. v. on. I turn 

it for him ; 8. p. o P- g^aw- 

Gwehinant {nin) a- v. in, I turn it 

over or round ; 3. p. o gwek... ; p. 

QweHnigadey or-^naaadj u. v. it is 

turnea ; p. gwaie.. aeg^ or-^magak. 
Gwekipagity (nin) n. v. /lum round 

briskly, / throw myself round ; 

3. p.-o ; p. awa..eod. 
Oweki^ima, (nin) a. v. an. I turn 

himj'when he is lying, (a person or 

any other an. obj. ;)3. p. ogwe.j^; 

p. gwa,.mad. 




Gwekithin, {nin) n. y. /turn roandi 
lying ; 3. p. 1. ; p., 

QwiJcisaadjtgan, 8. an. thin pan-cake ; 
[C. crdpe ;] pl.-a^. 

OweHaeadj^Sy (nwt) n. v. /am fr^^ 
ing thin pan-cakes ; [C. je vire des 
crapes ;] 3. p. 1.; gwaie..g€d, 

OtDe/nssidoHt (nin) a. v. in. I turn 
it over, or round ; 3. p. o gwe... ; p. 

GwiUssiny u. v. it turns, it is chang- 
ed into... ; p. gwaiekiesvng, — JK 
minawanigosiwin ta-gwekisein tchi 
huhkendammpintiwang; thy joy will 
be changed into mourning. 

Gw4kitaf {nin) n. v. 1 turn round, 
^sitting, standing or Ijring ;) 3. p. 
1.; p. gtoaiiikUad. 

GtifsJm<my (nin) a. r. in, I turn to- 
wards it ox from it ; 3. p. o gwt... ; 
p. gyoaiekitang. 

Qwimonyinim.) a. v. in. I turn it ; 3. 
p. gwe-.. ; p. gwa..tod. 

Owehwenibita, (nin) n. v. S. TftiMsk- 

Gwenatch ; S. Gwanaick. 

Gwenddsaegt p. s, a. camphor. S. 

Gioenadwiay s. a kind of owl ; (F. 
sorte de chouette, [bois-pourri ;] 

Gwinmbidohj {nin) a. v. in. I over- 
throw it, (a table, etc.) 3, p. ogwcr^ 

Cndnibibinaj {nin) a. v. an. I over- 
throw some oAy obj, ; 3. p. o^e.. 
o ; p. gwai..nad. 

Gwetch. This word is used with 
kamny or kego, to signify, not 
much; as: Kamn gwetch anohis- 
w ; he does not work much. Xe- 
go gwetch tOissohawaJten aw oskkin- 
awe ; don't much keep comps^uy 
with that young man. 
This iii:ora luav also signify, jost, 

properly; as: Gweick 

fcantn ; what thou lust wilt of me, 

(that I should do.) 

ptffigtomgwao biniy n. v. 3. p. the 

^ partridge is shaking his win^, 
(making a hollow noise, like dis- 
tant thunder ;) p. gtffag..od. 

Gttigwingwaowaiig. a. the tree on 
which the partridge is shaking his 
wings; pl.~<9f». 

Gwinawiy m compositions, signifies 
deubtingy not mowing ; Ioms. { Ex- • 
amples in some of the following 

Gtoinafffi-db, {n4n)n. v. I don't know 

. where to be, where to live ; 8. p.-»; 

i p. gtD€ 

Gmnam-dodam^ {nin) n. v. I don't 
know what to do; 3. p. l.i-p.gtoan.. 

Gwinawi-dodawa, {nin) a. v. an. I 
don't know what to dp for him, or 
to him ; 3. p. o gm..n ; p. gwan^ 
toad. — Nin gwinawi-dodawa a*o 
atahoiid | I don't know what to do 
for this sick person, (how to treat 

GwvniuH-inendamJnin) n. v. I doubt, 
I don't know what to think, I am 
perplexed ; 3. p. 1.; •^,gwan,.ang* 

Gwinawi^ahamay {ntn) v. a. an. I 
cannot see him, cannot find him { 
3. p. fwi,.n ; p. gwan..mad. 

Gv^inofWi-wahandan, {nin) a. v. in, I 
cannot see it, I cannot find it ; 3. p. 
6 gtvin... ; p. gtoa..ang. . 

Gwingwaage^ s. wolverine ; [C. car* 
caJQU ;] pl.-^. 

Gwtnmoan, u. v. there is a trembling 
of tne ground from a cause above 
ground, thunder, etc. 

Gwingmshiy a kind of small magpie;. 

Gwinoiij (nm) n. v. I cannot faid 
\yajter; 3. p*l.; p»j 


Hato ! interjection, halloo ! hurrali ! Hitkt) interi. hey V hear ! 
well! I H<7t/interj. nalloo! 



/♦-*-Thi8 vDWel has atw&yd the, same 
sound in the words of the Otchip- 
we language \ it is invariably pro- 
nounced like X in the English word 

laiig, S. Atig, 

Iban^ it was, it has been. — Memji 
iban, it haS been a long while ago. 

Iddmy 3. ind. p\ one says, it is said, 
it is called ^ [F. ati dit, on appell6;] 
p. ^darning. 

Man, (nind) a. v. «^. I speak t>f It, 
I say 8. in. of it ; 3. p. od idcm-j p. 
edang.—O matcM idan ow tdguOam; 
he speaks ill of that house, (or 

Idimin, {nind) or, nind uidvmm^ 
com. V. we say s. th. to each oth- 
er, or of each other, we speak of 
one another ; p. edidjig, 

Idii, (jdnd) r v. I say s^ th. of toy- 
self ; 3. p. idisp, p^ edisod. 

Jdiwinj s. speaking of each other. — 
Maichi wMn hatadnad oma, there 
is much ill speaking of each other 
in thisplace. 
Idog» Tnis word is employed to ex- 
press uncertainty, or not knowing. 
— Anin ga-ijwoMc t — Namdfm 
idog. How did it happen?— I don^t 
know how. 


dnindi hosal— Ttbi tdog. Where id 

thy father ? — I don't know. 
Igadeiagamdshkaj or-^ma^ad^ u. v. th6 

water opens, it divides itself ; p* 
. egad.JxWj OT-magdk. 
IgaMdmfgishJMf or^tna^adj u. v. the 

earth opens, divides itself; p. eg.. 

IgadeshAdj oi-^^nagad, u. v. it opens, 
it goes asunder, it divides itself ; p. 

JgoMsMca/wag nabagissagogy n. v. 3. 
p. pi. the bpards go asunder ; p. 

jbvwfmon, these, those, them. 

M^o; S. Go. 

Jg&unn, s. the word or words said to 
somebody. — Geget osafntnad nin 
matchi iaowin ; the evil words that 
are said to me, are too niany in* 

^d, (mnd) n. v. I go ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

famagad, u. v. it goes ; p; ijcMui- 

Jganani (mnd) a. y. an. 1 go to him. 
I go to see or visit him ; 8. p. 00 
ijancM; jt.^ad, (V. Conj.) 

Iji, vThis word has sometimes nO 
signification, and could be omitted 
in the phrase. (S» Otch. Gran. 




' Remark i., After Ihe fttile* of the 

• Ch<m^^) But comtnohly, and es- 
pecially in compositions, it signi- 
fies as^ ytmieh a manner ^ in a cer- 
tain wap, so, lihe... (Examples in 
•ome of thp following words.) 

fj-i, (^nind) n. v.,,I dress like... ; 3.^ p. 
tho ; p. ejiod.—Armkinabeiig nlnd 
7ji; Wemifi(jojinff ijw. I dress 
like an Indian ; tie dresses like a 

JJihiamawa^ {nind) a, y. an. I write 
to him or for him in each a man- 
ner ; also^ I write of him or respect- 
ing ,hijn»in a certain manner; 3. p. 
fAi oJ..n ; p. ej..wad. 

Ijil/itgade^ or^mf^ad, u. v. it is writ- 
ten in a certain manner, it is mark- 
ed so... ; p. ^.^eg^ or-magah. 

Jjilnigas, (nind) n. t. lamwritten in 
such a manner, described so. . ; f 
am painted; 3. p.-o: p. ej,.s(/d. 

lyibiige^ {nind) n. v. I write in a cer- 
tain manner, I mark so...; 3. p. L: 
p. cj..ged. — Ejibiigciafi sa nind 
'ijihiige gale Thin]' \ write as thou 

Ijigijtvemftf s. talking in a certain 
numner, jargoi). * 

IJz(/ihih, (nind) n. v. I move in such 
a direction, sitting; 3. p.-i; p,^ 

IJikmanaie^ {nind) I dress in a cer- 
tain nia'nner;3. p. 1.; p. ej..ied. 

Ijilicanaiemagadj u. y. pers. S. 

' J^iatnagad. * 

Ijifciaanaietm^{nind)K.v. \n.\ dress 
or clothe it in a certain manner; 
3. p. odij...; p. (J..t<)d. — Mamaka- 
daiarilig r^ ihnnwutnd' Kije—Ma- 
Titto wahifiinhi; it is wontiorful 
iiow God Vlothes the tiowers. 

IjirmrgdSy {nind) n. v. I am of such an 
odor or smfell; 3. p.-t; p. ej..»id. 

J^tmagvoadj u.t. it is of such an odor 
or smell; pi ef..wah 

JjinadyXi. V. there is so much of it; 
p. pjinaTc. — Ki Tcikeudaniva ejinak'f 
Bo'you know how much there is 

]i^irhdgo%^rwnd)Ti, v. I look like..., 

i bav« the «p|^arance ot,,'^ 9. p^ 

-4] p. €j:.64d, 

fjindgostmn^ s. appearance, forn\, 
figure, shape. 

IJindgwad, u. v. it looks like..., it 
has the appearance of...; p, epg 

Iji?iagwij {nmdyn. v. I api«ar «o, I 
take such a shape; 3. p.-r/; p. ej\ 
od.—^ Ginehigong air-hi-i^€tgtoik 
matchi mamto hitchi kifiganing; 
the evil spirit took the shape of a 
serpent in paradise. 

Ijinagiviidis, (nind) r. v. I give to 
myself such an appearance; 3. p.-^ 
o; p. fj..sod. 

Jjinajaamatra, {nind) a. v. an. S, 

, Ini/miaaniuwa. 

ljinikaaan,Viijid) a. t. in. I call it^ 
I name itj 3. p. odij...; p. cj..aiia, 

Ijinil-ade, 0T~7}iagad, u. v. it is cafU 
ed, named; p. ej..deg^ or^naaak. 

Ijinikana, {nind) a. v. a;*. I call him, 
(a person, or any other an. obj.;; 
3. p. cd ij..n\ p. cj..nad; imp. iji^ 

Ijinikanigos, {nind) n.v.I am name^ 
in a certain uiamier; 3. p.-t;;p. cj.: 
sod. — Mi ge-wi'iJiidkanigo»iidtVt I 
want to be named so. 

IJinikas, {nind) n. v. I am called, my 
name is...; 3. p.-o; p. ej-.sod. 

IJinikasoivinj s. name, appellation; 

Ijmilen, {nind) n. v. 1 have my arm 
stretched out; 3. p.-z: p. ej..uid. 

Ijinimin, {nind ) or nhui ijinomin, m' 
V. pi. we are in such a' number; p. 
ejiniujig, or, ejinodjig. — Missawa 
l^ra^l onidJ(missan ijino7ud ejiiiak 
negaw kitchlgaming, jjungiffa ta- 
limadjiawag. Although the num- 
ber ol the children of Israel be as 
the sand of the sea, a remnant on- 
ly ehall be saved. 

Ijinindjitauaj (nind) a. V. an. I l^ji 
my hand upon him; 3. p. cd ij..n^ 
p. eji.,wad. 

Iiinoa,{rdnd) a. v. an. S. Inoa. 

Ijinoan, (nind) a. v. in. S. Inoa%: 

Ijinoigei (mnd)n. ▼. S. Inoige.- 




fiamagad, u. v. pers. it dresaef, U is 
drOMed, clad, in a certain man- 

, ner; p. ^..gah. 

ffissa, {nina) n. v. I slide or fall 
somewhere, or in some manner; 3. 
p. 1.; p. ejissed. 

jytssey OT-'fnagadf n. v. it dides or 
falls somewhere, or in a certain 
manner; ip. ejisse^iOi-magak.^ 

IJiwinfM. V. it goes so; p. ejiesing, 

^S8tt<m, (nmd) a. v. in. I put it, I 
arrange it, fix it, in a certain man- 
ner; 3.. p. od ij...; p. ej..tod,. 

ffitchigadey or-magad, u. v. it is 
made or constructed in a certain 
manner; p. ^..deg, or-magah 

^tchigMOf n. v. 3. p. it is made or 
constructed in a certain manner, 
(aw. obj.^ p. ei..8od. 

^tchigCj (nmd) n. v. I do, I act, I 
practise so...; 3. p. 1.; d. ej..ged. 

JlfUckigemagady u. v. pers. it does 
so..; p.. ej..gaJs. — Geget JcUchi 
matcht ijitchigemagad ishhotewabo 
oma ahing; ardent liquor does in- 
deed much evil on earths 

JjjitcMgeivik^ s. manner of doings ac- 
tion, practice. 

JifUwaylnind)n.Y. I do or act so; also, 
I profess or practise religion ;.3. p. 
1.; p. eftiwad. 

fjUwawinf s. practice; religion^ pi.- 
an. — Gaidf ijitwatoin^ the Old 
Testament; also^ Geti yUwawm. 
Qweiako89ing '0ihcatom, the true 
religion. OsJikiijUwaipinyihe New 

Biwihady u. V. it is so..,; p. ^iwehaJc. 

^mihisy (nind) n. v. I conduct my- 
self in a certain manner, I behave 
sOj I am so; 3. p.-»; p. ej..s{d. — 
Nmgot nmd ijitoelis; I am in cer- 
tain circumstances. 

Ijtwebisiay (nmd) a. v. an. I am.the 
cause of his conduct or behavior, 
I make him be so, or act so; Z.j^.od 
ili..n; p. 

Jffiffebisimnj s. conduct, behavior, 

manners, comportment. 
sjfiwida/waj (nind) or, nindijimdo' 
ma/way a. v. an. I carry it to him; 
3. p. od iji..n; p. ^i..wad. 

JjinffUoms (nimd) a. t. in. I eacry it, I 

convey it; 3. p. o<{ \f*— ^ P* <5/.- 

Ijwmay (nmd) a. v. ««. I canj, 

conduct or convey some an, obg.; 

3. p. od ij.-n\ p. ^^nad; imp. 

IjupinaSf OT-magadj u.. v. it is called 

or named so; p. ej ,deg, ox-magak. 
Jjiwinsy (nind) n* v. I am called or 

namea soj 3. p.-of p. ^..aod. 
Ungomey (nmd) n. v. I draw up my 

snot; a-., p. l.:'p. 
Ihit, (nind) n. v. I say; 3. p. ^bUo;-^. 

Ihitomaaad'f u. v. pers. it says/ p. 

IkOomn, s. word, saying; pL-ani 
IhHomni-masinuiaany s. word-book, 

dictionary, yocabulary; [G. Wor- 

terbuch;] id,-an^ 
Ilo; S.Jto.. - 
2h>gd,(ni7id)n..Y,J go away, I go 

out 01 the way, a8ide;.3. p.-l./ p. 

IhegdhoMy (nind) n.- v*. I step aside, 

out of the way of someboay; 3. p. 

~t;p. eh.toid. 
LTcondy (nind) a. v. an. I take him 

.away, aside, I remove him, ( a per- 
son or any other an. obj.> 3. p. od 

tk^n;. p. skonad't imp. tJbon. 
'IlonajatgaSf (nin) n. v. S. Madji- 

Jkondjawaj (nind) a. v. an*. I send 

him away, I bid him go away; I 

drive him ofif; 3. p. od ik..n'^p. ei.. 

wad; imp. ikont^d. 
Ilonamawa, (nind) or, nind ikono' 

wa^ a. V. an. I put him away. or 

aside something, I deliver him 

from, I remove it from him; 

3. ip.od %k.M\ p. eh.VHid. 
lhmdn,(nind) a. v. ^..I put it aside 

or away, I remove it, I put it out of 

the way;.3. p. od iTc...\ p. ekonang* 
Ihmigade, ox-magad^ u. v.- it is put 

away, it is removed; p. ek..deg^ or- 

Ilconiga9y (nind) n. v. I am taken 

away, put aside, removed; 3, p.-ro; 





Ihwdfina, (mnd) a. v. an. I throw 

or jtVLsh some an.^ o^. aside; 3. p. 

od ik..n; p. ek..nad; imp. iJtoio^wi. 
Ikowebinan, (nind)^. t. tn. I throw 

or push it aside; 8. p. od ik...; p. 

Ihitoebinigade^ or-^magad^ u. v. it is 

throvhi or pushed aside; p. eJcdeg^ 

Ikowebinigas, (nind) n. v. I am push- 
ed or thrown aside; 3. p.-^ p. eh. 

Ikwdy 8. louse; pl.-^. 
Ikwabj (fimd) n. v. I draw back or 

aside, sitting; 3. p.-t; p. ekwahid, 
Ikwabian^ {nind) a. v. i/n. I wind it 

Tip,(f. i. an anchor, in lifting;) 3. 

p. od ik.. ; p. ek..ang. 
Ifwabigina^ {nind) a. v. cm. I draw 

him up to me on a rope; 3. p. od 

ik..n; p. ek..nad. 
IJncabigman, (nind) a. v. in. I draw 

it up to me on a rope/ 3. p. od., 

ik...; p. ek..ang. 
Ihwahiwa dibaigisistwan^ {nind) a. 

▼. an. I wind up a watch or clock, 3. 

p. odik..nj p. ek..wad;imi^. ihwabi. 
Uewanamh^ {nind) n. v. I sigh pro- 
foundly; 3. p -o; p. ek..mod. 
Ihwi^ s. woman; pl.-wag-. 
Ikwi'Oiiad^ s. female being, female, 

(of animals;) pK-^. 
Ihw^'hehejigoganji^ s. mare; pl.-^. 
Ihweonjcy {nind) n. v. S. Ihweteti- 

Ihwe-pijiMf 8. cow^ pl.-^o^. 
Ihwisem, s. little girl; pl.-a^. S. Oih- 

hini^ihwe. Gi^ucwe. 
Ikioesensike, {mnd) or, nind ihwikej 

n. V. I give birth to a girl, I am 

delivered of a girl; 3. p. 1./ p. eh. 

IkwesenaiWy {nind) n. v. I am a little 
"^rl; 3. p.-t; p. eh.wid. 
IlwfhOf {nind) n. v. I am a woman; 

3. p.-i; p. ekwewid. 
Hwigiaj {nind) a. v. an. I bring him 

pD, I nourish him, feed him; 3. p. 

oaik..n; p. 
IhwieMnj (nind) n. v. i lie down a 

little farther there; 3. p. 1.; p. eh. 

Ima, adv. there; thence.; 

In, in some verbs, signi^es a certain 
way or manner fii which s. th. it 
done or used; or the direction in 
which some person or thing is 
going. (Examples in some of the 
following' words. ) 

Ind, (nind)&. v. an. I tell him, I say 
to nim; I call him, I give nim a 
name; 3. p. od inan; p. enad; imp. 

Inay (nind) n. r. I go there in a ca- 
noe or boat, I steer for a certain 
point or place; 3. p. inao; p. enaod. 
Owaiakwedi neidshiwantnig inao; 
he steers directly for that point. 

Ind! inteij. 8. Na! 

Indbf {nind) n. v. /look somewhere, 
to some place, to some object ;..3. 
p.-i; p. endbid. 

Indbadady u. v. it isuseful, servicea- 
ble, beneficial, good for s. th., in 
a certain manner; p. en..ddk. 

Indbadagendagosy {n*nd) n. v. I am 
esteemed useful,! am serviceable, 
good for s. th.; 3. p.-t; p. en..8id. 

Indbadagendagositpiny s. utility, use> 

Indbadagendagwady u. v. it is conr 
sidered useful, good for s. th.; p.- 

*Inabadi8y (nind) n. v. I am useful, 
good for s. th.; 3. p.-»; p. en., 

Inabadituffiny s. usefulness. 

Indbadjiay {nind) a. v. an. I make 
use of some an. obj. in such a 
manner, it is useful to me; 3. p. od 
in..n; p. 

Indbadjuchigany s. an.* and in, any 
an. or in. obj. useful orservlceable 
in a certain manner ;pl.-<i^; or-a#». 
S. Jhadjitchigan. 

Indbadjiiony {nmd)ti. v. in. 1 use it 
in a certain manner, it is useful to 
me in such a manner; 3. p. od in...; 
p. en..tod. 

Indbadjitowvn. s. the act of using 
s. th. in such a manner. 

Inabamaf {nind) a. v, an. I see him 
so, in such a manner; 3. p. od in.. 
n; p. en..madi 





Indhwminagosyi^nwd) n* v. I resem* 
ble to...; I look like...; 3. p.-«; p. 

lndbamin(tgosiwin, 6* resemblance. 
Inabaamnagwady u. v. it resembles 

to..., it looks like..., it appears in 

a certain manner; p. en.,t&ak. 
Jndbdimnagwatony {fiind) a. v. in. 

(pron. innhamiuagoUm\) I make it 

look like..,: I make it resemble 

to...; 3. p. odin...] ^.en..tod. 
Indbdndamy (uitid) n. v. I dream, (I 
. see s. th. in a certain maoaer, 

sleeping;) 3. p. 1.; p. en,.ang. 
Jndhandamowiny s. dreaming, dream; 

Indhanddn, {nind) a. v. in. I see it in 

a certain manner; 3. p. odm...; p. 

en.. ana. 
Inabanajigan^ s. dieam; pl.-<in. 
Indbamjigey{nind) n. v. I dream; 3. 

p. 1.; p. en-ged. 
Iimndiia, or-Tnagad, u. v. it has 

such an edge, or such teeth, (an 

iron tool;) p.,OY-^magak. 
Inabimagadt u. v. it looks to some 

point; p. en..aak. 
Itidhiwin^ s. look, looking some- 
Jnadaga^ {fdnd^) n. v. I take my 

course there, swimming; 3. p. 1.; 

p. en.. gad. 
Inadenij (nindy) n. v. I weep in a 

certain manner; 3.p.-o; p. en..mod. 
Inademotavoay {^nindy) a. v. an^ I go 

•to him weepmg; 3. p. od in.,n; p. 

Inadengwej (nindt) n. v. I have a 

face like...; 3. p. 1.; p. — 

Anikjiintibeng inadengwe nundomd- 

IcomeahA', the monkey has a face 

like a person. 
Inddis, (nitiy) n. v. S. Mwebis. 
Inadisiwirby s. S. IjiweHsiwin. 
Inddjimj (^nindy) n. v. I tell s. th. in 

a certain manner; 3. p.-^?;p.^».. 

Jhadjima, (/lindy) a. v. an. I tell s. 

th. of somebody in a certain way, 

I speak of him; 3. d. od in..n\ p. 

JnadJifuHsy (mnd,) t. v. J tell s. 

th. of myself, 80...yCoaceniing my 
own person or busmeea; 3. p-o; p. 
in*. sod* 

Inaiy inindf) n. v. 1 shoot off an ar- 
row; 3. p.l.; i>. enadd. 

Indgamiy u. v. it has the appear- 
ance or taste of such a liquid; p. 
en..mig,^ Jominaboim indgami 
mandan; this has the appearance 
(or taste) of wine. 

Indgandma, {nind) a, v. aai, 1 v(Ound 
him in a certain manner; 8. p. 
od i?i..n; p. en..»OMid. — Jeaua nth 
nin^ gi-inagancundj Jesus receiT* 
ed hve wounds, (was wounded five 

Inagima, (nind} a. v. an» I value 
him so much... 1 put his price at..; 
I destine him for s. th.; 3. p. od in 
..n: D. en..mad. — Ningotioak dasi- 
wcmk od inaginum o hebejigogaatji- 
mans ^^ puts the price of his horse 
at a hundred dollars. 

Tnagindan, {nind) a. v. in. I value it 
so much.., I put the price of it at.,; 
3. p. od in...; p. en..dang.-Ni/Ufa' 
bik nind inagindan ow masiMaigan; 
I put the price of this book at two 

Inaoinde, or-^nhagadf u. v. it is valu- 
ed so much.., it costs so much..; 
p. en..deg, or-inagah. 

Liasind^igade, oi-magady u. v. S. 

Tnagifidjigaif, {ni/id) n. v. S. Iita- 

Inaginsy {nitul) u. v. I am valued so 
much, my price is put at..; 3. p.w>; 
p. en.. sod. 

Inagodey or-magad, u. v. it hangs so.., 
it is inclined so..; p. €n..deg, or ma- 
gale. — Manculadonsc osam inagodc 
nindit my heart is too much in- 
clined to evil. Mi enagod^g nindi\ 
such is the inclination, propension, 
sentiment, of m^ heart. 

IndkaUy inakakemy adv. S. JVaJbo- 

T/lakumigct^ u. v. the ground, soil or 

[ country, is" such...; p. en^.gaff^ 

I — Ga-t^i-iomdamowm sa^ mi gwa- 

f iak enakamigag ejaian; the ooub- 




. try wbitlier thoa art going, is «uch 
as I told thee. 
Ifhdkamigad, u. v. there are news; p. 
en..gah. — Mino inakamigad^ good 
news. MatcM itiakarmgad bad 
news. Eitchi inahamigadj great 

Indkonay {nind) a. v. an. I appoint 
him for s. th., I exercise authority 
over him; 3. p. od i»..»; p. in..nad; 
imp. md^^Kr. 

Miakcnan, (nind) a. v. in. I arrange it 
or settjje it in a certain manner; 3. 
p. od in...; p. enahanmng. 

Inakomgade^ or-^magad, it is arrang- 
ed in a certain way, settled so..; 
d. en,.degy or-magak. 

Indhcmige^ imnd) n, v. I make regu- 
lations or laws in a certain man- 
ner, I order, arrapge, settle; 3. p, 

JaakoHtgewin^ s. regulation, law- 
giving, appointment, order, consti- 
tution ;'-pU-an. 

Jiiahonigemnird^ legislator; ^\.-wag. 

Jndmad^ioey (nmd) n. v. I go up- 
hill, 1 ascend a hill or mountain in 
such a way|3. p. L; p,£ 

In<hna.iinaj {wnd) a. v. an. I know 
him how he is, .how he does, I 
know 8. th. about him; 3. p. od t».« 
n; p. en^.tnad. 

^Hmmidany (nmd) a. v. in. I know 
it how it is, I know «. th, about it; 
3. p. od in»..; p. en..ang. 

I»amandjigei (nind) n. v.. I know s. 
th, about s, tlu; 3. p. l.;p. in^ged.— 
Kamn ningoinind manHiauiJigessi; 
I know nothing about it. 

inmnod^ige^ (wind) n. v. 1 have a 
certain road or trail which I fol- 
lov^; 3. D. I.; p. «n..ged. 

Inamo mQc(MMi^ or, inamomaqad mi- 
JoanfL^ u. T. \ne road or trail leads 
t«.., goes to..; p. enamog^ or ma- 
{fdk: — Ja oma mika/tut enamog 
cdenanfi hei^ is the road that 
leads to the village. JSndaiHn in- 

y 4ima fHc mika»af this trail leads to 
my house. 

Xnarndtawa^ {nind) a. v. an. I m^e 

him a road so...; 3. p. 9din..fv, p. 

Indnde^ or magad^ u. v. it is dyed in a 
certain manner; p. en.-deg^ OT-md- 

In(mdjigey {nmd) n. v. I eat in a cer- 
tain manner, I fare so...; 3. p. 1.; 
p. en..ged.-Ketimagi»idjig tnandjig' 
ewad.nind inandjige; 1 fare, as poor 
people fare. 

Inanokadan,{nmd) a. v. in. I use it 
in such a* manner; 3. p. od in...; p. 

Inmwimutj (iiind) a. v. an. I use 
some an. ooj. in a certain manner; 
3. p. od in..n; p.m..nad; imp.-kaj. 

Iaanohi,{nind) n. v. 1 work in a cer- 
tain manner; 3. p. 1.; p. tn..kid. 

Inanokiwint s. working, work. 

Jnanso^ n. t. 3. p. some an. obj. is 
dyed in a certain manner; p. enan- 

Inaona,{nind) a. v. an. I give him a 
certain share; 3. p. od in..n\ p. en.. 
nad\ imp. inat^' — JSnaoninii-n nind 
inaona; I give him the same share 
as to thee. 

Inaondn^ s. channel, practicable 
passage for a canoe or boat;pl.-<w. 

Jnaonidi§y(nlnd) r. v. 1 take such a 
share for myself; 3. p-o; p. 4n..sod. 

Indpidony {mnd) a. v. «n. I tie it in 
' a certain manner; 3. p. od in..»; p. 

Indpina^ {nind) a. v. an. 1 tie some 
wn. obj. in such a manner; 3. p. od 
in..n; p; ^*,nad\ imp. inapij. 

Jnd^nana^ {nind) a. v. an. i kill 
him in a certain manner; also, I 
give him a certain sickness, (ac- 
cording to Indian sunerstitions;) 
3. p. oain..n; p. en..7uiai imp* iwxp- 

InSpwiBy (nind) n. v. I ma sick in a 
certain manner, / have svch a 
sickness; 3. p. 1.; p ^n..ned. 

biApmemaj {nind} a. v. an. I grieiw 
him, aiihct him with words, I re- 
proach him, revile htn^ blas- 
pheme hiiii, give him bad werdk, 
in a certain manner; 9. p. oti in.. 
•;p. e«il.r ' 




locfinendan, (nmd) a. w. 4m, I re- 
vile it, speak ill against it, I blas- 
pheme it in such a manner; 3. p. 
od in,,.f p. en*.ang. 

Inapmewidamj (nind) n. v. I revile, 
I blaspheme, I use bad language, 
in a certain manner, I use offen- 
sive words; 3. p. l;p. en...ang. 

Indpinewinf a. sickness, disease, 
malady; pl.-oTi. 

Inapisomnt s. apron; pl.-^». 

Indsk^ (nind) n. v. I sail in a cer- 
tain manner; 8. p. * inaski; p. ena- 

Indthia, (nind) a. v. 4m. I excite 
him, or push him, to s. th.; 3. p. 
odin..n; p. en.. ad. — Nin mdnd in- 
ashtGy I excite him to good actions. 
Nm matchi i/naahia, I excite him 
to evil actions. 

Indshhay OT-magadf u. v. the sea 
runs in a certain manner; p. en., 
gdk, OT-^moffah.—Nongom enash- 
Joa^ gi-inaahkamagad pitckinetgo 
am m^agatoad; yesterday, when 
they arrived, the sea ran as high 
' as it does to-day. 

InasKkine, ox-^magad, u. v. it is full 
in a certain manner; p. en..neg^ or 

InaMoaadendagos, {nind) n. v. I am 
much thought of, 1 am much es- 
teemed, considered, in such a man- 
ner; 3. i).--i; p. en..9id. 

Inatsa/i^aaeruUtgwad, u. v. it is much 
considered, esteemed, in such a 
manner; p. in.. wok. 

Inagsagadendanj (nind) a. v. in. I 
esteem it much, I value it high, in 
such a manner; 3. p. od ^...;p. 
en..(mg. ^ 

Inassagadmima, {nmd) a. v. an. I 
esteem and consider him much, 
like him much, in a such a man- 
ner; 3. p. odin..n\ p. en..fnad. 

Jnasaagamsy (nmd) n. v. I am pow- 
erful, /am respected, in a certain 
manner; 3. p.-^; ^.en..eid. 

laate, oi-magadj u- v. there is room; 
-p. enateg^oi-^BMgah 

Inmedj {nind) a. v. ain* J resemble 

him, /am mmOar to him; Z. p, od 
inawan'^ p. enawad. 
Inawanidtmint (nind) n. v. pi. we 
walk together; 3. p. tn^Mtoag; p. 

Inawirna, {nind^ a. v. an. /am his 
relative, or, he is a relative <rf 
mine; also, / am his friend, he is 
my friend, / live in peace and 
friendship with him; 3. p. od in..n; 
p. en.. mad. 

Inawemagan, s. relative, relation, 
kinsman, kinswoman. — ^This wora 
occurs always connected with a 
possesMve pronoun; a», Nind ina- 
wimaganj a relative of mine; £id 
wiawemagaoh^ a relative of thine, 
etc. (S. Otch. Gram. Chap. I. 
Poss. Pron. 2. Form,a».) 

Inawendkadan, {nind) a. v, 4n.l 
make a certain use of it; 3. p. m{ 
m...; ^.en..ang. 

Jnawimikanaf {nind) a. v. an. I em- 
ploy him in such a manner. 3p.od 
tn..n; p. en..n<id;imTp. mawimikaj. 

Inawemihas, {nind) n. v. I am em- 
ployed in a certain manner; 8. p.- 
o;p. en..9od, 

Inawendaa., {nind) a. v. an. 1 make 
him a relative to somebody; also, I 
reconcile him with somebody; 3. 
p. od in..n\ p, en.. ad. 

Inawendagan, s. S. Inawemagan. 

Inawendany {nind) a. v. in. I am its 
friend, I am friendly to the cause; 
3. p. odin...', p. en..ang. 

Inamndi7nint{nind) com. v. we are 
related to each otner, we are rela- 
tions; 3. {). in..diwag; p. en..did4ig. 

Inawendiwi/n^ s. relation, relation- 
ship, kindred ; friendship, good 
terms, peace. 

Judy {nmd)dei. v. I do, I am, I be- 
have. ( S. Otch. Gram. ) 

Jndantaga^ a. the place where a 
wild animal uses to eat in the 

Jkddn) {nind) a. v. in. I have, /pos- 
sess; 3. p.-*; p» endamd. — Kmoin 
? ego wind ^mdaniaei, nin hitwnagir, 
have nothing, (I possess nothing,) 
I am poor. * 




Ind<mdn0(^^ (wind) n. v. I eat in 
a certain manner; 3. p. 1.; p. en., 
ged. — S. Indaidjwe* 

JmdanindagoSf {ni/nd) n. v. 1 am 
thought to be in...; 3. p.-*/ p. en.. 

Irtdanendag^ad^ a. v. it is thought 
to be in...; p. 'in..wad. 

Indcminda/n^^nind) a. v. in* I think 
itiain.., or at...; 3. ^od\n.,.\ p. en 
„aMg,-r-Makalcong nmd indanen- 
dan nm mamungan'^ I think my 
book is the box. 

Indaai^nimaj {mud) a. v. on. I think 
he is in..., or at-..; 3. p. oe^ in..n; p. 
en^mad. — Momang mnd mdane- 
fUma nissme; I think my brother is 
in Montreal. 

Iftdibe, (nind) n. v. I haTe such a 
head; 3. p. 1.; p. endibed. — £igm8s 
endibed, mi ga-indibed aais nmg- 
wissiban; my son that died, had just 
such a head as thy sod. 

Indowinj s. fault, guilt; (L. culpa.) 
Thip word is always preceded by a 
possessive pronoun; as: Ninddn- 
dowin^ my fault; kid indcwin^ thy 
fault, etc. — To give more force to 
the expression, they will say: Nin 
mnd indowm^ it is my own fault; 
an kid mdoutinj it is thy own 
fault; win odindcmn^ it is his own 
fault, etc. 
.Jnind^ {nmd) n. v. I am absent, / 
am so long on my voyage; 3, p -i; 
p. enendtd. — Wamiatan<mg n/in 
l^ad-^ mbinOy nisao gisiaa dash nm 
gmd^nend; I will go to Detroit 
next summer, and will be absent 
three months. 

Inendago»i (nind) n. v. I am des- 
tined^ /am thought; 3. p.-4; p. en.. 

Inendagwadf u. v. it is destined, it is 
'thought: p en...toak. 

Ikindainy(nmd)n.w. /think, /sup- 
pose, it IS my opinion, it seems to 
me; /will, I purpose, /intend; 3. 
p, I,; ^^ enmaamg. 

Ii»indmnciwiny ». think^, thought, 
opinion, supposition; will, inten-' 
tion, purpose; pL^^m. . 

Ihmd^n, {niiid} a. v. <«. I think ©fit, 
I have an Mea of it, /destine it; 3. 
p. od in...; p. enendang. 

Jnendjig€, {nind) n. v. [ will; 3. p. 

Inindomagady u. v, it is absent, it 
did not yet come back; p. en..gak. 
— KUchi ainwerij inend</m^€tdna' 
Uhwan; the vessel is absent a lonf 

Jninimoy (nind) a, v. an. I think of 
him..., 1 have the opinion of 
him...; I destine him, it is my will 
he should...; I enable him «; 3. p. 
od in,.n; p. en.tctd. 

Inenindis^ {nind) r. v. I think ray- 
sell..; 1 destine myself, I have 
the opinion of myself...; 3. p. -o. 
^ en,. tod. 

In% in some verbs, denotes a certain 
manner y extent^ direction, — S. In, 
{ Example^ in some of the follow- 
ing words. ) 

Inidi, or -niagad^ u. v. it is cooked, 
or burnt, in a certain manner; p. 
enid^g, or -^magak, 

TnigoMy (nind) &. y. an. I injure or 
hurt him, /wrong or damage him: 
/make him unhappy; 3. p. o» 
in..n; p. en.. ad, 

hdgaidiSy {wind) r. v. /injure, 
wrong, damage, myself; / make 
myself unhappy; 3. p. -o\ p. «n« 

tn/igaigon, {nind) pers. v. it hurts, 
injures, wrongs, damages, me; it 
makes me unhappy; 3. p. odin,.,'^ 
p. en,^god. 

tnigm^ iymtd) n.v. / make myself 
unhappy, / wrong or damage 
mysell; 3. p. -<»; p. enigaeid. 

Inigatagoij {nind) n. v. /excite com- 
passion with my words; 3. p*.-*; 
p. en..8id. 

Inigaton, imnd) v. a. in- /injure ^ 
damage it; 3. p. od tin...; p. en,Jod, 

hvigmmagendain, {nind) ii,^\, /have 
bitter remorses of conscience, my 
conscience troubles me; 3. p. 1*; p. 

higin^inind') n-Vi /am so large, 
• 9^ tegy of such a sise; ^. p. «*; p. 




tam, (tie is oC my 

as large as 

Jnigoimee, (nind) n. v. my heart is 
so large, of such an extent; 3. p. 1. ; 

• p . CM. .deed. — JShi^kodeeitin, at the 
extent of my heart, ( from all my 

(/Uffokodewis, {rdnd) n. t. S. Inigo- 

/nit/okwa^ or -magad, u. v. it is so 
large, of such an extent; p. en., 
wag^ ov-maqdk.-^Snigolcwaglcihi- 

. tig'an, imgokwa g&ie 4td/i nm hiti- 
gan; my held is as large as thine. 
Eidaolcwag aki, as large as the 
earth is, ( on the whole earth.) 

Inigokwabaminagos, (nind) n. v. I 
appear to be so large; 3. p» -»; p. 

[nigehaalaminagwad, n, v. it app- 
ears to be so l^ge, (from a certam 
distance ; ) p. en. .wak.-^ Tekima- 
nensmg indgohwaba/mwiagwcLd na- 
bikwanj the vessel appears like a 
small canoe, (not larger.) 

kfniff^nmbigad, u. v. it is of such a 

■ size, (stuff;) p. en..gak. 

Imgokwabikadj u. v. it is so large, 
(metal:) p. en..kak, 

JhigohHn, (mad) n. v. my family is 
so large; 3, p. -»; p. e»./nid.r-^Mii- 
gokwmium mnd inigobmn; my fa- 
mily is as large as thine. Enigo- 

' kwinU(tn mm hi-daawie7hm', I «oi»e 
here with my whole ftwnily, (as it 
is large.) 

Jnigohwiniminj (nind) oiffiind inigo- 
hwinonun^ n. v. pL we are so 
many, we are in such a number; 
p. enu.nidAig. — * Miigokwmowad 
nind inigvJuifinoTndni our nuni^r 
ia as large as thenrs, (we are as 
many as the v.) 

Miigc^wiuin. (pron. migokestiut) ti. 
v^ it is so large, it is of a certain 

i size, amount or^ extent; p. en^.fng. 

Jhigotigweia sibiy u. v. the river is of 

. n certain width^ p^ m^Mig. 

Imgwddan, {nind) a. v. m I sew it 
in th» shape of...;. 3. p. od in.^ p. , 

deat, * I sew it m th« skape of a 
heart' > 

Jnikdy or -mag'ady u. v. it goes there, 
in a certain direction; p. enikagf 

Inikdgonr pers. v. it makes me so, it 
causes me s. th.; 3. p. od vni...; p. 
en.. god, 

Inihmy (nind) tL,v,in. I put it on 
so..., (clothang;) 3. p. od in.,f p. 
enihang.^^Mi iw 4nikaan^n nm 
labisiJcawagaii); I put my coat on 
so, in this way. 

Inikwwa, {nind) a. v. an. Icauaehim 
s. th., I make him be so...; also, I 
^ut on so some cm. obj. 3. p. o(2 
in..n\ p. en..wad. — Ifin eanin gi~ 
inikaioa too wcndji-akotid'y I have 
caused Mm the sicknesa he has, 
(I made him so siek.) — Mi im^mi- 
kawofg nin Tmndpkawagam that is 
the way I put my mitten (m* 

IniAumamt (nind) n. v. I steer for a 
certain point; 3. p. 1.; i^^ mi- 

Inikwearty (nind) a. v.,i». 1 steer it 
(canoe, ooat, vessel, &««) for a 
certain point, in a certain direc- 
tion; 3. p. od in...; p* enihweang. 

Jwihwent (mnd) n. Vi I make a cer- 

. tain motion with the head; 3. p. 
-i; p. enihwenid, 

Inmetjaamaimay (nind) a. v.. -oik I 
send him somebody; 3. p. od miha; 
p. en..wad^ 

InifMJuogowin, s. message, errand. 

Ininajiaway (nind) a. v. on. I send 
him somewhere, I send him. on an 
errand, I despatch him; a. p. oi 
<m.i»; p% en.,mtd^ imp. imm^d, 

Jmna^dMagan, s. B. J^iM^'awagan* 

Ininama, (nind) a. v. an. I giVa or 
present it toliim< Iptit it be^Mo 
him; also, I show it to him i^th 
the finger; 3w p. mj m.4^ p. ea*. 
mad, . 

^itinau^(mnd) a. v. in. I preseat or 
put it; 3. p. od «»..; p. ^nSnanff, 

Jnimoatdag^ a. on* fir.4ree» a{Hrm:e{ (G. 
saqpinO pi. -o^ 




pieoe of Kia^e«woodly pi. -oiw 

Inini, s. man, 'male; [L. vir;] pi. 

Znmigadey or -^magadr u. v. it is put 

or given or presented in a certain 

manner; p. en.deg, or magak. 
Ininijim, {nwd) n. v. I fly to some 

■place for sawty, I take refuge 

soHiewhere; 3. p. -<9; p. en..mnd. 
Ininionje, {mnd)n% v. I give birth. to 

a bdy; 3. p..l.;p. en..ied. 
Ifhiniskihy s. do«k, (of the same 

species as o<Qr domestic docks;) pi. 

Ininiw^ imnA) n^ v. I am a man; 3. 

P*-h; p. etdniioid. 
Indmwiidi«,{fi,md) r. v. I make 

myself man; 3. p. -<?; p. m..8od, 
. JtiMkagonj (mnd) pers. v. it pierces 

me; 3,-p. od in»..; p. en».god* 
. Iniehkaita, (ni»d) a. v. an. I pierce 

him ; S. ^. od in.. n'j^. en.. tnm. 
' Jnttatfe^ (wwki) n. v. I hear people 

say so...; 3. p, 1.; p. e<rh..ged. 
Imtagoss^imnd) n. v. /am heard in 

a certain manner, i speak so...; / 

have such a voice; 3. p. -**; p. en.. 

9idu — Gciriji^hiki'noamagMn rnd 
• €nitago6iiAn,*^ as / have been 
. taughty so i speak. 
InHdmy {nind) n. v. / hear what is 

said, or how it is said; 3. p. l.;p. 

Initawa, (ntnd) a. v. an. I hear or 
. uiMierstaiid nim so...; 3. p. od 

irh..n; Y>.ea..toad. 
Iwinoy proD- those, those there. 
IhiweAy {fi^ndX 9iy 'f . an. i ^ve him 

up, I abanaon him, reject him; 3. 

|). od imi.n';p.4v^.ad. 
ImweidU^ (nind) t. v. I abandon 
' myBelf, expose myself, I risk; 3. 

p. -o; p. en..8od. 
Iiwmes^i^nmd) n. r. lam offended; I 

am impatient, angry; .3. p. -t; p. 

Iniweaia, (nind) a. v. an. I ofiend 

him, I make him angry; S. p. vd 

Ino, or -i}Miv«k^ def. v, he ia; it is, 

it is so* (S. Otdi. Gram. Def. 

Inoa, {nind) a. v. an. 1 point him 
oiit with the linger, 1 show bkn. 
with my fore-finger; [V. je. le 
montre an.dpigt;] 3, p. td iJ¥>an\ 
p. emad. 

Jnoamawa, {nind) a. v. an. I show 
him s. th. with my finger, I point 
ittttrt to him; 3. p. od in..n', p. 
en.. wad. 

Ineaniiy {nmd) a. t. «». I point to it, 
or show it with my finger; 3. p. 
od tnoan; p. enomi^j. 

IncdswiSy {nind) n. v. I have such a 
property; also, I have such a 
househom, my family is so large; 
3. p. -i; p. en..sid. — KttHna enoa^ 
V3isiiiin\ my whole property and 
household; my whole family. 

Inodeivuiiwiny s. property; house- 
hold; family. 

InoigCy {mind) n. v. I show with the 
forefinger; 3. p. 1.; p. m*.gtd. 

Inoigan, m, an. a person, or any other 
a/n. obj., that is shown with the 
finger; pi. -«^. 

In&igan, s. in. any in. obi. that is 
shown with the finger; pi. -an. 

In&igan/indj, s. ibre-fir.ger, (which is 
used in pointing to some obj.) [G. 
Zeigefinger.] pi. -«». 

InotsavcL, (nind) a. v. an. I repeat 
his words, I say as he says or said; 
3. p. od in..n; p. €n..wad. 

InwAsj ifiind)Ti. v. I try, lendeaTor, 
witouth much eflEect) I effect little; 
a. p. -o; p. enwasod. 

Jnwasamagad, n. v. it efifeots littls; p. 

Jntt€y{fvind) "n* r. I speak (in a car- 
tain ffldinner,) I speak a language; 
I let hear a voice or a tound; a. p. 
1.; p. emoed. — NijvxiMiing hihahm 
inwi^ he speaks seTen different 

Iiwfimagadi u> t. it spMiks a lan- 
guage; it gives a certain sound; p. 

' en.,gaJk. — Hnin ^mmneffak im nm- 
sinaigan? — IktoeiAn $0 inw«na' 
aad. What language does that 
book speak ?^It speaks tlM lau> 




linage Ispetk, (In what Itn^&ge 
' 18 it written t — it is written m my 

Ifwoitoth, (nind) 'a. y. 4n. I give a 

certain melody or tune to a hymn 

or song; 3. p. od in...; p. enwkod. 
Ifmitom^ 8. language; voice; tune or 

melody of a hymn or song; pi. -an. 
lo! inteij. oh! ah! (expression of 

pain or ache.) 
Jb^, pain, (in the language of 

Ipinean, {nmd) a. v. *». I pay it so 

much, I give so much for it; 3. p. 

od *p...; p. epmeaai^. 
Ijtmetoa. {mmd) a. v. on. I pay so 

much for some ati. obj,; 3. p. od 

ip..n\ p. ep..wad. — NywaMk nin 

gi'ipinewa nin moak/wem; I paid 

two dollars for my shawl. 
Ipogosit n. v. 3. p. it has such a taste; 

It tastes like...; (an. obj.) p. epogo- 

sid. — Aw gigo toiiassing ipogosi; 

that fish tastes like meat. 
Jpogosiwin, s. the taste of s. th. 
ipogwad^M. v. it has such a taste, it 

tastes like^., (in. obi.) p. -epogwdk, 
Ish! inter), hey ! hear ! 
Jshki as nrst syllabe in some verbs, 

signifies tired, weary, (Examples 

in some of the following words.) 
Ishkab, {nind) n. v. I am tured of 

sitting: 3. p. -»'; p. eehkaUd. 
lehkakommj (wind) n. v. I am lying 

in a fatiguing manner, on a hard 

bed; 3. p. 1.; p. e8h..inq. 
Jthioiham, (nind) n. v. I breathe with 

c^ficulty, with fatigue; 3. p. -o; 

p. esh..mod. 
ishkaiia/UDccbs {wind) n. v. my eyw are 

tired by looking for a long time at 

some object; 3. p. -t; p. esh..hid. 
Jshhidee, {nind) n. v. my heart is 

tired of sorrow, fatigued with grief; 

3. p. 1.; p. gshkidem. 
AhJnnihtwinaf {nind) a. v. an, S. 

ItUdniknDindgon, (nind) pers. v. S. 

JekkiMni (ndnd) n. v. I am tired of 

iyiB«; 3, p. 1.; p. e9h.,wg, 

Mhiwi, immd) n. v. I am tiradof 
carrying, 3. p. 1.; p. esh..wid, 

IMobodjigan* s. <im. a piece fA 
board sawn o£f, a remnant of a 
board; pi, ^g. 

Ishkq^nf {nind) a. v. in. something 
remains when I have done cutting 
a coat, &c., I leave a remnant; 3. 
p. ed ish..,; p. etihhqjang. 

Ishh^ipany s. shred, remnant «fter 
cutting a'feoat,or any either article 
of ciothing; pi. -onk 

IsKkona^ {nma) a. v. ^ui, I return 
him, I spare bun; I keep back or 
retain some an. ob^., I don't give 
it awa^r, nor use it up, (an, obj.) 

3. p. odish..n; n.e«i 
Ishkonamas. {nina) r. v. 

I reserve it 

to myself; 8. p. -o: p. €»k.,8od. 

lehkonamawa, (nind) a. v. an. I re- 
serve it to him, I keep it back for 
him: 3. p. od ish„n; p. e8h..wad. 

Ishkonan^ (nind) a. v. in. I spare it; 
I keep it back, I reserve it, 1 don't 
dispose of it, (m. obj.) 3. p. (m2 
ish.,^^ p. €sh..ang, 

Ithhonigitde, or -malady u. v* itis 
reserved^ -spared, left; p. eth.Aeg^ 
or -magah. 

lehkonigany s. reserve; pi. -an, 

Jtkkonigas, (nind) n. v. I am left, 
spar^, reserved, I remain; 3. p. 
-o; p. esk..8od. 

Ishkoniaej (nind) n. v. I reserve, I 
keep back; 3. p. 1.; p. esh..g€d. 

i»AAo^, s. fire. "^ ' ^ ^ 

IshhoUkm-y.», an. fire-steel; pl.*^. 

JshJbotike, {nind) n, v. I make fire, 
or strike fire, (with a fire-ste^l and 
fiint, or with matches ;) 3. p. 1, ; 
p. esh..hed. 

Iskkoti-nahihoant s. steamboat, (fire- 
vessel;) pl.-«». > 

IsKhotiiM s. a match, (a small fire ;) 

MkoU-odc/ban, s. an. raM-roadcar, 
(fire-cacriage;) pl.-o^. 

IMcti'tashktoodftgani s. an. steam 
saw-knilli (fire-saw ;) pl.-o^. 

NOTE, "the first two syllables of this and 
the ten foUowinR words, ctnld Ulso be 
Written ifAAwa^ bat still pnmotmoed tfMlo. 




JMcUwtiho, 8. ardent liquor, wlus- 
' key, rum, brandy, (fire-water.) 
JakiciiwdboimagoSt (^nind) n. v. the 

smell of ardent liquor comes out 

of my mouth ; 3. p.-»; p. esh^M, 
JsMoi^aboimagwadjVL. v. it has the 

smell of ardent liquor; p. esh-wdk. 
'Ahkotiwdbohe, (mnd) n. v. I make 

ardent liquor, I distil ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 


Jshkotewabcikivjigamigy s. distillery ; 

Jshkotewaboh^wimm, s. distiller, (a 
man that makes fire-water ;) pl.- 

Jshkoiiwadadj u. t. it is firy ; it re- 
sembles fire: p. e9h..ddk* 

Jshhwd-y gi^stimcb-^ after, or at the 
end, of s. th.-This word is always 
connected with a . substantive or 
verb ; as : Nmd, ishikuja-wisHn, I 
have done eating. Oi-tshhwa-ktki- 
noamading hi-ijcm endaiH^ ; after 
school come to my house. 

JiBJikworokiwanf u. v. it is the end of 
the world. lekkwa-aJbiwctngy on ai- 
iakhwcHikiiwang, at the end of the 

Ishhwdbi, ox-magadt u. v. (pron. mA- 
Jciobit) it cannot go all in, the ves- 
sel cannot hold all, (liquid ;) p. 
etlhkwahig or-magak. 

Jshhwahma^ u. v. it rains no more ; 
p. e8h..8ag. 

Jehkwagd, or-magadt u. v. the sap of 
the maple-trees runs no more, (in 
sugar-making ;) p. eshkwagag, or- 

Jshbwagapogtoad sisHbahoaif u. v. the 
sugar tastes the spoiled maple-sap, 
(the last sugar that is made, when 
the sap is no more good.) P. eah.. 

I8hkwaad-si88>akwatt s. the last su- 
gar that is made, out of the spoil- 
ed sap. 

J8hkfwa4adjUD, {nifi.d) n. v. I am the 
last in a row or range ; 8. pu-»/ p. 

.Jghkwa4(^famifla6yOT-magadi u. v. the 
water is np moie agitated, it is 

ealm, (after a storm and heavy 
sea;) p. eth,.segt or^magak. 
J$hJbwaMki8, (nmd) n. v. I cease bur- 
ning, /bum no more ; 3. p.-o ; p. 


Jshhwadamge gisiss, n. v. 3. p. th« 
moon shines no more ; p. esh..ged. 

IshhwdkcmUgadj u. v. all is over ; p. 
e8h..gak. Ga^hkwakamigaJk diba- 
am(idimn nin gi-dagwishin ; I&t- 
rived when the payment was all 

Ishhwakamigis, invnd) n. v. /am no 
more busy, / have finished my 
work; 3. p.-^' ; {). esh-vid, 

Iskhwakamigisuotn^t s. the end of an 
action or work. 

hJhhwdma, (nind) a. v. an. I leave 
. some, after eating some of it, {an, 
obj.) 3. p. od ishbwanumi p. esh.. 
mad.-Nind iehkwama leokoahj opi- 
nig gate nind ishJknoamag ; I leave 
some pork and some potatoes, (af- 
ter eating some. ) 

Ishhwandmy (nind) n. v. / breathe 
my last, /expire ; 3. p.-o; p. «tA.. 

JsAkwdjiddnj (nmd) a. v. in. /leave 
some, after eating some of it, (in. 
obj.) 3, p. a^ ish... ; p. e8h..ang. — 
Nmd iehkwandan pangi wUaes ; 
/leave a little meat, (after eating 
some of it.) 

Ishkwdndeniy a. door; lol.-cm. 

Iskkwandemihe , ( nind ) n. v. / make 
"a door, or doors ; 3. p. 1. ; p. esh.. 

Jshkwcmdenmocmt u. v. there is a 
door; p. esh-.ang. 

Jshhwdndjigan. s. an. remnant, re- 
mainder, (after eating some ot an 
an. obi, \ pl.-a^. 

Ishkwanajtgcmy s. in. remnant, re- 
mainder, r after eating some of an 
in. oh^.) p[.-an. 

Ishiswdnd^ge, (nind) n. v. / leave 
some of what /am eating, / don't 
eat all up ; 3. p. 1. ; p. eak..ged. 

&hkufan4^(nina) n. v. (pron. iehAo- 
ndt)I remain while the others die, 
I survive ; 3. n. 1. ; p. eMoned. — 
JJbinodjiiag eikkmn^ift the chil. 




ilren of a family thai remafitt yet 
alive, when »everal had died. 

hhhoa-nonay {nmd} a. v. an. I wean 
him, (a child;) i cease to give him 
8uck ; 3. p. ^ isk..n ; p. esh*. 

Jshl^ajjo, OT-^mdgadj u. v. it ceases 
snowing, it snows no more; p. esh.. 
pog, CfY-magak. 

IMwathima, {nmd) a. v. em. I have 
some of it remaining, {an, obj.) af- 
ter putting or laying j 3. p. «i i&h». 
njp. esh..mad. 

LhhwaskHfi^. or -fnagad, u. v. S^ 

Jshhwasee, (nmd)n. v. (pron. ishkoa- 
se,) I reihain, I am left or spared ; 
[L. 8up<»rste8 sum ;] 3. p. 1. ; p. 
eshkwassed, { eshkossed. ) 

Ishhwasse, or-^nuigad^ u. v. (pron. 
ishkome. ) it remains, it is left; it is 
passed, elapsed; p. e8h..S€gy or-^ma- 

Imhwassin, u. v. it finishes, expires, 
(a period of time); p. esk..smg. 

hhlcwassiton, {nirid) a. v. in. 1 have 

some of it remaining, {in. obj.) 
after putting or laying ; 3. p. etj 
ish...'^ l>.€8h..tod. 

lahkufdtd, {nind)i\.v. I finish, (doing 
«. th.) 3. p. 1.; p.eshkwatad. 

lahkwatagany s. S. lihhjoatchigan,, 

lifhhwataufin, s. the end of a work ; 
the end of a period of time. 

Mkwdteh, adv. finally, at last, at 
length, ultimately ; the last time. 

Ishhwatchigan, s. a person that esca- 
pes from a general massacre ; pl.- 

I»Mto<»w€y {nind) n. v. (pron. iMo- 
■it<>) I cease speaking, I finish my 
discourse or speech ; '3. p. 1. ; p.. 

JehhwiaUt adv. behind, after the 

Iskhvib, {nmd) n. v. 1 am sitting in 
the last plaee, in a row or range ; 
3. p.-*; p4 eshkeVid. 

Ishhwegabawj {nind) n. v. I am stand- 
ing in the last plaoe^ in a row or 
range ; 3. p.-^'; p. esh.wid. 

MhwiganUg^y «. the last l«idg» or 

hotiee, (in a row or range, or in 

eamf> or village.) 
Jghkvwfe, {tmd) n. ▼. I live in the 

last lodge or house of a camp or 

village J 3. p. L ; p. eth..ged. 
Jshhwiianay adv. S. Jshkweaii. 
Ishkweienddgos, {nind) n. v. I am 

considered the last, or one of the 

last; 3. n.-» ;p. e¥h..sid. 
Iskhceienaagirnd y u. v. it is conside- 
red the last object, or one of the 

last ; p..egk..ieaK 
Ishkwikoioa, {nind) a. v. an. I walk 

after him, I follow him; 3. p. erf 
. ish.M; p. €th..wad. 
Ishhwika^on, {jiitid) pers. v. it ccmies 

to me m the last place, I receive 

it the last, (in a, distribution ;) 3. 

p. odi&h... ; p. cfh.jgod. 
Itkhw4nindJ4i s. the small finger; 

[111, masmz ;} pl.-w. 
Ishkwessirhy u. v. it is the last, ^the 

last object in a row or range;) p. 
IshlcwHmaaany s. the last or young- 
est clrild in a family, and which 

rtmains the last : pl.-a^. 
labJowi., {nindyn. v. I remain, when 

the others are gone ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Ishpd, or-magady u. t. it is high ; p. 

eshp^My or-maga^. 
hlipamkay or-magady u. v. it is high, 

(a rock;) p. eeh..kaff, oft-magfok. 
Ishpdbikady u. v. it is nigh, {in. obj. 

of metal p p. es^.hak. 
IshPobiHst, n. v. 3. p. it is high, (an, 

obj. of metal or stone;) p. esh..eid» 
Ishpadinay u. v. it is high, (a hill or 

mountain ;) p. e8h..nag. 
lAiptu^Hmvany u. v, there are heaps 

of snow, driven up by the wind; 

IshpagoTiagay n. y. the snow is d«ep, 

there is mwch snow : p. ssh^.gag, 
Uhpahmia^ <yt^magady v, v. there 

are high trees, (in a forest;) p. €th.. 

i4»fy OT-magdh. 
IsMtntlMidef or^-^magebdy u. v. it is 

dug deep, there is a deep hole 

tnade in the ground, a deep gravs, 

d(c« ; p. esk^J^g^ ot-magMh* 




M^fdmie^ {nind) u. v. I dig a i0ep 

hole in the grpqnd ; 3. p. I. ; p. 

IshxKUh^ika^ oi'-mAgad, u. v. it is high^ 

thick, wide, (a book, a pi€Qe of 

cloth, etc.) p. €8?t..Jcagt ot-maaak. 
Islwantdhvebisj (nind) n. y* S* ?a^- 

Iishodshl'ad, u. v. it is high, wide, (a 

mat, clothing stuff, etc.) p. ena.. 

Ifliltate, u. V. the snow is dcnp, (hi'jh;) 

lakpaUmy {nind) a* v. in. I make it 
high; 3^ip. od i^h... j p. eeli:paiod^-^ 
Oilishpatoih o wakaigai%\ he makes 
liis house high, (he builds a high 

Ishpaive aw mcessi, n. v. 3. p. this 
animal has long hair or fur; ^. 
ealij faired. 

Jshj'en dagos, ( m/id ) n. v. I am esteem- 
ed high, I am highly honored ; 3. 
p.-t; p. €9h..sid. 

I{>U> fitda(jomij {nind) a. v. an, I taake 
him worth of esteem and hooor, 
I make him be, highly esteemed ; 
3. p. od i^Ti-.ti:, p. 

Jshj'endat/Cynu'm, s. high esteem, ho- 
nor, glory. 

liihpeiidan, \niiid^ a. v. in. 1 raise it 
up, I exalt it, glorify it ; 3. p. f)d 
iiih...\ p. esh..awj. — Od ishpeiiddn 
wiiaw ; he exalts himself , he is 

Jtib;penim, (nind) n. v. I am proud, I 
exalt myself; 3. p.-o ; p. esfu.mod. 

IsJijoenimri , (nind) a. v. ati. I exalt 
him, glorify him ; 3. p. od ish..n ; 
p. esh..mad. 

Islipenindis, {nind) r. v. I exalt my- 
self, I glorify myself, I am proud ; 
3. p.-o; p. €sh.,sod. 

IshpenindisQoyiny s. pride. 

I&hpiy in compositions, signifies high^ 
late, advanced. (Examples in some 
of the following words.) 

Ishpia, inind) a. v. an. I put him 
high, 1 exalt him; 3. p. od ishpian; 


>on, u- V. the winter is far 
advanced, is high ; p. eskpi 

Jthpigdhdmi aw aw68ii* n. v. 3. p. 

tliia animal stands high , it has 

long }e^;.p. eah^wid. 
leJipi-gijigad , u* v. it is late, (in the 

forenoon,) the sun \t already high. 

It is not late, (in the afternoon,) 

the sun is yet nigh. P. eshpi-giji- 


Lhpiming,.^^y. above, on high, at 

the top ; in the air. 
Ishnmiiig nai-al-ela^.&dy. upwards. 
JshHvdsiogokade, or -mu^ndj u.. v. 
there ii an upper floor; also, there 
•is a story^ (in a house?;) p, €ish..d€^ 
OT-ma(/ak. — JVijituj ishpiiniasoigo' 
hadey there are two stories. -^\a^* 
sin^j mwiiiff^ uam/it/ iehpivdma^O' 
hade ; there are three, four, hve 

IshpimisMngoiig y adv up stairs, on 
the, upper floor, 

IshpiiiAi^ {nind) a. v. an. I raise or 
lift him up; 3. p. od ish..n'y p. esh.. 

Ishpinam, {nind) a. v. in. I raise or 
lift it up; 3. p. o<^ iek...% p. e»h..ang. 

Ishpivibin, u. v. the summer is high, 
is far advanced ; p. esh..iiig. 

Ishjmldnug, n. v. 3. p. pi. tllere is a 
high heap of an.^ objects ; p. esh 
puhingig. — Ishpi^hinog n ahagiffa- 
gog ; there is a high hea^, or pile, 
of boards. — Also in the sing. ; as : 
Ishpishin joniia , there is a high 
heap of money. 

Jshpissin, u. v. there is a high heap, 
(something in. heaped up;) p. esh- 
^sing.-Ishpisdnon miesan ; there 
is a high heap of wood, (for fuel.) 

Jsh[>i-fiMkad, u. v. it is late in the 
night, (high night;) p. esh..lcak. 

Ishponagad, u. v. it is high, or deep, 
(a canoe, boat, etc.) p. €8h..gah 

Iskpmce^ {nind) n. v. I speak with a 
high thin voice ; 3. p. 1. ; p. e&hpo- 
2ved.-S. Tahdssowe. 

lehpweweton, {nind) a. v. in. I sing it 
high; 3. p. od ish...; p. esh..tod. 

Isktl inter], hey! hear! 

hhte! inter.], aha! yes! 

Iskaan^ {nind) a. v. m I empty it 




of water, I pomp it out, I make it 
drv^ 3. p. oa iskaan; p. eakuang^ 

hkdht, or-^magadf u. v. the water 
dried up; p. eskaing, or-magalL. 

Iskdibadan^ (nin) a. v. in. 1 pump 
the water out oi it, (a vessel, etc.) 
3. p. (xi is...; ^,^..wng, 

Itihcuban, s. (m. spunge; pump; pL- 

Iskaibij (nind) n. v. I pump water 
out; I dry it up with a spunge; 3. 
p. l.;p. ««..6ti(K 

IsMndanj {nxnd) a. v. in, I drink it 
all up; 3. p. oa is,,,; p. esJc.ang. 

Itikapiaan, (nind)9L. v. in, S. Iskon- 

IskatCj or-magad, u. v. it is dry, 
there is no water, it dried up; p. 
tkatsgi or-magak, — Sibitoan isha- 
tewant there is no water (or only a 
little water) in the rivers. 

Ishidjiwan^ u. v. it runs all out, (wa- 
ter or any other liquid, out of a 
vessel j) p. esk.,ang, 

jMhiga/rmcU, or-magaa, u. v. it is re- 
ducing, orying up, by boiling; p. 
e8h„deffy oit-magale. 

Ukigamisan^ (mnd) a. v. in, I reduce 
it, by b<nlmg; 3. p. od isk...; p. 

Iskigamuigan, b, place where they 
are reducing maple-sap to sugar, 
by boiling; sugar-camp; sugar- 
bush; pl.-onw 

IskigamUigs, (nihd) n. v. I reduce, 
by boiling; I reduce maple-sap to 
sugar, by boiling, I am making 
maple-sugar; 3. p. 1.; p. esJcged. 

IskigarmsigiTcw^y s. a woman that 

makes maple-sugar; pl.-^. 
Iskigamisigewin, s. art, occupation 

or work of sugar-makers. 
Ishindk, nit, egg of a louse; pi.- 

Iw, pron. that;pl.~tnf2^. 
Iwd^ def. V. he says. 
Ttodpif adv. then, at that time. 
Iwidh or iwediy adv. there; thence; 

Ivfidi ndkdkeia, ad. there, that way, 

in that direction. 



Jmiobi, ox-magad, u. v. the water 

goes or passes through s. th^; p. 

yiiaJbdbigy or magdk. 
Jdbodei {nin) n. v. I go or^pass 

through; 3. p. 1.; p.jaiaboded. 
Jabodct oi-magnd^ u. v. it goes or 

4)a88e8 through; p. jaiabod^g, or- 

JOfbogdndinaj {nin)n^y. an. I push or 

thrust through, some an. obj.; 3. 

p. ojab..n; T^.Jaia.Mod. 
Jabogdndinanf {nin) a. v. in. I push 

or thrust through, some m. obj.; 3. 

D. ojah...: y.jaia..ang. 
JctbogawitcMgan, s^ straining vessel; 

JabogawitckifUt {nm) n. v. I am 

straining; 3. p. 1.; ^.jma..g€d. 
JctbogatoHonj {nm) a. v. in. 1 strain 

it through a linen; 3,p.o^'a6..'.; p. 

Jdhokawisy (nin) n. v^ I have the 

diarrhoea; 3. p.-4; ip. iaia..8id. 
Jabohatoisiunn, s. diarrhoea. 
JaJbominy s. a^. gooseberry; [F. gro- 

seille;] pl.-o^. 
Jahominagawanjt a. on. gooseberry- 
bush; pl.-t^. 
Jabondean mahahossag^ (nin) a. v. 

in. I knock the head and the bot- 
tom of a barrel out; 3. p. ojdb...; 

n. jaia..ang. 
JaDondeia^ or-fnagad, u. v. it is 

knocked hollow, (a barrel, when 

both the head and the bottom are 

knocked out;) p.^ or- 

Jabondeiassin. u. v. there is adraught 

of the air; [G. Zugluft;] ^. jaia.. 

JabimdesJikat (nin) n. v. I have the 

bloody flux; the dysentery; 3. p. 

!•; ]^'jaia..had. 

» JAB 

Jitbfjnd^Mavm^ n. bloody fluxf dys- 
Jdbtjii&fuiti,{nm)tk,., T. an. S. Jdbo- 

Jiihmi^mt^ 9. needle; pl.-<m. 
JuhmiuanikA, {ain) a. v. I make 

needles; 3. fi. 1.; prjaia..ked. 
Jaitonujatiil^witutn^ a. needle-manv- 

fftcturcr, nt;ftdlef;pl .-^oag. 
Jdhopug^vamau, (nw*) a, v. in. I per- 

forsitEs it, I bore it through; 3. p. o 

Jdhipnippanhtiiiiinin) a. v. an. I pei- 
fofflle or bore through some an. 
obj,; 3. p. o jai„n; p. jaia^wak^ 

Jnhnf, (nin) n.y. I purge myself, I 
take a purging medicine, a purga- 
tive; 3* p.jfibosoi^.jaiabGSod. 

Jahmaa, (m^) a, v^an.l sift it, (an. 
obj*) 3. p. oJaL.Ti; ^ 

Jabi/!fAkam^{nhi) n . v^ I pass through 
s, th.i 3. p, i.;d.jaia..ang. 

JahmhJrasxdt {rdu) a. v. an. S. Jot- 

Jaboehkatchi^an^ i. sieve, cribble; pi. 

JiihoshJtairhwCt ft, v. I am sifting, 
^arblitig^ a. p. L; ^,jaia..ged. 

Jtihah^dtotit {nin) a. v. in. I sift it, 
{in. obj.) 3. p. jab...\ p. jada.^ 

Jiiitofi^^im, s. purge, purging medi- 
cine, purgative. 

J«?«Hf*fj (Ain) rt, v. I go or fall 
through e. th.; 3. p. l.;p. ^'aid- 

JahfjMtr oT-fihaffodj u. V. it falls, or 
slides, throuMh u. th.; p. jauAot' 

Jdkmetn, i fi^i^t) a. V. an. I give hiro a 
purging mcrdicine, I purge him; 3. 
p, w p- Jai,.wad\ imp. ja- 





J^ibwdbamdany (nm) a. v. ^. I see 
through it; I jsearch it; 3. p. o 
Jah,..', p. jaia..ang, — JDebenimi- 
nang ojcibwabandanan lcideinanin\ 
the Lord searches our hearts, (he' 
sees through them.) 

Jdhwdbawe, {nin^ ti. v. 1 am drench- 
ed all througn, to the skin, (in 
a heayy rain;) 3. p, 1.; p. Jata.. 

Jdhtbahmtm^ or-magadj it is drenched 
through, all wet; -^.jaia^.weg, or- 

Jahw<j0igaAeitckigan^ s. a fittering ves- 
sel, colander, strainer; pl.-a«. 

Jakwajiff<mUon^ (inn) a. v. in. I 
strain itj 3. p. oyah...; p. jma..tod. 

Jabwdhogstdort^ {nin) a. v. in. S. 

Jdhw€Ji<iogon.\{nin,}'pen. v. it pierces 
me through; 3. p. ojah...; p. jaia.. 

Jabwendwa,(nm)-^*v. an. I pierce 
him through, I perforate him; 3. p. 
o j€ih..n', p. Jaia..wad'^ imp. jci>' 

Jdhwi, {nin) n. v. I pass or fall 
through; I escape; 3. p. l.;p. 

Jabtvm, {nin) a. v. an. I escape from 
him; 3. p. djc^.in{ 

Jahwliwe^ {mn)r\. v. ». J(d>wi. 

Jdijandsh^ s. Englishman; Irishman; 
pl.-a^. ^ ■ 

Jdmindehi-anamia, {nin) n. v. I pray 
English, that is, I profess the En- 
glish religion, (Episcopalian de- 
nominition;) 3. p. \.;^.jaia..nd. 

Jaf^andehi^nam,ieu>inj9. the English 
reli^^ion, (Church of England.) 

Jaqaudfirbhoe, s. English woman; 
Irish woman; pl.-^. 

Jagan^sMkwens, s. an English or 
Irish girl; pl.-(7,^. 

Jdgandshimy {nin) n. v. I speak En- 
glish; 3. p.-o; p. •ja/ia..inoa. 

Ja^ana^i-inekatewikwanaie. s. a • 
Minister of the Church of England; 

Jaganaskimrmngad, pers. v. it speaks 
English, (it is written in English;; 

Jaffmafhim<m>iny s. the English lan- 

JaganashinSf 6. a little Englishman 
.or Irishman; an English or Irish 
boy; pl.-a^. 

JagandehiwaHy s. England, Great 
Britain and Ireland. 

J€tgama^iiknlmgany ». wnting in En- 

glish; pl.-dW2* 

Jdganashiicihiige^ (nin) n. v. I write 
m Engliah; 3. p. J.; p.jaia..ged. 

Jdaannt^itvistinjU.v. it isin English, 
(written or printed in English;) p» 
faia.Ang, • 

Jdganaghiwissitchigadej or-magadyXi. 
V. it is translated in the English 
language; ^.jaia. .deg^ ot-^magetk. 

Jaga/nasMwissitonj (nin) a. v. tn. I 
make it English, (I transiatie it 
into the English languag«f ) 3. p. 

Jagaskkdnaawe, s. %ing squirrel; 

Jaaaehiy'{nin) n. v. I «toop, (foing 
through a low door, etc.) 3. p. 1.; 

Jaga4fikia, {md^ a. t. «». I make 
him stoop; 3. p. ojag..n\^ 

JftgasfMmiii, fe. a/n. a kind x>t flat 
raspberry; pl.-a^-. 

JagasJikiahiriy inim) n. v. I am stoop- 
ed down; 3. p. l.;^. 

Jatjasl'kif<i, {/lin) n. v. I incline nty- 
self, 1 bewdown; 3. p. 1.; p. Jeg.. 

J<kf<t6?iMhfh, (nm) a. v. in. I bow 
down, or incline myself, before it, 
I salute it; 3. p. -o Jag..,; p. /^.. 

Jagaahl-'tafun, {nin) a. v. an. I bow 
down before nim, I sahite him; S. 
p. ojag..n; p. jeg.twad. 

Jdgawaj QT^-magadj a. t. it is obiong, 
longer than wide; p.Jaiagaufagt or 

JAgawabigad, u. v. it is oblong, long- 
er than wide, (stuff, in.;) p. Jdia., 

jdgawahigidf n. v. 3. )). itis oblong, 
(stuflf, an.) p.jaia.^M. 




^ 8% fmhagiHO^., n. v. 3. p. 
be board is oblong, longer than 
wide; p.^'aia.«««2. 

Jaaawahikad^ u. v. it is oblong, 
(metal;) p.^i<t..A:a^. 

Jcbgrnoabikisij n. v, 3. p. it is oblong, 
( metal, <m. ) pjaia. .sid. 

Jck^atmgwindemimsa^ u. v. the island 
18 oblong; ^.j<Ua,.deg. 

Jagawamilc, s. Point Shagwamikon, 
a long sandy point opposite La- 
pointe, Lake Superior. Jagawami- 
hmgj at or to or from Point Shag- 

Ja^awamnkay OT'-maaad, u, v. there 
IS a long shallow place in the lake, 
-where the waves break, [F. il y a 
une batture longue;] p. jaia-Jcag^ 

Jdgawatonj (mn) a. v. in. I make it 
oblong; 3. p.; ojag...; ip.jaia..tod. 

Jagawigadj u. v. it is oblong, (stuff;) 
•p, jaia..gdk. 

JagavM, p. s. a. widow, widoweir; 
•pl.-jig.^Jagawid 4nmtj widower. 
Jagamdikfwe^ widow. 

Jagawi^ad^ u. v. it is oblong, (wood;) 
p. gaia..gdk. 

Jdgamkodan, {nin) a. v. in, I cut it 
oblong, with a knife; 3. p. ojag,.. 
p. jaia..<mg. 

Jdgamkodawaj (mn) a. v. o/n. I cut 
some cm. object oblong, with a 
knife; 3. p. oja^..n; ^.jaia..wad. ' 

Jagawiesitcn, {nin) a. v. m. S. Ja- 

Jagigarrmoany u. v. the ice on a lake 
or river breaks off, so that the wa- 
ter appears again; 3. p.jai<i..ang. 

Jdgodeej (nin) n. ▼. I am a coward, 
a poltroon, I am timid, timorous, 
fearful, pusillanimous; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Jagodeewin^ s. cowardice, timidity, 

JdgodL adv. in spite of...; against the 
will; j;F. malgr^.] 

J&godjta^ {nin) a. v. <m. I overcome 
him, vanquish him; 3. p. ojag..n; 
p. ja/ia..m, 

Jdgodjvkoe^ {nin) n. v. I am victori- 

mw, I vanqtiishy surpass, over* 

come; 3. p. L; p.> 
Jcigodjiiwe, oi^-magadf u. v. it ovej* 

comes, it is victorious; p. Jaia.* 

weg^ or-^magah 
Jagodjftony{nin)&, v. m. I overcome 

it, vanquish it; 3. p. ojag...; ^.jaia 

Jdgot, {nm) n, v. I am flabby, weai: 
\Q. ich bin schlaff;] 3. p.-*; p. 

Jdgosama, {nm)si, v. an. I vanquish 
or overcome him in disputing, ar- 
guing, pleading; 3, p. ojag..n; p. 

Jagofonge, {nin) n. v. I surpass or 
overcome in disputing, arguihg, 
etc.; 3. p. 1.; I). jaia..g€d. 

Jdwddadi u. V. it is weak, p. jaid.* 

Jcufwddds, {nin) n. v, I am weak; 3. 
P'^*) Vj<*^"9id. 

Jdgwagamit u. v. it is weak, (liquid:) 
p. jaia..7ndg.^Jagwagami ambisi- 
dbo menihweiang; the tea we are 
drinkinf is weak. 

Jdgwendan^ {nin) a. v. in. I think k 
is weak; 3, p. o ^...; p. jaia.. 

Jdmvenim, {nin) n. v. I dare not, I 
fear, I have not the courage to say 
or dos. th.; 3. p.-o; p. Jaia.. mod, 

Jdgwenvma, {nin) a. v. an. I think 
he is weak, ( not stout and strong;) 
3. p. oJag^.n; y.iaia..mad. 

Jagwenimoa,{m/n) a. v. an. I discotir- 
age him, I make him fear; 3. p. o 
jag. .n; p.; imp. jagwentmo* 

Jagwenimotagos, (nin) n. v. I ask ex- 
cuse for not being able to do s. th., 
or, that I don't dare say or do s. 
th.; 3. p.--^; Tp,jaia..sid. 

Jagwenindis, {nin) r. v. I fear myselt, 
I am afraid of my bad disposition; 
3. p.-o; 'p.jaia..8od. 

Jagwiton^ {nin) a. v. in. I weaken it; 
3. p. ojag...; -p.^aia-.tod. 

JdgwiWy {mn) n. v. I am weak, (^iot 
stout and strong;) 3. p.-t; -p. jaia.. 

Jagmwimagad^ n. v. it is weak, im- 
potent ; ^.jaia. .gak. 




Jaiagodeedy p. s. av coward, poltroon; 

JdidWf adv. Ot. S. 6h^aidh, 

Ji^ioM'inadisiwm^B. 0t. S. Owaiako- 
Umadisimn. \ 

JfiMM niadinddis, n. y.^^. S. Gwa- 
iak nin himadis* \ 

Jai4, or jajaUy adv. Ot. SrHiiwija. 

Jcuifwa^ ot jaiegwmy adv. alreaHir. 

JdjCLgoshhin^ (nm) a. v. in. I drush 
It with my foot or body; 3. p. o)f(ij 
».; -p.jaia.^ang, 

JajagoMcmoa^ {nin) a. v. an. I crush 
some an, object with my foot or 
body; 3. p. o jaj..n; ^.jaia..wad. 

Jajdskagaamu {nm) n. v. 1 walk with 
m^ toes turned outside; 3. p. l.;p. 
4^,. mid. 

JoijaMindjiqet {nin) n. v./r^. I prac- 
tise chanty, I do often works of 
charity, I give alms, 1 am benefi- 
cent; 3. p. l.;p.j€j..ged. 

Jajawendjigemn, s. habitual charity, 
alms-giving, beneficence. 

Jajawinindimm^ {nin) com,Y,freq. 
S. Jawinindinmi. 

JiMibaammi {nin) n^ v. I breathe by 
long intervals, with long pauses; 
3. p.-o; '^.jej..mod. 

Jajioawassahweiay or magady u. v, a 
clearing, or clear place, is seen 
through the woods; "pjej^iagj or- 

Jajibendamy{nin) n. v. I am patient 
at work, persevering; 3. p. 1.;. p. 

Jajxhendamowiny s, patience, perse- 

Jajibitamy {nin) n. v. I will not list- 
en or obey; 3. p. 1.; ^.jej..ang. 

Jakdgonaga,u. v. the snow is soft or 
watery, (from thaw-weather;) p. 

Jakdmy (nin) n. v. I put in my mouth 
somettiing eatable; 3. p.-o; p.^*«- 

Jakamouy {nin) a. v. in. I put it in my 
mouth to eat it; 3. p.-o^a/fc...; p./^- 
himod. — Nin jdkamon wUoMy J 
put meat in my mouth to eat it. 

Mtamanan^ {nin) a. v. an. I put 
some an. obj. in ray mouth to eat 

it; 3. p. « jdk...; p. Jekamed, {\f. 

Coii}.y^Pakwejigan mn jaJMono- 

nan, I put bread in my mouth to 

eat it. 
Jahamona, {nin) a. v. an. I put 8. th, 

eatable in his mouth; 3. p. oJah,Ji; 

Jakfipoy ot-^ma^ad, u. v. soft watery 

snow is foiling; p. jaia..ogy or-ma- 

Jang, abridged fMOUkJangastwi, nine. 
Jdngatsimidana,, n, ninety. 
JangassimidanaJc, n. ninety hundred , 

(nine thousand.) 
Jdngas8imidanahosiminy{nin) nam. 

V. pi. we are nine thousand in 

number; ^.jaia.^8idjig. 
JdngasdirmdanakiDachmy num. v. pi. 

in. there are nine thousand tn. 

Jangassimidanawemin, (nin) num. 

y. pi. we are ninety in number; p. 

Janga8dm%d^m>atD0wan,nixak, v. there 

are ninety in. objects. 
Jangasso, num. nine, (before sub- 
stantives denoting hkasube; of 

time or of other things. ) 
Jangatsobidonan. {nin) 
Jangassohina* {nin) 
Jangassobinag. {nin) 
Jangussogamigieimin. {nin^ 
Jangossogisisswagis. {nin) 
JangatsogwanagU. {mn) 
JangoMoJcandn. {nin) 
Jangassdshimag. {nin) 
Jangassdskimin. {mn) . 

Jangasaoaaitonan, ima>) 





Jangaswimckgj oi jangou&wcnktgad, 


Jf(mff(U8wakosimin. (aw») 






J^^dbidonan^ etc., always chang- 
ing in English, two into nine*^ as: 
NijobarUmnd^j twice ( or two times ) 
a handfaL Jemgattsebamnmdjf nine 
times a handful. — J^^obiaonan, 
(win) /tie two together. Jan^asso- 
Udonant{mn) I tie nine together. 
Nij6bimtj{nin) I caught two fish- 
es. — J<mga886lma, {mn) /caught 
nine fishes; and so on respectively. 

Jdngaaswij n. nine. 

Jdngntehimm, {nm) num. v. pi. an. 
we are nine; 3. ^.jangcttch^ag. 

Jangatching^ n. nine times; the ninth 

Jangakking rMdaswoak^ n. nine thou- 

Jof^atchmonj num. v. pi. in. there 
are nine {in. obj.) 

Jangendjiged, p. s. a. he that hates, 
an enemy, fiend; pi .-;/»^. 

Jangw^she, s. mink; [C. foutreau;] 
pi. -wag. 

JanmveahenSf s. dim. a young minki 

JttshaiKPalngifiiffadet oi-^-magadt u. v. 
freon it is twisted together of sev- 
(Bral threads; p. jaid..deg, or-wMt- 
gcbk. ' 

Jathabwaibiginigany s. cord, string or 
line of sereral threads; pl.-OiW. 

JaMbtoabigmigej {nin) n. v. I twist 
sereral threads together in one 
string or cordj 3. p. l.i'^.jaia..ged. 

JashagasJbkadekmho^^ s. a kind of 
crooked knife, pL-aw. 

Jashdgcfwashkoaisn, s. a kind of 
green frog; id[.-^. 

J<uhdgl, 8. stcnrch; pl.-^a^. 

JoBhebgidjam/t^ (n^) n^ v. my nose is 

turned up; [F.Vai le ncz retrous- 
se;] 3. p. 1,: p.jaia..ned, 

Jdskdgimgadey {nin) n. y. /am bare* 
legged, I have no leggings on; 3. 
f. l.'yj^. jsfia^^ded. 

Jashdgmindibe, (mA)n. v. I am bare- 
headed; 3. p. 1.; p.Jaia..had, 

Jdahdginmikey ( nin ) n. v. I am bare- 
armed^ my arms are naked; 3. p. 
1.; T^.^a4a..hed. 

Jdskdgtnimndjiy (nin) n. v. I have 
bare hands, I have no mittens nor 
gloves on: 3. p. 1.; p. jaia..djid. 

Jdshdginisiaei (nin) n. v. I am bare- 
foot; 3. p. 1.; ip.jaia.4ed. 

Jashdaitay (»*»)n. v. / am bent 
backwards; 3. p, 1.; p.jaia..tad. 

Jdshdgodjaneshiny (nin) n. v. / hurt 
or bruise my nose by falling; 8. p. 

Jdahagondibitvay (nin) a. v. <wt, I 
crush or bruise his head; 3. p. oja 
,.n; 'p.Jaia..wad;im^.Ja..dtb6. 

Jdskdgottindjfiganandttt (nin) r. v. I 
hurt or bruise my finger or hand, 
(striking with a hammer, etc.) 3. 
p.-d/ p.faia..9od. 

Jdshdgoiwndjiehkosy (nin) n. v. my 
hand (or finger) is wounded or 
bruise4 by s. th, that fell upon it, 
or 8. th. that catches my hand or 
finger; 3. p.-o; p.jaia..8od. 

JdshdaoskkoSy (nin) n. v. I am crush- 
ed, hurt or oruisedby •. th. that 
fell upon me; 3. p.-o; p. jaia..9od. 

JatkagoshJsosowin, s. bruise ; [F. 

JashagosideshkoSf (nm)n. y. my foot 
is bruised by s. th. that fell upon 
it; 3. p.-o; ]>.Jaia..sod, 

Jashagwdbewisy (nin) n. v. I am e- 
maciated, I have nothing but the 
skin and the bones; [F. je suis d^. 
charne;] 3. p.-*'; ip.jada.Md. 

Jdshdgwama. (nin) a. v. an. I chew 
some an. object; 3. p. o ia..n.; p, 
jaia..mad. — Msema nin jathagwa' 
may I chew tobaccd. 

Jashagtvamigiwe, (nm) n. v. I am 
chewing pitch; 3. p. 1.; p. Jaia.. 

JaskagtooncUtn^ ^nin) (jat^agondcm^ ) 




a. V. m, I chew it» (tfi* olJO 3« p. 
ojash. ..; p,jaia..,an{fn 

ject that 18 chevrdd, as pipwy 

Sitch; or oM^mo, tobacco, qoid. — 

Ja^liagwand^gim^ s. «'». object tba' 
is cnewed ; pL-aw-. 

Jdshdgwandjige, {nin) (Jashagcn- 
4/^e,) n. V. I chew, I raminate; 3. 
p. 1.; ]^,jaia..ged, 

Jashawabashi mUig^ n. v, 3. p. the 
tree bends by the wind: ^jaia^.id, 

Jdahdwdbissc^ ox-magaa^ n. t. it 
bends; -^.jaia^teg^ or-magiik. 

J(uhawa!imissi.n.. swallow, (bird;) 

Jdshdweia^ OT^-ma^adf u. v. it is 
sauare; ip. jaia.Aoai on-^magak. 

Jomingd, This worn cannot be giv- 
en in English with a corresponding 
word It emplies jeproach and 
disapprobation. — Gi-^a na *jmA- 
ime anamiewiaamigong guanami- 
eg^ioak? — Jasnmgd ta-ya. Did thy 
brother go to church last Sunday? 
O no! he is very far from going 
there. JM na hi widigemagan? — 
Jaakmgd iorobi* Is thy . husband 
at home? — O no! he is almost never 
at home. 

JaeMngufmgweidis, (nm) r. t. I 
bruise my face; 3. p.-o; p. jaia.. 

JaMngmngwlway {nin) a. v. cm. I 
bruise his face; 3. p. o ja8h.-n\ p. 
jeia^.voadi itnp.jchgio^, 

Jawdgina, (m») a. v, on. I bend a 
young tree or a rod growing; 3* p. 
jaw.Jt; ip.jeiffoginad. 

JawdgmaHi {nin) a. v. in. /bent it. 
(wood, in. standing;) 3. p. ojaM...\ 

Jdwa% s. south; Jdwanong^ in the 
south, to the south^ from the south. 

Ja/tcanaamog (animikig\ n. v. 3. p. 
pi. it thunders in the south. 

Jawanobkumd^ u. v. the ckmds come 
from the south; ^.Jaia..wxk. 

Jdwanihineshi, s. south-bird, bird 
coming from tto aouthf pL^io^. 

/dtoontMMi, ti« V. the raia eooMC 
fiom. the south; 'p.jaia.j§ag* 

JdftHuwnodim^ e. southwind. 

Jdwamnodit^ u. v« tiie wind comM 
from the south; ^.jwUt^mg, 

Jawanong n o ioti t g, towards tks 

JoMindagosj (ntn)B. ▼. I am happy, 
I am lucky, prosperous, forUmate; 
also, I take H. Commonien; 3. p. 

Jawendctgonmn, a, happineas, good 
luck, prosperity, chance; also, Ho- 
ly Communion. 

Jmoendamidtey {nm) n. v. I have a 
charitable heart; 3. p. 1..; ^.jtm.jei. 

Jawendamidsewinj s. chantabla, dis- 
position of nund,beait-felt charfty. 

Jaw&ndamigaTUWfabanMt, {nin) a. v. 
/looK upon him with mercy; 3. p. 
ojav>..n; ip.jew..mad^ 

Jawindafn^agoSf {nin) n. v<. I make 
a speech, a petition or a prayer, is 
order to excite pity and mercy 
upon me; 3. p> -4; p. jevhMd. 

Jamindamitawaj {nin) a. v. an. I 
hear him with pity and mercy, / 
grant his petition having pity on 
him; 3. p. ojaw..n; -p.^eicwad. 

JaiwMAn^ {nin} a. v. in. I havs 
pity on it, 1 do charity to it, I ben- 
efit it; 3. p. ojaw...^ '^. jewind<m§. 
— Wedaj^naaig anamiemn. o jauh 
endan wiiaw; he that takes reli- 
gion, does charity to himself, (to 
his body, that is, to bis own per- 

Jauf€'ndjige^'Mn)n.'^ /have mercy 
or pity, / practise charity, / be- 
stow a benefit; 3. p. 1.; ^,Jew..ged. 

JawindjigewiHj s. mercy, pity, char- 
ity, compassioot beneficence; bea- 
ent, grace, divine grace. 

Jmoinima, {nin) a. v. an. I hx^e 
mercy or pity on him, / doidm 
charity, /benefit him, /haye com- 
passion with him; 3. p. ojaw^'.n;^. 

Jaip4ninddmM^j {nin) off^nin j^tm" 
enindimin^ com. v. we have pity 
on each other, we do charity toene 
I another; p. ^WxUc&i^ 

im i^ 


on myseiL /benefit ayself ; 3. p.-o; 

''JdaifdndMii^ or iajenoewindiwitty i. 

mutual and habitual charity, char- 
ity bestowed on sdyeral. 
Jawimngej (nm) n. v. S. Janffendfiffe. 
^/au4n4Hgewin,B. S. Jmoend^igewin. 
mfino^skkdn, {fUn) a. v. in. J bend it; 

3. p. o/«...; p.,^. .ang* 
^aoDisMawa^ hun) a. t. on. / bend 

some an. obj.; 3. p. oja/w.jt; p. Jew 

Jawishldsdn mashkogeiw, n. ▼, the 

herb or g^raes is bent, trodden 

down, or beaten down by heavy 

rain; y^.jm$.Mn(i. 
«74^, adv. this mornin?. 
J^6de^ 8. spoon-bill, (bird;) [O. Loeifel- 

gans;] pl^. 
^6gdkiiv}ena, inin) a. v, a/n. /put 

«ome <m. obj, in the fire; 3. p. ojeg 

.ill; ip.JaUg..nad. 
J'igohinjendny (nin) a. v. in. I put it 

m the fire; 3>* p. o jeg...\ p. jaie., 

Jigona^ {nini) a. v. an. I put or 

■ thrust it in, {an. obj, ) 3. p. o j^:. 
n\ p. jaAi. .ad. 

Jeaonan, (nin) a. v. in. /put or 
thrust it in, {in. obj. ) 3. p. o Jeg.. . ;^. 

Jig&nindjidfin, {nin)n. v. /thrust 

■ « splinter in my hand, ^not pur- 
posely;) 3. p, 1.; p.jaU..tng, 

J}^08hhmlidfinj{nin)n»v. /thrust 
a spHnter under my nail, (acci- 
dentally;) 3, p. l.;p.^'a*^..^«^. 
• Jigosidedjiiiy {nin} n. v. /thrust a 
splinter in my foot,(unpurppsely;) 
8. p . 1 . ; -p.jaU. .ing. 

JigoaaAgvftd^n, {nh) n. v. /thrust 
a thorn in some part of my body; 
3. p. l.;p.^'a^^. 

Jegwakosmesae^ {nin) n. v. I put m 
foot in an opening, my foot slide 
in ; 3. p. \.\p.jaU..aei. 

Jeiahonamawa^ {nin) a. v. em. I open 
it to him; 8. p. ojeia^.n; p.jaieiak.. 

Jtkthoisini n. v. it is opened, there 
is an opening; f.JaieiaJso9iinff, 

Jeidk&stikmy (mn) a. v. in. I leave it 
open ; I make an opening, 3. p. o 
jei^,. ; p.Jaieiakotsitod, 

Jijawigad^sKka^ {nin) n. v. my feet 
and legs become flexible and warm 
again ; [F. mes jambes se d^gour- 
dissent 3 3. p. 1. ; p.jaiej.Jcad. 

J^awiahkc^y {nin) n. v. I become 
flexible and warm again; [F. Jeme 
degourdie;] 3. p. 1.; jt,jae^,.kad. 

JihaJhwaanhf {nin) n. v. I go to the 
woods on a trail; 3. p. 1.; p. jaiih, 
fl«^« . - 

Jestts Kristj Jesus Christ, 

Je»u9 od on^inagMiwin, the Trant^ 
figuration of Jesus Christ, 

Jems od yinikasawint the Name of 

JesiLs kihinoamaganan^ a disciple 
(Or the disciples) oi Jesus Chnst, 
an Apostle, or the Apostles. 

JSwabikaan Mtoabiht (nin) a. v. in. 
I make sound a piece of iron ; 3. 
n.ojew... 5 p. jatewdbiJtaang. 

tHoa , in compositions , signifies 
through s. th^ durable^ perMoeriiig. 
( Examples in some ofthe follow- 
ing words.) ■ 

Jtba^ OT-^magadt u. v. there is a hole, 
a gap : p.Jabagi ox-magak. 

Jibahigibidonf {mn) a. v. in. 1 extent, 
stretch, expand it, by pulling ; 3. 
p. ojib^.. ; 'p.jah..dod, 

J4babigibinay (nin) a. v. an. I extent 
or stretch out some an. obj. by 
pulling; 3wp, <>^.»»; lo. jab..naa. 

JihabikiUtni n*y. iti» durable, (some 
in. obj. of metal;) 

JfbdbiMa, ot-magad, u. v. it ex- 
tends, it expands ; p. jab..hagi or> 

Jihadaanj {nin) a. t. in. I expand 
it; 3. p. ojib... ; ^jab..ang. 

Jibada/wat {nin)- h. v. a/n. 1 expand 
some cm. obj. {jonOat silver) 3. p. 
ojib..n;p.jab..wad ; imp.^fl^. 

Ji}>ad4^{nin) n. v. I can endure much 
cold; 3. p. jibadji ; p.Jabadjid. 

Jihdiahamai {nin) a. v. an. I see 
him (or loo^ at him) through a 
telesoop», (a parson, or any other 




frikmi, adv. 

an, object ;) 3. p. a^.* ; p.^oJ.. 

Jtbaiahandan, (ami) a. v. in. I tee 
it (or look at it) through a telee- 
^ cope or; 3. p. ojib... ; p. 

Jwdiahcmdjigant a. spy-glass, teles- 
cope; pl.-<wi. 

Jihmah<mdjige^{^vm)xi. v. I am look- 
ing through a spy-glass ; 3. p. 1. ; 
~ jab..ged. 

. dv. through. 
•tjigasAmn) n.^. I am pierced, 
stabbed through ; 3. p.-o; p. jab,, 

Jihan, u. V. it is tough ; [F. c*est co- 
riace;] p.Jabang. 

Jihandbawet (win) n. ▼. I can be a 
long time under water, I am a good 
diver; 8. p. 1.; ^,jdb„W€d. 

Jibanam, (nin) n, v. 1 can be a long 
time without breathing, without 
taking respiration; 3. p.-c^; p. job,, 

Jibandmos, (mn) n. v. I can endure 
much smoke ; 3. p.-o; ^,jab..8od. 

Jibanandam^ (^nin) n. v. I can endure 
much starving, I can be a long ti- 
me without eating; 3. p. l.;p.^.. 

Jihamhejigasi (nm) n, v. I have a 
pierced arm, my arm is pierced 
through^* 3. p.-o; ^.jalb,.m, 

Jihanindjijigast inin) n. v. my hand 
is pierced through; 3. p.-o; p. job., 

JibafMidejtaae, (nin} n» v. my foot is 
pierced through ; 3. p.-o ; p. jab,, 

Jibai6ig, s. passage or channel for 
canoes or Boats, between islands ; 

Jthawasse, dT-magadt u. v. S. Jiba- 

JibawassHaady u. v. it is thin, trans- 
^rent, (gauze or other stuff;) p. 

Mojwassiigin , s, any transpar^t 
stuff or texture, as.gauze, etc. ; pi. 

Jibawasaoy n. v, 3. p. it is transpar- 
ent, {an, Bti:tff»)p. j«^..«o(2. 

J Vw wa t e^ ^-magad^'U. y.J^ is tnnS' 
parent, thijB^( stuff;) p,Jab,.tegj or- 

Jfib&ia^ ofHn»§ads u. ▼. it is clear (in 
the woods,) there is no brush- 
wood, no underwood; ^, jabeiag, 

Jibendamy {nin) n. v. S. Jajibendaim. 

JibendamomnfS. 6. Ja^iberuktmowm. 

Jibif (nm) n. y. I stretch myself ; 3. 
p. 1. ; p.Jabid, 

Jtbidmafmoent{nin) n. v. I show the 
tongue ; [F. je tire la langue ;] 3. 
ID. -4; p. jab.,md, 

Jtbigaden, (nm) n. v. I stretch out 
my leg or legs; 3» p.-t ; p.jah..itid, 

Jibigika^ {nin) n. v. I am always yet 
vigorous in my old age; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Jwigissiny u. v. it is durable, (wood;) 

Jwinamsi (nin) n. v. I am hardy, my 

bodily constitution is durable ; 3. 

P'-*i V'iab..sid, 
Jmngwash, (nin) nw, I sleep 8<^ly, 

I am easy to be awakened; 3. p.-«; 
, jab.. id, 
mke&odAxn^ (win) n. v. my arm is 

stretched and hanging down; d. p. 

1.; V,jdb„ing. 
Jibimkeni (ndn) n. v. I stretch out 

ray arm; 3. p.--t ; -p.jalh.nid. ' 
JifnmketoMaf {nin) a. v. on. I stretch 

my arm out towards him ; 3. p. o 

jiS..n : p. jaib.'Wad, 
Jibinina^f (nin) n. v. I stretch out 

my hand, or my finger ; 3. p.-t ; p. 

Jtbishin, {nin) n. v. I am lying etret- » 

ched out; 3. p. 1.; p,jabtshinff, 
Jibisi, n. V. 3. p. it is tough, («»u obi.) 

§, jabisid.T^ibisi wawashieshi; the 
eer is tough, (the deer-meat.) 

Jibissin, u. v. it is tough ; it is dur- 
able; p. ^'a^M«^. 

Jibitawagmnat {nin) a. v. an, I pull 
his ear ; 3. p. QJ%b.,n ; •p,idb.,nad. 

JigdyB, widower; widow; pl.-^. 

Jigaagand^ H. v. it is thin, (liquid;) 

JigadkiMt OT-^magad, or, jigaabtoeim^ 
oT-magad, u. v. the wood or forest 





16 ciear^ ligb^timbered; ^^ Jogjog, 

JigawmMony (^mn) ii.\L,m.l make it 

thin, (liquid;) 3. p* ojiff...; p. jag.. 

Jtgaddnagidon, (mn) n. v.l am tired 

of telling the same thing so often ; 

3. p. 1.; 
Jtffodindam, (nin) n. v. I am dis- 
gusted or tired of s. th. ; 3. p. 1. ; 


Jigadindamotoint :%. disgust, weari- 

Jigadenddiiy {fhm) a. v, in.. I am dis- 
gusted with it, tired of it ; 3. p.o 
Jig^..^ p.Jeg..cma. 

Jtgad^nimuy {nm) a. v. an. I am dis- 
gusted with him, tired of him; 3. 
p. oJig..n; ip.jeg..mad. . 

Jigadjwtay {mn) a. v. an. I am dis- 
gusted, or tired, of waiting for 
him; 3. p. oiig..n'tT^ 

Jigdc^ihii^, (nin) n. v. I am tired 
of writing; 3. p. 1. ; x>,j€g..ged. 

Jigdd/)88ey (nin) n. v. I am tired and 
disgusted of walking (so long or 
so much ;) 3. p. 1. •fja.jeg..s6d. 

Jigdgawanjy a. an. garUc ; [F. ail ; G. 
Knoblauch.] FU-^g.-IStckiJigaga- 
tpai^y onion. 

JiffdgawoMJ meahkossiwidy pot-herb. 

Jtgaw^ {nin) n. v. I am a widower ; 
1 am^ a widow; a p*-« ; Ti.jagawid. 

JigawiwiUy s. widowhood. 

Jigmdwissj a. worm, (on or in the 
ground ;) pl.~a^. (Jf<i««j, worm in 
the tvood. Ogeidgim, worm in the 
tdly.) . ^ 

Jig^ngwanty («m) n. v. i piss in the 
bed during sleep ; 3. p. 1. ; ^.jeg.. 

Jicfitomy s. urine-bladder; pi. — a». — 

*rhere is always a possessive pro- 

. noun connected with this word ; 

Nmjigiwm^ hijiominy ojigiwin ; 

my, thy, his bladder. 

Jimomdboy s. urine. 

thgiwinagany a, piss-pot^ night-pot ; 

J%gibodjig(my a, xm. slab of a log 
sawn into boards ; pl.-o^. 

Jigoahigath a. the carcass of an am- 

mal; p\.-an. 
Jigoskin omapijiHy etc., here is the 
carcass of an ox, etc.; "p.jegashmg. 

Jigofkkadjigany s. an. husk of corn 

or wheat ground ; pl.-o^^. 
Jigoshtigwaneshkay (nm) a. v. an. I 

crush his head ; 3. p. o jig..n ; p. 

Jigosigigoy n. v. 3. p. the fish is soft, 

(too tender;) ^.jegoaid. 
Jigosse. or-magady u. v. there are 

dregs; p.Jagossegy ox-maadk. 
Jigota ginebigy n. v. 3. p. the serpent 

moults, he changes his skin; p. 

Jt^ay adv. S. Jaigtoa. 
Jigwakados, {nin) n. v. I have the 

comsumption, 1 am hectic ; 3. p.- 

Jigwamea, a. stockfish : pl.-^<M^. 
Jigwanahiky s. an. grinastone; hone; 

Jigwande min y u. v. the whortle- 
berry (bilberry) is very ripe; p. 


^Igwanso mishmminy n. v. 3. p. the 

raspberry is very ripe ; '^.J€g..9od, 
Jigwjapingwan€y the upper white part 

ot ashes. — Jigwapingwaneng nind 

apdtendagos ; I am but ashes. 
JigweidbaTna, {nin) buv. an.l aim at 

him, (with a gun, etc-) 3. p. ojin., 

Jigwimbandan, {nin) a. v. in. I aim 

at it, (with a gun, etc. ;) 3. p. o 

Jtgvoiiahandjigey {nin) n. v. I aim at; 

Jijtbassaguowagnabagissagogy n. v. 

3. p. pi. the boards shnhk dry* 

ing; p. Jej. .sodjig. 
J^dbiany {nin) a. v. in. I rub it with 

s. th. ; I rub s. th. on it ; I paint it 

over; 3. p. om...; p.j^..ang. 
Jijobiiqany a. salve, or any thing that 

is rubbed on s. th. ; al80> paint ; 

Jijdbiigey {nin) n. v. I am rubbing 
8. th. with s. th. ; 3. p. L ; p.jej^s 




tP^tfbitffaj (mn) a. v. an. I rub him 
with 8. th., with a salve, etc. ; 3. 
p. ojij..n ; ^.jej..wad ; iaip.jijobi. 

Jijodakwaam, (nin) n. v. I walk on 
the border of a forest ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

JijocUwy adv. along the beach, along 

the lake-shore. 
Jijodiwaam^ {nin) n. v. I coast in a 

canoe or boat, (near the beach or 

shore); 3. p. 1. ; ^.j^..(mg, 
JijodiwCj (nm) n. v. I walk on the 

beAch, on the lake-shore ; 3. p. 1.; 

J4j(yiga80 pahw^igan, n. v. 3. p. the 
bread is buttered; p.j^,.8od. 

Jijoham, {nin) n. v. I tread into 
dirt, (human excrement;) 3. p. 1.; 

Jijokiwedn^ {nm) a. v. m. I pitch it 
over, (a canoe or boat;) 3. p. o 

Jijokiweigan, s. brush to pitch with, 

pitch-brusn; pi.-a». 
JijoHweige, {mn)n. v. I am pitching 

over, (a canoe or boat ;) 3. p. 1. ; 

i/€jawa pakw&iigany {mn) a. v. ^n. I 
Dutter bread ; 3. p. ojij.^n ; p./e- 

Jikdg, s. polecat, fitchat, fitchew, (a 
stinking little beast ;) p\.-wag. — 
From this word is derived the na- 
me of the City of Chicago. —Jtka' 
gong^ at Chicago, to or from Chi- 

Jmbdgan, s. lance : pl.-aw. 

Jimdgafiuh^ s. soldier ; pl.-^r^. 

Jimdganishi-odetba, s. a military 
fort ; p\.-^/?an. 

Jimdgawishi-ogimat s. a military of- 
ficer ; pl-T^. 

Simdaamski^wahazganj s., casera> 
(soldier's house ;> pl.-an. 

Jinmoddkohwe, n. v. 3* p. it sounds, 
{m. obj.^ of metal ;) 
Kitchi jinaukokwe aw akih : that 
.kettle has a strong sound, (when 

Jitiaiodbimbidonj (nin) a. v. in. I 
make sound iron, (or other mi mdt- 

al,) hy mov^it | 3. p. ojin... ; p. 

J^iwwabikibina^ {nin) a. v. an. \ 
make sound some a»w obj. of met- 
al, by moving it, as jonha, silver ; 
^. p. o^^n; p.jign.Mad. 

JmawdMkiskin, n. v. 3. p. S. Sang- 

Jinawabikiaaet OT-magad, u. v. S. 

Jinawaodjigan, s. small globular bell; 
[F. grelot ;] pl.-<m. 

Jimmaod4ige^ {nifh) n^v. I produce 
a sound with some object of met- 
al ; 3. p. 1 • p.^'e»..^. 

JinamwaoTb^ (nm) a. v. in, I make it 
sound, (metal ;) 3. p. o jin^.. ; p. 

J%nawey s. rattle^snake ; pl.-^. S. 

Jinawe, or-magad, u. v. it rattles ; p. 
^laaoegy oi-^magah. 

JvvavmsBy ox-^magady u. v. it rolls 
round, ( inside of some hollow ob- 
ject,) it rattles insiide ; p. J^n^^seg, 

Jinavmmdnany {nin) a* vw in. I make 
it rattle in something; 3. pw ojin...^ 

Jwddgant s. sickness, pestilence. 

JinaadmyhkiJoan, s. a kind of turtle ; 

Jingadenan, {nin) a. v. in. I s^ffead 
it out, strew it; 3. p. ojin..,; p.Jan., 

^nay {nm) a. v^ a». I spread 
out or fitrew some an^ ob^*.; p. Jang. . 
nad. — Opinig nm m-jingadenag 
omat tchi hassowad ; I will sprsaof 
out here potatoes, that they may 

Jiiigademgey {nvn) n. v. I spread out^ 
strew ; 3. p. 1./ p.jan..ged. 

JingadieslMh. n. v. 3. p. some &n. obj. 
lies spread out or strewed yp.jan.^ 
ingt money is spread out on the ta> 

JfngadMkkmey or-0ki^a4, u. v. a lit* 
tie of s. th. is spread on the bot^ 
torn of a vessel ; p. jan^^ntg^ qiv 


IW m 

tHitffad^tt^, tr. tr. Mim spread out 
or strewed, (fe. obj.) p. jan».ing, 

t/mgadetifebaant {mn) a. v. i^i. I 
spread it, I strew it : 3. p. «? Jig. 
p.jang4,an^'^Piiih9me fUnjingOr 
dewebikm hiUgamng ; I strew oxen- 
dung over the field. 

Jir^aha'/Mga, at-fnagad, u. v. there 
is a level country, even ground, no 
hills : p>jeiu.gagy ox-^n%agah. 

JinigeniCiago8^{mrh) n. v. I am hate- 
ful, odious, abominable ; disagree- 
able, unpleasant ; 3. p.-^; p. Jaw.. 

JNngmdagoviwm^ s. the state of be- 
ing hateful, abominable. 

Jinfrndagwedf u. v. it is hateful, 
abominable, odious ; it is disagree- 
able, unpleasant ; ^.jan,.wak. 

Jfingendamawai (niiy) a. v. an. 1 hate 
8. th. belonging or relating to him; 
3. p. oJin„n ; p.ja/n..wad. — Kawin 
win mnjingmimassij od ijiwebisi- 
lom 0$a wm jingendamanffd ; I don't 
hate him, I only hate his con- 

Jingendamovomf s. hatred, ^towards 
some in. 6t^,) 

Jtngendan, (mn) a. v. in. 1 hate it, I 
detest it 7 3. p. ajin.^^. 

Jingendjige^{mn) n. v. I hate, I am 
enemy, adversary; 3. p. 1. ; p. Jan.* 

^vngendjigesh^j {nin) n. v. I am in a 
•haHt of hating, of bearing hatred 
in mv hearty 3. p.-^ ; p. jan..hid. 

Jinq&ncljigeshkvmn^ s. the bad habit 
ox hating, habitual hatred. 

JiTtgemdjiomi/ii^ b. hatred, (towards 
people,) enmity, antipathy. 

Jitngenimd^ {nin) a. v. an. I hate 
him, I detest him, ( a person, or any 
other an. obj.) 3. p* o jin..n; p. 
jan.jtMfd. • ■ 

JingenindinUnt {nin) com. v. we 
hate each other ; p.jan,.didjig. 

JingenindiSf (nin) r. v. I hate my- 
self^* 3. p. ^ ; p. Jan. .sod. 

JingenindMny s. mutual hatred ; 
hatred of several persons. 

tTmgibm, s. a kind of wild duck ; [0. 
of in- 

Hammation, crileA a wMtlow ; pl.«* 

Jingimdmay («»«) a. v. an, I hat© the 
smell of some an. obj.; 3. p. ojin.. 
»; p. Jan..mad.-^Nin fingirmmm 
asaema ; ojingimaman gigdian. I 
hate the smell of tobacco; he h&tes 
the smell of fish. 

Jingimdnhdaait {win) a. v. in, I hate 
the smell of some ^. obj. ; 3. p. o 
jin.,.'y p . jan, ,ang. ^Kijingtman^ 
dan na gigo-iimide? Dost then 
hate the smell of fish-ml ? 

Jingin^, {nin^ n. ▼. / stretch oiit 
my arms ; also, my arms hang 

pouk d'«au i also, a kind 

down ; 3. p. I.;«d. 

Jingim3c«by (m») n. v» 1 am sitting 
with down hanging arme ; 8. p.-*; 

Jinginikeossej (nin) n. v. I walk with 
down hanging artns ; 3. p; 1. ; ^*;».. 

Jingigkimot {nin) a. v. an. 1 lay or 
put himdowfi, (a person, or any 
other an. obj.) 3. p. ojin*,n ; p.jen.^ 

Jingishiny imn)n. v. I am lying down; 
3. p. 1.; 

Jingiehiiwmagady n. v. it is lying 
there ; Tp.jen..gaik. 

Jingikigo8f (nin) n. v. I amdisagree» 
able in my speaking, they aon*t 
like to hear me, my speaking is 
hated ; 3. p.-» ; p. jbt»..«W. 

Jinaitagwadt u. v. it sounds disagree- 
ablOj the sound of it is hated ; p.. 
^mh. .Wok. 

Jtngiianj {nin) a. v. in- 1 bate tO' 
hear it ; I don't like the sound of 
it ; 3. p. o jin...; p.jangi6a/ng. 

Jingttami. {nin) a. v. a/n.. I don't like 
to hear him, I hate bis speakinf % 
3* p. ojihg..n ; p.y<m..t«i5. 

Jing6b, s. an. any Mnd of fir-tree j 

JmgdtHtbOj s. beer made of fir- 
branches, spruce-beer. KitcMjir^ 
gebahoy beer. 

Jingobakcn^ s. an. branicb of the fir- 
tree ; pl.~a^. 

JingiMgwhy s. shelter or but made q£ 
fiyr-branches or b<ra^ \ pl«>-aM. 




Jmaoki^f (iMf» SI. V. JammBJaag a 

shelter or hut of fir-boughs ; also, 
I am under such a shelter ; 3. p. 1.; 
, jen,.ged. 

—U-g^jigad^Q, Palm-Sunday ;(F. 
nanche des'rameaaz.] 

Jmgdbms, s. 4m* dim. little fir-braach 
or cedar-branch ; pl.-fl^ 

JingofSf s. weasel ; pl.-^o^ 

'Jmgvxikf s. an, pine, pine-tree ; pl.- 

^mawiikcikiy s. pinery, pine-forest ; 

JingwakoM, s. a». dim. a young.pine- 
tree; pL-aw. 

Jinodagaaii s. line on the under and 
upper border of a fish-net; [O. mat- 
tre de r^ts^] pL-^a«. 

Jipingwandej ox-ma^ad^ u. v.; it is 
dyed ash-colored, it is ash-colored; 

-Jipmgwadissan, {nin) or^ nvnjijpmg- 
wanaaoi, a. y. m. I dye it ash>color- 
ed 4 3. p. ojvp^.; ^.jap.MH^. 

Jijpvygioaiiisso, OTjipingwassOf n. v. 3. 
p. it is dyed ash-colored, it is ash 
colored, ^an. obj.) ^. jap. .sod. 

MpingwadisBway {nin) or, nmjdping- 
•wawMay.'Bi. I dye it ash-col- 
ored, {an. obj.) 3. p. oj4p*.n ; p. 
jap^.toad; imp.^^..ii». 

Jiptngwaeige, (rnn) n. v. I dye ash- 
colored ; 3. p. 1..^ p.J€,p..ged, 

Jipingwigad', u. v. it is ash-color«d, 
< stuff ()p.^*ap,.^a^. 

Jipim.gmngw€, {jrwn) n. v, I have 
ashes on my face ; 3. p. L^ p. J^.. 

^iska/nashMbidon, {nin) a. v. m* I 
pluck it out, (herb, plant /) 3. p. o 
Jish.,.; p. jash.dod, 

J^Uih «• duck ; pl.-a^. 

JUhibaUht s. an. tea-pot ; ipL-og. 

jUhibanagu^nigofiy a. ramrod, bat- 
tering rod; [G. Ladstock;] pl.- 

Jishi^an/m, s. one grain of shot; pL-n. 
JieMbamoinSy s. one grain of small 

shot; pl.-on. 
Jiehibidmenj {nin) a. v. m. I stretch 

out the ^8 ^ 3. p.-« ; ja8h.,md. 
Jitihibigibidon, {mn) a. v. ^. I ex- 

pasflt^oc^st^oii it out m e^ety d^ 

recticn; 3. p. o jitl^.'j p. ^atHu, 

dod. . 
'Jiehihtgibmot {nm) a. v. on. I extend 

or stretch some an. obj. in every 

directicm ; 3. p. o .jUh.jn ; p. joA.. 

nod ; imp. jiM.Jm. 
•Jiahig, imn) n. v. /piss, / urine, / 

ma»e water ; 8. ^-i; p. j<uhigtd. 
Jishigadhoadpadet OT-$aagaa, u. v. it 

dscle^, or cleared," (in the woods 'yi 

Tp.jatb..degy oi-magah 
JitmgadfiAlcwei {nith) n. v. 1 am half 

bald ; 3. p. 1.; i^ 
Jiskigagowan, s. the matter vomited; 

[L. vomitus.] 
Jiahig^owe^ {nm) n. v- I vomit, I 

retch, puke; 3. p. 1.; p. jask..^ 

JVMgagoweOt {nin) a. v. on. I make 

him Tomit, I give him a vomitive, 

an emetic medicine ; 3. p. o ji8h..n; 
JishlgagcwesiganyS. vomitive, emet- 
ic medicine. 
Jiehigagowesway {ntn) a. v. an, S. 

Jishigagotoewinf s. Yom^tion, vomit- 
Jiehigdmetcanj, «. soft maple ;' £C. 

plaine ;] pl.-e». 
Juhigon4nd}amay (nin) a., v, an. I 

crush some an. obj. in my hand ; 

3. p. ojisk..n ; i^.Jesk..fna€L 
Jiah/^onindjandatiy {nm) a. v. in. I 

crush it in my hand j 3. p. ojisk... ; 

Jishigoaidama, {nin) a. y.un, /crush 

it with my foot ; 3. p. ojzsh..n ; p. 

Jtskigosidwndan, {nin) n. y. in. I 

crush it v^th my foot; 3. p. oji8h,..\ 

Jtshtgwama, {nin) a. v. an, ignaw 

some an, obj.; 3. p. ojish„n\ p. 

Jtahigwo/nj s. a gourd-bottle with 

some shot in, used by pagan In- 
dians to rattle with at their Grand 

Mediciae ceremonies. Pl.-ow. 
Jishigwandan, {nin) a. v. in. I gnaw 

it; 3. p. ojish..,; i^.Jeek„ang, 




■JinQay OT-magad, u. t. it is sour, acid; 

p.jcMoag^ or-^magak, 
-Jkwaibj (fiin) n. t. / have a pearl on 

my eye ; [G. ich habe den weissen 

Staar j] ^ / ja.JmooHd. 
Jiwabikj 8. alum ; [W. Alaun.} 
Jiwaibo, 8. vinegar, (soar U^hm.) 
Jivfdj^amMgan^a. maple-sirop. Eit- 

chijivoagimimgtmt mcdasses. 
Jiwan^ u./v. it is sour 4 it is salted ; 

t7tufa6f(mn;) n. v. S. Pa§kagiMi- 

Jiwibag^ s. «<«rel ; [6. Saneramp- 

fer ;] pl.-o». 
JiufUiy n. v« 3. p. it is sour, {an. obj.) 

^.jiOiwieid. — Mgtoa gi-ftmti fok- 

w^igan ; the flour got sour. 
Jivnsta^ (mn\ oty mn jiwiahima^ a. 

V. an* I make sour some wn. obj. ; 

3. p. oim..n ; "p.Jaw.^ad. 
JuffisnU%igany s. S. Ombia^UcJd- 

Juountdkigej (nin) n. v. I make soar 

s. th.; 3. p. 1.; ^.jmo..ged. 
JiMsfiton, (^nin) a. v. m,l make it 

sour ; 3. p. ojiuK*.; Tp.jaiuf.4od. 
Jiwifdgany s. salt. 
Jiwitaganaamage, {idn) n. v. I salt 

for people ; 3. p. 1.; p. jaw..gad. 
JPhoitaqanaamaiifa, {mm) a. v. an. 1 

salt lor him ; 3. p. jiw.jt; y.jaw.. 

ijoad. — Jaiffuta wbiwa nin pmtaO' 

a/naamavfa gig6ian ; I have already 

salted many fishes for him. 
JuoHaganaant {nin) a. v. in, I salt 

it, I pickle it ; 3. p. ojho... ; 'p.Jato., 

JiivUagamabo^ b. saltwater, brine; 

pickle ; [F. saumure.] 
JhoUaaanaigadei or-fnot^od, u> v. it 

is salted, pickled ; p.^mo.^, or- 

Jtwitaganaigasoy n. v. 3. p. he (she, 

it) is salted, (any an. ob}.).Tp.jaw.. 

Jiwitaganaige,(ain) n. v. I am salt- 
ing, I salt ; 3. p. 1.; ^.jaM..ged. 
J^wmaganaigewmy s. salting; [F; 

aalaison.] ^ ) 

Jiwitaga/na/woi {nin) a. v. gnp I jsalt 

or fickU some 4^0^44 3. |>« o/ficf.. 

n ; ip.Jaw..waA, 
Jiwttagani-gigd, a. salt-fish, salted 

fish ; pl.-fa^. 
JiAJoita^ani-kitchigami, s. ocean, sea. 
JiwUaganipogoti, n. v. 3. p. it tastes 

salted; (an. object 4) ^,jaM.4dd. 
JiwUa4i(mimgwadi a. v. it tastes salt- 
ed, (w*. object ;) ^,jwD..wik. 
Jiwiiaganiwanf u. v. it is salted, (ui. 

Jimtciganiwiy n. v. 3. p. it is salted^ 

(an. obj. ^ p.jaiw.,toid. 
JitDita>gaM^iuu9, s. salt-meat, salted 

Jkpit€n»at (nm) a. v. an* Q.Jvudna* 
JiwUon^ (nin) a. v. in. S. Jiwimton. 
Jobiay {mn) a. v. an. I tempt him, 

1 attract him; iS. p. jobian; p. 
Jdhitonj {nin) a. v. tn. I tempt or 

attract it; 3. p. ojdb...; "p.JwaUtod. 

— Kijdbuon nOa/w^ thou temptest 

Jdhii^e, (nin) n. v. I tempt; 3. p. 1.; 

Jobugeioin, s. temptation, the act of 

tempting, of attracting. 
Jdhiigony u. v. pers. it tempts me; 

3. p. oj(^...\ p.jwa..god. 
Jdhimowin, s. the ol^ect that tempts; 

pi. '-an. 
Jogamamagadf u. y. it is liquid, in a 

Uquid state; ^.jufa..gak. 
Jogamia jHgiw, {nin) a. v. an. I 

make pitch liquid; 3. p. ojog..nj p. 

Jo^amisifigiWi n. v. 3. p. the pitch 

IS in a liauid state; ^.jwa..da. 
Jogamitchgade, or -magadt u. v. it 

18 reduced or brought to a liquid 

state,, (some «». obj.) ^.Jwa..dsg, 

or -^magah. 
Joaamit(/nf {mn) a. v. *». I make it 

liquid ; 3. p. ojog... ; p. jtpa.,tod. 
J6ganamy (nin) n. v. I bietahe 

aeeply, (by surprise and astonish- 
ment, or from fatigue by vralking 

or working;) 3. p. -0; ^.jwa..moa. 
Jqjdhwad, u. v. it is slippery, (on the 

ice,'or on a frozen road;) p.Jwajm^ 





the air; p. jwa.,gak* 
Jomdnikey s. cm, copper-cOQt, a cent; 

Jomdn, 8. grape, raiain; pi. -a». 
Jammaho^ a. wine, 

Jom4ndbokan, s. place where they 
make wine; j^ress-hoase; pi. ^an, 

Jmmnabdke, {nm) n. v. I make wine, 
I produce wine; 3. p. 1.; ^.jtoam., 

Jcmimabdkewm, a. the work neces- 
aary to make or produce wine, 
production of wine. 

Jominabdketoininij a, vintner, pro- 
ducer Of wine, Tine-dresser, wme- 
presser; pi. -wag. 

JominagawanJ, s. dwi. pi. -^. S. Jo- 

Jomimmg^ s. vine; pi. -o». 

Jommgwen, {nin) n. v. or, nin Jojo- 
mingufen, freq. I have a smiling 
joyous countinance; 3. p. -i; p. 

JarM/ngvoetawa^ {nm) a. v. an, or, 
nm jt^omingwetawai freq. 1 show 
him a joyous smiling countinance, 
I smile friendly in looking at him; 
3. p. ojon. .«; p. jwa. .wad, 

J(mwn€baq^ s. vine-leave; pi. -ttn. 

Jommi-kUigcm, s. vineyard; pi. -nm, 

JomiwaMs^ (nin) n. v. or, nin jmo* 
miwadisifre^, I am joyous, joynil, 
gay; 3. J), -i; p.jwa..8id. 

JommadtiUcin, s. joy, gaiety, mer- 

Joniiaj s. <m. silver; money. 

Jbniikadan, (nin) a. v. in. I silver 
it, I plate it; 3. p. oJon...; p* 

Joniiahade. or -magady n. v. it is sil- 
vered, plated; ornamented with 
silver ; p. jw(m..deg^ or -magak. 

Janiidke, ?«w) n. v. I work in silver, 
I manufacture silver-ware, I am 
a silver-smith; 3. p. 1.; p.Jwa..ied. 

JonUaketainj s. manufacturing sil- 
ver-ware, occupation and trtde of 
a silver-smith. 

Jimiiakewminij a. silver^Mnith; pi. 

JonH^fiM^ ^. money-box, save; 
pl.-(?f>. ' 

Jonna^rnashJsif^odens, 8. dim. purse 
pi. -an, 

Joniiag, a. an. pL, ailver-money; 

pieces of silver. 
Joniiant, s. an. dim. shilling; pL-^. 
JohiiMoestindff, s. «m. breast-plate of 

silver, (Indian ornament;) pi. --eg. 
J<m^o^ «. French dog; pi. -^. Dim. 

Jofijoi(<ag$iny s.-pl. *^, S. Jtmjo, 
JohM'Oi/iiafbt* inin) a. v.*n. I polish 

it, (wood) I make it smooth; 3. p. 

oitf^h...; ip.nffa..ang, 
JSahkfiffaimt (itin) a. v. an, 1 p<dirii 

or siiioo^h some on. dbj.; 3. p. o 

jo8h.*n^ p. jwa..wad, 
JoMoniaanfS.S. Gandiwigan. 
JbgMkoniae, (nin.) n. v. S. Qandinigs. 
Jo8hkot<mgad6y or <^4nagad. u. v. it 

is polished, made smooth; p. fwa,, 

degy or -magak, 
JotkkcicMgan^ s. smoothing plane; 

pi. -an. 
Joskkotokigane, s. dim. small plane; 

[F. rabot;] pt wwj. 
JdsAkotchiget (ndn) n. v. I plane, 1 

polish,' I nnooth; 3. p. 1.; p. 
Jo^kffat or *-fnagady v. y« it is 

smooch, polished, even; it is 

slippery; p. yw«tA*t(!wi^, or -wwi^ik. 
Jaahiwdbiganadgan, s. trowel; [F. 

truellej[] pi. -nn, 
tUthhffwiganaigei (nin) n. v. I 

^astdr with a trowel; 3. p. l.;p. 

j6tMajoabikaa/iiy {win) a. v. in. I 

poolish or smooth it, (metal;) 3. p. 

o4osk...j 'p.jwa..ang. 
Jdshhwahikmoay (lUn) a. v, an. I 

polish or smootn some an. obj. of 

metal or stone; 3. p. ojo8k.Ji; p. 
JosAkwadaagany s. skate; pi. -a». 

*iiOTS, The twp fint tyllabtet in this and 
the following eeyen woras, could alto be 
'written joshkwa... But they are rather pro- 
nounced iofMco...; and therefore we write 




Jdshkufddaet (n^) n, v. / sk&te; 3. 

Jdehhwadome, {nin) n. ▼. I descend 

a hill sliding, / slide down-hill; 

3. p. 1.; T^.jwa8h*.toed» ^ 

JoehJewaigaigade, or -magady it is 

ironed with a smoothing iron; p. 
jv)cuh..deg^ or -magak. 
JdaKkwwigaigany s. smoothing iron, 

flat-iron; pi. -^n* 
JosKkwaigcsigey (nin) n. v. / flatten, 

/smooth with a smoothing iron, / 

iron; 3. p. 1.; p^jwa..ged, 
tTothkvMnibtia, or --Tnaaadj u. v. 

there is a flat smooth oroad rock; 

[F. il y a nn galet;J jp.jwaahJcagt 

or -moffak. 
Joshkwaton, {nin) a. v. in, I make 

it smooth; 3. p. ojoeh*.*; p. jwa». 

JoshhwigaaUy (nin) a. v. in, I iron 

it; 3. p. ojo8k.,.\ T^,jwa„<mg» 
Joshkwigawaf (m») a. v. an, I ir< 

■ome«9i. 6b(j« {wmtdU^ lilk, ribbon;) 
3. p. ojoek„ni p. jiDa„wad\ imp. 

j6«howab%d€, {nin) n. v. my teeth are 
set on edge; [F. j^ai les dents aga 
c^es;j 3. p. 1.; ip. jtD€uh..ded. 

JdUgane, (nin) n. v, 1 feel a weak' 
ness in my bones; 3. p. 1.; p.^'imi.. 

JdUganeoteej {nin) n. y, I can 
scarcely walk, I am weak, fa- 
ti^ied; 3. p. l*;p,jffa*.#rJ. 

JoifCTidam, (r^iri.) u. V. 1 am rnerry, 
joyouSj Tjeing- half drunk; 3. p< h; 

JofjCFfidaftwiirin, i* gaiety or joy ful- 
ness in half rtniukEncciB, 

Joi(fil4^ ( mn ) n . V. I mil h»lf dnink, 
1 am lipey^ 3, p, T.; T^JwawifmL 

Jdtt^titrin^ s. hiilf drtiUKPtinees* 

Ji!^!(t'finiHi.&* Jew; pi- -^a^, 
JndafKj. 3. JuJeti, at m JAjdea, froua 
ur tu judc^f 



iSome words which are not found under Kf*n-ajfde locked fi^rund^G, 


Kat adv. no, not. 

Ka awiia^ nobody; or nothing, no, 
none, (speaking oi(m.o^,\—Ka 
a/wiiajomia nmd a^awat8^•^ I have 
no money. 

JBTa gegOf nothing, no, none, 
(speaking of m. oh\,)—Ka gego 
fiMssant ki ga-gawadjwiin', there is 
no wood, we will freeze. 
£(1 mashiy not yet. 
KcL ningotchij no where. 
Ka wikaj never. 

Kabi-. This word is only used iw 
compositions, and signifies allj the 
whole; as : Xabi-hibonj ail winter; 
hdbi-ntbin, all summer; Tcabi-gijigt 
all day; Icabi-tibilc, all night. 

Kabiaii, adv. long, a long time. 

Kdbigifya/naniy (nin) n. v. I outlive 
yet this day, (a, sick dying person;) 
3. p. -4; p. 1ceb,.fn/id, 

KabesTbka/rbt {nin) a. v. in. I goto the 
end of it, (a period of time;) 3. p. 
o^a5...;p. keo..cmg, 

Kabisse, or -maaad, u. v. the time 
arrives;, p. Iceb^eseg^ or -magah. — 
Nishwaseogwan ga . hdbeaseg... ; 
when the eighth day was arrived,.. 

£ab4tibik(mam, (nin) n. v. I outlive 
yet this night, (a sick dying per- 
son;) 3. p. -i; p. k^»>mid. 

KdUtibikwe, {nm) n. v* I spend the 
whole night in...; 3. p. 1., p. leb.. 

Kdbik, in compositions, signifies 
paesmg, coming by. (Examples in 
some of the following words. ) 

Kab^Skagon, {nin) u. v. pers. it goes 
by me, it passes me; 3. p. o i&a6...; 
p. k^.,goa. 


Kc^bihiny (nin) a. v. in, I pass it, / 
go- farther; 3. p. o Jcdb..,; p. be- 

Xoinkawa^ Knin) a. v.- am,. I pass him, 
I go farther than he is; 3. p. o 
'kdb..n\ p. keb..wad. 

KabikoeBCj or -magad, u. v. it passes; 
p. Jseb.,S€gj or -magak. It passes 
noon, (it is more than twelve 
o'clock,) kahikoeee ncmdJcwe, or 

Kady leg. This word is always con- 
nected with a possessive pronoun; 
as: Mkddy my leg. Okddan, his 
legs. — The k is softened into g in 
compositions; as : Niogade^ he has^ 
four legs^ Nin dewigade, I have 
pain in my leg. Oibokogadeahin ^ 
he broke his leg, etc. 

Kadcbdjinhy {nin) n. v. 1 don't tell all 
of it, I conceal some in my report ^ 
3. p. -o; p. kaia..mod. 

JSadadjimotmoat (nin) a. v. an. I 
don't tell him tne whole of it, I 
make him an incomplete report^ 
3. p . kad..n; p. kaia..wad. 

Kddadjimomny s. incomplete report, 
where some circumstances are not 
told; pi. -an.- 

Kddaiaay (^nin) or, nin hddamawoi 
a. ▼. an. I hide or conceal it to 
him, I hide s. th. belonging or rel- 
ating to him; I don't tell or declare 
hims. th.; 3. p. okad...n; p. ka* 

Kdd^iqade, or -mamdy u. v. it is 
hidden, concealed, secret; p. ibata..< 
decfy or •magak. 

Kdaon, {nin) a. v. in. I hide it. con-^ 
ceal it, I keen it secret; 3. p. q 
kadon; p. kaidaod. 




JGtffjB. purcvptne^ (a kimf olimge 
hedge-hog;) pi. tdgwag.^-The h 
of this word i» softened into g, in 
compositions; as: Wabigagj a 
white porcupine.— Dim* hagonSy 
a young porcupinef pL-o^. 

KagabddUy {nin) n. v. I am very 
large; 3. p. -4; p. Jeeg.Md. 

Kagahddjibinay n. v. I catchy a very 
large fish in my net; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Kagdgi^ s. raven; [F. corbeau;] pi. 


Edgdgi^ s. an, uvula; [F. luette.] 
There is always a possessive pro- 
noun preifixed to this word; as : 
iVt?i iagagimy my uvula: M JcagO' 
gimy thy uvula, &c. (The final m 
18 the possessive termination. S.. 
Otch. Gram. Chap. II. Possess. 

Kagagisniby s. raven-duekf cormor- 
ant, (bird;) pi. -ag. 

£dgagiwcmj, s. cm. hemlock; [F.. 
pruc he ;] pi , -ig, 

Kagctgiwanjikiy s, hemlock-forest; 
^1. -^anr. ^ 

aacLgifwanjiwaho^ %^ hemlock-tea, 
(tea made by boiling little branches 
of hemlock in water. ) 

Kaga^iwihojy 8, raven's beak, (The 
Indians call so a kind of small iron 
lam^.) PL-^. 

KagiUrij adv. S. Mnigok. 

Kdgig^jSidj, perpetual, everlasting, 
eternal. This word is never used 
alone, it is always connected with 
a substantive or verb. (Examples 
in some of the following words,) 

Kagige IxMMdjiiddsowin, s. eternal 

Kagige himadimoUiy s. life everlast- 
ing, eternity. 

Kagige jawmdagomomy s. eternal 

Kagigiharmgy adv. perpetually ,eteni- 
aiuy, for ever and ever. 

Kdmm, adj. and adv. Ot. 9. Kagige, 

jEo^i^, adv. always, continually, 

KagtibwfiUi s. por£upine-quiU) (used 
by squaws for embroidering after 
the Indian fashion;) pi. -a«. 

KaawadjWy s. Porcupme Mountain, 
Lake Superior. 

KagwaiaUy s. am., the skin of a por- 
cupine; pl.-o^. 

Kaia^pf-Mmaiisid^ the Eternal. 

Kavadjigadegy-p. s. a. a hidden thing, 
secret, mysterjr; pl.-wt. 

Kaidkamisj (nm) n. v. S. Kahi- 

KaidkanMwinf a. Kakdmmewin, 

Kaiay or kaiasA. They say this word 
to children, to express that s.' th. 
is bad or dirty, 

Kakdhikay u, v. there is a cascade, 
a cataract, a waterfall over a steep 
rock; p. lcek,.hag, 

Kahabihangy in a place where there 
is a waterfall fat, to or from such a 
placer # 

KaMbikammy u. VrS. Kdkabika^ 

KaMbikedjiwaahy u. v. there is a 
strong rapid in a nver over rocks, 
or a little cascade; p. kek,.ang. 

Kakdbishiy s. screechowl, (an owl 
whose voice is supposed by Indians 
to foretell misfortune or death;.) 

Kakakdmagad, u. v. it is square/ p. 

Kakakipad, u. v. it is square, (stuff;) 
p. kek.^ak. 

Kakakigtsi moskw€y n, v, 3. p. the 
handkerchief is square, (on. obj.) 

Kakdmy adv. sudden, short, short- 
ening the way. 

Kakdrnaamy (mn) n, v. I shorten my 
way, I go by the short way, (trav- 
eling in a canoe or boat;) 3. p. 1.; 

KakdnwbatOy (mn) n. v. Irun by the 
short way; 3. p. 1.; p. keh.tcd, 

Kakdminey {nin) n. v. I die suddenly, 
or, I die after a short illness; 3. p. 
l.;p. keki.ned. 

Kakdminemny s. sudden death, ©r, 
death after a short illness. 

Kakdmishkay {nin) n. v. I take th«? 
short way; 3. p. l.;p. heih,Mad, 



Eaidm nM iftk ib v. S. Xakm^ 

KaMfmotkxo^dweamt (jdn) n. v. I go 
(by water) from one point straiglt 
to another, shorteniRg my way^ 3. 
p. 1.; p. kek..ang. 

Kakdwendjigafij s. cartilage, gristle. 

Kakigan^ breast. There is always a 
possessive pronoun prelixed to this 
word; as: N'm kakigan^ my breast; 
H hakigariy o Jsakiyan, thy breast, 
his breast, etc. 

Kekinaj adv. and adj. all, the whole, 
all (rf it, entirely. 

Kakma gego daiehoetang., p. 8. a. he 
that believes all, a credulons per- 
Bon; pl.-i^- 

Kahina hetcMttomoendagoeidjig giji- 

' g&ryg ebidjig o gijigaaomiwa, All 
Saints day; [F. la Toussaint.] 

ITttcie, {nm)n> v. Ot. S. Xaa. 

JSdJjfUkishhabiden^ (nin) n. v. I 
gnash, I grind or collide the teeth; 
3. p.-t; p. hek»»md, 

Kakiwe, (mn) n. v. I traverse or 
cross a point of land on foot; 3. p. 
1.; p. JoefDiwed* 

XMweonan, s. a place where they 
traverse a point of land, (walMrig 
through a portage, etc.) From this 
word is tormed the name of the 
Lake Superior Mineral Region, 
Point Keewenaw^ It is a point of 
land which is crossed or traversed 
on foot through the Portage. Its 
proper Indian name is Kahiwio- 

KaMwessiUo, (nm) n* v. I cross or 
traverse a point of land, (partly in 
a canoe through a portage;) 3, p. 
1.; p. heh^^tod, 

£dho(Uagendam. J^akwatagendmnoW' 
in, KahwaUbgia* Kahwaiagitowiaii, 
{Mg.) S. Kotofiendam. Shtagendor 
mowm, Kotagia* Kotagitowin, 

JSTdkioidjuki s. S^ JUseahahoicyigh* 

KamafUUgweiag, s. S. Qammtiiig- 

Kamigj haamiga, at the end of words, 
alludes to the growid\ as: Anamor 
leamig^ under ground; onakemiga, 

tlieM to a le^l fiomid; itMBf^ 
«i£^«, there it a nsing ground, cftc. 


JBmh, as end-syllable in conapofBid 
words, signifies houe. This word 
is always connected with a i)oi- 
sessive pronoun; as: Nikari^ Jdkm^ 
okan^ nilcanwn-f my bone, thy bone, 
his bone, my bones, etc. In com- 
positions the h is changed into g\ 
as: Makogan; bear's bone; amdpo' 
gan, beaver's bone; fiiti jaUgane^ I 
feel weak in my bones. 

Kdna, (m») a. v. iw». I hide him, 
conceal him, (a person, or any 
other oai, obj.) 3. p* o1c(m<m'^ p. 

Kamjt or $lAanj^ as end-syllable in 
some compound words, alludes to 
a na4l oi a person, (on hand or 
foot,) to a hoof of an animal, to t 
claw of an animal or bird. But th« 
h oikanj i8 softened into g in com- 
positions; as: Makogaa^, beafs 
claw. BebejigogiMi^iy one-hoofed 
animal, horse. 

Kdpadadf u. v. S. Kdpaup 

£dpadie, n. v. 3. p. S. Kapiti. 

Kdpafiy u. V. it is inflexible, it is 
brittle, it cannot be bent, it breaks 
when bent; p. hUdpanq. 

Kdpid* Ui V. 3. p» it is inflexible, 
brittle, it cannot be bent, (a». obj.) 
p. kaia..ei4* 

KaSi (nin'l n. v. I am hidden, con- 
cealed; iL. lateo:] also, I hide my- 
self, I abscond; 3. p. ka80\ p. Icaid- 

Kasy as endnsyllable in some verbs, 
signifies duwrndaiiot^, /eigwma\ 
as: Nirid anamiekasy I ieign reu- 
gion and piety. Nind akoeikat, I 
dissemble sickness. 

JDMkdbiginamae, (ninyt* y. I ch<^« 
or suffocate myself with a rope; 3. 
p.-©; p. he8k,.eod. 

JKMslJcabigjmifMvsay (win) a. v. on. I 
choke Mm with a rope or cord; & 
p. hi8h..n; p. hesk..tDad. - 

£cuhkmbik(m, (nin) a. v. m, 1 loek 
it; 3. p, hash,,.; p. heth^ang. 




Wt^OA^ipidi^ Gi'i^magea, tl; Y. it 
is locked ; p, hesh, .deg, qr-mO^ah. . 

KasKkdidkmgon UkonUmgah, s. pad- 
lock, {roiimi lock;) pi. hasfi,.n<m 

XaM^ikaiga»ih^{fdn^ n. v, I m»n- 
ufacture locks, I am a locksmith; 
S.p. l.zp.kegk..ked. 

Kashkihikaigandkewin:, b.woork, trade, 
occupation of a locksmith, lock- 
mania facture. 

Kas1ikdhilcaig<tmkiwin.ini^ 8. lock- 
smith, lock<mBBufacturer; pl.^ 

Ke>^tkahid4] or-mstgad^ u. ▼. it burns 
all Up, it ifi consumed by fire; p. 
hesh..a^y OT'-magak. 

Kashkdhiganeodis^ {nin)T. v. I cover 
tiif breast; 3: p. e; p. Jcesh..6od. 

Kashkdhigwiveon, s. breast-pin; pt- 

K(Duihkaho8, {nin) n. v* I bum up, I 
am consumed by fire; 3. p.-*o] p. 
heeh. .sod. 

ITashkamakodoneshka, {^fi) n. t. my 
mouth n stopped; 3. p. 1.; p. kesh.. 

XashJbaodJiniheby (tdn) n. ▼. I have 
my hands uttdermy arms, (1 keep 
the hands under the armpits;) S.p. 
-♦*; P* ke8k*.b4d, ^ 

Kashlcendagwady u. v. it is sad, af- 
flicting, grievous, sorrowful, mel^ 
aneholic, lonesome; p. he$h.,wale. 

Kashhefiddgwahamigy adv. sad, sor- 

KasTikendanhy {nin) n. v. I am sad, 
melancholy, afflicted, sorrowful, 
dejected, grieved; I am homesick, 
I reel lonosome; 3. p. I.; p. kish.. 

J^li$hMnd»mia<, (nit^) a. v. an. I 
make him sad, afflicted, I give or 
tmtae him sorrow, trouble, afflic* 
tion; I hurt his feelings; 3.p.o 
hash..n; p. 

JSauMD^ndmUdee, {nia) n. v. my heart 
ie affiicted, sad, grieved, I am sad 
from my heart; 3. p. 1.; p. loeah^ed. 

Ij^shhendamideewiiif hearty sorrow, 

^ sorrow of the heart. 

hear it with sorrow, with sadness; 

3i p< 6i;e»A...;p. l;««A..aa^. 
Kaihkifidartiitaiwdy {nin) a. y. ii/t^. I 

hear him, or listen to him, with 

sorroiw, wiili sadness; 3. p. t> Jboii.* 

;fft; p. k«ah..tpad. ^ 

Kaihkendamowin. s. sorrow, sadness, 

affliction, melaneholy^ traubUi 

£aahhibidey ox^-magod, u. v. it is tied 

up in s. th.; p..1ce^.ideg^oT-majcfgik. 
Xashkibidjigan, s. any omect tieil up 

in s. th.; especially an Indian liied* 

icine ti«i up in a Httle Tag or piece 

of leather; plr-a»i 
SSashMhidont {nin) a. v. *». I tieit 

up in a handkerchief, etc.; 3. p< o 

hash...; p.hesk.,dod. 
Kashhibinay (mn) a. v. «n. I tie up 

some an. obj. in s. th.; 3. p. o haeh 

..«; p.ihe^Jnad. . 

KashktUsy {nin) n. v. I am tied up / 

iu 8. th.; 3. p.-o; p, heth..8od. 
KishhidassSbison,i s. garter; pl.-flt». 
Kashhihamkany s. Usethresnotd of a 

door; pl.-an. 
Kashkitibihadj u. v* it is dark, dari^ 

ne8s;p. iE:^../i^<rib. 
Kashkiwegina^ {nin) a. v. an. I wrap 

him up! in s. th., I swath him up; 

3. p. kash..n; p. hesh..nad^ imp. 

Kashhiweginan^ {niti) a. v. in. I wrap 

it up in s. th., I envelop it; 8. p. • 

kash...\ p. kesh..ang. 
Kashkiw^ginigade, or*-magady u. v. it 

is wrapped up in s. th.; p. kesh.. 

deOy or-ma^ak. 
JETftshhiujegimgwi, s. a sheet or pieeft 

of stuff, to wrap s. th. in it; pl.- 

KashhiweginigaSt (nin) n. v. Jam 

wrapped or swatned m s. th.; 3. p. 

-o; p. heifu^sod. 
Eashkiweginige, (nin) n. v. I am 

wrapping up s. tli.; 3. p. 1.; p. heeh 
Kdskaskibissidon, {nin) a. v. •«. I 

strap it on s. th.; 3. p. o ha8..,\ p. 






oeai myself; 3. p.^; p- jbawt..^. 
Kdsotcbgim, (>»&») pecs., v. it ia biflden 
i to me; {h. lAtet me;} 3* p. o il<(f<.*; 

JBifotawn, (Tiin) a. v. o;^. I bide my- 
self I.eiore him; 3- p. o kaa.M^^'p. 

JBitchimy(»in)n. v. I cry, I we^p;3. 
p.-o; p. kaidtchimod. 

BjUckimoskk, {fdn) n. v. I cry or 
weep always; 3. p.-i; p. IcaicuMd. 

EaUshim, 6. Catechismi 

KtsHgwcm^ $.. forehead, brow.. This 

' word as always pneceded by a pos- 
sessive pronoun; 9i.BiNinkatigwanj 
hi katiffunins o Jeatiawcmi my fbrt^ 
• head^ thy forehead, his forehead. 

Ka'olik, adj. Catholic. 

KktoLi^ arkamiewmy Catholic reli- 

KatoHk enamiad, p. s^ a. Catholic 

' >Chfis'ian;pl.-;/^* 

KawdndagjB, an, white sp race; pl.- 

Kawissa, adv. no, not at all, that 
won't do. 

Ekmnn, adv. S. Ka,. 

Kawin ami a. Kawiii giegoj etc. S. 
£d dwiia. Ka gtqo. etc.. 

K^stJtm> ewita endashiisadj neither of 

Kawin hapishy adv. not at all, by no 
means^ . 

Kawin. gariTgi, adv. not in the least, 
not even... 

Mdwin nind dbisely I am absent. 

Kmoin nind agaUMsH^ I am shame- 
less, impudent. 

JTawinmngrj^ndansiy lam undecided:, 

Kawiniiirigot, adv. nothing, not any. 

HjCBwin nin mihwendansi^ I am dis- 
satisfied, discontented. 

Kawin nin sagahamitusiy I am negli- 
gent, I am careless. 

Kefd^hauagakin, in the morning; 
aasHng IcegiJeba'^agaMjif every 

KHf^o, adv. expressioni af> prohibi- 
tion, don't; [L. noli] . 

Kejidwj heh^iddn, h$kHidins, adv« 

auick, quic^, immediately. 
KMek;^ s- sparrow-hawk ;pl.-«Ki^. 
Kekejtdasis^ gego, p. s. a,, ignorant 

pef son^ JlJiowingv nothiofip; pL-ftV 

Kekinoamagedf p, «.. a. teacher,jnas- 

ter, school-teacher, preceptor; pi. 

Keldnoamawind, p. s. a.scbolar, pu- 
pil; apf)rentice; pl.^^ 

KeHnowiJmedf p. s. a. a per^(»i that 
shows the way, a guide; pi^-^- 

Kiifn0,1cim<ig(mt^^- or, iH»rhap8» 

Kepagisid noMgiisag, a thick boaid; 
CF. madrier;] pi. TDep^ffifidji^ no- 

Keshkahideg^p.s. a. brand, fire-brand; 

Keshkachkijigedj p. s. a. S. Kiskkatk- 

Ki^tcki^HskigwadiMdj or, hekenimad 

lekanidnidjiny p. s. a. adulterer, 

adulteress ; ^\*-jig, 
Ketcki'danidj p. s. a. rich tperson, 

wealthy person; pl.-;7*g|'. 
Ketchi-nishkadisid^ p- s. a. enraged 

person, raging person, a person in 

a great passion; pl^'i^- 
Ketchi-otrngidfy. s. a. leper, leprous 

person; plv-^i^. 
KaohUwamndagosid^ p. s. a. blessed 

holy person, a Satnt in heaven ; 


etimngiaid ninjawenima^ I do cha- 
rity^ I give alms.. 

Katimishkid, p. s. a^ sluggard, lazy 
person; pl.-;^g". 

JK, pron. thou, we, you; thy, our, 

Kibme^ s. browse, little lod ;, pi. ii* 
hinsan, a shrub, a bush.^ 

Kid, pron., the same as ki ; (iJ is tbs 
> euphonical letter before a vowel. ) 

Kidamikanj s. thy chin. 

K^^i-, or Md^'-^ This word is only 
used in connection with a subatao- 
tive or substantive-verb , in the 
second pM-son singular, and the 
first and second pJural. It correa^ 




ponds to the fiofflish -WfiirdfeUow-t 
or the Latin ly liable ea or ron, in 
compoaitions ; and sigQiiies 8imi> 
larity or equal quality ; aa : ^Kff^'* 
anohitagemnim , a servant like 
thyself, thy fellow^servant ; [L. 
coiiservtts tuna.] 

Ktpd^ 8. thy mother. 

Ktgijeb^ adv. in the morning, early. 

Kigijihmoagad, u. v. it is morning^ 
morning>time; [F. la matinee ;] p. 

Kto^ab-witsm, {nin) n. v. 1 break- 
last: 3. p.-t';p. heff..nid. 

KieijjdMJndHmwiny s. breakfast ; [G. 

Eignom^ s. thy motherhood, thy ma* 
iexmtj.-Gitgangcwiitm ketehitwa- 
wendagoeiian^ Mgiwm mamakaden- 
dagtcad/ O blessed Virgin, thy mo* 
therhood is wonderful ! 

KigodewisKka, {nin) n. v. I move 
wiUi my whole family, my whole 
household: 3. p. 1^ p. keg.. had. 

Kiiaw, thy body ; thou,, thee, thy- 

£{ja, adv. beforehand, before, in ad- 
vance, by anticipation. 

KijdbaUi Qt'-magadj a. v. the air is 
warm; p. kej..Ug, or^^magad, 

Kijabikiae^ oft~magady u. v. it is 
warm, (somem. obj. oi metal or 
stone;) ^.,k€h.deg, ar-magak. 

Etjahikui, n. v. 3. p. it is warm; (a/n-. 
obj. ©f metal;) Tp,k^..9id. 

Kijabihieigan, s. stove, boz-etove ; 

K^dddn^ (nin) v. a. in. 1 watch it, 
guard it ; 3. p. ohij...; p. k^adang. 

K^Addtoassj (mn) n. v. I guard a 
child, (or children ;) 3. p.-o ; p. 
' ^..8od. t 
<f, (n 

Kmdige^ (mn) n. v. I guard the 
Mdge, house, village, etc., I remain 
at home when all go away ; 3. p. 
1.; p. Jcefyged. 

Ki}€d*g6wtmm^ s. guardian, watch- 
man; ^\.-tDag. 

X'i^ddis, (nw) n. v. S. Kijewadit. 

JCtfadiswdfit a. S. Kijtwadwkom. 

Kijdgamide^ u. v. it is warm, (water 
or any liquidf) p. k^..d$g. 

MUdgam Uc e9j (nin) r. v. I warm mV 
heart bydrinkingsomethingwarm'; 

Kijaganmant {nm) a. v. tft. I make 
it warm, I warm it, (water or so- 
me other liquid;) 3. p.oir%;a... ; 
p. kej..ang. 

JSijaigadey or-magadj u. v. it is cuT 
by accident, or by mistake ; p. i^ 

^.'degf OT-^maaak. 

""' ' YM, (nin) n. v. I am cut by ac- 

cident, or by mistake ; 3. p.-o ; p. 

Ki^akiganeSf (nin) r. v. I warm my 

breast; 3. p.-o; p. k^..9Qd. 
K'^dna^ (nm) a. v. on. I guard him, 

1 watch over him; 3. p. o ki;anan; 

p. keitmad. 
SMdeaiSy (nin) r. v. I wound myself, 

1 cut myself; 3. p.-o; p. k^..9od. 
Ki^U^ OT-'magad, u. v. it is warm, 

(warm weather ;) p. kajaUg, or- 

Mj^dtPdf (nm) a. ▼. an. I wound him, 

cot him, (not purposely ;) 3. p. 

kij..n ; p. k^awad ; imp. ki^» 
Kijdwmd<m^ (nin) a. v. t». I envy 

It; 3, p. o hj... ; p. 1c€J..ang. — JVtr* 

Hjawendan kiiaw ; kawin nin da- 

dodanein. I envy thee; I ought not 

to do so. 
Kijdwendjige^ (nin) n. v. I envy, 1 

feel envy, I feel pain at the sight 

of any good quality, excellence or 

felicity of others ; 3. p. 1. ; p. k^.^ 

Kyaiujendjigewin^ s. envy, envious 

disposition of mind^ pain felt at 

the sight of some gooa quality or 

prosperity of others. 
KtidwenifM^ (nin) a r. an, I envy 

nim; 3. i>.okiJ..n; p. kej,.mad. 
Kijduenindimnj 8, envy. &, X^a- 

Kijt'Mctnito masinaigant the book 

of God, the Holy Bible. 
K^e'Mamto o maHmngan nind od* 
jindan, I swear on the Bible, <I 

hiss the book of God.) 
Kiit-Manitcw^ (nin) n. v. I am God; 

3. p.-*; |). Kef, Mid. 






vimtjy diviiM Dfttare. 
Kijewadisy {nm) n. V: I «m gOod, be 

ttdvclent, charitable, compaBsion* 

Atte, humane, clement, amicable ; 

hoi^Mtable; 3. p.-4'; p hj..8id. 
KijewcL^dsUadirmn^ {nm) com. v. we 

are charita;ble to eacn other; p. 

IS§€»>idimtaMa, (m'n) a. y. an, I am 
charitable to him ; 3* p. o kij.,.n ; 
p. iej..tvad, 

Kidewddiiiwin^ s. oharityj benignity) 
bounty, goodness, kindness, bene- 
volence, cl^nency, amicability, 
hospitality ; compassion. 

Kijiy in comp3sitions, signifies faet^ 
qtdoh; «^(mg. ( Examples in some 
of the following words. ) 

JS^^lfibMiinoher (ninyn, y. I tarn round 
until I fall down, (as children do, 
playing ;)3.p. 1. ; p. k<^..hed, 

KUibata, («tb> n. v. I turn round 
(for a while,) I whirl round; [F. je 
toumoie ;] 3. *p. 1. ; p. ke;,.tad. 

J^fibdwebinaji^anahtky (nm) a. y. 
an. I turn a grindstone; 3. p« o hij.. 
n; p. Jsei..nad. 

Ki^dw^dnan, {nin) a. y. in. I turn 
It round with a crank, {in. obj.) 
3, p. hij,.. ; p. he;..anff. 

JRfiSdtoebini^anj s. crank ; [F. mani- 
yelle ;] ^l.-tf». 

Xijibdwdrimgey {nin) n. v. I turn a 
crank; 3. p. 1.; p, hey..ged. 

JSyibenddn, {nm) a. y. in. I think 
always on it; 3. p. o hij... ; p. 1e^.. 
ang. . 

Jmibenima, (nm) a. v. an. I think 
always on him ; 3. p. o ^'..« ; p. 

Eij%hid«y or-mofl'aJ, u. y. it goes or 
glides fast, qmck ; p. 1cej..d€gi or- 
magdk.-Anind ishkoti-nabihtoanan 
geget hUchi hifibidswan; some 
steamboats go very fast indeed. 

JSihibidseei^88a,(nm) a. v. on. I hang 
him on a cord and turn him round, 
until he feels sick, (as Indians do 
to iyieked children, for a punish- 
ment;) 3. p. hij.,n ; p. k^,.8ad. 

S!ViMfndi inm) a. ▼. an. I Bpe«k of 

him; 3. p. o hiji,n ; p. hey. .mad. 
KiJiHndant {nin) a. v. in. I speak of 

It ,' 3. p. o Mj... ; p. hey..ang. 
MjidU, OT-^magadf u. v. S. Kijote, 
^idjiwanj u . v. it ransfast, ( liquid,) 

there is running water ; a rapid or 

rapids ; p. jfc«f. .4Mi^. 
Kmgd, cr-m&gad, n. y. it runs fuXf 

(speakmgof the sap running oat 

ofmaple-trees in spring, in sugar- 

making;) p. kejigag, or^nwgai. 
MJigdh, {nan) n. v. I look at 

steadily; [F. Je regarde fixemrat;] 

3. p.-*; p. ke;..hid. 
Emgdibaina^ (ww) a. y» an. I look at 

him steadily, watching him ; 3. p. 

ohi}..n; p» h^..inad, 
K^dibandany (nin) a. ▼. in. I k)^ 

at it steadily ; 3. p. o HJ.,. ; p. l^.. 

JSliganona, (nin) a. v. an. I speak 

to him loud ; 3. p. ktj..n ; p. h^.. 

nod; imp. k^ancj. 
Kijigindam, {nin) n. y. I think or 

desire earnestly ; 8. p. 1, ; p. k^.. 

Mjigenidnj'{nin) a. y. in, I desire it 

earnestly, strongly ; 8. p. o hij...; 

p. k€J,.ang. 
Mjiginimoi {nin) a. v. an, I desire 

strongly some an, obj.; 3. p. o kij„ 

n; p. kef.. mad. 
Kijiidnimad, u. y. there is a good 

£ftst wind, ( that makes us sail faat^ 

p. k(y.,mak. 
JE^jOdsk, {nin) n. y. I sail fast; 3. p. 

K^ij^ in compositioos , signifiea 

strtmgf dttrahle, { Examples in so- 
me of the following words. ) 
Kijijdy adv. strongly, soundly. — Ktr 

inn kijija mn bimadieisH ; I dent 

live strongly, (I am not in good 

Mji^oMJoid, u. y. it is durable, strong; 

p. kej..wak.- Geget hijijawad kikic, 

Icawm wika kiaakosissi ; thy body 

is strong indeed, thou art never 

Xijijamgane, (•••») n. v. I have 




fltrengtk in uKf banci, (I am a 
strong man ;) 3. p. 1. ; p. h^\,hed, 

M^^awi8j{n4n}n. v. I am durable, 
strong:, vigorotts; industrious, per- 
severing in . working ; 3. p.-fj p. 
hej,.tid. ' ■ . 

JG^i^amsiwin, s. vigors industry. 

K'^ika, (nin) u. v. I go on quick, I 
walk fiist ; 3. p. 1. ; p. h^ih«d. 

JSjffibdb&iOj (nin) n. t. I run fast ; 3. 

KMihtmagcd^ u. y. it goes or runfl| 
fast ; p. hef..gak. 

£!ijihem,mMnmaMttaig€m, (fttn) a. v. 
in^ I paymydebti (or my debts,) 
I settle my aeeount ; 3. p. <? Mq...; 

£^ihaty {mn) r. v^ I deer myself of 
m:^ debts, I pay all ; 3. p.*«<; p. 

K'^ikaway (n«R) a. v^ •». f pay him 

m]r debt, I settle with him; 3. p. o, 

li^'..»; p« h^,.tMd, 
KijMnJawe, {mn). n, v. I make a 

farge fire ; 3. |>. 1.: p. £^«2. 
EiJiho8f{mnr) n. v; I get hurt by car- 

tyilig too heavy a. load; 8. p.M» ; p. 

Mjmda^ant a. contagtows aickneas, 
■|»eat.--i3. Jinddgmk 
^^Mf (mn) n. ▼. S. £^fika. 
JSmpangao^y {nin) n. v. my pulse 

&eats quick ; 3. ^,-h> ; p. hef,^<d* 
XytpikmMMj {fu») n.'v, my back 

gets warmed; 8. p,^ p. hes.Mjd. 
KiiiSi {vdny n. v. 1 am warm^ I feel 

heat in .my body: I hate the fe^er; 

3. p.-o; p. hejuM, 
K^dn, {nin) a. v. «». . I warm or 

re-warm it ; 3. p. a JU)*.., ; p. Is^'i- 
■ .»a«^. 

KijU gan. s. a warmer; [F. r^chauf- 
' roir ;] pL^flw. 
JSSifUigey^niji) n. y. I Warm or re- 

warm^a. p. li^ p. Jb^'*.^MJ. 
Kiiisodis, (nin) r. v^I v^arm myself 

1 get wArmed <; 3. pv~e ; p. htf^sid. 
JS%'iMeM, (mn) n. -v. I get watm by 

walking: 3. p. 1. ; p.he^^Mi, 
\Kkii06i»t^dn»y\ma^V^^^ 1 baT« Ihe 

feyetiwith ^reat Wt ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

JS4i^4%MbpmBwm^ s. fever wttli l«i«t; 
[O. hitxiges Fieber.] 

£^f9owin, 8. heat in the body J feve^r. 

Kijme hineshij n. v. 3. p. the bird 
niea quick; p. k^issed, 

K'^imoaj {mn) a. t. an. I warm or 
re-warm some ««. obi.; 8. p. « kif.. 
n; p. Ja^^vmd ; imp. iMiBwi. 

K4^wmgonagay or-moj^a, u; v. the 
snow is settled) the snow is Mink 
down and hanl; p. he^^m^, or-m«- 
gak. The same signification {iaa 

. . a9M,n^g€mag: 

Mjitoey{nin)l apeak loud; 3. p. 1.; 

Kmmifm^y u. v. it soonds Itiud, it 

has a strong sound; p. h€j..gdk. 
KijmiweicifhjM, ot^-magady tkerels 

a loud roaring of ^he waves, high 

sea; 9,he^:lagt, Qt-magdk, 
Kijiw&weton, {nin) a. v. in. I make 

it,sqund loudly; 3. p.o ib^'...; p,hff 

„tod, .. 
Kijdhy {nin) n, v. I am warm, (hfi a 

lodge, houae, «to.) 3. p. t; p. h4o- 

Ki46bike, {nin) Q. ▼. I melt snow to 

hate water; 3. p. 1.; p^ hM,Jotd* 
Kii^adey (nin) jx. y. my iega are 

warm; 3. p. l^ p. h€ij.44deg, 
£ijoiat ot-magady u. v. it is warm, 

Xin« huildiiig;) p* h!^...,af^ w^tukh 

X\f^JkmiHh {»ifi) a« y^)^. I wtmnl^ipi 

with my body, . lying wiUi Mm; 3. 

p.. a h^,.ni pb b^^wid, 
KijohodadirtHny {nin) com. V. we 

warm ^eaich other; lying togeUukr, 

p. Ji»k.d»iiSi9' \ 

•^Jonih^ inM).n.Y, nnr flMRBs are 

warm, 3. p,. l\ ; p. kt^^iWd. 
.^i^tmifiiijiy{niin) n. V. myhaB<hMfiro 

warm; 3. p« 1<; p. kt^.J^id^ . 
-fiT/opfV, {n^) n. v. I dress ^i%rmly, 

[ have warm^cUthekOD;3..p*-49typ. 

Mi0O€y iwi^") A.'^y; I Am mtsvi Md 

comfortable; 3. p.. jhf^oti; p^ Jb^'o- 
Kif6$hSin^ (Am) tt). f .4 lie warm; 3. 

p. l.;p. 4M^'^. . ,t 



J{|Mi2i^ (ndn.) n. v. n^ foet tae 

warm; 3. p. l.;p.Jaf.i«iafif. 
£iUot4, or-»i^aa, u. v. it is w«m[i> 

(in H Ioclge,liouse, etc.) p. kajoteg^ 

Kikdigan, s. mark to guide travelers, 

• m to point out dangerous places 
on tile f09A\ pi .'tm . 

Kihdio«y (mn) n. v. I make marks 

on the road, (aetting uo branchee, 

'. etc.) to direct or warn the tyateler ; 

3. p. 1.; p. heh„g«d* 

' J$jl«MM,(mn) a, v. an. I put aside, 

or set apart, 8om9«ii. oej.; 3. p. o 


Xikatan, (nin) a. v. ^. Iput it aside, 

' I set it apart; 3. p. o hit... ; p. keka- 

^EUsinda^j (nin > n. v. I am known ; 
8. p.-*,- p. hek:.nd. 
MhindMwadj u. v. it is kaiown^ p. 

MUtendamiiweyifim) n. v. I make 
known, I publish, announces, th-; 
' 3. p. l^ip.keiH.iced. 
MXkenAaimiti>en (nm) a. -r. in. I make 
it known, publish it, announce it; 
f 8. p. oiWb,.;/ p. *8Jfe..wwi. 
XStindwmoicbtinin)^. v.^m.Imake 
'^ hmi know s. th., I make knowD< to 
him s. th.$3. p. hik..n\ p. lek., 
■ad. c . . • 

Jr4k0ndmno(^fiw0,{nm)n. v. 6. £ikr 

'JBkmdamodfiwM^ (nin), S. 
> K^tendamiiMM. ■' 
KUcendamohay {nin) a. v. tm, S. Kik' 

' endwmfoa: 
MXktndameiuin., ». knowledge of s. th. 
Kihenddn, {nin) a. y. t«. Iknow it, 
>' I am aware of it, I etperience it^, 

3. p. hh*i. ; p, hek^.tkrih* > ^ ' 
'*iRkindds8>, {nin) n.r. I know; litm 

learned, I possess'soieAco^a. p. o; 

&kendAA»owin, a. knowledge*; sci- 

• MhtndMBOwiniki, s. « learned mib, 

• scholar; pi .-^cdj;; • 

Kikin^igaaej or-magady u. v. it is 

• 'ltiiown,it is. publie,^p. 2^it*.ti0^,or 

WMgdk. ./^. ..;»-, .., : 1 ■ 

SikdnSiigtvinin) n. Tr I know; 3. p. 

Kikinim^ {nxn) a. v. an. I know 
him; 3. p. « kik..n^ p. hek..mad. 

KiJUnindisr (nin) r. v; I know my- 
self; 3. p.-o; p. kek..9od. 

EihibiiomesMy s. grey lark; [G. cen- 
dciUe;] pL-ia^. . 

Kikimd, {nin) a. t- <wk I promise 
him. a rendes-To^is, i promise him 
to be at such a |»lace at such a 
tiiBc; 3, 1^ fl kik..n\ p. k^bimad. 

Kikindndawadej ox^rmagad, u. t. 
there are asft^marks, buoys, to di- 

' .re<;t and warn the ^navigator; p. 

. kek.^deg, or^magah. 

Kikinondcaoan^ s. an. sea-mark.booy: 
also, mark oil the ice to guiae and 
warn the traveler; [F. balise;] pL- 

iSkindmUuMuge, {nin)n. v. I put vp 
sea-marks; I put up branches (or 
other marks), on the iee to guide 
travelers^ 3.- p. 1.; p. kdi,.ged. 

Kikinaiw£utab0^vdn4^ (win) a. y. on. I 
give him private baptism, or lay- 
baptism; 3. ^.ii}kik..n; p. Jb6k..nad; 
imp. kik..waj. 

Kikinmonimdi Xk. r. it^isremaxkahle, 
it is easy to be found, to be seen, 
to be recognised, to be no^ed; p. 

Kihin6/vbade^aigad»y or^fna^ad^ u. 

V. there are marks on the tress for 

^the traveler to iind out the trail 

tbroui^the woods, the trees are 

bkied; p. kek..degi or^^magmk. 

Kikinatoadakwaiga^nfm^X^ on a tree, 

* blaze; pl.-«». 

Sikinawadmhwaiget. (nin) o. v. 1 
blaze trees on a road or traM; 8. p. 
l.| kek..ged. v - - 

Kikihawddendagosy (mn) n« yw I am 
marked, T am considered e.'iBark, 
a sign; also, I am circumcised; 3. 
p.-t; p» keh..sid.. 

KikinaMddendagotii»in^m.'Hie state 
'or 8Ttoati6n of being a asfttk; dr- 
cumciston. a • > : 

^^tmrnoddrnda^/tpad. ^\ w. it is mark- 
: ed,it Is coDstderea a- mark; p^ kd 



' remarlt it in lay thoughts* (kioi^ 
det to recognise it aftepward*;) I 
remark it to follow ft; 3. p. o Ati...; 

I^Mnawmdmimoy (mm) a, v. a». I 
remark him i& my thooghts to' re- 
cognise him^ i remark Inm to fol- 
low faim» to imitate kim; 3. p. &hik, hek.sfUid, 

M4kmmoddff adv. in a remarkable 
manner, easy tobefbuod, se€ln,no- 

M<ikimai(}adji,(nm)D4 v. I am mark- 
ed: I am Gtreumcised; 9j i^ih-ykek.. 
icdi ^' u ^ .. 

KiimuniAdiia^ <^m^) >• ^- ^^ I niark 
him, I put a mark on a person, or 
-OA uny oiker <m. ofaf}.;al80| I toll or 
indicate to him a mark or marks; 
.1 circumcise him; 3. p. o kik.m;p. 
hik.M. • . 

Mikimtwddfiiwey {mn)n, t. I mark; I 

. iadicata marks;' 3. p. h; p. kek,. 

.SStuKcuodcficw, or, kikinm0at!jicwnj 
siitdy >mirk; cirevmskm; banner, 
flag; p\-an, S. Kihivieon, ' 

MbimMiSjUaiUfa, (^m») a. v* «#». I 
five him on teU bim a certain mark 

> lo-iind 8. tl)»-;3t^pw oh{k,Ai:, p. Jceh 

Xtkinawdd^^ekiMuhi (n-^mtigad, n. 

- V). it is marked ypriMr.ufe^, <H^-mA- 

Xihinawddjit(Aigany s. mark^ «i^) 

- niirftcte;si9lltcnraimotia««i»;pl.- 

an. 'i ■ ' 

KMnawddfttehieagt' >{nin) n* t. I 
have a mark, /am marked; 3. f.^y 

Kikii^aw6afU^iy«, («m») n. v. I 
' markf3'p. 1.4p;ifc««..^M. 
Xihifmode04ion:, {nin) a. ▼. in. I, 
mark it, /put a certain mark on it; 

*M&tiitmw4tUnHh <irm) a. t. «ii. i leg- 

••fdate^iymind sod. my thoughts 

after his example; 8. p. o hikjn\ p. 

' MsiMod/ - : . - ^ 

'JEiftMUN»7t»», <fi^) cam. V. we pro- 

:'' ']Bi4e each other a randes-iFous, 

: waptomis«to«na^anDtl««r^BMt 
in aoertiio place n i c«iiain time; 
p. KeHndid^, . x s 

Jrtl;indct(^,.a. motuai ptomise of a 
reodea-Vous, of « meeting in a cer- 
tain place itt a£8iiain time. 

Kihnge, (nin) n. v. / promise to 
come to a rendcz-vous, to be prea- 
eat; 3. p. 1.; p. Uh..g>d. 

Kikii^Mwinf a. psomiae to come to a 

£Oan<kuM0di*fnae4nasifmfh s. speU- 
ing-book, school-book ; pl.-«N»* 

KHinomnmdmi, ind, 3. pera. thay 
teachi f F. on instrict.] KikiHOa- 
mading^ where they teach, that 
is) in a school. K&)%m>tmtam§ifi^ 
ha 9oe» to school. M^tiiummtMuf 
mnd. (mdjjiha, /come from aehool. 

KUdnooftnadiminj {fdn) Cam. v< tw 
.leach or iaetftiot one anothei>; p. 
kek..didjig. ... 

EikifwamtAiwdhi, theackooteectiM 
oC a townahip. . j . . 

Kihinoo^ndditngamig. s. h<yiise^ in- 
struction, schdol>»h^usi»|'t <k^a- 
gogue; pl.-o». . ' . i .q X 

SdkiwHimAdimiht^ a. ^taat^ng, "iiW 
struction given orrec^iy^ by sev- 
eral pai»oBs,^a. KikmmmM^ 
wim^^xi^k SSiikinomMuftmin. ■ 

KibuuHimigat^ 8««choW, pupil, dis- 
ciple, apprentices plv-««^. v 

MHinommigs, {nin^ n. vj /mnteac**- 
ing, Jkeap achoel, i iaatMif' J 
show, /indicate; 3L p. U^ pik^l^,. 

JUbtm^a/mdgdxOe; ». fismpaleacboo 
teacher, school-mistress: pl^r^. 

JSS^wfaandgemtty ^: leaching ori'^ 
struction ^p^awtf^ ■ i 

\SSSkmommMg€uiiHinii> a« ^ t e ae h e is 
ackoolHteafMr; kchool-maAteri-^)!. 

.' '^tndfi .«. :' 1 .. •' ' .•; . v.. , V 

iSiemoamd^iADmy a. ^teaohiagi^t in- 
struction re«e«v«d. ( '^ 

. iDalnic|,.iBfprln him^i/skovrihim, 
iikbcale :him< a. th. ; 8. •p^^0 Mb.ilki 

KikinofhowiH.. i: aye^fv'tJWeivW 
months f-pLttai^' : '> > . ^ ' ^ 




,«Her hifli^ I Mj what he sayi; 3. 
p. o Kii;..ft; p. keh..WMd*> 

jAkimnMmm^ {mn) m* ▼. an, I imi- 
(ftte him* I do as I see hsn doing, 
I take hk example; 3. p» « kiii,n', 
<p*M.«Ma<^. ' .• 

JE£bin««raiafi»<^« (<•*») paet. w, he 
imitates loe^ 1 give him an exam- 

.. |iiej p. kekitiW i abm mml , he who im- 
itates me. 

Siim<H4fdbami^<min^exBmfie taken, 

JRHnoumbandaiiwetininyxk, v. Igiit 
or shAwj an aocample; 3^ p. !«; p. 

JSbmewaiandaiumoini s. example 

tfnvi»v( f0od example, or scandal. ) 
JSieincwiiandaB!^ {nm) a. v* in. I 
^ • imitate it, I oopy it^ I make a «iml- 
. U» thinf as I see beioce met; 3. p, o 

Hk..,; p. kek.»ang, 
MSkimiiaibg/Bdjigany s. example for 

imication, model, standaFd; pi.-^im. 
J^Hanoifl^'iiti^ (ami) n. v. /§ruider I 
. :.coddq<^ / lead) I show the way; 

8. p. l.;p.ibife..«>«i» 
^hif^Qitiimiwmmit s. foide, eoA- 
., duotor; pl.'-^nz^* 
JSJem&uiAa^ inin) b.y. m. I iruide 

or conduct faiaa, J show him the 

way; 3. p. oiii>,M; p. Mf^MMd; 

imp. hibrnM^ij; 
jftMifoc, («<») a. Yv 0ft. /pat marfes 

for hitt on a road or trail, to direct 

him; 3. p. o iik»Jh^ p^ bek..ufad. 
£tkkoeiabawad^iget (nin) n. t. /give 

private baptism; 3. p. L; p. ieki. 

I£nw&ialMloat^j'»^elfmt a. private 

baptism, lay-baptisiikk 
J^4imHiabawanai (i»t») a. ¥ a^'J 
. fnT«him mit^e ba^inaf 3. p. o 

hth,.nip, %ek.,nad; imp. lpik..waj. 
..ii(Th«isalna MBr^nm Iriipmaumdmbk- 

JRiiakiabaiwas^(nm)n* v* /receive 
,iiitdviaM b^tasni ;'&< pi4H>; p. id».^Mod. 
fSMMug^ jB. flag; bannen pl»->^afi« 
ExkwdonaUg^ s. fla^-stis^pl«-^^fi^. 
iQ^/^ann.. th#«^ ihine. 
Jiruwa, pron. yoimFOUrp* - 

. JMm. wstiiMna. 

SinigaijpQk^tnminy (9MR)'n. t. ^. we 
ar« tegether all mixed, of dtOBcent 
kiadfi; ( F. DOMs aommes tons pAle- 
mile;) 3. p. hm„wag; p» ien^.ttaj^ig. 

KimgmiD<momtM>ag jiakibaff^ the 
dticks'ase swtmattng mixtly, of 
difiiesettt kinds. 

Kinig^'i»igiAmem,in, {«in,y n. ▼. pi. 
we are standing together mixed, 
of diffscent kisds; 3. p. Jt m ^j m a^; 

Kinigawigeid'kmny {nin) corskm v. we 
U«c-Kii3ied tofgether. in tka aaBM 
village; or tbwn;.p. km*Aiii%g. 

Kfntgavnsnuy u. v. it is mixed, things 
of dtfiereatJiinde are to^at^ber; p. 

JSin^lliina, {ni») tL, v. I nix aonm^aa. 
ohDt with another object, {^ry ob* 
iecta;) 3. p. « ib';. p. bm^^nad, 

SmigihOMj {nin) a. v. .ibw I mix 
some %M. iohj; with-anotker oiijeat, 
(i^iy objects;) 3; p;»ii^ii«^ p. lm». 

Stniginif^ ^iic»). m y^^ I ana miung 
togethiei- ofaQeets of difiet ent- kinds; 
3.p. l.;.p. J»»..^<2/. . 

Simgiwti'm, Vt*'v\ it iamikdd Io0etlier, 
different objects in onto^.vass 
to^^ether; .p^ iim^fn^; (S.iJEui^a- 

Mttmktin»t b* Cbnenliidkan^ pk. .-^^ 

KiniehtinohwesMh, s. a kind ofiwifd 
dBck;plb -rog, v ■ . * 

wStruknn, the» in tkf tnni-^ thoa 
now; [F. toi H ton tour.] Kimtam 
Mogamon^ ^ng now in- thv tntin, 
(it is;thy't«imnoW Co mig.) 

K'mitamiwaf you in your t1iiti» yon 
now.ri-£tMaea<9»M|Ptf ^Cii^tfMMy^; 0^^ 
wtiM ikm>.0i4eMnLamih\n3itl^Biii9md. 

' PadcHe non in your tnmy we iiate 
'. pad41ed<lotuf. • \ 

KinHaimwigtd, :we. in . ottr turn, we 
ndiv.^.The person m 90tmt» 
spotew* f^ihotuded.) S, J Vt ii iKi fl w ii 

JKinito, s. i^ar-eagie; a kind^of «4gle 
> Ahnt'emainatalaiost ,M1 d^y^'Ttty 

high in^.the aifo .fUm iMuk 



wairioTft .it«mf his fesfhUi timda 
ornameDJl on ftbdir keadsv Tlitse 
feat]rar8^ «fe n^, a/ad not ea*^ to 
•l>e obtainBiL^— Pi. iUhmmi^ 

KindjCf 9. j^ike, (fish;) pi. -^. 

tCmow.ji, an, thy cheek; pi. -o^, 

Kip<Mdf or -moffad, u. v. it ia ^ick; 

• p* hepofi^y ox -^mOijMh. > 

lSfagt6b%g<m^ u. v. ki» tbiek, itrong, 
ffioro© narmw ^eHg^) p. h^.Jgak, 

E^pctaabiqiH seniba^ n. v. 3. p. the 
ftbbofi m thiok^ BtroDg; b^ Jeip^M. 

Kw^gokibadf u/ vv.ilt i»; taiok; (me- 
tal;) p. lcep..k<ik. 

SipagiMhiay (^i;*) 9» v.«tf^ I m^ke 
rt . thiek> . < (m* ol^ct of metal or 
stone;) 3. p. ohip..n\ p,, 
^^-ydmui a. V. 3. p.i it W thick, 
obji of ni«tal or •tione;> p. 
p.Mi^ . . ; .•-'...■ 

il^fm9!&hiick<m^{mf^) %* y* in, I make 
o^tbick, («fi. ot)jr q£ metti;) a« p. 

Kipaqmin, u. v. it is froaen thick, 

ftjiifife i«e;) p. *«jp.*«»tf, 
.^i^pajMi^Mmnu. iit>thiek^ («ome 

liquid ;),p.\ife^;»i?^, • 
M^ifiibcfd^avmonk {ntm} %, y, in. J 

tmke It thick, (aone liquid;) 3. 
' p. hip^*{. p. lin^^.todc*' (katk & qi- 

iipag4i(t(B»atot^ ma»dammaia; Afi 
' made the corn*Boiip too thick. .. 
KipagdfMmijmi or .rfnaf^oL, u^ V. 

thAreis reuch earth, f the gikkl e^il 

or ground is ^icik, before , come 

'td stonee^or sand undemeocth;)' ^. 

ti^agukj (nwi) a-v.:«»v I «ake it 
thick, or thicker, I thicken it, {an, 

K^MgUm>'Vii V. it is thiofc, .strong, 
' (ttttflk clothing miiteriftl;) p\k^. 

iak» ,;, :.■ 

Kxpagigisi, n. v. 3. p. . it,.a9^ thick, 

•slroog^ (;*ew*^,8aJft5>'p* ^^$^: 
.KikHi0i»s^n($bag4emgfn, v. ^ p. the 
J Wra it tlHOk; Pv'N^^^i^^ 
jriS|Kt^iM»<9»%C^*^> &» :v. oil. I lay it 

on thick, or thickly; 3. p. oiiA.n; 

fiitp,>^nQd.r-Natodio^ Ud^Mm- 

gimm nv ttkigm^^fwik ouf ht , tft jlay 

. tkhoiaee*) , , , 

Ktpagiaij n. v. .3. p. H ia (kkk, 
_?trong, (a», obj.) p. iep.^d. 
Kipaguitdn, f^nin) a. v. i». I lay or 

put it on thick or thickly; 3. p. 

Einaiitm, {nin) a. v. in, I wwfce k 

thick, I tbkslBenit, (-m. obj.) S. p. 

Kfishitttrnfimin^ a. v. mw X .emit it; 3. 

p. hisk...; p. iash.Jkang, 

(tereiclaoia|r.baa)ik; [F.: iiy ^un 

^cofe de giaise;].fK ^a«4.^ttov or 

Kiehhabika, M-magadt n. t^ there 

is ft steep, reek* a perpendieilUr 
. abrupt. rocki, or dm; tbene ie no 

beach, but a high ste^ vbdk; p. 
• iMw^.Jki^er -^flMMPAb. 
KiehhaUhadi u. v. it is evt^ (Metal 

Kiahkadina^ot.^maaai, n, ▼. Ihere 

is. a. yeiy steep .hill, ^ery' steep 

S8|?eAt;.p. huiki.iiaifi ei -^mtfob, 
Kiahkajewa, {nin) a. v. at^ I tut his 
. / Stlain;^ 3. p. o huh,,n; p. hoihJMad; 

Mehmikadesi {Mm) n. ir» I ans'^ez- 
. treately wmgt^, lean,. poof> & p. 

-o; p^ ka8h..sod. 
<Ki$hh0JcaimgmiOT -f7»a$wi^, (heee 

ie a ^ery fle^ place or gieviMk; p. 

ha9h..gag^ or -^mAgtiih, • . . 
i^iff^bajN^, «r .^rmo^M^il^T^ it hrea^ 

byburW^g 1hr<Wkgb;.^.iw#ArijrfM', 

or.-wa|/ai* . > . f 

X««A^<iMb«#»i^<»^n) a« y^ «». 1 hum it 

through, (I bfenk It. i&.two by 

fir)B;).a. p^ o.hitK*^; i^^hksk^^mu^* 
Xi9AM^viA».(mn)a* v* on. <I hnrn 

some an. obj. through, . i& two 

piece$; Si p. o hkh^n; p. iU«A.. 

Vi«^; imp.Jtw;Ua^ie« 
Euhkam^adf s..stiil:n>.o£atree; [F. 
■ eouche;lt|kl..TO«..'« .,u- < 
KishkanModonB^ s. dim. littie stump, 

[F. ehicot]; pit -h<i». r. 
Xw A l ww eJ ^i'o t .miHg^v u^ v. 3.' .p* the 
.4^.:o£ the i tree i»^tairiMy bf tke 

wind; p. l;a«A..f<x<. ' .«< > 



is intemipted, is cut; 8. ^. '-o^ p. 
h4uh.,fnoa. ■'■ >• ^ " . 

JSifkhofidany {hin) a. v. ^. I cut it 
with the teeth, I bite it through; 
3. p. oJcish...; ]^.hash..ang. 

.., (9m) a, Y,m. I «Bttff the canole; 

p. hash-cmg.. 
Xiihbmtjikod^Mj s* shuffers; pi. 

Kithhuhkijant (fUn) a. v. m. I ctU 

it with a scythe or sickle, I «abw 

it: 3^ p. o kisk.p.yp, haeh^.anj^ 
KuhkathkMigan, s. scythe, sickle, 

mmng* fa(M>k; ^.^-ow. - - 
KiMaMpftgey (nin) n. ▼. i reap, I 
• ' harrest, I cut, Iin6w;^Jp. U; p. 

iJ^^osMi^'t^tAvw^ s. hafveet, leap-' 

mg; m<tmm^^ ■ ' 
.£«rA^a«Ait»;^«u7^n^, «. harvester, 

re)aper;iinowef; ^L-^ag, - 
£ukka9kko8twfe,'(n4h) p. v. I cut 

down grass, I mow; 3. ^. 1*^ p. 

Ei»Jikataw<mg<h ^i* -^mctgad, w. v. 

there is a steep sand-hill, or a 
. steep band-bank on the beach of a 

kike, [F. itfeore de sable ;] p^ Jod$h. . 

gag, ox -^magak. 
tStiMeibidjigaa^, or ^-mao^ «. v. it 

ietaimor rent, Hm,^),) p. ifedfcA.. 

deoy or -^magem. ■" 
ICiikk^idj^aso, n. v. 9, p. it is torn 
• «r renit, (o*. obj.) p. Jsask.iMd, 
JTishhawa, (nin) a. v. an, I cut some 
: «wi. obji^ 3. p; (? jfcw^.»; p. haei., 

M9hkibiddn,i(;'mH) a. y, in. I tear 

it, il rend^ it: 3. p. o hMi...', p. 

KUhkib^7ia^{fmif) a. t. an. I tear or 

rend some tml obf^; 3.- p. o iE^A..^; 
^. Jhi*A..ktt<J!,- itdp. hUhMHj. ''■ 
JStshhibitdgani s. <«m. tobaceo^ouch; 
jpl. -o^* : ' 
Etshkwode, or -*ma^, n*- v. it is 

saijrnVp. hwBh..d^i oi-^magak. 
JSit/fki^kid^igmtf^ 84 saw, hJiad«aw; 

pL -an. --i' ' '\''- '' " 

^ackross^- net alotig;)* Sw p. 1.. p. 

Xiskkibo^figmnkr & sawing, (across 

only, iiot aio^g.) 
Eishkibodony{niA) a. v. in. I saw it 
. through, (across;) 3. p.'loHah...', 

Ktshhibma, {nin) a. t. an* I saw 
throagb some ^e«». obj.; 3.jki> 

I ^m sawn 

hi9k..n; p. hat^..nad; imp. 


MMtiko*^ t^nin^ ^. ▼. 

tbrmigh, in t#o^3* p. 

Mskkidmantw^i {nin) ft. ▼. iny 

tongue ' is *cut ofi^ 3. p. 1.,- p. 

KitMMenaniiao^aj {nin), a. ▼. sa. 

• I ctit his tongue o#, 3. p. o Jmhjn\ 
p. ha8h..wad\ imp. hisk..jwi, 

EitkMjtiney {nin) n. ▼. my nase n 

• out 6ff; also,' my n<>se is turned 
up; I have a fia4 nose;; 3. pJ l.;p. 

' haih:^n^.' 

KukkidjaMjWBt. {mm) al^v. an. I cut 

his nose off; ^'. -f. ^0 hM^jn; ^ 

hash..wad; inip. iim.tjwi. 
KisMdjanf^a, {nin) n. v. an. I 

bite his nose off; 3. p. o hi^..n^ p. 

i^A.-totR^; inip^JNjA..jw^ 
KieAkigaan, {tan) or, ^»^ Hff^ih^a- 

dan, a. v. w. I cut it, ! cut it off; 

3» p. o hish**.', p. i{;a»^.<!M«9. 
Sxttmigadti {nin) n. -v. my leg » cut 

off:». p. 1.; p.Jfed**..^. 
KitMig^xd^jiedy(n4n) aw. o^ I cut 

his leg off, I atnputaite hie 4eg; 3. 

p. o lci8h..n\ p% haih..wad;' imp. 

• ki»h.jwi. i i ' ' 
Kishkigaige, <m») n. ▼. i cot; I 

chop wood; 9. ]&. l.^p. ba§h,.gM* 
EiihMgaim, {nin) a; ▼. on. I cut off 

some an. obj.; 3. p. o Jeigk.J^f' 

£!^hhiawn^ifodi8^, {1^) T. v, I cut 

0$ my- nails; 3> p. -d; p. ^boaiki joe^ 
Ki8hkiqama$rUUg, (ninj t,*vimn, I 

«utdown a tree; 9.'p; o^iNi^.^;'^. 

KiMi^ftBse^or^-'fndgad, u.-7« itreods, 




%!MH0m4,{n4n) n. ▼. my thHfat Is 

cut; 8. p. 1.; p. hash-.tved. 
KtsAkigt04ibina,(Hi») a. v. an, I.Utur 

his head off; 3. p. o hith..n;f p. 

ha$h,.nad; imp. htsh.Mj,. 
Kishkiaw^tffay (nin) a. v. fm. I cut 

his ihroat; 3. p. o huk,M; p. ka6h\» 

tpad'j imp., kiehkigwejwi. 
KUhhtgwena^ (nm) a. v. an, I 

embrace him, I nug him; 3. p. o 

hi8h..n'^ p. hi8h..n€di imp. Toishki- 

Ktshkigwewa, (nin) a. y. a». I cut 
. his neck off, (his head,) I behead 

him; 3. p. o hiih,.n; p. ia8h..ii>ad; 

imp. hiikkigtve, 
Kishkijauy {nia) a. v. *»♦ • I cut it; 

3< p. kish...; p. huh.,aaiff^ 
Kiahlkijigade, or -magady u. v. it is 

cut; p. huh-deg, or -magah. 
Kishhtjiaaer {^in) n. v. I am cut; 

sIbo^ I am caetceted, I am a eUn- 

uch; 3. p. "o; p. Icash^.tod. 
Kiskkdmasowin^ s. castration* 
Kd$hkijod£»r Cmn) r. ^. I cut myself 

with a knile, 3. p. -o; p.. hAth^Jod. 
WiisUh^mnL, (nin) a. v. an* I cut him; 

I castrate him; 3. p. .6i HsA.^; p. 

'kath..wad; imp. hMijivi. 
Kishkika, or -^magady u. v. it is rent; 
' ^.keEth,^kagrOr -magak^ . 
lLuhkik9ddt%f inuh): a. v. in. I am 

cutting it with a knife; 3. p. o 

2?if^...; Pi kath,.ang. 
Kishkinikey {nm) n. v. ' my a^rm is 

out off, 1 have an arm cat off; 3. 

p. l.;*}). huh,.ked. 

TLiMinik^way {win) a. v. an. I cttt 
. . his arm off, I cat him. an arm off; 
3. p. kish..n'y p. kask..wad; imp. 

KdtikiniHdJiy («itft) n.. v. my hand 

(or finger) is evkt off; 3. p- 1.; p. 

Kishkininij^ay (nin)%.y^ am I cut 
' him a hand (6r fin^ar) off; 3« p. o 
'■ lDkh,m*y p. ka»k,JW€d\ imp; Uih, 

jm. ■ 

tXlihkMndjiodMy (ni9») r. v. Ieutnil|r 

own hand (or finger) off; 3. p. -o; 

p. jKmA Jmo. ./.<.' 

my hand (or finger) i^ Mliitg, «t 

working; 3. p. 1.; p. kafh..4ng, 
Kishkisidey (nm) n. ▼. I have a foot 

cut off, my foot is cut off; 3. p.- 1*; 

p. kash..ded. 
ILiehkisidejway {fiin) a. v. an. I cut 

his foot off; 3. p. A"wA..n; p. ifca«A,. 

wflM?; imp. kuh..jwi. 
Kiehkindeodisy (nin) r. v. I cut my 

own foot off; 3. p. -o; p. haeh..sod. 
Kishkissin nin tchimany u. v. mv 

canoe breaks, (it is cut by a rook 

or snag;) j>. kasAkisting. 
KishkUawage^ {nin) n. v. my ear is 

cut ofi^d. p. 1.; p. ka«h..ged. 
Kishkiittwtigeganainay {nin) a. v. an. 

I strike one of his ears off; 3. p. o 
■ kish^M'y p. ka8h..mad. 
KiahkUawoftjwa, {nin) a. v. an. I 

ciit him an ear off; 3. p. okitk-.n; 

p. ka^..wad'y imp. ki€h..jtvi. 
Kishkikkiag minikwadjigany s. a 

Kuhhowey inin) n. v. 1 cease speak- 
ing, weeping etc. 3. p. 1.; p.Tt^V 

Ki^koujm, {nin) a. t. an. I make 

him be still, I make him cease 

speakings weeping, &c.; 3. p. o 

kish..n; p. 
Kishpini oonj. if, provided, in case 

that, whether, supposing. 
Ki8U^>aw(tdony (nin) a. v. in. I wash 

it out, I rinse it; 8. p. aki$...;p, 

KiHabaioana, {ntn) a. v. an. I wash 

or rinse some an. obj.; 3. p. o kis.M', 

p. kM..nad; imp. hi9..waj. 
K^eiaibatDe^QT ^fnagad, u. v. it fades, 

it loses its color, in washing; f^. 

k€8.,weg^ or -^magcik. 
TUaioKy {nin) a. v. in. I wipe it, I 

absterge it; 3. p. o Jbt^Mm; p. ki- 

KisiaukMy (nin) n.v. I wipe or 

clean an infant; 3. p. -o; p% ke».. 

Kiiibakwady u. v. there is a sound 
'^Qdticed by the jrubMug of two 

trees against one another, when 
. tibe^ are agitated' by the wind: ^ 

k€9.*Ufak* ^ 




tail. <A pi wit for poyshing ;) (F. 

prWe^] pL-on.. 
Kis^iaaamawat (fun's a. ▼. an, I 

wash for him, I wasn his clothes ; 

3. p. hi8.,n ; p. 'ke$.Mad, 
KisiHgaigant s. soap. ' 
Kuibigaiganikej {nin) n. v. I mi^ 

soafv I i;Da{tufacturesoa[»;3w p* 1.; 

p. kefi*.i€d^ 
Ktsi^igaigamhwigamd^f 4, «oap- 

house, soap*b0iier jr, so^p-maDii&c- 

tory ; pl.-<w*. 
Kistbigaigamkiu^ b. soap^maMng, 

Qceupatioi^ trade or businesft af a 

Kiiibigaiganikfimnmi, s. soap-boil- 
er, sQap^manufaQtU'rer ; ^.~«^a^. 
JS49if>\gmg^^ (mn) or^nm hmbigwige, 

n. V. X wash : 3. p. 1.; p. jM,.ged. 
Ki«ibig0iige-midE4ir s< wash^ub ; pl.^ 

Smhig<^^hu>ei ». wasber-wMU&au, 

laniuiress ; pl.-^. 
Kisihigaigewin.B. washing. 
Ki$iiigaiQewin/hi,i, s. waste, latnid- 

erer ; pL-4<^. i 
Ki^^fi, {nin) ». v* I wash myself; 

3. p. 1.; p. hesiUgid. 
Kisibigin^ {mn} a. v. an, I wa^ 

him, (a person, or any other wi. 

obj.) 3. p. hit..n ; i^ku*imuL 
Ki6*i4ffinaikin(^.y s. . dish-water, 

swill j [F. rincure de vaiselle.} 
£i$^tnag(me^ {nin) n. v. I wash or 

rinse dishes ; ^. p. 1.; p. kM,.ned. 
Kwibiginam^{nii^ a^v, Wn. Xwfteh it; 

3. p. kie..^y p. he$*Mng. 
Kiswioindih, (nin) n. v. I wash my 

head; 3. p. 1.; p, ie8{J>ed, 
KisiUgfngtjet {nm).n* v. I wash my 

face ; 3. p.* 1,; p^ ii8..:tped* 
Kidbigingwenay {nin) a. y. an, I 

w«4h. hi$ face; iS. p» o lcia.^'i ^.^t/u*. 

Kidbiginigej (nin) n. v. S. KiHbi- 

Sii$ibifinig0'&nq^gam,j s. wa8h-i>late, 

wafih<*diftfe.9pl4**4m. i. 
JTiaibiainigewigamig^ s. > 'iauiMlry, 

wasnhouse or washroom^ j»i.riMt. 

^EJ^iH^Mpttdinj 9, Washing, laad- 

JDhAiffi/itmdJi, (n4n) n. r. I ^rash 

my hamda ; 3. p. I*; p. he»,.id. 
Kisihigisidgj inin) n,<r* I waafa my 

feet ; 3x p. I*; p. ke^^ded, 
JTisikigiMmaj (niny »• v. «it. I wash 

his feet{ S. p. » kit.ju; p. ies,, 

Kiiibigimu^mfi^ (nin) Ti,'r, I wash 

Kisiinaganan, s. dish-clout ; [F. tor- 
chon Opl^^<*»' ' 
EiMMfaneAniny n; ▼. Iwipedisbes; 

3. p. l.;p.i-^.ft«i. 
Kinngwe, (nin) n. v. I wipe my foce; 

3. p;^;p,\(^«.^; 
KisinintUmgan, s. towel ; [F. essoie- 

main ;jpl;«-ar». 
Kxsininaji, («*»> n. v. I wipe my 

bands ; 3. p. 1 . ; p. k4»,.id, 
EMaid^ {ninAn. v. I wipe my feet ; 

3. p. o ; p. iDM,.od, 
Ki9i8id^»a,{tdn) «. ▼. ot*. I wme his 

feet ; 3. p. Wfc.n ; p. hes^^vad; imp. 

Miffkoa, (nin) a. v. o^ I clean ham, I 

wipe him, (a person^ or any other 

an, obj.) 3. p. <yhi$.M ; p. kttiwmd; 


Eissindt or-^'magady n.. vl it is cold, 

(cOldweathev ;) p, i€stimag,ot'mm- 

mt8iniibikad,Ji. t. it ia a coldnii^; 

p. bei»JtdL ' . 
SUagdhoM^fL young •deer, a £awn 

yet dotted or ispotled; pl.*aj^* 
Mitagia^i^Mn) a. ▼. an, I ftp<M^ him, 

{vttj OIK 0i]g.) 3« p. HUm ; pw Jhe^. 

Eitagigad, n, v. it is of iraiious col- 
ors, variagated, (stufif, clothing ma- 
tBtinl :) p, Ui..oak. 

Kitagigm, s. stuff of varioua .colors 
OK ^Hagated, calico ; pL-«i». 

EUapiM fnin mo$kumm; my^hand- 
kcirchief »«pottedt (it has S{k>ts 
and dots of different colors.) 

KitagiHwiny s. spot* spe^k; jXjh 

. an, ' ;i'-* ■ ■ . 

KikigUon, (nin) a. v. t».I tpol U; 3. 




4Staffwinde tchima^M. v. the canoe 
is sure, it is not daogerouSf not roll- 
JBg ; p. *a^.rf«^ 

KiMoamiga, u. ▼. the continent, it is 
the coRtinent ; p, het*.gitg. — KUah- 
afhtgangj on the .<?ontinent, on the 
mean land. 

KitchaJciwi^ {nm) n. v. I hurt myself, 
by lifting or carrying too heavy « 
load ; 3. p. l.;.p.; kaichakitvid. 

JSitchi, adj. & adv. great, grand, 
large, big, extensive ; pre-eminent, 
principal ; old, aged ; much, well, 
yery; arch- (in some compositions, 
as : Archangel, Kitchi Anjeni, ) — 
This word is always followed by 
a substantive, verb, adjective or 
adverb,and remains connected with 
it : it cannot be used alone. 

£!Uchi agdming^ on the other side 
or shore of the great water., that is, 
in Europe. 

KUchi aiaay s. great being : a big, 
great, noble, mighty or elevated 
person ; an old, aged person : also, 
a large, big or old animal ; pl.-^. 

KUeki aiiy s. great thing ; any great, 
big, large, important, or old m. ob- 
ject ; pl.-», 

J^Uchi-amo^ s. humble-bee ; buzzing 
fly ; pl.-^. 

K.'UGMrd^wish^ s. (big leave,) cabbage; 

Kxtc^'Omi^liinahey s. old person, 
(man or woman) ; pl.-^. 

Kitchi-amshifMibeWt {nin) n. v. I am 
an old person, (man or woman ;) 
3. p.-i ; p. Icet^wid. 

Kitohi oMosscndgoy adv. three days 
ago ; [L. nudius tertius.] 

KUchi awdtswabangy adv. after three 

K4tchi-awessi, s. (large beast,) ele- 
phant; Dl~4ag. 

ZfUchi iahisihAwaganf s. big coat, 
cloak, riding-coat ; p\.-an. 

Kiichi hiddnimadf u. v. there comes 
a squall 9f wind ; p, Tcet^mah. 

KUcki Hminakwan, s. big rope, cable ; 

KtUhi himinigatij s, augar.f [F. ^ar- 
ie^e;} pi— a«< 

KUehi hmahoanf' a. barrow;. pL^ 

Kitchi hishtgwddislwiriy s. , adultery. 

KUchidan {nin) n. v. I am ricb, 
wealthy j 3. p.-i ; p. Tcetchi-danid. 

Kitchi dam/wmhy s. riches, wealth, for- 

KUcMgdd^ s. the right leg.— There is 
always a possessive pronoun pre- 
fixed to this word ; as : Nin hitefii- 
gad, my right leg ; ki hOchigad, thy 
right leg, etc, 

Kiichi, mgibingwekioe, s. mole ; [G. 
Maulwurf ;] pl.-^. 

Kitchigami, s. great water, 
the Ocean. 

Kitchi^amiwoLsKky s. S. Anakanashk* 

Kitclvb gawissagangt 9* nutmeg i [F. 

Kitchi-gig% s, whale ; pl.-iap'. 

Kitchi-gtao bimide, s. Bperm*oil. 

Kitchi gitgudshimawinf s. lent; [F. 

KitcMgiJdnj (nin) a. v. in. I indent 
it, I jagg it; 3. p. o kit.., ; p. k€k* 

Kitchigijigade^ OT-^mag€id, u. v. it it . 
indented, it is jagged ; p. k£t..deg, 

Kitchigijigasot n. v. 3. p. it is in in- 
dented or jagged, {an. obj.) p. kstw, 

Kitckig^wa, {mn) a. v. an. I indent 
some an., obj. ; 3. p. o kU..n ; p* ket,, 
wady imp. kitchig\ftoi, 

Kitchi gikuf (mn) n. v. I am decrepit, 
extremely old ; 3. p. 1. ; p. het.. 

KitchigtoandUf s. an. large feather ; 

K'^ttifii iJiWiP.bijd^ \i* V. something ex- 

Lraomiiiary lin^ifiec^!^; p.ket.. kdb. 

ILiUhi ^^a^tiimifi^ s. cjicstimt ; pl.-iiA* 

l^itdu jitjUtjaiViRJi s. aR>.. onion; pi.- 

KUdd jifMi^jfinhhi-fgitfUif s. great 
m l1 It n r y c hi l' f , that i»^ a General ; 

pl--^/][ . ; .» 

KUcht'ji'ngc^aboj s. beer. 
Kitchi jiwdgam/mgdn J s. molassea* 




KUehd^ifmimi 8. oiw fig ; pl.-fl^. 

Kitehi-Jominatigy or, kitchi-jomina^- 
awanj, s. 'fig-tree ; pl.-^cw, ot-jm. 

KUchi husMdhodjigatiy s. log-saw 
cross-saw ; pl.-an. 

Kitchi manameg, s. whale / -wttg, 

Kiichi-mehatewihiP&na'iej b. Bishopj 
(Great-black-gown;) pl.-g. 
NaganUid Kitcki-mekatewikwan- 
ale. Archbishop. 

Maiafnawi-niganind Kitehi-fneha- 
ieioikfwanaief Pope, (the fore-most 

Kikihi-inekateioihwanaie o sakaofij s. 
crosier, (the Bishop's staff.) 

JTitehi-m^atewihwanaie o wiwahwan, 
8. mitre, (the Bishop's hat.) 

.KUchi mikanay s. public road, a trod- 
den beaten road. 

Kitchi-mi^ies, s. Grand Island, Lake 
Superior. At, to or from Grand 
Island, Kitchi^ninisiing. 

Eitchi miehweiabj s. artery. 

KUehimohoman, s. American, (big 
knife j-^) pl.-a^. 

EStchinwkwnan-aki, ». The United 
States, (the land of the big knives.) 
> Eitchimohomcmensy s. dim. an Ameri- 
cyi boy ; pl.-fl^. 

Kitchimokomanikwet s. an American 
woman ; pl.-^. 

KitckimokomaniktffenSj s. dim. an 
American girl ; pl.-a^. 

SUehi-mothwe, s. an. shawl ; pl.-^. 

Kitchinagijina {wfn) a. v. an, I gut 
or eviscerate him; [F. je I'etripe;] 
3. p. okU..n; p. ket.. nod; imp. kit.. 

J^Uchintk, s. the right arm .—There 
is always a possessive pronoun be- 
fore this word ; as: Nin kitehiniky 
hihUchinikyO kUckmik; my, thy, 
his right arm. 

KUehinindj. s. the right hand. This 
word is always preceded by a pos- 
sessive pronoun ; as : Nin kitchi- 
nindjt o kitchinindj, my right hand, 
his right hand ; etc. 

Kitchi nishkddis, (nin) n. v. I am en- 
raged, very angry ; 3. p.-4'; p. ket.. 

K4ti^ini8hBaSM»in, b. vioicnt aifl- 
ger, rage, f«ty. 

KUokiftoWy s. an. the right -idieefc. — 
Thifcword has alwaya a posses- 
sive pronoun befdre it ; as ; JVt» 
kiichlfuywymy rightcheek ; ohUM- 
nowan, his right cheek, etc. 

Kitchi od&nay s. city ; pl.-^o#». 

l^itchi-ogimaj ». kmg, emperor, sov- 
ereign, potentate, (gr^at chief;) 

KUcH^ogkna apahwduy s. throne ; pi. 

Kitohi-ogim&hce, s. queen, empress ; 

Kuchi-ogima o vmoakwany s. crown ; 

Kvtchi onvigiwiny s. leprosy. 

ILUchi onigam, s. Grand Portage, 
Lake Superior. 

Kitchi on^hin, u. v. it is excellent, 
magnificent ; p. 

KitcM ossossodamowin, s. hooping- 
cough : F. coqneiuche.] 

Kitchi-pashkieigan, s. canon, gun; pi. 

KitcHpashkidzan amwi, s. canon- 
ball ," pl.-n. 

Kitchi-pipigwan, s. church-organ f pi. 
-anr. * 

Kitchipis, {nin) n. v. I gird myself, I 
put a girdle or belt around ray 
waist; 3. p.-o; Tp.k€t..8od. 

Kitcktpison. s. an. belt, girdle ; [F. 
ceinture;jpl.-«^. ' 

Kitchi-sagdtgany s. spike ; pl.-an. 

Kitchlsdgi, s. Misery River, Lake 

Kitchi gigisi'win, s. terror, fright, hor- 

KitchisUinjig, s. the right eye.-j- 
This word is always connected 
with a possessive pronoun; as: 
Nin kitchishkinjigy H kitchi shkin- 
jig ; my right eye, thy right eye, 

K'misid. 8. the right foot.— This 
word IS alwhys preceded bj a 
possessive pronoun ; as: I^in ktteh^ 
isidy my rignt foot ; U kitchisidj thy 
right foot, etc. 

KUchisidan, s. the big toe.— JVw^ 




ytchi^idan, q h4fiihHi^ ; my big 
toe, his big toe, etc. ' 

KUchi-tahedudjifattj ». icrew-vice 
[F. «tau ;] pl.-a». 

K4$e^itwdf adj. hofiorttble, holy, 
eaint. ' 

Kitchitwdgijigad, s. holyday,, festival; 

KUchiiwdgijigadt u. v. it is a holyday; 
p. ket..gakr . 

^.'UchUwa Marie od anamikag^wfit 
Annunciation of the Blessed Vir 

. ^n Mary. 

KxtckUwaioendag^s, (nin) a. v. i am 
honored, revered, 1 atn considered 
venerable ; I am glorious, subliiae; 
holy ; 3. p,-e ,* p. Jeet.«id, 

Kitchiti^aioendagvHa, {uin>) a. v. an. 
I make him glorious, honored, I ex- 
alt him; I sanctify him ; 3.p.0 kit., 
n; p. 

YMchdwawendag&aiwin, s. honor» 
veneration, glory, glorification ; 

KUchiUvawendagwadi u. p. it iS' hon- 
ored, revered, venerable, holy ; p. 
. Kitchitwdwinddn, {nin) a. v. in, I 
respect it, I honor and revere it, I 
hold it in veneration, I esteem it 
holy, glorify it ; 3. p. o hit.^; p. het.. 

JERichitwdwenim, {nin) n. v. I have 
proud thoughts, I ezalt myself in 
my thoughts; 3. p.-o; p. het..fnod. 

Kitchitwdwenima, {nin) a. v. an. 1 
respect, honor, revere him, glorify 
him, I consider him venerable, 
holy; 3. p. oJcit..n\ p. heL.mad. 

Kitchii^oawenindiimji^ {nin) com. v. 
we think each other worthy ot 
honor and respegt,;p. Jcet..didjig. 

KUchitwawenindis^ \nin) r. v. I 
think myself worthy of honor and 
glory; I exalt myself^ 3. p.-<?; ^.kei. 

Kitckitwawenindisomnt s, self-glorifi- 
cation, vainglory, proud thoughts. 

KitchUwdwiay{nin) a. v,c^ I make 
him gloriousii honored; I glorify 
hiini3.p. <»^M«;p. 

M^i^mdwiAUsi (nm) r. v» IgWiify 

or honor myself, I seek my own 
. , glpf y ; ?., pv-i>; p. Jcet. .Aid. 
£^iickitwm»inj ; .S» KOchiiwdtpiH- 

K.itchitwdm%nas>{nin) a. v. ait. I flq- 

rify him with. words, I praise him; 
• %i.okii'M:^.ket..mid. 
KitcXit^awindmnf .{mn) a, v. in, I 

glorify and praise it with words; 3. 

pwo kk..,; p.iket^.ang.. 
Kitchitwdwinikasr (nin) n. v. I have 

a glorious name; my i^amie is holy; 

3. p.-o; p. k€ii.8od. 
Kitchi^ipaMiTiikasom/i^ a. gloriouf 

name; holy name. 
Kitchitwdtois, (nin) n, v. I am glori- 
ous, honored, noble, elevated, ex- 
alted; 3. p.-i; p. ket..sid. 
Kitchitwdivisiwin, a. glory, honor, 

Kitchitwdwiton, {nin) a.^ 1 honor 
< it,^ I glorify it, sanctify it, I make U 

holy; 3. p. o kit.,.; p. keL.tcd. 
Kiteki'Wdgikoman^ s. drawing-knife, 

.Kztchi-wajashkw^doj a. an. cor|i; [F. 

Kitch i-wajaakkwedo-gihdkwaigani a . 

cork-stopper; pl.-^n. 
Kitchi'Wawdbigonodjjii s. rat, (big- 
mouse;) pi. -ta^. 
Kitohiwebiaon, a. an. bracelet; pi.- 

Kitenim, {nin) v. n. I have proud 

thoughts of myself; 3. p.-o; p. ket.. 

KiUnima^{nin) a. v. an. I think him 

proud; 3. p. o kU..n't p. het..mad. 
KUinimmin, s. pride, prou4 

Kitenindis, (nin) r. v. I think myself 

higher or better than others; 3. p.- 

o; p. hii..god. 
K^'iifjfiddfi, {ntft) a. v. w^. I tow it, I 

plant ii; 3. p. o i^it...; p,kit..ang, ^ 
Kiii^dde, cr-BWffi^^, u. v. it is sowed, 

u'i3 planted j \i.hL.degt oi-magok* 
Kiti^jan, s, (icEd; jE^urden; pl.-aa. 
Ktti'^nnai (in/i) a. v,an. I sow it, I 

oimi it, («?i. otvf.) 3. p. okit..n; p. 

}xiigadang.^Iivbtmi mamdaminig 





Kitigdni-aibiy 8i Garden River, (In- 
dian village, below Saut de Ste. 

KUi^dmwiffamig, a. field-house; gar- 
den-faouae; pl.-o^t. 

KUigij {ifiin) n. v. I fiarm, I plant, I 
cnltivate the ground, I till the 
ground; 3. p. l.j p. letiged. 

Kitigiw'm, a. agncnltnre, farming, 
hnabanory, tillage. 

KUegewimni, a. fiarmer, plougher, 
husbandman; pl.-wo^. 

Kiiim^ {nin) n. v. I am lazy, I don't 
like to do a. th., or to %o some- 
' where; 3. p.-^. p. hetimid, 

Kitimdgad; u. v. it is poor, misera- 
ble, pitiful, pitiab]»e> worth pity; p. 

Kittmagakamigj adv. miserable, piti- 
ful, poor. 

KitimagammitagoSf (nin) n. v. I 
make a speech or harangue in or- 
der to excite pity on me, to obtain 
charitable assistance in my wants; 
3. p»-t; p. hei,.«id. 

£UimaaanimU<ig(mioinj s. harangue 
in oraer to obtain charity. 

Kitimagendagos, (nm) n. v. I am 
poor, I am known to be poor; 3. p. 
-i; p. Jtet.sid. 

jSkimagendaowadf n. v. it is poor 
and miserable, it is considered or 
known to be miserable; p. Jset.. 

Kttimdgendamj (nin) n. v. I pity, I 
have thoughts of compaBsion, of 
pity; 3.p. l.;p. hit,.ang. 

utimdat^nddn^ (nin) a. ▼. in. I pity 
it, I think it is poor and miserable; 
3.p. oHt...;p.ket..(mg, 

Ettimdgendjige^ {nin) n. y. 1 have 
pity, 1 am compassionate, I feel 
compatsion; 3. p. 1.: p. het..ged. 

JTitimdgendJigemn, or teilimagenindi- 
ftfin, 8. pity, compaaaion. 

KiiHmdgemin, (nin) n. v. I think my- 
aelfpoor; worth pity, I pity myself; 
3. p.-o; p. het..mod, 

Eitimdgenimaj (nin) a. v. an. I pity 
inm, 1 have compassion on him, 

t think IvDfi poor, worth pity; 3. p. 

kit..n; p. hk.,mad. 
Kitiwidgenm^,iimm)n, ▼. 8. JEitf* 

Kuimd^mmgewm, a. S. KfUmagei^ 

iltmdgidt (nin) a. v. an. I mak« 
him poor and miserable, I make 
him unhappy, unfortunate; 3. p. o 

EUimdgiidis^ (nin) r. v. T make my- 
aelf poor, unhappy, unfortunate; 3. 
p.-o; p. het..iod. 

Euimagimf>tawaj (nin) a. v. an, I 
asb him charity and aasiatance in 
my wants; 3. p. ohit..ny p. iet,. 

Kitimaginaposy (nin) ti. v. I look 
poor, miaerable, unhappy, indi- 
gent; 3. p. -i{ p. het.,eid. 

£mmaginag08fwin, a. poor misera- 
ble appearance. 

KUimdgtSy {nin) n. v. T am poor, in- 
digent, 1 am unhappy, unfortunate, 
miserable, deserving Of compas- 
sion and pity; worth pity; 3. p.-^ 

Kttimagisiioin, poverty, indigence; 

unhapfMneaa, misery. 
KUirndgitdbgoe^ (nin) n. v. I am 

heard vdth pity and compassion, f 

apeak so as to excite |Hty on me; 

3. p.-4; p. keU.sid. 
KitimcugUaway (nin) a. v. an. I listen 

to him with pity and compassion; 

3. p. <? hiL.n\ p. lcet..wad. 
Kttmdgitony (nin) a. v. in. I make it 

poor and miserable, 3. p. o hU...; 

p. het-.tod. 
Kititnindgos^ (nin) n. v. I look lazy, 

1 have the appearance of a lazy 

person; 3. p.-»: p. ket..€id. 
Mt4mi8Me, (nin) n. v. I am habitual- 
ly lazy, slothful, I am a aluggard; 

3. p.-t"; p. ket.Jcid. 
ITitimiMtwinf s. habituatlazineas, 

sloth fulness. . 
KiUmim^, a. laziness, sloth. 
Kitis, (win) n. v. I am old; 3. p. 

hitisi^ p. kdtisid. 
Mtieii nin hUiiimf my parent, my 

father or my mother) ray ancestor; 




, o hititimeint hU father or motber, 
or his ancestor &c.— PI. nin hi^ 
simagt my parents, or my ances: 
tors; hi Htisimvudhanig ^ our fore- 

' fathierS) etc. 

Kitoid^Th, 8. bell; p4.-a». • 

KUotagan agodeg^ where the bell 
hangs, that is, the belfry, the 
church-steeple, steeple. 

^tdtchigaut s. violin; pl.-aw. Kitchi- 
kitotchiganj base- viol. — S. Najd- 

Kitdtchigey (mn) n. v. I play on the 
violin; 3. p. 1.; p. Tcet^ged—S. Na- 

Kitoweidpikaigani s. Jig. S. Najd- 

jKUwin, adv. with relupt&nce, not- 
withstanding, in spite of...; against 
the mil;[F. malgr^.] 

Kiwanakamigia, {rdn) n. v. I am al- 
ways playing, or diverting myself, 

' ^neglecting ail other occupations; 
3. p.-^*; p. kaw..8id. 

Kiwaiiakamiguiwin, s. playing or 
diverting with neglect of duty. 

Xjwanis, (mn)n.v. I make noise; I 
am foolish and wa<iton; 3. p.-*; p. 
haw.. aid. 

JTiwanisiwin, s. foolish noise, wan- 

JKiwe or giwe, it is said, they say, I 

Kiwlshy (not much used,) thy wife. 
— ^They commonly say: Kiwi^igi- 
fnagan^ or, hi mindim&iemish^ tny 

Koy (or iho. after a consonant,) is a 
particle denoting use or custom. — 
Kid ijd na ho wedif — Nind ija sa 
ho. Dost thou use to go there/ — I 
use to go. Nimiwag tXo, they use 
to dance. 

J!b;. in compositions, signifies the 
ill! or heah of a bird; as: Kagagi- 
«7iifeo7, raven's beak. 

Kohohdjogan, s. bridge over the 
Styx, (m Indian mytholegv,^ over 
which must go the souls of tne de- 
parted, to arrive to the land of 
spirits. The good souls pass easily 
over it and enter the happy land of 

spirits. The wicjced b<^» c%jamt 
pass it; they fall in the depth be- 
neath, and are unhappy for ever. 

KShohOj s. owl; [F. hibou;] pl.-^. 

Kokosh, s. pig, hog. swme, so¥f; 
pork; pK-ftg^, 

JKMooehem, s. dim. a smaU p4g,< or a 
young pig, suckling pig; [e.Fer- 
kel;l pl.-^. 

KskosM-hiimdey s. hog's lard. 

^okoskiwajagaaiy s. an. swaidy(8kiB 
of bacon; [F. couenne.] 

Kokoshiwibwajn gaka/ndmodeg^ stro- 
ked hAm. ^ . 

KokosJiiwi-wUdsSj s. hog's iq^eat, 

Kokoshiwishkinj, s. the ^Rout of a 

hog; pl.-^Tj. 
£{kowe8i, s. moth; [G. Mo^te;lpl.-j(. 
ITon; nikon, my liver; kikdh, tny liv- 

!;:f; f.^iw, hi ^ !:■,.■ r, cLs:. 
iT^j^fi^i* 6i|/6jr, (mVh } n, v. I am coil- 

sidett^ii aiupid, Hwkward, I am de- 

^spised'S. p.-*'; p. hi'ti-.tid. 
Kdj'tiffe^iJ/ilftt'aJ^ u. V. It is despicft- 

blept is awkwarj, (^awkwara iit- 

n n li Oil \ ) p. ktx^* ^u^aJL 
Kiirttih'n, (nin) n, v* I nm stjupid, 

J ,, i I'lj^jirj^ rlLitiisy;3. p.-*; J. 

Kopadisia, {nin) a. v. on. I make jum 
stupid, dull; 3. p. o kop..n\ p. kwa 

Kopadisiwin, s. stupidity, awkward- 

Kcpadjid^ {nin) a. v. an. I treat hint 
ill, 1 despise him; I use him in a 
stupid manner; I spoil some on. 
obj.; 3. p. hap..n\ p. 

KopadjUwe. {nin) n. v, I treat ill, 
despise, destroy; 3. p. 1.; 

, p. hwa*. 

^ ^ inanaj {nin) a. v. an. I kiH 
an animal uselessly, without any 
profit to me; 3. d. o hop,.n,jp, kwa.. 
nod: imp. hopaajinaj. 

£6padjiton, (ndn) a. v. in, I make it 
or do it in a stupid and awkward 
manner, I spoil it, destroy it; 3. ^ 
hop.,.; p. kwa-.tod. 

Kopaniihwet s. servaiA-wbman, or 
maid; pl.-^. ^ 






^[bpmiifiimhit b. sert^-mim; pL 

SdpatitaaoMy (n47k) n. v. I speak sUi* 
^idly; 3. p.-4; p» hwa^sia, 
iopatitawa^ (nin) a. T.^tn. I bear 
. bun or liiteii to him vfiih the imr 

preMion that he speaki stupidly; 

3. ^.o]bop.M; p. hwa^wad. 
JTdpasomar (nin) a. v. an. I despise 
• Mm with nad words, I treat him 

ill; 3. p. o kop.»n; p. hwa..mad, 
"EApoiOndan^ (nm)a. v. in. I despise 

It with bad words; 3. p. o i(?p.«;.p. 

Xopasondie, {nin) r. v. I despise my- 

' self wkh words; 3. p.-o; p. hca,, 
$od, ,/ 

ShpaBov^d^ {nirh) n. v. I despise with 
■ wordis,^. p. 1.; p. hva,.ged. 

Kosdbamd^ {nin) a. v. an. I practise 
•'Indian jugglery on him, to know 
his sicKnes? and the right remedy 
for it; 8. p. dj[os..n\ p. hwe^mad, 

Mas^ibandam, {nin) n. v. I practise 
^Imlian jugglery, to know the fu- 
ture, in regard to sick persons; 3. 

v^. 1.; p. hwe^ang. 

Mo9dbandmn&irin, s. Indian divina- 
tion and jugglery in order to know 

' the future, m regard to sicknesses 

' and their remedies. 

Kxmgo^hodjigan, s. the weieht used 
On a balance to wei^h with; [F. le 
poids d'une balance;] pl.-a». 

Kongowaney {nin) n. v. I carry a 
heavy pack on my back; 3. p. 1.; 
*)?. hwcned. 

KpeifftPant {nin) n. v. I am heavy, 

j)onderous; 3. p.-i; p. hwesigwanid, 

IRsigwan.M. v. it is heavy, ponder- 
ous; p. kw(!8..ang,. 

SSon^miay {nin) a. v. an. I make 

' heavy some a/n. 6b}.; 3. p.oi&o«..;i; 
7. hitf9.,ad. 

Kosigvfaniton, {nin) a. v. m. I make 
it heavy; 3. p. X;os.-.;p. hioe*. 

.^^^^.Jiany (hin) a. v. fn.:' I' find it 
heavy, I thjnk it is fiei^vy; 3. p. 
Kbnjfwanenima^ {nin) a. v/Off . I fhdd 

hiAi hettVY, (any an* oflj.) 3. p. 

koe..n; p. hwe..inad. 
Eota^ thy father. 
Kotofdbandantt {nin)n. v. I lmw% a 

pamM dceai]^3. p» 1.; p. lM».. 

Kotafdba^Ddamcmhy s. painful dream ; 

Kotwgapine, {nin) n. v. 1 have ia 

painful sicknf ss; 3. p. 1.; p. hiae., 

Koiagapinewinj s. paih/ul sickness^ 

plague; pl.-d». 
Kotaaindagot^ {nin) n. v. I have to 

suffer, I ain suflfering; 3. p--»;p. 

Kotagendagwad, n. v. it is pain|iil» 

hard, causing suffering; p. hioe,. 

KotcLgindagwakarnigid^ u. v. there is 

tribulation, it is a painful event, 

painful accident: p. Kwe..gak. 
Kotagitidam^ {ninSn. v. I suffer, I 

am in a painful trouble; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Kotagepdamo^cin^ s. suffering, sor- 
row, tribulation, affliction, pain, 

trouble, adversity,^ (especially 

spiritual.) S. KotagUowin. 
Kotagid, (nin) a. v. an. I make him 

suffer, 1 plague him, I give him 

pain and trouble, I torment him» 

torture him, martyrize him; 3.. p. a 

iot..n\ p. hweiagiad. 
Kotaaiidu, {nin) r. v. I make myself 

suffer, I torment myself; I do pen*^ 

ance; 3. p.-o. p. hw€..tod. 
Kotagiidieowiny s. self-tormenting; 

Kotagiigowin, s. suffering, tr6\ible or 

affliction received from somebody. 
KotagiitMj {nin) n. v. I torment,. I 

plague, I give or cause pain and 
' trouble; 3. p. 1.; p., 
KotagiitffenKngad, u. v. it torments, it 

gives or causes suffering, trouble, 

pain; p. hwet..gQk. 
Sjjtagima, {nin) a. v. an. S. Kotagia, 
Kotagimama, {nin) a.' v. an. I suflbr 

/rom the smell of some an..*obJ6et; 

3. p. hot..n; p.hib€t..fridd. 




Khiagimandanj (an) a. v. ^». I suffer 
from the smell of some in. object; 
3. p. hot.,.; p. kwet.ang. 
^otaaing, adv. in the neighboring-' 
lodge or hou^e, in the neighbor- 
Kot<igiay {nin) n. v, I suffer I am 
miserable, I am in trouble; 3. p.-»; 
p. hwe..8id. 
Kotagisiwinj suffering, trouble, mis- 
ery. / 
ITotoffitdj (nin) n. v. 1 suffer, (bodily, 
from sickness or labor;) 3. p. 1.; p. 
Xbta£ii6n, (ndn) a. v. in. I make it 
auSer;^3. p. o hot...; p. kwe.,tod.'-^ 
kataqUon lo^iaic. he makes suffer 
his body, ( himselr. ) 
JTotagitowin^ s. suffering, pain, dis- 
tress, ( especially hodUy. ) 
Kotcbgiw, (nin) n. v. I toil and labor, 
I endure hardship; 3. p.-4; p. Iwe 
Kot^tgiw^ktog^ (nin) I am tossed 
about in a canoe, boat, vessel, etc., 
3. p.^; p. hw€..god. 
Muotawa/ntB. an. a block, a large 
piece of wood for fuel, thrown m 
the back of the chimney; pl.-o^. 
JL.otig6gadetay (nin) n. v. my leg is 

dislocated; 3. p. 1.; p. hwe..tad. 
Koiigdhishiny (nin)Ti. v. I dislocate 
my leg by falling; 3. p. 1.; p. hwe.. 
Kottg6nihe9hin^(nin) n. v. I dislo- 
cate my arm by falling; 3. p. 1.; p. 
%jiitig4ntketa^ (nim) n. v. my arm is 

dislocate<l; 3. p. 1.; p. hwctad. 
%4Mgdnindiishin, (ndn) a. v. I dislo- 
cate ray nai]4 by a fall; 3. p. 1.; p. 
%9Hg6fyindjit<iy (nin) n. v. I have a 
\4i8located han(|; 3. p. 1,; ^.hwe.. 

KoOgoshhOj (nin) or, nin ioiigota, n. 
V. I dislocate some limb of mv 
body, I have some limb dislocated ; 
3. p. ].;p. 

KotigoshkoMjiny s. dislocation of a 
limb of the human body. 

Kotigosideshin^ (nin) n. v. I dislo- 
cate my foot by a fall; 3. p. 1.; f . 

Kotigdeiaeta, (nin\ n. v. my loot ii 
dislocated; 3. p. L; [i, htt'^.tf^-. 

Kwaamy or mam.^s ^nj-;iy liable iij 
compositions, alludes to a for€et\ 
as: Nin tagaahufaam^ or^niapapm- 
hwaam, I come out of the wooili. 
Tchigahwam, near the forest* 

Ktcenf as end-sylkbte in coiiinofli- 
tians. alludes to the poHition of the 
head; as: Nin nduyagikitten, I in- 
cline my head be fore me. AntUJt* 
tpenif be inclines his head on one 

Kwetchf ten, (in common quick 

Kwishkivish, (nin) n. v. I whistlej 
3. p.-t; p. 

K^oishkwishimaj (nin)ti. v. an. IcaJi 
him whistling; 3. p. o kufi..n;p. 
Awash.. mad. 

Kishhwufhinagamj (nin) n. v. I whis^ 
tie an air, a song, a melody; 3. p-o'^ 
p. hwa..mod. 

K^uHhhhwi»hiwin^ s. whistling, whis* 

Ktvishhwishhwassimwe, (nin) n. v. 1 
whistle after a dog, 1 call a dog 
whistling; 3. p. 1.; p. . 

Kwiwisensy s. boy; pl.-afl'. 

Kwiioisent, s. a kind of lizard, red 
lizard; pl.-a^. 

KioiwisMsike, (nin) n. v. lam deliv- 
ered of a boy, I eive birth to a boy; 
3. p. l.;p.iwa..hed. 

Kvdwisengiio. (nin) n. v. I am a hofi 
3. p.-»; p. hoaw..fcid. 




Ma; particle signifying a re-inforce- 

ment of what is said; as; Win ma 

gi-tkito; he said it himself. Ka ma 

toin; no, no. 
Mabatrij pron. this, this one, this 

Mad. S. Mddjiy (primp loco.) 
Madaadon mikanaj {mn) a. v.m. S. 

Mddaan^ (nin) a. v. in. I scrape a 

hide or skin in.'^ 3. p. o mad...; p. 

maiddaang. — Ntu mada^an jpijiH- 

wegirhy I scrape an ox-hide. 
Mddaana, {nin) a. v. a/n. i go after 

him, I follow him; I pursue him; 

3. p. mad..n\ p. maid..nad. 
Maddbij {ni/n)n. v. I come out of the 

woods to the lake, 3. p. 1.; p. medd- 

Maddbigos, (nin)]^. v. I come from 

camp to camp out of the woods to 

the lake; 3. p.-*; p. med..8id. 
MaddHmagad, u. v. pers. it comes to 

the lake; p. m£d..gah. 
Maddbisae^ {nin) n. v. I slide down 

to the lake; 3. p. 1.; p, med..8ed. 
Jfaddbisse, ox-magad^ u. v. it slides 

down to the lake; p. m£d..segj or- 

Mudabimdon^ {nin) a. v. in. I carry it 

Xq the lake-shore; 3. p. o mad...; 

p. m£d..dod. 
Maddbiwina. {nin) a. v. an. I carry 

or convey nim to the lake-shore, (a 

per8on,\Or any other an. obj.) 3. p. 
. o mad..n\ p. med..n'id. 
Mdddbon^ {nin) n. v. I go on a river 

in a canoe oi* boat down to the 

lake, to the mouth of the river; 3. 

p.-o; p. med..nod. 
MaddOMy {nin) n. v. I travel, I am 

on a journey; 3. p.-t; p. maia..dd, 
Mddadjimy {nin) 1 begin to tell, I 

begin my report or narration; 3. p. 

-«; p.. maiadadjimod. (Abridged 


from madji, beginning; and nin di- 

hadjim, I tell. ) 
Madddony («*r*)n. v. I carry a canoe 

to the water; 3. p. ~o; p. fned.,nod, 
Maddgami, s. troubled or agitated 


Jtdddgamlshhaj or^^magad nibit u. r. 
the water moves, i% is not still and 
quiet; p. med..kag, OT-m>agak. 

Mddaigan, s. scraper; [C. g^tte, 
grattoir:] ^l.-<m. 

Mddaiget (nm) n. r. I scrape a hide, 
a skin; 3. p. 1.; p. m^aiddaiged. 

Mddahamigis, (nin) n. v. I com- 
mence some work; I begin to make 

, noise; 3. p.-i*; p. mma..Hd. 

Mddandjigey {mn) n. v. T begin to 
eat; 3. p. 1.; p. maia..ged. 

Mddanimadf u. v. the wind begins 
to blow; p. maia..mak. 

Mddaoken^ {nin) a. v. in. I distri- 
bute or divide it among several 
persons; 3. p. omad...; p. maia.. 

Mddaokenan, {nin) a. v. an. I dis- 
tribute or divide some an. obj. 
among several persons ; 3. p. o mad 
...;TD.maia..ltea. (V. Conj.)— iV^ 
maaaoTcenan nin joniiam; I dis- 
tribute my money among several 

Jfddaohi, {nm) n. v. I divide or dis* 
tribute among several persona; 3» 
p. 1.; p. maia..lcid. 

Juadaohiwin, s. distribution, division, 
repartition, dividing among several 

Mddaonamawagy {nin) a. v. an. I 
divide it amongst them, I give 
some to every one of them; 3. p. # 
mad.. wan; p. maid.. wad. 

Mddaonidinuny (nin) com. v. we di- 
vide it amongst us; p. mma.,did' 





MaAwnidMa^ s. dislribdtidil made 
by several amongst themselves, to 
each other. 

Jfaddpiney {nin) n. v* I begin to feel 
a sicktiess; a p. 1.; p. maia^ned. 

Mdddpinewin^ s. beginnmg of a sick- 

JiaddssieUm, (mn) a. v. in. I carry it 
to the water, (a canoe;) I launch 
it, (a vessel, etc.) 3. p. o mad...; 
p. mad., lod. 

Mddawoy {nin) a. v.. an. I scrape a 
hide or skin an.; 3. p. o mad*.n; p. 
niaia..v)ad.-^]S'iah mada/wa toa/wa- 
shkisTiiwoAony 1 scrape a deer-skin, 
or buck'Ski^ 

MaMmat^nir^ a. v. an. I wear it, I 
clothe myself with it, {an. obj.) 3. 
p. mad..n; p. medimad. 

Mddimonaj (mn)tL. S. Madin- 

Mddinddgan^ s. clothing, clothes, 

. clothing material, 

Madindd^mhoigamig^ . s. clothing- 
store; pl.-<w. , . 

Madindamawoj (nm) a. v. an. I give 
him clothes, .1 clothe him; 3. p. o 

Madinddny {nin) a. v. t». I wear it, 
I clothe myself with it, {in., obj.) 
a. ^.omad,..n'y ^»med.,ang* 

Jfadinddss, {nin) n. v. I am rich in 
clothing, I have many clothes; 3. 
iy-«; p. med.sod. 

Mddipoy ox-magady «. v. it Commen- 
ces snowing, it begins to snow; p. 
maiadipog^y otr^magak. 

Mddjay {nin) n. v. I start, I go away, 
I go on; 3. p. 1.; p. maiddjad. . 

Mdajamagad^ u. v. it. goes away, it 
goes on; p. maia..gak. . 

MAdfi. This word, in connection with 
a verb, signifies beginnimOi or go- 
ing on. (Change, maiad^i.) Jvin 
madji-anohif I begin to work. Mid- 
jiqaaihve^ he begins to preaclLr— 
(Otbdr examplss in some of the 
tbllowii^ words.^ 

MddHy adv. S. Jfddjikaimg, 

Mdaji^{imL} n. v. I go away, I stall 
in a canoe or boat;^ 3. p. madgio\ 
pL. mMJiiad. 

Jfd^f4bAit9€y {mm) s. v. I mnaisay 

in great haste, aa auick as I can; 

[F. je me saute i pleinas jamb««4 

3. p. I.; p. Tnaid.M«d. 
Mfi^ibato. {nin) ti. v. I begin lb 

run^S: p. l:;p. maia..tod. 
Jfadjibiamawdt {fiin) a. v. an. Iwrili 

to him, I, write him a letter; 3. p. e 

'mad..n'jip. inaia..wad. ^ 

Md^^ibide^ oi-magady u. v. it goes or 

glides away; it flies off.; p. maid.. 

dMj OT-^imgak, 
Mdajwiig<my s. missive, writing sent 

to somebody, letter aerit; pl.-omr. 

S. Midj{biigan» 
Mddjibiige, {nin) n. v. 1 am writing 

a tetter, to send to somebody, ^r 

missive; 3. p. 1.; p. maia..ged, ,, 
MddjiUssaj u. v. it begins to rain;, p. 

Mddjiddbaian^ {nin) ^y. in. I draw 

or drag it away; 3. p. o mad..*} p. 

Mddjjidahana, {win) a. v. a». I dr«w 

or drag him away, (a person, or 

any other an. obj. ) 3. p. o m<ifd^n\ 

p. maia^inad, 
Mddjidahiy {nin) n. v. I draw er 

drag away, 3. p. 1 ; p. maia..hid^ 
Mddjidaiwes {nm) n. v. I send s. th. 

to somebody, 3. p. 1.; p« fnaia,.iwi. 
Jlfddjidmwmi («^) a. v. in* I sent it 

to somebody; 3. p. o»wi...; p. mnia 

MddjidaiAJoenmh, iinm) a. v. an, I 

send some a/rih obj. to somebody;?, 

p. mady. . ; p. inaiia.^w«d. ( V . Ooi^. ) 
Mddjida/uja^ (fm) a. v. an. I cart? 

it to him; 3. p. o mad,.n; p. ma4a.. 
. load. 

Mddji^jigade^ or-mo^oi) it is carried 
. away; p, mada.dsgy oi-fnagah. 
MddjidjigaSy {nin) li. v. I am Wir- 

ri6d away* <*a person; or any othflT 

d:n. obj.) 3. p.-^; p. fnaia...sod» 
Jfdd^Jitifan, u. v. it runs on, it 
. runs away, (any liquid;) p. moHi.. 

Mdd^idod^{nio)n.'V> ImoTeaw«K 

3. p^rK> ^ fnoMiiida i m i .' 
Mdd^idon, (i»m)^ \. in* I.caxry it 




«wiif , I earry k oM, I t^nv^y h 

sw«y;a p. omatL,.;p.madaihdod. \ 
Mii^ig^, (wb) n. V. I grow talfer; 3. 

p.-t, p. matndjigi^ I 

Madfiami ar-mag0dj u. v. the 8ap,o€ 

maple-trees begins to run; p. mai- , 

Moaj^maSf (nin) n. v. I b«gin to be 
rtagry, I get angry ; 3. p.-o ,* p. 

MSe^igin, n. y. it grows or; p. maia 

M6dj%gwa»8y {nin) n'. v. I begin to 

SeW; 3. P^*-^; P« fMbiil,»90d. 

ikidjiiadpm, {nin) n. v. I carry 
word or news ; 3« p.-o ; p. moM^.. 

MfadJUad^mat (nin) &.y. an. I tell 
of him, I spread nis fame, or his 
shame; S.p.omad„n; p. maia.. 

Mid^fiiadfimoiwey (nm) m ▼. I send 
i*ord or news to somebody ; 3. p. 
l.j \i. maia.. wed. 

MMjjUatsint n. v. it goes away drir- 
eu by the windj p.^Nd- 
Ubwan moi^iiasnn^ the vessel 
goes away, (driven by the wind.) 

M^Jsamiffy or matlfi, adv. not 
BOW, not so mfuch. — Mojag gi-bi' 
inotehi-ijiw^deiy madjihamig n&n- 
f&m ta-rnvno-ijitvebisi. Ho always 
Dchaved badly, he will not now 
behave well. 

Jiacyiharmgady n. v. it begins, (an 
action or event ;) p. maia..gai. 

Mi4fikanj (nin) n. v» I commence 
•ome work; 8. p. 1. j vt,fn9ia..ang. 

MaMkikumoiiSy s. the first-born girt 
« a family^ 

MadjikihpemMihmdagey {nin) n. v. 
t dm liko a mother to my younger 
brothers and sisters ; 3> p. 1. ; p. 

MMfikuftC€tnmka«idai§a niahitne , 
(mil) a. T. 4M^ I am like a mother 
to my younger brother, (to my 
ytmnger sister j>S^ p4 &mad..n; 

JudfitdhMwisiiio. Chin) n. v. I am 
the fir«t-berB gifi of the family: 

Jn w B ft l>fa <bi , s; ^e first*4)imi htff 0lf 

a mmity ; pl.-ag.^mUn mtuMik kmg ' 

sim, my first-bom soa^ also, my 

oldest mother. 
2Mj^iki»iuko, {niml) a. v. i am tiie 

fitvt-born boy^ of our fiuntly ; 3. p^ 

♦; p. medj..wid, 
MadyvMry (iM») a. V. «a. I earry hiia 

away ; 3. p. o mad..n ; p. mmia^- 

ntul; imp. mad^. 
Mddjinajaigasy {nin) n. v. I am sent 

away; 3. p.-<9 ;p. maim,. tod, 
Mid^n(^^ay (mn) a. v. «fs. I aend 

him away; 3. p. o mad..n ; p^ wtma 

.Mai; imp. madjinc^ 
Madjinajikaway (ntn) a. v. €tn* I send 

him away in naste^ ] hurry him 

away ; I drive him away ; 3. pt & 

mad..n\ p. mada.M)ad. 
MMine. S.iaddpine. 
Mdajinewin. S Maddpinewin, 
Mid^don, {nin) a. v. Mt. I carry or 

convey it away in a canoe or boat; 

3. p. emad... ; p. mada..d4fd, 
Madjidma, {nin) a. v. an. S. Mdd6- 

Madjidna, {nin) a. v. an. I carry or 

convey him away in a canoaor 

boat; 3. p. o mad..ns p. maia^Mad; 

imp. maajicf. 
Madiiondan, {nin) a. 4. in, S. Jfa- 

Mddflpo^ OT-mofodt o« v. the snow- 
storm 18 driven away by the wind; 

n. maia.jpogy ix-^nagtdc. 
MddjiMa, {nin) n. v. i am gtring 

on, I am in motion; 3« p* 1.; p. maia 

Mddjithkay oi-magadr u. v. it is go- 
ing, it is in motion ; p. mmia.iag, 

MtdjithJban^ inin) a. v. «o. I ma&a 

it go on, I put it in motion ; 3. p. 

€ mad...; p. maia..ang. 
Mid^iMboMOi (nin) a. v. an, I pni in 

motion some an. obj.; 3. p. o mad,. 

n ; p. 9naia..wad, — iMbatgitisiWan 

nin vfi-m^Jishhawa ; I will put 

the clock in motion, (agbing.) 
MidjitUy or-magad^ u. v. it begins 

eoomienceB ; p. maia,.itg; or-ma- 

gak,-N6ngom madj Ummmg t d mi- 




m^ ^Jiff ifkmif/^cwif^ tjO-4»y be- 
gins k new yeai. 
J&dJ^sin, u., Vp S, Mddju$e. 
Jfd^jUa, (fw»,) n. v, I begin, I oom- 
' meiice, (a' work or an action ;) I 
atte«i:, I aggress ; 3, p. I,'^^ma4f 

Ma^iiamhy ^ "begiiiuing, commen- 

c'eaxent (of ari action or work); 

attack, a^ggression. ^ ' _ 

Mddiiwi3>mBay (mit) or", nin madjt^ 

totaamawa, a. v, an. S, Mddjidawa. 
JfddjiaJoiDiji{ia4e^ oi-magady u. v. it ia 

carri(^4 pr conveyed away^ p. 

MadjitvidjigaSj ^m) n, v. I am car- 
ried away} 3.;p.-<? ; p. maia..8od. 
Mddjiwidon, (nin) a, v, *». S. Mad- 

^^Jiwmaj (nm) a. v. <m. 1 carry 
or convey him away^ (any ctn. obj.) 
^j^omad..n; p. m(i^.lnad; 
imp. riM^iwij. 

JKddJitmntdis^ {mn) r. v. I carry or 
convey myself away; [G. icU ma- 
che mic^ aus dem Staiujbe ;J 1 p.- 
o; p. maia.»sod, 

MadddissQtk,, s. Indjian steam-bath ; 
[C, suerie aauvage.] 

JMocUigadef u. y. S. JMa-maddfi- 

Jtfa§d2o, (nm) n. v. I take a steam- 
bath, (m order to. recover of a 
fiiicitnesa'by a violent perspiration.) 
3. p. l.'i'^.TnedQdod. 

I(ad4rff>a^ (nin) a. v. <m. I carry him 
away on my back on a packing- 
strap ; '3. p. 0, fmd-.n \ pu maiado- 

Madondgob, {nin) a. v. in, I carry it 
away oi;i my back on a portage- 
strap, or packing-strap ; 3, p. <? 
mad... ; p. maia..ang. 

Ji£a4an&vaioiki a. aa. hot stone used 
in an Iridiap steam-bath to heat 
tlie water ; pl.-<3^. 

JTo^e, ii^ compositions, signifies 
imrmg a report, a soynd, a noise; 
as: KiMktmfi g%-rn><mvi-nibo ; we 
hear 0iftt thy frothier died. iVwtj 
gi-^madwi-dagtoishin titmong. } 4 
Learmy father atrive^ Ifst n^H, 

the fdllowmg ^ords. ) 
Madw^ba^mi^ M. v, t^.vnud whA 

pers in, th«i l^ves p^ «,tr9e; p. 

UadwiU^, \^ Vr, tfe(^ rain is h»^^ 

(faljing 01^ a ropf, pfi le«tY«9» etc.) 

p, mea^.sag. ' 
Modw^jiwqith^ u. y^ the <mrr«»t<rf«. 

stream or river ifhj^ni ; p. «t#rf,. 

Modwigammo^iji^ {jM,%) Q. v. th^r^ 

is a gargling or tumbling noise in 

my stomach: [F. j'ai le gargouiiler, 

ment;] 3: p, 1. ; p. med..jtd. 
Jifadw^gamis^ inm) n. v.> a rattUnj|< 

is heard in my tl^ro^t ; 3, p.-o ; p, 

MadwiganUaDwin, ^. ratt^Ag in the 

throat; [F. ralemient. J 
Jfad/ioiaa»enindjibinidit\ {nin,) r. T. 

I make crack my fingers ; 3« p.>(7 ;. 

p. med.,sod. 
McdwiganeshlM^ {nin) p, v. the joint>| 

of my limbs crack; 3. p. I. ; ^. 

^adwiidbidesJUmonj {nin) [or, HAm^ 

nhadweiahidesJdny 3. p< 1. ; p« mddi>« 

tVi^,] n. V, I chatter with the tee^h^^ 

fron^ cold; 3. p.-o; p. med..nod. 
Jfadwdidbikaan, {nin) a. t. , m. I 

make it sound, (metal ;) 3. p, « 

mad...; p-. ffied^.anff. 
Madwiiataaiaqde^ ot^magadt n. .v« 

it is sounded, (metal;) p. med.^deffy 
; OT^nutgak. 
MadwiicMhUdny n. y. it founds, it 

tinkles, it Jjin^l6s, (metal ;) p. mei^ 

^ad/wiimgif^e^ lU v, 3, p. he makes 

a sound or noise with his ^iogg, 

Mdi0£kiiimigUhi^.y Ctm) d< y. I aw 

heiard failing td the ^tQund ; 3. j^ 

l.^ p. m^d.dn^^' 
Mtidw^iarfidgiimn^ u. ^* it i^ hear4 

faJiirtg to the ground ; p.^ 
Jfiidwihi'adifi, u- v. \he ite is Crack- 
ing ; p tnt^.^ing. 
ifadwhnfi, {n'm) a* v. an, I crack 

: aop^c afi. obj. 3 W^^h th|^ t^9^\ % 




i efira«ek it ;B. p. o m(td..n ; p. med- 

JM«mdm, {nin) a. v. in. I crack 

•r cmuhch it with th6 teeth, {ih. 

obj.) 3. p. mad... ; p. med..ang. 
JfadwSndiige, (nin) n. V. I crack or 

cratiDCh s. th. ; 3: p. 1. ; p. med.. 


Madwin^^mh, {nin) n. V. I snore ; 
[G. ich schnarche ;] 3. p. 1. ; nied.. 

Mctdwin^amowm, 9. snoring; [F. 

Jfadwingwash^ {nm) ji. v. S..Ma^- 

wengwam. > 

Mudfwhhin^ (nin) n. v. I am heard 

fatiing: 3. p. 1.; p. m€ 
Jfadwishia, ox-rmgadj (freq. ma- 

madweghM,) u. v. it cracks, it 

makes a crocking noise ; p. med.. 

hMj ox-magak. 
Mmwedgey {niri) n. v. I fire a gun; 

8. p. 1. ; p. 7^ed..g€d. 
Ma;dwe9tgi-gij'igady s. gun-firing dj^y,* 

tSie day of firing- guns, the fourth 

of July. — S. FapashHsigi-gijigad, 
Jtadwesig4-gms8f s. gun-firmg month , 

•July. ^ ' \ ' 
Madwistgewin, 8. firing guns. 
Mddwessdaishiny (nm) n. v. I am 

hearij falling on tlie floor, on boards; 

3. p. 1. ; ^. 
Mcukoissagtmn y u. v. it is lieard 

falling on bqarcjs, on the floor ; p. 

Mfldwisstfi, u. V. it is heard falling '5 

it sounds, it rings; p. med-ing. , 
Jfadw^ssitchioeJnin) n. v. (freq. nin 

' ■ ' " ' J^i) I produce a 

sound or ^uuud^j a noise ; 1. ring ; 

% p. 1.; p. m^^L.t/ed. 
M&dtuemtfjfi, {fii'ff) a. Y. in. I make 

it sound, Hnc, I ring it; 3. p. 

n^d...; p. mt'(L.tod. 
If^m^td, ' nin ) ]i. V. (freq. nitima- 

mudiiyfuj) 1 iiin heard somewhere 

uiakipg noise ; n. p. 1. ; p. medwe- 

ifi»if(Difjff, i^T-maoad, u. v. it sounds, 

a rings; p. ffmt.weg^ ox^maqak. 
Khdff^cwco hin^j n, v. 3. p. tne par- 1 

tridgp is making noise with Bit 

wings ; p. med..oa. 
Madwiweshm, (?iin) n. v. I am heaiS 

from some place J 3.' p. 1.; p. raed.t 

Mamot^€9si%^ u. v. it is heard from 

some place ; p. 
Mddwiwetchigan, s. any thing that 

produces or gives ' a sound or 

sounds; a musical instrnment, 

trtimpet, horn ^ harp, guitar, etc. ; 

Madwlwdchiqej {nin) n. v. 1 make 

sound s. th. ; I produce sounds ; 

I make music; 3. p. 1.; p. tned,. 

ged. £ 

Madwiwetchigewin, s. music ; pro- 

dacing sounds. 
Madwiwetchigewininiy s. musician; 

Madw^weton^ (nin) a. v. in. I make 

it sound; 3. p. o mad...; p. 7ned:.tod. 

— ^^in madweweton hoaadiigany I 

make sound a trumpet, a bugle, a 

horn. ■ 
Mdgohidont (nin) t. v. in. I press or 

compress it in my hand strongly ; 

3. p. mag..::^: maia..dpd. 
Mdgdbinaj{nin) I press or 

compress some an. obj. strongly in 

my hand^ 3. p, m>ag..n ; ^.maia.. 

nod. ; 

Mdgona^ {nin) a. v. an. I press some 

an. obj, in my hand slightly ; 3. p. 

Mdgo-nan, (nin) a. v. in. I press it in*" 

my hand sltghtb/, (in. obj.) 3. p. 

mag... ; p. muia..(mg.- 
Maqonige,. (nin) a. v. an. I presa 

Slightly { 3; p. 1. ,- p. mMa..gca. 
Mdgonindjinaj (nin) a. v. an. I press 
his band; 3. p. mag..n; p. maia., 
Jiiagoihiy (nin) n. v. I make an In- 
dian feast, as a religious ceremo- 
ny; 3. p. 1. ; p. m£gos%ed. 
Magoshivdn^ s. Indian religious feast. 
Magoshkinadjige, (nin) n.. v. I press 

down: 3. p. 1.; p. maia..ged. 
MdgQshkincuhn, (hiti) a. v. in. I press 
it down in a vessel; 3. p. itiUxg...; 
• p. maia..dod,' • •' ■' i. ' * 




M^ondma,{nih) A. t. an* ^ftein 
■ his foot ; 3. p. mag..ii ; -pi maUt.. 

Jfagmofonethm,' u. y^ the «ik)w Id; 
were, melts down ; p. nieg,,iug, 

JUaowdwiganj s. humpback; £G. Ho- 

Mdgwdwigan^ (niii) n. v. I am hump- 
backed; 3. p. 1. > p. meg..ang. 

JCdgioia^ (7^^i) a. V. a;i. I am strdn^- 

■ er than hej 1 stirpass hirti, over- 
come him; 3. p. o ina^..n ; p. maia 

Ifdgwng&n, (nin) pers. v. it overco- 
mes me, surpasses me ; 3.- p. o 

■ rna^ip. Tthaia.^od.-Nin mAgwUgoin 
nind dkosiivin ; mj sickness over- 
comes me, r it is stronger than I. ) 

"oy {mn) n. V. I am very sick, 

I am overcome by sickness ; 3. p, 
1.; p. maidg^oitod. 

Jfdgmtcn^ {nin) a. v.m. I orettrome 
it, surpass it; 3; -p.omag...;^. mam 

MaiddaeiHd, -p. s. a: he that distri- 
butes, a distributor; ^\.-jig. 

3f(li4d(^ttad, p. s. a. he that coramen- 
- ces, aggressor, attacker; ^\.-j*^' 

Maidgj in compositions, signifies 
fore%m^ strange, thanged. {Ex- 
amples in some of the following 

JfaidamisMndbei s. a. strange Indian 
•from another tribe ; m Scriptural 
language, pagan, gentile; pl.-^. 

Mdiagindagos, (nin)) n. v. I am con- 
sidered, or found, strange, chang- 
ed: I am changed ; 3. p,--* ; p. mei- 

MaiagSnda^ad, u. v. it is found 
strange, chatiged ; it is changed ; 
p. mei^.wah. 

Mcmqindcm, {-nin) a. v. in. I think, 
or find, it strange, changed ; 3: p. 

mai^* ; p: ineu.ang. 
Madag^imaj (ntn) a-, v. an. I find 

him changed* .strange, (apersow, 
or any other an. obj.) 3. p. omai.. 
n; 'p.inei..i7kid. 
Ifadagindndi»t (nin) r. v. I find my- 
self changed, different from what 

1 was before; 3. p.-o; p. meia*.$(4. 

JU4i^3km, 9» Ibrvign, ■iiw ig u wo- 

mtxk ; plv^. ' 
Maidginagos, (nin) n. v. I took 

ch&nfed, sttange-; I look Kke d 

stranger ; 3. p.-» ; p. meia..8id. 
Maidginagwad, u. v. it looks chan* 

ged, strange ; p. meia..ti?ak. 
Maidginan, {rim) a. v. in. I see \% 

changed ; 3. p. o ma...; p. mHa.. 

afyg. > 

Maiaginawa^ Hkifi) a. v.- av». I see 

him chahgea, (any an. obj.) 3. p; 

inai..n | p»>ad. 
Maidgimnt, s. foreign, strange mati^ 

foreigner ; tjl.-^A^. 
Maidgis, iMn) n. v. I am a stranger, 

a foreigner ; 3. p.-i| p. meidgiaid. 
Mdidgishkifmgwe, (ntn) n. v. I hav# 

a strange lace, or a changed face ; 

3. p. 1.; p. 
Maiagissiton, i^nin) a. v. in. I put it 

otherwise, in a strange manner; 

3. p. maia... ; p. meia..tod. 
Maidgitagosy (nin) n. v. I am heard 

speaking strangely, I speak like a 

stranger, or with an altered voice; 

1 speak a foreign language ; 3. p. 
-*: p. meia..sid. 

MaidgUmtay (nin) a. v. tm. I find, in 
hearing him, that hiis language (or 
his voice) is changed, strange, I. 
hear him speaking Strangely, likV 
a stranger ; 3. p. o'niaia..ii^ ^.meia.. 

Maidgiton, (nin) a. t. in. I make it 
in a strange manner; also, it sounds 
strange to me, I find atrange (or 
changed) what I hear ; 3. -p.oma...; 

Maiagwiy (win) n. v. my speaking is 
strange or changed ; 1 speak a 
strange or foreign language ; 3. p. 
1.; p.- meiagwed. 

Maiagwia^ (nin) a. v. im. I make 
him speak a strange or foreign 
language ; 3. p.oma%a..n ; p. meg., 

Maddjimagond matH^onij s. stinking 
insect, bed-bug. 

Maidmakddendangy pi %.d. he who ^ 
admires, admirer ; pL-^. 

Maidmofunr-fUg^mitid ISitcki^fi^iiil^U^ 



Pope, (the foremost Gj^t-UMfc- 
||afiiMA%Maf», s. S. JSKoiM^Mhoan- 

J|ii«4aM0y (nin) n. ▼. I much fore- 

^ most, at the head of a gang, band 
or oompany ; 3, p. l.; p. mei„.eed. 

MaiaoHitHnim^ s. war-caotaia, war- 
chief, who marches at the head of 
kos band of warriors ; pl.HMt^ 

MaiatdwMniekmabe, s. stoange In- 
dian, in particular a ftiott-Iodian ; 

oist (nin) n. v^ $. Maia^i$, 
h, (nm) n. ▼» I am sitting 
straight up : 3. P.-i ; p. 
MosMtHi4eJiwaMu>isi assith n. v. 3L 

p., it is a corner-stone. 
Maidwahman, (mn) a. Y. t»u I prect 
it^ I make it stand up ; 3w p^ oma...; 

P* ft%0i4t^,4M»^. 

Maia/watky inm) a.y.J)|iAput up- 

lii^y I am erected, by the wind ; 

3. p. -i ; p. mcuw}a$hid. ■• 
MMawaeMHy u. v. it is erected, or 

put uprii^, by the wind ; p. meU* 

3Ui4»pmfi^f0St (nin) n. v. 1 am con- 

aidered the foremost ; 3. p.-i; p. 

HaMMmi9^gw^^ u. v. it isconaider- 
ed forenacst ; p. fwidk^^'mk^ 

MatdwendafHy (nin) n. v. I am fore- 
moat, I am at the nead of a band ; 
3. p* 1,; p,. mHiOt^mmg. 

Maidwiim<h ^^' ^^ or on the trail, , 
road, street, ' 

MaUwtmh (»t«) &• '^> om* liaise him 
«p, I nfiake him ait or stand 
^raight up f 3. p. omat*^; p. m^a*. 

Maidvnnan^ (ntn) a. v. tn. I raise it 

up, i erept It, make it stand up ; 3. 

p. a mai*.« ; p. meui^an^, 
MwtmtAimat (ii4«) a. v, <»». I erect 

him, I put him upright, (a person 

«r any othei «m» ob^ ) 3. p. ofiUi.,n; 

jp. nte^.mad, 
MiA40o%t^ik, {nin) n. v. I stand up, 

erect myself, (from a lying poai- 

Aioa ;><3« p, L» p« «i^l#i^ 

aeif, lstand«p»Mg)«t; 3. p. I.; 

p. meia»4ead, 
' MttitbmMama^fad^ u. V. it atofias vp, 

it erects itself; p. meu.gmk, 
MaidufiMad^ {nin) a. v. i^ I go 

straight upon it j 3. p. o fmif...; p. 
, meia..ang. 
MaidwiehhcMDat (nin) a. y. an. I fo 

straig^ht upon nim; 3. p. o mada*^ ; 

p. meui..wad. 
Jfaddwissiichigadef or-f»a^<u{,ti. T.itis 

put optigbt, atraight up, it ia eiefi* 

ted ; p. tnmA.^de^ or-^moadb 
MaiMeumtehigaM, n. V. a. p.^ it is 

ereeted^put upright, (a#k ODJ.>p. 

Moimtmtiton, (ms) a. y. in. I erect 

it, I put it up straight; 3. p. maia..; 

p, met.. tod. 
Motidmuini^xx. y. it is upright, in a& 

vpnght position, erected ; p. meia.. 

MtigmUoj Knin) n* ▼. @. Jfawifflfefc* 

Maien^ ady. aside, apart; as: 

Mtien nM attm aw; 1 put this 

MstUni88e9idaiMig^ p. s. a. neg. he 

who feels no shame, a shameless 

person, impudent, brazenfaced; pL 

-o^. 8. Effotckima. 
Mai6uandwmi (fM») n. v. Ii(^,I 

tell jokes to make people Ia«gh; 

3. p. -<?; ^..fn«ie..soa. 
Mainff€^^ s. wolf ; i>l.-<i^. 
Maingamka, u. y, there lire woWea ; 

I). mein..hag. 
MainganiJcany s. a plaee where them 

are wolves. — Mesii%ganikaiu$i^ hid 

ininajaonimm ; I send youiii the 

midst of wolyea, (in a place whert 

there are wolves.) 
MajanUgoesy s^ salmon-trout ^pl.-^* 
Majamiaomlca, or^magadt u. y. thert' 

are salmon-trout ; p.m^>.*kagt o(h 

MaJaffUgostihin, 8. StalBiaii-t|r<n^ 

Kiyer, Lake ^perior^ 
MmioM. M€0ii€e»etQ. B. Mtwrnm- 


M^^idOwmmfB, (#^> b. t. I cutoff 

branches ; 3. p, 1» ; p. m4J.,g9SL 
Mmidikwaniwa fmUaj(!nin)tL.Y.aff. 
1 cut off the branches of a tree ; 
3. p. p. fn^.,fdad; in^, 

Jtajiidkmigan^ s. S. Mi^iigan, 
MajUakoni^e^ {nin) n, v. 8* Jfajiiffe. 
JH^iiffany ». clearing, a cleared piec« 

of land ; pl.-a». 
Jfa^U^e^ (nin) n. v. I cut brfish-wood 

and big trees down, I clear a piece 

of land ; 3. p. 1.; p. imjii^. 
Mts^fiigfuiin ma^iakonig4Mi*h s* the 

act or labor of clearing land. 
Mdkdh, s. box, trunk, chest, coffer, 

barrel. Indian sugar-box ; pi .-on. 
Msikikokt^ (nin) n. v. I make barrels 

( or boxesj/ 3. p. 1. ; p. meh^hed. 
Mabmkoik4w%g<mug^ s. cooper-shop ; 

MakdkoTcewin^ s. work or trade of a 

Makt M ihainmi^ s* coo^r ; pl.- 


MdmAki, . mskahot9(i9on9, i. dim. a 
small box or chest } keg : pi. -on. 

MsUkaJsogi miiif^ n. t. 3<p^ the tree is 
inroken, (by the wind, etc. ) p. nUk. . 

MakHBOMOfi a. & wooden box; a bar- 
rel, cask, tub ^ pl.-oK. 

IfaJkihossagwaUgy a. batiel-ataff ; [F. 
dooelie :] ^l^on. 

MktamAf (ratn) a. v. ok. I t^e itfh)«i 
lam by force, I rob him of it ; 3. p. 
e^mah.^it ;p. mekamad. 

Makand&Mafnaqe^ (nin) n. v. I get 
sc tb« before another, I take s. th. 
before some other does; 3. p« 1.; 
Q, wteh.Md. 

lUlkaMidiMlMumiwa, er, n^ makMH- 
ddsJtkama, (nin) «. v. om. I get it 
or take it before he does, (he wish- 
•a or intends to get it, but I get it 
before him;) 3. p. & «iaA..n; p. 

MaAumdAikkmny {nin) a. ▼. in, I take 
it before others do; 3. p. o moib*..; 

'^(li$i»>n. v.i takeby fiMice, 


I rob, IpMlafe} 3; p* L; p. mtk** 

Makandweu, (nin) a. t. f». I take it 
away by force ; 3. p. o mak>., ; p, 

Mdkandwinmy («♦») a, t. .«•. I take 

' eorae an, oh), away by force ; 3. p* 
om(dUi;^iMh,M}«d. (V, Conj.) 

MaJeandwhjfigkf a. taking away by 
force, pillage, robberr^ 

JfaieamdzoMoininiy a. robbort pdlager, 
brigand; pi. -400^. 

The Indians of Sandy Lake ar# 
caltied Makandwkoinmiwi^y from 
the ciMWDstance that odg» they 
pillaged the store of their fur-tra- 

Makat6^ s. gun^powdor. 

Mahatiy adj. Wack. dark-colored* 

MahaUfinehiffy s. black serpent ; pi,- 

M&atiianak, b, a kind of black bird; 

MahUehey (nin) n. v. I paint my face 

black ; 3. p. 1.; p. tnek.,ied. 
MakaUhoden^ (nin) a. v. in, I black- 
en it, paint it black, 3. p. ofnak,,^ \ 

p. mek..dod. 
MahU^onay (nin) a. v. oa. I black* 

en some an, obj., I paint it black, 3. 

p. mak..n ; p. m6k,.ad, 
MakatiJcowidity (nin) r, v. I blacken 

my face ; 3. p.-o; p. inek,M)d, 
JfaktUi-maahhkiwaio, a. c o ff e t , 

(black medicine.) 
M4ikaU'ma»hkihiit>ahoh0j (nin) n. ▼. I 

make cotffee ; 3. p. 1. ; p. imk,. 

Mahati^--mathhikiwabohiwifiamiffy ■• 

coffee- house : pi .'-on. 
Mak4U6akib^ s. black duck ; pl^Hi^^ 
Makateway or-ma^ady u. v. it is blade; 

p. fnek..wag. ox-magah, 
Jfaka^wahigmdony (nin) a. y. in, 1 

make it black, (thread, cord, 

string;) 3. p. mak..,; p. mek,* 

MabaUwabikady v. r. it it black. 

(metal;) p. mek..kak, 
Makatewailnkinigadey u. v. it is mad^ 

black, painted black, (m«lal,«».)* 


JfybatSuubikimgMay n. v« a. p. itha 

made black, painted black, (siel- 

al, a».) a.-mek..sod^ • ■• 

ItakatMiPMibis^ n. v. 3. p. it is blaok, 

(silver, jonita; stone, aasin; the 

flunj ^«t«« ;) p. «n«^;tMt ^ 
Makatdwadi88(m, {nin) or nin ma- 

hU&Ukinsan, a. v. in. I dyeitWack; 

3. p. emak... ;\i.fnek..^mff^^ 
MakaUwadisngey {n4m) or, nm ma- 

makiwcmtige^ n* v. I dye Wack; 

3. p. 1./ \>.mele..ged. 
Me^MUivutdiestoOi (mn) «r, nin ma- 

haUiJoamMwayiL, v. a/n, Idye black 

some an. obj^ 3. p. o fnm,M\ p. 

Makatewagarm, s. Black-River. 
Makatiwaaami, u. v. it is black ; of 
■ a dark color ; (some liquid^) p.^ 

ineh.\rm^.-^Michi. ^makaUwoffaim 

iw )ormndbo\ this wine is of a 

very dark color, (black.) 
Maka;t6waga7nishlcinjigwany s. apple 

of the eye; fF.piipille de i'oeil ; 

G. Augapfel.j . .^ 

M^katmofamiUgweia. sibi, u. v. the 
, river is bl^ck, of a daik color ; p. 

Ms^aiiida^t (ndn) n* v. my skin is 

black; 8. p. !■.; ip.meh.,jed, 
MakaUwakofdtfode, u. v. it is painted 

blAcfc, ( #00(1, in*) p. meh*Mg. 
Makatiwakdniaasor n. v. 3. p. it .is 

, painted bUck, (wood, an, ) p. meh.. 

9od, - 
JfaJkctiewaoidibej (nm) n. v. I have a 

.bt«ok hjead, (blfick hair ;) 3. p. 1. ; 

p. mek.-hed. 
MahiUwas^, «. (prohv makaUos- 

«^,) black dog ; pl.-o^« 
JfakaUttngattd^xx. v. the lake looks 

hlaek, dark, (by the wind ;)p. mck.*. 

Uak^UwigtemMj^ s. powder-hou8e;pl, 

-^on.- , -^ . ■ 

Mc^MviiwiiaM, a. negro; mulatto; col- 
ored man ; ( black-flesh ; ) pl.-a^. 
JfaktitiwiiasHkufe, s. negiX) woman ; 

mulatto woman ; colored woman ; 

^ianoMy (inn) n^Y-l dress 
in black, I wear black clothes {.3. 


p.*U; p,md!4i^uf0nmmried;h^T^ 

weArs b4«ek cloth«9. 
Makc^ewiffgtpe, (^m) n. v. I havet 

black fape^ myi^ce is bliK^ened ; 

3..p. l.;p.j;^^..«;f^. 
Makatiioisjlnin) \i. v. Xana bl^ek,! 

am of a black or dark compl^x^ 

I am colored; I ato swirt^y, diislgr 

aim-burirt ;'3.'p.-*; p. rn^..8id, 
JfykaUt0itkkitii:',{n4h) a. I black- 
en it, (not purpostely, by sitting 
' down on it,' by toucfeing it, etc.) 3. 

p. mak*: ; p- mek:,nnff, 
Makdtewishkawa^ (nin). a. ▼. an. I 

blackeft hinx, ( any <i». obj,, not pnr- 

posely ; )^3. p. o mak.M ; p. fndt.. 

Jfakat^mssMma^ (mn) a. - v. on. I 

blacken him, (any an, obj,) 3. p. 

mdk.,n; p. m^...mad. 
Mokai^wiesamnigade^ or-magad, u. v. 

it is painted black, (wood;) p,mek.. 

deg^ OT-T'magak* 
Makatiwissaginigaso ndhagiasagy n. 

V. 3. p. the board is painted black ; 

MahaUmadUm, {vm) a. y. I blaekeli 

itv3..p. otnak^.i ; p. meh.tod. 
MakaUwitcJa^an^ s.^ blacking'* 
Makatiwitdktge^ {nin) n. v. I black- 
en ; 3. p. 1.; p. mek..ged. 
Maiatewttcn .nt^igtoaiisin, (nin) 8» 

V. in. I blacken, a boot or sboe ; 3. 

.p. o«Mwb... ; p. inek^.iod. 
Makatiwiwe, [nin) n. v. I am a black 

'^XBOn, A negro ; also, I am a €^> 

ored persoa; 3. p. J.: p. 9neJs..%oei. 
Mahia, (nin) a. v. dn*l wound hmi; 

3. p. o makidn; p. maddkiad, 
Mdktewinf s. wounding; wound; pL- 

■ cm. . , 
Mdkigade, {nin) n. v. I have a wound 

in my leg, I am wounded in the 

ileg*; 3. p. 1.; pu maia..d«L 
Mdhigancana, (mn) a. v. an, 1 wound 

him, striking him; 3. p. 

nbak,.n ; p. mai<i..mad, 
Mdk^aj adv. perhaps, may be. . 
MaUHnaky 9. a kiiCid of turtle ^. pL* 

wag. - • . *.. '. '.^ 
i£dhinam,a, {nin) a. v. a»» I. WMmd 

him, I lao^ him,..^apple< iiiin by 




striking him; 3. p. o mak^.n; p. 

maia-.nad ; imp. mdhinaj. 
Makinike, {nwi) n. t. I have a wound 

in the arm; 3. p. L; p. inaia..k«d. 
Jfdhimm^ii (w«i)n.v*my hand is 

wounded ; 3. p. 1. ; p. mmah.M. 
Maids, (»*») n. V. I am a cripple ; % 

-«> {mn) n. V. I have a wound 
in the foot j 3. p. L; p. meh,.ded. 

M&kishka, or-magait u. v. it is bro- 
ken; p. m(Ua..hagy ot-magak. 

Mahisin^ s. shoe, moccasin; pi. an, 

Makisin-agwiddgan^ s. the upper 
part of a moccasin; [C. hausse de 
Soulier ;J pi. -aw. 

Ifakisin^tab'^ s. String of a shoe or 
moccasin; ^..-4n. 

2£ahi8inihij{nm) n. v. I make shoes, 
boots, etc., I am a shoe-maker; 3. 
p. l.j T^,meh..hed, 

MaJcdatnikiwigamig^ s. shoe-maker's 
shop; Y^.-on. 

Makieimk&wm, s. shoe-making, oc- 
cupation, work or trade of a shoe- 

MahimiiJceioinini, 8. shoemaker; pi. 
-wag. S. Mehidniked, 

Jfdkogan, s. bear'* bone; pl.-o/i. • 

MaJsogcmj, s. an. bear's claw; pl.-4g. 

Makcffigan^ he&fs croup; pl.-^m. 

ifdkdns, s. dim. (properly waifcwd^,) 
a young bear; pl.-^. 

Makopiny s. o/n. bear's potato, (an 
eatable root;) pl.-*^. 

MukoaMigwan, s. bear's head; pi .-aw. 

Ifakowaian, ( properly makwdwaicm ,) 
8. <m. bear-skin; pl.-«^. 

MakdwiiaaSy s. bear-meat. 

MaMod, s. bear; pi. mahjodg. 

Mdkvodjy s. bear's hole or den; pL-^m. 

Jfakwaaedgimy s. an. bear-snowshoe, 
a small round snow-shoe, filled or 
laced with basswood bark, made 
in the woods in a case of necessity; 
pl.-<i^; [C. patte d 'ours.] 

Jiahw<mgj s. bear's tree, hollow tree 
where a bear winters; pl.-o«, 

Ifakwimijy 8. sorb, service-tree; [F. 
Cormier;] pl.-wi. 

ifakwifi^in, s. sorb, service-berry, 
(bear's berry;) pl.-a». ii ^ 

JUKma, s. mother, mamma; o nwMNi* 

ian, his mother. 
Mima, s. an, nm mdma. my eyebrow; 

nin mdmagj my eyeWows; o md- 

many his eyebrows. 
MamUf {nin) a. v. an, I take him, 

(a person, or any other an, obj.) 3. 

^.^omamdn-y p. meinad\ imp. mami* 
Mamd, (nm) n. v. I harvest, I reap; 

3. p. mamd; p. memad; impi mch 

Mamddahy (nin) n. v. I stir or move, 

sitting; 3. p.-t; p. mem..hid, 
MamfodAmnmaey or--magady u. v. 

freq. the water is agitated (by the 

wind,) heavy sea; p. mem..9egj o^- 

Mamaddgamissddony (nin) a. v. m> 
freq. I agitate it, shake it, (liquid;) 

3. p. omam...; p. mem..doU. 
MomiddassmyVL. v. it is moved or in- 
clined from one side to another h^ 

the wind, (a reed, a tree, etc.) p. 

mem.. i fig. 
Maanddi/mn, (nin) a. v. in, I roov^ 

it, (my arm, my leg, etc.) I move 

any in, obj.; 3. p. o mam,..; p. m^m 

MamMina, {ndn) a. v. a». I move^ 

some an. obj.; 3. p. o m>am^.n; p. 

mem.. nod. 
Mamddikweny (nin) n. v. I move my 

head.; 3. p.-i;p. mem..nid. 
Mamddjiy (nin) n. v. I stir, I move; 

3. p. 1.; p. memadjid, • 

Mamddjibina, {nin) a. v. a». I move 

him; 3. p. o mam.,n; p. m^m..nad; 

imp. mamddfibij. 
Mamddjibincmy (nin) a. v. in. I move 

it; 3. p. mam...;ip. mem.,an^. 
Mamddjimagad, u. v. it is stirrmg, it 

moves; p. m>em..gdk, » 

Mamddjipagis, n. v. I paMtate, I 

sprawl; 3. ip,-oi p. mem..9m,'^&ig^ 

tnamadfipaai8&<, the fish palpitates. 
M<»mddji8sey(nin)n, v. S. Mmtddri. 
Mam4djis8emagaa, a. v^ S. Mstrndeedi' 

Mafmadohisy {nm ) nv v» I am extreme- 
ly hig, large; 3. p.-^' p. imtm^M, 
Mamadwi (fitn) Bj v.- 1 gimm^ («8- 


p^dslly^M^ person;) 3. p. 1.; pi. 

Mainadw4iaMdesAii^ont (nin) n. v. 
/r^g. S. Madweidbideakimon. 

Jfamadweiashkay or-magad^ u. v. 
the waves are roaring, the roar- 
ing of tbe wares is heard; p. mem 
..kag, OT-Mogah. f 

Mammdicengwamy {ni%)n. v. I groan 
sleeping; 3. p. l.;p. wem..ang, 

Jkbmadw^win, s. groaning, groans. 

JWamdikawiny s. god-mother, spon- 
sor at baptism; also, my adopted 
mother ;.pl.-a^. — ^There is always 
a possessive pronoun prefixed to 
this word; asr Ifin mamdikmoiny 
my god-mother; ofnamAikawin(m, 
his god-mother, etc. 

Mamdjima^^ (m») n. y. I do it or 
make it tiadlv, negligently, not in 
a proper manner; 3. p. I.; p. mem.. 

Mdmajitawtt^e^ {nin) n. y. I have 
ugly ears, ilUformed; 3. p. \.;mem 

Mcmakddakamigy ady. admirably, 
surprising, astonishing, curious, 
marveilowi, wondrous, prodigious, 

Mamakddendagofk {win) n. y. I am 
admirabl^; lam curious; 3. p.-«; 
p. maia..8id. 

I&makddendagtaad, u. y. it is admi- 
rable; it is astonishing, curious; p. 

Jfdmakadendam, (nin) n. y. I won- 
der^ 1 admire, 1 am surprised, as- 
tomshed; 3. p. 1.; p* mttia..ang. 

Jfamakadendamoa, {ndn) a. v. •». 1 
m»ke him wond«r, admire, I as- 
tonish him; 3. p. o mam^^n; p. maia 

Jfamdkadendamomn, a, admiration, 
surprise, astonishment. 

Mdwmkadenddn, inm) a. v. in. I ad- 
mire, it, I wonder at it; I find it cu- 
rioas; 3. p. o mam...; p. maia^anff, 

iti6makdde?t4mf (^nin) n. v. 1 admire; 
3. p.-o; p. maMm..mod. 

Mdrndkadenimd, (nm) a. v. on. I ad^ 
ma» him, I wonder at him; 1 find 
4um fturiotts, (a p«i«on, or any 

rotjier OA.. olrj.) 3. p. o <^»dBfk .«; ^. 

Mamakddis^ {nin) n^ y. I am wir^ 

prising, singular, curioim, strange 

in my conduct; 3. p.-«; p. «ta«MMP 

Mamak4<iiaii^*dY. woadeisfolly, cii» 
' rious, strange. 
Manhakddjitohiiganf s. 'wonderful 

thing; sign, miracle, jpl.-an. 
Mdmalddjitc/^ige, {ntn.) n« v. I do 

wonderful things;! work micades; 

3. p !•; jp* mam.>^ed. 
Mdmtbkdd^itchjigewtn, s^ doing won- 
derful things, miracles. 
Mdmakdsahamay {nin) a. v. an. I 

gaze at him with astonishment, 

with curiosity; 3. p.o :ma^^.n\ p. 

Mdmakdsdbandani {nm) a. y. to. I 

gaze at it with astonisnment, with 

curiosity; 3. p. o mam...; p. bum.. 

MamakdeabtrndjigaAh s. any thing 

that is gazed at with astonishment, 

a wonderful thing; sign; pl.-<m. 
MdmaJc4$abang€, {fUri) n. v. I loci 

on with curiosity and surprise; 3. 

p.* 1.; p. maia^.ged. 
Mdmakdidbangeskkt [nin) n. y. lam 

in a habit of looking on with too 

much curiosity; -[G. ich bin tor* 

witzig;] 3. p.-*; p. maie.Jhid* 
M0mah<udb4infeahMw4ny s. bad tti" 

riosity, inqmsitiveness in looks.— 

The same signification has ma^ 

Mamdkadnan, ^nm) a. v. in. S. Ma- 

Mam^tkcuinawot {nin) a. v. an* S. 

MamaJeasdbama* ^ 
MdmaJcda tagoe,. {nin) n. v. I am 

telling admirable wonderful things, 

curious stories; 3. p.-«; P* maia.. 
Mdmakdeitawa, {nin,) a. v. an. I 

listen to him with astonisfamenti 

with admiration; 3. p.0'in4un.Mi 

p. maia, wnd, 
Mamahiganama, {vin) a. y. an^freq. 

I wound him in Mveial plAoaa 1^ 

striking hiai. 

If Air 



taiarked with the soAaU pax; 3. p. 

L; p. memrwed. 
'Mmmdhitiay (nm) a. t. an, I inocu- 
• late him with the cow-<{>6x; 3. p. o 

inain..n; p., 
M&jmHiki9Hgoi{niii) pass. v. they in- 

ocaiate me with the cow-pox; 3. p. 
. mamakisia; p« memahinind, 
Mamdkisiiw&y n. v. I am inocola- 

ting with the cow-pox; 3. p^ 1; p. 

•J&maWmwt^iWb, *. inbctrlitidn, the 
act of inoculating with the cow- 


Mgmakimwiunninit inocuhitor; pi. 

Mumahisiwuh s. bmalli;>oz; [F. pet- 
ite vdroie, picotej 

Ma/manakey {mn\ n. ▼. I am a poor 
archer, I cannot shoot well, with 
a bow and arrow; 3. p. i:;.p. m^ 

Jfamanddj in comp ositions^ signifies 
^wonderfuk, attonisking; ndraeu- 
ktm. ( EliarapleB ia soms of the 
following words. ) 

Mwmamdddodam^ {nin) n. v. I do 
ajitonishing things; I work mira- 
cles; 3. p. I.; mem^wng, 

MiPMntModamoimifif s. admirable, 
astonishing doing; miracle; , pl-on. 

MamarkldetishhitOy {nin) n. v. 1 can 
do wonderful thiftgs; 8. p. 1,; p. 

Mamanddgoninir s.braggart, boaster; 
[F. fanfait>nf III. bahizh;] pl.-wo^. 

mamanddwanoHf {nia) n. v. S. ito- 

Mamanddwanokiwin, s. S. Mam(m- 

MaMcmddwvuigo9y {win) o. v. I look 
extraordinarjTr I nave an astonish- 
ing, surprising appearance; 3. p.-^; 

MamandAufinag^ad^ u. ▼. it has a 
marvellous strange appearance^ it 
looks astonishing; it is a^pftmioffl- 
eison^p. inem.MaJh. 

Mfmmmimtchigmiy s. cttiirods 
slrmi^b'^ttionf pl.-on* 

Matm $ md 6wUckig<$, (i»m) n. ▼.IlnNtt 
ctiribus manners, I act strangely, 
curiously; 3. p. 1^ p. mem»*pd. 

Jifamanddmtchzgemn, s. c u i i o u ■ 
strange custom or manners ;pl.-4tA. 

Mamandismdendugos^ ( mn ) n. y . I am 
looked upon as a rascal, I have a 
'roguish appearance; 3. p.-t; p. 

Mamandis^ctdmdami (nin) n. v. I 
have bad roguish thoughts attd 
plans; 3. p> ].; p. fnem^^ang, 

Mamandisswadis^ {nin) n. v. I am a 
ra&cal, a rogue; 3. p.-*; p. mem^^sid. 

Jfamd'ndjigciniTidjihina, (nm) a. ▼. 
€tn. I bind or tietter nis hands bT 
force; 3. p. o mam..n; p. memt.nad; 
imp. ma..hij, 

Jfamdnie^iff(mind^8f{nin) n. v. my 
hands are bound; 3. p.-<>; p. mmn., 


Mamdndjigos^ {nin) n. v. I am lame« 
I cannot walk, or, I cannot walk 
well; 3. p.-t.: p. mem..sid. 

MamdndjigosiaebinaAnin) a. v. an. 
I fetter or bind his feet by force; ^ 
p.-o mam„n'^ p. mem..nad\ imp. 

Mamdndjtqoeidehie, (nin) n. v. my 
feet are fettered; 3. p.-o; p. mem*^ 

Mamd7tdjigwaj>idjigany s. fetters; pi. 

Mamdndjigwapidjigfla^ {nin) n. v. I 
am lettered; 3. p.-o; p. mtm^^wd^ 

Mumdiidiigwapinay {nin) a. v. an. I 
fetter him, bind him by force; 3. p. 
o maarh..n\ p. mem,.nad\ imp. mam 

Manuindjigwapinindjibina^ {nin) t^. 

V. an, S. Mamandfigonmd^itiiuk. 
Mamdndjigwapis, {ntn) n. v. S. ifo- 

Mamdndjiaufaputidehinat («•») a: ▼. 

an. S. jjfamandjigosvlebina* 
Mamdndjini {nin) n. v. Q.Mamdt^- 

Mafndndjitehigey {nin) n. v. I prac', 
ti^e marie, witchcraft; 3. p. l.;p. 

Mamdn^jitckigewin^ er mamdiidj^ 
nowin, a. nagict witeh«raft. 




d^ntnoinini, 8» magician; pL-w«ep'. 
MamdngadepOi u. v> ii%q> S. Manga- 

Mamdnadn0W€j (?»») n. v. freq. I 

have large cheeks; 3. p. 1.; p. mem 

Mamdfkgatkhii or^magad, u. v. the 
sea runs high, there is a heavy sea; 
p» mem.. lag J or-magak. 

Mamdhgatigodjueanj u. v. the water 
runs in heavy waves, (in rapids;) 

Jhmdngihiigadei or-'ma^ad, u. v. it 

is wntten or printed m large let- 
ters or type; p. i7vem.*deg, oj^-ma- 

Mamdngibiigan, a. a writing in large 

letters, or a print in large type; 

pi. -an. 
Mamangihiige, (nm) n. v. I write in 

large tetters; 3. p. 1.; Tp:mem..ged. 
i£amdngidikw<magid mMig, n, v. 3. 

p. the tree has large branches; p. 

Jfamdngig* (nin) n. v. I have large 

big limbs; 3. p. -»; p» men..gid. 
Mamdngigade^ {nin) n. v. I have 

large legs, 3. p. 1.; p. m£m..dea. 
Mamdngigo/net {nM) n. v. 1 nave 

large bones, (I am stout and 

strong;) 3. p. 1.; p. mem..jud. 
Mamdnginike^ {nin) n. v. I have 

large arms; 3. p. 1.; ip.m£m..hed^ 
Mdmdnginindfi, (nin) n. v. I have 

large hands, (or fingerej) 3. p. 1.; 

p. 7mm, M. 
Mamwngiehkifijigwe^ {nm) n. v. I 

have large eyes; 3. p. 1.; p. mem.. 

Mdmdngisidey (mn) n. v. I have 

large feet; 3. p. 1. ; p. mem..ded. 
Uamdng.itawage^ * {mn) n. v. I have 

large ears; 3. p. l.;p. mem..ged. 

•NoTB.—Many of these verbs here be- 
ginning with mamang..., are /rcffwentetiw 
v«i:bf^ their simple verbs begin with mang..^ 
Thesignification of the frequentative is the 
same as of the simple verb; it only alludes 
to a re-iteration or continuation of thtt same 
aptf »t to more than one object. 

• • See 41 OTfe, -at Mamangttiepth * 

MtAmmf^ adv. bidly, _ „ 

carelessly, not right, snperfeaaily. 
MamdniiOi {nin) a. v. an. I over- 
come him, 1^ prevail against hrai,- J 
vanquish him; 3. p. p. 
Mamdnjiigon, {nin) pers. v. it ovef- 
comes me, vanquishes me, it 
prevails againstme; 3. p. o mam...; 
p. mem..god, 
MamdnfUonf (nin) a.- y, in. I van- 
quish or overcome it, I prevail 
against it; 3. p. o mam,^; p. mem^. 
Mamdnjitwa, {nin) n. v. I prevail, 
i overcome, 3. p. 1.; p. mem.,v)aA. 
Atamdnsmam^ {nin) n. v. I see s. 
th. admirable, I have an appa^ 
ition, a vision, (according to In- 
dian jugglery;) 3. p. 1.; p. «*»u 
MamdneinamoiDin, s. appantion, vi- 
sion, (trick of an Indian juggler;) 
pi. -an. 
Mamddla, {nin) n. v. I stir or move 
several times; 3. p» 1./ p. mem., 
MamaeiTcdmagad, u. v. it moves, it 

stirs several times; p. mem..gak. 
Mamdsikan, {nin) a. v. t^ I move 
it, I agitate it; 3. p. o matn...; p. 
Mamdsihawa,{nm) a. v. an. I move, 
stir or agitate ftome an. obj.; 3. p. 
oT/WMW-.w; p. mem..wad. 
Mama/wdf {nin) a. v. an. I take s. tbs 
from him, I take s. th. that bel- 
ongs to him, or relates to him^ 
3. p. mam..n\ p. memawad, 
Mdmofivapinag^ {nin) a. v. an. pjl 
(pron. nin mamaopinaa,) I tie 
several an. objects together; 3. p. 
o mam. .nan; p . maia. .nod, 
Mdmawapidonant {nm) a. v. mpl. 
(pron. nin m^amaopidonan^) I tie 
seyeral ^. objects together; 3. p. 
m>am...; p. mma..dod. 
MdmanoQfiaagy {nin) a. v. an* pi. I 

fut several an. objects together, 
unite them; 3. p. onnam.Mmi p. 
maia^^sad^-^U. Mamawitwtona^ 


Mimmoit adv. together, in commoni j 
l^enerally, collectayely, in a body, 
m a block. 

Mdmawi, adv. This adverb is some- 
times employed to express the 
superlative, correspondmg to the 
English mostt or at aU; as : Ki 
mamavji gashkieiois endaskKoad 
indmwag oma; thou are the most 
powerful of all the men in this 

Mamawigemin, (nm) n. v. pL {ndn 
tnam€Wfi<ffigtfmnf) we make our 
dwelling together; we live together 
in the same lodge or house; p. 

Mdmawigimagad, u. v. it grows 
together in the same field; p. 

Mdmaifiiidimin, (^nin) n. v. pi. we 
meet together, we assemble, we 
coq^e together in one place; p. 

Mwmdvyiriy s. harvest, reaping. 

Mdmawmimin^ {nin) or, nin mama- 
wmomin, n. v. pi. we are gathered 
together in a^ great number; p. 
maiamawinidjig, or maiamawinoa- 
jig, multitude of people; [L. turba.] 

Mamawtmnt u. v. it joins together, 
it fits well together; p. mata„ing, 

Mdmawissitchigadej u. v. it is put 
together; p. 9naia..deg. 

Jfdmaaoissitonant {nm) a. v. in. pi. 
I put several in. objects together, 
I unite them; 3. p. omam...; p. 
fnata..tod. — S. Mamawasaag. 

Mdmawitchigemini {nin) n. v. pi. we 
act or work together, we are in 
company together for some work 
or business; p. maia.gedjig. 
Mdmatoiton, (;nin) a. v. in. I join it 
together; 3. p. omam.,.; p. maia. 
Mdmibidonf (nin) a. v. in. I pull or 
pluck it out; 3. p. o man...; p. 
MamiMnay (nin) a. v. an. I puM out 
some an. obj.; 3. p. o mam..n\ p. 
mem..nad\ imp. m^m>tbij. 
Mamidawendam, (nin) n. v. I am 
afflicted, sorrowful; I feel lone 

some; I long for s. th., I am imp- 
atient, I wish to go...; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Ifamidawitchif (nin) n. v. my belly 

is hard, I am constipated; 3. p« 1.; 

MamidawitOi (nin) n. v. I am verv 

ill, very sick; 3. p. 1.; p. mem. .tod, 
Mdmig, pron. pi. these, these here, 

(an. obj.) 
Manugaae, or -magad, u. v. it it 

taken away; p, mem..d€g, or 

JUam^anOj {nin) a. ▼. an. I iiriit 

him or wrestle with him, for joke 

or play; 3. p. omam..n'^ p. mem.. 

MamigaSt (nm) n. t. I fight or 

wrestle, locking or playing, (not 

in anger;) 3. p. -o; p. mem.Joa. 
Mamigasoy n. p. 3. p. it is taken 

away, (an. ob^.) p. mtm.M>d. 
Mamigasoahkj (nin) n. v. I am in a 

bad habit, or too much in a habit, 

of wrestling and fighting, ion play, 

(not in anger;) 3. p. -»; p. mtm., 

Mamiget (nin) n. v. I take, (without 

naming any object;) 3. p. 1.; p. 

Mamdginag^ (nin) a. v. an. pi. 8. 

Mamigtnanant (nin) a. y. tfi. pi. S. 

Mamtgonindjaima, [nin) a. v. an. I 

rub some an. obj. in my hands; 3. 

p. omam..n; p. m«m..mad, 
liamigonindjandan^ {nin) a. v. m. 

I rub it in my hands; 3. p. « 

mam...; p. mem..ang. 
MamigoshJcam^ (nin) n. v. 1 have 

only moccasins or shoes on. (no 

stockings, socks or nippes;)3. p. 

Mamtgoshkdn mahuin, (ntn) a. v. 

in. I put a shoe or moccasin on, 

without any thing in; 3. p. o 

m,am...-f p.mem..ang. 
Mamijirna, (nin) a. v. an. I accuse 

him falsely; I condemn him; 3. p. 

o ma>m..n; p. mmnHimad. 





Mamifwa, (niu) a. t. an. I scalp 
him; 3. p. o rnan^.n; p. mem.. ad; 
imp. mamijwi. 

Mamdkawinariy {nm) a. v. an. freq. 

I think often on him, I remember 

him for what he did me: 3. p. o 

mam...; p. (V. Conj.) 

Jfamihoadami (mn) n. v. I praise: 

3. p. l.;^. mem..anff. 
Mamihwaddn^ {win) a. Vc »n. I praise 

it, I glory in it; 3. p. o mam..; p. 

Mamihoadimim, {nin) com. v. we 

praise each other; p. mem.Aidjig. 
Mamikwaduffint 8. praise; flattery. 
Mamikwanai inin) h, \. an. I praise 

him; I flatter him; 3. p. omam,..n; 

p. mem..nad. 
Mamihwast (nin) n. t. I praise mv- 

sell, 1 boast offL., I brag of myself, 

I am a braggart; 3. p. -o; p. m^em.. 

Ma/mikwaaoudnt s.-self-praise, boast- 
ing, bragging; [F. fanfaronnerie.] 
Mmmikwendamawa, (n«») or, nin 

7iMm4ktvimdmm4a^ a. v. an. I put 

him often in remembrance of s. 

th., I recall it repeatedly to his 

memory; 3. p. o mam..n; p. m>em.. 

Mdmm. pron. pi. these, these here, 

(in. obj.) 
Mamindd^ndam, (nin) n. v. I have 

proud thoughts; 3. p. 1.; p. mem.. 

Mammddendamowifij s. proud 

thought; pi. -^an. 
Maminadiei (nin) n. v. I am proud, 

arrogant, insolent, haughty; 3. p. 

«i; p. m>em..nd. 
Mkm/inadieiwinr e. pride, haughtin- 
ess ^ arrogance. 
Mkmtnddju>y [nin) n. v. I am fond of 

dainties; [F. je suis friand;] 3. p, 

-o; p. mem.. hod. 
Mam%nadjibowin^ s. fondness of 

dainties, of good nice things to 

eat^ [F. friandise.] 
Mdminaesabii {win) n. y. I take a net 

out of the water; 3. p. 1.; p. mem.. 


Jfamindwenddnj (nin) a. v. in. I am 
fond of it, I don't like to part with 
it, I am attached to it; 3. p. a 
mam...; p. m>em..a7ig. 

Mdminatoenimat inin) a. T. an. I am 
attached to him, I like him much, 
I don't like to part with him; 3. 
p. m>am..n; p. mem..mad. 

Mamindbama^ (nin) a. v. an, I dis- 
cern some an. obj.; 3. o mam..n; p. 

Maminondbandanf {nin) a. v. in. I 
discern it well, 3. p. omam...; p. 
mem.. ang. 

Maminonendam, {nin) n. y. I reflect; 
I consider, I understand; 3. p. 1.; 
p. mem..ang. 

Maminonenddny {uin) a. v. in. I 
fleet upon it, consider it; 3. p. o 
m^m...; p. m^m..ang. 

Maminonenima., {nin) a. v. an. I 
reflect upon him, I consider him, 
3. p. mam..n; p. m^ 

Maniinoponidis, {nin) n. v. I feed 
myselt daintily, I always eat good 
things; 3. p. -o; p. mem..8od. 

Marmnwindamlidimin^ {nin) com. 
V. we make one another content- 
ed, we comfort each other, p. 

Mamitshanvwe^ {nin) n. v. I have 
whiskers, (beard on the cheeks; 
G. Backenbart.^ 

Mamissagindase, (nin) a. v. I ask a 
high price for s. tn.; 3. p. -c; p. 
mem., sod. 

Mamissaginde, or -magadt u. v. it is 
high, dear; p. mem..deg, or --magajt. 

MamissaginsOy n. v. 3. p. it is high, 
dear, {an. obj.) p. mem..sod. 

Mamisswey {nin) n. v. I sell high, at 
high prices; 3. p. 1.; p. memisstoed. 

Mamitaamj {nin) n. v. I walk on 
the snow without snowshoes; 3. 
p. 1.^ p. memitaang. 

Mamotawagendamy {nin) n. v. I 
am thankful, I have thankful 
thoughts; 3. p. I.; p. maia..ang. 

Mamoiawagendamcwiny or mamoMk 
icendam^oudnf s. than&fulness, grat- 


^1 ^ MAN 

JGtfnoi<ma>oenim(Kf (^nin) a. v. €m. I 

feelthankfViltohim;3.p. omam..n; 

p. f»aia..mad. 
Mdmoictwama, (nin) n. v. I thank 

him: 3. p. o^; p. ma4am.. 


MdmoicMve, {nin) n. v. 1 thank, I giv« 
thanks; 3. p. 1.; p. inaiar..tved. 

Mamoiawendamj {nin) n. t. S. Ma- 

Mamoiawenima, {nin) a. v. an. S. 

Mdmcjagwma, {nin) or, ndnmamo- 

jagach »• v. cm, freqt I pick some 

a/n. object up and swallow it 

down; 3. p. omam..n; p.maia.. 

Mdrndjagandanj {nin) or, nin ma- 

fnnjagaan, a. v. in. freq. I pick it 

up -and eat it, swallow it down; 
. [111. sobljemf] 3. p. o mam...; p. 

Jfdmdjagina, {nin) a. v. an. freq. I 

pick up some an. obj. and gather 

it; 3. p. mam..n\ p. maia..nad\ 

imp. mamcj'agin. 
Mamojaginan, {nin) a. v. in. freq. I 

pick it up, and gather itf 3. p. o 

mam...; p maia..ang. 
Mdmoiaginiase, (mn) n. v. I pick up 

sticks to make fire,* 3. p. l.;p. 

Mamon^ {nin) a. ▼. m. I take itf 3, 

p. o mamon; p. memod. 
Ifdn» m,dna, mdnad^in compositions, 

signifies W; naly. [Examples in 
" Jllowing words.] 

viunuu^ \ncnj ii. V. / am Sitting UU' 

comfortably, badly; 3. p. -i; p, 

Mdnahj {hin) 

Mdndhamewis.,{nin) n. v. 7am pun- 
ished deservedly; 3. p. -t; p. ma- 

ia. .sid. 
Mdnddaminagos, {nin) n. v. / look 

ugly, /have an ugly appearance; 

3. p. -i; p. maia..8ia. 
Mdndbaminagwadj u. v. it looks 

ugly; p. maia. .wak. 
JfandbikfS. a kind of small swan; 

pi. -ioag. 
Mimadabi, {nin) n. v. / fetch thin 

roott to 8«w a canoe; 3. p. L; p. 

Mdndddbide, (nin) n. v. / have bad 

teeth; 3* p. 1.; p» maia..ded. 
Mdnddady u.v. it is bad, wicked, 
mean, base, evil, ill; unpleasant, 
unfit; ugiy; p. maidnadak. 
Mandd€ma^ {nin) a, v. sm. I uae 
sparingly some an. ohg.; in order to 
have it longer; as, flour, pork &c., 
3. p. man.M; p. msn..mad. 

Manddandan, {nin) a. ▼. in. I use 
it sparingly, to have it longer; as, 
meat, liquor &c.; 3. p.oman...; 
p. men,.ang. 

Mdnddapine, {nin) n* v. I am much 
sick, badly sick; also, 1 have a 
shamefuU sickness, the venereal 
diseaae; 3. p. I.; p. maia..n^. 

Mdnddajptnekamigadj u. v. there is 
pestilence, or any bad sickness; p. 
maia..gdk. , 

Mdnddapinetoinf s. pestilenee or any 
bad sickness; also, venereal dis- 

^cmeidapinewinemowema^akitYie eat- 
ing bad sickness, th«ft is, th« can- 
cer, the cancerous disease. 

Manadij in compositions, signifies 
aparinaly., a little at once; as : Nin 
m^anaai-minikwen, I drink it spar- 
ingly, only at little at one time, (in 
order to have it longer. ) 

Mdnadendan^ {nin) a. v. in. I think 
It is bad, wicked, 3. p. 6 man.,. ; 
p. 7naia...wna. 

Manadmimaj (nin) a. v. an. I think 
he i& bad. wicked, 3. p. o mcm..n; 
p. maia.. mad. 

Jfcmddina, {nin) a. v. an, S. Mandd^ 

Manddinan, {nin) a. v. in. S. Ma* 

Manddinidis, {nin) r, v. I touch my- 
self indecently ;^ 3. p.-o; ^.men..iod. 

Mdnddisj (nin) n. v. I am ugly, dif- 
formed ;3. p.-t; p. maia. .sid. * 

Manadidwiny s. ugliness, difformity. 

Manddjia^ {nin) a. v. an. I honor 
him, I respect, revere him; I save 
or spare him, (it,) I use it sparing- 
ly ; I take care of him, (it ;) also, 




I adoM fann; a. p* m m n mif im; ^. 

, (»•»») tut. in. I dant 
dare'toneh it ; 3. p« iimm.*. ; p. 

MmMJtTfina, {nif^) a. t. 4m>. I don't 
dare touch him, (a sick or woond- 
ed peraon ;) also, I touch him in« 
decently; 3. p. ina.*ni p.; 
imp. tmandd^Hn^, 

Mamudftenimaj (mm) a. v. «n* I ho- 
nor and respect him in thoughts, 
1 think much of him ; 3. p. o man,, 
n; p. men..mad. 

Mamadfiidu, {nin) T. '^. I take care 
of my body, ofmyheakh, I spare 
myself ; 3. p.-o; p. men.Mtd. 

MmiU^gifn, {nin) n. v. I relate evil 
reports, i tell bad things ; 3. p.-o ; 
p. mma..mod. 

Mana4fimotagey {mm) n. y. I report 
bad things about persons, I de- 
lame; 3. p. I. ; p« fMiia*.gtd. 

Mina4simotaf09y {win) n. v. I am 
heard relating bad reports, I make 
bad reports, lam detaining or ca- 
lumniating f 3. p.-» ; p. mwia..tid, 

Manad^imotcma, {nm) a. v. cm. 1 
d^ame or calumniate him, I ac< 
cuse him; 3. p. m(Uh..n\ p. maia.. 

Manddpngtoeidist (m>») r. v. I dis- 
figure my £ace ; 3. p.-o; p. maia. 


Minadiingwewa, {win) a. y. an. I 

disfigure his face ; 3. p. man..n ; 

p. maia.Mad. 
Monmdfiskint (win) n. y. S. Nibad- 

Mind^fitekiaet {win) n. y. I act 

wrongly; 3. p. 1.; p. maia..ged. 
Mcmddjiton, {nin) a. y. in. I honor 

or respect it ; I save or sipvte it, I 

use it sparingly, economically ; I 

take care of it ; 3. p. man... ; p. 

Manidodam. (nin) n. y. I don't dare 

do s. th., I Qon't like to do it; 3. p. 

1.; p. mm..ana. 
MinddMet {nin) n. y. I speak eyil. I 

use bad wicked language; 3. p. 1.; 

p. maianadwed. 

M dn d drnw i n , a. bad wiofced speit^ 

ing, bad language. ( Prom m dm i 

dad, bad; and inwiwn, langnagv.) 
JUndgami, u. y. it is a bad liauid, Oi 

a bM taste, (any liquid object;) 

p. ma4a..mig. 
Mdndgamipidan, {nin) y. n. in. I 

find that this liquid has a bad taste; 

8. p. o man,.. ; p. maia..ang, 
Mdndgidony {nin) n. y. I speak eyil 

words; 3. p. 1. ; p. maia„ong, 
Mdndgidcnowin, s. 8. JHoiMHltwfeM. 
Jfanaiide. (win) n. y. I break and 

gatner little cedar-branches, to lie 

upon, (in a camp ;) 3. p. 1. ; p« 

Jidndkamiga, or-magadf u. y. it is a 

bad pie;e of ground; p. mada..gag, 

ManahiHy s. forest of maple-trees ; 

Jfdnamandji, {win) n. y. I am unwell, 

indisposed, a Itttle sick; 3. p.-o; p. 

Mdnamandjiowin , a. indisposition, 

illness, httle sickness. 
Mdnamegj a, halibut, (fish;) [F. bar- 

bue;] pl.-wag. 
Jfdnan, s. an. comet-tree ; [G. bois 

dur;] pV-og. 
Mdnapis, {nin) n. y. 1 am not well 

girt; 3. p.-o; p. maia..sod. 
Mindsdbandam, {nin) n. y. I haye a 

bad dream, (prognosticating a sad 

event or accident, according to the 

Indian superstition,) 3. p. !• ; p> 

Mdndddbandamowin, s. bad dream; 

lumasadi, a. an, a kind of aspen-tree) 

Jlia/nashhoBmoan, a. meadow; pl.-oii. 
ManaahhosmDty {win) n. y. I make 

hay ; also, I cut rush or reed for 

mats; 3. p. 1.; p. 
Mdnq^hiean, a. a kind of fish, bassr 

fish; [C. gros bossu;] pl.-o^. 
Mandmago8y {nin) n. v. I speak 

words, I speak ill; 8. p.-i; p. « 






MmStoHM^ (nm) a. y. on. I doa*t 
diure speak to him; 3^ p. o m<m..n; 
y, menasomad. 

Mandianainaf {nin) a. v. an, I fear 
to touch some an. obj. (from vener- 
ation or reverence;} 3. p. o man.. n't 
p. men.. ad. 

Jaandtanaindnt (nin) a. v. in. I fear 
to touch it, {in. obj., some sacred 
object, etc, ) 3. p. o,. ; p. Tnen 

J£anddmdn,6. an, {Ot. minddminj) 

a grain of corn ; pi. manddrnmag^ 

corn, Indian com, maize, iTurkey 

Mimddminahot s. corn-soup, corn- 
mash; [C. gamine.] 
Mdnddminahohe^ {nin) n. v. I make 

oom-soup; 3. p. 1. ; p. men..Jced. 
Ifanddminashh, s. stalk of Indian 

corn; pi. -on. 
MiMddminashkohif stalks of Indian 

com yet standing in me field afier 

harvest, (a field of empty stalks ;) 

Mtmddmimke, {mn) n. v. I produce 

Indian corn ; 3. p. 1. ; p. men..hed. 
MmddimnirhUigmi>i a< corn-field; pi. 

MJmddrMmwaj', s. a bag for Indian 

corn; pU-att. 
J£imddminiwigamigt s. Indian com 

store-house; pl.-on.. 
MAndan, pron, in. this, this here, 
.^ni^, in compositions, signifies t^'o^, 

tcareitjf. — In the Otawa dialect, 

fnani rather signifies the contrary. 

They will say, maiUf (or mani- 
*magadi) there is much of it. Mn 

nkanimi, we are^many. Nin man4- 

wimkas , I have several names ; 

Mtmigadandant (nin) a. v. in. I eat 

it sparingly, saviii^ly, (in a casa 

of want (M provisions ;) 3. p. o 

ma».,.; p. men.^a/ng, 
ManSgadjftaf {nin) a. y. an. J spare 

him; I use sparingly some an. obj.; 

'8. p. .» maM,>^; p. mm^Md. 
Mamgad^itout {ntn) a. v. in, I use, 
> it s^snm^y; 3* P* o ismm^.. ; p. men- 


Mm40MM%k0my («#»> a. r. t». I use H 

sparingly, I put it on seldom, (some 
article of clothing, or shoes;) 
om>a... ^ p. men..ang, 

Mandgagthawaf (nin) a. v. an. 1 use 
it sparingly, ( an. ooj. of clothing ;) 
3. p. man..n ; p. men.. wad. 

Maniinadt u. v. there is little of it ; 
p. m^neinaii. 

ManHnomdny (nin) or, nin maniini- 
min, n. v. pi. we are a few ; 3. p.- 
nowag; p. men-nodjig. 

Mdnenatoenimt (nin) n. v. I fear 
death, I am afraid of dying ; 3. ;.- 
o; p, men.. mod. 

Mdn4ndago8t (nm) n. v. I am con- 
sidered bad, I am disagreeable, 
bad; 3. p.-i ; p. mada..eid. 

Mdnendagwad, u. v. it is bad, dis- 
agreeable, shocking; p. mma..tpak. 

Mdnendamy {nin) n. v. I am discon- 
tented in my mind, I have evil 
thoughts; 3. p. 1. ; p. maia..ang. 

Mdnendamawin, s. discontent, dis- 

Manendan^inin) a. v. in. I have dis- 
contented or bad thoughts against 
it; 3. p. man^.,; p. maia..ang. 

Mdnenimft (mn) a. v. an. I have had 
discontented t hou ghts towards him 
or against him ; 3. p. o m>an..n^ p. 

Mmionjei («*») n. v. I have no 
children^ or only a few children ; 
3. p. l.;mai..J4fa. 

Maneptea {nm) n. v, I am in want of 
tobacco, I have nothing to smoke; 
3. p. 1.; p. men^.tDad. 

ManiSi i^nin) n. v. I want, I need ; 
3. p.-* / p. menMid. 

Manisin, (nin) a. v. in. I want it, I 
need it, I am in need of it ; 3.^p. 
man...; d.m£nesid, 

Mimieinatby {nin) a. v. an- 1 want or 
need some an. obi.; 3. p. o f7Hm**«; 
p, menesid, <^V. Conj.) 

Jian4*iivinj s. want, need, scarcity, 

. P«nu>T' 

Manissagaj or-magady u. v. there if 

. scarcity x>f wood for fii^l ; p. m^. 

aag^ or-mo^ajfe. 
Manitigvfeia, ox-magady u. t. there 






is scarcity of rivers, ( in a country,) 
J), men.. tag y oi-magak. 

Mom, 8. loon ; [F. huard;] \\.^-wag.- 
MangonSy a young loon; pl.-a^. — 
Mdngosid. loon^s foot. 

Mangaaeay {nin) a. v. an. I make it 
large, wiae, ( an. obj. ) 3. p. o man., 
n ; p. m> mangadea nw 
cdaSan^ nibiwa Jco tchi hodwad ; I 
make this sleigh wide, in order to 
take many persons in. 

Mangadea^ OT-magad,\i. v. it is wide; 
p.^ ot-magak. 
Imgademo mtkana, the road is wi* 
de; p. mengademoq. 

Mkngadengwe, (nin) n. v. I have a 
large face ; 3. p. 1. ; p. men.. iced. 

Manqadipoy or-^magad, u. v. it snows 
in large flakes ; p. men..ogi or-ma- 

langaditony (nin) a. v. in. I make 
it large, wiae ; 3. p. o mang... ; p. 
men.Aod.- Ncmatch nin mfngaae- 
fonj I enlargen it, I widen it. 

Mangdnagidony {nin) n. v. I have a 
large mouth ; 3. p. 1.; p. men..(mg. 

Mdngdntbadam,^ {ntn) a. v. in. I sho- 
vel it; 3. p. mang...\ p. men,.am>gy 

Mangdniha^jigan, s. shovel, spade ; 

[angdnibana, {nin) a. v. on. I sho- 
vel some a/n. obj. ; 3. p. o m>ang..n'., 
p. m>en..nad.- Tyaoiaan nin mangd- 
nibanaj I shovel clay. 

Mangdnibij {nin) n. v. I shovel 
snow; 3. p. 1.; p. m,en..l>id. 

Mangoiikay or-magad, n. v. it is lar- 
ge, (a piece of clothing material;) 
p. men..Jcaay or-^magak. 

MangibOaaae, etc.. S. Mam>angibii- 
gadCi etc;. 

Mangidiey {nin) n. v. I have a Rirge 
heart, my heart is large; I am mag- 
nanimous ;. courageous ; 3. p. 1. ; 
n. mengideed. 

Jfangidiea^ {nin) iff v. an. I make 
his heart large ; fig. I make him 
magnanimous, courageous ; 3. p. o 

Mangidinigcmhey {nin) n. v. I have 
large nostrils ; 3. p. . 1. ; p. m^.. 



Mangidjtbte, {nin) n.y. I have a lar- 
ge nose ; 3. p. 1. ; p. men..ned, 

iMngidjiy {nin) n. v. 8. Mangitnig' 

Mdngidony {nin) n. v. I have a large 
mouth; 3. p. 1. ; p. mengidong. 

Jfhngiaaigaaey OT^magad, u. v. there 
is a large incision in a maple-tree ; 
p. men..deg. or-magak. 

Manqigaigey (nin) n. vi I make large 
incisiousor notches in maple-trees, 
in making sugar ; 3. p% 1.; p. men., 

Mangigama gdgaigan^ n. v. the lake 
(inland lake) is large ; p. men- 

Mangigondagany {nin) n. v. I have a 
large throat, that is, I have a hig 
strong voice, I speak loud; 3. p. 1.; 
p. men. ang. 

Mangiiawesy {nin) n. v. I am a large 
big person; 3. p.-« ; p. men..$ii, 

Mdngiiiy adv. here, in this place. 

Mangikoney {nin) n. v. I have a large 
liver; 3. p. 1.; p. men..ned. 

Mangiminagady u. v. it is a large 
grain ; p. men..gak. 

Mmgimiasade, {nin) oty nin mangi- 
nagijij n. v., I have a large belly ; 
8. p. 1. ; p. m,en..dedy or, m,en..j%d, 

Manginaneam,am^ {nm) n. v. I sigh 
profoundly deeply; 3. p.-^; p. mm 

Mimgindibei {nin) n* v. I have a lar- 
ge head; 3. p. 1.; p. m,en..hed, 

Mangingwe, {nin) n. v. I have a fat 
/nil large face ; 3. p. 1. ; p. men.. 
wed.-S. Mnmgadingwe. 

Mangishka^ or -^magady n. v. it is 
large, big; p. men..kagy or -^nagah. 

Mangiehkamy {nin) ii*y. or. nin 
m^miangishkanh n. v. freq. I leave 
large tracks behind me, (walldng 
in the snow especiAlly;) 3. p. 1«; 
p. m£..ang. 

Mangishhwandeiay or -magad, there 
is a large door; p. m>, or 

Mangighiigwane^ {nin)n. ▼. S. Jtfofi- 

WangisMaadyU. v. it is a large piece 
of wood; p. men..gak. 




M^mf/UifyoHa iiHi u. v^ tbe mer is 
large; p. men..(ig, 

Jfangodikom, s. loon's louse, (the 
, name of a small insect that runs 
about on the surface of the water;) 

JdcMoomodaie aw hmesM. (or bdnes- 
eiy) n. V. 3. p. this bird nas a large 
craw or crop; p. men..i€d, 

Mangmy {nin) n. v. 1 have a large 
canoe; 3. p. mcmg6no; p. mengo- 

Mangdnagady u. v. it is large, ( canoe, 
boat, vessel, etc.) p. men,..gdk. 

JUangotdsSj (nin) n. v. I am mtrepid, 
brave, courageous; 3 p. -*; p. med., 

M^angotoMtwinrB. bravery, intrepidi- 
ty, courage. 

Mangotasaiiominif s. brave, courage- 
ous man; pl.-^o^. 

JUfdn^ms, 8. a young animal, a colt, 
etc. any animal not over two years 
old; pl.-a^. 

Mdnihagon, (nin) pers. v. it makes 
me sick, (what 1 ate or drank,) I 
don*t digest it; 3. p. o man..,; p. 
fnaia..god, — jNin manihagon ga- 
tnidjiidnjiba; what I ate this morn- 
ing, makes me sick. — S. Mimka- 

Mamkami, {nm) n. v. I have no 
good solid footing, (walking or 
standing;) 3. p. 1.; p. maia..mid. 

Manwhdg Httj adv. at least. 

Mdnmagosy {nin) n. v. I look ugly; 
S. p.-^; p. maia..9id. 

Mdnmagwady u. v. it looks ugly or 
deformed; ip. mata..wdh. 

Mam^anieh, s. sheep; pl.-^i^. 

ManishtdnishenSyS. dim. lamb; pl-o^ 

Mani^dntskwDaiant s* <^n- sheep- 
skin: pl.-^M'. 

ManimtdniMitnbiwait s. wool. 

MamshtdnisMudgarnigyS. sheep-fold; 

MomuhtdmsMwiniryiy s. shepherd; 

ManUhtatvUMwimiaatr^. mutton. 

Mdnmommh^ s. bad wicked person; 

Mdndsiwimmi s. Of. d«¥il,. the evil 

spirit; 'p\-4ag. 

Mdnissagt s. an. dry pine tree; pi. 

Manissdgan. s. a person that chops 
wood for somebod;|r, somebody's 
chopper ; pl.-ag.— IV*» rfianitsdg(fn , 
my chopper; o maniseaganan, his 
chopper, etc. 

Manissdggf (nin) n. v. I chop wood 
for somebody; 3. p, 1.; p. meti,. 

ManissdSj (nm) i. v. I chop wood 
for myself; 3. p.-o; p. mm..sod. 

Mamssaway (nin) a. v. an. I chop 
wood for him; 3. p. o man.»n; p.'y imp. manissaw. 

Manissiy {nm) n. v. I chop wood; 3. 
p. l.;p. menisfted. 

manissemny a. chopping. 

Mdnitamy {nin) n. v. I donH like to 
hear, ^certain words;) 3. p. 1.; p. 

Mdnkdny {nm) a. v. tn. I donH like 
to hear it; 3. p. o ma^...-y p. nuUd- 

ManUaway (nin) a. v. oa. 1 don't 
like to hear him; 3. p. o man..n; 
p.'y imp. mamtaw. 

Mamtdy s. spirit, ffhost; pL-^. 

Manifd-bimahwaa, a. sweet twisted 
wood; [C. du bois tors sucr^;] 

Mamtohiwobihy s. steeL 

Mamt6Uwabihokey{mn) a. v. I man- 
ufacture steel; 3. p. 1.; p. men.. 

Manitdlmoabihokewiny a. steel-man- 
u factory. 

MdniUihiwabikohewminiy s. steel- 
manufacturer; pl.-«?a^. 

Manitdgisissy s. an. January. 

Mdndtdgisi$ton^ s. dim. tm. Pecem- 

MamtdJ^iSy {nin)n. v. I perform some 
religious act^3. p.~o; p. men..9od. 

Manit6ha»owinya. religious perform- 

Manitdkey {nm) n. v. I practise idol- 
atry, I worship idols; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Mcmtdken^ {nin) a. ▼. in. I worship 





or adore it, (inido\:)3.^,oman.„; 

p. fnen,.ked. 
Mamt6kenant (nin) a. V. an, I wor- 
ship or adore him, (an idol,) 3. p. 

iRfl^...; p. fnm..JsM, (V. Conj.) 
HmUdlkewiny s. idolatry. 
JdamtdtninenSi s. an, glasd-bead; 

[F. rassade;] pl-TOO'. 
Manitdns, s. dim. little spirit; insect, 

worm; pl.-jo^. 
3fa7iito2<^, (nin; n. v. I am a spirit; 3. 

p.-«; p. men,.'und 
Manitawegin, s. cloth, piece of cloth; 

Manit<itPegino-f>ahit%kawag(mf s. coat 

of cloth; pl.-<m. 
Manitoweeino-wiwahioany s. cap of 

cloth; pl.-an. 
Manit&iveisht s. a small animal, (a 

marten, a weasel, etc.^ pl.~o^. 
M(mit6iDi8^ {nin) or, n»n mamani- 

tdtois, n. V. I am looked upon (or 

considered) as a spirit or sorcerer; 

3. p.-t; p. men.,8ia, 
Jtfan»td«r&w«,s. 'quality or character 

of spirit. 
Mntniwang mdtigy or ^ maniwid miftgt 

what the tree yields, the fruit of 

the tree. 
Maniiffid mitig, s. a tree that yields, 

a fruit-tree; pi. maniwidjig miH- 

Mdnji* in compositions, signifies 
uniodly lad, evU. (Examples in 
home of the following words.) 

Manji-a^i (n«n) or, ntn manjaia^ n.^ 
V. I am unweU; 3.. p. 1.; p. maia- 

Ma/r^idee, {nin) n. v. I feel unwell, 
squeamish, mclined to vomit; I 
am sea-sick; 3. p. 1.; p. mdiixnji- 

Manjideetvin, s. inclination to vomit, 
squeamishness, nausea; sea-sick* 

MfSenjigijwe, {wtn) t. v. I speak in- 
distinctly, I have an impedi- 
ment in my speech; 3. p. 1.; p. 

*N0TB . The letter • is hsrdljr heard^ 
«to&oiftoii not at sU, iQ.iiie pr(m«iieiatioi& of 
rt, in all tlia words that begin with it. 

Miif^igondagan^ (nm) n. ▼. I hay« « 
bad voice for singing, (I am no 
singer;) 3. p. 1.; p. maia„ang» 

Mdnjiiawety {nin) n. v. I have an 
Ugly appearance, I am of a de- 
formed size; 3. p.-t; p. fnaia..sid,^ 

Mdnjimagosj {nin) n. v. I smell bad, 
I stink; 3. p.-»; p. maia-gid, 

Mdnjtmag(mtDinyS.bdid 8meU,8tench. 

MdnjimagtiHid, u. v. it smells bad, 

it stinks; p. maia..toak, 
Mdnjimagwanamt {nin) n. v. my 

breath smells bad; 3. p>-o; p* 

Mdnjimama,{nin) a. v. an, he stinks 

to me; 3. p. o man^n; p. moM.. 

Mdnjimanddny {hin) a. v. «». it 

stinks to me; 3. p. o man.»;p. 

Mdnjimandjige, {nin) n.v. I perceive 

a bad smell, s. th. smells bad; 3. 

p. 1.; p. maia-.ged. 
Mdnjimaseo assema, n. v. 3. p. to- 
bacco smells bad, (stinks,) p. maid 

MdnjimaU, or-magady u» v» it smells 

had (stinks) when burnt ;*»i.» 

teg^ OT-fnagak, 
Manjimhade, or^magadj u. v. It has 

an ugly name; p. mai,.degy or- 

HXldn^inikaSy {nin) n. v. I have an 

ugly name,^ ill-sounding name; 3. 

p,-o; p. maian..8od, 
Miinjinikasoipin, s. ugly name; pl.- 
Mdnjininiwagis, {n4n) n. v. I am 

ill-tempered, I am wicked; 3. p.r«; 

p. ma'M..sid, 
Mdnjininiwagisiwin, s.. ill temper, 

Mdr0tpiddny inin) a. v. in. I find a 

bad taste in some thing I am eat* 

ing or drinking, I don't like the 

taste of it; 3. p. o manj,,.; p. 

Mdnjipogofsh «• ▼• ^ P» «onie m, 

obj. has a bad taste; p. mi»KiA,.«id. 

— Kitchi mdnjipogoei gigd\ th|i fislk 

has a very bad taste^ 




MSf^ipofwadtVt, V. it has a bad taste; 

p. maian.^ffak. 
Jddnji^at {nin) a. v. an, I find a 
bad ta^te in some an. object I 
am eating, I don't like the taste of 
it; 3., p. ma..n; p. maia..wad\ 
Mdwfiehin, inm) n. v. S. Mdnoahin. 
MdfiQissiny u. v. S. Mdnossin, 
M€Mji8tUmlnvn)ti. v. in. S.Mdnom- 

Mdn^itchiget {nin) n. v. I act wrong- 
ly, evil; 3. p. 1.; p. maia...ged. 
Mdfij<mi6tawa* Irvh.) a. v. an. I 
trouble him asking him to give 
me this or that; 3. p. o man..n\ p. 
JIddno, adv. well, that's right, no 

matter, let it be so. 
Jiilanommy a. wild rice. 
Mcmdminh s. Mafominee Indian; 

Mtmdimn^ey (nin) n. v. I gather 

wild rice; 3. p. 1.; p. men..iked. 
Jfandrnmiki-gisisej the moon of the 
gathering of wild rice, September. 
Mandminihemn, s. the gathering of 

wild rice. 
Ma/nqminikeshly s. snipe; [F. becas 
sine ; G. Moosschnepfe ; III . kosiza.1 
p._^. — This is also the name of 
the Wild-rice Lake Indians. 
JfiiTidmwiiifcM'CjS. asquaw of the Mano- 

minee tribe; ^l--g. 
Manonvmiwajj s. bag for wild rice; 

Manomin wesowawangj s. barley, 

(rice with a tail.) 
Mdnoshin, inin) n. v. I lie uncom- 
fortably, I don't lie well; 3. p. 1.; 
-p.maidnoshing. „ ^ ,,, 

Udnossey {nin) n. v. I walk baldly; 

3. p. 1.. p. maidnossed. 
Mdnossiny u. v. it is badly placed, it 

does not lie well; p. 
Mdno88itony(nin) a. v. in. I place or 
lay it badly; 3. p. o man...; p. 
Mdnowey {nin) n. v. I pronounce 

tNoTK. The letter n is scercely per- 
Mired in the proaaacifttion of this wora . 

badly, I have a defective indistinct 
pronunciation; 3. p. 1.; p. maidno- 

Marieg^igad, s. Saturday; pl.--0i». 

Mariegijigady u. v. it is (Saturday; p, 

Mo^an, s. an. nettle; pK-^. 

Masdnaskky s. nettle-stalk; pl.-on. 

Masdnika, (nin) n. v. I shudder sucU 
denly, I shrink, by fear; 3. p. 1.; 

MashmDitid tenibawegin, s. an, vel- 
vet, mancbester. 

Mashif adv. This adverb is never 
used alone, it is always connected 
with another adverb; as: £dioin 
maehit or ka mashi, or mashi 
nangey not yet. Mwa maski, be- 

VLathMstisaogad mifig^ u. v. tlie 
wood is though; p. me$h..gak. 

Mashkawdy or-magad, u. v. it is stroof , 
hard; p. me8h.,wagy or-Mogdk, 

Maskkawdbikady u. v. it is strong, 
hard, (metal;) p. me8h..hak, 

Uashkaufdbikisany (nin) a. v. in. I 
temper it, I harden it. (iron, steel,) 
3. p. mash...; p. me»h..ang, 

Uashkawabikisiy n. v. 3. p. it is strong, 
hard, (silver;) p mesL,sid. 

UasKkawadiKyM.y'f. it freeies; it it 
frozen; p. m€ 

Mashkawadf, {nin) n. v. I freeze to 

death; 3. y.-i; p., 
Maskha/wAohi-himidey s. tallow. 
JifaehhaMddji^an4wadJy {nin) n. v. 
my nose is frozen; 3. p.-^; p. 
Mashkawddjingtoiwadjt (nin) n. v. 
my face is frozen; 3. p.-*; p. mesh,, 
Maikkawddjinindjiwadfy (nin) n. v. 
my hand is frozen, or my handt 
are frozen; 3. p.-»; p. m€*, " 
Maskkawddjitawagewadjj (nin) n. v. 
my ear is frofen, or, my ears are 
frozen; 3. p.-*; p., 
Mashkawddjiwiny s. freezing, hard 
freezing, freezing of limbs, or 
freezing to death. 
Mashkawdgamiy u. v. it is strong, 
Uiquid;) p. m€sh*.fnig*^Ninmim 




5o; I like strong tea. 
Mashkawdgamitonf (nin) a. v, i%. I 
make it strong, (liquid;) 3, p. o 
maeh,..; p. wieeh..tod. 

Mcuikkawahadodey or-magad, u. v. it 

is dry and hard, from heat; p. mesh 

•deg^ or-magak. 
Mashka/wdJcwady u. v. it i^ strong, 

hard, (wood;) p. mesk-wak. 
Mashkmodhwadjiy n. v. 3. p. he (she, 

it,) 18 frozen hard and stiff, (any 

an. ob^.) p. meek.. id. — Mashkawd- 

hwddjt aw gigo; that 4ah is frozen 

Makhhawdpide^ or-magad^ n. v. it is 

tied strongly, tight; p. me8h..degf or 

-magak. » 

Mashkawapidjige, (nin) n. v. I tie 

tight, strongly; 3. p. 1.; p. mesh,. 

Maahkawdpidon^ intn) a. v. «». I tie 

it strongly, tight; 3, p, o mask,.,; p. 

Mashkawdpinoj {rtin) a. v. cm. I tie 

him tight, strongly; 3. p. o mash.. 

n; p. mesh.. nod. 
Mashkawapts, (nm) n. v. I am tied 

strongly, ti^ht; 3. p.-o; p. mesh..sod. 
Mashkawdtchngany s. starch. 
Mashkawdton, (n-m) a. y. in. I make 

it strong, hard, stiff; I starch it; 3. 

p. omash ..; p. mesh..tod. 
Miuhhatodwindamagsy {nm) n. v. 1 

make a vow,(l promise strongly;) 

3. p. I.; -p. nM^.ged. 
Mashkawdwindamagewmt s. vow, 

(strong promise;) pl.-a». 
Mashkawindam^ {fUn)n. y. I have a 

firm constant thought, a strong 

resohitioB, a strong firm will; 3. p. 

1.; p. meeh..a»g' 
MasMsaufindamiay{nin) iL v. I make 

him have a firm thought, I fortify 

his mindj his re^lution, I give him 

a firm will; 3. p. o mash,.»;j^. mesh 

Mashkawindamowin^ s. firm strong 

thought, resolution, will. 
Mashkawiikkmt (nin)&. v. in. I think 

it it stjTOiig; alflo^ 1 think strongly 

on it, I keep it conatantly in mem- 
ory; 3. p. omash...; p. mesh..ang. 

Mashk^Kjoinimay {niti)tL. v. an. I think 
he is strong; also, 1 think firmly 
on him; 3. p. o mash..n; p. mesh, 

MashkawenindiSt (nm) r. v. I think 
myself strong; also, I think firmly 
on myself; 3. p. -^, p. mesh..s(xL 

MMhkamd4i, (mn) n. v. I have a 
strong heart;' my heart is hard, ob- 
stinate, stubborn; 3. p. 1.; p. rnekh. 

Mashkaicideishkawa, (m») a. y. an. 

I fortify or strengthen his heart; 3. 

u. m>ash..n; p. mesh.wad. 
MasKkawideewiny s. strength of heart; 

obstinacy, stubborness, hardness 

of heart. 
MashkoMigdhaw^ (n»i») n. ▼. I stand 

firmly; 3. p.-^* p. mesh.wid. 
Mdskkawiaadey (mn) n. y. I have 

strong legs; 3. p. 1.; p. m£sh..ded. 
{nin) n. v. I have 

swear; 3. p. 1.; p. mesh..tDed. 

Jfashkawiatjwewtn, s. strong power- 
ful speaking; oath, swearing. 

Mashkawikwen^ {ran) n. y. I keep my 
head steadfast, stiff; 3. p.-t; p. 

Mashiawikwissin totoshahoy u. v. the 
milk coagfulates, it becomes sour; 
p. meshkawikwissing totoshabo^ soar 

Mashkammay {nin) a. v. an. I make 
him take a firm resolution; 8. p. o 
ma8h..n; p. mtesh..mad. 

Mashkawimagonigej (nin) n. v. I have 
a strong wrist; 3. p. 1.; p. m£sh, 

Mashkatoimindjvnendanf {nin) a. v. 
in. I keep it firmly in memory, I 
remember it strongly; 3. p. o mask 

JUiuthhawimindjimemmai (nm) a. v. 
an. I keep him strongly in memo- 
ry: 3. p. mash..n\ p. mesh..$nad, 

Jifashkawimind^imina{mn} a. v, ^w. 




X keep or Indd him itvongly; 3^ p. 

fna9h..n ; p. mesk„nad, 
JfaskkawimindfimintMj (tUn) a. y. 

in, I keep of hold it •trongly; 3. p. 

Maskkawmay (nin) &. y. an, I take 

hold of him; 3. p. o maeh„ni p. maeh 

Jfashkawinany {nin) a. v. in, I take 

hold of it; 3. p. omath,.^; p. mesh., 

Ifathkawindihe, {nin) n. t. I am 

headstrong, obstinate, stubborn; 

3. p. 1.; p. me9h,.hed, 
Matkkawindibewint s. obstinacy, 

MaahlMtunnike, (mn) n. v. I have 

strong arms: 3. p. 1.; p. ineeh..Jced. 
MotshkammttaAi, {nin) n. v. I have 

strong hands; 3. p. 1.; p. mesh., 

Ma«hkawi8y{fUn) n. v. I am strong, 

vigorous, powerful, robust, hard; 

1 employ my strength, I make ef- 
forts; 3. p. 1.; p. mesh..9id. 

MaaKkamiiia^ {nm) a. v. cm, I make 
him strong, I strengthen him, I for- 
tify him; 3. p. o fna8h..n; p. me»h., 

Miihkawisinuigadf u. v. it is strong, 
powerful; p. mesh..gii^. — MakeUe 
iitohi maahkawUimagad; powder 
is very powerful. 

'MadUtawi»imn, s. strength, power, 
vigor, torce. 

MdJsAkmfn9simt u. v. it is strong; it is 
hard; p. me^.-in^, 

Md$hkawitago$y {ntn) n. v. I speak 
with power; 3. p.-e; p. me»h.,8id. 

Mashhoiwiton, {nin) a. v. in, I 
strengthen it, fortify it; 3» p. o 
masih...; p. m€sh.,tod, 

Mdahhigj s. sWamp, marsh; pi .-«». 

MouM^gimin, s. cranbery, moss-ber- 
ry, moor-berry; pl.-on. 

MBukkifimin4kaj u . v . there are cran- 
berries; p. meih,Jcag, 

MMMoigimitUhant a, place where 
there are cranberries. 

Malikhigiinimkaniiwi'^iki^ 8< Cnm- 
berry lUver, LUce Superior. . 

MaMigimimke, (fi^ jn. v. I gather 
cranberries; 3. p. 1.; p. mesh^ked, 

MkMiMbag, s. a kind of wild tea, 
called by Canadians, Labrador, 

Mashkigwaiig^ s. an, red spruce, tarn- 
arac;[C.epinette rouge;] pl.-«y. 

MatMHkit s. medicine; pl.-«^a«>. 

Mashkiki hebikormninagaikt pills, 
(globuious medicine.) S. Btko- 
mi7tagad; freq. habikominagad. 

MashhOeiket (nin) n. v. 1 make or 
prepare medicine; 3. p. 1.; p. nmh 

Maikkikikewigamig^ s. apothecary's 
laboratory; pi.-on. 

Mathkihikitoikwe^ s. female apothe- 
cary, (in a convent;) pi.-^. 

Mashkihikewin, s. the art of prepa- 
ringmedicine, pharmacy, traae and 
occupation of an apothecary. 

MasTihiMkitoinim, s. apothecary \ pi . 

MashHkiwabOy s. medicine, liquid, 
medicine to drink; [F. de la tisane.l 

Maahkikiwdbokavoai (nin) a. v. an. I 
prepare medicine tor him to drink; 
3. p. mash-.n; p. fne8h,*wad. 

Mashkikiwabokey (nin) n. v. I pre- 
pare medicine to drink; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Moihkikiwigamig, s. apothecaiy's 
shop; pl.-o». 

MaaMbikiwinim, s. phymcian, doctor; 

Mashhimody s. bag, sack; pl.-im. — 
Maskkimodashj an old bad bag; 
mashkimodtrUj a small bag. 

Miuhkimodigwaaey oi-magady u. v. 
it is sewed up in the shape of a 
bag; p. mmh„a€^y or-^magak. 

Mashktmod^gwadj^an, s. pocket; pi. 

MasAkimodike, {nin) n, v. I make a 
bag or bags; 3. p. 1.; p. metk*Jttd. 

Jfashkimoditeegini s. sackcloth. 

Moihkinojey s. a kind of pike, (fish;) 

mukhi-aibl, s. Bad-River, Lake Su- 
perior. ( It ought to be called Jiath- 
%igi-nbi, Swamp-River.) 

Mashkodi^ s. large prairie; pl.-wxni. 

MaaVtoii^fiiiki, •. buffiiao; pLnva^. 



MBMi9d4pimb9g^ s. aldnditf Itf ; pi. 


Miuhkodisae^ 8. marsh-partridge; |T. 
perdrix de savanne;] pK-^. 

Muhkodewadad, it resembles a prai- 
rie; p. pteth..ddk. 

M<uhk098ika^, 8. place wbere they 
make hay, meadow; pl.-af». 

Maehkossike^ (nm) n. v. I make hay; 
a. p. I.',p.ine8h..hed. 

MasUboesikemny s. hay-making. 

MsukkosHw, 8. herb, grass; hay; pi.- 

MmMogmioi-apiskimowm, 9. straw- 
bed, straw-pallet; pl.-<w. 

Mmthkoseiwigamig^ s. building for 
keeping hay in, hay-shed, hay-loft ; 

Mashkossimkay oi-magadf u. v. there 
is herb or grass; p. mesh.^kagy or- 

MashJDosmoirmmikdny s. grass^eed, 

Mashkmdwi-nibdgani s. S. Mashkos- 

MaeWcoasi-wiwdkwim, s. straw-hat; 

JmsinaamaooSj {nin) n. y. I give 

credit, I oaye debtors; 3. p.-«; p. 

Msuinaamawa^ (nin) a. y. tm. I owe 

him; 3. p. o mas..n^ p. mes..wad. 
Madnade, or -^magad^ n. v. it is por- 

traited, it is engraved; p. me8..degf 

Muitmd'ina, {nin) a. y. an. I make 

or form sonre an. object; 3. p. o 

mas. .n; p. mes. .nad. 
Masinadinammoay {nin) a. v. an. I 

form or make it for him or to him; 

3. p. i} ma8.M; p. me8..wad. 
Masinadinany {mn ) a. y. in. I form 

it; 3. p. mas,..; p. mea..ang. 
MdHndtgadey or ■*fnagad, u. y> it is 

marked, there are marks or signs 

on it; p. 7nee..degy or "fnagak. 
Masindigan, s. a tHing to make marks 

upon, paper: book;'letter;debt;pl. 

Madnaigtmagy 9. an. pi. S. Modi- 

Ma$m(kigam4m9ba0ki book^safe, 


m i gUmoi nmnj I < 

MminM^gan mn wabandim, I reed, I 

Masinaigansy s-.-dhn. little book; bill, 

note; pi .-«».' 
Mminaigan^miabundang^s, reader; 


Mamhaiga»^{riAn) n. v. I am mariied, 
I have marks on me; 3. p. -o; p. 

Madnaigfy (nin) n. y. I nuike madu 
OB m. th.;alsQ, Imakedebta, Iteke 
on credit; 3. p. 1.; p. me^.^ged. 

Madnaigeavm, a* marking; makog 
debts, debt. 

Masindjigawia, {nin) a. v. an. I gr* 
nament. with lead some an, obj., I 
lead it, (a pipe, etc.) 3. p. o mataii 
p. m€ 

Masindjigauntchigadey oi-magadj n. 
V. it is Iieaded, oi^amented -with 
lead; it is moulded, cast in a mould; . 
p. me8..degy or-magak. 

MadndjigaSJoikhigcMo. n. v. 3. p. it is 
leaded er ornamented with lead; 
it is Moulded; {an. obj.) p. mu.. 

Mimndjigawitchigey (nin) n. v. I or- 
nament with lead, I lead; I castin 
a mould; 3. p. 1.; p.in684.ged. 

Masindjigawit9ny {nin) a. y. «». I or- 
nament it with lead; I cast it in a 
mould, (m. obj.) 3* p. o ffiMM».; p. 

Masindhieany. ijnin) a. v. in. I im* 
print a mark upon it with fire, I 
bum a mark upon it. — Thay uae 
this word, although improperly, 
9!^otox. printing a book, etc 3.^. 
mas...; p. mes..ang. — AMeneng^ 
m^mndkisang mo masina^^Mnt^ 
Who printed this book? Mommn 
sa o gi-masinakisan; Hemami i»iiit- 

}lhema3d9igsy.{nmyxi, v. I priat,! 
am printing; 3. p. 1.; p. mts^^jged, 

Ma8inakisigi\Dig(m»gy%*. {ointiogHof- 
fice; pl.-<?«. 

IdMMikitnghDin^%. printing, theirt, 
business or trade of a piintaf . 




M^minakitigiwitUtiit •* printer; pL-^- 

MoMAatf, (^tn) n. V. I am poitraked, 
(printed or engrtyed,) 3. p.~o;p. 

Meuinatawint s. portrait, likeness. 

Mo^emMoit, inin) a. v. in. Xdraw or 
sketch it; I paint it; 3. p. o nuw...; 

fAfuinibiigaae, oi-fnagadf m* v. it is 
p<Mrtraited, painted, engraven; p. 
fnea,.degy ot-magah. 

Moteinibitgade, ox-magad^ u. v. it is 
imprinted on s. th., or painted; p. 
mes.Mg^ or-^magak, 

M€t9intbtig<mt drawing; painting; en- 
graving; pl.-«». 

Mu^inilmgai, (ndn) n. v. I am im- 
l»ijited on s. tb. I am portraited, 
painted, engraven; 3. p.-o; p. mea.. 
«^. — mi oma msaimbiigMouin; I 
am portraited here, (this is my 
, portrait.) 

Masindbiigas^omn, a. portrait, paint- 
ed or engraven. 

Mtuinibiige, {nm) n. v. I make marks 
or signs on s. th., I draw, I paint; 
I engrave; 3. p. 1.: p. mes,.ged. 

Viiuimhiigewia^ s. tne act, or the 
art, of drawing, painting or engra- 
ving, drawing, painting, engraving. 

Haeimbiwa, (tdn) a. v. an, I draw 
Us likeness, I paint him, portrait 
him; 3. p. o ma«..n; p. me$,,wad; 
imp. masimbi, 
UcuHwU, or -nMgad^ u. v. it is 
marked by heat; p. me8..deg, or 
MamMUKbddrn, {nin)- n. v. I em- 
broider with figures and flowers, 
(representing a painting;) 3. p. 1.; 
p. fnes.Jina. 
Maainigwdaany (nin) a. v. in. I em- 
broider it with figures and flow- 
ers; 8. p. o mas..; p. mes-.ang^ 
Muinigwadef or -magad, u. v. it is 
embroidered with flowers, figures, 
dtc. (representig a painting;) p. 
me8..aegy or -^magak. 
Mdnmgwanaj {nin) a. v. an. I em- 
broidler some an. obj. with flow- 
ers; 3. p. o mas..n; p. mes*.nud, 

Muin4gtoa»0i, n. v. 3. p. tt it em- 
broidered with flowers, Ac. (sn. 

obj. moskwe, handkerchief; tenAo^ 

ribbon, silk.) 
MaHnikimigaan, {nin) a. v. •». 1 seal 

it with an engraven seal; 3. p. o 

mas...; p. mM.,ang. 
Manndltkaagaig<tdet or -^nagady u. v. 

it is sealed with an engraven seal; 

p. mes..degt or -^ma>gak. 
Jiasinikiwagaiganj or masiniikiuth 

gaiganahihy s. seal with an engiav- 

mg upon it; pi. -<wi, or -on. 
Msisiuihodant {nin) a. v. tr». I carve- 

it, I sculp it; 3. p. o mtu...; p. 

Maeinikode, or ^^magad, n. v. it is 

carved or sculped; p. mss.deg^ or 

Masintkodjigan^ s. chisel with a half 

round edge, sculptor's chisel; [F. 

gouge; G. Hohlmeissel;] pi. -an^ 
Maainikod^iqant s. an. statue, or any 

sculptured image or representa* 

Masimkodjige, (nin) n. v. I carve or 

sculpture; 3. p. 1.; p. me$..g€d. 
Madnikodjtgewtny s. the act, or the 

art, of carving or sculpturing^ 

trade or occupation of a sculptor, 

or engraver. 
Maeinikodjigewininiy s. carver, 

sculptor; pi. -wag. 
Masinifconaj (nin) a. v. an. I carve 

or sculp some an. obj.; 3. p. ^ 

mas..n; p. m>et,.nad. 
Masinikoaoy n. v. 3. p. it is carved or 

sculped, {an. obj.) p. met..8od. 
Mahinihwasiigej {nin) n. v. S. Ma^ 

MaHinimMUnaikadef or -magak, u. v. 

it is embroidered or ornamented 

with flowers or figures in small 

glass-beads; p. me«..d6g, or -J9»e» 

Ifasiniminensike, (nin) n. v. I em- 
broider or ornament with small 

glass-beads; 3. p. 1.; p. mes..ked. 
Masininiy s. an. carved image, idol; 

pi. -^ 
Matimnin meniioked, s. adorer of 

idols, idolater, idolatress; pi. -jig. 




JfydnUehigade, or -magniy ti. ▼. it 
is painted, carved; p. mes..degt or 

Mddnitchigan, s. an. image, engrav- 
ing, painting, i)icture; pi. -ag. 

Maeimtchifftm nind qnbiwa^ I paint, 
(I mark a picture.) 

MasinUehigas, {nin) n. v. I am 
painted, carved; 3. p. o\ p. mes,. 

Maswiickige^ (nin) n. v. I make an 
image or images; 3. p. 1.; p. mes.. 

Jmsinitchtgewint s. the making of 
images, painting, work, trade or 
art of a painter. 

JfasinUchigimuinif maker of im- 
ages, painter; pi. -^ag. 

Mdsitagosy (nin) n. v. I cry; I groan; 
3. p. -i; p. mee..8id. 

MoMtagoH hineshiy n. v. 3. p. the 
bird warbles; p. mes.Md. Paha- 
ahwe masitagoet^ the cock crows. 

Midkig, {nin) n. v. I am very small; 
3. J). -«; p. maiashigid. (They say 
th}s of a new-born infant. ) 

Mashijan, s. an. abortive fruit of the 
womb; pi. -ag. 

Massagwadendagosy (nin) n. v. I am 
considered unlucky, lam unlucky; 
3. p. -*; p. me8..sia. 

IfasaagwadendagtPadj u. v. it is cons- 
idered unlucky, it is unlucky; p. 

Mnasagivadis, inin) n. v. I am un- 
lucky, unhappy, I have no chance 
to gain or make anything; 3. p. -i; 
p. me9..sid. 

Maeeagwadisimn, s. bad luck. 

Massagtvia, (nin) a. v. an. 1 give or 
cause him bad luck, (according to 
the Indian superstition.) 3. p. o 
mas..n\ p. mes.. ad. 

Matchii adj. bad, evil, ill, wicked, 
malignant, malicious, mean, vi- 
cious, unfit. 

Matchi-adadtffuh, s. bad bein^, devil, 
satan, the evil spirit, old Nick. 

JfaUM-aiadwisk, s. a wicked pers- 
on, a villain, rascal, rogue, scoun- 
drel; also, a ^cked dangerous 
animal; pi. -ag. 

Jfaiehi^aiadwiskifffyCniH)^.^. I m 
a wicked person, ac; 3. p. -♦.-p. 

Matchi-aidwin, s. bad unhappy ntu- 
ation, being badly o£f. 

MaUhi-aiiwish^ s. any thing evil, 
bad, wicked, hurtful; pi. -an. 

Matchi-aiimshiipanj n. v. it is a bad 
wicked thing, evil, hurtful, dang- 
erous; p. met-ang. 

Matchi-aton, (nin) a. v. m. I make 
a bad use of it, I abuse it; 3. p. 1.; 
p. met.od. 

Matchi-awa^ {nin) a. v. an. ! make 
a bad use of some an. obj.; 3. p. o 
mat..fh\ p. m$t.,wad.. 

Matchi-himadis, [nin) n. v. I live 
badly; I am bad, wicked: 1 have a 
bad temperament, baa disposi- 
tions; 3. p. -*; p. met..8id, 

Matchi-himddidmny s. bad life; bad, 
ill temper, quick, irritable temper, 
passionate temper. , 

Matchidie^ {nin) n. v. I have a 
wicked heart; I am cruel; 3. p. 1.; 
p. fn€t..ed. 

Jmtckideiwiftj s. wickedness of 
heart; cruelty. 

Matchi-dodddimin^ (nin) com. v. we 
treat ill each other, we do evil to 
one another; p. met-didjig. 

Matchi-dodddiwin^ a. mutual ill- 
treatment, mutual wrongs, doing 
evil to each other. 

Matchi dodam, (nin) n. v. I do evil, 
I act wrong, I sin, I commit a 
fault, a crime; 3. p. 1.; p. met..ang. 

Matchi dodamovdn^ s. bad wicked 
action, misdeed, crime, fault; pi. 

Matchi dodawa^ (nin) a. v. an. I do 
him evil, I wrong him, treat him 
evil; 3. p. oma..n; p. me..wad. 

Matchi gtjigad, u. v. it is bad 
weather, a bad day; p. met..gaJs. 

Matchiaijiganiah, (nin) n. v. I hav« 
a bad day, (unfavorable weather 
for traveling or working.) 3. p.-i; 
p. met..8hid. 

MaUhigijtce. (nin) n. v. I speak 
evil; I blaspheme; 3. p. 1.; p. 


I MaikMfijufmini a. bad language, 
^ eyil speaking; blaspheming. 
Maiehdgodej s. petticoat, woman's 

dress; pi. -ian. 
Mcttchi i/iwebadj u. v. it is bad, wick- 
ed, sinful; p. met.. hah. 

Matchi ijmebist {nin) n. v. I am 
wicked, bad, malicious, malign. 
I behave badly; I have a baa 
temper, bad qualities; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Matchi ijiw^isiay {nin) a. v. an. I 
make him wicked, I corrupt him, 
seduce him; 3. p. o mat..n; p. 

Matchi ijiweHsimn, s. bad conduct, 
bad behavior, bad habit, wicked- 
ness, badness, vice, sin, malice, 
malignity, perversity^, ill temper, 
bad disposition of mmd. 

tiati^i inahamigad, u. v. it is a bad 
news, a sad event; p. met. .gale. 

Matcki-inapinadAige^ {nin) n. t. I 
g^ve poison, I poison; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Matchi-ittapvnadpgemn^ s. poisoning. 

Matchi inapindna^ {nin) a. v. an. I 
poison him; also, I give him a bad 
sickness; a. p. o mat..n; p. m^t.. 
nad; imp. ma..naj. 

Matchi-inapinaSi {nin) n. v. S. 

Matchi-inapinema^ {nin) a. v. an. I 
curse him; 3. p. o m>at..n\ p. m^.. 

Matchi-inapineTidan^ {nin) a. v. in. 
I curse It; 3. p. om>a...', -p.m^et.. 
1 Matchi'inapinendjige, {nin) n. v. I 
curse; 3. p. 1.; p. m£t..ged. 

Matchi-inapinenimaj {nin) or, nin 
matchi-indpineaj nin matchi-indpi- 
nana, a. v. an. I give him a bad 
sickness, (according to Indian 
superstitions;) 3. p. o mat..n; p. 

Matchi inapinewinj 8. bad sickness; 
pi. -an. 

lAatchi Teikinoamawa^ {nin) a. v. an. 
I teach him bad things, I give him 
a bad example, I seduce him, 


seandaliae bim; 3. p. 0fiMrf.^;p. 
met.. toad. 
Matchi hihinawabamoi {nin) a. v. 
an. I follow his bad example, he 

gives me a bad example, he scan- 
alizes me; 3. p. o mo^..n\ p. met., 

Matchi hihinawdbamigi {nin) pass, 
v. I am imitated by him in my bad 
example, I give him a bad ex- 
ample, I scandalize him. 

Matchi hikinowahamisfowin^ s. bad 
example or scandal taken; pl.-^on. 

Matchi hihmawdbanduiwey {nin) n. 
V. I give a bad example, (or bad 
examples); 3. p. 1.; j). met.. wed. 

Matchi kikinow(wandaiwemn, s. bad 
example or scandal oiven; pi. -an. 

Matchi manitd, s. evil spirit, devil, 
satan; pi. -g. 

Matchi manitokemnj s. idolatry. 

Matchi mashMkiy s. evil medicine, 
that is, poison, venom. — Matchi 
m^shkiki nind ashama; 1 poison 
him, (I give him evil medicine to 
eat. ) Matchi maskhiki dagonigadsy 
u. V. theie is poison in, it is pois- 
onous; p. deg..deg. 

Matchi ma^shhiki eahangedy he that 
gives poison to somebody, pois- 
oner; [G. Giftmischer;] pi. -jtg. 

Matchi m,atfhh)ssiwy s. noxious herb, 
weed in a field or garden; pi. -an. 

Matchi-odon, s. an. bad-mouth, a 
person that uses to speak ill of 

Matchvtwa, {nin) or nin matehit- 
chigcy (from matchi ijitchige,) n. v. 
I act wickedly, I do wrong; 3. p. 
1.; p. metchitwdd. 

Matchi wawindjigad^, or -magady u. 
V. it is decried, defamed; ill spoken 
of, it has a bad name; p. met..degj 
or -^magak. 

Matchi wawindiigadewiny s. defam- 
ation of 8. th., bad renown, bad 
name given to s. th. 

Matchi watoindjigas, {mn) n. y. I 
have a bad renown, a bad name, 
I am defamed, ill spoken of; 3. p. 
-Of p. met.. sod. 




v(4i^) a* V, <Mi. or, mm 
tMUchi wawma, freq. I decry or 
discredit him, I defame him, I 
fpeak ill of him j 3. p. o moLsi^ p. 

MaicM windan, {nin) a. y. in., or, 
nin matchi wawindafit freq., I 
decry it, I speak ill of it; 3. p. o 
mat...^ p. fnet.,ang* 

tiaWf inin) n. v. I weep, I cry; 3» p. 
mmoi; p. mewid. 

tHawddiahiiie^ {nin) n. v. I visit, I 
pay a visit (or visits); 3, p, 1.; p. 

hLaiffddiahiwishh, (nin) n. v. /am al- 
ways making visits, / like too 
much to make visits; 3. p. -h; p. 

Mmoadidhiweehlcitoint s. habit of mak- 
ing visits too often. 

"iiawadishiwewini s. visiting, visit, 

'MMMditsOj {nin) a. v. on. /visit 
him, / pay him a visit; 3. ^. o 
ma.M;v> mew.. ad; imp. maacadtehu 

lILmodlodasainay {nin) n. v. I dry 
meat in smoke; 3. p. 1.; p. mew., 
mad. (1. Conj.) 

Matoanainoy (tiin) a. v. an. /gather 
together or collect some an. obj.; 
3. p. omM..n: p. mma..nad. 

"hLdwandinan, (nin) a. v. in. /gather 
it together, / collect it; 3. p. o 
maw...; ^. m>aia..ang. 

JidtDondinige, {nin) n. v. /gather, 
/collect; 3. p. 1.; p. maia..ged. 

lAdwo/ndiyndjiwa^ {nin) a. v. an. J 
gather a collect with him; 3. p. p. maia..wad. 

Mdntcandiivtgamigt s. meeting- 
house: Synagogue; pi. -on. 

Jidwimdjia, {nin) a. v. an. /gather 
it together, /store it up, /accum- 
ulate it; /save and keep it; {an, 
obj.) 3. p. omuw..n\ p. 

VLdMOM^iidimmy {nin) com. v. we 
come together, we meet, we as- 
semble; p. maia..didjig. 

Hdwandjitdiwin, s. assembly, meet- 

Hdwandjissitonf (nm) a. v. in, I 
put it together, /gather it tog- 

ether, /colleot it; 3* p*^ o I 

p. maia..totL 
Kdwitrndjitamaiii, (idn) or, nin mii- 

wanc^fitamtUf r. v. S. MaMttandona- 

Mdtoancyitamagey {nin) n. y. / 

rther or collect for somebody; 
p. 1.; p. maia..ged. 

'HLdnoandjUamoMn, {nin) or, nin ma- 
toandjitamadison, a. v. in. I gather 
it, collect it or store it up, to mj^ 
self or for myself ; 3. p. omano^.; 
p. maia..od. 

matoandjitamasonany {nin) or, nim 
mmoancfjitamadisonan, a. v. an, 
I gather, collect or store up some 
an. obj. for myself; 3. p. omaw,..; 
p. maia..od. (V. Conj.) i ' 

MdwandjiUimawa, {nin) a. v. an. I 
gather or collect it for him or to 
him; 3. p. o maw..n\ p. maia..v}ad, 

MdwdmdjUasSy {nxn) r. v. S. 3fe- 

Mdtpane(jita88on, {nin) a. v. in. S. 

Mdwan^ttasionanf {nin) a. v. an. 
(V. Conj.) S. Mdwandjitamaeih 

Mawandjitassotcigamxg, s. store- 
house; pi. -on. 

Mawanajitchigant s. any in. object 
stored up somewhere, or gathered 
together; pi. -an. 

Mdwandjitckxgany s. an. any en. obj. 
stored up somewhere, or gathered 
together; pi. -ag, 

Mdwandjitchigey (mn) n. v. I gather, 
I collect; 3. p. 1.; p. maia..ged. 

Mdmandjitchigiwxninit s. a gather- 
ing man, tax-gatherer, toU-gath- 
erer; publican; pi. -wag. 

Mdwan^iton, (mn) a. v. an. I gath- 
er it together ; I save and keep it; 
3. p. maw... ; p. m>aia..tod. 

Mdwaiiddbaidimini {nin) n. v. pi. we 
run together in one place, we ruab 
together ; j). maia..didjig. 

Mdwandodjtwan, u. v. it runs togeth- 
er, or streams together, in one 
place, (water or any other liquid ;) 
p. maia..ang. 


Mt S twan ddfftMdan, (win) ft. v. 4n^ or, 
nin mdwandogwadanan, I 8ew sev- 
eral pieces together, I gather them 
together sewing ; 3. p. o maw... ; p. 

Mawandogtoass, {nvnr) n. v. I gather 
together sewing ; 3. p.-oj p. maia.. 

Jfdtvandogwaesofiy or mcnoandogwas- 
Mwin^ 8 quilt, several pieces sew- 

. ed together in one ; pl.-<m. 

Mdv)and6lci0e^{n'm) n. v. 1 gather 
burning coals together ; 3. p> 1.; p^ 

MdUHindima, (nin) a. v. an, S. Jfa- 

Matoandonamadu, (n«») or, fUn ma" 
tffandonamast r. v. I store up or 
gather s. th. for myself, or to my- 
self ; 1 lay up a treasure ; [L. the- 
saurizo mihi;] 3. p»-o;p. maia*. 

Mawa/ndonaHi {nm) a. Vi in. S. Md- 

Mdwandonandomag^ (nen) a. v. an. 
pi. 1 call them together, 1 assemble 
them calling them ; 3. p» o maw., 
man ; p. maia. .mad. 

Mdwa/ndoniWy {nin) n. v. I store up, 
I accumulate ; 3. p. h ; p. mma.. 

wSMondoahkaan^ {nin) a. t. in. I 

I gather ii, (hay ;) 3* p. o maw...; 

jp. fnaia..ang. 
Mawandoshkaiaan, s. rake, to gather 

hay with ; pl.-o». 
Mdwandoshkatge^ {nin) n. v. I rake 

hay together } 3. p. 1. ; p. m^ia.. 

MdwandosWy ox-^magadj u . v .it comes 

together, it gathers in one place, 

or on one heap; p» maia..9€g, or- 

MMfonscmiag^ («m) a. v. an. pi. t 

gather people together; 3. p. o ; p. maia..maa, 
Mueibi, (nin) n. v. I weep being 

drunk : 3. p. L; ip*mewibid. 
Mtwiimtt (nin) n. v» feign. I weep 

by dissimulation, I feign weeping ; 

3. p.-r?; p. mew..9od. 
Mmoimdf {nm) a. t. «i. I b«wail 

Mm, bemoan hhn) deplove MM, t 
weep or crjr over him; 3. p. d1/U»w., 
n '^p. mewtTnad. 

Jfawtmagad, u. v. pers. it weeps / p. 
mew,.gaki — Ninde matoimagad ep- 
itch-hitcM-kashkendamilti^my heart 
weeps from extreme sorrow. 

Mawindddn, {nin) a. v, in. I run up- 
on it or to It / 1 reach forth for it; 
3. p. maw..i; p. mew..iing. 

Mawinac^igawa, (nin) u.f. an. 1 

Eick up the birds he is killing, to 
ave them myself; 8» p. o maftff..n; 

p. m£W.%wad. 
Mawinadjtge, (nin) n. Ti I feteh or 

pick up K>r me, the birds he kills, 

(ducks, etc*;) 3. p. 1. ;p. mew..g^ 

— S. MoMmiodjiffaiwa. 
Mdtoinadjigtnan jisJiib, (nin) a. v. 

an^ I fetch or pick up the duck he 

killed, to have it myself; 3. p. p 

maw... ; p. mew..gedi (V. Coi^i.) 
Mawinadjigodadisy {nin)t. v. I fetch 

or pick up myself the birds I kiU ; 

3. i).-o; p. m£W..sod^ 
Mmoinafiwe, (nin) n. v. I rush upoR 

somebody, (an enemy^ etc»)3v p. 1.; 

p. m£, 
Mawindnd, (win) a. v. an. I run or 

rush upon nim ; I reach forth after 

him ; 3. p. m^w.^n; p> mew..n^ ; 

im^). mawinc^. 
Mafwindam/winj s. bewailing, depl** 

ration, bemoaning, lamentatioii. 
Jfawinddn, {nin) a. v. in. I bewail 

it, deplore it, lament it, I weep or 

cry over it or for it, to hare it; £ 

weep for the loss of it / 3. p: # 

maw...; p. m^ew..ang. 
Mawindis, {nin) r. v. I bewail or d«* 

plore myself ; 3. p.-o; mew. .sod. 
Mawtneiae, (tttn) n. v. I insult, f 

quarrel, make noise ; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Mawiniigewvn^ s. insult, insulting 

quarreling noise. 
Ma^nkwa^ (nin) a. v. an.. I eooM 

upon him, I insult, quarrel^ attack 

him ; 3. p. maiw..n; p. iiieto..«io#; 

imp. maiwin6. 
Mawtnethiagont (nin) pers. r. itjM 

•ults me, it attacka me^ 3. p. # 




nefU^offm gegd o masinaigan ; nis 
letler insults me indeed. 
MawimtUomi't {um) a. v. oa. 1 m- 
siUt it, attack it ; 3. p. {> mazo... i p. 

Matoi^tml^awcky {nm) a. v. a», S. 

J&uww, (iM'^) Q' V. I gather berries ; 
3. p.-«; p. m6win8og>. 

MmHshk, (nin) n. v. I weep or cry 
too BiMeh or too often» I am in a 
habit of weeping f [F. ie suia brail- 
lard J 3. p.-i; p. mew^Jcid. 

Mammififirh «• bad habit of we^ 
»g, ci^mg. 

Momm^ «!• weepingy crying. 

JOdaMaganaimky (mn) a. v. a». I 
miss WA, striking, ne avoids my 
strok^^ 3« p. o md.M ; p, ma«^. . 

iC^j^mi^*^, (»^) Q-^ V- 1 arrive to 
, late^ 3. p.l\; p. tnai^.^ed. 
Ue4a9fikmh (»^») &< ^- >»• ^ arrive 

to late to find it yet ; 3. p. o med... ; 
. ». nmi6d*.€mg.r-The cofttrary of, 

J9*m06smim'i which see. 
yLidasMikawa^ {nin) a. v. a». I ar- 

rv^e to, late to find him yet, he is 

f)on9,etc,; 3. p. o imd,.n ; p. wa»^.. 

iiM«i*^The contrary of, iVf» ^^«»i- 

k(V»a'^ which see. 
^idaag^Mmki {nin) a. v. an. I miss 

b^ scooting; 3. p« o med^jn ; p. 

! flMi^t^UHid' 

iHaan^fh irm)in. v, 1 belch, I eject 
\ t&e wiwl ^om the stomach ; [F. je 
t r^e.; lU, rigam Q 3. p. 1-; p. maie- 

Mf^Mo^ipvpn conj., while, when,.dyr- 

UigwaHf ady. amidst, among. 
%ip»(migm^ avo^ssi^ s. the hump- 

backe!d animal, camel ; pi. migmt- 

migangig. avftrnhg. 
Migwei prp. amongst. 
U^4hig, amongst leaves, in a basb» 
. iftAihrvb. 
fUmQas9tm0i, ^y* in th.e .^s^^t, in 

toe interior, ia the inlaiwiy^ 
ll^lp^ikfMhadv.iii the ^lopdr on the 
V roadortifiU. 

in the grass or weed. 

^6iagi6id, p. s. a. stranger, (ma^or 

Mejihdgemagah indpinetain^ s- conta- 
gious sickness, epidemy. 

Mefcateimgamitiffweiagf p. s. a. a 
black river, of dark-colored water. 

'iHikatewihuHMiaAi, 01 rather, wwi^aia- 
wikboanwiedy p. s. 8 . a man dressed 
in black, black-gown, prieat, oais; 
sionapy ; pl,-^ ; or^'«^. 

MeJcatewiku^unaUhufe^ s. a woman 
dressed in black, nun, sifter of a 
epnvent, relis^oiu of an Ordei^ 

UeJ(aUwikfU'(m044 6 halMkdioagam, 
the priesjt's poat,. cassock ; pL-a». 

M.ek(UsioiktPnn9iew,{nin) n. v. I am 
a priest; 3. p. ^; p. m^^.ivid, 

M.emUwih^a^t^iemmfii>, s. priest- 
hood ; the Sacrament of Order. 

M'^awioshitodj p. s. a. h6 that i% 
vents it, inventor, disqoveror; pl.- 

^mniked^ p. s. a. he that makes 
fhoes, l>pots, etc., shoemaker ; pl.- 

memakisiiwedy p. s. a. he that ino<»%> 
lates wUh th^ cQw-pox, inocula- 
tor, cow-pox inoculator ; pl.-^. 

M^mofndjigQsidi p. s. a, he that ^ 
lame* a lan>e p^rson^ crip{^ ; p].- 

liliemdngieMi^^* as6, male, ( long-ear;i^ 

Mi»ie,,8. wood-pecker ; pl.-^. 

MemegwisHi s. siren, (faboulous. be- 
ing;) pl.-M;a^. 

Uemingway s. butterfly ; pl.-^ 

'M.emishkwatt adv. ^y turns, one af- 
ter another, alternately; recipio- 

V^irnddasfWAky num. a thoosand e% 
er^ time, a tho^isana each Of Xo 

'Mf^fwidassti^ pum- . ten every timtk 
ten each Y>c to each. l. 

U4imdatching, num. ten tid(#i^ ev«|f 
time^teQ twiep eafill^ 

'iJlemdhwaeodf p. s.,a.. h# tfa^t bqafU, 
t>c^arvt,.hpasteir ; plo;V' - * * 




M€minabaM(/i&ii, e. Alg, n kind of 

grasa-hopper ; [F. cigale ;] pl.- 

Meininadisidj p. s. a. he that is proud, 

proud person ; pt-Jig. 
"Hlmindagej or mimdage, adv. espe- 
cially, principally, above all. 
J/Leminittgodjiwang., islands in a cur- 
Memishidon, (nin) Ninmemishigade* 

etc. S. Mishidon. Muhlgade, etc. 
Merndshofidinimanganeehi, s. red- 
breast, robin, (bird ;) pi, tag. 
MemokiiindOt s. mole; [G. Maulwiirf;] 

MemdhitoidoungcMnia, s. moIe-hill, 

(mole's house;) ipi.-on. 
VLimweichy adv. just. — Uemwetch 

Hnawa hi da-ijam; just you ought 

to go, (not others.) 
lliindatchinguxuKf {nht) n. v. I am 

very sleepy, overwhelmed with 

sleep ; 3. p.'-t; p., 
yLengishicataiy s. Alg. ass ; pl.-o^. -S. 

MenikwesAHd, p. s. a. he that drinks 

too much, tippler, drunkard ; pL- 

Menihwessig, p. s. a. he that does not 

drink, sober temperate person ; pL 

Vlenihwessig jomindbo^ abstemious 

Minishea, {uin) a. v. an. 1 cause him 

shame. I make hira ashamed ; 3. p. 

o me..n ; p. maienuhead. 
yLinuhima, {nin) a. v. an. I cause 

him shame with my words ; 3. p. 

o men..n ; p. mate.. mad. 
yUnuhdmigtm, {nin) pers. v. it makes 

me ashamed, it causes me shame; 

3. p omen... ; p. mate. .god. 
Kintseendamt (nin) n. v. I am a- 

shamed ; 3. p. 1. ; p. maie..ang. 
Meniasinim^, (nin) a. v. an. I am 

ashamed of him ; 3. p. t? frten..n ; 

p. maie..m>ad. 
Minissendamoufiny s. shame. 
Heno-ijiwehiaidy p. s. a. he that 

behaves well, good person ; pl.- 


tfmoty •. oil. comin ; pl.^. 

MesMca^agamig tthhotewaboy stnJn^ 
fire-water, brandy. 

MeMawihmsing totoshahoy mil^ 

that is coagulated, sour milk. 
Mishheaty adv. instead, instead of. . . 
M68hkwatona,{nin) a. v. an. I change 

or exchange some an. obj.; 3. p. ^ 

mesh-.n; p.mai^..nad. 
Miakhwatonwrnaway {nin) a. v. om, I 

exchange it for him or to him ; 3? 

p. o mi..n] p. maii..wad. ^ 

MeMwatonany {nin) a. v. in. I ex- 
change one thmg lor another ; 3. 

p. o m^sA...; p. mai6..ang. ^ 

Mishhwatossey or-^magady u. v. it an- 

dergoes a change, it is changed ; 

p. mai6..»egy OT-magak. 
Misikan {nin) a. v. in. I wear it out. 

(clothing,) I wear it until it is aff 

torn to pieces ; 3. p. o mes... ; p. 

maiisihang. * 

Misikawa, tnin) a. v. an. 1 wear it 

out, (article of clothing, an. obj, 

as muehwey handkerchief ;) 3. p. J 

mes..n; p. maU..wad. 
Miainaamamndy p. s. a. he to whoiA 

s. th. is owed, creditor ; \t\.-jig. 
Misinaigedy p. s. a. he who owek r. 

th., debtor ; pl.-:;^. 
Misifiakiaang maavnaigany p. s. a. h^ 

that marks paper, printer; pl.^ 

mesinakiaangig maa... 
Jfeakwdnag^oaidy p. s. a. S. Jfisk^ 

Mitdhtkiso akiky n. v. 3. the kettle i# 

worn out, it is no more useful ; p. 

Metabihimny u. v. it is worn oti^ 

used u p , ( metal ; ) p. maie. . .ing . ^ 
Metdkoaigedy p. s. a.^ ne that smok^ 

pure tobacco, smoker of tobacco 

only ;pl.-^t^.-S. Mitdkosige. 
MUdJemdiny u. v. it is worn out in tRe 

woods, (clothing ;) p. maie.. ing. ' 
liRtdkwidjidtmy {nin)t.. v. vt%. I wear 

it out in the woods, (clothing ;) 3. 

J), o-met... ; p. maii..dod. ^ 

itiUhihodey or-^rhagady u. v. it is worn 

out or u^ed up by grinding'; ^. 

maie,.de^ or-^fMl^alt 





MikhSboawi^ {nin) a. v. tfi. I wear 

it out bv grinding ; 3. p. o «w...; p. 

Miteh/ibona, (nin) a. v. an. I wear 

out some an. obj. by grinding ; 3. 

p. oinet..n ; p. fnaie..n<id ; imp. me- 

Mitehiboeo, n. v. 3. p. it is worn out 

by grinding, (an. obj.) p. maie», 

Mitchi-dodang, p. s. a. he who does 

evil, criminal, malefactor ; p.-«^. 
Mitchimdcn, {nin) a. v. in. I wear it 

out working, (clothing;) 3. p. o 

met...; p. mwU..dod. 
Mitchissin, or metchitckigade, u. v. it 

is worn out, used ; p. fna'i€, 

or fnaie..deg. — Mn mdkitinan 

mitchisdnon ; my moccasins are 

worn out. 
Mho^a, or mitoinja, adv. already ; 

long ago. 
MHoishkidy p. s. a. he that weeps too 

much, weeper, crier ; [F. braiilard;] 

Mif or, mi sa^ so, that is, it is, that is 

to say. 
Mi apincj ever since ; for ever, gone 

for ever. 
Mi minihf or, md iw, that is all; 

Midddatchiminf (nin) num. v. pi. 

an. we are ten of us ; p. m€d..tchi- 

wH»w,»«M/w»»r»ur.. num. V. pi. in, there 

are ten (»n. obj.) 
MidaaiDena^ {nin) a. v. an. I put him 

asiae or out or the way, with my 

hands; 8. p. o mid..n\ p. med..nad: 

imp. midagtoen. 
JtRdagwenamawoy (nin) a. v. an. I 

Sat or push s. th. aside for him, I 
eliver him or disembarrass him 

from s. th. ; 3. p. o mid..n; p. med,. 

MSddawendn^ (nin) a. v. in. I put it 

aside or out of tne way, with my 

hands ; 3. p. o mid...; p. m>ed..ang. 
Middgwenddn, (nin) a. v. in. I put 

it away or aside in my thoughts, 

in my mind, 1 remove it from me; 

I. p. mid,,.; p. mtd..ang* 

tidd^^wenigSf (nin) n. v. I put 
with my bands ; 3. p. 1.; p. 

ydgweUj (nin) n. v. I put myself 

aside ; 3. p. 1.; p. med„tad. 
Mtddgufetawoy (nin) a. v. an. I keep 

myself from him ; 3. p. o m4d..n; p. 

Middssj 6. legging, or my legging ; 

El.-an. kiddsSf thy legging ; odasSf 
is legging. 

Middsso, num. ten, (before substan- 
tives denoting mkjlsurb, of time or 
of other things.) 


Midasaobidonan. (nin) 

Midassobina. inin) 

Midassdbinag. (nin) 



Midatsddewinmn, (mn) 


Midawogamtguimin. (fMft) 

Middssogiiisewagit. (nin) 


Midd88ogwanagi8. (fiJn) 

Midassogwanind, \nin) 


Midusadkamdn. (nin) 





Midaaa6shimag. (fdn) 

Mdaasoahimin. (nin) 





MidaaaosaUonan. (nin) 

Middaawdbiginan. inin) 



Middaawadagiaimin. (nin) 


Middaawakoaimin. (nin) 









I/ijihidonan. 2fij6hinay etc..,' al 
ways changing in English, two 
into ten^ as : N^obcminincy, twice 
(two times) a handful. Midaeao- 
baninind^^ ten times a handful. — 
J^'i;6bid(man, (nin) I tie two to- 

•<■ gether. Midas86hidona», {nin) I 
tie ten togethe. — And so on re- 

Midaaewak dossing midasstpok, a thou- 
sand times thousand, a million. — 
Nijing midcLUuxaik dossing midass- 
loak, twice a thousand times thou- 
sand, two millions ; etc. 

Middsswiy num. ten. 

Jfidasewi aehibejig, num. eleven. 

Madassfwi oshi nij^ a dozen, twelve. 
(For the rest see Grammar.) 

Jitddtching, ten times. 

Jfidatching midasswdk, ten thou- 

Midi, s. Indian of the Grand Medi- 
cine ; pL-^. 

MidiTewej s. a squaw of the Grand 
Medicine; pL-^. 

IHdiWy {nin) n. v. I am an Indian of 
the Grand. Medicine, I belong to 
the Indian Order oi Grand Medi- 
cine ; 3. p.-i; p. medewid, 

JGdiwia, {nin) a. v. an. 1 receive 
him into the Grand Medicine, I 
make him a member of the Grand 
Medicine ; 3. p. c mid..n ; p. medi- 

Midftoigamig, s. long narrow lodge 
made of branches for the ceremo- 
nies of. the Grand Medicine ; pl.- 

JBdiwiwint s. Grand Medicine, In- 
dian Order of Grand Medicine. 

Mt^Mi a. V. in. 3. ind. pers., they 
eat it; |^F. on le mange ;] any eat- 
ablj thmg, . provisions, victuals, 
eatables, food. 

Midjimigamig, s. provision-store ; 

. [F. hangar aux vivres ;] pl.-o». 

Mxdjimikdnddn odassdnaganf {nin) 

, a. v» in. I put a bait in the trap, I 
bait it: 3. p. omid,..; p. madj.M,na^ 

Midjimkaakdjigan, s. bait; [G. Lock- 

I tpeise;] pl.-itzn* 

MHjimike, {nin) n. v. I produce or 
procure victuals; 3. i9 1.; p. m€6dj.. 

Midjimihewm, s. labor or efforts 
made in producing or procuring 

Midjimiwa/ti, u. v. it is food, it it 
eatable, it is eaten ; p. madjtmi- 

Mdjin, {nin) a. v. in. I eat it ; 3. p. 
o Trndiin; p. madjid. 

Ifidjindimf adv. in the water, in t)i# 

Jftdjissikofwa, {nin) a. v. an. I con- 
duct or accompany him a Uttle dit- 
tance, through politeness ; 3. p. ♦ 
nUd..n; p. med..wad. 

Migaddn, {nin) a. v. in. I fight it, I 
oppose it, I combat it, I am against 
it; 3. v.omia...] p. mdgacUmg.-yin 
migadan ishhotewaho ; I fight ard- 
ent liquor, I am against it. 

Migddimagad, u. v. pers. it is figM- 
ing, opposing,it is at war agmnst...; 
p. mag..gah. 

Migadimin^ {nin) coqi. v. \9re fight 
together, we scuffle ; we are at 
war; p. mdgddid^ig. 

Migddi-ndMiDWim, a. war- vessel, ship 
of war. man of war ; pL-a«^ 

MigddinaniwaHt u. v. there is war, 
war-time, fighting-time ; p. mag., 

Migdditoin, s. fight, battle, combat, 

MlgakikwetoSf {nin) n. v. I fight or 
beat my wife ; 3. p. 1. ; p. mag.. 

Migana, {nin) a. v. a/n. I fight ftr 
beat him ; 3. p. o mig..n ; p. m>aga- 

Miganidis, (nin) r. v. I fight or com- 
bat against myself, Iwaragaintt 
myself; 3. p.-o; p. mag..sod. 

MigdSfinin) n. v. I. fight, I scuffle ; 
3. p.-o; p, moftisod. 

Migdsoehk (nin)n, v. X am in a .bad 
habit of fighting, of scuffling ; 3. 
p.-4; p. m(kg..jDia. 

Mpdscnviny s. fighting, fight. 

Migdsowininit s. soldier , warrior, 
fiifhter, bo;uer ; pLrU^oy. . , , ! 




Jtlff&4nf, def. v. it miXl be ^o, heit 

Migi animosh, n. v. 3. p. the dog 

barks, ^elpe; p. me^, 
. OtiUMddn gego ummoskt a. v. in. 

3. p. tne dog barks at some in. obj.; 
- p.fMjpdMng, 

miffimtn animoshy a. v. un. 3. p. 
the dog barks at some an, obj. ; p. 

J^igiiunanissi, s. eagle-fights , (a 

small blue bird ; ) pi .-g'. 
M§l*9iy 8. eagle ; pl.-w^. 
'Miginnty s. dim. a young eagle ; pi. 

Miauimganj, s. «n. eaglet claw ; 
pi. -4g. 

Mtai/ntMbi, s. Eagle River, Lake 

Migidwiwikwedj s. Eagle Harbor, 
Lake Superior. 

J^«ikan, s. fiQh-hook; pi .-an. 

Migi^Daneiah, s. fisK-hook line ; pl.- 

Migiaa, s. ans wampum, (beads of 
porcelain 4 Indian ornament and 
ancient money ;) porcetein, china- 
ware; pearl ; pi. mdgUaag. 

Mtgissapihatii s. wampum-strap, a 
large strap riehljr ornamented wi^ 
beads Of porcelain, used in Indian 
messages of great importance. PI. 

MUgissiiestifrvigy s. an. breastplate of 
beacls of porcelain, ( of wampum. ) 
This- is the greatest Indian orna- 
ment. VX.-ag. 

\Miffis8inMgani s. dish or plate of por- 
celain ; pl.-a», 

Migissinaganst s. dim. cup, saucer, 
bowl, of porcelain ; pi .-cm. 

Migiwey (nin) n. v. I give, I contri- 
bute, I make a present, I grant, 

1 allow ; 8. p. 1. ; p. rndgiwed. 
Migiweny {nin) a. ▼. in. I give it a- 

way, I make a present of it to so- 
mebody; 3. p. nUg...; p. mdaiwed. 

Jiigiwenany (nin) a. v. on. I give 
away some an. object; 3. p. omig...; 
j^.^mdgitced. (V. Conj.) 

J^giwm SongwieetAkagewini {nin] a. 

▼. ^ I five Confimwtion, I co»- 
firm; 8. p. o mig^.; p.mag.^ed. 

Migiweehk, (nin) n. v. I Am in a hab- 
it of giving too nHich away ; S. p. 
1. ; p. mag..kid* 

Mgiweiamaway {nin} or, n4n migi- 
wetmoay a. v. an. I give it for him, 
to bis advantage ; 3. p, o fnig..n ; 
p. mag^tffad. 

Mtgiwewtnj s. giving, or the act of 
giving s. th. ; gift, present, contii- 
■bution, gioen ; pl.-aw.-S. JfuMgo- 
win,- Mi ea onow nin migittfewinan; 
these are my presents (/ give a- 

Mipiwiny s. barking of a dog. 

Mi^688, 8. awl, bodkin ; pl.-<m. 

Mtgoehkddendagoa, <nt») n. v. I am 
troubiesoMe, I am considered 
troublesome, annoying; 3. p.-^t 
p. meq..sid. 

Migoshhadendagwady u. v. it is troub- 
lesome, it is considered trouble- 
some or annoying ; p. meg.. walk. 

Migoshkddendamy {nin) n. v. I am 
troubled in my thoughts, in my 
mind ; 3. p. 1. ; p. meg..ang. 

MigosMddisy (nin) n. v. I am troub- 
lesome, I am annoying; 3. p.-t ; p. 

MigosKkddisiwiny s. troubleaooM- 
nes, annoyance. 

yitoMhkddjiay (nin) a. v. «». I troub- 
le him, annoi^ him, bother him, I 
molest him, importune him, vex, 
tease, plague him ; 3. p. ; 
p. meg. .ad. 

tSigoshkadji-aidy {nin) n. t. I am 
troubled, frightened, alarmed; I 
am uneasy; 3. p. l.jf.tneg..uBeL 

Niigo8hkddji'aiawigmy{nm)xi. v. pars, 
or, nin migoshhadjitgony it trooblea 
me, bothers me, it ms^s me un- 
easy, it alarms me ; 3. p. o mig... ; 
p. meg^god. 

^igoBj^daUdei^ {nin) n. v. my haaft 
is troubled, alarmed ; 3. p. 1. ; p, 

lAigoshkddjideiwinyB. trouble ofheart, 

Xigashkdsikawa, («*») a. v. <h». ( from 
nin fndgothkddjiay I trouble him 




tmd niwndeilka^ai I come to him,) 
I come to trouble him, to bother, 
him: 3. p. o mig.-n ; p. meg.^wad. 

HiffoMdwtagoe^ {nui) d, v. I am 
troublesome m my speaking, I 
trouble and annoy with my words;. 
3. p.-t ; p. meg. .sod. 

ViigosklcdsUaway {nin) a. v. an. I hear 
him with displeasure, I am troub- 
led and annoyed by his speaking ; 
3. p. f> mig..n ; p. meg., wad. 

Migoshkdsomaj {tUn) a. v, an. I im- 
portune him, I trouble him, I an- 
noy him with my words ; 3. p. o 
mig..n ; p. meg.,mad. 

ykigioauy 8. a». feather, quill, pen ; 

"ilUgwamtdis^ {mn) n. v. I am sickly, 
I am often sick ; 3. p.-^' ; p. meg., 

HigtBandngmoadrnj u. v. there is 
hoar frost on the ice:, [F. il y a du 
frimito aur la glace ;] p. 

ykigwanr-apikwi Shimon , s. feather- 
euahion; pl.-an. 

^igwan-ajpithimoni s. feather-bed ; 

Mt^on^^Atf^a. wh. ; pi. — g. S. N%- 

Migwa/n nin tdngina, I tooch the 
pe% (while another is writing 
down my name,) that is, I sign, 
(such as cannot write.) 3. p. mt^ 
tvanano tdnginaM,; p. migwafwrn 

Kigwani-nibaganjB. S. Mi^win'Opi- 

Migtoetch ! thanks! (expression of 

MiftoetcMnoemtnaf (nin) or, migtcetch 
nvnd inenima^ a. v. aai,. I have 
•tliankful thoughts and feelings to- 
wards him, I feel thankful to him; 
3. p. mdg..n; p. mag^mad. 

y^iMlehxweniibge^ (m») n. v, I givte 
thanks in my thoughts, I feel 
thankful; 3. p. 1.; p. mag..g«d. 

Migwetikiuiia, (nm) a. v. cm. I thank 
him ; 3. p. mig..n ; p. ma>, 

1/Lifuietdiiiibutpe, (nm) ^n. n. I give 
thanka, I thtfnk^ 3. p. 1. ■; p. mag., 

KiiaweUAiwiwfevim;9. thanktgiviiig, 

Migtffetek nind tfMi, I thank him, I 

saj thanks to him. 
M« tw, that's it, that it enough. 
Mtfdanaj (ndn) a. v. an. f arrive to 

his track, hi« footttepa, (in the 

snow or mud ;) 3. p. #ii»^..f» ; p. 
\ m^..nad ; imp. mnAaa^. 
Uifagd, (nm) n. v. 1 atmt, oy w«ter. 

ma canoe or boat; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

m&fagad.- S. Dagmshin. 
'M.iJa^ado,{nin)ti.r. I overcome, I 

gam, (in a play J ) 3. p. 1. ;"p. fii^ 

VLyagdh, (nin) n. v. I arrive, walk- 
ing on the ice ; 3. p.-o ; p. fritj..ijlk 
yi'^ag$m^ewajwD€y (nin) n. v. I ar- 
rive in a canoe or boat ; 3. p. 1. ; 

p. mej..v}ed. ^ 

H'wahissei (nin) n. v. I latU or sink 

down to the bottom ofari<rer-or 

lake ; 3. p. 1. ; p. mej..s^. 
yU^akisie, oi-magadt ^> v. it ainks tb 

the bottom of a river, etc. ; p. mt^f 

..segt OT-magak. 
Mijatwdd, u. v. it is fair elear 4«ii^ 

tner, serine, the sun ahiMs, the 

sky is blue ; p. m^Mmk* « 

3£ijdknb9dong inande^ n. v. it m dved 

sky-blue, it is of a ricy-blue color, 

nature yU.enandeg. 
IRjaJcwaaong inanso, n. v. 3. p. ^on. 

It is iky-colored, faint bhie, {ant, 

obj.) p. snansed. 
Mijakwanittbihadt u. v. it it a bright 

clear night, no cloud*; p. m^^LhA, 
MijatKky s. Ot.. herb, hay;id4-^'«>», or 

MijU, (fiffh^ a. V. «n. I sp^hitf» 
1 wrong hlih, ii^ore him ; 3. p. 

JfmtiPi?, ( mjt) n.v.> I -spoil, I make 

flamtij;!:^ ; 3. p. 1. ; p.' fi^tiftkotA. 
MjJiFiiiwe, s. steward, addnDislraior 

of a property, manager j pi.->^. 
M^inaufewy (ntii.) n. v. I am a ate 

wai^, etc.. ; 3. p.~t; p. miff..ttid. 
M^inatDtwimn, 9^ stewardahip, atl> 

ministration of a property. 



' me, it reaches me ; 3. p. o w*^... ; 
p. m^,,.^.-Aktf$iwmni» gi-m^i- 
hoffon] a sickness has reached me. 
Jf^tfu^ .{nifh) IL y. an, I reach 
him with my foot,! give him a. little 
kick. ,{l. give him a hard kick, 
would be, mn tcmgishkami.) 3. p. 

Mijitih&r adv, openly, plainly, ex- 

Mhithaieigainebma, (mn) or, nin mi- 
jishah^a^enat a. v. an. I uncover 
his breast ; 3. p. o m^-.n ; p. nyy.. 
nod; imp. mij..hjj. 

M^hahiqan^yinidiSf (nin) or, nm 
rmjisluuciganenidis, r. v. I uncover 
my breast; 3. p.-o; p. me;., ted. 

Mijiskahiganeshin, {nin) or, »*» w^ 
i(dbig0nsihin, n. v. my breasts un- 
covered ; 3. p. I. ; p, me,.4ng^ 

Myishdssa, {nm) a. v. an. I expose 
to the sif^t of people some an. obj.; 
' , 3» p. mif.M; p. «i<;.4«<m^ ; imp. 

MUmMm,{nin) a. v. t». I expose 

- it to tiie sight, I lay it open j 3. p. 
mij... ; p. m^..tod. 

JRfkshdwagam^ adv. very far oat in 
tne liike,t)r sea. 

M^hawdkamigi adv, under the sky, 
in the open air, without a shelter ; 

. [G. unto" freiem Himmel.] 

J^ishdwaahlcode, s. large open prai- 
rie; pl.^won. 

MMsMMOshkode, or-magad, u. v. 
tnere is a large open prairie ; p. 
mia..deg, OTr-magah. 

MifuhamiMfii u. v. it is open, un- 
covered, exposed to the sight ; p. 

MfiskAmsaitamawaf (nin) a. v. a^ 

^ 1 expose it to him, I lay it open 
before him, I reveal it to him ; 3. 
p. o imj..nj p* met.. wad. 

Mwithdwrnitohd^adej oxT-magady u. v. 
K is laid open^ it is exposed to the 
sig^t of people ; it is manifested, 
revealed/ it. is made known^ made 
pdblic; p. mej..deg<, or-^magad. 

jMuhdwutitont {n4n) a. v. in. S. 

Jeydtoffo^ {nin) n. v, ImABhAte 
^d injurious reports ; 3. p.-* ; p. 

MijUon, {nin) a» y. m. I injure it, 1 

spoil it, damage it; 3. p. o mijiioni 

V. me$itod. 
Mijwa^ {nin) a. v. an. I wound him, 

shooting at him ; 3. p. o ndjwa^ ; 

p. m^wad ; imp. npjm. 
Mijwdga^^ 9. a person wounded by a 

shot; ]ph-ag, 
MijwdganiiWf {nin) n. v. I am a 

wounded person, (wouaded by a 

shot;) 3.p.-i; p. mej.Mnd. 
Mi^^vfosMBy s. medical root or herB 

for wounds; pl.-<m. 
MiX;a, adv. This word is sometimea 

added to hawSsta, in order to 

strengthen the negation. Kawit- 

sa mihaf no, no, not at all, by no 
. means. 
Mikddej oi-magadf or, rmlcddHgadef 

ox-^rnaaadj u. v. it k^ found, discov- 

ered, detected, found out^ invent- 

Bdi f.meh..d£(gj or-magak. 
WkddjigaSt (nin) n. v. I am founds 

discovered; 3^ p«~o;jp. md>.*sod. 
Mihdge, {nin) n. v. t find, I find out; 

3. p. 1.; p. mehaged. 
}iiMg€my.B. any thing ibond, d#tect> 

ed; pi. -on. 
M.ikdgany s. an. a findling, any on. 

object found ; pi .^-ag, 
M.ikdganiWj {nin) n. v. I am a find- 
ling; 3. p.-«; p. m«k..wid^ 
Mikdgatdwanj u. v. it is a found 

thing; p. meh..iffang. 
"Mikamdaist {nin) or, nin tnikarndsy 

n. V. 1 find to myself or for myself; 

3. p.-o; •p*m>ek..sod. 
"Mikarndd^aon^ {nin) or, mnmUmnd- 

Sony a. V. in. I find it for me; 3. p. 

ndk...'^ p. mek..8od. 
'H.ihamddiicinany {nin) v. a. an. S. 

Mikamdsonf (nin) a. v. <i». I find it 

to myself; 3. p. mih...; p. mek.^ 

^ikamdsonan, {nin) a. v. «n. 1 find 

some an. obj. to myself; 3. pi trUk 

...; p. mek..9od. (V. Coiy.) 

MikmnuvHt^ (iitf»)a. v. an. I find-k 
to him; 3* p* amik».u; p.mek..wad. 

liikdnj(nM) fi, y. in. I find it: I 

. discover U;. 3. p. miidn; p. mt- 

Miharij 8. Ot. S. Mikana* 

"Slikan^^s.' tin,iU path , road, way pi. ; 

Hikana wmmo, u. v. the trail or road 

. goes to...; p. €Hamog. 

Mikati^ ondamo, u. v. the trail or 
road comes from...; p. wendwnog. 

'VLikMhaka^wii.^ (nm) a. v. an. 1 make 
or prepare a path or road for him; 
3. p. mik..n; p. mah..wud. 

Mikaniahe,{nin) n. v. I make a road; 
3. p. l,;p,n!h»h,.k€d, 

yLihas, imn) n. v. I am found; 3. p.- 
0; p. mehiuod. 

MikdWf (nin) n. v. I have my sen- 
ses; I recover my senses, after 

. fainting or swoomng; 3. p.-t; p. 

mhawd, {nin)&. v. an. I find him; I 
discover him, detect him, (a per- 
son, or any other an. obj.) 3. p. 
mik..n;.ip. mekaflifdd» 

Hiliuwddu, inin) n. v. X am a fine 
looking person, I have a fine ap- 
pearance; 3. p.-^ p. mek,.sid. 

ht^uwadisiwin, s. beauty of a per- 
son, fine appearance. 

Hikaioadjj {nin) n. v. I begin to feel 
that a limb or part of my body is 
freezing ; 8. p.-4; p. 

lAikawadiikwst s. a fine looking wo- 
man; pl.;-^. 

Hikawcidjimnit a fine looking man; 

HHkavfamuy {nin) a. v. an. I make 
him think on s,. th., I, make him 
recollect or remember s. th., I re- 
mind him of s. th.; 3. p. mik.M; 
^. mek.,mud. 

'Iii'ikaMdshiiont {nin) a, y. in. I in- 
vent it, discover, it; 3, p. o mik...; 
p. mek..tod. 

H^BftwdiMtowin, s. invcAtiou;. pL- 

VUkawin^ (nw) a. v. I remember it; 
3. p. mikawih\Ji>. mekawid. 

Hikatoinan {nin) a. v. an, I remem- 

Im«1m.»;3. ^#^»aJ...;p.J 
(V. Coiy.) 

Utkinuk, 8.; pl.-wa^. S. Uiskiki. 

s/Likinddgan^ s, an. a packet or bun- 
dle of fur; [C. paquetde pelleterie;] 


Mikinajiaf (fi»»)a. v. an. I irritate 
^ him, vex him, I provoke him .to 

anger; 3. p. o fnik..n; du 
Uikineyige, n. v. I provijketo anger; 

3. p. 1.; p. mak..ged. 
^iHndjiiaimin^ {win) com. v. iv 

provoke each other to anger; p. 

Mikodjinuy {nin) a. v. an, (from nin 

mikatoaf 1 find him; and nind odji- 

na, I feel him or grope him;) I find 

him by feeling or groping in the 

dark; 3. p. mik.,n; p. mek..nad. 
Mikoddinan, {nin) a. v. in. I find it 

by feeling m the dark; 3. p. mik 

,..; p. mek„ang. 
Mikomay {nin) a. v. an. I speak of 

him in hia absence; 3. p. n^„ni 

p. mekomad. 
Mikonay {nin) a. v. an. I find soom 

an. obj. among manv others; 3. p. 

o mik..n; p. mekonaa. 
Mikonany (nin) a. v. in, I find it 

among many other things; 3. p. « 

mik.,.\ ^.mek..ang. 
Mtkonaweay {nin) a. v. an. 1 make 

him pleasure, I render him a ser* 

vice; 3. p. fjnk..nj p. 
Mikonaweiendanhy (mn) n. v. 1 am 

glad aii4 thankful; 3. p^l; p. tnak.. 

MikonoAJOeienimay {nin) a. v. em, I 

am happy and thankful he has it; 

( pervofhim;) 3. p. mik.M; 

V. mak..mad. 
MikoSy {nin) n. v. I am industrious; 

3. p.-i; p. mahmd, 
Mtkoshkosy {nin) n. v. I am shot, 

(with a gun or bow;) 3. p.-<?; jw 

Mikwddin animothy n. v. 3. p: it is • 

good sporting dog, a good nound, 

good pointer ; p . mek..8id. 
Mtkwdmy s. an. ice. 
Mikwdm, s. an. or mikwaminst 9. an. 

dim. icicle; [F. gl&gon.] 

«M Mill 

Maviimi)^M0^&^ ». t. B. p. tli^ ice 
is floating down on a river, <?here is 
a drift «f ice; p. hemibogod. 

Mptwdmihay OT-fnagad, ti. v. theie is 
ice; p. mek.hoff, or-mdgak. 

i^^Jcwdrmndrnwaavy u. v. it hail&; p. 

MUcwaming minagwal masfddki^a, 
•ittm, {laedicane that looks l&e 

MfGcmarrdwigamdgt s. ice-house, ice- 
pit; pl.-<w. 

ffUcwdway (nin) a. v. m. I hit him 
(wiih s. th. I throw at him;) 3. p. 
mik..n;ip. mak..wad; imp. mihed. 

Mhwindamia, {mn}ii. I make 
hiaa remember s. th., I recall it to 
his memory; 3. p. omik.M; p. «w|j 

Mihwindamomn, s. tecdlecting, re- 
membering. • 

Mikw4nddn, i nSn ) a. v. in. 1 remem- 
ber it, I recollect it, think on it; 3, 

_^. mik...; p. melaang. 

Mhoind«»s^ (»m) n. v. i recoWecl^ I 
remember; 3. p.-e; ^.meJcmd. 

Mikwendaseomnn, «. memory. 

M^iM&nd^igixde, or-macrad,u. v. it is 
remembered; p. ineK..dea, or-ww- 

Mmwejidfigasy (fdn) n. v. I am re- 
membered; 3, ^.-^; p. melc..8od, 

M^indjige^ {nm) n. v. f keep in 
memory, f remember; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Mikwinimai (nin) a. v. an. I remem- 
ber him, I think on him; 3. p. o 
mik. m; p. mek. .mctd. 

Mtkuoigi mitig, n. v. 3. p. the tree 
yielas'frtift; p, unaJcwigid. 

Mihmgin^ u. t. it yields fruit; p. 

MihoigUomagad, u.**^. it yields fruit, 
it produces; p. mah.gak. 

JRkwiaiUmy {nin) a. v. in. I make it 
view fruit; p. mak.Jtod. 

Mtmigdshhine^ or-^magad, u. v. it is 
crushed or rumpled, (stuff;) [F. 
c*est ehiffohn^j] p» miefn.,riegj xy^- 

it, (stuff;) a^ p. •wtwi.,.; p. mam., 
i dad. 
Mmigibm^ («t»>ft..v. <in. I crush 

it, {an. stuff;) 3. p. o m%m.»n; p. 

m€m..n(id. > 
Mmig4f)dgi«j {din}' n. v. I etniggle; 

3. p.-o: p. mem..eod. 
Mimigmbkam, <mfi)ii. v.imm tre^di 

ing out s. th.; 3. p. I<;p;.-f»«f7»..««7. 
Jfimigoshhani (^«») a< v. in. I triSS^ 

it out, {instead of thrkshing itj) 3. 

p. omdm...^,p. m€m.,ang. — Jram^ 

min ninmimtgoehhan; 1 tread «at 

wild rice. 
Mwiig6^kawai{^in)vL. v. an, I trttH 

it out, {an. obi. J 3. p. o ^»m. j»: p. 


igoshkawa; I tread out>wheftt,^ in- 
stead of thrashing it.) 
IGmigaw^ma,{nin)fi. v. ai». IdhalLO 

himjfF.jete 8eeoue;J3. i^.omim,, 

n', ^^mmem..nad'^ imp. imm..hin, 
JfimiMaebinaitj {nin) a. ▼. 4n, I 

shake it, 3. p.omim.,.; p. i»iem.. 

Mimimodb, {nin) n* v. I move and 
shake myself, sitting; 3. p.-t. p. 

MimdewiMn, {nin) I move and 
shake myself, lying; 3. p. 1.; p. 
mem.. ing. 

Mimvnik, a^ mti«h, that's idl; 
that^ enough. 

Min, s. whortleberry; Mbenyf pi. 

Minal is it so? is it right? will ytsoT 

MinHs {nin) a. v. an. I give him, i 
make him a present; I gmnt Imn, 
allow hi^s; th.; I impose it npott 
him; I cautee'ittohim;3. p. o mi- 
nan^ p. mdnad. 

Mmad, { n&«> a. v. on. I give hitti' to 
drink; I water him, (a horse, an 
ox, etc. )3. p.vtninaan; p. miniuid. 

Minabawifd^iseij s.; pl.-^^. S. uld^- 

Minddendti^, {nin) n. v. I faoner, I 
respect; 3. p. 1.; p. men..aM. 

SRnddenddn, {nin)\% v.^. rhonor 
or redpedt it; 3. p. d^^...; >.*»«» 


Jlindd€nim^ (itin) or ^ ninmi m iSa i ^ ' 

dis, r. V. I honor myself, I am vain; 

I am proud; 3» p.-o; p,men,»od' 
Minddenima, (nin) a. v. an. I honor 

him, I respect him; 3. p. o min^^; 

p. 7nm..mad. 

JdiTuademndivjm, s. respect, hoooTt 

MtndgcdJissijB. "bed -bug; pl.-wo^. 
Mndgosy (mn) n. v. Ism^; I emit 

an odor; 3. p.-t; p. mendgosid. 
Min^gwadj u. v. it siaelie, it has an 

odor: p. rnen^^wobk, 
Mtndidtmiiiy (nin) com. v. we give 

each other to drink;. we procure 

drink to one another; p. men..did- 

mindidig^ (mm) r. v. I give to drink 
to myseif,* I procure drink to my- 
self; 3. p.-o; p. mm..sod. 

Ifmdidiwtfit b. the a«t ef going to 
drink to each other; or of "■Jrocu- 
Ting drink to each other. ^ 

Mindiw€j (nin) n. v. I give to drink; 
I procure drink; 3, p. 1.; p. mtm.. 

MmUiweeihkj (nin) n. v. I am In a 

bad habit of giving or procuring 

drink to others ; 3. p.-^'; p. men. .Tcid. 
iMin€dlewa,G9--magadt u. v. S. Mk- 

iifindma, < nin) a. v. an. I smell him, 

I ecent him, (a person, or any other 

an. obj.) 3. p. o min..n'j p. mend- 

Min<im4ka, m-magad, ii. v. there-are 

•breakers. Shoals, banks, (of sand 

or rocks;) • oj-maaak. 
Mindfvddn, (nin) n.v. in. 1 smell or 

scent it ; 9. p. ^in£n...'jp.^men>..ang. 
Minmndamiay (wm) a. v. an. I give 

him 8. th. toemell; 3. p. oimn..n', 

p. m>en..iLd. 
m^ndndawa, (f»^)a.v. ttn,B, Mi- 

^fidndftgey (nm) h. t. I smell or 

seents. th.; 3. -p. 1.; p* m^..ged. 
MindssamawaJnin) a. v. an. 1 gtve 

him to smell some object I burn; 

Mmdssan, (nin) a. ▼. in. i bmnit 


tot gim agockl odor; 0. p. <r 111*1...; 
p. wtenoism^, 

Jfi/MiMi^, («t») n. V. I make a good 
odor -by bumimg s. th.; 3. p. l.;p. 

Mindmva, (nm)&. v. an. 1 bum 
some an, obj. to make a good odor; 
8. p. o min.jn; p. men.,wadi '•np* 
tninasttiii, . 

MimKmy\ndY, again, more, anew. 

MUuMdn^obi, (nin) n. t. I am joy- 
ous in liquor, joyful through in- 
toxscatioB; 3. p. 1.; p. men,jM, 

Minaxmnigoty(nin)xi, v. I am joy- 
ous, joyful, I rejoice; S. p.-i;p. 

Minawdnigosiwin^ s. joy, joyfulness, 
rejoiciDg, pleasure. 

Mina/wdni^ad^ u. v. there is lev, 
rejoicing, pleasure; p. men.jwje, ' 

Minatodnigwendam/(nin) n. v. I re- 
joice, I have joyful thouhgts; 3. p. 
1.; p. me.n.ang. 

Minu/uDdnigwendammotn^ s. joy, yvf' 
ful thoughts. 

Minawdnigtoia, (nin) a. v. «n. I 
make him joyous, I procure bin 
joy and pleasure; 8. p. mm.^n'j p. 
men. .ad. 

Minawdnigwitmij (n4n) (pron. nin 
minawdnigotonj) a. v. in, I make 
it joyous, joyful; 3. p. min...; p. 
men.jUd. — JMenimHani kigi-nUn- 
awanigttiton ninde; Lord, ^u 
hast made my heart joyful. 

Jfinawdt, (nin) n. v. i am happy, 
contented, I rejoice; 3. p.-t; j^. 

Minawdsidy (nin) a. v. an. I make 
him happy, contented, I make him 
rejoice; 3. p. min..n; p. 

Minawdtimat {nin) or, mn minrnvd* 
nigoma, a. v. an, I make him joy- 
oue with my wordtt with what I 
am telling him; 3. pi o 9itn..n; p. 
men.. mad. 

MinatoinagoSy (nin) n. t. I look good, 
benevolent, charitable; 3. p.-4; p. 

Minddd0nddni(n4n), I regret 
^ iuwe lost it; 3. p. mm...; p. 



MUMdmwma, .(fiftp»)«. ▼. on. I re- 
gret to have lost some an, c^ject; 
3. p. tnin.*n; p. men..fnad. 

Minaamawa, {nin) a. v. an. S. Mm- 

Mindassiwaganj a, a tamed uiimal; 

Muidawa, (nin) a. ▼. an. I pout, I am 
dissatisfied with him, because he 
does not give me what / want; / 
murmur against him^ 3. p. o min.. 
ft; p. mendawad. 

JGndawe, (nin) n. t. / pout, /look 
sullen, /will not speak; /am not 
satisfied with what is given to 
me; [F. je boude;] 3. p. 1.; p. tnen- 

Mindawd}iy {nin) n. v. / pout, /am 
cross, because /have no liquor to 
drink; 3. p. 1.; p. men.. hid. 

Mindaiweganjany s. aai. white spot on 
a finger-nail, (mark of pouting;) pi. 

ganji^ {nin) n. v. I have 

white si)ots on my nails; 3. p. 1.; 

p. men. .id. 
MmdaweahJkj {nin) n. v. I am in a 

bad habit of pouting, I am a pout- 
er; 3. p.-»; p. men..hid. 
Mindawewin, s. pouting; [F. bou- 

Mmdawemnagosj {nin) n. v. I look 

cross, dissatisfied; 3. p.-4'; p. men.. 

MindiHadb, {nin) n. v. Iweep much, 
• I 8healargetears;3. p.^'; p. f7t«y».. 

JGndidf {nin) n. v. I am large, big, 

bulky; 3. p.-o; p. mindidod, 
MindimoU^ s. an old woman; pl.- 

MtndimoiHWf {nin) n. t. I am an old 

woman; 3. p.^'; p. men..ioid, 
MindimoiSmish, a. wife. This word 

is always preceded by a |>ossessive 

-pronoMn.—Ntnmindimaiimieh, my 

wife, ( my bad old woman. ) 
JUnc^tkdtcan, ; an, mitten; glove; 

MtMdnmc^aide, or-magtuL; u. v. it is 

tied or boi^nd; p. men.^, or- 


M Mjim^ m i^ig ade, ai-magad, u. r. 

S. Mind^imapide. 
Minc^imdpid^asj (nin) n. v. 1 am 

bound; 3. p.-o; p. m£»j.8od. 
Mindjimdj^idjige, {nin) n. v. I 

bind, I tie; 3. p. 1.; p. m^n..ged. 
Mindjimdpidony {nin) i. v. in. I bind 

it; 3. p. min...; p. mm,..dod. 
Mindjimdpikaigas^ {nin) n. v. I am 

fettered, chained; 3. p.-^; p. men.. 


Mindjimapina, {nm) a. v. an. I bind 

him; 3. p. o min..n; p. men..nad'y 

imp. mindjimapij. 
Mindjim^apis, {nin) n. v. S^ Mindfi- 

Minti^imendam, {nin) u. v. I keep in 

memory; 3. p, 1.; p. men..<tng. 
Mindjiminddn,{nin) a. v. in. Ikeep 

it in my memory, I dont forget it; 

3. m^o jRtn...; p. men..ang. 
Minc^minima {nin) a. v. an. Ikeep 

him in memory, I don't forget him; 

3. D. min'.n\ p. men..m^, 
Minajiminindiey (nin) r. v. I think 

on myself, I take care of myself; 

3. p.--o; p. men.. sod. 
Mtnajimdnay {nin) a. v. an. I hold 

him; I keep him back; 3. p. o 

min..n; p. men.. nod. 
Mind^iminamaAi}€L, {ni(n) a. v. ar». I 

withhold s. th. from him; 3. p. o; ^i men.. wad. 
Mindjimindn, {nin) a. v. in, I hold 

it; 3. p. min.,.'^ p. men,,ang. 
Mindjiminidis, {nin) r. v. I keen 

myself back from s. th., I withhola 

myself from s. th., I refrain, I ab- 
stain; 3. p.-0; p. men„tMMl. 
Jtiwi^immuUsoioin, a. moderation, 

Mindjimienha^onj (nin) pers. v. it 

keeps me, it holds me; 3. p. ^ 

mm...; p. men..aod. 
Mindjimishkawa (n*f») a. v. an. I hold 

him under me; 3.. p. QmM^M; p. 

men.. wad. 
Mindjimdskkocffigan, s.any heavy ob- 

iect to keep s. th« down, not to 
' w off; p\.-an, < 





Mii ^Mimh k(4jigei {nrn^n, y. I am 

ruing a heavy o^cK on s. th.; 
D. 1. j p. men..ged. 
J^najimuhkod<m^ {nin) a. v. in. I 

put some heavy object on it, to 

keep it down, or to keep it steady; 

3. D. o mm...; p. men..dod. 
Minajvmiehhonaj {ndn) a. v. an. I 

put some heavy thing on some an. 

obj., in order to keep him (her, it) 

4own; 3. p. o min..nj p. men..7iad, 

imp.— jfcj?;. 
MhdpfMswn, u. V. it holds, it is 

strong; p. men.,8mg, 
JUndjimistifama/wa, (mn) or, nin 

mmdjimisHtawa, a. v. an. 1 put it 

in his mind; 3, p. o, p. 


JGn^imosnnj u. v. it holds, it is 

csugnt, I cannot draw it to me; p. 

Mindjimosdtchigade^ oi^magad, u. 

V. it is well founded, it has a ^ong 

/ouncLation; p. tnen..degj cff^ma- 


'mdjinaw4iadaiamig, adv. it is a 

pity, it is regretful. 
Jmmjmawiiend<xm.{nin) n. v. 1 have 

sorrowful and repenting thoughts; 

3. p. 1.; p. men..ang^ 
Jfint^mawisy (mn) n. v. I repent, I 

am sorry to have done s. th.-; 3. 

p.r-4; p. fnen..Md. 
Jun<i^linmoieuomiS, repentance, hear- 
ty sorrow for having done s. th. 
Mmd^kadt u. v. there is dew on the 

ground; p. mendokak, 
MuUss, s. an. the fruit of the thom- 

abrub; [F. cenelle;] pl.-a^. 
Minissoffawiu^y s. an, thorn, thorn- 

shrub, thorn-bush; pl*-«b. 
Mmiwaig, s the City of Milwaukie, 

JtGii-giHea, s. an. the moon of bil- 
berries or whortleberries, the 

month of August. 
Miniy 8. apostume, abscess, or rather 

the matter or pus that is in an 

abscess, or runs out of it. 
Jfimcitm, 3. ind. pers. they aregivea 

s. th. M^aidingj when they are 

I^Ten fi. th., w^n proaante are dis- 



tribirted amongst tlMm. TbMMi« 

of presents. 

Mintdimm, (nin) coin. v. we gives. 
th. to one anotner; p. manulidjig. 

Mtnidi8,{nm) r. v. I give it or furnish 
it to myself; I cause it to me; I im- 
pose it upon me; 3, p.-o; p» mani" 

Minidiaonj (nin) a. v. in. I furnish 
it to myself; 3. p. o min... ; p. man. .; 

Minidimman^ {nin) a. t. an. \ fumialt 
to myself some an, obj.; 3. p. e 

* mm..,; p. man..€od, (V. Conj.) 

Minidiwiny s. gift, present, given or 
received by several persons; pl.- 

Minidiwiny s. the act of giving or 
distributing gifts or presents to 
several persons. 

Minigoa, {nin) n. v. I am given s. th.^ 
a present is made to me; 3. p.-«; 
p. mMuigosid 

migowint or minigoBiunnf s. gift, 
present, contribution, received, — 
S. Migiwewin. — Mi sa onmo nin 
mdnigomnan; these are my pres- 
ents (I received.) 

Minigowis, {nin) n. v. something 19 
given to me by divine goodness, 
or spiritual Influence; 3. p.-«; p»- 

Minih, adv. so much, as much as... 

Minihdn, s. seed; pl.-oft. 

Minikdn, s. an. seed an.; pl.-fl^.— 
Minikanug^ ogow opinig, kawin nin 
foi-amwastdg'f these potatoes are 
for seed, I will not eat them. 

Mintk0t{nin)n. v. I gather whortle- 
berries; 3. p. ].: p. manilced. 

Minikwdddn, (n«») a. v. in. I spendj 
it for drinking, 1 drink it; 3. p. 

Minikwddjiganj s. any drinking-ves- 
sel, pot, pitcher, glass, goblet, 
tumbler; -pi.-an. 

Minihwddjigan, s. gallon. — Mnjgo 
minikwadjigan, one gallon: nijo, 
ni»80, niot nana mdnikwaajigan; 
two, three, four, five gallons, etc.. 
— Kistkkitckiag minikwddjigan, a 


JihUkmddji^fi^tiny n. v. I arn ddttt- 
ing; 3. p. 1.; p. men..g€d. 

XRnihwdnd^ (nin) a^ v. an. I spend 
it for drinking, I drink it, (an. 
obj.) 3. p- 7nm..n; p. m€n..nad. — 
KaMna ojoniiaman o gi-mmihwd- 
ndn'^ he spent all his money for 
drinking, (he drank ail his money.) 

Jfinihwe, (nin)n. y. I drink, 3. p. I.; 
p. menikwed. 

Mmikwiii, )nin) a. v. tn. I dnnk it; 
'3. p. min*..; p. mimkyfed. 

Mtmhweshki (nin) n. v. I am in a 
bad habit of drinking (intoxicat- 
ing liquor;) 3. -p.-i; p. men.. hid. 

Ifinihwishkimn, s. bad habit of 
drinking (int. liq.) drunkenness. 

iRnikwim-masinaigans, s. dim. tem- 
perance-pledge; pl.-an. 

Mlnikufessiwin^ s. non-drinking, tem- 

Juinihw&wigamig, s. drin king-house, 
liquor-house, dram-shop, tippling- 
shop; pl.-rw. 

JRnikwiivin, s. drinking. 

Minikw^winiwan, u. v. it is drink; 
they drink it; p. men .ang. 

Mininsj s. dim. a small pimpJe or 
pustule; pi -an: 

fiminsiioidfm, •{nin) n. v. I have a 
small pimple on my lip; 3. p. .1.; p. 

Mtni5«, 8. island, isle; pl.-a». 

WnissdUkj s. rock -island; pl.-<m. 

ISinissingendanakidy or, mdnissing 
endaji-himadisi'i, p. s. i. he who is 
a native of an island, or, he who 
lives on an island, islander; pl.- 

Uinissind, s. warrior, soldier; hero; 

Viinisdno'Ogima, s. military officer; 

}Hni88in6w, {nin) n. v. I am a war- 
rior; I am brave; 3. p.-^; p. men., 

VLinissinowddis^ {hin) n. y. I am a 
hero; 3. p.-«; p. men..sid. 

Minissindwinini, s. hero; pl.-tM^. 

}§imtig:f s. an island in a rirer; pl.- 

WKkfiaddj^iMni 8« an IstmKl* iff ^ 
rapid or in rapHs; pl.-^f^ 

iiiniw, {nin) n, v. I have an abscess 
with matter in, the matter runs" 
out of mv abscess; 3. p, miniwi; 
p. m^niwtd. 

Miniwy (nin) n. v. I bring. forth^X 
yield fruit; 3. p^t; p. maniwid, — 
Mitlammiwi, the tree produces^ 
yields fruit; maniwid mitig, fruit- 

Miniwmir u; r. matter or pas is niB' 
ning out of an ulcer or abscess, it 
brings forth matter; p. memwoM} 

M-indwan, u. v. it produces or yiekn 
fruit; p. maniifang, 

fdiniwdpinef {nin) n. v. I have the 
consumption, 1 am consuroptire, 
phthisical, 3. p. 1.; p. m/n.-ned, 

Htniwapinewinj s. consumptiofi, 

'Mmiwid^(me^{nin) n. v. I have a fetid 
nos^; [F. je suispunais;] 3. p. 1.: 
p. men,.ned. 

M«ftd, adj. & adv. good; well. 

}Aino aid J {nin) n* v. I am well, in 
good health; I am comfortable toid 
well off; 3. p. 1.; p. meno-aiad. 

Mim aidwin, s. good health; com- 
fo) table happy existence, eayy cir- 

Hinohi^ (niri) n. v. I am gay and feel 
contented, in liquor; 3. p. 1., p. 

Minci>iiafOv-magad^ u^ v, it isnayiga<A 
ble, good for navigation, (a river;) 
p., ox-^magak. ' 

^ino bimadiSj {nin) n. v. I live wcll^ 
i am in good health; I am goodt;* 
kind, I have a good temper, a good 
humor; 3. p.^, p. m>en..iid. 

Mind hirnddiUwiny s. good life; good 
health; good kind temperameatt* 
good humor* 

Hinddashimin, {nin) n. v. pi. w« are 
just enough, we are in a safficieaih 
number; 3. t^. minodashitffag ; p, 

HUnddiOmnf u. v. there is just enougl^ 
of it; fnen..Hng.. 

Uik^odiy of-4iM^, «. v*- it is well 


done, w«lUookM> p»T^<w»g d < y » oiy 

Hinodee, {nin) n. v. I hAve a go^d 
heart, 1 am good-hearted, gently; 
3. p. 1.; p. fnenod-eed. 

"Minodeea, {nin) a. v. an, I console 
him, I make him be of good cour- 
age, good heart; 3. p. o inin..n\ p. 

Mmod&itvmi s. goddno«8 oC hoart, 
good->natisre, gehtleweee^ 

Mmo dodanwmnr s. good action, ben^ 

iHino gtjigad, u. v. it is fair weather, 

it is a fine day; p. men-QQ^ 
y^inogijigaHishy {n'ln) n. v. I have, a 

fine, fair weather, (for iraveliug;) 

3. p.-*; p. men. .id. 
Ulinogi/ij u. v. it produces well, (a 

field, a garden;) p. men^'ging. 
yiinogiwemngady u. v. it is profita-* 

hie, producing fruit; pv men..g(td, 
'Udncdabadad^ u. v. it is useful; pv 

Minoidhadis, (nin) n. v. I am useful, 

(a person, or. aajr other an. obj.) 3. 

p.-i; p. mcn..8id. 
mnpiapa4^jia* (nin) a. v. an. I make; 

a good use of. him, he is useful to 
• me, (a person or some other an, 

obj^ 3. p. o min.,n; p. men.. ad, 
JGnotahaajitonj (^nin) a. y.^/i. I make 

a good use of it, it is useful to me; 

3., p. o.-rnhh...; p. men,.t<)d. 
J£inoiHwiTiis\[nin) n. v. I am good, 

I bf have well, I nave a good con^ 

duct; 1 have good qualities, I am 

virtuous; 3. p.-»; p. 7nen..iitd. 
Jfino yiwtbuiwiny s. good conduct, 

gooQ behavior, goodness, virtue. 
Mino-inaw4ma,{nin) a. v. an, I am 

on good and peaceful terms with 

him, I am his friend, or, he is my 

friej^d; 3. p. omliu.n; p. men.mad. 
Mino-inavjindimin^ {nin) com. v. 

we are on good friendly terms 

with one another; p. m6n,.did^ig. 
Mtitfi-inawendiwin, a, friendsaip, 

peacQ^ good terms^ . 
MtndimniuMigi*^ {run) n^ v. I am a 

good mam g0pd-natttredi> 3. ^fUr-is 

p. 'men„ffid. . . . : i 

MinifdiflSa (ttff») poM. V* wiMit I 
ate, {Of drank,) does me good; I 
digest it well; it makee a good ef- 
fect in me, (a medicine taken;) 3. 
>. o min>..y p. men. .god. 
nokamagcid, n. v. *it fits well, 
f clothing;) f). men..gak. 

Jtnnokami, {ni7i) n. v, I have a good 
footing on my trail or road, (or 
standing somewhere) 3. p. I.; p/ 


MinoJrami, u. v. Ot. spring: [F. prip- 
in spring. 

* texapi<j] p. meH.,ing. Minaka^md^f^ 

Minoiamtga, u. y. there is good 
ground, good soil; p. m>en..gag. 

Mm6kdni{nin) a. v. i». 1 put it weli, 
on, (clothing,) it fits me well ; 3. 
p. o min... ; p. menokang. 

Mmo kif^nffwabamoj (nin) a. v. anj^ 
I foUow bi/9 good example, he edi- 
fies me ; 3. p. nHn,Mi p. mei^.. 

MinohiHn<Mahitmigy {nin) pass. v. 
he imitates my good example, I 
edify him, X give him a good %fi\, 

MinoJuhtno^ahimifoipinyS. good ex^ 
ample taien, edihcation. ^ v 

Mino Tcikin/)wahanda'iwe^ hiin} n. v. 
I give a good example, I edify ; 34 
p.. 1.; p. 

Mino Hkimnvabandaivccmin^ s. gocxl 
example given, edification. 

MinMnagodjiQs^n, 8. aoiy thing tbati 
smells well, perfume. i 

MifMmdfos, {nm) n. v. I smell welJi^ 
3. p.-»; p. men..9id. 

Afinomagoeiwint s* good smell, good 
odor, sweet sceut. 

Minnmigwabihisan, {nin).n. w.iftmJ 
burn It on metal, to make a goodi 
odw;.3..p.<7mm...;p. men..ang^. ; 

Mmomagwabiki^i^an, s. any ol^ect 
made of metal, to burn on it Uiak.- 
incense- or any other thiog that 
smells well; censer^ inceotory; pi. 
~an,i \ 

MinovMpoMhisige,^ («sa) n. v, I 
burn on metal s. th., to give>a go<Mi 
odor., \ 

Minomagteahikiswdki (fi«fi) a.- v. an. 




I bon on metal some (m. obj.^ (as 
nMemoy tobacco,) to give a good 
odor ; 3. p» £> min.,n ; p. men..wad; 
imp^ min...wi. 
Minomagwad, u. v. it smells well ; p. 

Minnmdgwadjigan^ s. pron. m« 

fihdgodjigan^ which see. 
MfnomdfftpaMngoHy s. any thing that 

smells well when burnt, incense, 

Minomdgwakisiffe, (mn) n. v. 1 burn 

s. th. that smells well, I burn in- 
cense, I incense; 3. p. 1. ; p. men.. 

Minomdmoj {nin) a. v. aiu he smells 

well to me, (any an. obj.) 3. p. o 

min..n ; p. 
MinomdnddnAnin) a. v. in. it smells 

well to me, I like its odor ; 3. p. o 

fmn... ; p. fi%en..ang. 
Mkwmdndjigey {nin) n. v, I smell a 

good odor, s. th. smells well to me; 

3. p. 1.; p. men..ged. 
Ifinomdgto aseima, n. v. 3. p. tobacco 

smells well; p. men..sod. 
MinomaU, or-magadj u. v. it smells 

well when burnt ; p. men..tegt or- 

Minonaweay (nin) a. v. an. I make 

him contented, I satisfy him, I 

please him ;3. p.o fnin..n ; p. meri 
Mindngf Isle Royal, Lake Superior. 
MindnSyB. csit, puss. 
MindpuUm^ (^nin) a. v. in. I find a 

good taste in some thing I am eat- 
ig or drinking, I relish it, I like 
the taste of it ; 3. p. omin... ; p. 

Mm6pidjige,{nm) n. v. I find a good 
taste in victuals; 3. p. 1. ; p. men,. 
ged.-Nawdich mino aia mo aiako* 
tid^jadgwa mindmdjige ; this sick 
person is somewhat better, he al- 
ready finds a good taste in victuals. 

MindpogoH, n. v. 3. p. he (she, it) 
bas a good taste, a fine flavor ; p. 

MMpogosiwin^ s. good taste, good 
ilie flavor, relish* 

MhApt^fumi, Q. V. it has a good taste, 
it is good, delicate, c^elicous, (to 
the palate;) p. men..wah. 

Mindpwa^ {nin) a. v. an. I find a 
good taste in some an. obi. I am 
esting, I relish it, I like the taste 
of it; 3. p. min..n ; p. menopwad; 
imp. minopwi. 

Mmoehin^ (nin) n. v. I lie well, com- 
fortably; 3. p. l.;p. f) 

Jiwmhkdgemagad^ u. v. it does good, 
it operates well, (a medicine ;) p. 

Mindshhine, ot^magady u. v. it goes 
well in, it fits just in, (a key in a 
lock, etc.) p. men..negt OT-magai. 

Mino$6, n. V. 3. p. it is well done,^ 
well cooked, (some an. obj.) p.' 
meno8od.-S. Minode. 

Minosacj (nin) n. v. I walk well, ea- 
sily ; 3 p. 1. ; p. meno99ed. 

Mwmai or-^magad^ u. v. it goes well,* 
it does well, it fits well ; p. menot- 
segy OT-magak. 

Mindesin^ u. v. it lies well, it is well 
placed or put; p. menoseing. ^ 

Mtndssitrmj (nin) a. v. in. 1 place it 
well; 3. p. o min... ; p. men..tod. 

MinotdgoSy (nin) n. v. I am heard 
with pleasure, I speak or sinv ag- 
reeably, I have an agreeable voice: 
3. p.-»; p. men..8id. 

Mindtam^ {nin) n. v. I listen with 
pleasure; 3. p. 1.; p. menotang. 

Minotamdmagadj u. v. pers. it listens 
with pleasure ; p. meno..gaJb.-De- 
henimOanj nitawagan minatamo- 
magadon hid ibUmoinan; Lord, 
my ears listen with pleasure to 
thy word. ^ 

Minotdn,(nin) a. v. in. I listen to it 
with pleasure, I hear it with plea- 
sure, I like to hear it; 3. p. o min...;^ 
p. menotang. 

Mindtawa, (nin) a. v. an. I listen to 
him with pleasure, I like to hear 
him ; 3. p. min..n ; p. men..wad. ^ 

Minatchy adv. still, but still, yet, 
nevertheless, notwithstanding. * 

Uindtckige, {nin) n. v. I act well ; 
3. p. 1.; p. m$n.»ged. 




Minotux^j {nm\ n« v. The same as, 
nin minotchzge, 

limcHJodwina, {nin) a. y. an* freq. 
I name ,him well frequently, I 
speak well of him; I jjlonfy, praise, 
exalt him; 3. p. o imn,,n\ p* men., 

Mmo-wav}inddn,{nm) a. v. in, freq. 
I name it well frequently, I speak 
well of it ; I glorify it, praise it ; 
3. p. min...; p. men-ang. 

JitTho-wdtpindjigade, or-^magcd^ u. v. 
freq. it is well named, well sipok- 
en of, it is praised, celebratecf ; it 
is renowned; p. m^..(^, or-ma- 

ifino-wdwmdjigademn, s. good re- 

Mino-wdwvn^igas, {nin) n. v. freq. 
I am well named, I am well spok- 
en of, praised, celebrated, I have 
a good renown, good name. 

Mino^wdwimdimm^ {nin) com. v. 
freq. we praise each other, we 
speak well one of another; p. men 
..didjig. ^ 

Mino•wd^Dinid^ef {nin) r. v. freq. I 
praise myself, I speak always well 
of myself; 3. p.-o; p. m>en..»od. 

Mvno-wdwinidiaffin, s. mutual praise, 
or praise of several persons. 

i/m<?-tt>dtt>wii^<?»,(7W7»)pe»8. v. it prai- 
ses me; 3. p. min...', p. men..god. 
-Kid anohwvm hi mino-wdwmigon; 
thy work praises thee. Wewinge^ 
aid mmo-wdiDiniaon od (moJsimn; 
he who works well, is praised by 
his work ; [G. das Werk lobt den 

Jfinowe, {nin) n. v. I have a fine 
clear voice ; 3. p. 1. ; p. menowed. 

Mino widjindimmy {nin) com. v. we 
Uve together in good peace, we 
agree well together, we are good 
friends : p. men..diajig. 

Mino wid^indiwin, s. good peace and 
harmony, concord, friendship. 

JHUffU) widjiiwa, {nin) a. v. an. I am 
his friend, or, he is my friend, I 
agree well with him, I live in peace 
and harmony with him ; 3. p. o 
min..n ; p. men..wad. \ 

Min^'Winay (nin) Nin mino'windam 
Mirw-wina^gade. Ninmino^nd- 
jigae. Nin mino-winidimin. Nin 
mdno-vmiidie. Nin mino-winigon." 
These are the simple verbs of the 
above frequentative verbs ; as : 
Nin mmo-wawina. Nin mmo-toa- 
winda/n^ etc., which see .-The sig- 
nification is the same in both kinds 
of verbs; the frequentative verb 
only signifies a re-iteration of the 
same act. 

Minwdh ^ {nin) n. v. (from mino, 
well ; and n'mwii.h, I see ;) I see 
well, Ihave good eyes ; 3. p.-i ; p. 

Minwdhf {nin) n. v. (from mino^^ 
well ; and nmd a5, 1 am sitted ;) 1 
sit comfortably ,^l am well sitted, 
I sit well ; 3. p.-^ ; p. men'iJbdibid. 

Minwaibamitm, {nin) n. v. I am 
lucky, I have a good chance ; 3. 
\i.-i ; p. m£n..8id. 

Minwahamiwisiwin, s. good luck, 
good chance. 

Minwabammagos, (nin) n. v. I look 
well, I am foir, oeautiful, I have 
' a fine appearance; 3. p.-e; p. m>en., 

Mimodhaminagtoad, u. v. it looks 
wellf it has a fine beautiful appear- 
ance ; p. m,en..wah. 

Minwahandam, (nin) n. v. I have a 
good dream ; 3. p. 1. ; p. m£n..ang. 

Mmivabandamowin, s. a good favor- 
able dream; Tp\.-an. 

Mmwdbandan. (nin) a. v. in. I find 
it good, well done, 1 approve of it; 
3. p. omin... ; p. men..ang. 

Minwdbide, {nin) n. v. I have good 
fair teeth ; 3. p. 1. j p. m£n..ded. 

Minwahikinan pdshktsigan, {nin) a. 
V. i». I uncock a gun; 3.p.omm...; 
p. m>an..ang. 

Mmwddendam^ {nin) n. v. I am for- 
bearing, I am of a patient dispo- 
sition of mind; 3. p. 1.; p. men..ang. 

Minwadendanmoiiif s. patience, for- 
bearance, clemency. 

Minwddenima, ijiin) a v. an. I think 
he is patient, I find him patient ; 
3. p. mm.,n ; p. fnen,.m>ad. 




MinwadisAnin) n. v. I am patient, 
long-suffering; 3. p.-i; p. men.. aid. 

Mmwadjim, {nin) n. v. I bring good 
news, good tidings; 3.p.-o; ^,meii- 

Minwddjima, (nin) a. v. an. I tell s. 
th. good of him, I make a good re- 
port on him, I praise him ; 3. p. 

min..n ; p. men.. mad. 
Mmwdd^imomn, s. a good report or 

narration, good news, good tidings; 
alsOj the Gospel, (Evangely, which 
signifies in Greek, goad tvdings.) 

Minwddjito (nin) n. v. I do well my 
business, I act with patience and 
riF?r.^pvfrance; 3h p. 1.; p. men-.tod. 

MinumJ.klfhi, \mti I a. V. in. (xVom 
minSi well ; and n in dibddoddnj I 
tetl it;) T speak well of it, I praise 
if ; 3* p. min... ; p. men..ang. 

J^nwd^auidt u, r. it has a good taste, 
it is i^ood, (<!ame Jiijuid ;) p. men., 
mr'^, -Minwdija mi J iomashhihivoahoj 
that medicine lias a good taste. 

Miuu'd^iim^piddfu ( nin) a. v. in. I 
find th^t this liquid has a good 
taate ; 3. p. o mift. . ; p. m£ 

Mnwdfidjitjti, (nm) n. v. I tare well, 

1 eat gom things; ',). p. 1.; ^.m£n., 

ttlnwdnimad, u. v. the wind is fair ; 

p. men..m4ik. 
Minwdnoki, (nin) n. v. (nin m/iiih 

anoki^) I am Industrious ; 3. p. 1. ; 

MiwuMsh, (win) n. v. I have a fair 

wind, I sail with a fair wind ; 3. 

5.-* ; p. men .id. 
Minwdssin, u. v. it is driven by a 

fair wind; p. men..inq. 
Minwdvfe aw atPessi, n. v. 3. p. this 

animal has a fine good fur; p. rn^en- 

Mmwindaaj (nin) a.x. an. S. Min- 

Jfinwindagos, (nin) n. v. I am liked, 

I am considered agreeable, pleas- 
ing, amiable ; 3. p.-j' ; p. men. .aid. 
Mimoendagoiiitui, s. agreeablenesa 

of a person, am^bilit)^, amiable- 

ness. ' '. .\' ' 

Minw4ndagu)ady xr.v. it is consider- 


ed a^eeable, satisfying, pleasing, 

delightful ; p. men.. wok. 

Minwenddgwahamig, adv. pleasant, 
agreeably.- (t^c^ miriwenddgumha- 
mig eji'Oiaieg oma; it is truly pleas- 
ant to see now you are situated 

Minwendamj (nin) n. v. I am con- 
tented, I am happy ; I consent, I 
am willing ; 3. p. 1. ; p. men^.ang. 

Minwendamia, (^nin) a. v. an. I make 
him contentea, I satisfy him ; 3. p. 

min..n; p. men. .ad. 
Minwindam^ounn^ s. content, pleas- 
ure, happiness'; consent. 

Minwinddn. (nin) a. y. ii^. 1 like it, 

1 am happy to have it ; 3. p. 
min... ; p. men..ang. 

Minwinima, (nin) a. y, an. I like 
him; I like to have him, (a person, 
or any other an. obj.) 8. p. o min.. 
n', p. men. .mad. 

Minwiwis, (nin) n. v. I am zealous, 
faithf\il, constant ; industrious ; 
complaisant; 3. p.-^' ; p. m£n..sid. 

iMinwetoisikandan, (nin) ai v. in. I 
do it faitljfuUy, with zeal and pa- 
tience ; 3. p. min... ; p. lnen..ang. 

MinwewtsUcwndawa^ (nin) a. v. an. 
I am zealous and faithful to him, 
profitable to him ; 3. p. m%n..n; 
J), men.. wad. 

JkRmvewmmny s. zeal at work, in- 

Mipi dash, or, mipi dash gate, and 
also, likewise. 

Misdi, s. loach, (fish;) pl.-a^. 

Miadhamig ^ adv. everywhere on 

Misas!8in, s. a l^rge stone, to sink a 
net to the bottom of the lake ; pl.- 

Mtsdtig, s. a stick not split, round 
piece of wood, cudgel; [F. rondin;] 

Misdtigogaissey {nin) n. v. I chop 
round sticks, not splitting them ; 
3. p. 1.; p. m£8..sed. 

Misdtigogwadanj (nin) a. v. in. I 
sew it round, m a round shape ; 3. • 
p: oifds... ; p. me8..ang. 
'udtigogwadej or-^^magadj u. v. it is 




sewed in a round shape ; p. mes.. 

deg, oj^-magah. 
MtsdHgomiddssj a. stocking, (round 

legging ;) pl.-^m. 
Jfisatigomddasnke, (nin) n. v. I 

make stockings, I knit; 3. p. 1.; 

p. me8..Jced. 
Mishdbiiomdnf s. an,; pi. -o^, the 

hair on the eyelid.— This word is 

always preceded by a possessive 

pronoun;. «»t» nmhabtwindn^ hi 

misTuibiwmdn, o mishabiiwvrHindny 


Mishdkigcmf (m») n. v. I have hair 
on the breast; 8. p. 1.; p. mask., 

Miehdwagam^ adv. S. WjisTioMaga/m. 

Jfuhatoashhode^ • s, & u. v. S. Miji- 

Mtshdwatchiaadef or -magadj u. v. it 
is made all in one room, without 
any partition, (a house;) p. mesh., 
deg, or --magah. 

^MuhawaUy or -magad, u. v, it is all 
in one room, there is no partition 
in it, (in a house;) p. me&h..teg, 
or -magak. 

MisMwcUoriy (nm) a. v. m. I make 
it all in one room, I make no part- 
ition in it; 3. p. o mish...; p. meeh.. 

Mishawed, n. v. 3. p. it is hairy, 

• (stuflf, an.) p. ma8h..sid. — This 
word is also used to signify velvet. 

Mishawiigad, u. v. it is coarse, 
hairy, (stuff, iti.) p. ma8h..gak. 

Mishiwey s. stag; pi. -g. 

Mishi, s. a piece of wood for fuel. 

Jfishibiji, 8. lion; pi. -g. 

Mishidamikan, {nin) n. v. I have a 
beard around the chin; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Mishidee^ (rdn) n. v. I am cross, 
peevish, passionate; 3. p. 1.; me- 

Mishidcewirii s. peevishness. 

Mtshidjimrnt s. an. currant-berry; 
[F. gadelle;] pi. -a{f. 

Mtshidnminagawanjj s. an. currant- 
shrub; pi. -ig. 

Mishidon^ {nin) n. v. I have a beard j 

around the mouth; 3. p. 1>; p* f»^** 

MisMdandga^ s. beard. 
Miahigdde, {nin) n. v., or, nin me- 

mi»higad4^ n. v, freq. I have halt 

on the leg or legs, (hairy leg or 

legs) 3. p. l.j p, meshxgaded» 
Mishiginebig, s. big horned serpent; 

pi. -og. 
Mishigonddgan^ {nin) n. v. I have a 

beard on the throat j 3. p. 1.; p. 

mesh.. ang. 
Mishihe, s. a kind of large tortoise; 

jpl, -iaa. 
MtBhihihek, s% kite* (bird of prey;) 

pi. -wag. 
Mishihemdathiwa^ s. on. tortoise's 

shell or shield; pi' -g. 
Mishimy, s. an. white oak; pi. -ig. 
Miskiminf s. an. apple; pi. -ag. 
Mishimdnatigy s. an, applfe-tree; pi. 

MishiminX'ohonaeSy s. apple-peel; pi, 

Mishinady u. v. there is much of it, 
it abounds; p. meshindk. 

Mishinatoni {nin) a. v. m. I increase 
it: 3. p. mish...; p. mesh-.tod. 

Mishintkey {nin} n. v. or, nin memi- 
shifiike, n. v. freq, I have hair on 
tie arm or arms, (hairy arm or 
arms.) 3. p. 1.; p. me.Jced. 

yiishinimaktnagoy s.; pi. -g. — This 
name is given to some strange 
Indians, (according to the sayings 
of the Otchipwes,) who are rowing 
through the woods, and who are 
sometimes heard shooting, but 
never seen. And from this word, 
the name of the village of Macki- 
naCy or MickiUimackmaCy is dcr. 

Mishinimin, {nin) or, nin mishino- 
min, n. v. pi. we are many, in 
great number j p. m£sh..djig. 

MishinindjiAmn) n. v. or, nin ine- 
miahinindjt. n. v. freq. I have 
hair on the hand or hands, (hairy 
hand or hands/) 3. p. 1.; p. mesh., 

Mishinonikas, {nin) n. v. I have 
many names; 3. p. -o; p. mesh. .sod. 




Ifuhinotamawa^ (mm) a. v. an. I 

augment or increase it for him 

or to him; 3. p. o nUsk-n; p. mesh.. 

MUkinoion^ (nm) a. v. in, S. Jfiski- 

JGahisidey {nin) n. v. or, n*» memi- 

sMside, n. v. freq. I have hair on 

the foot or feet; 3. p. 1.; p. meek.. 

MisMwatig^ s. piece of dry wood for 

fuel; kindle-wood; pi. -o». 
Mishvwatiqdke^ inin) n. v. I chop 

dry wood; 3. p. 1.; p. me8h..hed. 
Mishiwdtigoisag, s. pL -on. S. Mi- 

MUhiwdHgowi one nUtig^ n. v. 3. p. 

that tree is dead and dry; p. 

Misif inin) n. v. I exonerate the 

bowels; 3. p. 1.; p. mdsid. 
IfUit adj, & adv. all; everywhere. 
Misid. a piece of meat. 
Misidfcey (nin) n. v. I cut meat into 

pieces; 3. p. 1.; p. me8..Jced. 
MtH gegOf adv. all. 
Mid gegoga-gijitod^ p. s. a. He who 

has made all, Creator. 
Miai gego TciTcendang^ p. s. a. He who 

knows all, the Omniscient. 
Misi gego nitatvitod., p. s. a. He who 

can make all, the Almighty. 
Migihwasikamai (nin) n. v. the snow 

sticks to my snowshoes; 3. p. 1.; 

p. mes..mad. 
Mtsimdnimoiny s. wickedness. 
Midmdnisitoinishf s. wicked person; 

pi. -a^. 
Mtaimin, a. rye; pi. -on. 
Misiaak, s. "horse-fly, ox-fly; pi. 

Mieisse, s. turkey; v^.-g. — Sasiga 

wUsissif pea -COCK. MidssenSt 

young turky; pi. -aa. 
misiwi. adv. everywhere. 
Misiwioian, (nin) a. v. in. (from 

misiwit everywhere; and nind oji- 

hian, I mark it or write it;) I wnte 

the paper all over, I write on 

every part of it; 3. p. o mis...; p. 

JftsiwiUigade, or -ma gad j u. v. it is 

written all over, everywhere on 

the piece of paper; p. mes.Aeg^ or 

Mistwedinaj (nin) a. y. an. S. Misi- 

Jfisiwi eiady p. s. a. He who is 

everywhere, the Omnipresent. 
Miemiiat or -magad^ u. v. it is 

whole, entir^i all of it; p.^ 

or -magak. 
Misitoiiabihadt u. v. it is whole or 

entire, (metal;) p. mes..kak. 
Misiwiiabikisi (^ofw'ia, assin,) n. v. 

3. p. it is entire, {an. obj. of silver 

or stone;) p. mes..8id. 
Hisiwiiakosif n. t^. 3. p. it is whole 

or entire, {an. obj. of wood;) p. 

Misiwiiahwad, u. v. it is all entire, 

(wood;) p. mes..wdk. 
Kisiw4gady u. v. it is whole, entire, 

(obj. of stuflF or paper;) p. mes..gah. 
JusiwSgisij n. v. 3. p. it is entire, 

(on. obj. of stufif, moskwe^ senibd;) 

J). m>es..8id. 
Misiwenindjan, the hand, (without* 

the fingers.) Nin misiwinindjan, 

my hand; o mieiwinifuyan, his 

hand, &c. 
MisiwisKkamagad. u. v. there is of it 

everywhere, all is covere-d with 

it; p. mes..gdk. 
Jfisiwisif n. v. 3. p. it is whole, 

entire, no piece is wanting, (an. 

obj.) p, mes..sid. — Keialn mtsiwesi 

aw pakuk^igan; this loaf of bread 

is yet entire, (nothing has been 

broken off.) 
Misiwitchigade, or -magad, u. v. it 

is made all of one piece, or, it is 

all in one piece; p. m£s..degy or 

Misiwitchigan^ s. Alg. S. Sigaigan. 
Misitoitchishkiwagina pahjoejigany 

{nin) a. v. an. I work up tiour 

into dough; 3. p. omis^.n; p. mes.. 

Misiwetony {nin) a. v. in. I mate 

it all of one piece; 3. p. o mis...'^ 

p. mes..tod. 
'^isivngamig^ s, water-closet; pi. 





yU$hdbag^* «. red leaf; pL '-on. 

Miskobagd^ or -magady u. t. there 
are red leaves on a tree, or on 
trees, (in the fall of the year, in 
autumn;]) p. mes^gag^ or -magak. 

Miskobagisi mitig, n. v. 3. p. the tree 
has red leaves ^>. 7ne8,.sMt. ' 

JfukodisHmin, s. a^i.. abean; pi. -ag. 

Jfiskogdd, b. an. woolen girdle or 
cincture or belt with small glass- 
beeds; [C. ceinture d rassade;] pi. 

Jfiekogadeiaby ■. wool for girdles or 

Mialcogadike, (ntn) n. v. I make a 

cincture or girdle ornamented 

with small glass-beads; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Jtiskoiddaky s. beet, beet^root* pi. 

JiRiJcohin^^ s. red-hot coals; [IlL 

JUisJconigade^ or -magad, u. v. it is 

painted red; p. nbetk.»d€g^ or 

Jii^sonigasoy n. v. 3. p. it is painted 

red,(a». obj.)p. mesk..»od. 
Mukosiy n. v. 3. p. {miehoasiy) it is 

red. (aft. obj.) p. meskoaidf {mes- 

Miakossaginigadey or -maaady u. y. it 

is painted red, (wood;) p. mea,. 

deay or -magak. 
Miskossaoindgasoy n. v. 3. p« it is 

painted red, (wood, an.;) p. meek.. 

Jfiskotchiasy*. red turnip, that is, 

beet-root; (the same as miskokd- 

d€ik;)p\. -»». 
Miskwdy or -magady u. v. it is red; 

p. meskwaa, or -magak. 
JUskwdbi, (nin) a- v. I have the 

bloody flux, the dysentery; 3. p- 1.; 

ja. mei.Md. 
MtdhwdhiganyB. am., red clay. 
IRthwdbiganoiDassmy 8« an^ stone of 

red clay, that is, a brick; p. -ig. 

* Note. In tliis and some others of the 
following words, the second syllabe ought 
to be written kma, instead of Ao, as th«7 
are composed of fiwcJboa, red. But in pron- 
ouncing the words, o is plainly heard; 
therefore we pat it alse in writing them; 

Muhadhigtny s. red flanell. 
Mishwdhiky s. copper, (red metal.) 
Mskwdidkad, u. v. it is red, (metal, 

glass;) p. me8..kak. 
Miskwdbikide, or -^magadf u. v. it is 

red-hot, (metal; J p. me8..degy or 

magak. — Kijdoikisigan mistswa- 

htktd€y the stove is red-hot. 
MUhwahikisanXnin) a. v. in. I make 

it red-hot, (metal, in.) 3. p. 

o mig..,; p. mes.^a/ng. 
MUkwdhikisiy n. v. 3. p. it is red; 

also, it is red-hot; {an. obj. of 

metal or stone;) p. met..8id. 
MiskwaJnkiswa, (nin) a. v. an. I 

make it red-hot, (metal, an.) 3. p. 

o mis..n.; p. Tm8..wad; imp. mis., 

toi. ^ 

Mishvbahikokany s- copper-mine; pi. 

MiskwdinkokAf inin) n. v. I work or 

produce copper; I work in a 

copper-mine; 3. p. 1.; p. m£8..ked. 
Mtmoabikoki-ogimay s. Agent or 

Superintendent of a copper-mine, 

boss; pi. -g. 
Miskwdbikokewiny s. conper-mining 

business, trade or work of a miner 

in a copper-mine. 
Miskfwdbikokiwimmy s. miner in a 

copper-mine; pL -¥>ag. 
Jfiakwdbikonty s. an, a cent; pi. -ag. 
Miakfwabimijy s. a twig or rod with a 

red bark^ which the Indians mix 

with their tobacco; pi. -in. 
Miahwdbiwin^ s. bloody fUiz, dys- 
Mifikwaboy s. chocolate, (red liquid.) 
Miikwabok^y invn) n. v. I make 

chocolate, I cook chocolate; 3. p. 

1.; p. met..ked. 
Mhkmd^ggiy s. a kind of small 

turtle: [C. tortue barr^e;] pi. -^loag, 
MUkwaaim odatibucany s. an. the 

shell of this kind of turtle. 
Miskwddistany {nin) or, ninmis- 

hwdntan, A^ I dye it red; 3. 

p. «m«. ; p. m>et..ang. 
Mukwddissigey {nin) or, nin mis- 

kwdnsige, n. v.. I dye red; 3. p. 1.; 

p. me«..g0d» 




Jfi8hwddi$i0* or miskweifuOt s* v. 3. 
p. it is dyed red, (an. obj.)p. mes.. 

Muhwddissfwa, (nin) or, nin mis- 
hwdnsway a. v. an. I dye it red, 
(<m. obj.) 3. p. omd8..n;^. mes.. 

Mishwddite, or -^magad^ or mishodn- 
det or -^rnagadt u. v. it is dyed re4; 
p. mes, .eg. 

Mishwdgamit u. v, it ie red, (liquid;) 
p. mes.^ig. 

Mishwdga/nrnvi-JixtcMgcmd, s. Red 

Mskwdgamitoi'sibif s. Red River. 
Miekwajiy {mn) n. v. I have a red 

skin, or my skip ie red; also, I 

have the measles; [F. j'ai la rou- 

geole;] 3. p. 1.; p. me8..jed. 
Muhwa^ewin^ s. measles. 
Mishwdkone^ or -^magad, u. v. it 

blazes, (the fire;) p. me8..neg^ or 

Mishwdnahwadt vl. v. the clouds are 

red, (in the morning or evening;) 

p. me8..wdk. 
Mishodhwanaiej (nin) n. v. I dress 

in red; 3. p. 1.; p. mes..ied, 
Miskfwdnaaeky s. an. einamon; {nm- 

hwdj rea ; wanageky bark. ) 
Mishwdnag^hosi, n. v. 3. p. it has a 

red bark, (<m» obj.) p. fnes.-sid. 
Mishodndw, a. (pron* mishondtb,) 

red-head, a kind of serpent; pi. 

Mishwdndtbet 9. {^ron. mtshdndtbe,) 
. red-hpad, a person with red hair; 
[L. rufus;] pi. -g. 

Jmshmndibe,(nin)n.v. (pron. mn 
^rrmk&ndibey) 1 have red hair, (a 
red head;) 3^ p. 1.; ip. mes. .bed. 

Miskwan^tfhf s. red carp, (fish;) pi. 

nihwCf (mn) n. v. I have r^d 

hair, (a red head;) 3. p. 1.; p. mes.. 

Mishwdnoteey (nin) n. v. I have a 

red cheek; 3. p. 1.; ip,, 
Mishodshkadey Inin) n. v. my belly 

i6 red; 3. p. 1.; Tp.mes..ded. 
Mishwdssab, s. an* arse, buttocks^ 

Muhwdssigie ^8i$s, n. ▼. 3, p. the 

sun is red; p» mes..ged. . 
Mishtodssin, s. aii. red stone; pi. ~ig. 

J. — J, — ^,^, s. an. pipe 

or calumet of red stonej p. -ag. 

MisTcwdtchiss, s. S. MishotcTtdss. 

Mishvdwady u. v. the sky is red; p. 
7ms.. wah. 

Mishwdwdky s. an. red cedar; pi. -og, 

Mishodweioia, or ^^nagad^ u. v. 

- there are red cedars; p. mes..hagf 
or -magaJt. 

MishumwalcoJcanj s. a place where 
there are red cedars; Red Lake. 

Midewdwcohy or mi^ewdwaaidjigan, 
the yolk of an egg. 

Mishwegad, u. v. it is red, (stuff;) p. 

Mishwigin^ s. red cloth, scarl«t. 

Mishwigiti, n. v. 3. p. it is red, ( stufi, 
an. obj.) p. mes..sid. 

MiskwHabyS. S. OsTceoeidb, 

MisTevo&ss^ s. red oyst^; pl--tf^. 

Mishwij 8. blood. 

Miskvoi-dbwesy (nin)n. v. / sweat 
blood; 3. p<-o; p. mes.<.sod. 

Mishmmin, s. an. raspberry/ ' [F. 
framboise;] pl.^-n^. 

Mishwiminagawanjj s. an. raspberry- 
bush; pl.-«^. 

MshvimifU-givisSt s. cm. the moon 
of raspberries, the month of July. 
This month is also sometimes call- 
ed, madwesigi-gisiss^ or, pajfdsh- 
hisige-gisissj gun-firing month j 
from the circumstance that they 
fir« guns on the fourth of July. 

MisJcwifmtoni (nin) «. v. .in. I stain 
it with blood; 3. p.o mis...t p. mes 
..tod. . 

M4shwingwej(nm)n. v. /have a red 
face; 3. p. l.;p. mes.. wed. 

MisJsmnawisse, (nin) n. v. I blush 
with sname; 3. p. 1.; p. 9}2«6..«e(2. 

UishiHWy (nin)n. v, / bleed, (but 
not at the nose;) /am stained with 
blood; 3. p.-*'; p. meshumoid. (S. 

lAishwiwaganamAy (nin) a. v. an, I 
strike him bloody, /wound htm; 
3. p. onm^n'i p. m4s.,ma4' 




Wshifiwan, u. v. it ia bk>ody, &t«in«d 
with bio^d; p. mes^.anff. 

"MukivitPOffmet (fw») n. v. /am die- 
eased with an issue of blood; 3. p. 
1.; p, me*,.n€d. 

MuJcwiwupinemn^ s. issue of blood, 

Mishcitoia, (ndn) tt. t. an, /make 
him bleed, (not at the nose,) / 
shed his blood; also, / stain him 
with blood; 3. p. o mi8.,n; p. mes,. 


MisJnoiwmindJii {nin) n. v. / bleed 
on my hand, my hand is bloody; 3. 
p. L; p. mes.M. 

MisJcwiiDisz(U, {nin) n. v. /bleed on 
my foot, my foot is bloody; 3. p. 
l.;p. mes,.ded. 

Missabajej (nin) n. v» mj skin is 
hairy; 3. p, 1.; p. mes.. Jed. 

Mtfsdianuif (n^)a. v. an, I see him 
plainly, ( a person or some other un. 
obj^ 3. p. inu..n; p. m€9,.mad. 

Missdmndaa, (nm) a. v. a». { mani- 
fest it to ' nim, I show it to him 
))lainly; 3. p. omig9, n; p. wes.Md. 

MisMmtdaUf {tun) a. v. tn. I see it 
plainly; 3. p. o tnis.,.; p. mes..ang. 

Mmdhassifni s. poodle-dog; pL-of, 

Miseabej s. giant; also, a very big 
stomt man; pl.-^. 

MissabendjaJcGn, a. long moss hang- 
ing from the branches of trees; [U, 

M-iseabi^on, s. large pumpkin; pl.-^. 

MissdboSj s. hare; pl.-<5^- 

MissadyU, belly; ^omach; paunch. — 
This word is always preceded by 
a possessive pronoun, which forms 
only one word wHh its noun; as; 
Nimissad, my belly; kdmissadj thy 
belly, etc. 

Missdkakwidjish, s. badger; [P. blai- 
reau; G. iMchs;] pL-o^. 

Missamegf ■.whale; pl.'^u'a^. 

Mmwiy a. pL wood to make fire, 
wood for fuel, 

Missanashkt a. thistle; pl.^<m. 

Missanig^ s. black squirrel; pI.-^0^ 

MUaannf s. black eagle^ pL-^. 

Jftwomw, ia-magad, ti. v, the eaow 
ia falling from the branches, from 
the trees; p. me:.wig, oi--magak. 

Musawdj conJ[. though, altm>ugb, 
even if, notwithstanding. 

Miesawendamatoay (fM«)4U v. on. I 
covet 8. th. that belongs to him, 
or relates to him, I wish to have 
it; 3. p. oftm*.n;p. mts^.wad. 

Mtssawendam^ (ntn) n. v. I cevet, I 
am covetous, I wjsh to have s. th.; 
3. p. ].; p. mes..ang. 

Mis9tW2i9idamowin, s. covetousnefls, 
avidity, covetous, desire io have 
8. th. belonging to another persob. 

MiMowenddfiy (mn) a. v. in. i covet 
it, I wish to have it; 3. p. o mis..,', 
p. ine,.ang,/ ■• 

JiiseawindjigCj {nin) n. v. S. MisHh 

Idifsawendjigemnt s. S. Missawin- 

MisaawMiimay i^nin) a. v« an. I covet 
some an. obj.; 3. p. o mi$s.,n\ p. 

Missatcenimomn, a, concupiscence. 

Mmaiwlnindiwiny eovetousness. S. 

Mi*sawig«namabama<t {min) a. v. an. 
I look at her (him) with concupis- 
cence, with lust, with covetous de- 
sires; 3. p, mM..n; p^ mee^^Mid. 

Miseawigmiawabanddn, {mn) a. ▼. 
in* I look at it with a covetous de- 
sire to have it; -3. p. c mis...; p. znes 

Mitsavnnage^ {nin) n. v. I covcft, 
(relative to some an. ol^.) 3. p. 1.; 
p, meS"^ed* 

Missawinamawai {nin) a. \\ an* I 
covet some an, ob>. belonging to 
him or relating to him; 3. p. o mis 
.,n^ p. mes.,wad^ 

Jfissamnan, inin) a. v- m. I covet it, 
I desire it inordinately; 3. p. c nnU 
...; -p. mes>,*dng. 

Mi^sawinawa, {nin) a. Y. om. S. Mis- 

Missigwandn* {nin) a, an, down, soft 
underfeatber of a bird; pl.-o^. 

IGsMiesidoesiy a. tornado, whirl- 
wind; aquall of wind; pL-4P#^. 




Musidfit (fUn)n. v. I have the drop- 
sy, I am dropsical, hydropical; 3. 
p. l.;p. mesHdjid, 

Jn$8idjwfint s. dropsy. 

JiisHmbiwaian^ s. an* solt underhair 
of an animal; pl.-a^. 

M^ritagan, s. sunflower, tumsol; pi. 

JfUdby (nin) n. v. I am sitting on the 
bare ground, on the snow, etc., 
without anything under me; 3. p.-»; 
p. metdbid. 

Muabikj adv. on metal, on a rock or 

MUdbikt 8. money in silver or gold, 

MUdqonaQ^ adv. on the snow. 

MUAamia, adv. S. JfUashkakamig. 

Mitdk(amg(L> or-magad^ the ground 
appears, (is bare,) there is no snow 
on the ground; p. met.. gag t oi-ma- 

MttdJooekima, (nin) a. v. an. I lay 
him on some hard object, nothing 
soft under him; 3. p. o mU..n'j p. 
met.. mad. 

Mitdkoshin, {nin) n. v. I lie hard, 
on a hard bed or on some other 
hard object, nothing soft under 
me: 3. p. 1.; p. 

Mitakoehkan^ {nin) a. v. in. I lie or 
sit on it; 3. p. ofmt...\ p. met..ang. 

Mkdhoehkawat {nin) a. v. an. I he 
or sit on some an. obj; 3. p. omit 
..n; p. met.. wad. — Nahdgiseag nin 
mitakoshkawa', liie on a board. 

Mitdkosige, (»«;») n. v. I smoke pure 
tobacco, without any admixture of 
bark or weed; 3. p. 1.; p. met..ged. 
S. Apdkoeige. 

MUdniUy oi^^magad, u. v. there is no 
more snow on the ground, the 
snow is gone off; p.m^..^, or-ma- 

JikaMaJsamigj adv. on the bare 
ground. — MUaskkakamig gi-mba 
abik&ng; he slept on the bare 
groand last night, (he had nothing 
under him.) 

MUdshkaniget (nin) n. v. I have bare 
jawbones, I nave no teeth in my 
jawbones; 3. p. 1.; p. met..ged. 

JUitdshkotsiWf adv. on the grass, on 

the herb. 
I/itastinj adv. on a stone. 
Mitaesinabik, adv. S. Jfttaesin. 
Mitamnahikaj oi-fnagad, u. v. there 

is a stone-pavement; p. met..kag, 

Jfitdzean, s. sand; mitawang, on the 

Mitttwanga, OT-magad, u. v. there 

is a sandy beach, sandy shore; p. 

met.. gag, or-^magak. 
Mitawanaagama, u. v. there is a lake 

abounding with sand, with a 

sandy beach; p. met..mag^ 
Mitchdf OT-^magadf u. v.. it is large, 

big, bulky, massy or massive, vast, 

extensive; p. mUchaa, ox-magak. 
Mitchdhamdnagos^ {nvn) n. v. I look 

large, big, bulky; 3. p.-i*; p. m>ei.. 

Mitchdbaminagwadi u. v. it looks 

big, large; p. met,.tDak, 
MUchdbewis, {nin) n. v. I am a big 

stout man: 3. p.-t: p. met.,8id. 
Mitchaibigad, u. v, it is large, thick, 

8trong> (thread, cord, rope;) p. met 

Mitchdbikady u. v. it is large, big, 

massy or massive, (metal;) p. met 

MUchdbikUi aesiny n. v. 3. p. the 

stone is large; p. met..eid, 
Mitckaiiy adv. down. 
MUckdkoai kdtawan, n. v. 3. p. the 

{^iece of wood, or the block> is 
arge; p. met..8id, 
Mitdidktoad, u. v. it is large, (wood ;) 

p. met.. wok. 
Mitehdton, {nin) a. v. in. I make it 

large, wide; 3. p. o mit,^.; p. met., 

MUchigady u. v. it is large, (stuff or 

paper ; ) p . mst,.gaJk. 

Itchiganeahint {nin) n. v. I am cut 

to the bone, the bone appears; 3. 

p. \.'^^.miet.4ng, 
Mitchigigwane, s. ( mitchigigcne^ ) 

fish-hawk, (bird.) 
MitaMaisiy n. v. 3. p. it is large, 

( stuff, an. obj. ) p. msU^eid. — ITitcki 



kerchief is very large. 
MUchdkan, s. fence, enclosure) hedge ; 

Itttchikandkohidon, (nin) a. v. in. I 

fence it in, (a piece of ground;) 3. 

p. mit...; p. met..dod, 
MUckikand^wma, {nin) a. v. an, I 

make a fence around him, I fence 

him in; 3. p. o fnit..n; p, jnet.nad, 
JtUchikandkdbidfi^anf s. fence; pl.~ 

Mitckihmdkdbuyiaey (mn) n. v. I 

make a fence, I work at a fence; 

3. p. 1.; p. met,.ged. 
Mitckikandtigy s. fence-rail. 
Mitckikaikg, adv. on the bare ground. 
Jiitchipingwi, adv. on ashes. 
JiGUhtihin', (nm)n. v. I am lying 

without any cover on me; 3. p. 1.; 

p. nui.Ang. 
Mitohinagy adv. on boards, on the 

MUcTUmfif u. V. it lies uncovered ; p. 

MUckUchima, (jnm) a. v. an. I send 

him word, I send hun a commission 

to tell or do s. th. for me ; also, I 

give him a commission; 3. p. o 

miu.n] p. met..mad, 
JfUckitchinindj, s. thumb ; pL-tn. 
MUchitwi, {nm) n. v. I send word, I 

give or send a commission ; 8. p. 

l.;p. met^AMd. 
MUchitwen, {nm) a. v. in, I give or 

send a commission for some in. 

obj.; 3. p. omit,..; • 
Mitehttwinauy {nin) a. v. an. I give 

or send a commission for some an. 

obj . ; 3, p. m4i,.n; p. met. ,wed. ( V. 

Mitehtfypitoin, s. commissipn, word 

sent ; [G. Auftrag:] p.-a«. 
IHtig, s. an, tree^ living tree ; ^}.- 

MUig, 8. in* wood, a piece of wood; 

mtig'tmihumnj s. wooden spoon ; pi. 

MUlig idMiboiod, or, nntig gt4ai1i- 
kiooeodf s. an. log, (sawed on both 
ends,) sawmm log; pi. mitigog 


kathkibosec^^ or, geriaikbibfftod^ 

Juttfii nin sissibodon^ I rasp wood. 

Mit%p6'hiftMde^ s. olive-oil, sweet oiL 

Mitmogady s. wooden leg ; «tilt ; pl.- 

Mitigogadej (nin) n. v. 1 have a wood- 
en leg ; 3. p. 1.; p. ma..dea, 

MUigogadekaty (nin) n. v. I feign to 
have wooden legs, that is, I walk 
on stilts ; 3. p.-o ; p. met,.8od. 

MitigdjitUgUfej s. a kind of rattle- 
snake; pl.~^. 

Mitig^-makaiky s. wooden box, trunk; 

JliUgd'^rmhisin^ s. wooden shoe, clog; 
[III. zokla ;} pl.-a». 

Mtigomij, s. an. Oftk, red oak ; pl.- 

MUigdmin, s. fruit of the oak, acorn ; 

Mttig-ondgant s. wooden plate or 

dish ; -pi, -an. 
JUtigd-pakiteigany s. wooden ham- 
mer, mallet ; pL-on. 
MUigd-sissibd^igany s. rasp, (wood 

fite ;) pL-«r*. 
MtHgd'tchimaht s. wooden canoe, 

log-canoe ; boat, barge ; pl.-af». 
MUigow, (nin) n. v. I am a tree ; I 

am wood ; 3. p.-4';p. mit.. id. 
MUi^ajf s. Jig. S. Mitigd-makak. 
MUigo-wc^igmny s. wooden house, 

log-house; frame-house; pl.-on. 
Mitigowanf u. v. it is a tree ; it is 

wood ; p. met..ang. 
MOigtodbi s. bow ; pl.-«n. 
JiGi9gwdbcA, s. an. walnut-tree ; {d.- 

Mtigwaki, s. iorest,^ woods; pU- 

wan. Mitigwahmg, in the woods . 
Mitigtoakikj s. an. wooden kettle, 

that is, a drum ; p\.-og. 
Mttigwdkiiiuy n. properly, wooden 

shoe; but it is used lor, boot, shoe; ^ 

•pi. -an. (To express a wooden 

shoe or clog, they say, mitigo-mah- 

Mitigwakisini'makat&uitdkigaat a. 

blacking for boots, shoe-blacking. 
MUigwanwiy s. arrow, (m4tigy wood; 

amffiy musket-ball ;} pl,-^. 




JiU4ngum»iiy {nin) n. t. I exonerate 
the bowels m my bed, during aleep; 
3. p. 1.; p. vmt.anff, 

Mitoesiy {nin)^ n. v. i walk, I go on 
foot somewhere ; 9. p/i*; p. fwUte- 

Miwendji-^ therefore..w 

Miwi, (win) n. v. I go fiitther and 
further ; 3. p. 1.; p. mmwid. 

Miwia^ (ndn) su v. an. I refuse hini) 
I will not ha.v!e him, Igolromhim; 
3. p. o mieoian ; p. mdmad, 

Jfitomay (nin) a. v. -wh I reftme to 
take him ; 3. p. <o tnUn ; p; nhdwi- 

Mitoinany inin) a. ▼. in. I refuse Xo 
take it. I will not- aooepl of it ; 3. 
p. nUw...; p. m4v4nan^ ' 

MilvUamawa, {nin) a. v. an. I put it 
away ttom. him, I keep it at a dis- 
tance from him ; 3. p. o «t*w.-»; p. 

Miivitdn^ (nin) a. v. in. I p«t it away, 
I reject it, revise it, 1 am an ene- 
my to it ; 3. p^ nUmicm ; p. md- 

Miwitawat (nm) a. v. an. S..Mi/wi- 

Mitoiton, (m**) a. v. t». S. Mimtan. 

Moj as end-syllable in some a. v., al- 
ludes to a irdil or road ; as : Ina- 
mo, ondam&y mtM^ademo, a^oMode- 
moy mikans ;the trail goes there, 
oomes^rom there, is large, is nar- 
rowi etc. 

Mo, s. dirt, excrement. 

Mod^ (nin) a. v. an. 1 make him 
weep, cry ; 3. p. o moan ; p. mwa- 

Mddji, «. th« belly of an animal ; pi. 

MidjtgendoffHmdr u. r. it is joyful, 
delightful ; p. mwad./toah. 

J£odjigindamfi(nm) n. v. I rejoice, I 
am joyous, I delight; 3^ p. 1.; p. 

JMyiffindmma, (nin.) a. v* <m. I 
make him joyous, I make hira re- 
jodce, I cause him pleasure 1 3. p. « 
mod.*» ; P' 

Jledjigindamomh^ad^ u. v. itrejoiees, 
it deligkts ; p. tmpad,.gak.^N4nde 

winimagin tf€stu^ my heart re- 

j^oes as olten as I think «m Jesus. 
Modjigibiy {nin) n. v.. I am joyous, in 

liquor ; 3. p. 1.; p. mw.^!l>td. 
Jifodjiaideey {nin) n. v. 1 r^oice in 

my heart, my heart iideughted; 

3. p. l.j p. mwu.^deed. 
l£oipigie>, (n«»)n. v. I rejoice ; 3. p. 

-« ; p. fimjDod^igiHd. 
Mdiwe^ {nin) n. v. 1 cause weeping 

and crying^ 3. p. 1.; p. maakoed, 
M^jMff, or min^^ adv. alwafys, con- 
tinually, incessantly, constantly, 

Mo^ofCM, {nm) a* v. wi. S. Mcum' 

li&jdt^aan. MojagAma. Mya^ftmdatL 

Myfiigina.i Mo^aginan^ 

See the respective .fr^uenkMoe 

verbs, Mamoiajgaa/n. Mam^agamm. 

Mdmqjaganaa/n. JUamcjagtfta. Ma- 

Mojagiahin, n. v. 3. p. ther^ is al- 
ways that, nothing bat tint, (oft. 

obj.) p. imea.^ing.'^MqfaMiinog 

fnoikweg tuhpotoinmg ; nothing bat 

handkerchiefs are lying on the 

Jf6fagi89inyM. v. tlrere is always that, 

all of the same kind j p. maaj..inf. 

-^Mof^bgiuinon mahtetnantnitcku' 

sag ; nothing but moccasins are ly- 
ing on the floor. 
Mijia^ {nin) a. v. an. I feel him on 

me, in me or about me ; 8. p. ^ «»d- 

itari ; p. Mioetjiad. 
MdjUoHj {nin) a. v. in. 1 feei it enme 

' or in me ; 3. p. omtp...; p. mtoaji- 

M6jmo$^ {ndn) n. v. I shear ; 3. p. L; 

p. Tmoajowm, 
jfyttfa, {fUn) a. v. an* I«nt his hair, 

1 shear him ; 3. p. o mqftffan; p. 

mwajwid ; imp. mtgtoi.. . 
Mmoagan, s. scissors ; pl.-a«». 
Jfohdam giii^y n, ▼. 3^ pw the mm 

rises ; p. mwakaano. 
M^kadn^ {lUn) a. v. tn* I diff it ap, 1 

uncover it, 1 bring it toli^t ; 3. p. 

<ii «MMb...; p. nuvakmmg* 



M6haboffj (mn) n. v. I come forth by 

the current of a river ; 3. p.-<^ ; p. 

Mdhas, {nm) b. v. S. Moki. 
Mohema, (nwfc)a. ▼. «n. I digliirn'op, 

I bring him to light, ( any a/i.obj.;) 

3. p.o««>^...;p. nvwakawad. 
MokoMoudj^ (nitt) n. v. I weep frona 

cold ; 3. p.-t ; p. mwa-.M. 
Makmcait^t, (nin) a. v. an. I weep or 

cry after him, I molest him; 3. p. o 

mok..n\ p. fmoa./nad; imp. moka- 

MoJcawcbfumeicmy {ni/n,) n. v. I weep 

or cry from hunger ; 3. p. 1.; p. 

MdTcoMashKoie^ («wi) n. v. S. J^^Tc- 

MokmaimodjigendaTny (»wt) n. v. I 

weep through joy ; 3. p. \.\i^.frvwa.. 

Mbhatoinesy (nin) n .v. I weep 

through pain, or anger ; 3. p.-4 ; p. 

Molcamodjima, (nm) a. v. an. Heave 

him weeping, I weep parting with 

him ; 3. p. o indk..n ; "p. 'nvwa..inad. 
Mohit {nin) n. v. I come forth, I 

make my appearance ; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Mdiibi, {nin) n. v. I come forth out 

of- the water; 3. p. 1.; )p:mwa.. 

MokMdon, {nin) a. v. m. I haul it 

out of s. th., I brin^ it forth from a 

hidihg«place; 3.p. o woJb...; p. nvwa.. 

Mok&dgisee^ inin) n. v. 1 come up to 

the surface of the water ; 3. p. 1. ; 

p. mwa..sed. 
M5Mbigi8sei7tagadj n. comes up 

to the surface of the water ; p. 

Mdhibinay . {nin) a. v. an. J pull or 

haul him out of -s. th., I bnng him 

forthj (a person, or any other an. 

obj.j 3. p. omoJc.n ; p. 7mva..7tajd. 
Mohiajvwan mbij u. v. the water 

comes forth irbm a ' soiirce or 

spring ; p, fmBa,uing, 
M6hidjivmfabig, s. spring) sourofl, 

fountain ; pl.-07». 

Mi^iiSfiioano-niBt, s. spring-water. 

Mohindj {nin) a. \ . an. I bring forth 
8ome «». obj., 1 show it ; 8. p. d 
mokman ; p. mwahinad ; imp. mok* 
'm.— O mokman o joniiaman ; he 

. brings forth (he shows) his money. 

Mdkinan, {nin) a. v. iiu I l»ing it 
forth, I show it, (m.obj.) 3. p. o 
mdk...'., p. mwa..ang, 

M6kithxa, or-niagad, u. v. it rises 
up, it comes forth, p. m/ma.Jcag^ 

Mdkisse gisiss, n. v. 3. p. the sun 
conves forth, the sun rises; p. 
mwahisscd, — The same as, Moka- 

Mokissey or-magad, u. v. it eomes 
forth, it comes out of s. th., (es- 
pecially out of water;) p. mtca- 
ktssegy or-^magak. 

Mokitaiva, (nin) a. r. an» I rush upon 
him suddenly, I make an unex- 
pected assjiult upon him; 3. p. t? 
mok^n; p. mwa.»wad. 

MokoddgaUf s. S. Mokodjtgan. Wd- 

Mokod^i {nin) a. v. in. I work it 
with a knife or some other Aitting 
tool; (some wooden object;) 3. p. 
mok...; p. mwakddoft^. 

Mok6dds8^ {fim) n. v. I work wood 
with a knife or some other cutting 
tool; 3. p.-o; p. rmoakodassod. 

Mokoddssovyigamig, s. joiner's shop, 
carpenter's shop; jpl.-(W. . 

Jtokoddssoioiny 6. jomer's or carpen- 
ter's tradei business, work. 

Mokoddsaawinini, s. joiner, carpentej;, 

Mokodawttf {nin) VTy nin mokoda- 
mawa, a. t. <rn.Twork some wood- 
en object with a knife, etc., tor 
him; 3. p. o ^noh.n; p. rmmk.. 

Mdkodjigan, s. any cuttings tool to 
worK wood with, as, plane, draw- 
ing-knife, etc.; also, the joiner's 
or Carpenter's work-bench; pl.- 

Mdkodjigan gaddndinigadeg, a cut- 
ting tool that is pushed, that is, a 




MdkocyiganSy s. dim. small smooth- 
ing plane; [F. rabot;] pl.-a». 

MdJcodfigan teheandjigemagak,wotk' 
bench that bites, that is, a bench 
to work with a drawing-knife on 
it, a shaving-horse; [F. chevalet.] 

MUkamdn, s. knife; pl.-an. 

Mdkomdnihe, (mn)n. v. 1 manufac- 
ture knives, I am a cutler; 3. p. 
1.; p. rn/wa..1ced. 

M.okomanihimgamig,s,c\it\ei^B shop; 

Moh/manikeiom, s. cutlery, cut- 
ler's business or trade. 

MokomaniMioinini, s. cutler; pl.- 

MdTconay (nin) a. v. an. I work it 

with a knife, {an. obj. as, ^'i^, 

cedar; nabdgis^ag, board;) 3. p. 

mok.M'f p. mwakonad; imp. mokq;. 
Jf6konani{nin) a. v. ^.S. Mohodan. 
Mohonemt (nin) n. v. I beg for s. th. 

to eat, weeping; 3". p.-o; mwa.. 

Mok(memotawa^{nin) a. v. an. I beg 

him weeping for s. th. to eat, 3. 

p. moh.n; ]p. nma..wad, 
Mdnaapmi, {mn) n. v. I dig out po- 
tatoes; 3. p. 1.; ]p. mwa..nid. 
M.6n€uuMihtwey {nm) n. v. I dig out 

medical roots; 3. p. 1.; p. nma.y 

Hdnaehhwadan TdUgany {nin) a. v. 

in. I weed afield; p. mwa..ang. 
lidnaahhwef inin) n. v. I weed, I 

root out bad nerbs; 3. p. 1.; p. 
fa.6namng. s. an. a kind of white 

berry j pl.--M^. 
MdTuitomgwahigont s* a ^nd of yel 

low flower; pl.-a», 
'M.dnendam, {nin) n. v. I suspect, I 

imagine; 3. p. 1.; p. mwa..(mg. 
M&nenimat {nin) a. v. an. I suspect 

him, I mistrust him; 3. p. o mon..n; 

p. rmoa..wad. 
Moniakwey s. a Canadian woman; 

'VL6niang, s. Montreal; Canada. — 
lILoniang ondjihay does not always 
signify, he comes from the city of 

Montreal; it may also signify, he 
comes from Canada. 

Moniamniniy a. Canadian. — This 
word also sigi^iies, an awkward 
unhandy person, unacquawted 
with the works and usages of the 
Indian life and country^ Pl-tcw^. 

Montngyoani. s.' lapwing, (bird;.) 
JF. pivertq pl.-^, 

Jaxmingwanika, u, v. there are lap- 
wings; p. nma..Jca>g. 

Moningwanekdn, s. place where 
there are lapwings. This is also 
the Indian name of Lapointe, on 
Lake Superior; from the circum- 
stance that there are many of 
these birds, at certain seasons, 
about the point and bay where 
the village of Lapointe is situa- 

Mons* 8. moose, American elk; [F. 
orignal;] pl.-o^. 

Monadgan, s. moose-bone; pi .-on. 

Monaons, s. dim. a young moose; ^.- 

Mouiwiginy s. moose-skin; pl.-<m» 

MbnswesKkan, s. an. moose-horn; pi. 

Monsmiassy s. moose-meat. 

Mopiddn, {nin) a. v. in. I find its 
proper taste in, eating or drinkiog 
It; 3. p^ mop..*; p. mwa..ang. 

Mopidjtgej {nin)n. v. I find the pro- 
per taste of victuals; 3. p. L; p. 
mwa..ged. , 

Mopway {nin) I find its proper taste 
in eating it, {an. obj.) 3. p. o mdp- 
toan; p. mwapwad; imp. mopwi. 

Moshkaagmndey ox-magady u, v. it 
conies up to, the surface of the 
water, and^od^^; p. mwa,.degy or- 

Mosnkdagmndjiny (wt») n. v. I come 
up to tbe surface of the water, and 
fioat; 3. p. i.; p. 

MdeMidagwindjisaey {nin) n. v. I 
come up to the surface of the wa- 
ter, I emerge, (alive or dead;) 3. 
p. 1.; p. fMJDa8h..8ed. 

*N0TE. The letter n in this word, tod 
in the words composed with it, 
not heard. 




Mtkkdmffwindjiue ox-magadi q. y. 
it comes up to the surface of the 
water, it emerges; p. mwa^^e^^ or- 

Mvshkaan^ u, v. is overflowed, it is 

inundated, there is an inundation, 

a flood; p. mwoMaang^ 
Moshhahdwadan, (nin) a. v. in. I fill 

it up, with water, etc.; (a vessel 

with another vessel;) 3. p. (?mo«^...; 

p. finoa..ang. 
Moshkahowanay {nin) a. v. o^. I fill 

it up, with water, etc. (a kettle 

with some vessel;} 3. p. o ino€h..n; 

p. TmDa8h..nad; imp. mo..waj. 
M6shkah(JW€^ {nin) n. v. I am filling 

up a vessel or vessels, pouring in 

some liquid wit^ another vessel; 

3. p< 1.; p.^ ', 
MosAikagamit ox-magad nibi, u. v. 

the water rises, it is th,^ flowing 

tide; p. mwa„mtaf or-magak* — S. 

Od<Mkimagad niou 
Moshkam^ {nin) n. v. I come up 

again to the surface of the water; 

(alive,) 3. p.-<?.; p, vmoashkamod. 
MosTiikaotsiy s. bittern, (bird) pl.-jjr. 
MUMinady (mn) a. v. an. I fill it, 

with dry things, (a pipe; a kettle;) 

3. p. mo8h..n] p. 
M^sahinadawa, (nm) or, nin mdsh- 

ktnadammoa, a. v. an, I fill it for 

him or to him: 3. p. o mo8h...;p, 

mwa-wad. — Debenimiianf moshJci- 

nadcemshin ninde hi jawendjiae- 

win,', Lord, fill my heart with tny 

M^shkfinadon^ {nin) a. v. in. I fill it, 

with dry things; 3. p. o mosh,..'y p. 

MosMine, (nin) n. v, I am full of s. 

th., filled with s. th.; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Mdshhine^ or-magad, u. v. it is full, 

it is filled up, (with dry things;) p. 

mwasJhkinegj OT-magah. 
Mdakkineabate, or-magad, u. v. it is 

filled with smoke; p. mwa..teg, or- 

Mdshkinehadan, (nin) a. v. in. I fill 
it up, (a vessel, with some liquid;) 

3. p, mosh...; p. mwa.ydod^ 

M6$Kkih4htm^ {nin) a. ▼. an. I fill it 
up, (a kettle with some liquid-,) 
3. p. mo8h..n\ p. mu)a,.nad, imp. 

Moehlinibi* or-magad, u. v. it is full, 
it is filled up, (with some liquid;) 
p. mwa..l>giy ox-magdk, 

Moskkineminy (nin) n. v. pi. we are 
crowds^ (in a house, church, etc.) 
p. imvaskhinedjig, 

Moshkineahkagon, (nin) pers. v. it 
fills me, it replenishes me; 3. p. 
mosh.^.j p. mwa.,god. — Minaw- 
anigosiwm nin moskhineskkagon, 
ioy fills me, (I am full of joy.) 

M6»hkiiM8hkaAca, (nin) a. v. on. I 
fill him, I replenish him with s. 
th.; 3. p. omosh..n; p. mwa..wad, 
Minawanigotiufin nin moskkinetih' 
kawa; I fill him with joy, (I cause 
him much joy.) 

Moshkinesibtngwey {nin) n. v. my 
eyes are filled with tears; 3. p. 1.; 
p. rmoa^.toed. 

Mothwej s. an. handkerchief, both 
neck and pocket handkerchief; 
pl.-^. Kitcki motkwe, shawl. 

Mdsse, 8. worm; caterpillar; pi. mde^ 

Mdssiminagad, u. v. it is worm-eaten, 
(any in. globular object, as, tchit8f 
turnip; anidjiminy pea, etc.) p. 

Mossimdnagieij n. v. 3. p. it Is worm- 
eaten, (any an. globular object, as 
mishimin, apple; qpiUf potato, etc.) 
p. mwas8..8ta. 

Mossisaagadf u. v. it is worm-eaten, 
(in, obj. of wood, as, addpomn, 
table; apaHnmn, chair, etc.) p. 

Mdssiasagisi, n. v, 3. p. it is worm- 
eaten, (an. obj. of wood, as, naha- 
gisiog, board; gijik, cedar, etc.) p. 

Motisewabide, (nin) n. v. I have 
holes in my teeth, I have rotten 
teeth, (worm-eaten teeth;) 3. p. 
1.; p. mwa„ded. 

M^ssiuncyi, n. v. 3. p. S. Mossemu^ 




M68$iwi»isitmf . inin) n. v. I hav^ 
small pimpMs on my iace; 3. p< 1.,* 
p. fmDa..W9d, 

Moimdjitawdganj 8. ear-wax, ceru- 

MowidjiWy (nin) n. v. I am dirty, 
filthy; 3. p.-»; p. mwa^.wid. 

Motind^iwajcj {nin) n. v. I have a 
diiiy skin, ray skm is filthy; 3. p. 
1.; p. imDa..jed. 

n* y. I have adiny face^ 3. p. 1.; 

Jidfiwidjiwuj {mn,) n. v. S. Mowid' 

MowigamigiB. a dirty lodge or house; 



Na^ or ina\ a particle denoting in- 
terrogation. — Ki hikendan na? — 
Doest thou know it? Ki sagi nai — 
Doest thou love me? (See and read 
the article A^ia^.) 

Na? is it so? will it be so? do you 
hear me? 

JfTa! ina! nashki! interj. lo! behold! 

Natih, {nin) n. v. I have good eyes; 
3. p..-^; p; neiUhid, 

iTadJ, («tn) n. V. lam well sitted, 
I sit comfortably ; 3. p.-e; p. niabid, 

Ifaagwaje^ (nin) n. v. 1 cover mjself, 
bemg naked; 3. p. l.;p. nea.^jed, 

Nadkonay (n*») a. y, an. I arrange 
it, I put it up well, (an. obj.;) 3. 
p. o na,.n; p. neakanad. 

Nadhmanj {nin) a. v. in. I arrange 
It or put it up well; (wooden obi.) 
in. obj.) 3. p, o n^a...; p. nedko- 
nang. (The same as, nitin^dkosei- 

Naakoasidouy {nin) a. v. tw. I fix it 
well, arrange it; 3. p. o na...\^. ned 
,.dod. — Mitchikanahobidjigan nin 
naahossidon; I arrange the fence, 
(I put it in good order.) 

Nadngahj (nm) n. v. 1 am son-in-law, 
or daugnter-in-law, in a family, 
living with the family; 3. p.^'; p. 

Nadnganihwe, s. the daughter-in- 
law in a family; pl.-^. 


Nadngisht the son-in-law in a family; 

Naawadisi ahihf n. v. S. p. the kettle 
is too small; 'D.'neaw..8id. 

Nab! mano nao! interj. well? let it 
be so. 

Nab sa. This is an expression of con- 
tempt, or at least of little esteem, 
signifying: Not by far, far from be- 
ing...; [F. il 8*en faut qu'ilsoit; G. 
warum nicht gar.] Nab ka ogima; 
he is far from being a chief. Nab 
sa inini; he is no man, far from be- 
ing a man. 

Ndbcian, {nin) a. v. in. I fiasten it or 
put it to the end of s. th. perma- 
nently; 3. p. ndbaam: p. naid- 

Ndbad^^hkadnt {nin) a. v. in. I 
fasten or put it to the end of a 
stick in a manner as to be able to 
take it off again; [111. nat^njem;] 
3. p. ndtf...; p.{ir. 

Nahadjashkcdgan, s. bayonet; pl.-flw. 

Ndbagaf oi-magad, u. v. it is flat; p. 
nebagaoj or-^magak. 

Nabagabikady u. v. it is flat, (metal;) 


Nabagdbikisi, n. v. 3. p. it is flat, ( an. 
obj., as, asHn, stone fJonOaj silver;) 
p. neb..8id. 

^abdaadaan, {nin) a. v. in. I make 
it flat, I flatten it; 3. p. o nab...; p. 





NdmgadAwa^ (ntn) a. ir« a«. I.flattMi 
some an. oqj.; 3. p. o nah^n'^"^. neb 
.,viad\ imp. nabagadd. 

Ndbnffahohtdjj 9. flat broad pipe- 
stem; p. -trt. 

Sdbctaashk, s. flat broad grass pr 
herb; lily; pi.-on^ 

Naibdgaskmindft s. flat open hand, 
palm. This word is always pre- 
ceded by a possessive pronoun; as: 
jn,n ndodaasMnindf, my flat hand-j 

nabagavdivindjs hu flat hand, etci 
XfahagashiniridjUawaj (nin) a. "v. an. 

1 strike him -with tae flat hand, I 
buffet hini{3u. p.. nob^Mip* neb.*_ 

Ifdbagdtig^ 3. a flat piece of wood^ pU 

NdbagidjanCj (nin) n. v. I have a flat 

nose J 3. p. I.; p. neb..n^. 
KcbbagindiSe^ {nin) n. v. 1 have a fl^t 

head; 3. p. j.; p. neb. .led. 
Nabdgisi^ n. v. 3. p. it is flat, {an, 

ol^., a9jj(mii<ih, silver, etc.) p. «^ 

ITahdgissagt s. an. flat broad wood, 

that is, a boardj or plank; ^\.-og, 
Nahdgi88€Lg6kaddn^ {mn") a. v. in. I 

make it of boards; 3. p. nab 

.../, p. neb.. ana f 
N'dbdgissagohaae^ or^magad, u. v. it 

is made of boards; p. neb..deg^ or- 

Nabagissago-miJcanaf 9, plank-road; 

Nabagissagonsy s. an. dim. a small 

hoard; smngle;.pL-a^. 
Nahagisaagowieamigy s. a hut or 

house nailea together of " boards; 

Nabdgitchimdnj S. flat Boat, barge, 

large Mackiniaw boat; pl.-an. 
Fc^dgoddbany s. an. dog-train, a long 

flat sled for dpgs; [C. traine de 

glisse;] pl;-a^. 
Ifahdgoaabaaidki s. pl.-on. S. Ndbdg- 

N(£bdlao88idiiga/n, s. handle, haft, 

.crank; ^\.-<m. 
Wabakostidon, (nin) a. v. in. I put a 

handle to it, I haft it, (an axe, a 

hammer, etcO 3. p. «a^.-; p. fuib 

Nubakwaan^ (nin) a. y.m. I put it 
or fiflten it to the end of a stick; 
3. p. onah...; p. neb..ang., 

Mihdiufdwa^ {nin) a. v. an. I put or 

. festen some an. obj. to the end of 

a stick; 3. p. nab..ny p. n^..wad\ 

\ imp. nabakwd, 

Nahiini. This word is n(»t u«ed alone; 
it isalways connected with a sub- 
stantive, and sigmiies: On one of 
the two sides, on the other side; 
one. of the two, the other. [Ex- 
aaaplea ia many of the fbUowing 
words^ . 

J^abanedasset (nm) n. v. I have only 
one legging on; 3. p. 1.; p. tuib,.sed. 

Nabanegady s. the oUier leg, or one 
leg only. — Nin ndbaM^tidt ki na- 
hmegady etc.; my o^er leg, thu 
other leg; or, only one Of my .legs, 
only one of thy legs. 

NdbiiUgadey {nin) n. v. I have only 
one leg; 3. p. 1.; p. neb..ded. 

Na^anigem^ adv. on one side only, 
(of a river, lake or bay.) 

Ndba/nigifmgaiei (win) n. v. 1 have 
one leg longer tnan the other, one 
of my legs is longer than the other 
one; (from nab<m^j on one side; 
oimcay long; nikady {nigod^) my 
l^.) 3. p. \.;T^.neb..aed. 

NabarUginonikey (ni») n^v. one of 
my arras ia longer than the other 
one; 3. p. 1.; ^.nth.Joed* 

Ndba/niginosidei. (nin) n. v.. one of 
my feet ia longer than the other 
one;^ 3. p. 1.; p. neb.Med. 

Ne^anihisine, {nin) n. v. I have 
only one shoe on; 3. p. 1.; p. neb.. 

Mhan^tboWy (nin) n. v. I have the 

palByon one side of the body; 3. p. 

-i; p. neK.und. 
2^ahwn6nik^ 9. the other arm, or one 

arm only.--i\7i«- - nabaniniik, my 

other arm, or only one ot ray arms; 

na5a;»e^i(^,hisot}iertrm, or only 

one of his arms. 
J^aibanihik€y{nin)ti. v. I have only 

one aim; 3. p. 1.; p. n$b.*ked. 




JHfaibanimnij^ 8. the other hand.-^ 
iVf» ndbanintndjy my other hand; 
only one of my nand«. Ki naban- 
imndji thy other hand; only one 
of thy hands. 

Mibanimndji, (n4n) n. v. I have on- 
ly one hand, I am one-handed; [F. 
je suis manchot;] 3. p. 1.; p. tu^.. 

Mbcminow^ s. afi* the other cheek; 
only one cheek. — ^m nab(m6now^ 
my other cheek; only one of my 
cheeks. ndbcminowany his other 
cheek: only one of his cheeks. 

^ahanishkir^igj s. the other eye; only 
one eye. — Jxm nahaniskkinjigi my 
other eye; only one of my eyes, etc. 

N<iben6Minjigwei (nm) n. v. I have 
only one eye, I am one-eyed; 3. p. 
1.; p. neb.,tO€d. 

Nahanisid^B, the other foot: only one 
ioot. At nabcmisidt thy other 
foot; only one of thy feet. 

J!faban48ide, (nm) n. v. I have only 
one foot; 3. p. 1.; p. neb..ded. 

Nabmitdgad, u. v. it has only one 
side, (stuff,) it is hairy, or cloth- 
like, on one side only, half-cloth; 
[C. satinet;] p. neb..gak, 

mibanetdkogade, («t») n. v. (from 
nabtmd, on one aide; takwa, {tdko,) 
short; mkadj (nigady) myleg;) one 
of my legs is shorter than the other 
one; 3. p. 1.: p. neb..ded* 

N(A(mitahorvlKe, {nin^ n. v. one of 
my arms is shorter tnan the other; 
3. p. 1.; p. neb.Jced. 

NcLbanitawag^ s. the other ear; only 
one ear. — Ki nahanitoMog, thy 
other ear; only one of thy ears, — 
nahaautixwag, his other ear; only 
one of his ears. 

Hahanitawage, (nin) n. v. I have 
only one ear, (the other one is cut 
off;) 3. p. 1.; p. neb..ged, 

y^abaniweweesiion hitotagani {nin') 
a. V. in. I toll, I strike the bell 
only on one side; [F. je sonne le 
tinton;] 3. p. o wib...;io,n^..tod, 

Jfdbdwaylnin)^. '^. an, I fasten some 
an, obj. to the end of s. th.; 3. p. o 
mb'*n;'p.naiajbawad;imp, nabL 

yiUbe, 8. male; [L. masculas;] prop- 
erly Qt quadrupeds; But, with the 
possessive termination, it is also 
used for husbandy as: Nin nabem, 
my husband; o nahemamt her hus- 
band; etc. A more polite expres- 
sion for husband is u>idigemaga/n,\ 
which see. 

Nabi-aiaat s. male being, male ani- 
mal; pl.-^. 

Nabi'heb^igogaf^i, s. stallion; pl.-^. 

Nabd'gdjageni^ 9. male cat, he-cat; 

NaMt 8. he-bear; pL-«u^. 

Nabekwaiany s. an, the skin of a he- 
bear; pl.-fl^. 

JVabi-mamsJUanisht s. male sheep, 
ram; pl.-a^. 

KahimeOy s. male fish; pl.-^^^o^. 

NdhiTmk^ s. male beaver, he-beavei; 

J^i'paiaahoSj s. cock; yl.-^ag, 

JVabi-pijttif s. bull, steer; pL-^a^, 

Nabissey s. male bird; pl.-^^. 

Nabisse o^atahibimoeon, s. the cock^s 

Nabisaim^ s. male dog; pl.-o^. 

Nabiwaidn, s. S. Atabiwaian, 

NahiwegintB. S. Mabiwegin. 

Nabibiam,^ {nin) a. v. m. S. N&sMr 

Nabibii^wn^ s. S. SassaHigan. 

Sdbibiige, {nin^ n. v. S. Ndssabiigt, 

Ndbidenigomebtson, s. nose-ring; pl- 

Nahidoag, (nin) a. v. an. pi. I take 
them up on a string, (glass-beads, 
etc.) 3. p. nabidoan; p. naidbi- 

Nabidoanan, {nin) a. v. in. pi. I take 
them up on a string, (in. obj. 3. p. 

nab...; p. naia..ang. 
Nabidoan jabonieanj (nin) a. v. an. 

1 thread a needle; 3. p. o »aJ...;p. 
naia..ang. ' 

JSfdbidoigant 9. a needle to take up 
with it s. th. on a string or thread; 

Ndbidnige, (nin) n. v. I take up on 
a string; 3. p. 1.; ^.naid..g€d. 




Jftibimvaa^hi s. wooddn needle for 
maidng nets, netting-needle^ pl.> 

Sdhik<my (nin) a. y. in. I wear it on 
my neck, or around my neck ; 3. 
p. o ndiHhan) pi naiabifcang^ 

Ndhilc&wa^ {mn) a. v. a». I wear 
some an* obj. on or around my 
neck; 3. p. onaV.^n; p. natd..wad.- 
Nim, Hdbihrtoa inoehwe, I wear a 
handkerchief around my neck. 

Nabikawdga/n^ or ndhtkAga/n, s. any 
in* obj. that is worn on or around 
the neck, collar, necklace ; yoke ; 

lfaMkafwdg€vny or naidkagan^ s. an. 
any an. obj. that is worn on or 
around the neck, neck -handker- 
chief, string of glass-beads or 
pearls, a little cross or medal, etc.; 


IRMkona^ (nin) a. v. an» I hang it 
around his -neck, ; 3. p. o nab.,n ; 
' p. naia..nad ; imp. namkqj. 

NdMhwan, s. vessel, ship ; pl.-«». 

^dbikwa/nens, s. dim. the boat of a 
vessel, yawl-boat ; [F. chaloupe ;] 

NaMkwdmnmi, s. sailor, mariner, 
navigator; ^\.-wag. 

NaHhtom-ogwna^ s. captain of a ves- 
sel; pl.~^. 

Naibikwani^figm, s. an. tar. 

Ndbihumssmhj s. sewing-thread. 

NabincftoMa^ (nin) a. v. an. I repeftt 
his words ; 3. p. o 7iah..n', p. naid.. 

Ifdbishebisonj s. earring, ear-hang- 
ing; pl.-«n. 

NdHsluMvmaioay (nin) a. v. an. I do 
it or make it in his place, instead 
of him; 3. p. o nab..n; p. naid.. wad. 

NdHsTikawaj (nin) a. v. an. I take 
his place, nie employment, his 
power, I am instead of him, I suc- 
ceed him; 3. p. o nab..n'^ p*naiab,. 

NdhissUonf (nin) a. v. in. I replase 
it, I put it in its place again ^ 3> p. 
ndo.,» ; p^ naid..tod* 

yah6hi 8. broth, soup ; [F. bouillon*] 

ydbowadain, (^nin) a. v^in, • I read it 

aloud, I say it atoud; 3. p* 6nab,..\ 
p. naia..ang. 

^abotbewamci, s. the point of an ar- 
row; pl.-n. 

SahwdHginan^ (win) a. v. in* S. M- 

NdbwangisTika btnesht, n. v. 3. p. the 
bird has his wings closed ; p. neb., 

Ndbwigina^ (nin) a. v. on. I fold it, 
(an. obj. ot stuff or of clothing, as, 
moskwe, handkerchief; eenibdy silk- 
stuff, ribbon.) 3. p. onab..n; p. 
neb..n>ad. — Nabwigin ki moshwem ; 
fold thy neck handkerchief. 

Nobbwiginany (nm) a. v. in. I fold 
it, ( in. obj. of stuff or of clothing;) 
3. p. nab*.. ; p. neb..ang.-'Nahwi' 
ginan adopotvindgin ; fold the tab- 

Nddaabii (nin) n. v, I haul out of 
the water a fisher-line with hooks, 
(to take the fishes that are caught 
on the hooks ;) 3. p. 1. ; p. naid- 

JN'ddaan, (nin) a. v. m. I fetch it in 
a canoe or boat > 3. p. o na*.» ; p. 

Ndddboum, (nin) n. v. I gO to some 
lodge or house to get s. th. to eat ; 
also, I fetch s. th. to drink; 3. p. 1.; 
IK naid.^wed* 

Nadagdmeamj (nin) n. v. I paddle 
my canoe to the shore; 3. p. 1.; p. 
naia..ana. ^ 

NddaisBB. (nin) n. v» I fetch wood 
for fuel m a canoe or boat; 3. p. 1.; 
p. naiddaisetd^. 

Nddaissiiash, (nin) n. v. (fr. nin nd- 
diny I fetch it; nin fnaniesiy I chop, 
I make wood for fuel ; nin bimdsn, 
I sail;) I fetch wood for fuel, sail- 
ing; 3. p.--a ^ p. naid.tid. 

Sddamawa., (nin) a. v. an. I defend 
him ; 3. p. nad..n ; p. naid.*wad. 

Ndda6da;88y (nin) n. v. I go ,to fetch 
8. th., or I go tor s. th., in a canoe 
or boat; 3. p.^; ^. na4d.*90d. 

JSfddashkoi8iu}4y(M>n) n. v^ (fr. nin 
nddin^ I fetch it: mashkoseiWf grass, 
herb, etc« ;) I fetch bay ; J fetch 




reed' or rash, to make matt ; 3. p. 

NadaHnai^anaway (nm) a^v. an. I 
go to him to fetch what he owes 
me; 3. p. o nad..n', p. nata-.wad. 

Ifddadnaigane^ (nih) n. v. I go and 
fetch what iaowed me f 3. p. 1. ; 
p. naia..n«d. 

IfadtitsM, {nin) n. v. (assdbj net f) 
I fetch a net or nets (out of the 
water;) 3. p. 1. ; p. naid.Md. 

ITddassdnagane^ {nm) n. v. {dassd- 
naawn, trap ;) I go to my traps, or, 
I fetch my traps; 3. p. l.f p. naid.. 

liaddway (nitb) a. v. an. I fetch him, 
in a canoe or boat ; 3. p. o ndda- 
f»an; p. natddanvad; imp. nddd. 
Nina awi^ddaway I go io fetch 
him, (in a canoe.) Nin bi-nada/wa, 
I coTne to fetch him, (in a canoe. ) 

Nddenima, (nm) a. v. an. I take re- 
fuge to him, (for security,- for 
charity, for help ;) 3. p. o nad..n ; 
p. naid^.mad. 

Nddin, (nin) a. v. in. I fetch it ; 3. 
p. nddin; p. naiddid. 

. Nind awi-nadinj I go to fetch it, 
I o'ofor it. 

Inn H-nddin, I come to fetch it, 
I oome for it. 

NddfinisM, {nin) n. v. I fetch wood 
for fuel ; 3. p. 1. ; p. naiadinisMed. 

Ndd4shhotaw4;{nin) n. v. I fetch fire, 
{ishkoUy fire ;) 3. p. 1. ; p^ naid.. 

Nddjibi, {nin) n. v. I fetch or collect 

. the sap running from the maple- 
trees in a sugar-bush ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Nddjibiam, {nin) n. v. I fetch liquor ^ 
(in a canoe or boat ;) 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Nddjibishkam, (nin) n. v. I fetch li- 
quor, (walking;) 3. p. 1. ; p. naid.. 

Nddiiddhadany {nin) a. v. in. {nind 
oadbadanyl drag it;) I fetch it, 
dragging it after me, I carry it on 
a sleigh ; -3. p. o nadut^ 'p\ haid.. 
ang. ■ -'■■ • t 

NddjidMana, (^9^X <.;y. ofi. {tidnd' 


odihamii I drag him;) I feteh hinn 

. dragging him after me, I carry 
him on a sleigh, (a person, or any 
other an^ obj.) 3» p. o nad,.n ; p^ 
naia..nad; imp. nad^dba^. 

Nddjidahi, {win) n. y. 1 fetch s. th. 
or carry s. th. on a sleigh ; 3.. p. l.r 
p. naid,. id* 

^jigabaaoiimoaf {nin) a. y. an. I 
come and stand before him, I put 
myself before him; 3. p. o niadj,.n ; 

jyadjinamanessi, s. a kind of starling, 
(bird;)pl.-<7.. ^ 

Nddjin'^ima, {nin) a. v. an. I fly to 
him for protection^ for safety;. 3. p. 
o nad..n ; p. naid.. mad. 

Nddjinifindant [»in) a. v. in, I fly 
to it or in it, for safety ; 3. p. o 
nod..* ; p. now., ang*. 

Nddjiwane, {nin) a. v. in. I fetch a 
load carrying it on a portage-strap; 
3. p. 1.; p. naid^^ned. 

Nadohan, or naddbagan^ n. bucket to 
fetch the sap of maple-trees, or 
watej ; pl.-<i». 

Nadohi, {nin) n..v.. I fetch or carry 
water; 3. p. 1. ; p..ned6hid. 

Jiddoma, {nin) a. v. an. I fetch him, 
carrying him on my back, ( a per- 
son, or some other an. obj.) 3. p. 
o nad..n; p. naid..mad.^ 

Nddon, {nin) n. v, I fetch a canoe ; 
3. p. ndd^no ; p. naiddonod, 

NddondoMy {nin\ n. v. I fetch, carry- 

. . ing on my back ; 3. p. 1 .; p. naid.. 

Nddonddn^ {nin) a. v. in.. I fetch it, 
carrying it on my back on a port- 
age-strap 4 3. p. nad... ; p.. naid.. 

Nddowey s. a kind of big serpent; 

Nadowe, s. Iroquoi Indian ; pl.~^. 

Nadowikwe, s. Iroquoi squaw; pl.-^. 

JfddoweJsufeiamiehy s. Pomt St. Igna 
ce. neiar Mackinaw, Michigan. — 
Nddowehbeiamishing, at the Point, 
to or from the Point St. Ignace. 
Nadowehweiatniih properly signi- 

. 'fieb, «Bad bay ol the Iroquoi 
Bqaa#.V-An loaiaa tradition says: 




The Iroquois, {NadawegA who for- 
merly possessed this Bay, were 
attacked and fought there by their 
enemies, and behaved like old 
squaws, until they were all killed. 
From this circumstance, they say, 
the place obtained its Indian name. 

Nddowem^ {nin) n. v. I speak the 
Iroquoi language; 3. p.-o; p. naia- 

Nddowemowiny s. Iroquoi language. 

Sddav?es8iy s. Ot. Siou Indian ; pl.- 
wdg. S. Bwan. 

Naegddanhj adv. little, very little. 

Naegdtchy adv. slowly, quietly, softly. 

Naindam, (nin) I am glad, happy, 
contented ; 3. p. 1. ; p. neindang. 

K(Und<!kmiaj{nin) a. v. an. I please 
h^, I make him contented, glad ; 
3. p. <> na€..n ; p., 

A^aindgmiton, (nin) a. v. in, I please 
it ; 3. p. nae».. ; p. nee.Md.-O gi- 
naindamiton ninae ; be made my 
heart contented. 

JjTiUTiddn, {nin) a. v. in. I allow it, I 
am willing, contented; 3.p. omi...; 
p. neendang. 

Naininii {nin) n, v, I gather or put 
up provisions, 1 keep them, con- 
serve them ; 3. p.-o ; p. neinimod. 

Na^nimon, {nin) a. v. in. I put it 
up for food, to eat it by and by {in. 
obj.) 3. pi na... ; p. neinimod. 

JTaenimonan^ {nin) a. v. an. I put it 
up or collect it for food, (an. obj.) 
3. p. na...; p. neinimod. {\ . ConjO 

Ka^cdy {nin) a. v. an. I hinder him 
to do s. th., or to go somewhere, 
I retard him ; 3. p. o nagaan ; p. 

JiTagadrk, {nin) a. v. in. I meet it, 
(a canoe, boat, etc.) 3. p. o na... ; 
p. negaang. 

TS'agciddn^ (nin) a. v. in. I leave it 
behind ; I forsake it, abandon it ; 
3. p. nag... ; p. neg..ang. 

Jjfaqa4.aawe^ {nin) n. v. I leave be- 
hind people, in a canoe or boat ; 
I leave somebody ashore; 8. p. l.f 

^Vag^adawa, (nin) a. v. an. I leave 
him behina, in a cauoe or boat, I 


surp&M him in paddline, rowinf or 
sailing : also, I leave him ashore, 
I don't embark him; 3. p. »Mg...; 
p. neg.,v>ad; imp., nagaadp 

Imgadindam, {nin)»* v. 6. Nagadii. 

X^agadindamauxint s. the state or dis- 
position c^ being inured, or accus- 
tomed to s. th. 

X^cuUn4d7if {nin) a. v. f^. I am 
used or accustomed to it, inured 
to it ; 3. p. e ?^,..; p. neg..ang. 

Nagadinima, {nin) a. v. an, I am 
aocustomed to Mm, I am accus- 
tomed to see him, to hear him, to 
converse with him ; 3. p.. o nag.*n; 

Mtgad4nim2i8i (nin) r. v. I accustom 
myself to s. th., t feel myself ac- 
customed or used to s. th. 3. p.-«; 
p. nef..%od. 

^adu, (^nin) n. v. X am accustom- 
ed, used, inured; 8. p.-»; p. negad'^ 

Nagadidwin^ s. inurement, use, cus- 
tom, habit. 

Nagadjiidis, (^) r. v* I get myself 
accustomea , I endeavor to get 
used to s. th. ; 3. p.-o ; p. ntg.^, 

Nagddjinijimay {nin) a. v, <i&». I lea- 
ve him, flying from hijn for safety; 
3. p. noj^i.n i p. ne^.anad. 

Nagadjir)4Qinddny {nin^ a, v. «>. I 
leave a place, nying from it for 
safety ; 3. p. wig ,. ; ^. negaang, 

Nagadjipidan, (wn.) a. v. in. I am 
accustomed to the taste of it; 3. 
p. onag...; ^.nea.^ang, 
^agadjipifia, {mn) a. v. <w. I am 
accustomed to the taste of some 
an. obj.; 3. p. # nag^.n; p. mg^ 

XfagadjiUmy (nin) a. v. in. 1 am 
accustomed to loake it, or to do itf 
3. p. nag...; p. v/tg.dod, 

MtgddjiwanyM. v. the water is land- 
ered, it stops, it cannot flow any 
farther; p. 

Nagddjiwany s.. the place where the 
water (of the Lake} stops, where 
it cannot flow any farther, (being 
hindered by rapids.) This is the 
Indian jufim of .Fond dv, ,JUi^. 





which is situated near the first 

rapids of St. Louis River, beyond 

which the water of Lake Superior 

can communicate no more with 

the water of that river. 
Jfaaddjiwanang, at the place where 

the water stops.— At Fond du 

Lac, from or to Fond du Lac. 
NeLgdidkwaan^ {nin) a. v. in. S. 

j^agawhwaigwndki s. S. Aeawakwair 

Jfagdiashi (nin) n. v. I am hindered 

by a contrary which to sail any 

farther; 3. j). -r, p. neg.M. 
J^agdidis^ (mn) r. v. S. Nagdnidis. 
NagdjirUjtma^ {nin) a. v. an. S. 

£fagnd^ini^ima . 
Nagdjinifiaiddn, (nin) a. v^ in. S. 

Nagakirdndjdin^ s. cm. pi. -a^. S. 

Nagdmy{nin)n. v. I sing; 3. p. -o; 

p. nigamoa. 
,Nagam>6-inaMnaiganf s. song-book, 

hymn-book; pi. -an. 
Nagamdnj s. song, hymn; pi. -an. 
Kagarnormh^ s. bad song; [F. mau- 

vaise chanson;] pi. -o«. 
Nagam6tawaj i^im) a. v, an. I sing 

him; I sing his glory, his praise; I 

sing to him; 3. p. o nag..n\ p. neg.. 

Nagam6wmj s. singing, the act o\ 

Nagamdwikwet s. female ainger, 

songstress; pi. -g. 
Naqomdmnimt s. singer, songter; 

pi. -wag. 
Ifagand. \nm) a. I leave him 

behind y I surpass him in a walking 

or running; I forsake him, abandon 

him; 3. p. o nag..n\ p. neganad. 
Nagdnd, {nin) »* v. an. S. Nagdd. 
Mu[dnidi8y {nin) r. v. I retard or 

hinder my»elf to do s. th., or to go 

somewhere, I refrain from s. th.; 

3. p. -/f, p. neg.. sod. 
NaganiehTcad, p. s. a. he that starts 

tiVst, predecessor; forerunner; pi. 

NagmUidt p. s. a. he that is fore- 

most, superior, master, foreman^ 
overseer, boss; pi. -jig. 

Naganisid Kitchi-mekatewiHoanaie, 
s. superior Great-blackgown, that 
is, Archbishop. 

Nagaoiti^ {nin) n. v. I meet; 3. p. 
;i.; p. negamoea. 

NagasKka^ {nin)n. v. S. N^agdta. 

Nagdshkay at -^fnagad^ u. v. S. i^d- 

mJujoMdebisoni s. a thing that stops 
the foot and hmders it to ^a 
farther, that is, a stirrup; [F. 
etrierj} pi. -«;i. {Ufagd., alludes to 
stoppmg; ndy to the loot; the term- 
ination oison^ to a string. ) 

NAgasotaway {nin) a. v. an. I listen 
to hfm attentively, I follow hi8 
discourse with my thoughts; 3. p. 
o naOf.n'y p. 

lHagdta, {mn") n. . v. I stop, I stand 
still; 3. p. 1.; p. negdtad. 

Ndgatawabama, {nin) a. v. an. {mn 
ndnagatawdbamay freq.) I look 
upon him observing him, I watch 
him, consider him; 3. p. o na..n; p. 

Ndgatawd'bandanj inin) a. v. in, 
{nin ndnaffotawabanaan^ freq.) I 
observe, watch, consider it; 3. p. o 
na...j ip.naia..ang. 

Kdgatawendam, (nin) n. v. S. I^a- 

Ndgatch, adv. later, afterwards,' a 
httle while after; by and by. 

Nagatwdadon mikana^ {nin) a. v. m. 
(pron. nin nagatdadon m..y) I 
follow a trail or road; 3. p. ofwi^...; 
p. neg..dod. 

Nagativawa mikwdm, {nin^ a. v. aru 
(pron. nin nagatma m..^) I follow 
tne ice along a crevice; 3. p. o 
nag..n; p. nea..wad; imp. nagatwa, 

Nagawa^ {nin\ a. v. an. I meet him, 
in a canoe, ooat, &c.; 3. p. ona- 
gawan; p. negawad\ imp. nagd. 

ifdga/wagendam, {nin) n. v, I am in a 
hurry; 3. p. 1.; p. naid.^ang. 

* MOTE. The frequentative yerbs of this 
kind being coiAmotaly used, we will pot 
then all under Namtf. . . 




IFagiwaasOy adv. far yet, but pot 

very far; [G. ziemlich weit.] 
Magewastawad, u* v. it is yet far, but 

not very far; p* naiag,.wak. 
Nagikawad, u. v. it ia nothing, it is 

worth nothing; 3. neg».wdk. 
Nagikawend9tgo9^ (nin) n. v. I am 

little esteemed, little thought of, 

I am insignifieant, worth little; 3. 

p. -i; p. neg..8id. 
Nagihawendagoda^ {nin) a. v. an. I 

make him insignificant; I put him 

low, 1 put him down; 3. p. o nag..n\ 

Naqihawendagwad^ u, y. it is insign- 

ifacant, little thought of; p. neg.. 

Kagihawetiddn, {nin) a. v, in, I 

think little of it, I esteem it low, 

insignificant; 3. p. o nag,,,; p. neg.. 

Ifagikawenimd, {nin) a, v. an, I 

esteem him little, I think little of 

him; 3. p. o nag-.n; p. neg..mad. 
Kagilcaivmindis^ {nin) r. v. I esteem 

myself little, I have a poor opinion 

of myself; 3. p. -o'; p. neg.^od, 
Ifagikaioigj (nin) n> v. I am nothing, 
; worth notning; 3. p. ^i; p. neg..aid. 
Kaginin ! interj. lo ! oehold ! 
Nagishkdgey {nin) n, v. I meet; 3. p. 

Kagishlcdn^ {nin) a. v. ifh. I meet it; 

3. p. 6 nag...; p. neg..ang. 
jydgishkawa^ {nin) a. v. an. I meet 

hiili; 3. p. nag..n'^ p. neg.-wad, 
JiiagishkoaddinUn, {nin) com. v. w« 

meet each other; p. neg..didjig. 
J^agishhdddiwin, s, meeting, (m the 

road, not dssembiy.) 
Ndgo^, {nin) n. v. T appear, I am 

visible; 3. p. nag'osi; p, naidgosid. 
'Sdgo&iicinj s, appearance. 
JVagwad, u. v. it appears, it shoWs, it 
, is visible, It ' is evident; ^s naidg- 

JTagwdddnf {nin) a, v. in. I catch it 
• with a ^are, or in a snare^ 3. p. 

onag...] p. neg..ang. 
jragwd(^ige, {tiin) n. v. I catch 

vfith a snare; 3. p, 1.; p. n4eg..0e^. 

jydgwdgany a. snare; [F. collet;] pi. 

JVdgwdganeia^j g. string for a snare; 
pi. -in. 

J^agwdganiks, {fnn) n. v. I make 

snares; I lay snares; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Nagwdiy s. slcev^; pi. -<tn, 
Nagwana, {nin) a. v. an. I catch 

him with a snare, or in a snare; 3. 

p. nag..n. p.neg..nad; imp. nag- 

Nagwds, {nin) n. V. I am caught in 

a snare; 3. p. -o; p. . negioasod. — 

KiJ tcahdsag gi-nagwasowag tibi- 

hong; two rabbits have been 

caught in snares last night. 
Mtgweiab, 9. rainbdw; pi. -^. 
^dgtvu{nin) n. V. I appear, 1 make 

my appearance, 3. p. ndgwio; p. 

NdgwiidiSj {nin) r. v. I make myself 

visible, I appiear in a vision; 3. p. 

-o; p. naia..&od. 
^dgioiidisotpini s; apparition, vision. 
Naidg^ adv. .S. Kija. 
NaidT^ adv. tilL until; a longtime. 

— Katoin naianj dag^f^kiMi; he 

does not come a long time. Mn- 

giviss gl-hitchi-mam> naidi^ at- 

nihad; my son wept much until \e 

fell- asleep.- • 
Jifaiinj, adj. S. Keiinj. 
Naittawad^ u. v. there is a little of 

it; p. neietuwak. 
Ifatifawis, {nin) n. v. I am of a 

little number, that is, luy family is 

small; 3. p. -i; p. nd«..iid. 
I^aiitaicidmiii,^ {nin) n.v. pi. we 

are a few in number; p. f»«t«.. 

KaiHnjean ishhyfej {nin) a. v. m. I 
' , repair Or stir the fire with a poker; 

3. p. nai...i'p. neih.ang. 
ykiJknjeigan, tf. poker to stir the 

fire; pi. -an. 
Naileinjeige^ (nin) ti. ▼. I stir the 

fire with . a poker; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Nainlnlwagis^ {nin) n. v. I am an 

upright man; 3. p, -<; p. n&in..eid. 




J^aisKkwandman, (nin) a. t. in. 1 
fix the door, I put it well; 3. p. o 
nai..,; p. neUh..(mg. 

Naimton^ (nin) a. y. in. I put it 
well or right; 3. p. o naie...: p. 

Naitd, adv. just, like purposely. — 
Naita ijtiwebadi it just happens so, 
(like purposely, although not 
purposely.) ^aita nongom M dag- 
wishin'^ thou comest just now, 
(when least expected, or, when 
much desired, or, when least des- 
ired, &C.J 

SaUam, (»wt) n. v. I am obedient; 
3. p. 1.; ^. neitang. 

3faitcmowiny s. obedience. 

Ifaitmoa, (nin) a. v. an. I am ob- 
edient to him, I obey him; 3. p* o 
na..n; p. nei..toad. 

K6jabi(m^ {nin) a. v. in* I draw it 
over a string or cord; 3. p. o naj,..; 
p. naid^MTig. 

Najahiigan. s. violin; pi. -an, 

Nc^MigBf (nin) n. v. I draw s. th. 
over a string; alto, I play on the 
violin; 3. p. 1.; p. naia^»,ged* 

M€jigai^(mf s. scraper; pi. -an. 

Jfajigatget (nin) n. v. I scrape a 
skin or hide, to make it soft; 3. p. 
1.; p. naia..g€d, 

Hdjinijima, (nin) a. y, an, S. Sad- 

^taitMindanf (ntn) ,a. v. in. S./ 

NajoMkkaJb pasAkiatgant s. double- 
rarreled gun. 

Naj6iw0U)id, p. s. a. a man ^^o has 
two wives, a bigamist; pi. -jid, 

Nahik^gamt or^ inahakigam, adv. 
This adverb m connection with 
some other adverb denoting (2^- 
sotitmt signifies the side of a river, 
bay, lake, ^c; as: Oma nakake- 
gamii on this side ot the river, &c. 
Wedi nakakigam, on that side 
there. Anindi nakaksgaanf On 
which side? 

Jfakakiia, or inakakiia^ adv. This 
advQrb, preceded by another ad- 
verb denoting airectioni or by a 
substantive, has the signification 

bf the UttgliSh syllaWe ward at 
wards ^ or of towarde. (For exam- 
ples see Otchipwe Grammar, ''Ad- 
verbs denoting dit&itifm.") 

Ndkaiwij adv. first, before all.— JV«- 
kaw6 anamiant panitha doth ga- 
wishimon wi-ntbaian ; first pray, 
and then lie down to sleep. 

Nakodam, (nin}n. v. I consent to s. 
th., 1 promise to do s. th., or to 

50 somewhere ; 3. p. 1. ; p. n^to- 

Nakomdj (nin) a. r. an. I promise 
him to do s. th., or to go some- 
where, I consent to what he is ask- 
ing nae; 3. p. nak...; p. nekomad. 

Nakwilndon, {nin) a. v. in. I catch 
some in: obj. that is thrown to me ; 
3. p. nak... ; p. nek..d<)d. 

SakwiUna. (nin) a. v. an. I catch 
some an. obj. that is thrown to me , 
or that flies by me ; 3. p. o nai..n; 
j>. nek.. nod. 

^akwena^e, (nin) ft. v. I shoot in 
the air; 3. p. 1.; p. nek..ged. 

Nakwinawa, (nin) a. v. an. I shoot 
him in the ^ir, (I shoot a bird fly- 
ing ;) 3. p. 6 ndk..n ; p. nek..waa. 

Naktveshkagiy (nin)n.v.S. Nagisk- 

Nahjoeshkdn^ (nin) a. v. m. S. iVii- 

Ifakwiihkawaj (win) a. v. an. S. Na- 

Nah^ishkodadimin^ (nin) com. v. S. 

Nakwiahkodadiwin^ s. S. Nagishko- 

^aktoetagej (nir^) n. v. I answer, I 
gainsay, I give bad answers, short 
answers ; 3. p. 1.; p. neh.ged. 

Nahoetageshkj \nin) n. v. I use to 
answer, to gainsay, to give bad an- 
swers; 3. p. -*; p. 

NakwHam^ (nin) n. v. I answer, I 

five an answer to a question ; also, 
gainsay, I apswer improperly ; 3. 
p. I.; p. nekwetang. 
Nahwitamowint s. answer ; pl.-an. 
jyaktvetawa, (nin) a. v. an. 1 answer 
him, I give him an answer to a 




4{ae»tKm ; qr, I answer him impto- 
perly^ 3. p.^fnaJc-.n; p, rkfilcmd. 

Ndfrbf as ena-sy liable in some n. v,, 
signifies breathin^y or s, th. relat- 
ing to it ; as : I^wd ishhcandm, I 
breathe my last, iVt» jqjibandm^ 
1 breathe by long intervals ; etc. 

N&mcbam, (m«) n. v. I have a fair 
wind / 8.- p. 1.; p. naidrruiang* 

Nainaanigteadj u. v. it is a fair wind, 
good for sailing ; p. naia..ivak, 

N4fMdah^ (#mwi.) a. v; I sit down, I 
am sitting ; 3- p. -* ; p* nem.Md^ 

JNttmadabia, {nin) a. v. (m. I make 
him sit down ; 3. p. o nanh.n ; p. 

NamadahHatDa^ (^nin) a. v. on. I sit 
, down, by his side, near him ; 3. p. 

o tMm.,n; p, nem.,w<id, 
Namad4biwm, s. sitting; a seat. — 

£^ki<>giman<wiadabiwm^ throne. 

JTamadamagady u. v* it is higher than 

large :; p. n$m„gixi. 
KamaJamaj (nw) a> v. tm. I anoint 

hie head, I put grease, ointment or 

pomaoe on his head ; 3. p. o n<x/nu, 

n ; p. nem.*nad ; imp. iMmahqj. 
Namdhomdiis^ {tdn) r, v. I anpint or 

grease my head ; 3, p.-o ; p. nem., 


Jfamahwiwm, b. grease to anoint the 
head, ointment for the head, pom- 

Namandj, adv, expression of doubt- 
ing or not knowing. 
Na/mdndi ^wihadogweH ; I donH 
know wnat happened ; or, I don't 
know how it is. Jl^amdne^ upi ge- 
tnd^jimdnen; I don't know wneal 
shall start. 

Namandjiy {nin) n, v. lam left-hand- 
ed; 3. {:• 1.; p. nemandJH, 

J^amdnd^igndr y^ & the left l^g. 

Namdnaiimki s. the left arm. 

NanhdndjinMiP, s. the left hand. 

NamdnaAimWy a^an. the left cheek. 

Ifgmdn4J(shkmgHlt ^ th^ left eye. 

•Note, There is ahray« a possessive 
prononn prefixed to (iiis a»d thefollowmff 
nfe words ; «s : Nin suummdjigad, mf kit 
1^ Kil Tuunandjmik, tkv left am* O na- 
mim4jif»uuU, liis left baaa ; etc. 

Namaidfconey oi-^magad ithkoie, u. v. 
the fire blades up ; p. ncm..nefft qc 

NoTnatchigdhavdy n. y. 3. p. he sets 
himself upright, he stands up, he 
effects hiwaelf; [F. ilse mfite/] p. 
nem. .wid^-NamatchigabmBi ho mak- 
wd ; the bear uses to erect him- 
self, (to stand upright, like a per- 

Namaichiaady u. v. it is oblong, it is 
longerthan broad, (stuff;) ^nem.. 

Namatchigui, n. v. 3, p. it is oblong, 
longer than broad, {an. obj., as, 
wmUvwe, handkerchief ; seniody rib- 
bon or silk-stuff;) p. nem,,ml, 

Namiy s. sturgeon ; pl.-i^'o^. 

Namil'my s, carp, sucker, (fish ;) pi. 
-ag. ^ 

Namebinijgan^ s. carp -bone ; -pl.-*». 

Nmnihinigimsy s. «n. the moon of 
suckers, the month of February. 

JVam^ni-sibiy 9- Carp River, Lake 

X^mnigoMy s. trout -, pl.~a^. 

Nameqostigany s. trout-bone ; pl.-an. 

NaofUgossuaay >OT-^magady u. v. there 
aTe trout, or many trout ; p. »c«i.. 
htff^ ox-^magak. 

N-amMgossihmy s. place where there 
are many trout. 

Na/nUgossikaningy at, to or from 
such a place. 

Namihwariy s. glue ; [G* Leim.] 

Ifamihwanxke^ {nm) n. v. I mak« 
glue ; 3. p. 1. ; nem.Jced, 

Namehvamk^mmndy a. glue-hoiler ; 

Samdie^ s. dried fish-, pl.-^t'o^. * 

NametctOy s. Sturgeon Lake. 

NamewtbisiUj s. Sturgeon River. 

JN^metpigariy a. sturgeon^bone ; pi.- 

NdmishJcidy p. «. a. he that is in a bad 
habit of dancings a habitual dim- 
cer; ^\,-jig. 

Ifdmoa, as endrsyllables in some n. 
v., relate to smoke y2s : Nrngihtm- 
dmosy it smokes in my house. Jfin 
gibtcandmoti, I am stifled with 




smoke. JP^jihemdmOi, I can en- 

difre much smoke ; etc. 

Ji^na, (nm) a* v. an. I fetch him, (a 

person, or any other cm. object,) 

, 3. p. ndnan ; p. naidnad ; in^p. 

Nind awiindfuty I g-o to fetch him, I 
go for him. 

Mn U-ndnaj I cotne to fetch him, 
I come for him. 

^(mdudamoton mikancky {nin) a. v. 
m. I repair a road ; 3. p. a 7ian..,; 
p. nen..tod. 

JVandanam, (nm) n. v. I prepare my- 
self for singing, by coughmg a lit- 
tle ; 3. p.-o ; p. nen..mod. 

Nanahdmsy (nm) n. v. I am caught, 
cheated ; 3. p.-*; p. nen..8id. 

Ndnc^bem:, adv. just now, only now.; 
too late. — Ndncibem lei dagwmkvfC 
qi'Uhkwa'andking', thou comest on- 
ly now when the work is done. 

Ndnagatawabama" i (nm) a. v. an. 
I observe him, consider him, I 
watch him with my eyes ; 3. p. o 
nan..n ; p. naidn..'mad. 

Ndnagatawdhanddn, {rim) ox, nin 

• Thdnasowddriy a. v. m. I contemplate 
it, I consider it, observe it, watch 
it ; 3. p. (? mm...; p. naidn..(mg. 

Xi^dnagatawendam, {nin^ n. v. 1 re- 
flect, meditate, eonsiaer, contem- 
plate, deliberate ; 3. p. 1.; p. warn.. 

J^dna^atmoendamadi^, {nin) r. v. S. 

Ndnagata/wendamadisoma^ad nindi^ 
my heart reflects or meditates up- 
on itself/ p. naian..gak. 

Ndnagatawmdanwwiny s. meditation, 
contemplation, reflection, consid- 
eration, deliberation. 

Ndnagatawenddn, {nin) a. v. in. I re- 
flect or meditate upon it, I consid- 
er it ; 3. p. nam...] p. naid..ang. 

I^dnagata/wenima, {nin) a. v. an. I 
reflect upon him, (upon his con- 

*NoTE.— The duplication of the fittt sj^l- 
lable in this and some othbr rerbs ■ here, 
3Kk8tks .the frfguentative Verb, and alludes 
to a repetition^ or continuation, of the same 

diict, hi» manners, Ms qnsHties, 
etc.> 3. p, <? na>n..n ; p. ftaidn.. 


Jj^dnagatatPenindiey {nin) f. v. I re- 
flect upon myself, i'consider my- 
self; I examine my conscience ;3. 
p.-o; p. naidn..sod. 

Ndna^ga/tawenmdis&uDiny s. reflection 
upon one'a self \ examen of con- 
science.. . _ 

Kandgifia, {nin) a. v.«». I stop him, 
I hinder him ; 3. p. 0nan..n; p. nen., 
ad, -^ Nin na/ndginc^ iM-mig(td4d' 
^'ly; I hinder (stop, separate) peo- 
pfe that intpna to fight.-^S. Jfagd- 
n'd, Qr Jfa^d. 

Nandgininoef (nin) n. v. I stop, hin- 
der or separate lighters ; 3. p. 1.; 
p. nm..twd. 

Nandibictn, {mn) a. v. in. I write it, 
correcting it at the same time ; 3. 
p. o nan.,. ; p. nen..ang,. 

Nandibiigan, s. corrected- or mended 
writing, corrected copy / pl.-on. 

MmniHige, (mfi) n. v. I correct or 
mend writing, I am writrog a cor- 
rected coj^ ; 3. p. 1.; ^.nen..ged. 
{Nin nanditony i metm or correct 
It ; mnd&jibiige, I write.) ' 

Nandihinjean ishkote, {nin) a. v. in. 
freq. I repair the fire, I stir it up; 
3. p. nd,n... ; p. nen..ang, 

Nandikinjeigam>y s. poker, conmionl? 
ah iron bar to stir the fire with ; pf. 

Ndndikinjeiganaky s. a stick or pole, 
(not an iron bar.) to stir the lire 
with, wood ei) poker ; pl.-<?w.. 

Nandina, (nin) a. v. an. I arrange or 
repair it, I mend, fix it, I put it in 
good order again, (an. obj.)3.p. • 
nan.. 71 ; p. nen,.nadi — Nin gi-nan- 
dina dibaigisisawan^ 1 repaired the 

Kanaindn, {nin) a. *. in. I put it in 
good order ; 3. p. o nan...; p. nen.. 
aThg.— Biakitifmgtman nin gi-na- 
ndindnqn ; I put in good ordet the 
•'casse^ias." ,{S. BiskUinagatu) 

Nandissitckigadei ox-^magad^ u^ v. S. 




Kmdisaiiehagey (mn) nv v. S. iTufUI- 

2fandimiotii{nih) a. v. ^w. S. ITandi- 

KaridUcTbigctdey or-^magddy u. v. it is 
repaired, arranged, mended ; set- 
tled ; p. nm-,4eff, or-^magak, 

Nanditchige, («*»> n. v. I repair, 
mend, correct ; settle ; 3. p. 1.; ^ 
ntfi..geA. , 

I^anditotk, (.nin) a. v. in. I repair it, 
I .mend, correct, airrange it, I im- 
prove it ; I oettle it ; 8. p. o nan»..; 
p. nen..tod.. 

NimditomUt s. repairing, correcting, 
reparation, improvement, arrange- 
ment for the better. . 

Kandkonay {nin) a. v. an. I defend 
m3r8elf against him. I resist him, I 
combat him iA self-defence ; 3. p. 

nan.M ;. p. nen,.nad ; imp. nand- 

irandkonan,.(9in) &. Y* in. I defend 
myself against it, I combat it, 

1 resist it ; 3,p. o nan...;p.nen(.. 
ang.'—Mn ncmdhenan hatadomn; 
I combat sin. 

Nandlcm^ (n*«) n* v. I defend myself; 

3. p.. 1.; p. ngndJcmd, 
Nandhwwciny s. self-defence. 
NanamiAa, {n4n)H. v. an. I frighten 

it, (a wild animal, a duck, etc.) 
, I startle it ; 3. p. o na»..n ; p. nen., 

ad. ' , 

UfanamdSjigm^ s. frightened animal 

in the woods,, startled animal, 

duck, etc.; pl.-i»^. 
Ndnan^ atim* five. 
Nandnda/wia^ (nin) a. v. an. I doctor 

him, I^ve/tiiffl noedicines in his 

sickness; 3. p. o nan>..n; p.««n.. 

ad. . 

KandndamiaoSi {nin) n, v.I am doc- 
tored, Biedtdnes are given me in 
' my sickness ; 3.^.-«' ; p. n*rL.9id, 
Ncmdndamwoei {tim).n.:N, 1 doctor, I 
. give medicines to sick persona; 3. 

p. \.\'p.n€ 
JSandndmrntUfiwiMi fk dootoring*' a 

doctor's business, occupation, art, 

sdenee./ . » \ 

JSkAdnioMiiwHomimU s. doctor, phy- 
sician, a mail «kiUnL in curing dis - 

eases ;.pl.-«4^a^ 

Nandndavfiowin. s. .medicine, reme- 

J^andndatvis, {nin) n. v. I am cured , 
I am made whole ; 3. p. -*'; p. nen.. 

. sid.—S^. I^odjim. 

MrndTtdamtchiaan, a. a sick person 
taken care of and dotored ; pl.-a|7. 

Iv'andndamtway {nin) a. v* an. S. 

Ifandndawitioawit^- s. S. Nandnda- 

JTandndohan^ {nin) n. v. freq. S. 

Wandndohanihandimin^ jinin) com. v . 
freq. S. ^andd^xmijfundimin. 

MindndohaniJcandiwiHiB. ^.Hando- 

J^anajidodjinay {nin) a. v. an. freq. 
For this and other frequentative 

, verbjs of this kind, look under JTan' 
dodjinaj etc., where they appear 
as simple verbs. 

jN'andndoTfMj {nin) a. v., an. I beg 
him, I pray, ask or request him for 
s. ih^ l implore his help and as- 
sistance;. 3. p. a nan,.ni p. nen.. 

^anandomandjiget {nin) n. v» freq. 
S. Nandomanajige. 

^andndomowin, s. petition, request, 
entreaty; pl.-a». 

Mdndndoshkitcy (nin) n. v, I go from 
onci place to another to hear what 
they say; 3. p. 1.; p. nen. Jed. 

^(inandosiikitegdbmo, {nin) n. v. I' 
stand still in different places, to 
hear, what is said; 3. p.-*^*; p. nen.., 

JVandndoihJtiteehhf (nin) ,n. v. I am 

. in a bad habit of going round to 
hear what is said; 3. p.-:*; p. n^n.. 

. m*^ . , 

Jfandnigomha^ {mti.) a. v. an. I tear 
some an. obj. with the teeth; 3. p. 

Kandnig(»nidny{nin) a, v. io» I tear 
it with the teeth; 3. p^ nan...; p. 
nen..ang. . . . / * ; . . , 




, ii*vv* frcq. 
It i» sBtorn to pseces ev«ry where; 
p. nm..kag, ox-mttffok, S. Nigosh- 

Na/ndnigo€hkdnt{nm) a. v. in» freq. 
I tear it all to piece?, every part of 
it; 3. p. n<ai,..'j p. nen..ang, 

JTandntgoehhawdy {niri) a. v. an. freq. 
I tear some an. obj. all to pieces; 
3. p. oiian..n} p. ftm- wad. 

Ndntmimiii. {nin) irnm. v. an. we 
are five oi us; p^ naid..djig. 

Ndnaninon, num. v. in. there are five 
(t». oh]')^.naid>.nigin» 

Nandnj^ adv. S. Naidnj.^ 

Kan&padaamit («*») n. v. S. /tf- 

Ntmdfogam, {nv!i) n. v. I sing, 
mocking somebody or something; 
3. p.-^; p. n^<^. 

^^andpagUmon. {nin)^. v. '^. I sing 
it mocking, for derision, 3. p. onan 
...',ip. nen.»mod. 

'Nandpagamona/n^ {nm) a. v. an. I 
sing him,'mo<>Mng, I sing hia char- 
acter or his qualities, for derision 
or contempt. 3. p. o 7W»«...; p. nen 
..mod. (V.Conj.) 

Nandpagandj^ adv*shamefully, worth 
mocking and derision. 

Nandpagwnd^ia^ {nin) a. v. an. I in- 
sult him, 1 mocjt him; 3. p. o nan.^ 
«; p. ften..adi 

J^andpagdn^itonj {nm) a. v. w.; p. 
nen..tod. S. J^a/napammondam,* 

J^andpaaansitagoe,{mn)n. v. [speak 
insulting mocking words; I mur- 
mur; 3. p.-t; p. nen..8id, 

Nandpagansoma^ («*») a. v. an, I 
mock or insult him; 1 murmur 
Against him; 3. p. o ncm.-n; p. nen 

NandpagwMonda^ (nin) a. v. 4n, I 
mock or insult it; 3. p. o nan.,.\ p. 

Na/ndpaganson^et (nin) n. v. I mock, 
I use mocking language; I mtrr- 
mur; 3. p. l.; p. nen..g€d. 

Nandpidotam^ {nin) n. v; I mock re- 
peating words, I repeat words of 
ffomebodv in a mocking manner; 
3. p. l.;d. n«ft..toff^. 

Nmii^^idiitamxLi (fic») a« v. <ui, IiMck 
him, imitating his speaking or Ids 
yqvie ; { lUy ^ aponafhfan ; ) 3. p. tf 
nan..n\ p. heh..wad. 

I^wadpigijwei{um) n. v. I speak in a 
Mocking mariner; 3. p. 1.; p. nen., 

Nandpigijwewiny s. mockery, speak- 
ing mocking words. 

Nandpjma^ {nm) a. v. an^ 1 speak 
to him certain words, relying on 
s. th.; 3^ p. «<M»..n; p. ft€n..m(id, 

Ntmdpimon,, («m)a. v* in* I rely on 
it in speaking certain words; 3. p. 
nan...\ p. 7htn..mod. 

J^andpiitkmanyXnm) a. vv* an* I rely 
on himin speaking certain words, 
or telling s. th.; 3. p. o nan...; p. 

J^tmdpimowin^ i. asking with re- 
liance on some object, an. or in. 

JTandpoffiSflnm) n. v. I mn impo- 
tent, I have no power, no author- 
ity; 3. p.-t: p. 4ten..9id. 

JfandesttOynav. S. AiApi. 

Jfanatoad^ u. v. it gives no profit, it 
does not produce anything; p. nm* 

Jfanatcddddf u .' v. itis deficient, use- 
less, unprofitable; p. nen.jia3k, 

NoffhwwddMy (mn} n.- v. I am an un- 
profitable useless peison^ I am 
loosing my time, i gain nothing, 
aoqaire nothing, I labor in vain; 3. 
}.-i\ p. nen.. aid. — S. Anmoiwis. 
mawajy adv. uselessly, nnprofita* 
bly, loosing time, to no purpose. — 
JSanawdj nin Hnmdia, I live un- 
profitably, (my life is destitute of 

Ndnikwina, inm) a, "v. on. freq. I 
cannot have him, cannot reach 
him, (any an. obj.) 3. p. o nan..n\ 
p. -nen.. ad. 

Mtndwinan, (n4n) a. v. 4m. freq. I 
cannot have it, cannot reach it; 3. 
^iOnan..*ip. nen.iang. 

Nanawie^ {nin) n. v. S. ISfana/wddie. 

2fanQ,wi»ee^ {nin) n. ▼. I burst asun- 
der; 3* p. \.;^.nen**»ed* 

NamwotMe^ or-magad, u. v. it bnnts 





asunder, it falls to piecea; p. nen,. 

Nando, in compositions, signifies 
seeking, searching, tryim. (Ex- 
amples in many of the following 

Nandabin6w€y (»•») n. v. I am hunt- 
ing partridges, {Unit partridge,) 
3. p. 1.; p. nen,.W€d, 

Nanda^im,{nm)n*r. I take mote 

. than I o«ght, or more thanl want; 
also, I do all in my power; 3. J^-o; 
•p. n&n».m0d, 

NanddHkendan, (nin) a. V. in. I try 
or endeavor tOKnowit,to learn it; 
3. p. nan...; p. 7ben..afiff. 

Nanadkikenima^ (.nin) a. v. an. 1 try 
to know him, I inform myself 
abont him; 3. p. o nan..n; p. ««n.. 

Kanddfmasitam, {nin) n. v. I try to 
hear what is said, I listen", I heark- 
en; 3. p. 1.; p. n,&n..ang. 

JVanddntasitawa, {nin) a. v. an. I 
hearken, to know what he shall 

' say; 3. p. o ndn..n\ p. nen..wad. 

ifanddmtkwenddn, (w;^) n. v. Itry 
to recall it to memory, I endeavor 
to recollect it; {nin tndhwinddn, I 
recollect it;) 3. p. o nan...i p. nen.. 
ang. \ 

Sanddmihotnima, {nin) a. v. an. I 
try to recollect him. to recall him 
to memory, (to recollect his name, 
his appearance, etc.) 3. p. o nan., 
n\ T). nen^mad. 

]ftariadf^agis?ikag€, {nin) or, nin ndn- 
'ddnakweMage, n. v. I try to meet 
people; 3. p. 1.; p. nin..ged. 

Nanddnagishkawa, {nin) or nin nan- 

* ddnakweshJtimn, a. v. *». I try to 
meet him; 3. p. o nan..n\ p. nen.. 
wad. ■ .' 

}f(mddniinaihe,t''*^n) n. y. I endeav- 
or to speak tne . language Of the 
people with whom I live; 3. p. 1.; 
k n€ 

Jfanddiiissa, {nin) n. v. I' seek an 
opportunity to kill him; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Nanddnissitotamy {nin) n. v. I en* 

(feasor 4d iin4«iiBtaiicl, to eemprc- 
heiid;3. p, \.\y^.nen..ang. 
Kanddnissitotdn,{nin) a. v. ^n. I en- 
deavor to understand it; 3. p. o nan 
...; p. nen. .ang. 

Nanddnissitotawa, {nin) a. v. an. I 
endeavor to understand him; 3. p. 

nan..', p. nen. .toad. 
Na/nddcmimitOe, {nin) n. ^ 1 seek 

pigeons to shoot them, I am hunt- 
ing pigeons; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Nanddonahmige, {nin) n. v. 1 try to 
make good laws or regulations, 
consulting with others; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Niinddwdhama,{nin) a. r. an. I seek 
him, I look for him; 3. p. o nan..n; 
p. nen.. mad.' 

Nanddwahanddn^ {nin) a. v. in. I 
seek it, search it, look for it; I ex- 
amine it; 3. p. OTtan...; p. nen.. 

ydnddwahandjigadejOT-^magad^u. v. 
it is looked ibr; it is sought; p. nen 
deg.., dr-^maqah. 

Nanddtffdhandjigas, {nin) n. v. I am 
looked for, lam sought; 3. p.-<>; p. 
nen.. sod. 

Ndnddwdhandjige, (nm) n. v. I seek, 

1 search; 3. p. 1 . ; p. nen..ged. — The 
same signification has, ninnandd- 

1^(mdawagwe, {nin) n. v. I am hunt- 
ing porcupines; 3 p. 1.; p. ti^m.. 
• wed. v^ 

Nanddwdkwe, {nin) n. v. I am hunt- 
ing bears; 3, p. 1.; p, nen-wed. 

Kandawdto, {rnn) n. v. I am spying 
out; 3. p. l.;p. nen. .tod. 

N'a;ndwwdt(yn^{nin) a. v. in. I spy it 
out; 3. p. »««...; -p. nen..tH. 

Nandawinda^os, {nin) n. v. I am de- 
sirable; also, I am desired to |iv6 
or to do or to say s. th.; 3. p.-^; p. 
nen..8id. ^ 

Nandawendagwad^ it ib desired, it is 
desirable: p. nefn..wa}:. 

NcmdcMendam, {nin) Yi. v. I desire; 
3. p. l.;p. nen.,ang. 

Nanaaw^ndamomagadjXi. v. pcrs. it 
desirfesj it wishes ; p. nen. .gdk. 


iir<MMi«M'^«MC4Hi, (4iti»)a. T.^Mw I de 
sire ItyX wish for. it, I require it; 
a. p,o 7^a«...; p. nen,»ang\ 
ITanauwdndass, {nin) n. v. I desire 
or endeavor to have a certain ob- 
ject; 3. p.-o; p. nen..86d. 
yandaw^ndjigude, or-ma^ady u. 
it is desired, required, sought, 
wished for; p. nen.Mg^ t)T-inagalc. 

Nandawindjigas, (nin) n. ▼. I am 
desired, wished for; 3. ^,-&; p. nen 
,.8od, • i ' 

. liu'iidawindjigey (nin.) n. v. I desire; 
I look for s. th. (especially in hunt- 
ing or fishing;) 3, p. 1.; p. nen.. 

MomdawiridMgewm, s. looking ivr, 
seeking, (especially in hunting or 

Nandawinima, {nin) a. v. an. 1 de- 
sire him, I wish to have him, I re- 
quire him to do s. th-J 3. p. o nan., 
n; n. nen.. mad. 

.Nanaa/wimrhf {nin) n. y. I look fpr 
s. th. to eat; 3. p.-«; p. nen..nid. 

Kanddaidj {nin) n. v. 1 am seeking, 
. searchi/ig; 3. p. 1.; p. nendpaic^. 

Sandohan, {nin) n. v. I try to make 
war-captives, slaves, I go on a 
war-party, on a war-excursion, ( ac- 
cordmg to the Indian manner of 
making war/) 3. p.^-; p. n^..nid. 
{Ahanini, signifies, Indian slave.) 

Nand^baniJcandifni^^ { nin ) com. v. 
we are at war witn each other; p. 

JXandijibunikandiwtn, e. Indian war- 

JfundobanmiUy a. endeavor to ma^e 
slaves, Indian warfare. \ 

Nand6hii{7iin)n. y. I look for water, 
or for 8, th. to drink; 3. p. 1.; p. 
nendobid. ; 

Nandohiniwa, {nin) n. v, I am hunt- 
ing with a ]t>ow and arrows; 3, p. 

Kandodjina, {nin) a. v. a;t, {nin n^- 
ndndodjina^ freq. v.) I seek or 
jearc^.him by feeling in the dark, 
I grope him; 3. p. onan..n\ pi. nen 

I^andCtdji^a/n^ {nin),^ v. in^ {nin 

fUii}4ndadjina»^ >freq. v.) I seek it 

by fueling in the. dark, I grope it; 

3. p» onaw..,; p. nen.,(ing. 
Sfindodiinige, {nin) n. v. I grope, I 

search by feeling in, the dark; 3. p. 

1./ p. nen.^oed. 
Nandddjindtmin^ . {nin) com. v. 8. 

' Gagibingtbebisomin, 
Ifandddjindiwin^ s. S. G^agibingtoe- 

NandddjiMigsy {nin) n. v. I walk 

feeling my w*y ; 3, p. 1. ; p. men.. 

andohwam^ {nin) n»v, 1 look for 
bircl^-bark, (to make a canoe, etc.) 
3. p. 1,^ p. n€n..ang. 

Nandcmay {nin) a. v. an. I call him 
to me, t send him word to come to 
me, I invite him, I cite him, I sum- 
mon him ; 3, p. nan..n \ p. nemdo- 

Nandornahme^ {nin) n. v. I search 
lice;* 3. p. 1, ; p. 

KandomdhomesM, s. ape, monkey, 
(louse-searcher;) pl.-ia^. , 

Nandomdndjige^ inin) n. v. (ninna- 
ndndomandji^e^ freq. v. ') I sniff, I 
Search s. th,. by scent, (like a dog;) 
3. p. l.'y^, nen.lged. 

J^aminrhigoSy {nin) n. v. I am called 
to go to somebody, or to go some- 
whete; 3. p.-«; pi hen..dd. 

J^andomigoeiwiny ?. call received by 
a person to go somewhere. 

.Nandomihwe^ (nin) n. v. 1 am hunt- 
ing beavers, or seardhing beavers; 
3. p. 1.; p. nen..w^. 

Mmaonds8af(nin)h. v, 1 search lice 
on his heaa;^. p. 1.; p. nen..0ad. 

^andondjigc^^ {nin) n, v. S. Nandch 

^ migds. 

'^anaondjige^ {nin) n. v. S. iVait- 

'Sandonlan^ {nin) a. v. ^. I search 
it^ I look for it ; 3. p, o, mm.*. ; p. 

J{andonHge, (nin\ n. v^ I search, I 

seek; 3. p. 1. ; p. nen^.ffed. 
^andoj)>Hges/idnt s^ searching* 
^dndqnfiJoaAi^in) a»v. an^ I seek 
hiin, r l6ok for him; 3. p. o nan..n\ 
p. fmj,..vffi4f imp, nqndoni. 


J^4nd&ng4, <Mi«)- ru .v. I c^ p«Q(A^ 

together, (to laa assembly, to a 
. ^ feasi, .etc.) I iBvite ; I convoke ; I 

cite,! summon; 3. p. 1.; p* nen**ged. 
JfcMdohi^ey {^4h) a. v. S. Nando- 

^anddehibe^ (nin) n. v. I am hunting 

ducks; 3. p. 1.; p. nen..bed. 

Nandoshkamagcy («wi) n. v. I collect 
my credits, my active debts ; 3. p. 

. K; p. nen..g€d^ 

Naridoshkamawa^ (,nm) a. v. an. I 
request him. to pa^ me what he 
owes me, to pay his credit ; [III. 
ga potirjam;] 3. p. o tuui..n; p* nen 

NandosKkaSy {nin) n. v. I try to get 
paid, to get my credits, (active 
debts;) %. p.-o ; p. nen^.^od. 

Nanddtage^ [nm) oj, ntnnanddtam, 

. n. V. 1 listen, 1. hearken, endeavot- 
ing to hear what they say; 3. p. 1.; 

' p. nen^.ged, or, nenddiang. 

Ndndotain^ {nin) n. v. I ask, I re- 
quest, I petition; 3. p. L; p. nendo- 

Nandotarrhdgtf {nin) n. v, I beg, I 
mendicate, ask alms ; 3. p. 1. ; p. 

Nandotamdgen, {nin) a. v. in. I beg 
for it; 3. p. o nan.,, j p. nen..ged, 

Ncmdotamdgenant {nyn) a. v. an, I 
beg for some an. obj. ; 3. p. o nan,..] 
p. nen.,ged. (V. Oon^.y-Faktv^igan 
nin M'-nandotamagman; I come to 
beg for some bread, (or flour.) 

2fa/ridotaindq€shk, (jiin) n. v. I am in 
a bad habit of begging ; 3. p.-t ; p. 
nen, -hid, 

Nandotamagewin, s. begging, beg- 
gary, mendicity, 

No/ndotamawa^ {nin) a. v. an, I ask 
him for s. th., I beg him, I request 
him; 3. p. nan..n ; p. nen..wad. 

Na/ndf^tomowifhy s. asking, petition, 
request for a» th. 

Nanaotdn^ {mn) a. v. in, I beg for 
it ; I require it ; 3. p. o naai... ; p. 

Ndnddtawa, {nin) a. v. an- I listen, 
i hearken,, endeavoring to he^ 

KAN ' 

«hat he is saying ; 3. p. o non^n ; 

p. nen.. wad. . 

Na/ndwiwem^ {nin) n. v. I am calling 
witliout seeing the person, 1 call ; 
3. p.-o ; p. Then.. mod. 

Nhndwewema {nin) a. v. on. I call 
him ; I call for some an, obj. to 
have it; 3. p* o/Mm..«; p. nen..rfhad. 

NwMMB^endan, {nin) a. v. in. I call 
foi tt^.to have it back again ; 3. p. 
nan...; p. nen..aaig, 

Naatdwiwmge, {nin) n. v. I call by 
firing gunai 3. p. 1. ; p. nm.-ged, 

Ndn^kadendam, {nin) n. v. I suffer 
in my thoughts, in my mind ; 3. p. 
If, nen., dang. 

NdrUladis, {nin) n. v. I suffer ; 3. p. 
-» ; p. nen„sid. 

NaniJcadimoin-i s. suffiBring. 

NafiiTcadjiUy {nin) a v. an, I make 
him suffer, 1 treat him ill ; 3. p. o 
nan..n\ ^, 

Naneka4jionf{P'in) or 1 ninnanihad- 
jitoni a. V. m. I make myself suf- 
fer by it, using it sparingly^ in or- 
der to have it longer, (provisions 
or liquor ;) 3- P- o nan... } p. nen„ 

Ndngany u. v, it is light, not heavy ; 
p. naidngana. 

Nange^ adv. This word is used to ex- 
press the contrary of the verb 
which it follows ; as : Nin Idken' 
dan ndnge; I don't know it. Ki ni- 
hwakd ndnge ; thou art not wise. 
Dehwe ndnge'., he is not telling the 

Ndngendany (nin) a. v. in, I think 
it IS light, not heavy; 3. p. o nan,..; 
jj. naia,.ang. 

Nungerdma^ (nin) a. v. an, 1 think 
he is light, (any an. obj.) 3. p. o 
nan..n\ p. naia..mad, 

Ndngia, (>i*w)a. v. an, I make light 
some an. obj., I lighten it ; 3. p. 
onan..n; ip, naidngiad, 

Ndngideey {nin) n. v. my heart is 
light, contented^ happy ; 3. p. 1. ; 
p. naid..ed, 

Nmnginikeihkaioay {win) a. v. an, I 
make him move nis arm ; 3. p. o 
naii..n ; p. naia,.wad. 




KAH . 

JBfdnffU, (mn^n. v. I am light ; 3v p. 

-i J p. naidngisid. 

Jfingtsidey (liin) n. v. I am light- 
footed ;'3. ^. 1. ; p. naid..dei. 

H^dngisideshin, i^nin) n. v. I hurt my 
foot, (knockiog against s. th. in 
my way;) 3. p. 1. ; p. 

j^dngiionj (^nm) a. v. in. I make it 
light, I lighten it ; 3. p; o nan.,. ; 
p. naidngitod. 

Ndngiwmte, {nin)n, v. I have a light 
load or pack on my back ; 3. p. 1.; 

Ndnpoana, adv. so, thus, then. (It 
is used in an interrogative manner 
and placed always immediately 
after the verb.) — Wi-madjawag 
ndngwana ? So they will go away ? 
Gi-niho ndngwana? He is th6n 

Ndnibaiawe., (nin) n. v. or, ninna- 
ndnibaimifef freq. I yawn or gape, 
(beeing sleepy ;) 3. p. 1.; p. naid. 
•wed. ' 

KdnilmcajDewin, s. yawning. 

Ndnibawy (nin) n. v. freq. I stand 
here and there, m different places 
successively; 3. p.-*; p, naid.^vnd. 

Nanihikiganona^ (nin) a. v. an. I 
speak to him in a scolding manner; 
(nin gandnaj I speak to him;) 3. p. 

NaniMkima, (nin) a. v. a/n. I scold 
him, I rebuke, upbraid, reprimand 
him; 3. p. vnan..n^ p. n€n..mad. 

Nanibikinadn, {nin) a. v. in. I scold 
or rebuke it; 3.p. o«an...; p. «e«.. 
ang.^I^aniiigim nin nanibwindan 
ninde, eji w»oi{cAt.«?ta«c&ayb; I rebuke 
often my heart, because it is so 

Hanihikindimin^ (nin) com. v. we 
scold each other; p. nen..diiMig. 

NanihiUndiSy (^nin) r. v. I scold, re- 
buke or reprmiand myself; 3. p.-o; 
p. nen..sod. 

Nanibikindiwin^ s. [mutual acolding 
or rebuking. 

ITanibikiwey {nin) n. v. I am scold- 
ing, rebuking, reprimanding; 3. p. 
1.; p. nen.,wed. 

Mmikih(f90winj s. scoMing, rebuke* 
reproof, repiimnnd. 

JVdmibemMf (fttn) a. v. «i»..freq. S. 

KanSfondan^ {n»n) a. v. in: freq. S. 

Nani'b(mdimin^{nin) com. v. freq. 
S. Mnhodimihy. 

Nanibowenimay {nin) a. v. an. freq. 
S. Fibawen'hna, 

JTdnikibidon^ {nin) a. v. 4n* I diaw 
it out of s. th.; 3. p. o nan.,*^ p. 

NaMhiUnany (»«r»)«. v. in, S. Nani- 

IfdninUdana, num. fifty. 

Ndnimidanaity num. fifty hundred, 
five thousand. 

Nanimidanahmmdny {nin) num. ▼. 
we ape five th<Misana in number; 
p. naia..»idjig. 

Nanimida/nwu>endny {mn) num. v. 
ott. we are fifty; p. naid.,w«djig. 

Ndnimidmuj/wewtmy num. v^tri. there 
are fifty, {in. -obj.;)© naid.jwigin. 

Naninemady u. r. ireq. it is weak 
in several places, (the ice on a 
lake or riter; or some other ob» 
jeotj) p. nernnamak^ 
aninamendagosy {nin) n. v. freq. 
I am considered weak, (from sick- 
ness, or otherwise;) I am weak in 
several respects; 3. p.-t; p. nen.. 

JVaninamendagwadf u. v. it is consid- 
ered weak; it is weak in several 
wayy; p. nen..wak. 

Naninamendcmy {nin) a. v in. freq. 
I consider it or think it weak in 
several places, or in several re- 
spects; 8. p. nan..; p. nen..ang, 

J^aninamenimay {nin) a. v. ««.. freq. 
I think he is weak in several ways; 
3. p. nan..n; p. nen..mad. 

Naninamisy {nin) n. v. freq. I am 
often weak, or, I am weak in sev- 
eral respects, in several ways; 3. 
p.-t; p. neu..8id. 

JVaninawadenhy (^nih) n. v. I weep 
bitterly, movmg compassion; 3. 
p.-o; p. n€n..mod. 
winatoimy {nin) n. v. I weep from 






rrief and vadii^ge.; -3. {k-^; prU^n.. 

NaninawmdMot, (nin) n*. v. I am 
rejected, abandoned ^ grieved; 3. 
p.-«; p. in^n^.tieU 

Naminawendagufod^yx, v. it is rejected, 
abandoned, sad; T^.nen..wak. 

J^aninawendamt {nm) n. t. I am 
sad, afflicted in my mind, 1 am 
sorrowfiil, I moum, X grieve; 3. p. 
1.; p. nen..ang, 

J^aninawendamomn^ s. sadness, af- 
fliction, mourning, grief. 

yaninmffima,lnt7{) a. v. an. I grieve 
him with words; 3. p. o man,.n; 
p. nen.^mad. 

J^anifiamnawey (nm,) n. v. my face 
is marked with grief, I hate a sad 
countenance; 3. p. 1.; p. «en« 

Namnawim^oeidtsJmn) r* v. I mark 
my face . with saaness; 3. p.-<?; p^ 

Ncminavm^ (nin) n. v. I ami an or- 
phan; 3. p,-»; p, nen^eid* 

NcminawitagoiJivin) n. v. I lament, 
I express griei, sadnesft, affliction^ 

f 3. d.-^*; p. nen.^id. 

Nanmg, mim. five ttines;. the fifth 
time; in five manners or ways^ 

Nantngim, adv. often, often times, 
frequently. , . 

N€m,ingai4dwingy or naninffdHnongifi, 
adv. sometimes, occasionally, now 
and then, anon. 

NanmgUawamo mika/na^ u* v, the 
trail or road splits in several di 
rections,' there are several branch- 
es of the road: ^.nen..mog. 

Nani^finis^ (rdn) n. v. I am weak, 
infirm, sick, broken by sickness; 
3. p.-*; |). nen.,tid. 

Nvi%pinisimagad ninde, u. v: my 
heart is weak, infirm, sick; p.^ 

Nmiptnisiwin, s. weakness, infirmi- 
ty, sickness. 

Nanisanady u.. v. it is dangerous, 
perilous; p. nenitanak. 

Nanisanendagos, (nin) n. v. I am 
considered dangerous; I amdan^ 
gerous; 3. p.-j; p. nm-^nd. 

NmiBOfhirdof^o^^ a, v« it is coaad- 
ered dangeroua; it is dangerous, 
perilous;!). nm..wak. 

N^nisanenaamy (f^in) b* v* I think 
there is danger; 3. p. 1.; p. nen,. 

Namsanendany imh} a. v^ ta. I con- 
sider it dangerous; 3. p. o nan,..; 

N<mi9ainenwnat (nin) a. v. af». I 
consider him, dangerooa, I think 
he is dangerous; 3» p«o ncm^nj p. 

Nanisamot (nin) a. v. a». I put him 
in danger; 3, p. ondU'-n; p^nen.. 

Nanisamtdisj (mn) r. v» I put my^ 
self in danger, in jeopardy f 3. 
p.-o; p. nen..sod^ 

Nanisaninagosy (nin) jl v. I look 
dangerous; 3. p.-(; p. nen..9id, 

Nanisaninagwady u. v. it looks daa» 
gerous; p. nen.jw<ik, 

Nanisamsj (nin) n^v. I am danger- 
ous; also, 1 am in danger, in peril^ 
3, p.-i; p. nen.^sid. 

Nanwanmwin, s. danger, peril, jeo- 
pardy .- 

Nanisanitagosj {nth) n^ v. I am 
dangerou:3 by my speaking; 3. p.-i^ 
p. nen..sid. , 

Nanisamtawa, (,mn) a, v. an. I hear 
him with appreeension of danger, 
I listen to him with the Impression 
that there is danger in his speak- 
ing; 3. ip.onan.,n; Tp, nm^Acad. 

Kwiisamtony {nin) a. y. in, I put it 
in danger, I expose it to danger/ 
3. p. o nan...; p. nen^^iod. 

Namshkadjiay (nin) a. v. an. freq. I 
provoke him to anger; 3. p.o nan.. 
n; p. n«sk.ud, 

Naniehkadjiidiminy {nih) c(^Y. we 
provoke each other to ang^; p. 

NanUhJcaJmagoSy {nin) n.. v^freq. I 
speak angry repeatedly; 3.. p.-t; 

Nanisikakonindiin^{nin)n.y., Istretch 
out my fingers; 3. p-*; p- «Mf».. 

Nandsiopy {nin) n. v. J burst into 
laughter; 3. p*-4; p,.nmimapid. 




r, it is 

twilight; p. ne^..tvah. 
Ndfifji^ \nm) n. v. S» Xf^armme. 
2^a^^iy oT'-magad^ u. v. S. Ifrnjisect 

I^dnjiss€j (nin) n. v. I slide down; 

I fly down; 1 descend, (sliding or 

flying;) 3. p. 1.; p. natdn^ged. 

^dn^Use, ot-Tnagady u. v. it slides Or 

< flies down, it descends; p. naidn- 

Jsdiio, num. five, (before substan- 
tives denoting measube, of time or 
other things.) 

Ndnobaninindj , 

Jfanobidonan. (mn) 

ITdnobma* (nin) 

NanoUnoLo. {nin) 




Nanog(Mrmgisi'mi/ii. {n\n) 

Ndnogisitewagis. {nm) 


Ncmogwa/nagis. {nin) 


Nandkamin, ( nin ) 



Ndnonik^ ^ 


Na/ndshimag. {nm) 

Nandshmknin, (mn) 





Nandssuonan. {nm) 

^anwdbtatnof^ {nin) 


Kdnicaidg^ or ndnwaiagad* 

Jidnicaia^einUn. (nin) 


SomiwdJcosimin, {nin) 





Ndmotq. ' ^ ^ 

J^dnwewcm. — S. J^jdbanemndj, 2^i- 
jdUdonan. Mjdbina, etc., always 
changing in English, two into jb&; 

«K \Nij^^titUf»^i twic6 (oi two 
times) a handful. I^dnohan&ntndj, 
five times a • handfiil.^— ^t^dWifo- 
nan, {fvm) I tie two together. 
Nan6hidon<m,{nin)i.iie five togeth- 
' er. NijdUna^ («in) I catch two 
fishes. JVdndbtnai (nin) I catch 
five fishes; and so on respective- 

Kacgdded^ p. s. a. he that has four 
legs, a four legged animal, quad- 
ruped; ^X.-jig. 

Jfapandna, (nin) a. v. an. I pay him, 
1 recompense him; 3. p. o nap^,n; 
p. n€p..nad; imp. napanoj, 

Ifdipdtch^ adv. wrongly, not in right 
order, not in the right place. 

NapdlckUon^ (nin) a. v. m. I put it 
wrongly, not in the right place; 
3. p. mz^..; p. n«^..toi2. 

Wdpidotaivuy (ntn) a. v. an* S, the 
/req. v. J^andpidotawa. 

Na^higide^ (nin) I sob; [F. je sang- 
lote;] 3. p. 1.; p. ne«h.^ded. 

Maslhhi ! interj. lo ! see ! hark! 

Ndtili^^nin) n. v. I fetch water; 3. 
p. 1.; p. naidsibid. 

Nasileage,. {nin) n. v. I approach, I 
go to.., or C3me to..; 8. p. 1.; p. 

Kasikan, (nin) a. v, in. I go to it, I 
approach it; 3. p. o ndw...; p. ncti- 

Ndsikawaj (nin) a. v. an. I go to 
him, I approach him, (a person, or 
any other an. obj.) 3. p. o na«..n; 
p. naia> 

Ni/nd awi-naaikawa, I go to him. 
Mn hi-tuuiiawdy I come to him. 

^dgikodadiminy (mn) com. v. we 
go to each other, we come togeth- 
er; we re^unite; p. naid^didjig. 

J^oHhwct (nin) n. v. I comb my 
head; 3. p.-o.; p. nesihweod. 

JTasikteiigan, s. currycomb, for cur- 
rying horses; p\,-an. 

J^aeikfviway (nin) a. v. aoi. I conob 
him; 3. ona8.^ni Tp.nes..wad^', imp. 

Ndssaby adv. equally, likewise, the 
same again. 




brim it, I fill it op even, 1 fill it up 
< to the brim, (flOilie vtetsel, ain.; 

M, ol^) kettle;) 3. p. onaiM..n; 

p. ftatas.. ad. 
J^tahatkHnaddnt (nin)a„ y. «f».Ifill 

it up to the brim) I brim it; 3. p> 
' nast..n; p. nai(U..d^. 
^dttdb pinofjiomdf an; nasecA ^inof^ 

todky t»., similar, resembling. 
Jfdttabian, (awi) a. y. in, I copy it, I 

transcribe it; 3. p. o nsis. .; p. 

natia, .ana, {J^d$tabi eqatlly ; nmd 

oJihuMy 1 write it; ) 
I^audbigtnaii^ {uin) a. v. tti. I titi- 

ravel it, disentangle it, (thread, 

etc.) 3. p. noM...; p. ne99..a/ng. 
yiAsiahiig^aK, s. copy, duplicate; pi.- 

MssabUge, (nin) n. v. I copy, I 

transcribe; 3. p. 1.; ^.naia..g€d, 
ydssabUgewint s. copying, the act of 

transcribing a writing. 
KdmaThihUowiny s. an often repeated 

word: pl.-an. 
NdtMhuhima^ {nin) a. t. on. I put it 

hack in its place; 3. p. o nasi.,,; 

p. naia..fMd, 
Jmssabistiton, {nin) a. v. in. I pnt it 

back in its place; 3. p. o nas...; 

p. naia..tod. 
J^dssdb nin dibadjim, n. ▼. I repeat, 

(the same narration, the same re- 
port, the same speech.) 
JS^ah nind ikitt n. v. I repeat, (the 

same word or the same sentence. ) 
I^asidigan, s. dressing comb; pl.~ 

ITatidkonamawaf (nin) a. t. an. I 

open it to him or for him, 1 open 

s. th. belonging to him; 3. p. o 
. fUMf..*; p* ne89..wad. 
Jnutdkonan;, inin) a. y. in. I open it; 

3. p. i» «KM...; p. nes..ang, 
JtktMoMat or --magad, n; y. it 

opens, it bursts open; ^,ne^.Jca§y 
' or-fttfl^o*. 
MtMosie^ or -rndgadt u. t. it opens, 

it is thrown open; p. ns9,.uff, or 

or -ma^dk, 
J9lmaMitmy {lUtt) IL y. I breathe 

fbtGk, I brM«h^ cut; 3. p. •h^ p%* 
KamaiUnigan, s. tilgger, (w^ll 

when pnlled, looses the cocfk of 

the gun;) pL -*»k 
NatMaUnige^ {nin) n. y. I pull fhf 

trigger; 3% p. 1.; p. nsm-^gw, 
Ifaseaiuidiidei (nin) n. y. I have 

forked teeth; 3. p. 1.; p. naia..dedt 
Kataawahideigan, s. fork; pi. -an. 
J^astawaii, adv. in the miodle, in the 

JS^aisdwauwim, u. y. S. j^iisa/wan* 

i^atMMdofHin^ s. a potnted IndiaA 

lodge; f[. -an. 
KoHowuogt, {nki) n, y. I ittakfe a 

pointed lodge, or, I live in % 

pointed lodge; 8. p. 1.; p. nat8..gatP, 
Ifa9«awidinigatiy s. the place 

between the shonklerB or th^ 

IfdtMMfigamig, adv. between two 

lodges or houses. 
Itatatiiianf (urn) n,v, in, I stav^^ 

it, I break it open, (a barrel, a'box, 

etc.) 3. p. ona$i.,; p» neB*.ang. 
JTauidHthka, or -magdd, u. y« it 

opens, it breaks open, (aharrel^ 

etc.) p. n€i..hagy or ^-mtaffak. 
IfdmdUannnuikmki u. y« the banrel 

opens, falls into piecee; p* ne9,,, 

Jfdtama/wa, {n^n) a. y. 4m; I defefid 

him; 3. p. o nai..n; p. naid..tta4> 
Jfdtckinamanetai, s. a kind of red 

bird; pi. -^ag, 
ydwy ndtfia, ndufi, in conipositiona^ 

signifies in the nidddUyin tketnidd- 

qf... (Examples in some of the 

following words.) 
Ndwatem, {nin) n. y. I sink in th)^ 

snow, or in tne sand, or in a marsh 

or swamp, walking on it; 3. p. 1.; ' 

Mwabiky adv. in the niidtft of 'an 

object of metal. 
J^dmutad, u. v. it does not keep or * 

contain much, (a vessel;) p. naU- 

i r tmddi it, m' m &ga i^ rt. v.iCcatdiM 




A^ it b9nM to bium; p: ntm^dfg, 
or -mo^aifc. 

J^ii^d^i»a,<*»i») a. v. 4W. I c%tcll 
faim with my a^d, I take hold, of 
him with haste;. 3. p. onaW'.rk^^. 

jrdwadinat(nm)\*y. an. I waste it, 
(an. obj.) 3. p. naw.:nj ^.naid.^ 

jrawddinamawa^ (^nm) a. v. an. I 
catch it for him. 1 catch s. th. 
with my hand belonging to him, 
or relating to him: 3. p. o naw,.n\ 
p. new. .wad. ' 

Ifawadinaaim»ia^ Ini^) a^ y. an^l 
waste s. th. belongHig of relating 
to him; 3. p. » ndsu},^ja\ p. naid.^ 
wad. , 

lifaiufddimn^ inin) i, v. in. I catch 
it with my hand, 1 take hold of it 
; hastily; 3. bu o natw.^.; p. inew..a'ng. 

N^dwadi7i^n^\nm)^,y. in, 1 waste 
it, ( w, obj*) 3.. p. ndw.,.;*4- 

Ndwadiniffe^ (»w»j n, v. I w^aste;. 3;' 

p. l»;^p* natd..ged. 
yawddt^^ {nin) n. v.. I catch, fir^, 

thajisy my, clothes catch fire, begiu 

to burn; 3.. p. -oi p. new.^od. 
Ndwadisi ahk, n, t, 3. p. the kettle 

does not keep, or contain much; Pf 

J^awadji, (nin) n. v. I am eating, 

JbeSore I sta^t.;^..}), 1..^ ip.,neiw;.i4, 
ydwd^wcany ai^v. in the midst of a 

rapid, (in arivec) 
ydtffagam, adv. in the ipiddle of a 

iake, of a hay, of « river, &c. 
Nawaaihwen, («*») n. v- I iocline 

my head before me; 3. p, -»; p. 

KaiwaiU^ adr. in the middle, ^ t^9 

centre, between. . . , 

JTawaiiwani u, v. it is the middla, 

the centre; p. naia..anff. 
Nmsahwoy lidv, in, the roidat of, a 

forest. ■.,'.. t . , 

JB^aiwaJswty or hw^ak?, u„ y, (prpnf 

pickwet) it is fln©.daj;.o?, i^poi); p. 

naiawokweg. or -magale. 

for ei}i^oii. 
, Giiskwa^nawahceg^ after noon, 

or in the afternoon. 
.N^awahwe-wimn, (nin) n. v» I tak* 
n^, dinner, I dipe; 3. p. -i; p. 
JH^wahwe-uminitimj a. meal at noon, 

dinnei;. j,* 

I Nofwdp^ \mn) n. ▼. I take provisions 
for a voyage;/3. p. -^; ^. nmo^od. 

with me, to eat it on my vouige; 
3^.p. o naw...i p. newapod'^- Wiiast 
ninnawapon; I take meat along 

: wif h me, to eat it on my voyage. 
Nawapona>, (tdn) a- v. a/n. I give 
him provisions for his voyage; 3. 

.p. o naw..^f. p. new..nadj imp. no- 

Nawa^mho^-, i^in^ a. v. ojn. I take 

some an. obi. with me, to eat it on 

my voyage;3i p. OTiaw...; p. ncw^ 

pod. V. Conj*) — KoJcosh mn naioa- 

: j)o/wwi; J take pork with me, to 

eat it on my voyage. 
Nawapwan^ s. provisions taken for a 

voyage; pK -an. [G, Reisezehrung; 

III. popotniza.] 
Mamajpwardw^jy s. a scrip to put 

.'^rovisionsin for a voyage; pi. -an. 
NdwashHg'y adv. in the middle of a 

Nc^wasBjc^et adv. in the niiddle of a 

J^awdicht adv. more, ^atcatoh ni- 

Uwa^JXiOxe^ J^awutchpan^iy less. 
Ifawatch^nihiwa nind assa^ I add^ 
, (aa.'obj.) 
NawiUch nipiwa nind aton, I add, 

(iV. obj.) 
Nawat(^ nin^ minwendan, T prefer it, 

(*rt. obj.)' 
jydwafch .nv^ mmwenima^ 1 prete 

nim,her, it, (aw. obj.) 
Nawamgqny s. phine, ba^rkbotifl, 

sp^ne. \ . ' 

JVdweg. adv. in the middle of a 

J^^anket, of ^ Pf,e<;je ^of[<jlothing, oC, or -*»fl^/* i^Wana; p. 
9i0m..^gj or r*»^<L(u \ .^ . . . . 





Jfeftffihi&o fw%, n. ▼. 3, p, the lr<fe 

, lejina on one »de; p^ new.,$od, 
NmJEi4,la^ {nin) n, v. i atoop; I bend 
or incline myself; 3. p. l.;p. ««- 

j^mmna^^ {nm) a. v, , a». L cannot 
reach him, he is, out of my reach; 

. 3. p. naw^.n\ p^ naimoinad* 

2iawinagQs, (^n^n^ r. v. I am scarcely 
visible yet, I am almost out of 
sight; 3* p. -4; p. naia .M. 

l^awinagwad, n. v. it is scarcely vis- 
ible yet; p. ^.<zia..«<'«iE;. . 

Jfamaarii {nm) a, y. in. I cannot 
reach it, it is out of my reaich; 3. 
p. o.^tov,,; p. nma,*ang. ./ 

J^^vfinindj^ s. midcilerfin^er; pL -An. 

j^awishhoh, adv. in the: mid die of a 
fixe, or i« the midat of fire. 

I^awisigohwanddbj s. ciown of the 
head.: . ; • , i 

Jfam«eag, ady. in thje middle of a 
board, in the midst o^ a flooj. 

JTfti^am, {nm) n. v.. ^ . I am out of 
hearing, out of .the reach of the 

.., human vQice, I cannot heac any- 
body; 3 p. L^ p. namwU(mg, 

^0lif}ikoLt^y{nin)^- V. cm. i canno.t 
hear .hizU) ^^ ^® ^^^ far: 3. p. o 

. tbav),*n\ p. naia,. ad,. 

A'aw^VcA, adv. onl en a lake, &c., 

.distant from the ghore; also, far 

io the inland, in the interior, in 

. tlie back-woiods. , 

Nazarivnnini^ s. Nazarene, a man 
, fxom Nazr^reth; pi. -wag. ■. ..' 

]^eha,Q(fg. umuakwany B. a flat hat, 
$h3t is, a cap. 

itebagibagisid asaema, flat tobacco; 
\7uxbagisii it is flat, an,; bag. allud- 
ing to a leaf.)^ . 

Nebagindibe^ .( properly,. Nebaginddr 
bed,) Flat-head Indian; pi. -g, 

Mtibtmitaeakj p^ b, &,. stuff that is 
cloth-lifce .00 one side only, half- 

. .clQth. — ^S- Nabariitaau^. 

Sibody p. s. a. dpad person, de- 

. xeaseff; pi. -i«i?. . . 

JVebodjig fhf^. ofnd^% aname8s^k&J I 
siLy & Requiem-flaa^s. 

,jr^d^n^ a,, M^T Pointy {F. 
Pomt aux aunes.] ., , . , 

Jfd^ato, 0. fine sand <m the beach of 

lakes and rivers. 
M^uwika^ or --magakj u. v. there to 

fine sand, it is sandy; p. Hai4„kag, 

or -^maguk, 
Nigamimin^ s. sand<cherry; [C.^rl^ 
. gomindre;] pi. ran. 
^egawimimtgawan^^ s. un. saad- 

coerry shrub; pL *-^. 
Negigweiaga^ed bebfjtgogan^i^ a gray 

horse; [G. Eisenschinwnel, Grau- 

Mgwaby {ni^n) n, v. 1 look from vm- 
. der acover; also, I look sidewar^sj 

3. p. -t; p. naiigwabid.—The freq, 

V. ot it isy Ni7in€n^rioab. 
Ni^gwdlcwg^j or negmakwatchigmf n. 

a piece of wood put in the incision 

of a maple-tree;, [C. goudrelie;] 


Negwdhwani-biwabiky s. hollow chisel 
,., to make incisions in maple-trees; 

pi. -on. 
JSfigwamayinmyei, v. a^i t swallow 

some an. obj.; 3. p. o neg..n\ p. 


i m own ; 3 * p, (? fiiv;,. ,. ; p, mt ii . ,an^. 

NOahi aclv« again. Lack agaiii,. onc3 

more, aiJEw.— In connection ivith 

a vprb it corrt^sponda to the 

Etylinhle ^<? in iome E):iglish VBrW; 

05' jV^Vi liiu/nflii/i, i plf|?it it; 

; n^^iabmn kitit/'ndtiftf I repWntit^— 

J^'hyi ftn.tJif'Adffn^ I adorn it,' i einb 

J\^,l:(f<nrt,:mikfjgtt7jg^ s. Clay-Point 

; Ln kc JSuperior; [C. Pointo auj 
, glaises^] 
Miuit nin Jndon^ 1 bring it back 

Miab ninbinaf X bring some qh, obj. 

back again. 
Miaif nm migigwe, I giVe baclk 

again, J make restitution. "* 
J}^eidb nin migiwen, 1 give it hapk 

a'g8^1n,(*»•obj.) . 

^eidb nin migiwenanj I give it back 

agwn;,(^^.,pbj.) . ^. ^ ^ 
Seiiik ^*» ^>^<l. 1 give him back 

aig'aii^ 8. til., I make him restitution 




' of mkiB olij^ct thkt 1 took ftwsy 

from him. 
0ei4$ki, 8. point of land projecting 

mto a aea or a lake; promontory, 

cape; pL-wan. 

JMaskins, a. dim. a tittle pmnt of 

land projecting in a lake or river; 

pi. -o^ 
J^eiAshiwan, v. t. there is a point of 

land, a cape; p. naieidtikiwimg, 
MiasJam-tibij s. Potato River, Lake 

Neiinj. or naiiiv, adj. both. 
J^^ike-Umadisidpagwculakainia,^, s. 

a. he that lives alone in a desert, 

an hermit. 
JfdDkoigdkt in the twilight, at twi- 
Iftmdnahdcij s. Maple Point. 
JfemanaMking, s. at Maple Point, 

Lake Superior. 
KtndfMn^ num. five every time ; five 

each or to each. 
Sendnd(Uvmpedj p. s. a. he that gives 
' medicines to tne sick, physician, 

doctor ; pl'-jig. 
^mdmmidana, num. fifty every time; 

fifty each or to each. 
J^endning, num. five times every 

time ; five times each or to each. 
yitnantpakt num. five hundred .every 

time ; five hundred each or to 

Ntnc^atckimkeui^ s. field-mouse; pi. 

JUlendssawigijig^ adv.every second 

JUnaunnamawat (nm) a. v. an. I di- 
vide it to him or for him, in two 
parts; 3. p. o nen..n; p. naden., 

J^gnoMatffimovfinj s. murmur. 

Jf^inawina^ (nin) a. v. an, I divide 
some an. obj. in two ; 3. p. o nen.. 
n ; p. naien..nad ; imp. iiena/w^. 

Jffnaimnamadimin, (nin) com. v. we 
divide it amongst us; p. ncMn.did 


^dnamnan, (nin) or, nin nena^fium, 
a. V. in. I divide it in two ; 3. p. o 
«tfn.,.; p. naie,.anf^. 

IRmiw&USit, (nin) or. Mm iMUMrf*. 

dis^ r. V. 1 divide myself, I api 

divided, {fig.} 3. p.-©; p. iwt^.. 

Jfinawinidftomagad, or, n^atoiHii' 

omagddt u. v. it divides itself, it k 

divided^ (/!^.) p. nttien..gHh. 
Ninawi^ade^ ot^-ma^ad, u. v. ft is 

divided, separated ; p. nmien.dtgt 

Ninawinigas^ (**^) ». v. I am dlvi- 

ded ; 3. p.-o/ p. %aii..9od, 
Nenawitage^ {nin) n. v. 1 divide it 

amongst people, I distribute it ; 8. 

p. \.\^.naien..g^. 
Nenawitag9»in^ s. distrftmtion. 
Ninmwtant>m^inin) a. v. an. I divide 

it or distnbute it for him or te 

him ; 3. p. ntn,M j p. naie..wtd, 
J^Mviiawag, (nin) a. ▼. an. pi. I 

divide or distribute it amongst 

them ; 3. p. nen.n; p. naiem** 

Ifendotamagsdy p. s. a. Ite ^lat begv, 

beegar; pl.-^. 
yiendotang, p. s. a. he that asks or 

petitions, a petitioner ; pl.-^. 
JfmMgwdb,{nin) n. v. freq. I look 

aside ; 3. jj.-t ; p. nade.Md. 
Ningag himidei melted -grease, that 

is, hoeslard ; [F. saindoux.} 
yengomfdcanidy p. s. a. he thai hu 

only one hern, a unicorn; pl.-^. 
Ifenibihiwed, p. s. a. he that scalds , 

scolder ; p\.-jig. 
Ninibtwa, adv. {i\ie freaumiaHt€ of 

nUdwa^) much to each, much eve- 
ry time. — Nenibiwa ^i-^minawag ; 

each of them was given much.— 

Nenibiiwa wissini ; he eats much st 

every meal, (every time he eats.) 
J^inift num. two every time ; two 

each or to each. 
Keni^ng. num. twice every timtf ; 

twice each or to each. 
Neniffogwan, or nen^^ogigig^ every 

second day. 
Nenijtana, num. twenty every time ; 

twenty each or to each. 
Ifenijwak, num. two hundred every 

time ; two hundred each or to 





' ery time ; seventy each or to each. 

f[tn\jv)astfwtkkt num* seven hundred 
every time ; seven hundred each or 
to eachr 

yenijioasemt num. seven every time, 
■even each or to each. 

Jftni^waiMngj num. seven times 
every time ; seven times each or 

KenimidaTia, num. forty every time; 
forty each or to each, 

l^eninao. This word always occurs 
prefixed to a substantive signifying 
M BASURB, (of time or other things ;) 
and it means, one each; or one to 
each, or once in such a time ; as : 
Neningo makdk pakwijiganan o gi- 
gishptnanawan ; they hought a 
barrel of flour each. Neningo di- 
haigan manitowegin o gtminan ; he 
gave a vard of cloth to each. Ne- 
ningo gtsist bi-ija oma ; he comes 
here once a month. 

^fmwngotwamigMana, num. sixty 
every time ; sixty each or to each. 

Neningotwassfwahi num. six hundred 
every time ; six hundred each or to 

Ntningatwasswij num. six every time ; 
six each or to each. 

Neningotwatchin^f num. six times 
every time ; six times each or to 

Nenishwdssimidaaia, num. eighty 
every time; eighty each or to 
each. . 

JHf^nishwdswoak, num. eight hundred 
every time ; eight hundred each or 
to each. 

NtniskwoMwi^mim. eight every titne; 
eight each ot to each. 

jSttnuhwutohing^ nUm. eight times 
every time, eight timd^s each or to 

N^isaimiddna^ num. thirty every 
time ; thirty each or to each. 

NifnUainq^ num. three limes every 
titne ; Ihree times each or to each. 

NeniMwakf num. three hundred eve- 
ry time ; three hundred each or to 

Ximuwdf XMim. three every tuff# ; 

three each or to each. 

Neniwak, num. four hundred evecy 
time; four hundred each or to 

Neniwinf num. four every time ; fbur 
each or to each. 

N(tnitomg^ num. four times every 
time ; four times each or to each. 

Nu, as end-syllable in some neuter 
verbs, marxs disease, pa4n, aore» 
ness ; as : Nind oshkinjigonety I 
have sore eyes. Nind onamamnct^ 
I have the nerpes or erysipelas. 

NeshangoMginan, (nin) a. v. in. I 
unbend it, I loosen it, I slacken it; 
(a string or cord) 3. p. o nesh...i p. 

Neshangadis^ (nm) n. v. I am deli- 
cate, weak, (especially in walk- 
ing;) 3. p.-*; p. naie..8ii. 

Nethangiginan^ {nin) a. v. in. I 
slacken it, loosen it, (it is too much 
spread out ;) 3. p. on6«A...; ^.nai€. 

NesMingisse, or-magadf u. v. it is 
weak ; it is loose ; p. naicseg, or- 

Neahzbapinoda/ng^ p. s. a. he that 
mocks, mocker, ndiculer ; pl.-ti^. 

Niakibdpinodcvwad afwiia, p. s. a. 
he that mocks someboay, mocker 
or ridiculer of some person ; pl.- 

8. a. he that 
his words, a 


causes trouble 

tattler ; p\.-jig. 

Niskkoanadjitchigtd^ p. s. a. he that 

spoils, squanderer, spendthrift ; pi. 

Neahiwed, p. s. a. he that kills, a mujr* 

derer ; xX.-^ig. 
i\^ ; r^AZ-rvf, p u, a. ho that uses to 

kiJJ, habUuEil murderer^ or murdei' 

er of several persons ; pl-^^- 

a bad habit of getting an^ry ^ pae- 
eionatOj quick-tempered person . 

JVejfri, (ni^) n. v. I breathe, 1 takfl 

respiration ; 3. p. 1.; p. naUt^^ 
Nmediie, (nin) n. v. $. ^ogid. 




'Mimgwiahtdeonf s. toothpick or tooth- 
picker ; pin ; pl.~a». - 

Missinodawa, ifwf) a. v. <jt«.. I 
breathe into him or upon him • .3. 
pk. o nesii.j^ p, nm^^Jwad. 

^ NisaimUf s. breath, respiration. 

}NMsX)hagak, •^. 8. a. & ^lant that hks 

•"three leaves, clover. ' 

^J^mo-hejigod Kiji-Mamto, God who 

' 'lif three in one, the Btessed Tiin- 

^Sfetd'agofiwetang^ p. sl a. he that uses 

J to gainsay, gamsayer, contradictor; 

.' , also, incredulous, person ; disobe- 

' dient person.; pi.-M'. 

'NiM-anoUd^ p. s. a. he that uses to 
work, industrious person ; pl.- 

Netd-babaMiiangj p. si a. he that 
I uaes to obey, obedient person ; pi. 

;.7^. ; ':'. ^ .\ w 

Ifeta-habapimsidj p. a. a. he that 
uses to joke, great joker, great jes- 

, ter, merry fellow ; pl.-;;^. 

Hmd-Hmdssed, p. s. a. he who walks 
well, good walker, good pedestri- 
an; pl.-;^, 

SetdA^cmgedi p. St a, h^ who uses 
to insult persons, insulter ; pL- 

Imd-gdtiniwedy p. s. a. he (she) that 

uses to take care of the sick^ a good 

, nurse ; also, a good fnid-wife ; pi. 

yetagedf p. s. a. he that mourns^ a 
. mourner ; ^\.-jig* 
Jfetd-gigiiod, p. s. a> ^e that uses to 
speaTc, orator, speaker, haranguer; 

^Sd-gucavoidang^ p. s. a. . he who 
, , 9968 tp ^^rrel, quarreler, wrang- 
ler; pl.-4J^. 
Ifetd-giwaalikfwebid, p. s. a. he who 
,, uses to get drunk, nabitual drunk- 
* ard, confirmed drunkard,; v^-jig- 
JSdd-inub'andang ', p^ si a. ne that 
uses to dream, great dreaoaer ; pi.: 


_\-jmendjigedy p,'s. a. hJe who 
us^s todo,<;njri^»a cjiiaritable per-' 
•on ; pl.-jig. 

Ifjiuminl^, p: s. a. he'^tfttt'fs'^&toi 

first,the*first.born; pl.-^. ' . 
Mtamifdng^ p. & adj. the fir*t, thiB 
' foVfemost. 
Nttd-jmishkaiuisdnQg^ p. &, adj. th^t 

which Irfees rtot to decay or cort-opt, 

incorruptible. ' 
JS^etd-sagasswadj p. s. >. he that uses 

to smoke, great smoker; pl.-;;^. 
Netwendamy {nin) n. v. S. Kashleen- 

N^ioendqmia, (nin) b.. v. ,<wi. S. 

Nitwpidamowin^ s. S. Kdehlcenda/iifw- 

win. ' ; 

J^etod ^iawy p. s. a. 1\te'that Mils his 

body, suicide : -pl.-jio. 
JITewadJindim, adv. in the water, (not 

on the bottom, but floating under 

the surface of the water. ) [C. en- 

tre deux eaux.] 
JV^iioej 8. hisser, a kind of serpent ; 

MmsKkq^j or-^magad, u. v. it lowei;^, 
falls ; p. naiew..hagyOr-magak. 

.Ni. This particle givies to a verb the 
accessory signification of depar- 
ture, of going on ; as : Qi-nt-p- 
w&joajgy they returned home. Gi- 
ni^madja^ he is gone away. 

ir*d/ interj. exclamation used only 
by females, signifying, aha! ha^ 
alas ! ah ! 

gZV»6, {nin\n. v. I die,,! perish, t ex- 
pire, I depart this life ] , 3- p. fi^\ 
p. n^bod. 

\mhdi (nin) n. v.. 1 sleep, I 'am ajB- 
leeo ; also, X sleep elsewhere, (not 
at home ; [F. je decouche ;] 3. p. 

l,;p. ««M» . . • . 
ivibaam, (nin) n. y. I walk ai night, 

in the, pi^ht-time ; ^. p. 1.'; p. nd- 

laang.—Sia bi-nibaamt I arrive ift 

the night. 
J!fibd-<mc(^miegjfig<idj s. Cbristmas.. 
Nihd'bAniii)\i.v. S. Jfibinab. 
^ibajidlkgaiif {nin) n, v. my breast is 

uncovered indecently, 3. p, J»» P* 

NMdi8,\nin) n. v. I am gluttonous; 

intemperant (in eating;) vora- 

Wus; 3. p.^'; p. nih..nd. 




NibadjisMnt inin) n. v. I am lying 
in an mdetent posture; 3. p. I .; ]». 

Ntbdga^ ox-^ma^fods ti. v. the eap of 

the uiaple^treee n running in the 

night-time; p. neba^ag, or-^nMfCLk. 
J^dgan^ s. bed; pi .-an. 
Inbdganah or nihdgai*a^, a. bed- 
stead; pi .-on. 
Nibngantgirij s. b«d8h6et;pl.-<m. 
yibdgwe, (nm) n. v. I thirst, I am 

thirsty, 1 am dry; E. p. 1.; p. nd>.. 

JVtibdgtoewinj s. thirst. 
\Nibdtaiufej (nin) n. v. S.I^nihaiatce, 

freq. v. 
J^ibdmijaaa, {nin) n. v. I arrive in 

the night, (in a canoe or boat;) 3. 
_p. l.:p. neo.^gad, 
jHbdoadtan. {nin) a. v. in. I arrive 

to it in tke night; 8. p. o nih.».; p. 

jfTibdoditaowe, (nin) n, v. («r, ntn 

hi-ndbaam^) I arrive in the night; 

3. p. 1.; p. neh.,wed. 
NibdodUAway (nin) a. ▼. an. I arriVe 

to him in the night; 3. p. omib-.n; 

p. n^..wad; imp. nibdoditi. 
Jmdshky (nin) n. v. I libe to sleep, 

I sleep long, I am a long-sleeper; 

3. p.-i. p. 
yibatthka^ i^nin) n. V. I walk about 

in the night, I rove in the night, I 

am anight-rovcr; 3. p. L; p. n«>.. 

2/ibdshiawinf s. walking or fovtng 

in the night. 
Jflbdsomagoty (ttm) d. v. I «inell 

like a corpse, I have the odor of a 

dead person; 3. p.-f. p. neb.^id. 
Ntbdeomagosiwinj s. dead-smell; [G. 

IfibaUbik, «dv< at night, in the night, 

in the time of -sleep, night-time. 
Nibaiw, {nin) n. v. I stand, I am< 

standing np; 3l. p<-t; p. ndbautid. 
Nibftwahiue^ {nin) n. v. I fall on my 

feet, (felling from a certain height ; ) 

3. p. 1« p;. n^..ud. 
J^dbdwewHHmabi, {ni») m. v. I am 


Miing wMi a h«ok in tiiftiBgkt; 3. 

Tihawia, {nin) a. v. ««. I make him 
stand up, I put up some mu oU. 
and mare it stand; 3. p.<*^iiA..n.; 
p. nch.^> 

Ktb&win^n. sleeping, sleep. - 

Nibdwissin^ {nin) n. v. I eat tn the 
niglrt; 3. pt-tjp; ntb^id. 

Jfibdunstinkoin, s. mght^fneal^ «at- 
in tAie night* to keep off sleen:: f F. 
T^eillon.1 ^^ 

JTibaw&on, (nin) a. v. m. I pot it up 
to stand, I make it stand; 3* p. <> 
n&f...j p. nab.4od, 

Nibamwiny s. standing, the standing 
position. — Anamdi^ h^m t w4% , 
Cbristiaii marriage ceremony per- 
formed by a priest^ Sacrament of 
matrimony- (It n called, Ana- 
mie-nibatoMciny because the paities 
come forth and stand before the 
priest who performs the Rites of 

Kibea^ (»en)a. v. an. I make him 
sleep, I lull him to sleep, (a child;) 
3. p. nibean; p. mbem. 

.N&eby {nin) n.v.. I sit tip at lugltt 
watching a corpse; 3. p.-«; p. n&be- 

Nibibiiam, (nin) n. v. I watch in 
the night, I sit uf> at nif ht; 3. p« 
1.; p. wb.*iang, 

dfibMdn, {min) a. v.-wi. I watch it 
in the liight,. (a corpse;) 3. p. ontj 
...; p.4M(ua«^. 

Nibibitawa, {nin) a. v. ««. I watch 
him in the nignt, (a sick pernoR, 
etc. ) 3. p. 4> fM»..«; p. n4ib..wad. 

Nibigcm^ {nin) n. v. 1 wait for game 
in the night on the water, in a ca- 
noe; 3. p.^o; p. nebegomod. 

Nibigomowiny waiting for game in 
the night on the water. 

Nibigomowini'mbi, s. f^re-steel Rin^ 
er. Lake Superior. 

Nibinab^ {nin) u« v.. Isit up at nif^t, 
I don't go to bed; 3. p.-»; p. nib., 

J^ibewaboy a. laudanum, opium. 

Ntbimnj 8. camp, encampment, 
place wfoece travelers sleep in tl^e 

people ileep, domdiOTf, tleei^ng- 

BOMV pl.WHi. 

Jii^ «: water. 

iftW; V my tooth; pi. «*«flr».— ^i*- 

Ud nmd akosiny I have toothache. 
jmidaah, •. my bad rotten tooth ; ]4. 
V -e». 
MUU, in.ooiiipoeitioiw,aUiiile8 to a 

nott^y Um or fia9t$r«. ( Examples In 
. some of Ihe following words.) 
KiUde-aiaminy {nin) n. v. pi. we are 

sU in A row, pi. uabids-aia^iH!' 
MkiddUrmni {nin) n. ▼. pi. we are 

sitting in a row or Une ; p. Htib.. 

Jfihi3e$n9Wtm4nt (nin) n. t. pi. we 
we riMping or lying in row; p. 

JSfiMta, ot-^agad, a. ▼. tiiere is wa. 
twr; p. nebihag, OT-magak. 

JRbdadan, {nin) a. y. in. I put some 
wnter in, (in wine or some other 
liquid;) 3. p. n*&...; p. neb,.cmg, 

ISmhatU, Of^-magad^ u. v. there is 
WiaJter in it, (m some liquid;) p. 

MUMkOM^ (nin) a. v. a». I suck him, 
^a sick person, according to the 
Indian fashion;) [C. je le sucejl 3. 
p.«i»»li.f»; p. Mk.adi imp. nibikaf, 

IfrnJumgi, or nibing, in the water. 

IfUfiki, {nin) n. ▼. 1 suck, (doctor- 
ing a siok person after the Indian 
^hion;) 8. p. L; p. ndfikid, 

Mnlmoiny sucking, (a kind of In- 
dian doctoring.) 

JVSMWvtii^*, s. sucker, (a man that 
sueks a sick person after the In- 
4ian fashion ; ) pl.-ei^M^. 

yihiniU. summer.— imm^ or nth 
hingan, in summer, KHmong, last 
'smnmer. Panima nihing, next 

Jflhiny u. v. it is summer; p. naibing. 

^ma, adv. Ot, 8. Iftbiwa, 

^^Kfi<tf, {nin) n. v. I fetch water; 

• 3. p.*f ; p. nt^neidid, 

yibinakamigat oi-mngady u. v» it is 
summer, the suramer^season; p. 
nciB..gag^ or-mugak, 

ilF^*n«, in compositions, alludes to a 


hm or rsas« It has ^ Mmetlt- 
nification as Nxffide* (Examples 
in some of the following words.)', 
WibiniUmiMt {ni») n. y. pi. we are 
sitting in a straight lin^ or row; p. 

JSHbinigwwnmint {nin) n. y. pi. we 
are standing in a line, one after 

another; p. nah^djig. 
Wibinio9$i$mn,{nin) n. ▼. pi. we m 

walking in a line, one i^r an- 
other; p»^f 
Mhiniihf (nin) n.v. I spend or pass 

the ^summer in a certain place; I 

summer; 3. p.-»; p. — Man- 

ingwan^kamng nin vfi^nibinisk;! 

intend to spend tho summer 9k 

N'lMi^Mmogady u. v^ it passes tb» 

summer, or cemains all summer, 

in a certain place; p. n^.,gi^. 
Nikiniikitijsinr s^the spending of t^ 

summer-sieasen in a certi^p plaice, 

the summering^ 
Nibini6u>ai§>ntn. on. ftununer-skin n| 

summer-fur of an >nimal; pl-^. 
NitdaKs, Ot. water, S. if»W . 
Nihi»)ikii<MkknJoagt$^ ox-imgaAi V* 

V. it is muddy, miry, mfii^y;p. 

neb.. gag, or^-magak. 
NibitfMa, orrmagadt n, v. 3f ^^ 

Nibfteikkany { nin) h. t. «r». I go frpm 

one place to another, I walk the 

whole length of a town, etc; 3. P- 

o nib...; p. nah^.€tngr^O ntb^^ 

kanan w<ikaiganani he goes from 

house to house. 
Ifibiw, {nin)u. v. S. JTtbiwit. 
Mbiwa, ady. and a^j- much.; many, 

plenty of.« 
^ibiwabila, ox^-magad^XL. v. the rock 

is wet; p. iMft...a^. ot-mctgak. 
Nibiwagad, u. y. there is much of it, 

plenty of it; 
Nibiwagisitrwi, {nin) n. v. pi. we 

are many; p. nab..djig. 
J^ibimakmmiga, or-magady u. y. the 

ground is wet, p^ tt^.^ag, or-im- 

Nibiwan^ u. y. it is wet, damp; p« 

is wet; p« nthJbafy Qx^ma^nik* 
Nibiufiit (min) n. y. I aoi wal;3. p.- 
#*; p. ni'**id, 

J/ihiwUidey icin) n. y. my feet are 

wet;8.p. I.; j^. n^.Jml. 

Jitbivfiitagaf or-^magadt u. ▼. the 

flcior Is wet; p. neb..ff»gt or-mmgtJk. 

JPIMo^f OT-^mof/ndy u. V. it dies and 
dries, (a leaf, a flower, etc.) p* f*^ 
..^, ot'*magak. 

Jfibddti ox-f/M^dy a. ▼. it^dies from 
heat; p. n^id^g^ ot-^nhogak, 

' Stbddeso, n. v. 3. p. it dies from 
beat, {an. obj.)p. 7i€b..tod. 

Hfibdhana^ (nm) a. v. a^ I don't 
leave bim but after his death; 3. 
p. i^,.n', p. neb„nad, 

jSufoma, (nm) a. v. an. I wish he 
would die, expressing it in words; 
also, I condemn him to death; 3. 
p. o ntb'.n; p.nfibomad. 

fftbdmagadfU. v. pers. it dies, it per- 
ishes; p. nd>**gdk,-^Nij nat/ikwan- 
an gi-rUbomagadon; two vessels 

JUib^fidmy {nin) a. ▼. in. I condemn 
it, I wish its destruction; 3. p. o 
nib**,', p. neb..ang. 

yUxindimin, {mn) com. v, we wish 
destruction and death to one an- 
other; p. nebondtdjig. 

Sibongddis, {nin) n. v. I am sad and 
afflicted; 8. p.-i; p. nth..*id, 

Ntbotdge, (nin) n. v. I die for some- 
body; 3. p. 1.; p. mb.^ged. 

N^tawa^ {nin) a. v. an. I die for 
bim; 3, p. o nib..n; p. neb..wad, 

NiboWt {mn) n. v. I anr sick of the 
palsy; [ F. je suis paralytique;] 3. 
p.-»V p. u^xnoid, 

Imowaipine, (nin) n. v. S. Niboto. 

J^ibawapineunn, s. palsy; [G. Gicht.] ' 

^ibowmimnf inin) a. ^. an. I wish . 
him deaih in ray thoughts, (with- ' 
out ezpresaing it in words;) Icon- ' 
demn him to death,in my thoughts; i 
3. p, mb, p. nib..mad. | 

Sibowiqade. {nin) n, v. I have a' 
dead leg, by paUy; 3. p. 1.; p. neb 
.4^. 1 

Mk^mma* (tmr^) a. v» am. I kilt or 
desuoy some mn* olij.; 3. p. omb.. 

n; p. neb.^mad. 

Nib&unn, s. death, decease. 

Nibdwindan, {nin) a. ▼. in. I kill it, 
destroy it, suppress it; 3. p. o 
nibf p. neb., ana. 

Nib6w%n%k€y {nm) n. v. I have a 
dead arm, by palsy; 3. p. 1.; p. 
neb..hed. ' 

Nib6wininid4i, (ntn^ n. v. I have a 
de^d hand) by palsy; 3. p. I.; p. 
neb.. id. 

Mbomni-pitcMxfwinf s. deadly poi- 

Kilomsidey {nin) n. v. I have a 
dead foot, by palsy; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Ntbwdka^ (nin') n. v. I am wise, I 
am intelligent, reasonable, pni- 
dent, discreet; righteous, orderly, 
chaste, quiet; 3. p. 1.; p. nebwot 

Kihwdkda, {nin) a. v. I make him 
wise, intelligent, prudent, etc.; 
3. p. onib..n; p. neb. .ad. 

Nibwakddendam^ {nin) n. y. I think 
wisely, I have wise prudent 
thoughts; 3. p. 1.; p. nd>..ang. 

X^ibwaJcadendamotoiny s. wise think- 
ing, wise thought; pl.-an. 

Jfibwakdienimy {nin) or, nin nibwh 
hdwenimy n. v. 9. J^ibwahdii' 

Ninwdkdienindis, (nin) r. v. I think 
I am wise, prudent, intelligent, I 
am wise in mv own conceit; 3. 
p.-o; p. neb.. sod. 

Mbmakaigon, {nin) pers. v. it makes 
me wise, intelligent, etc.: 3. p. o 
nib...; p. neb.. god. — Kid ikiUntin, 
Behenimiian, nin nibwakdigon* 
Thy word, O, Loi'd, makes me 
wise, teaches me wisdom. 

2{ibwa1cd'ijiicehi*siwiny s. wise atid 
prudent conduct or behavior. 

NwwakdJcanddway {nin) a. v. an. I 
am wise and righteous before him, 
in his sight; 3. p. onib..n; p. «k^.. 

Nibuaidtagosy {nin) n. v. I speak 
wisely 3. p.-«*; p. neb..fid. 




^ilhi^akdiitffoeUffin, s. intellifent ivike 
speaking; prudent discourse. 

Nihwakawiny s. wisdom, understand 
in^, intelligence, prudence, good 
sense, intellect, reason. 

'Nibwakdioinind, s. a wise, intelligent, 
prudent man; a righteous, honest 
man; pl.-t^o^. 

yibwiim.^. my thigh; p\,-<in, 

JNynodMissifif u. v. it withers, de- 
cays,' p. neb^.ing. 

NSbwdtckiioe, {nin) n. ▼. I pay a visit 
or visits; 3. p. 1.; p. rUb.,wed. S. 

NibwdtcMa^ {nin) a. v. an. I visit 
him, I pay him a visitj 3. ^. o 
nib..n', p. neb,.ad. S. Mawadissa. 

Nibwindamt {nin)n. v. I die of sor- 
row; 3. p. 1.; p. neb..ang.. 

lUdj'' or mdji., as I, like myself, my 
fellow-. NidjHhwe, a woman like 
myself. Ntdfanohita^emninij my 

. fellow-sefvs^nt. Nidji-JcwiuyUen- 
sag, my fellow-boys. 

Nidj' anishinahe. s. my fellow-man, 
my neighbor; [F. mon prochain; 

' G. mein Mitmensch, mem Naech- 
ster;] pl.-^. 

Nidjiy (a man or boy speaking t© a 
man or boy,) my comrade, my 
friend, my equal. 

jyidji-Hrnddisit s. my fellow-liver, 
my neighbor; pl.-^. 

Nidjihia>% s. my brother; my com- 
rade; pl.-^'a^.— This word signi- 

. fies, my brother, without regard to 
the age, whether older or younger 
than lam. {^, Nissaie. Ni^hime.) 
Only a male may say, nidjikiw^y 
tnj brother. A female Would say, 
nind awema. 

yidjiHwesi, 8. n^y friend, my com-, 
rade; pl.-ia^. — Only a male speak- 
ing to a male or of a male, will 
say so. A female will say, nin- 

yifff {nin) a. v. I am born, I come 
into the world; 3. p. nigi] p. nd- 

Nigan^ adv. ahead, before, in ad- 
vance, in the forepart, before- 

iVMdfM, (fi^W) n. ▼. I an fiM^AMt, 

(traveling in a eanoe w boat;) 3. 

p.r-o; p. na^naod. 
,2iiganadjimy {nin) n. v. I foretel, I 

prophesy or propfaetize; {niattny 

before; nin dm^jim^ I tell;) 3. 

p. -a; p. nag. .mod, 
Nij^abj {nin) d. v, I bbi sttting 

loremo^t, in a range or row; S. 
. -p.-i; It. nagaaakid. . ... 

Niganddjimowihey s. prophetess: 


J^tgafiddjimatffin, s. foretelling, pre- 
aictidn, prophecy; pl.-a». 

Niganddjimomninif s. foreteller, 
prophet; iph^^iag. 

Ntpandhwaigan, s. bowsprit; pT.-on. 

Niganendafis, {nin) ti. v. 1 am .con- 
sidered a Superior, I am a superi- 
or, the foremost, the first or one 

• of the first, (in a good' or bad 
sense;) 3. p.^'; p. nag..8id. 

Niganendagwadf u. v. it is the prin- 
cipal thin^, the chief matter, it is 
essential, it is foremost, (in a good 
or bad sens3;) p. nag.. wok. 

Niqanendagwakamigy adf . essential- 
ly, foremost, (considered 'fore- 
most. ) 

Niganendun, {nin) a. v. in. I consid- 
er it foremost, I think it is the 
principal thing, or one of the prin- 
cipal things, (in a good or bad 
sense;) 3. p. o..nig...\ p. nag.. 

NiganenifMLy {ndn) a. v. an. I think 
he is the first, or one of the first. 

. the foremost, (in a good or bad 
sense;) 3. p. onig..n\ ^. nag.. mad. 

Niganiy {nin) n. v. I walk foremost, 
1 take the lead, I precede; 3. p. 1.; 
p. na>panid. 

2Hgan/hay {nin) a. v, an. I make him 
walk foremost, I make him a su- 
perior, I cause him to be the first 
or one of the first; 3. p. o nig..n; 
p. naganiad. 

Ntganihatoy {nin) n, v. I run ahead, 
I run before another; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Niganinydwaj {nin) a. y. on. I tend 




^tt before me; 8. p. o «^;' p. 
nag^^wad; imp. ni^tmiftijd, 
NiganiSt (nmjn. v. I am foremost, 
I am the first, or one of the first, 
I sin a supetrior, a chief; 3. p.-»; 
p. noffystd. 

Niganiskkfi^ (nin} n. v.< I start first, 
1 start before tbie others do*; 3. p. 
. Ui p. nAg^Jcad, 

lUgttAisikemdwnfuiwin^ s. supeHority, 
chieftainship, dignity or pe^er of 
a iurperior or chief. 

yiganidkafiddfiy (nin) a. v. in- 1 have 
power over it, 1 am at the head of 
It, I exercise authority and juris- 
diction over it; a. p. onig..; p. 

Niganisikandatbay (nin) a. v. an. 1 
am his superior, nis chief, I have 
power or jurisdiction over him; 3. 
"p. onig..n; p. nag.. wad. 

^THga/nidm, n. v. 3. ind. p. one is su- 
perior, chief; p. naganising. 

Niganisim, s. superior, chief;, pl.- 

<^.— This word is always preceded 

' h'^ a possessive pronoun; as: ^in 

m^anidmy my superior; Tci nigOf 

ntsm, thy superior, etc. 

Nigdnisimn^ s. precedence, superi- 
ority, chieftainship. 

Nigani-wikufeuiMkiss'Uch.igan^ s. the 

" chief corjier-stone; pl.-aw. 

Nigdno98e^{nin)Ti,'^. {niaan, forcr 
most; nwi himoase, I walk;) I walk 

* or march foremost; 3. p. 1.; p. 

IHaandtsekwe, s. a woman that walks 
foremost, that takes the lead; 

iHgwioeaeunndwi^ s; a man that walks 
or marches foremost, at the head 
of a company; commander, war- 
chief; p\.-^ag, . . 

il^g^, {ndn) a. v. an. I give him 
birth, I bring him forth; 3. p. <^ 
n4gian; p. ndgtad. 

Nigiaiwtutf (nin) n. v. I am gr<it^^ 
birth to a child; 3. p.-o; p. nag., 

Jfigidwauowim, s. childbirth, de- 
Uierj, kbor. 

In^fii, ». a kind oJF'fiaii; [G. pte^ 

^igig* 8. otter; pl.-ioa^. 

NigigonBj^* dipi^* young otiev; pi.- 

Nigigwaiafit a. an. otter-skin; pl.- 
^\ , ' 

NigigtdaJtamigadin, u.' v. there h 
hoaf-frost on the ground; p. fw^.. 
ding. ^ ' . 

Ntgigwahahad-j or nigimvanahadiny 
u. V. there is hoar-frost on the 
trees; p. neg..hah or neg..ding. 

Ifigigmdshkadin, u. v. there is hoar- 
frost dn the grassy or on herbs and 
plants; p. n«^..m^. 

JftgigwiUgady u. v. it is gray, of a 
gjay color, (cloth, stuff;) p. neg,. 

N\gigvktagaw6 lehejigogaMty the 
horse is gray. 

Nigigwetagisi, n. v. 3. p. it is of a 
gray color, (stuff, an. obj.) p. 

Nlgwkagadt pers. v. it is bom, in. 
obj., that 18, it comes into ex- 
istende^* p, ndg..gak. 

Nigin fc^auy u. v. the field 'produces 
fruit; p. naging. 

Mgilag, {nin) a. y. an. pass, lie it 
born to me. — Krisihi gi-nigitago- 
wd\ Ch-rist is born unto you. ' 

Nigitaway {nin) a. v. an. I j^ve 
birth to a child for him or td hint; 
3. p. oni^..n; ^. nag.. toad.— Nanc^ 
o gi-nigttawan o tcidigemagana^ 
ofivissiniy {or vgioissintwan:) Nan- 
cy has born a son to her husband. 

Sigiton^ ^nii}) a. v. in. I give it 
birth, I Urihg it fo^th; 3- p. <?n^...; 
p. nagUnd. — Batadottin Qnigtfrm 
n'Qxnoin; sin brings forth death; 

' Hj. peccatura generat mortem. J 

^ilgiwm. 9., birth. Andji-nigivHn, 
second birth, regeneration. ^ 

Jfigtwini-gijigad, 8. birthday. 

JTigoskJtuy or -md^ad, u, v. it is torn 
much, torn to pieces, (stuflF, Noth- 
ing, &c.;) p. naa..hag, or -^mdgak. 

NigosKkdn^ (ntn) a: ▼. in. I tear it 
t6 pieces; 3. p. e>ify...; p. nt^.uMg. 




to pieces, {an, obj.);3. p;!Q n^ofi; 
p. naa..wa4. 
Niiafyiaen^ {nin) n^ V. I giiash and 
^ow the teetlk; 3. p. -i*^ p. naio^* 

NUdit^ 1. my flesh. 

2fiiaWt s. my body; myself. 

SHqmu^ s. my namesake. JEt<<n9«#, 
thy namesake, vnio^we^iar^ his 

il^iTkiU'e, (nin) n. v. I speak the 
language of the people with whom 
1 live; 3. p. 1.; p. naiwuoedi 
jf, num. two. 

dagaai, s. an, my skin. M*}<igaai, 
thy skin; njagadian* his skin, 

Jfi^^gafk, s. my croup.— J2?;i^», thy 
croup; ojigan, his croup. 

Mjiganigauj my croup-bone. — ^This 
and the preceding word, have al- 
ways a possessive pronoun before 
them, which formes one word 
with its noun. 

Ififihij adj. alone. 

Ni^iHohmt {.nin) n. y. I am alone 
m a canoe; 3. p. 1.; p. nef,.ang. 

yiiikiwdby (nin) n. v. lam alone, 

. (in a room, in a house, in a bodge;) 
3. p. -4; p. nej.Md. 

Jli^imt, (nin) n. v. I am alone, 
(where ever:) 3. p. -i; p. n^.^M. 

Ntjimin^ inin) num. v. an, we are 
two; p. najia^iq, 

iV^finir, num. twice. 

Stjifumagadj u. v. there are two 
things; p. naj.^ak, 

NUvMUy num. v. in, there are two, 
Ifn, obj.) 

Nhiihi^ s. my uncl#, my moiher^a 
brother; j>l. -iag, — Mjiahi, thy 
uncle; (yiskHof^y his uncle. — 8. 

N^Oy num. two, before substantives 
aenotingMBAsuRS, of time or other, 
things; as: Sijo dibaigan gi- 
isJiJcwo'TKawahwe; two o'clock in 
the ftf^ernoon. Ni^o d0abisMtodjir 
gaii ^4ib»hoadf two pounds of 

MJo-ancfinUgiJigttdf % fortnight. 

S^obm^nindj^ twice » :few4ful,— 

'nln gM^hoMigi M« ira^e m» only 

twice 2| handful of corn. ^ 

lTij6bidonant{nin) a. v. {». pi. I tie 

two. together, V%n. obj.) 3, p. o 

nij...\ p. naj:.adi. — I/m nifd^i- 

donan onnw mitigontanx I tie two 

of these sticks togvtber. 
NipiUna^ {Mh) ». v. 1 eatefa two 

fishes in a net* <or in several 

neteO a. p. U; p. 4M^0MiMMi.*-8. 

N^6binag, {nin) a. v. #«. pl^ I tie 

two together, (aa, obj.) 3. p, o 

n^..n\ p. iu0.,nad. 
If^obisomin, {nin) n. v. ai». pi. we 

are two tied together; p. nqj„ 

2f^oo6nihmt twice both haada fuU. 
^pdiy s. twin; pi. -^iaq, 
Nxjode^ two families, — N^dde aia- 

wagy thej are two families. N%j6dt 

dagwxahinog^ two families arrive. 
2iy6dawUimint {nin) n. v. pi. we 

are two families^ p. naJ.Miig, — 

I^in nijodewisimm eta, minii omd 

aiaiang; we are only two familieSr 

all of US here. 
MfodSihet {nin) n, v. I am delivered 

of twins; 3. p. 1.; p. na^.Jud, 
J^odishkani, n. v. 3. p. it has (wo 

horns; p. na^,.nid, 
JS^ijogade, {mn) n. v. I have two 

legs; 3. p. 1.; p. nc^,.d^. 
Ifijngainig^ two lodges or houaes.— 

£awii*hataina8iinon omd wigma^ 

man, nijogamig eta aiewan; there 

are not many lodges (or houses) 

here, there are only two. 
Nijogamigiaimin^ {nin) n. v. pi. we 

are in two lodges (or houaeai)^. 

Mjogijig, two days, (but only ons 

Mjogiitqa^y », Tuesday, (two dayt 

after Sunday.) S. ^iMgtpcMogqd* 
Nijdgijigad, ». t.. it is Tvieadayj p. 

nqj,^ah j . ^ , / 

^^<)giiM9waga^t uv V. it is ^wo 

months nncev bwo nM>nths ago; p. 

nfij^ak,^VQT the rwt, W : MfMCf^ 

gumwagady d&c.S. (mgrHMHl^^ 




twomoDths old; 

It. r. 1 a^ 


J^ogwan, two days, (and two 
nights.) S. A^ogijig. 

Nifogwanagtidy u. v. there are two 
days, (and two nights;) {>. nq;.. 
gmk. — But when tney regard onlv 
the days, they will say, Hfijogi^^ 
gmiy there ara two days, (but not 
yet two nights.) For that reason 
they call Tuesoay, ^^Nijogijigad;*'' 
because on Tuesday there are two 
^ay« after Sunday, but not yet two 
nigkUy beginning from Monday 
morning, where the workdays m 
the week begin. 

Nneguxmoffie^ {'Mn) n. v. } am two 
days old; 3. p. -i\ p. naj*aid*'ni^ Tn^) n. v. I am 
absent two days, (going en^yo- 
^age^^&c.) 3. p. -i; p. naj..did. 

2f^6hdmaway (nin) or, ninnnokatcat 
a. y. on. I help or assist him; 3. 

o ny.M'y p. nt^,Mad^ 
'ijdhaminy (nin) n. v. pi, we are 
two in a canoe or boat; p. nq^c 

N^dhneWy {fUn) n. y. I have two 
wives, I am a bigamist; 3. p. -i'; 


.-^ Qy two round globular ob- 
jects, on, or i». Stjominaff eta 
Ibid aehamin mishiminaffy I give 
ithee only two apples. 

JUmiinagy two canoes, boats, &c. 
jfin wdbandanan fchimanan n^ 
nag; I see two canoes. 

Jf^onijigofty s. two pieces, (of fish, 
pork, meat, &c.> 

J^ofUk, 8. two fathoms. 

KijoiUndjy s. two fingers, that la, 
two inches. 

Jtji^nindjiny (nin) h. v. I join both 
nands togetner; 3. p. -4; p. nt^.t 

N^oMt^ (nw) n. ▼. I have two 
children; 3. p. 1.; p. najonjed. 

!N%j6tMmag, (nin) a. v. an. pi. I lay 
two together m one place, (atk. 

' MmdijUtig; I lay twochildMii in 

oner bed. 
If^d ^mw Uny {nitt) n. y. pi. we He 

two together in ona place; p. ma- 

^sAhy two breadths of stuff or 

cloth; also; relating to two shoes, 

two itteces of stove-pipe; &c. 
NyoBMcad owpathkmgmn, u. v. this 

IS a gu* with two barrels, a 

double-barreled gun: p. nqf,.1s<^, 
Nijoshkigwadafiy {nin) a. v. in. I 

sew two breadth of stuff or cloth 

together; 3. p. e n^..,^ p. na^.. 

Nijo€nkigfMid€y or-magady u. v. it fa 

sewed in two breadths, two 

breadths are sewed together; ^, 

naj..degy or -^netgak* 
ifij6%kkiny two bags full. — Op4tUM 

nin gi-gi^hpinanag nijoekkm; 1 

bought two bags of potatoes. 
JVijondy s. two feet, (24 inches.) 
Nijotmgy rwo barrels full of a. th.^ 

or two wooden boxes full. 
Nij69eitehig<sd^wemy u. v. pi. two 4rU 

obj. are put or laid together; pr 

JVijdMikmany (nm) a. t. iti. ft\. I lay 

or jHit two tojgetner, in. ol^. ; 3» p. 

o nij...; p. ni^..Utd. 
Niitanay num. twenty. 
Ntjtan^ky num. twenty hundred, two 
1^ thousand. 
Nigtan&hmminy (nin) num. v. «». 

we are two thousand in numberi 

p. naj.Mdjig* 
I^tjtamahtadon, num. y. in. there 

are twenty hundred, (twothoutf* 

and,) in. objects* 
JVijtanafweminy {nin) num. v. 0d, 

we are twenty; p. n€tj..tffig. 
Jfi^tanoitcitDany'majn' v. in. there are 

twenty, (in. objects.) 
Jf^tanoMiwdny num. v. there ara 

twenty pair of... 
Mjwdbigtnany (wm) n, v. an. I put 

two together, (thread, con^s^ 

strings;) 3. p. on^..,; p. nqj.Mng. 
Nijwdbihy s. two objects of metal, 

atone, glass, an. or tn.— They "use 

this word alao to signify, „two 




the vford janiiat silver; diAi. Nima- 
>.bib •in gi*dik€UMimgy be p«4d fn^ 
two doUars; <iT,.ni^w0bik jo»U{in 
nin gi'dihdamag, 
NiJufauLgeuii u. v. , it; ia 4ouble, it i^ 
m two manners, it is in, two kinds 
or sorts, there 'are< two kinds of 
it; p. naj.jgah. 
¥ij.waiaai!dmi», {nin) ft. v. pi. we 
are of two kinds .or classes; p. 
. na^.sidjig. 

Sii^tmki num. two hundred. 
Jf^dkoHmin, {nin) num- v. an. we 

are two hundred ; p. naj..djig, 
Jfifwakwadoa, num, y.,«n. . there aije 
, two hundred, («». obj,) 
Jf^tpdJet/fewdri, mim' y. o^.. d& in. 
there are two hundred pair. — jy^ij- 
y^akweuf^n ' mahhinan. nijwahm-. 
\ wqn ffaie>, m(tnd^k<uo(ma§; two 
hun.dir«d pair moccasins, and two 
hundred pair mittene* ■ . . . ; 
IT^fiJmoc^an^ 8. two spans, (as 
measurement;) [F, deux empans.] 
J^i^waseimidanay num. seventy. 
J^moassimiddnah , Jium. seyonty 

hundred, seven thousand* 
Jfi^jwafsimid/mf^sosMny (rUn) nun|. 
. T. o^ we are seven thousand in 

number : pi. nu^. .^Jig. 
jnjwasdmidandiswadon, npm. t, in. 
. thera are s^van thousaiuij {in. ol^'.) 
Jfijwassimddanaweminy {mn) num. 
y. a#. w» are seventy^ p. nc^-.tped- 
NijwoMimidanaMitDaiK nqm. y. in. 

there arefcventy* {vt, objects,) 
Jfijitfa8sifnidanau>4i4>d»j num. y. there 

are seventy pair of.,.. 
J^ipoatsOf num. seven* (before sub- 
stantives denoting MKAsmiE, of 
time or any other thing.) S. Nijo. 
Mv¥m4bzdtinan. {nin) 
ifijwaasdUna. {nin) 
MSfoassobinaa, (m») 
J^wasaobonytan* ,, , . 
)mv>qk8s6de» /. . j , 

^Mwdtrngami^. ,. ^ 

y^aatpgatfHffydmin* (»♦»)/. 

Imwaasogwcmagit. {nin) 

Ifi^assogwafUnd. {nm) 

jtnjwasaokamnn. ( nin) , 







Ntiwasaoshinimin. (ntf|) 


Nihoassoahkin. ' ' 


Ntjwassossitonan. (nff») 
NijwoMfwabigin^in. {nik) ^ 

NijwaMioaiagudu . ■ ^ . 
J^t0astwaiagiifimin. {nin) 

J^ijujoMwakod^n' (^V*) 


Nf^ijuas8u}dkwiwa^\ . 




Nijwasswewan. — S . Kijoba/ninini^. 

■ • changing in EugU8|i, ewo into te- 
ven; as: J^ijobaneninm, twice (two 
times) a handfuL Ifijwaaaobanii^ 
indjf seven times a handful.-J\?ipo- 
hidonarii Cnin) 1 tie two tcjffethw. 
2^ijwass6bid6nanf {niu)l tie feven 
tpgetMer.-iUid'so on x^sfpecii^elj* 

i^^wdsiwii num. seven. 

Ntjwdtchimin, {niti) num. \, we 
are seven; pu najwatchi^iig' 

Nijwatching^ num. seven tiipes. 

NtjwatchtM midasnpahy h* aeyet 
thousand. . „ 

Nijwatchinony num. v. iik. there are 
sevf)n, {in. ob||.) p< najwatchinguk» 

Nijwatig.v. two objects of wood, an* 
Or in.-Nijwatig missan pindtgadimi 
bring in two>,ic|i^, or two piece«i 
of wood tqr" fuel. ^Ntjwaixg gaie 
g^ihag pindif^j; bhng in also iW 
pieces of ce^ar. 

^V^^higf Wo (CJbjecU of. f^loth or stuff, 




4lfiw or i».t tor two abeet9«of pAp^T^ 
tin, iron» etcr^^i/co^^ motkutegy 
mjwea datk nUxManigimm; two 
haDdkerchiefa ana t,wo bedsheet^f 
^jw6wdn, two pair of..., an. of w.- 
ifijwiwan pijiHiffag, two pair of 
oxen; nijwiwan tnofwojfanan, iwo 
pair of scissors. 

Mk, arm. This word is always con-r 

nected with a possessive pronoun; 

as: I^inik, my arm; hinikf thy arm; 

onik, his arm. Kmikant thy arms, 

Mkdf a. a kind of wild goose"; [C. 

Otttar<le;] pi, nihoff* 
Jyikdhandamj [nin) n. v. I faint and 

have a vision in my fainting ; 3. p 

1.; p.ntk.uina. 

Nikadigarit s. my shinbonei, th^hone 
of my leg; kikadi^an, thy shihbone; 
oibo^ofi, his sb^nbone. 

y^agwindjin, (»t») n. v. S. MH- 

Nikon, 8. my bone ; pl.-ai». ' . 

Iftkandb, (nm) n. v. I remain in a 
place over night, I, don't start but 
the following day; 3. p,-*; p. nek., 
Ud.-Mkanabi na kishime.? Will 
your brother remain here over 
night? ( Will ae no^ start before to- 
morrow?) . . 

Mkanend, (nin) n. v. I am absent 
for a night, I don't come back be- 
fore to-morrow: 3. p.-t; p.nek..did. 

Ifikdniss, s. my triefi^; my brother, 
(in friendshij) ;) pU~a^. 

Nikiwtmm^ {nin) i^.y. I pa^.rouQa 
a point in a canoe, boat> etc.. ; 3. 
p. 1.; p.neLumg* 

mkiifiy {niu) n. v. I am overflpwea, 
submerged, under water; 3. pu. U ; 
p.n«WWa. .. 

Nikibi^ w-fnoffod, u. v. it is over- 
flowedyitis under water; d. hekibig, 
QT-^ma^. {B. BajideUA . 

Nihibishi^y {nm) n. ik I disappear 
undw the^ water ; 3. p, 1. ; p. nek,. 

dog ; 3. p.^ ;. p^naktmod. . 

Nikimfjtawa, (ntf»)a. v. art. I grniBb- 
le ai him tike a dog; 3. ^^ a nik.^m 
p. nak.,*§ad.-Animnd»iiiin nikitm^ 
tag; the dog grumbles at nte. 

Nikmikeete, {mn) n* v. I put mr 
whole arm lo; 3. p. 1*; p. nek.^ed^ 

NtkUmgadj u. v. it ie twitiglit ; p^ 

Ikikon&ef, s, my blanket, , (which I 
cover myseilf with in going some* 
-where.) K^nfutSy okonase; thy 
"blanket, his blanket. 

^ikwdfij 8. (pr. t^tkdn^) my liver. — 
Om<M, ioiiduy) his liver,* 

Nihwigan^ s. my neck. — r Okwigan, 
hisne^kr ., 

iV*m,(m») n. v. I dance; 3. p. nimii ' 
p. ndmid. 

Nifuaon inin) a, v. an. I carry some 
an. obj. on s. th. '; 3. p. c? n'^MO^ » 
p. n^maad. 

Nimaa»j (nin) a, v. in. I carry it on 
s. th,; (or a bird carrying s. th. in 
bis bill or beak ;) 3. p. o min... ; 
pi nwmaang. 

Ntmaigan^ 8. ornament of a wow- 
shoe; pl.-an. 

NiTThaige UnesM jii. v. 3. p. the bird; 
carries s. th. in his beak ; p. ndrn- 

Mmdkoniganj s. hand-barrow to car- 
ry 8. th. OH it ; [P. bgiard ;] pl.-af»« 

Mmdkonige, («?») n, v. I am carry- 
ing on a hjand-barrow,. or on a polo 
or stick; 3. p. 1. ; p. nain..ged. 

Xfimakona^ {nm) a. v. an. I carry 
some an. obj.« (with some other 
person,) on a hand-barrow, pole, 
or stick; 3. pt omnh.n; p. 

Kimdknnany {win) a. v, m. 1 carry 
it, (with some other persoDj,) on a 
hand-bsawQw, on a pole or sticfc ; 
3. p. o^uTj^. ;,p. nam^.dfig. 

Nimdkwaany {nm) a. v. »». I put it 
to the end of a stick; ,3. -^ omm..,u 
p. nan^-itng, 

Nimdma, a., an- my. eyebrow ; pi. »*- 
mdmcu/.-rOmdmafhi his eyebrow, 
or, bU esy^brpwB. . , . . 



dm. obj. hi Bftv mouth; 3.p. « «i^.. 
M^ p. «M|fl»*.<Ki 
il'IffUefR&Mv (»^) a. T. «tt. I carry it 
in my month ; 3. p. ofdm.». ; p. 

l^imam^i^y {win) n. t. I carry e. tk« 

in my montn; 3. p. L; p. nam.^€d* 
MknoMadg^H, a.'an. feathAra^ aa an 

ornament of the head, plmne of 

feathers ; alao, a bayonet ; pl.^-o^. 
yimaskkdiaey (nirt) n. v. I have a 

plume of feathers on my head ; 3. 

p. 1. ; p. iMW»..^erf. 
Jnmioy (mn) a. v. an. I make him 

dance, I cause him to dance; 3. p. 

nihUan ; p. namdad. 
JHmibagcm^ s. water-pot, water^-pail, 

bucket; pl.-<in. / 

Jif%imdana,n\km, forty. 
IfimidcuMky num. forty hundred, 

four thousand. 
Nimidofuikotiininy (»»fi)num. y. an. 

we are four thousand in number, 

or forty hundred ; p. nem..€uljig. 
J^imidanakwadfmy num. v. in, there 

are four thousand, (in. ^obj.) 
jrimidanaw&mny {nin) num. v. an, 

we are forty of us; p. nem..tMdjig. 
JHmidanaxJotwcm^ num. ▼. m. there 

are forty, (♦». obj. ;) p. nem..we^, 
ypnndanawiwdnt nam. v. there are 

forty pair of... 
Jfimkdwnin, {nin) com. T. wedimce 

together; p. nam ,didjig. 
Ifimiidingy or nimiidiwvny a. theact 

of dancmg of several persons to- 
gether, dancing, ball. 
ytmUdiwigamig, s. dancing-house, 

dancing-room, ball-room ; pl.-<)»i. 
NimiitDty {nin) n. v. I make people 

dance, I give a ball; 3. p. 1.; p. na- 

Jfimindgan, s. place of croasing-over 

a bay, a take, etc., traverse ; pi. 


Jfimmdganir-mitUesy t. Traverse la- 
lan4, (Anse-Bay, Lake Superior.) 

Mminam, {nin) n. v. I cross over a 
bay, lake, river, etc. , in a canoe 
or boat; 3. p. l.;-p. nermnanff* 

JS rH m immd i {^tk) tf. -r. I pat <mt)h- 
to the lake or saa ; [F. je gagneM 
large;] 3". p.-o,*p. wMn»*f/S. 

Mminawaam, {>nin) n. v. S. Nifuik' 

Mmlnmoth^igade^ or-mdffody u. v. 
there is a warf mad)e ; p. nem.Jtgf 

Niminaweldnigan, t. warf, (an ob- 
ject stretching out in the lake;) 

NiminawehiniganiTee^ {nin) n. v. lam 
building a warf ; 3. p. 1.; p. nem,, 

NvnUnawenan^ {win) a. v. in. Haunch 
it in the water gently ; 3. p. o wok. .; 

MfnifuitDe$hkay{nin) n. v. Ipuahmy 
canoe or boat from the shore. 1 go 
out into the lake ; &• p. 1*; p< fiiMi» 

Mminaweehht^ or-^magad iekiman. n. 
V. the canoe goes out into the lake; 
p. nem..kag; or-magaJt. 

Mrntnmoeum>inan, {win) a. V. in. 1 
push it into the watisr; 3. p. 
nim...; p. nem..ana. 

Ifimithk, {win) n. v. 1 like too much 
dancing ; 3. p.-»' ; p» nam..hid. 

Nimishk^winy s. habit of dancing. 

Nimiskdmty s. my uncle, my fath- 
er's brother ; also, my step-falii- 
er ; pl.-^dj'.— S; l^^ke. 

Mmiihdmissy s. my grand-father; pi. 

' -ag^—KimuhonUM, otniikomigttMi 
thy grand-father, his grand-fkthtr. 

Mmiehamay {nin) a. v. an. I insult 
him, by certain signs with the 
hand ; (great insult among the In- 
dians.) [C. je lui pousse dee nt^ 
sardes.] 3. p. o n4m..n ; p. nem.. 

MmUhandan, {win) a. r. 4n. I in- 
sult it, by certain signs with the 
hand ; 3. p.onim...; p. n€m..€mg. 

Nimiahandtmin, {nm) com. v. we in- 
sult each other, b^ certain signs 
with the haikl ; p. neni.*iiMft. 

Nimiekand^t. {win) n. v. 1 uiMiit, 
by signs with we band ; 3. p. 1.; 

p. fMfl»..^«lI. 




JfimitbakU^igaoin^ s. insult, ^w act 
of insultmg) by signs with the 

Jfimiikange, (nin) n. v. S. ^tmiih- 

Kimisha/ngewin, s. S. ywmkandjife- 

Ninmsabi (ntit) n. v. I squat, I sit 

squat, I sit cowering ; 3. p.>» ; p. 

Nimistad. s. my belly. Kimissady 

thy belly. 
Nimisse, s. my sister, (older than I ;) 

Himitamaam^ {niji) n. t. I paddle in 

the foremost part of the canoe ; 3. 

p. 1.; p. nem .ang, 
ytiniiatpa, (nin) a. v. an. I dance for 

him, to make him pleasure ; 3. p. 

o nim..n ; p. nem..wad. 
Nimiwin^ s. dancing, the act of dan- 
Kin, pron. I, me, my, mine ; we, us, 

Ninagdsk. s. an. my palate, Ona- 

(foskon, nis palate. 
JlsinamaMkad^ u. v. it is weak, (met- 
al, iah.)y. nan..kdk. 
Xinamamkisiy n. v. 3. p. it is weak, 

(metal, an.) p. nan..sid. — Ninama- 

inkid kid ahik ; thy kettle is weak. 
Ninamady u. v. it is weak, frail ; p. 

nanamak. Freq. Naninamad. 
J^inamadiii, u. v. the ice is weak; p.> 
J^inamadis, (niin) n. v. I am weak, I 

am unable to walk or to work ; 3. 

jp.-« ; p. nan..sid. 
Ifinamaxnoad, u. v. it is weak, 

(wood, m.) p. nan..wah. 
Nxnamaicod, n. v. 3. p. it is weak, 

(wood, an.) p.nan..»id. ^ 
^xnamendanj {nin) a. v. in. I think 

it is weak ; 3. p. o nin... ; p. nan.. 

yinainenima, (nin) a v. an. I think 
, he is weak ; 3. p. o nin..n ; p. nan,. 

Jfinamity {nin) n. y. I tm weak ; 3. 

p.-»; p. nanamisid. Freq. Mn 


Mnamimafad, u. r. it it yf^A 

Iffinamiitagiti nahagiMag, n. v. '%. p. 

the board or plank is weak ; p. 

Nindn^ s. an. the calf of my leg ; [G. 

meine Wade ;] pi. m»dnaff*—itirh 

in, ondnan. 
J^inanagdkindj s. the sole of way 

foot ; pi. -an. Kinanagdhisid, <ma' 

NindHd^ s. the fleshy part of my leg. 

— Kindsidy onddd. 
J^inaivind, pron. we, us, ours. 
Ifinbimibtgwadai, s. an. my side, my 

flank; pl.-o^. — Obitnilngitpadaian, 

his flanc. 
ITind, pron. S. i\7i». 
Nindday {nin) a. t. an. I send him s. 

th. ; 3. p. o nin..n; p. nmdojod.' 
Ninddi, s. my dog ; pl.-o^. 
Mndaiwe, {nin) n. v. or, nin nin- 

datge.l send s. th. to some person; 

3. p. i.;p. 
J^nawiwe-masinaiganj s.^ paper sent 

to somebody, that is, a letter. 
JVindaiweny {nin) a. v. in. I send it; 

3. p. o nin...; p. 
Ninaaiwenan, {nin) a. v. an. I send 

some an. obj. to some person ; 3. p. 

onin...'y-p.n€^ (V. Conj.) 
Ninddmikan, s. my jaw.^-Oda»nf- 

Jtan^ his jaw. 
Mndamikanabidy s. my grinder, 

(large tooth ;) JKidamikanabidy o- 

damikanabid ; thy, his grinder. — 

S. Gitabid. 
Ninddmihigany s. my jawbone.-^ ^ 

damihigan. his jawbone. 
I^tnddmimgegany s. S. yinddm'&ki' 

JSmdaUy s. roj daughter. This word 

is not used in the first and second 

person, but only in the third, odd- 

nan, his daughter, (grown up.) S. 

NinddngosfUy my cousin ; pl.-*a^.— 

Only K female speaking to her she- 
cousin, or of her, will use tiiis 

expression. A maU will sav: Ni- 

fmu)the, or, wiUmritB ; which see. 




friend, my cot^paiuon.— Ohly a/^- 
m^ will say so, speaking to a fe- 
male or of a female, A mcUe will 
say; Ninim, my sister-in-law ; Nid- 
Jij or nidjikiweaij my friend, my 
comrade. . , 

Jfind an4ke nimishdmiss, my gr^t 
^rand-father ; [F. mon bisafenl.J 

Inndamkenokatnise^ my great grand- 
mother ; [F. ma bisaieule.] 

Mnddniss, s. my daughter ; pL-ng. 
This word, in the first, and second 
person, is used to express both a 
small and an adult daughter. 3ut 
in the third person, odanissan, H 
signifies only a small young daugh- 
ter. — S. Ninddn. 

Ninddnissihatvin^ s., niv god-daugh- 
. t6r;rF. a»afilleule;]ai80, my adopt- 
ed daughter : pU-a^^ — Kiiddnisei- 
hemint thy god-oaugnter ; oddnigsf- 
imoifi^Titms god-daughter. 

NiadaUwimg^ s. wi. my nerve, my 
sipew* with the desh on it ; pl.- 
og. Odatimwagorhy his nerve. 

MndawfUcA^nmdawa.endbig^, adv. 
, well, well then, rather; and so.— 
Jnndawatch ijada; well then, let 
u» go. Nind dnijitam ninda- 
waich ; I give up rather. 

ffindi, «. my heart. Kidi^odi't thy 
heart, his heart. 

If^indengwai^ s. my face ; Tcideng^oai^ 
thy face ; odengwtU^ hid face. 

Ifinaenigomf 9. {^n. the side of my 
nose ; pl.-i^. Kidenigom' Od^t- 

Nittdibegan, s. Ot. the bone of my 
head, my skpU. 

ifindigo^ adv. as it wer^, it 966079 

Nind ijtntkiwmm nind aUm, I sign^ 
I subscribe my name.. 

JSindindazoa^ s. the f&ther or the mo- 
ther of my son-in-law or daughter- 
in-law ; pl.-^. 

Nmdinigany s. an. my shoulder- 
blade ; ^\»-<ig.-Kidimgfl^^' Odini- 

.manan. ., ,,> 

JimdinimangahyM.piy sh9Mex ; pl.- 

Ifmdiii, ft. my nasel; Hdif, ikf 
travel ', odimt His naveL 

Nindjy hand. This word is nerer 
used so, b^t always connected 
with a possessive pronoun ; as : 
Hfinindj, my band ; Tcinindjy thy 
hand; o^t^i^ki^', his hand 

Nindjanjj s. my nose ; hidjanj^ thy 
nose; ofl^'ol^', his nose^ 

Nindjitadf s. my shiew ; pl.-ow.- 
kiJjitad, thy sinew ; o^itad, his 

Nindodikossiw^ s. an. my kidney.— 
Ododikt^niQany Wf kidney. 

Nindojim, s. my step-son ; my ueph 
ew ; pl.^ay. 

Ntndojtmiifwemt s. my step-daugh 

NinddjimiftSt s. ipy nephew; my 

\ niece, (& female speaking ;) pl.- 

JVinddn, s. my mouth. 

Nindondgan, s. Ontonagan, Lake 
Superior. The proper meaning of 
this word is, "My dish." — Nin£yn- 
aganing, at Optonagan, from or to 
Ontonagan. — An Indian tradition 
says^ that a «quaw once came to 
the river, now called '*Ontonagan," 
to fetch water with an Indian 
earthen dish ; but unfortunately 
the dish escaped from her hand 
and went to the bottom of the 
river .; whereupon the poor squaw 
began to lament : iWd, nind onth 
gan, nind ondgan ! Ah, my dish, 

■ my dish !— And the river wa« 
ever , since called ^fter this e^cla 

NindQiu^garU'Sibij s. Ontonagan Riv- 

Nindondin^ s. my heel ; pl.-an. 

Nmgd, 8. my mother. Jli^a, ogin. 

JS'mgOt OT^magady u. v. it melts, of, 
it is melted ; p. nengag^ oi-^magak. 

2^ingahdwadon^{nin) a. v. in. 1 di- 
lute it, i make it thin, (liquid,) 3. 
p. o niti,.. ; p. fien..dQa, 

Ntngabdwana^ {nin) a. v. an. I dilute 

{• some an. obj. | 3. p. nin..n ; v. 

.nen..nad'^ imp. ningdtawaj. 

Nihgabian^ s. west, Occident. 




from the west. 
Nm^dbitmibista, a. v. the rainoomes 

.from the w«8t ; p« nen,Mt^. 
Ningahiam-nodin, s. westw^iod. 
Ningabihide^at-^ma^ad^ ii« v. il melts, 

or, it is melted, (only metal ;) p, 

nen..deg, OT-^maqak. 
Ifmqabimsans {wtn) a. ▼. in. I melt 

it, or smek it,'(oiily metal, •». ;) 

3. p. on/in.. .'^^, nen^.ang. 
NmgaHhisig<3m>y s. smeHiag^fttruace; 

pL-aw* . . - 
NiTigabihieo, n. v. 3. p. it melts, (met- 
al, an. ) p. im»..«o{2« 
Ningabikiswa^ (nm) a^ t* oa. I melt 

it, or smelt tt, ( only metal, an. ) 3.^ 

p. o nvfh.,n ; p. iwft^.imid ; imp. nin- 

ytngakamate aki, u. v. the earth or 

ground thaws ; p. ngfi.4eg. 
NingaJcamigishJca^ or-^magad, u. the 

ground thaws in spring; p« nen.. 

hoffy OT-mngAk. 
NirhganemAj {mn) a. v. on. I lei 

meh in my mouth some an* obj., 

(m^iz^am, ice;) 3. p. e mn^n; p. 

Nimg€m0idan^ (nin) a. v. in. 1 let it 

melt in my mouth, {HsibaJDUHtd, 

sugar, etc; ) 3. p. o ntn... ; p.nei^^ 

Jf/Smffdpont (nin) n. v. I am gather* 

ing and eating berries ; 3. p. -^? ; p. 

nen.. nod. 
Nifigdpmag, (nm) a. ▼. an. pi. I am 

gathering them, (an. berries ; 

miskufiminofi ete. ) 
Jfingdpmuny (nin) a. v. in. pi. J am 

gathering them, (hi. berries ; min- 

An, oddiminan,. etC; ) 
Ningashi^ s. Ot. my mother. 
Ningaskkobissige^ {nin) n. v. I melt 

snow to have water; 3. p. 1.; p. 

Ningcbsavmonan, s. sail ; pl.-«n. 
Mngaswnumanaik, a. an. mast ; pL- 

NiR^^bwinumondUgy s. mast ; pl.-o«. 
JftmffduinwmoneMy s. sail-rope, a 

rope or cord to hoist the sail f pl.~ 


MngiiMSmmmd^;: a. «jiil-c!oth, ' 

Iftnge f voc . mother ! 

ITing^f or n*ge! (interjection used 

only by females,) ha ! aha ! 
Ningidawdbide, {nin) nl v. S. Nas- 

Ningide. vr--fnagad, u. t. it melts; p. 

nengideg^ m-^magah. 
Ningidigy s. an. my knee: pl.-^. — 

OgidipwOny his knee, or ins knees. 
MtwikwU^ orHWtf^«rf,u. .v. it thaws; 

[F. il d^}ik'^ p. ner^M^ Wh-ma- 

Ningikodey ot-magad, u. ▼. it mrits; 

p. nen..degi or-magidf. 
Ningikosan^ {nin) a. v. tn. I melt it; 

3. p. « «i9^ .«; jp>. nen*.ang. 
Ning'tko€igan^ s. melting-pot made of 

clay, crucible; snMUiag-fttniftM;^ 

pi. -an. 
I^ngikoHgey (nin) u. v. I am smelt- 
ing, (metal, ore, etc.); 3. p. 1.; p. 

Ningihosigimgctmigf s. smelting- 

house, foundry, casting^house; pi. 

yingikosigemninirB. smelter, found- 
er; pl.-^a^. 
Ningikosoy n. t. 3, p.. it melts, (an. 

obj.) p. ncn..w)«i, 
Ningikoswa, (nin) a. v. an. I 

melting. or smelting seme an., ob^.^; 
3. p. o nin..n\ p. mn^.tpodi imp. 

Ninginiy adv. quickly, immediately. 

Ningiskode, oi-inagad, a. v. it is^ 
thawing, it is thaw-weather; p.nm^^, oi-magak. 

JfingtskoSf (win) n. v. tie thaw- 
weather comes during my vdvag*, 
before I reach home; 3. p.-o; p. neb 
..90d. '^ *^ , 

Ningiso gon, the snow is msltingi p. 

Ningitdwamo mikana^ u. v. See the 
freq. verb of it, which is more fre- 
quently used: Naningitawamo. 

NmgitdwUigtoeia aibi, u. v« the river 
divides or splits in two or more 
branches ;. {k« O4^.**0^. 






river divides. 

Jfmygimn^ s. my mateniity, my dig- 
nity of mother, my motherhood.— 
S. JKigiwin' 

Jfingi! interj. of females, ah! ha! 

Nuig6^ num. one, (before substan- 
tives denoting measure, of time 
or other things. )—Nmgo dibwigatiy 
one hour, one mile, etc. itingo 
dibabishko^igan, one pound. 

Jfing<HUUiindegrjigad, s. a week. 

IRngobimagigin, u. v. a plant is cov- 
ered over or choked by other 
plants or herbs; p. nen..ging, 

HhmgtMminik, one cubit. 

NingogiHmeagad, u. v. it is a month 
since I p. nen..gah. 

Jfmgogtgisiwagist {nin) n. v. I am a 
month old: 3. p.-*'; p. nen..eid. 

Ifingo-ndwakwdf a fore- 


■noon; half a 

Jifrngo-ptusangwabiwiny one moment, 
the twinkling of an eye; [6. ein 

NiiMoty adv. something; one. — Ka- 
wmningot, nothing. 

Ningcit-atmewm, a panful. 

IfmgotanOf adv. something. 

Jfingotdwasndog, adv. happy; [111. 

JSRngdieht, adv. somewhere. — Kawin 
mngotehiy nowhere. 

Ningotchi hdkdn, adv. elsewhere. 

JSfim/gct-ermhJoa/n, a spoonful. ' 

Nmget enabadistseig^ p. s. a. a good- 
far-nothing fellow. 

Mngoteshkanh n. v. 3. p. it has only 
one horn, it is one-horned; p. nen- 
wtetMiomdy unicorn ; [G. Ein- 

Jfingotrng^ adv. once, at one time. 

JfingokiHmivindjy a handful. 

Jfingotobonikathj both hands full; [F. 
une joints.] 

JfifMotdde, one family, one house- 

JHngotodon, a mouthful; also, one 

JRngotogamig, one houte; abo, all 

the inhabiUirtsof a houM; [F. uiie 

yin^(4ogwan6y (ndn) n. v. (pron. nin 

Mngotogane,) I fast one day; S.p, 

1.; p.nen„ned, 
JVingoiondganj a dishful. 
Mngotctumdjigan^ a mouthful; [F. 

une bouchee.] 
NingoUm^igaihy^. piece, (cut off from 

8. th. ) a piece <h meat, of fish, etc. 
Ningdtonik, a fathom. 
Ningctomnd^^ one inch. 
j^ingotdnjant all the children of a 

Ningotonsihide, a skein or hank; 

also, a sheaf of wheat, etc. 
MngotopvHMwanf a pipe lull; also, 

the period of time m which a pipe 

of tobacco is commonly smoKM. 
NwgoUshhifu, a bag full of... 
Ningotosid, one foot, (twelve inch- 
Ningoloefag^ a barrel full of... 
Nmgotowan, a sack full of*.. 
Ningotwdk^ num. a hundred. 
Ningotwak dossing, a hundred times; 

Mngotwdhodmin, (nin) num. v. oa. 

we are a hundred in number; p.* 

Ningotwahuoadcn^ num. v. •». there 

are a hundred, {in. objects.) 
Mngotwakwoagan, a span; [F. un 

Jfmgotwdsstmidwna, num. sixty. 
Ningoiwdatimddamik^ num. sixty hun- 
dred, six thousand. 
Ji^ingotudsHmidanakodmint (nin) 

num. V. an. we are six thousand 

of us; p. nen..aid^ig* 
MngotwasemddanaJbwadon, num. v. 

in. there are six thousand, {in. 

MnjgctufasdmidanaufinUn, (nin) 

num. V. on. we are sixty of us; p. 

Jnngatwa$Hmidanatp4v>anf num. ▼. 

there are sixty, {in. objects.) 
NingctujoMo, n. six, (before substan* 

fives denoting mbasubb, of time 

or of other thmg^S.) 




JS'ingotwcusdhma. (nm) 
JfmgoUvQssobimiff. («im») 


Ningotwaasodewisiwiu. {nin) 


NingotMMSogamigisimin . ( nin ) 

Ningotwdssogisisswagit, {nin) 


Ningotwagsogwanagis. («»«) 

JVvngotwaasogwanend. (nin) 

^ingcUoassokamin. {nin) 





Ningotwassonindj . 

IfiTCptwassoshimag. («#») 

Ningotwassoshinimin. {niri) 





2fingotwa88089iton€m, {nin) 

Ningotwassobigvicm^ {nin) 



J^ingottoaeawadagisimin. {nin) 


Ifingotwasswahosimin. {n4n) 






Ninpotima^wewan. — S. Niiehaninin- 
dj. Nijdhidoruin. KiHbina^ etc.; 
always changing in English, two 
into dx; as: Jfi^aninindL two 
times (twice) a handful. MngtO- 
icdssobaninindjj six times a hand- 
ful. — MJobidonan, {nin) I tie two 

' together. MngotwanooiAonan , 
{nin) I tie six together. — And so 
on respectively. 

^ingotuxuswiy num. six. 

^Ningtii^kte^i'mm^ {nin) num. v. ah, 
we ard six; p. iten..dji^. 

Mingotufatchifi-g, rtum. six times. 

J^ingot/waichin^ midasawahi n. six 

JfingotwitUihdnon^ num, v. in. thert 

are six, (w». objects. ) 
JfnMotufiwdnf a pair of... a couple; 

also, a set of... 
^ingotwmoanaginmin, {nin) n. v. 

we are a pair, a coi^le; p. nem»» 

jytng(ftw€wanaginw%n^ s. a pair, a 

couple; a set. 
NingwacUywe, {nin) n. v. I bake s. 

th. burying it in hot ashes; 3. p. 

l.;p. nen..w€d. 
Ningwcbobwen^ {nin) a. v. in. I bake 

It in hot ashes; 3. p. o nin...; p. 

yimaaabwenant {nin) a. y. on. I 

bake some an. obj. in hot ashes; 3. 

p. o nin...; p. (V. Co^j.) 
iHngwaahadany {nin) a. v. in. S. 

Ningwaahom, s. place where s. 

buried; pl.-an. 
Ningwaukana, {nin) a. v. an. S. 

Ningwaan, {nin) a. v. in. I bury it; 

3. p. o nin...\'p.nengw(utng. 
Ninawahwady u. v. it is very cloudy, 

(the sky is buried in clouds ;) p. 

nen. .wah. 
Niiigwanapdkwaddny {nin) a. v. t». 

(pr. nin ningonapakwadaTi,) I cov- 
er it with bark, (a lodge ;) 3. p. o 

nin...\ p. nen.. ana. 
Ningwanapahwe^ (nin) n. v. I am 

covering with bark, (a lodge ;) 3. 

p, 1.; p. nen.. toed. 
ITingwaniBty {nin) n. v. I fetch veni- 
son or fish; 3. p.-o ; p. nen.. sod. 
Ningwano^ {nin) n. v. I am covered 

with snow ; 3. p. 1. ; p. nen., nod. 
Nlngwano. ox-magajd^ u. v. it is co- 
vered with snow; p. nen..nog, or- 

Mngwatehaan^ {nin) a. v. t». . I hoe 

or hill it; 3. p. o nin..,; ^.n€n..<mg. 
Ninmodtchaige, {nin) n. v. I hoe, I 

hill; 3. p. I. ; p. nen..g«d. 
Ningwdtehdwa^ \nin) a. v. an. I ho